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Dolphins beat Chargers 20-16

They did it.

With a makeshift offensive line, with a scandal still looming, despite their usual inconsistencies and "interesting" play calls -- such as the roolout pass with 2:14 to play that Ryan Tannehill carried out of bounds at 2:08 -- the Dolphins won today.

Dolphins 20. Chargers 16.

This is a good day for the Dolphins. It is a good win.

Enjoy it.

Because the next few days and weeks -- with NFL scandal interviews beginning Monday and the Carolina Panthers coming up -- promise to get tougher.


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Brenner was a beast today. I predict that Brenner will be the starting left guard for the fins next year. I kept my eye on that position all day and except for the one sack he gave up he dominated his man.

Next week will be a real big test for the OL. Carolina has a great DL, perhaps the best in the NFL. The match ups do not favor the dolphins in that game. Even with the game being at home, it will be a tough game. To win that game the fins cannot turn the ball over at all, punt the ball well hit FGs, and hope that their defense plays like they did under Mike Nolan. If they win it will be ugly, something like 19-16. 4 FGs and 1 TD.

Orlando dolphan check out my post at 7:34. I think Armando has been pretty clear about his stance.

I think we should make Ireland the scapegoat for bullygate and promote Brian Gaine to GM.

Why does everyone possess in slating Thill, give the guy a break, he has no oline and i only see 2 plays today that were on him, the underthrow to wallace and as EVERYONE keeps pointing out the run out of bounds but nobody has mentioned the play 2 plays earlier where he rolled out and managed to stay in bounds (QUALITY PLAY)
So much negativity unbelieavable with everything thats going on WE WON and are tied for the final wildcard spot, i like our chances

IRA, sure gameball Ireland.

Philbin and Sherman managed to get the most out of that line today and props to them. Shame about the last 5 games though, (barr Bengals).

We can pound that ball in there with the set we have. Ok Chargers not too good against the run but from 2 yards to 104 with back-ups is a good result.

The League is tough this year Mokey Joe - dumn name btw - look at Atlanta, Houston, Pittsburg, Skins, Giants and tell me the 6th seed in the AFC is not good. Come on, the fins were rated at the beg of the year with one of the toughest schedules yet they are at 5-5 - yes losing 5 of 7 stinks but come on look at the rest of the league.

yes, obviously TH shouldve gone down in bounds on that play late in the 4th.....dumb but the kid is trying to make a play.....made alot of positive plays today too.....gonna have a few lousy ones in there as well, and that wasnt exactly a backbreaker.....just saved the timeout for SD, which they might not have even used to save the 10 seconds until the 2 minute warning--point out the 1-2 bad plays.....how about the 20 good ones?

"FOTF - go home. Who are you kidding?"

Do some research...Chargers don't win here, good or not, they have choked here since their one win in 81.

Dolphins played well though today, refreshing effort after MNF

Greg- yeah, phoned in 1st qtr last Monday. Glad we showed up.

Tannehill-Wallace is on both guys. But Thill is trying, and Wallace seems sulky. Wonder how much extra time they put in 1 on 1. "None" I'm thinking.

I thought RT looked great today, very sure of himself....as far as Wallace, dont' forget he is helping others get open even when he isn't targeted.

By the way Arjerkoff, Thomas was money today. Shut up you know nothing.

was certainly not Hartline's best game with 2 key drops, and then the bush league arm waving gig.....man, get it to together bro, be a professional--no issue at all today with Wallace.....TH left a TD on the field when he underthrew him.....that was rough

Next week Sherman better have about 12 screen plays - otherwise it will be a tough bruising day for T-Hill

6 or 7 screens to Clay - that should do it

If there is a more dysfunctional team in the league....that lose's winnable games more than we do...thy nam has to be SAN DEIGO CHARGERS....


Let's convince ourselves that the BUCS are a great team that we caught in a 8 game slump...and we're in our way....

Thanks Mark in NE (enemy territory) - agree wholeheartedly

The bad loss to Buffalo really hurts now. That was a game that was stolen away from the fins. The fins would be 6-4 if they won that game. They need to get that game back when they go into Buffalo. It won't be easy though, they are not that bad of a team. They destroyed the Jets today. It will also be the 15th game of the season, so it is going to be bone chilling cold in Buffalo

This sets up a BIG game with the Jets in 2 weeks who got their butts handed to them today by the Bills. The Panthers are in the other conference so that's not a big a game. We need to win it but it's non conference and we get them after a Monday night game against the Pats.

Great win by Miami, I loved the defense going after Rivers. There are still some holes on the roster, however this is not a horrendous team. They brought in so many new guys, the adjustments were going to take some time.

Yeah Cam Newton is playing really well. He struggles against blitzing the middle of the line though.

If he gets to run against us or sit back and look at 4 man rush we'll get into trouble. I'd blitz Carroll outside as he can at least do more use here. Where are those rokkie CB's we spent high draft picks on ?

Marco IRA is being sarcastic. That's his joke, Ireland's the man . Everything good is his doing and everything bad is someone else's fault. Watch for it ,he can be really funny at times.

FOTF - that stat is worthless; its the type of stat that the announcers state and the opposite happns. The Fisns won because they beat SD in the trenches and quality players kept the time of possession even and rumbled to a few scores. so, yes, who are you kidding. Glad you give some praise for a game well played.

reality is that its tough to win a game in the NFL this year....really tough.....just look at todays scores, and the standings......outside of the top few teams, most teams are fairly even and separated only by a couple of breaks/penalties here and there.....bunch of teams around .500, give or take.....NYG, Houston, Pitt have been surprisingly mediocre....what, did they all just start stinkin' overnight, or is the competition even across the league (hint.....choose the latter)--Rodgers goes down and GB is suddenly mediocre, so "stars/media darlings" Matthews, Nelson and Lacy apparently dont mean much after all--they lose without Rodgers, period, even if Matthews makes soup commercials with his mom.....he dont mean that much to GB on the field, apparently--Miami is not unlike nearly every team in the league

Glad you agree spillmar by the way i'm in England not New England

R. Matthews IS a better option than Walace a t this point. Stop the wasted throws to Wallace. He doesn't want to play for the Dolphins. It's not rocket science. THill can't throw as far as Wallace can run. And when THill does throw a catch-able ball, Wallace won't reach up or leap for the catch, or try anything like an elite receiver would try to make every catch. Apparently Wallace thinks since he's getting paid the big bucks, every throw should be right in the cradle. None of the long term elite receivers ever had that attitude, or characteristic. If it's just "his way", then he will never be elite. If he goes somewhere else and catches impossible balls, then he is playing this team for the CASH.

Although im happy for the win, it doesnt mask the glaring holes on the defense against the run and patchwork oline, which today showed up. Guys this was the chargers. They are a 500 team at best. We played them at home and still had are issues with them. The charger defense is horrid and couldnt tackle a pop warner team. Still im happy the team won, but by no means do i think we are on our way. Panthers will be a hell of a test

We'll never have a franchise QB if you guys keep expecting perfection. That's unreal. We won this game mainly because T-hill was the more accurate passer over Rivers. He easily outplayed the guy with a battered Oline. T-hill was the better QB so get over yourselves. I bet you guys couldn't do 10% of what T-hill does.

IRA.....seriously man, Ireland is going down so give it up already.....we get your shtick, but it gets old after awhile and when its obvious that we'll have a new GM next year (thankfully)--you got nothing else to contribute?

See corks popping as Chiefs fall

I think one of our biggest questions is if Ellerbe and Wheeler can improve as the season goes on.

It took Dansby and Burnett until about midseason their first year to get the defense down.

Win's a win...every game is a war in NFL...enjoy it..

ok, so clearly we're gonna try to re-sign Grimes (I hope) but gotta let Patterson walk.....guy can play, love his ball skills, but if he cant stay healthy then whats the point?

Of course dolfan where are on on our way. One won game today is progress (a streak of 1 preceeds a streak of 2) and more importantly it let's the team move on from the distractions of the last two weeks

England, across the pond? oops well, that is a different story. neutral territory unless you like rugby and cricket.

good point Dolfan.....our D has been more disappointing than our O, and Ellerbe and Wheeler top the list


In a month we'll be 7-7

Benz- like your posts, but don't think Ireland goes if Fins make playoffs (or if Martin has proof of Ireland fondling his genitals or something), which today gives the team a greater chance than yesterday.

I saw Wallace try to low cradle 2 catch-able long passes that were right in there for him to catch. Saw the same thing last week. Each time he knew the defender was in position to make a play and he chose to stay low. It's like he knows he can say he made an effort if he just puts his hands out low in the direction of the pass. Why try to go up for it? Each time the defender could have intercepted, and I predict if this behavior continues, other teams will pick up on it and make those interceptions vs. Wallace.

Agree benz. Still need another corner and Taylor has barely sniffed the field so far.

Patterson does look pretty good when he's healthy though. You can see why they liked hum.

dolfan.....yeah, "this was the chargers".....but we're the mediocre dolphins, similar to the mediocre "most of the league"..... look how many good recent teams are struggling this year......ATL, PITT, NYG, HOU, BALT, WASH.....even SF is only 6-4 (in the tough NFCW, true)......KC is an anomaly, but outside of the top 3-4 teams, how many teams are really that good?---SO much better then SD, or Miami?--look at the stats and standings before your kneejerk answer......because its "none"

Agree nyphinphan- reminds me of Teddy "Cameron" Ginn

Dude, Armando you have to be the most negative beat write I have come across in all my years. I know the Dolphins have holes but you are over-negative. It's difficult to win games in the NFL, you dismiss Dolphin wins a lot more than you diss their losses.

Spillmar. I judge the product as a whole and too many times today i seen a leaky run defense and invisible pass rush until late in the 4th quarter. A team becomes relevant and a serious contender when it plays for 60 minutes and week to week. Too many times this team has played down to teams such as Tampa and buffalo then rises against the Indy's and bengals of the league. I dont wanna hear about parody. This team plays jekell and hyde to often to be considered a serious playoff contender yet

Agree benz - and check how many teams Chiefs won against with their starting Qbs playing - not many as you would think - feel good story about to end tonight.

Thought Clay's touchdown was spectacular and Grimes and Wake were pretty good too.Can't say the same for whoever called those two plays before the two minute warning though,even I know we should have made two runs to run down the clock instead of passing and then going out of bounds.Still well done Miami.
PS If it was a sell out crowd then a hell of of a lot of people didn't turn up.

G'nite all.. Happy camper here from Ormond/Daytona now stuck in Cali. Way to win, fins !!

I guess I have to be Mr. Obvious? But why didn't our great coaches play Brenner and Garner all year long? The line still gave up 4 sacks but 2 of those were on TH. If we had this type of YOUNG talent on the bench....I have to question why?

Spillmar.....this time, I'd be shocked (and I dont use that word lightly) if Ireland survives, especially given the off-field saga--almost even if we make the playoffs.....just think he'd be a convenient scapegoat, and probably deserves to go at this point......IF we make the playoffs, we'll limp in at 9-7 or so, and likely get bumped in Rd 1--considering the Martin situation, is that enough to keep him?

Oh yeah... did you notice how since we weren't playing NE, Pitts, NO, Denver, Indy, or some other darling, the refs were a little more fair?

I think 9-7 and possibly even 8-8 gets a team in the playoffs this year. And the best part is at this point we control our destiny. How can you ask for anything more at this point. What a difference a day makes.

I enjoy your reporting for the most part, but you sir... have become a negative nancy.

Mr. Obvious again.....where the fukk was Wallace?? Did he play? $60million?
Great win by a team that is managed by a dysfunctional group! Shows the heart of the core players.

True dolfan, but my point is in the 10th week of the season THEY ARE A CONTENDER. they are 5-5 and in the 6th seed. You may feel let down every year but now is a good team to get on board and support. Parity is part of the record, and the record determines the playoffs - so it should matter.

agree Dolfan, definitely need another corner, and 2 if we cant re-sign Grimes--gotta think Taylor at least will start next year (he better) and Davis needs to contribute too--Carroll is mediocre although I think he's done ok this year, and definitely improved--I havent been a fan, frankly thought he sucked, but he's hung this year, which is good cause we need him for depth--but Taylor and Davis have to step in big time next year......huge disappointment if not--but I'd still draft another CB or 2......can never have too many

Ok Benz. Yes the league is full of parody but for people to say the Dolphins have righted the ship or beating their chests off a great win. Look who we played. I would be saying the same if we beat any 4-5 club. Sorry that im not satisfied with beating the Chargers, because im still disgusted we lost the the Bucs and Bills. If were ever going to be in the conversation year in and year out we have to beat the the teams below us and beat the pats of the world and not implode in the process. Just saying this win wasnt all that impressive

Bill......i thought the same thing, several times.....maybe they just rallied because of the circumstances, but this makeshift line of newcomers and practice squad guys did as well or better than our Oline earlier in the year.....I'm not sure what the heck that means

Despite the continued problems, I guess i'm happy with the win, though I definitely feel like we barely survived this one. I secretly don't want to admit it though.. due to what we've see from this team so far this year.

Spillmar. Im not upset that the team won today or that they are in the race for the playoffs. My point is we get this most every year from this team. I just want this kind of performance in all three phases week in and week out. Is consistancy to much to ask after 4 years of rebuilding

Benz depends on the fallout. Remember sometimes you fire a scapegoat to make a controversy go away; sometimes you dig and hold your trench as part of a defense. If anything they will see how the season goes and then claim they fired Ireland for the poor record; if they make the playoffs, they keep him and say that internally they did not see anything that justifies firing - again if I were to run the team and fire Ireland in spite of a good record I am basically giving the plaintiff woosie Martin justification. The open arms whole investigation NFL thing is proof of this - its a ploy to show that no wrong doing was done and that it was a isolated matter between Martin and the players. Just my thought having been on both sides of the bench

I like that Tannehill scrambled and got out of the pocket much better today. Not a big fan of read option plays for a QB that has been sacked 40 times this year.
If he can stop under throwing Wallace you'd see these huge plays for sure.
When Roethlisberger would scramble Wallace would go deep every time.
I think Tannehill has the arm,but he holds the ball a second to make sure he's seeing that Wallace is that open… Got to sling it.

dolfan.....completely agree, I'm definitely not thinking this is some huge/meaningful win or thinking we've turned the corner--agree with you--just saying that most teams are fairly even across the league, IMO, including us (mediocre), so I wont dismiss any win......just seemed like you were totally dismissing the Chargers ("this was only SD"), but my point is that "most of the league is only SD"......ie. its not so impressive, but a solid win.

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