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Dolphins beat Chargers 20-16

They did it.

With a makeshift offensive line, with a scandal still looming, despite their usual inconsistencies and "interesting" play calls -- such as the roolout pass with 2:14 to play that Ryan Tannehill carried out of bounds at 2:08 -- the Dolphins won today.

Dolphins 20. Chargers 16.

This is a good day for the Dolphins. It is a good win.

Enjoy it.

Because the next few days and weeks -- with NFL scandal interviews beginning Monday and the Carolina Panthers coming up -- promise to get tougher.


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Tannehill, Clay, Thomas, Egnew, Miller, Mathews. All JI picks...all making plays on O for this Win.
3 OL, Keller and Gibson gone.
Being drug through a bunch of BS bullying non-sense.
Armando Salguero trying to tear the team apart, trying to get players to turn on each other and the coaches. Trying to compromise Philbin as HC.
And they still sit tied for 6th in the AFC. 5-5. In control of their own destiny with 6 games left.

Shove that up your ARSE Armando Salguero and all you Armando loving Dolphin haters!!

Panthers defense will be a much tougher task than The Chargers were. So lets not anoint or replacement olinemen anything yet.

Yeah, they were decent today against a not so decent defense. So, it's all a wash.

We have at least at least 3 more wins if Tannehill doesn't short-arm deep balls to Wallace.
Think about it, 3 of our losses are a COMBINED 8pts. In each of those losses there was at least one UNDERTHROWNED deep ball to a wide open Wallace.
Wallace is so used to the ball being underthrown, it would not surprise me in the least when Tannehill finally hits him with a deep ball in stride, Wallace drops it.
Not because of the dropsies, simply because Wallace will be in deep shock. You guys just wait and see.

Our line is good for giving up at least a sack and a half so is Tannehill. Hence we give up 4 sacks per game.
No matter what our sack total is, we can always credit Tannehill with at least one and a half of those sacks.

Sam a sack and a half plus a sack and a half equals... 4? What calculator are you using? You don't know what you're talking about BTW. No doubt Tannehill takes some sacks. That's not always a bad thing ya know. Better than say...throwing into coverage. God knows a real QB never takes a sack..................

No it doesn't vegas. And just because you post it doesn't make it a reality.

diety, if the Dolphins finish 8-8, I'll kiss that baby square in the ass.

If the Dolphins make the playoffs, I'll moon the Presidential motorcade parade.

Fair enough?

Ok diety, yu're right, lets call it 2 sacks a piece then. OK?

Just, that this makes it even worse for Tannehill.

You lost me there Sam, no clue what your talking about. But hey, what are you going to do if they go 8-8 and make the playoffs?

I was very wary of the football media billing the KC/Broncos game as great defense vs great offense.

Broncos offense nearly unstoppable. If your offense can not score in droves. Forget about it!

Do you watch the games Sam? I've seen Wallace drop 2 deep ones already. No doubt Tannehill needs to lay that ball out there though. Wallace can't catch the ball with his hands. Or he doesn't try to. That's a huge disadvantage for him unless he is getting good seperation. Which I've only seen a few times.

Wallace has zero interest in adjusting his body for the ball or stretching out to make the play. He got paid and now plays to stay healthy for his offseason vacations.

But hey, what are you going to do if they go 8-8 and make the playoffs?

Posted by: deity | November 17, 2013 at 10:57 PM


Well, after I moon the Presidential motorcade parade, I'll have to kiss the baby square in ass before they arrest me, right?

He could get big seperation in Pitt because Rapelisburger would trot his fatass around in the backfield for 10 seconds.

How about you moon the baby and kiss the president? Then you can go on the no-fly list and be a registered sex offender. That is if you haven't checked those 2 things off your list already.

diety, I guess that overall, it's nearly equally both Tannehill and Wallace's fault. I don't blame Wallace as much because IRELAND knew of Wallace's penchant for drops before signing him to such a huge contract.

Can't call Wallace a fa bust, he's doing nothing different than he did in Pittsburgh with the dropsies. Except in Pitt, he seemed able to catch deep balls that hit in stride. Something Tannehill seems incapable of doing.

How about you moon the baby and kiss the president? Then you can go on the no-fly list and be a registered sex offender. That is if you haven't checked those 2 things off your list already.
Posted by: deity | November 17, 2013 at 11:07 PM


KC is proof that great defenses keep you in games but, without a consistent offense in this pass happy league, you ain't getting by the best. Dolphins have neither so how are they supposed to make a Super Bowl run? We got the win today. Like Mando said, enjoy it.

Lauren Tannehill say Ryan doesn't connect DEEP in the bedroom either.

It really displeased her when Jake Long left. She wanted to see if Big Jake lived up to his Last name.

How about this little dose of reality. In both their 2nd seasons Ryan Tannehill is not only out performing RGIII he has lead his team to a better record. By 2 games. He also beat Luck head to head in his own house.
Keep on talking smack on my boy. He's gunna slap all you haters in the forehead with his DIKK!

Dolphins have neither so how are they supposed to make a Super Bowl run? We got the win today. Like Mando said, enjoy it.
Posted by: tvegas | November 17, 2013 at 11:11 PM


If they make they playoffs, they can play for 3 plane crashes. Then we end up with a sb ring by forfeit.

NO ONE expected the Dolphins to make a superbowl run this year. Not even me, and I'm as homer as it gets!!!

Also don't make excuses for Armando. He is as PATHETIC as it gets, and his days around here are numbered!

Andrew Luck is 7-3, Tannehill 5-5. So, who been more consistent in leading his team to victory? That's the qb Most would rather have.

Wow, Manning just overthrew his wr deep. Wen's the last time we saw that happen in Miami?

I didn't say Tannehill was outperforming Luck. And there are also probably 25 other teams that would take Luck over the QB they currently have.

Reaching on that comment Sam. Even Indy let one of the greatest of all time go to have Luck in the huddle. Tannehill has also beaten the other QBs that came out in his class in his 1.6 year career, Wilson and Breeden. Just don't get you guys. He is 10 games into his Sophmore season. Have some perspective.

diety, I'm not a Tannehill hater, just become tiresomely aggravated watching very single Wallace wide open deep underthrow. Since training camp we've heard they're working on it.

Heck, it's gotten more frustrating than cable companies when cable lines go down.

diety, I'll even excuse the inconsistent pocket presence, if Tannehill had hit in stride on at least 3 of the underthrown Wallace throws.

I know we would have in the very least 2 more victories(7-3), possibly 3 more victories(8-2). Imagine that?

diety 3 of our loses are a by a COMBINED margin of only 8pts.

That's why the Tannehill to Wallace UNDERTHROWS loom so large in my mind.

Geez, we've seen this movie before, haven't we? I said several times this team will finish 8-8 and we will AGAIN stuck in a no-win position coming next year's draft. Anyone watching Eric Fisher manhandling Denver's rush. Not resigning Long was a huge mistake, worse yet was not resigning him earlier and dealing him or dealing him prior to his last hear before he became a FA. That was ALL on Ireland.

So ok we our improvised OL beat one of the worst pass rush defenses in the league that just travel across country for this game, I can assure you this OL with or without Pouncey will hold against Carolina's D and we will go back to the gloom and doom talk.

I am sick and tired of this team meaningless wins, the longer Ross takes to make executive decisions the worst this team will be off it. BTW the shyt is gonna hit he roof if the new allegations are true about other players coming forward. Still think we need to clean house like yesterday and appoint an interim cosch whose sole purpose will be to test all of the rooks while positioning ourselves well for the draft next year. I think Tannehill is a good QB, for you critics out there he's been getting killed out there with the worse line in football. A good LT makes all the difference in the world, the fact that lazy McKinnie is ours is a joke.

Ectoplasm, even more reason to fire Jeff Ireland. We finish 8-8, Ireland trade down for an extra 2nd rd pick, drafts another Odrick, then both 2nd rd picks go bust or are no longer with the team in 2yrs.

If these scrubs were to sneak into the playoffs it would be anoter 62-7 pounding.

Ectoplasm, you're right, 8-8 won't get you a premium LT in the draft.

I hear ya Sam. The deep ball can be a tricky beast, especially when 250-300 pound men are sitting in your lap. But he missed it tonight and he has missed a couple others, and he'd say the same thing. Have to hit those. I'm more aggravated with Wallaces lackluster effort. But hey, when the '72 Dolphins pop that cork in about 20 minutes I hope they get good and sauced up...go to J Martins houe...and TP his entire property.

Typical Dolphins. Win one, and create false hope for all the many with poor memories. Dolphins are 5-5. This is the best we can hope for. .500 We still lose games at home to losing teams, and on the road to winless teams. We are average, unspectacular, as we have been for the last 6 years. We've had more than enough time to build a contender, instead we wade around in the deep end, never able to reach higher than arm's length. The worse thing about this win? It prolongs change. Change, the only thing that intelligent fans can hope for. In 26 games, Coach Philbin and Ryan Tannehill have shown very little to give me any excitement for the future. Like Ireland, they are learning on the job. Never actually qualified to assume the roles that they have been given. Yet here we go again. The best we can hope for is to go 2-4 the rest of the way (only two wins against the Jets - I'm still a fan) and fire the architect Jeff Ireland, who is better suited for building 2 inch scale dog houses out of Legos. If we fire Joe Philbin for fostering a dysfunctional environment in the locker room, and creating a situation where we no longer have the services of two of our best offensive linemen. Mostly I want him fired because the only thing less consistent than his team from week to week, well wait, I'm stumped, I'm not sure there is anything less consistent than this team. I can say that they are consistent in one way. They are just good enough to keep from earning a difference maker spot in the draft every year. Not that it matters. They would find a way to flub the pick as they do almost every year. But hey we won a game, let's all overreact and buy our tickets to the Super Bowl.

Posted by: Matthew Pimentel | November 17, 2013 at 07:41 PM

Good Post

If these scrubs were to sneak into the playoffs it would be anoter 62-7 pounding.
Posted by: Realist | November 17, 2013 at 11:34 PM


If we played Denver, this would be the halftime score. Manning would light us to a tune of 30pts per quarter.

Steve Ross, if we go 7-9 EVERY YEAR will Ireland EVER get fired? And if so, when?

Steve Ross, if we go 7-9 EVERY YEAR will Ireland EVER get fired? And if so, when?
Posted by: Vazman | November 17, 2013 at 11:40 PM

It's called being just good enough to remain bad.

Eco I can't believe you wasted your time typing all that non-sense. "If the new allegations are true"... News flash... NONE of the allegations have been true up to this point. But this one is different? If it was even a 2% chance it was true Armando would have 6 posts up about it. But he can't now because he already tore a hole in his hull. And his ship is sinking.




That's all, folks.



No corner would blitz Marino. He would pick it up immediately and adjust with Fryar or whomever and burn them deep. Tannehill and his receivers have to learn dat.

Mando is a joke. Is TMZ hiring? I only read his blog because he does a good job updating it, sometimes it is actually news, but unfortunately most of the time it is unfounded and unsubstantiated speculation.

I'm not against him having opinions, or saying negative things about the Dolphins. That is part of his job description, but his opinions are based on pur speculation and rumors. He was already talking about firing both Irelend and Philbin before all the facts came to light.

Great win! As I said before the game a win and loss by the Jets gets us tied for the last playoff spot! It is time for the coaching staff to limit our mistakes and start a run one game at a time!!

Win was fun but total regime change is still needed.... Plus we effed up our draft position jusg like when we blew the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

Blew? Go root for another team please, a real fan would never want his team to lose.

LV was again wrong with Us, but I mean, who could be right with this Team? Not even the Mentalist.

That's one hell of a dilemma. I too, I'm of the opinion that Philbin will never lead us to any kind of success just like Tony Sparano didn't. However, how do we get rid of him, when? I think he has proven enough that he will never be a Don Shula, not even a Bill Parcells.

Has he? You may, or may not be correct, but questioning his ability in the middle of the season? Why? To what end? It seems as if many of the "fans" here (I use the term in the loosest possible way) are eager to be negative towards the team, players, management, etc. There are only six regular season games left, hopefully the Fins make the playoffs and our season will go on, but whenever it ends, that is the time for discussion on who should be fired/kept. Let the facts come out from the NFL investigation, and let the team play these six games, and then step back and judge. At this point they are in the thick of it. But now is the time to root and support the team.


Odrick is playing like one of the best defensive linemen in the league...

The negativity was getting old.

The delusional comments from optimistic jock sniffers in here tonight is lolz.

Come back in two weeks when the Phins are 5-7.

2-7 since 3-0.

The Dolphins can't even stop the run FFS.

Irrelevant team largely ignored by the national media until the Incognito deal.

Yet there are still a few fans left desperately clutching their rosary beads.

Bengals and Chargers are mediocre teams that beat themselves.

It was obvious to anyone objective.

Better team like the Saints, Patriots and the Panthers will blow out this mediocre to poor Dolphins team.

Steelers are playing better, and they're at home.

Wake and Grimes are the teams only play makers, aside from the punter lol.

...and Wake and Grimes have been good enough to help the Dolphins win three of their five wins.

The Colts, Grimes made the play of the game w/ his end zone pick.

Bengals, Grimes pick six and Wakes safety.

Today, Grimes pick when Chargers were driving and Wake's sacks late in the game.

Btw, neither Wake nor Grimes were drafted by the brilliant Jeff Ireland...and they were no brainers, low rrisk, high reward and Wake was sought after by more than a dozen teams after having 38 1/2 sacks in the CFL. So Ireland deserves no credit whatsoever for offering him a contract.

Phins have nothing to build around...nada, zilch.

I thought Rashad Jones was a future star in the making ?

Earl Thomas ?


This team goes 7-9 this year, 4-12 next year.


How come Miami is not the 6 seed and the Jests still are?

our conference record is 4-3 Jests 2-5?

So the Colts fans, who urged their team to suck for Luck, & Irsay, who oversaw the tanking & who is now enjoying the dawn of the Luck era, are not real fans... Unlike the Marlins size crowd at today's game. This organization is a joke regardless of today's result... AND btw... I was at Sunlifeless foolishly enjoying a Pyrhhic victory.

Odrick is a decent player, nothing more.

Shouldn't even be starting ahead of Starks.

Overpaid as a #1 pick.

Phins drafted Vonnie Holiday in the first round instead of a play maker.

You can find decent D-Lineman in free agency every year.

...and a center with a first round pick was asinine, you see why with the win today.

O-Line is important, but play makers win games.

A real Fin Fan realized during FA that one trick pony Wallace was not just a bad move but a move that took focus & $$$$ away from real areas of need. A real Fin Fan cannot root 4 Wallace or see sparkly ponies on the basis of one win after a disastrous streak.

Does anyone know the answer to my question.

Posted by: Molotov | November 18, 2013 at 01:09 AM

The Wallace money will not hurt the team and they need him for a deep threat.

next season Incognito, Martin come off the books and hopefully we cut Wheeler. that will give us close to 25 million in cap space next year.

How come Miami is not the 6 seed and the Jests still are?
our conference record is 4-3 Jests 2-5?

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