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Dolphins beat Chargers 20-16

They did it.

With a makeshift offensive line, with a scandal still looming, despite their usual inconsistencies and "interesting" play calls -- such as the roolout pass with 2:14 to play that Ryan Tannehill carried out of bounds at 2:08 -- the Dolphins won today.

Dolphins 20. Chargers 16.

This is a good day for the Dolphins. It is a good win.

Enjoy it.

Because the next few days and weeks -- with NFL scandal interviews beginning Monday and the Carolina Panthers coming up -- promise to get tougher.


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Dusty. Good point! He is a keeper.

Your are a pessimistic pos Mando

They have to sign Grimes asap....How about that run after catch by Clay today?

Man, if Philbin can get us 3 more wins in a row, I would go so far as to declare him sane.

Oscar did reply! Hey buddy! Just admit that Bill exposed you. That's all you have to do. Or if not you can just back up off my nutz.

Don't throw to Wallace anymore. He's holding back. It's plain as freakin day between last week and this week. Holding his arms out as low as possible to catch the ball? Waiting for the last moment allowing the defense a chance to deflect or intercept the ball? Shaking his head like a phony when he once again doesn't come up with the catch-able long ball? Just one of those Wallace moments could result in an interception! That would be the difference in the game. It's not worth 60 million to take that chance. Keep him on the team and in the lineup for one more year because of the money. Limit his opportunities. If he doesn't change his tune, say GOOOOOD BYYEEE! Hartline, Grimes, Marshall, and Clay can get it done. Wallace once or twice until he shows he can deliver. Hell, there's more embarrassing things this team is dealing with than dealing with a discontent Wallace. Obviously he's saying all the right things in public. But his performance matches someone who has abandoned his team.

Boobied12. No one cares what u think. Y don't u clean up ur act.

Go Phins ! We will take it. Rivers is a very good QB, one of the most efficient in the league. Dline came up big and the newbies on the Oline were better than all the "problem children" in the news. Thomas ran hard and the team grinded this one out. Panthers will be tough, but another week for Garner, Brenner to mesh and get Pouncey back...maybe Panthers beat up on Brady and on a short week the Phins game is like a letdown for them heck,...we'll take that too !! Beat the Jests 2x and maybe 9-7 gets Phins in playoffs.
Still, no matter what ... FIRELAND !! Come on ROSS, smell "el cafe"!

I'm starting to like me some bobbyd!! That's right bobby, don't let these azzclowns trash this team and spew their uneducated non-sense. Flop that dong on the table and send them little girls screaming!! Wooo!


I am disappointed about how Ireland has built this offensive line but he has found some good players too. Mathews, Clay, Brenner, Pouncey, Tannehill, Vernon, Hartline, and Odrick were all very good finds. Some were even late round picks. Wake and Grimes were also FA great finds. We have to give this year's rookies some time.

If this team goes 10-6 and a wild card, that is progress. We have a young QB and a young team that still needs to develop. Perhaps, if Tannehill takes the next step, some of the young players develop, we get a couple of impact FAs, and 1 or 2 rookies that can help we can be a contender next year. I would rather go into next year on a positive note and not looking to find a new GM and coach and worrying about who we are going to take with the 8th pick next year. How has that worked for us the last 10 years.

Sorry if you half fans and trolls can't take it that this team won in convincing fashion. That was a good team. Tannehill was very good, Grimes was the bomb, Thomas was good, Grimes was excellent, Clay was awesome running over and through guys. Vernon came up with a huge sack. Yeah but Ireland has drafted and brought in no one so let's can Ireland and the whole team. Pfft

Man you guys look foolish coming here telling us how bad the team is...and how you all told us so.

I still can't see playoffs with our offense so inconsistent and that zone defense just kills us all game long.

We have to come out more aggressive on the D.

Running that ball against the Panthers, will keep Thill upright longer and that time of possession gives us a break.

Those 2nd and 13+ almost kill the whole drive. Please no more WR screens Sherman.

Dusty, dont you have a jet turbine to suck on.

Dusty, maybe even Ireland can figure a way to sign Grimes to 3-4 years without breaking the bank. I don't think you can put the Franchise tag on a 5'9'' db, no matter how good he is. Not saying Grimes isn't worth it though. That's 2 games this year he's possibly saved. (Colts game)

Miko Grimes said it best last night when she called Martin a "Faker" and "First female to play in the NFL" LOVE GRIMES AND HIS WIFE!! SHe has more BALLS then most of you douchebags on this blog.

Who's we? Find some players, tell them what a joke they are, than act like you're part of the team by using words like "we". See how that goes over.

Great day for the Fins. We get a win AND a fire Ireland banner in the same day! Grimes is MVP this year (besides our punter).

Dusty if you think it bothers me if you call me gay then you are clueless. I could care less! I don't have one singe problem with gays or anyone that choses to go that route. Good for 'em. As for me, call me gay. It has no bearing on my day whatsoever bud.

Greg Cote's column on first 25 starts interesting; compares T-Hill to Henne. Problem is the QBR does not address intangibles. You can tell so much from a QB's stare, look, composure and general reception of his peers. T-Hill is no Henne, thank the Lord.

With T-Hill you know he has the tools, attitude and mental fortitude, unlike Henne, who had the look of the kid in special ed (no disrepect dusty).

It is Deityona. He knows Football.

well ima hes already had the franchise tag once on him. if they lose him the secondary has nobody

Wallace has gotten open at least 7 times this year and could, but a couple of bombs caught and thrown accurately by Thill.

Wheelers still sucks bad as does Jones and Carroll. Please play those rookies, we nedd to see what we have in them, Carroll isn't the answer.

good for u deity, like i said im glad u decided to come out today

man henne was horrible today

Another 7-9 year and everyone's gone Dusty so I disagree. Ross wants improvement and will have to start over without 8-8 or better. 8-8 allows him an excuse, 7-9 forces his hand so if you're expecting 7-9 you should be happy.

Since Mando will never give a true and fair assessment of this game.....

Kudos to the players who stood tall and stood behind their coaches during this BS media frenzy.

Kudos to: Garner, Brenner and Clabo....they stepped up today.

Kudos to Clay and Thomas....both played with nasty intentions and broke tackles to make key plays today.

Kudos to THILL...yes he had another bad deep pass, yes he had a bad INT, yes he ran out of bounds at the 2 minute mark....but this 2nd year QB did what he needed to do to help his team win.

Kudos to Grimes...made another nice INT and broke up the final play in the end zone.

Kudos to Special Teams who looked bad last week but played much better...made FG's and key punts when they were called upon.

Kudos to the rushing defense...several key sacks and pressures helped stop Rivers who has been playing pretty well this season.

Sure the D and O looked bad at times...but that is expected from a team most predicted to go 8-8 or 9-7 at the start of the year. It' not always going to look pretty....but they can show resolve, determination and some grit to pull out victories.....even when the fans don't show to their home stadium and even when the local press is treating them like fools.

Patterson is damn good, and the two rookies will get there. Grimes will stay if his wife let's him. lol

Dusty, could be, we will see

patterson?? guy never plays 2 rookies?? havent even seen a play

Thill, plays so hot and cold. He has to improve that deep ball and pocket awareness.

Tuck that ball away and run it sometimes. It keeps the D off balance and moves the sticks.

Maybe he has been coached to always focus on the pass. However his play as developed he needs to add that to his skills package. The guy as some upside for sure, its just not being coached well me thinks.

Good post jpao; dusty go home.

Those rookie DB's have to ge a shot Carroll is killing us playing back there in zone.

Patterson has had injuries, but 4 ITs in as many games. He will get healthy and then with Grimes or not he will play well. You said "noone" is left if Grimes leaves, call B.S.

yes. Thill needs to take the yards when he can on the ground. That would help a lot. Agreed if the coaching is leaning toward pass concentration, then he needs to step and be the leader and take those yards. Worst case is he forces Sherman to rethink things if he get the yards with a rollout/QB run when the needs them.

Marco. Question is can he throw an accurate deep ball. Everyone says its only 2 nd yr but touch is touch u don't learn that.

Orlando I think your putting Brenner in the pro bowl a little too soon lol. He'll be back on the bench next week if Pouncey is healthy.

So far my MVP is Charles Clay.

WhoTH knows anymore, We could go on a 3 Game losing streak as well as winning all our remaining Games-????

Most improved anyway.

T-Hill needs to roll-out but he does not have enough feel of the field and space as we well know. He plays slow but what do you expect for 2 years. Greg Cote's column is interesting (better write than Mando, sorry cubano querido) but it does state the obvious - T-Hill's upside is still unknown since the O-Line has been the worst in the league (in sacks given)

Chargers are terrible, and they haven't won in Miami since the early 80s, this is their 7th straight loss.

Let's not get crazy but it was very good win, and the O Line played better than the real one lol

The bottom line is the team manned up and played hard. They overcame injuries and a ton of adversity. This is what they are capable of when things go well. Sheman called a good game and the team didn't come out flat and nervous. Congrats to everyone. This is the team we saw in the beginning of the year.

Any truth to rumor d thomas is our for weeks now?

Armando seems upset that the fins picked up the victory. Now he is hoping that the fins lose to the Panthers next week and that they keep getting hammered with this over blown story.

In trying to analyze Armando and I am thinking that he must have been bullied a lot as a kid and that is why he feels this connection with Martin. Martin should not be playing in the NFL, this game is not for him. Shame on Martin for trying to bring this entire team down. Armando, try to be a little more objective, there are probably a lot of good guys in the locker room and they deserve to be commended for playing through all this adversity. Go Fins!

I actually thought Sherman called his best game today. Took quite a bit of time off the clock passing the ball on that last drive.

No way we would have been able to run there with 8 in the box and a patchwork o-line.

I'm.....coming....out.....dusty youd be first to try and get in line to get a piece of this. I'm a sexy, sexy man.


I'm not YG Oscar and you just don't know when to hedge your bets, pal.

FOTF - go home. Who are you kidding? This was a strong Chargers team with a damn good QB. The DBs played great. If anything the team played pissed and coach philbert cajoled them well into taking their frustrations on the field, in direct retribution with the whole Martin-ate story.

Daniel Thomas dusty?

we seemed to be playing with a purpose today which is different from the previous 5 games or so. i like the idea of passing first to set up the run, it is a more aggressive approach. mike wallace needs to be moved around, they always have him lined up wide right, hes your biggest threat, you have to move him around to make the defense react and change their coverage, at least it will make them think a little. nolan carroll cant cover anybody. i dont understand why we dont play our rookies, i just dont get it. hey guys, we re 5-5, its the NFL, we control our own destiny, thats all you can ask for. am i disappointed, yeah i am, but we have a lot of new pieces, and he have a shot to get in the playoffs. go fish!

Can we all agree that the Dolphins owe this win to Jeff Ireland?

Ditto on Clay - a beast - reminds me of Da Bus.

Sherman's best game? Possibly. Still needs to get a bit more creative. Good to see he didn't abandon the run. But if we lost the lead, he might have....


He may well, but in the last few games he has missed a wide open Wallace. Wallace seems to have a few confidence issues. Its his first year in the system and he has to get used to Thill.

Wallace will hit a home run in the end and thhose guys could scare a few people. Pouncey, Martin and RI now look pretty weak as our back up line show them how its done.

I hope Garner gets another start at center. Pouncey not cutting it this year. He seems to be pouting and his 15 yard penalty hurt us right out the gate against the Bucs, poor team player.

Amen TruthhurTs

Mathew Pimental some of us and I agree with you. Others...well, the truth hurts. It hurts all of us, we want the Phins to win, but not win one week and then embarrass and disgust us the next 4 weeks.

Well I'm hanging in there in fantasy. Down by nine but I have Welker and Tolbert left against the Denver D.

Next week I'd have Gardner playing Center. And Pouncey would either play LG or RG. LG to replace Brennan or RG to replace Jerry.

Matthews is better than Wallace - Wallace is great in open space and it hits him on the numbers. Matthews is a freaking beast with velcro hands

Sometimes you just have to let go and let things become on their own.

Some of you are such morons. What game are u freakin watching. Calling out Wallace for a poor game?, or even questioning it. Guys he caught everything thrown his way today and again got behind the defense and yet again had to wait for RT to get him the ball. A sure TD goes for naught as our QB cant deliver a deep ball. Ive defended RT all season but hes the reason, along with the coaching staff that has held Mike Wallace back. Wallace cant throw the ball to himself nor can he wait for the ball as its underthrown. Hes not one to wrestle the ball away. Its not his game. Hes doing his job getting open deep. RT isnt doing his by being inaccurate. The film doesnt lie

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