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Dolphins beat Chargers 20-16

They did it.

With a makeshift offensive line, with a scandal still looming, despite their usual inconsistencies and "interesting" play calls -- such as the roolout pass with 2:14 to play that Ryan Tannehill carried out of bounds at 2:08 -- the Dolphins won today.

Dolphins 20. Chargers 16.

This is a good day for the Dolphins. It is a good win.

Enjoy it.

Because the next few days and weeks -- with NFL scandal interviews beginning Monday and the Carolina Panthers coming up -- promise to get tougher.


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Why do you have to be so negative Mando? Maybe these next couple weeks are going to be positive? Ever think about that? Maybe the Dolphins will beat the Panthers and the Jets and get on a little roll. They have the talent - they need to get it together now. Stop being so negative Mando, you jock sniffer.

The Dolphins are pathetic...any doucheb@g who brings up the word play offs in here is even more pathetic.

Dolphins lose to The Panthers and The Steelers.

Of course they're going to win once in a while.

2-5 in their last seven.

Truly just a dreadful team.

Lmao that Tannereach and Wallace aren't working well together.

I am in no way saying that we are this following type team...but you never know? The last few Super Bowl winners were not season long dominant teams. They hung around .500 and then got hot in Dec and January.....Could we be this years darling?

FIRE ROSS - climbed out from under your rock finally? Too bad your Jets suck worse.

"FOTF - that stat is worthless; its the type of stat that the announcers state and the opposite happns."

Spillmar....I don't think it's useless. Miami used to DREAD going out to play Oakland until they finally started beating them. I think it gets in the heads of teams who have had zero luck.

Still Dolphins played a good game today and looked fresh and into it, for which I was very excited to see. Grimes is amazing.

WQAM is reporting that Pouncey missed todays game because he's set to meet with FBI agents tomorrow regarding his involvement in a federal gun trafficking ring that involved him and Hernandez.

Accept your point - BTW accentuating the positive suits you better - FOTF.

benz. I used the chargers as an example as they were who we played today, but i do group them in with the rest of the 500 clubs or worst. Im not trying to diminish the win, but i think we still cant ignore the weak run defense or RT inconsistant throws deep or out patterns. On the positive i thought the patchwork oline played its best game this year, all considering. I also think that Ireland should sign Grimes longterm now as that guy has earned every dollar this year and them some. That guy can flat out ball

Gotta love the swiss knife Clay brings every week. Again its Sherman that has not been able to exploit the talent. "RIP Momentum Killer" should be on his tombstone.

dolfan.....my point......just pulled up the league standings.......6 teams have 7+ wins, 6 teams have 3- losses......ie. 20 teams have between 4-6 wins.....20 teams!--62%--and 2 teams have 7 wins, so only 2 games ahead of us......ie. most.....ALOT.....of teams are similar to SD, and Miami......dont know if thats good, but a win over SD is pretty similar to win against the vast majority of the league

miked - that might be part of the issue. But you'd think with pre-season, and all these games under their belt, they'd be able to find a pattern that fit both of their timings. If Wallace can outrun Ryan's arm... and Ryan can throw accurately within a given range (up to 50 yds), and Wallace can outrun defenders (obviously he can), then there's no excuse. To consistently fail week in and week out means these two do not jive to put it lightly.

To the victors go the spoils and I'll rest easy tonight with a good win. Later guys.

It'll be a good week Mando. I don't feel this team has anything to hide. So who the heck cares about an investigator coming this week? That's fine if you want to dwell on it and report it all week. But it's taking a toll on you too Mando. A lot of people don't seem really happy with your negativity.

FIRE ROSS - breaking news- no one likes what you have to say.

Classic human behavior on display here.

Desperate people desperately clinging to hope.

People will believe anything if it suits them.

Some one actually uttered the word Super Bowl roflmao.

The NFL won't even bring a Super Bowl to Miami anymore.

Hope sells.

That's why the pathetic Dolphins drafted Tannereach to begin with, or should I call him Tannehope, or Tannebust, perhaps Tannecan'tconnectwithWallace.

AND......like I also said before......GB, with all its media-followed talent like Matthews, J Nelson, fantasy man Lacy, etc, etc......is mediocre when Rodgers goes down.....big time coach, big time players with TV commercials......big time/popular fantasy players......"great schemes", frozen tundra, blah, blah, blah.....BASICALLY DONT MEAN SQUAT WITHOUT RODGERS, bottom line (they've lost to philly and NYG since he went down).....if thats not the definition of parity, I dont know what is. Fins and Chargers look pretty much like most of the other teams in the league--fact

Agreed benz. Yes the NFL is really a league of parody and the NFL loves it that way. Im just starved to see the Dolphins climb out of that pack of mediocre teams and get into the elite company. If they beat the panthers next week i will be the first to say that is a win to hang your hat on. Its not to take away from this win as each one is important, but beat Carolina and then were talking

Lets keep in mind..,this dolphin team is 5-5 ...dealing with a COMPLETELY MEDIA created scandal...and it beat the team tied with us for the first wild card tonight. This team is made up of fighters. They only got stronger once I can't deal with adversity in a healthy manner johnathan Martin decided to leave. It hurt to lose incognito but we are still pushing. Much to the chagrin of ESPN

Fire Ross.....re: Pouncey.....are you surprised by that?--you didnt see that coming, as a possibility for why he missed the game?--dont know if its fact, but who would be surprised?

WQAM is reporting that Pouncey missed todays game because he's set to meet with FBI agents tomorrow regarding his involvement in a federal gun trafficking ring that involved him and Hernandez.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 17, 2013 at 08:45 PM

We are ALL so sick of exposing you for the lying scrum bag that you are. There is not 1 scintilla of truth to this statement whatsoever....much like all your post.
You must have a miserable life posting hate on here all day....did Marino fukk your momma or something?

FIRE.....yes, classic human behavior indeed, by you.....the little man, the loser, trying to gain an audience....."classic human behavior"......thats classic, Napoleon

I'm out too, the clowns are making their way in, amateur hour begins.....Fins win, I'm happy....its simple

I have had private and public investigators come and go when I ran a public company; its B.S. - if there is a complaint they have to investigate; the NFL wants this to go away badly; there will be a settlement, which is what Martin wants; he played at a prep school and then at Stanford. Good program but its not the U or the Gators we're talking about; this is a privileged school full of kids with thin skin and a strong sense of self worth. Martin I feel is a momma's boy that got sidetracked in football; not his calling. A settlement will come and it will not result in any fines or lost picks; the NFL will defer this to a civil case and it will go away. In the meantime the Fins will have upgraded the spot on the roster with a gladiator and not a football player more interested in running for public office or a job in the sport's labor office. A classics major, come'on man - next thing we will hear is that he was gay and did not like the homophobic culture.

And why is this article so short....just enough lines to passive aggressively downgrade this win. People the is huge! GO DOLPHINS!

Good point benz. Just win the game. Go fins

I'm glad that The Dolphins won today.

Too much apathy was setting in.

This week some of the hope and glory types will dust themselves off after almost two months of hibernation.

Then when the Dolphins lose over the next two weeks they'll rant about the team for a bit before becoming apathetic again.

How long are you going to be pushed and pulled by this losing organization ?

If you think about it, it's actually a bit cruel that The Dolphins won today.

Restoring hope in some, only to let you down once again.


Less than an hour after the Patriots defeated the Dolphins Sunday afternoon, the Massachusetts State Police served Miami center Mike Pouncey with a grand jury subpoena.

The subpoena is related to the investigation into Aaron Hernandez, the former Patriots tight end who was college teammates with Pouncey at the University of Florida, according to SI.com's Pete Thamel and Greg Bedard.


It should be clear that Tannehill can not throw the ball far enough to hit Wallace on a deep route.

Shut the FJ up Kris you GD douchebag. Armando loving Dolphin haters MUST GO!

I liked that THill got SD to bite offside a couple of times on hard 48-Go counts.

The FBI is involved now, so is Whitey Bulger...because Hernandez didn't pay his protection fee.

Agree Riley - I think FIRE ROSS may be actually Mando - self- agrandized individual that knows better and assumes no one else has a thought worthy of contending his own perspective. Plus he is a f-ing Jets fan.

Great Win Fins Nation!! Peace out.

I'm an amateur, she's an amateur, he's an amateur, wouldn't you like to be an amateur too? Be an amateur, be - be an amateur. simplicit

Salguero, the negative writer, strike again. Shame of you.

People's thoughts :

"I'd really like to screw my neighbor."

"What's on t.v. tonight?"

"Im sure glad they have a 24hr drive thru at McDonalds."

"If I even attempt to think for myself I might not fit in."

"If I even try to understand how ridiculous I sound when I refer to the sports team that I follow in possessive terms, I'd be guilty of thinking."

"...and thinking requires thought."

"I'd rather play X-Box, watch ESPN."




All Armando loving Dolphin haters must be eliminated.

I hate the media, they need to give credit on how the team and coaches improve, Sam Berener noticed 12 hours before the game he is starter, and same on Gerner playing center.

FIRE ROSS'S thoughts :

"I'd really like to screw my GERBIL."

"What's on MSNBC tonight?"

"Im sure glad they have a 24hr drive thru at McDonalds." OTHERWISE I WOULD'NT HAVE A JOB

"If I even attempt to think for myself I might not fit in."

"If I even try to understand how ridiculous I sound when I refer to the NOAM CHOMSKY that I follow in possessive terms, I'd be guilty of thinking."

"...and thinking requires thought."

"I'd rather play WITH MYSELF, watch AL JAZEERA."

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 17, 2013 at 09:10 PM

You're a hopeless loser that truly believes she is sooo much better than everybody else. Does that whoore mother of yours still tell you how wonderful you are?? Everybody gets a trophy!!

Jets x 2, Bills, Pats, Carolina, Pitt.


Posted by: deity | November 17, 2013 at 09:21 PM

Honestly....I think we are in trouble. Jets, NE and Bills play us very good. Carolina is for real....we should beat Pitt.

Carolina is for real. I have the 2 loses @ NY and Carolina. Split the division with all 3 teams. Or we sweep the Jets and hit 10-6? Or lose that other game somewhere else. Or they could tank, but man they played with a fire hadn't seen in well over a month. Need to see the Backers more involved. Play from that unit is lacking. If defense can come around CONSISTANTLY the team will make a run.

deity...sorry I don't see it. We have Carolina that's a loss, Pittsburgh in PA that's a loss, NYJ in NY that's a loss and Buffalo in NY that's a loss. NE and NYJ in Miami....we could very well lose those games also. Depends on which Dolphins team shows up at home.

Thomas and Clay balled

I will take the win but you are right about the play calling and really the coaching overall. I am hoping Philbin gets better and gets rid of Sherman , but today is a happy day the Dolphins won and we can enjoy this for the rest of the week go fins!!!

I believe that this coaching staff is holding back the team. Look at the players that could have helped this team. Brenner and Garner should have been starting a long time ago. Perhaps the two rookie corners would improve the secondary and Jordan should get more snaps. Who knows if Dallas Thomas could help? This resistance to play young players by this coach is killing the dolphins. This coaching staff is making Ireland look bad.

So this is the beginning of the minimum 4 game run I mentioned this morning. Next week it is the Panthers on a short week for them. Win for us.

We are now tied for the 6th spot in the playoffs. That is right. Our destiny is in our own hands.

Two more Dolphins may speak out against Incognito
By Jason ColeNovember 16, 2013 2:45 PM


. .


Finally, a Dolphins player says he’d welcome back Martin ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Two more Dolphins players are expected to tell an NFL-appointed investigator about behavior by suspended guard Richie Incognito that could be considered hostile, according to two sources.

The players do not want to be named for fear of further upsetting teammates who have publicly backed Incognito in the aftermath of teammate Jonathan Martin leaving the team. However, one of them may tell investigator Ted Wells of a threat of physical intimidation by Incognito. The other player may explain how Incognito requested relatively large sums of money from him for en-tertainment activities.

The D is SB caliber but the Offense is pathetic.

0-6 in the division.

Fred. Please stop being delusional. The Fins have won 2 out their last 7 games. And Carolina is on a roll right now. Beat them and you can start talking... a little. Fins are still a mess.

Who would you rather have, Shaq at the free throw line, or Tannehill throwing deep to Wallace?

Shaq will sink 2 0f 10 free throws. I would pay to see Tannehill OVERTHROW Wallace just once.

Jason Cole? Hahahah!!! That guy is only slightly less pathetic than Armando.

"Accept your point - BTW accentuating the positive suits you better - FOTF."

I'm a huge fan, deep down, who just gets frustrated. When my family moved to Miami in 1976 I didn't know anyone but had watched and loved Miami from St Louis ....so now that I was here I bought tickets and went to the Orange Bowl by myself lol
It was a huge thrill to see them in person.

I just want them to get back to being a legit threat and respected franchise again.

TGH have you even seen a game yet? Obviously not based on that retardo comment.

Hell when Tanne does put it in for Wallace he just drops it. The Wallace experiment is not looking very good thus far. Should have just kept Ted Ginn. But you fukkerz run everyone out of town if they aren't all-pros after their 2nd year. Love for the Dolphins, not so much for Miami.

Omar Kelley called it with Brenner. I remember in the pre-season Kelley mentioned Brenner when asked what young OL had impressed him the most in the pre-season. Say what you want about Omar he is pretty good at analyzing an offensive line. He is the one analyst that actually breaks down film and is pretty good at analyzing an offensive line.

Great win after a tough 3-4 weeks!!!

O-line played great opening huge holes and protecting Tannehill throughout most of the game.

I'd like to see more balance on offense especially late in the game with the lead. The running game opens up the passing game.

Tannehill needs to practice throwing the deep ball to Wallace. A LOT!!! That play is wide open at least three times a game.

Overall I think the defense played well. They only gave up one touchdown to a very talented Charger offense.

The bullying scandal may actually help the Dolphins OL play. How ironic is that?

It is disturbing in a sense that changes had to be made this way. Does that tell us that our coaching staff was too dumb or stubborn to make big changes before this? One would almost have to assume so because their adjustments have been non existent all year

We have at least at least 3 more wins if Tannehill doesn't short-arm deep balls to Wallace.

Think about it, 3 of our losses are a COMBINED 8pts. In each of those losses there was at least one UNDERTHROWNED deep ball to a wide open Wallace.

Wallace is so used to the ball being underthrown, it would not surprise me in the least when Tannehill finally hits him with a deep ball in stride, Wallace drops it.

Not because of the dropsies, simply because Wallace will be in deep shock. You guys just wait and see.

Our line is good for giving up at least a sack and a half so is Tannehill. Hence we give up 4 sacks per game.

No matter what our sack total is, we can always credit Tannehill with at least one and a half of those sacks.

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