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Dolphins beat Chargers 20-16

They did it.

With a makeshift offensive line, with a scandal still looming, despite their usual inconsistencies and "interesting" play calls -- such as the roolout pass with 2:14 to play that Ryan Tannehill carried out of bounds at 2:08 -- the Dolphins won today.

Dolphins 20. Chargers 16.

This is a good day for the Dolphins. It is a good win.

Enjoy it.

Because the next few days and weeks -- with NFL scandal interviews beginning Monday and the Carolina Panthers coming up -- promise to get tougher.


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FRKMJP - Good laughs!

"A real Fin Fan cannot root 4 Wallace" - A real Fin fan cannot root for a Dolphin player? Brilliant!!!! #FACEPALM #YOURALOSER

Do you negative trolls really consider yourself Fin fans? Or are you jest/patise/Jills fans in disguise?

I ask again, if all the negative things you claim are true, why not wait for the end of the season? Why not root for the Dolphins??

We have to sign Solia, Grimes and maybe Starks too. Maybe we cut Pstterson too, he is very good but not on the field enough.

Nolan Carroll has to go, I can't watch him anymore. Jamar Taylor has to be better than him?


Division record comes first if there are two teams and they are from the same division.



If it is necessary to break ties to determine the two Wild-Card clubs from each conference, the following steps will be taken.

If the tied clubs are from the same division, apply division tie breaker.

That is from the site, Miami is 0-2 and Jest are 2-2, giving them the edge... for now.

Molotov is a smart dude.


Knows the team is garbage...and they are.

For fun, I used to throw molotov cocktails when I was a teenager.

Damn near set my neighbors house on fire when one bottle didn't break in the street as planned, and the bottle rolled onto my neighbors lawn, spilling flaming gasoline everywhere, setting dead grass on fire.

It took six people and a garden house to stomp out the blaze.

The police were called...and I knew nothing of any molotov cocktail.

Still more fun than a muriatic acid bomb.

Incognito was a UFA anyways, Martin will cost us the prorated amount of his rookie bonus against the cap.

Posted by: KillerFins | November 18, 2013 at 01:24 AM

thanks weird rule considering it is for a wild card.

Yes, and no.. at the end of the season when it only really matters both teams would have played equal division games. Hopefully the Fins will sweep the jest and we'd have the tie-breaker over them.

Nice win by the Phins today. Could have been a bit cleaner, but you can't have everything. Grimes is a baller and we need to keep him any way possible. Patterson will heal after season is over and will be a keeper as well. Clay played with passion tonight, who ever is coaching this guy up can stay as well. Running game was efficient and Thomas ran strong tonight, to bad he isn't more consistent, could have a lot to do with the patchwork OL that played well for once.

The deep ball is still an issue, a novel idea would be to rotate QB's, since THill blows throwing the deep pass, bring in Moore for the deep balls, it isn't like it hasn't happened before, remember Woodly and Strock anyone? Keep the defense on it's heals and I am sure Moore can remember Go and Go Go, not rocket science. I know the defenses will finally figure it out, but Moore can come in and change it up with a running play just to throw off the D. Just a thought, you never know it might just work.

Wallace not showing isn't on Philbin and/or Ireland. It's on Tanehill (he was wide open for a TD today when he threw into double-coverage in the endzone) and the offensive line. If Tannehill doesn't have time, we can't go deep to Wallace.

Armando, I try to be one of your bigger defenders but there is no denying that you can find the dark lining in any Dolphins situation. It may be that way in your personal life as well I don't know. But, when it comes to the Dolphins, you leanings are without question simply negative.

bobbyd12 is funny

Nice win, great play by the o-line under the circumstances. Regarding T-Hill running out of bound, would you rather he forced a pass and risked a turnover? In any case, the clock was their friend, but the OC didn't think that running on second down, and making them burn their last timeout, or at least run some clock, made any sense. Asking this cobbled together line to pass protected 35 times is simply poor game planning. Thankfully, they stepped up. Same for the defense. Rivers has been on a roll, and they made him earn everything he got.

isn't it funny that the 2 players most of the know it alls on here were crying to cut and calling ireland's biggest busts are the two guy's who had the best games. i guess 2 because a ;to call tannehill a bust too.
but clay and thomas.clay has been really good all season, with just a few drops at most. last night tomas didn't not look soft and did not go down on first contact.he was a bull.

i'm just gonna make a quick defense of tannehill.
where would you rank our offensive line? i'd say 32nd, but i doubt anyone would put them in the top 25, right??

as bad as our run blocking is, are pass blocking is much worse.

the biggest problem as i see it our OC seems to not notice these deficiencies!!

last night was the 1st game where he moved tannehill around more than twice. he rolled him out or ran a bootleg or had him run the read option quite a few time, guess what, it worked!! but i still don't think it's done often enough!! we may have the the 4th most athletic QB in the NFL. we should be using that skill set more. is keeping him in the pocket 95% of the time stopping him from taking big hits? move him, give him the green light to run. you wanna slow a pass rush to cover a poor line this works.

last night we also ran more screens. some worked. we had a safety valve. either a TE or an RB. that worked. keep doing that sherman!!!

of all the people in this organization who''s head i'd like to see roll is sherman. i could honestly care less about tis "scandal" i care about what i see on the field. yes, the offensive line is a easy scapegoat for the woes, but last night partially showed that if you mix it up and move tannehill around you can make up for that. also, unless he can't grasp the playbook well enough to do it, why not move wallace around? does he ever line up anywhere but wide right???

geez, it's not rocket science!!

It was a nice win yesterday. I am not sure if it was that the Dolphins looked really good, or that the Chargers looked really bad, or a bit of both. Kudos for doing it with a makeshift offensive line.

Nice summary jaison. A young QB needs help getting the most out of his talent, and T-Hill isn't getting much from the OC. (Neither is the OL or receivers). It's hard to understand how it has taken 10 games to get T-Hill on the move, especially when it is a strength for him. He can run an he's very accurate on the move. I would also love to see Wallace moved around more. He should be deployed from every position possible.

Most boring offense in the NFL.

mike that would be kansas city

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