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Dolphins coordinators offer insight

The Dolphins offensive and defensive coordinators spoke with the media this afternoon and here's what they offered:

Offensive coordinator Miker Sherman said running back Daniel Thomas, who left the locker room in a walking boot and on crutches Sunday evening, is obviously not playing anytime soon.

"With Daniel Thomas out of the picture certainly [Mike] Gillislee has to step up, [Marcus] Thigpen has to step up. [Lamar] Miller as well," Sherman said.

Sherman did not go so far as to say Thomas is done for the year, as some are reporting. Thomas is out indefinitely. But it is obvious that with only five games remaining, Thomas's status for the remainder of the year is in serious doubt.

The Dolphins are the only NFL team that has failed to score more than 27 points in a game this season. That is obviously terrible news in a league that basically mandates big offensive output.

"Yeah, it''s frustrating for me and it's frustrating for our players as well, I'm sure, that we're not more successful than we can be," Sherman said. "Every week you go back to work and roll up your sleeves and try to do it better. Carolina came in here as one of the hottest teams in the National Football League. I have a lot of respect for their defense, obviously their offense as well. I knew it was going to be a challenge but we still felt very good about going into this ballgame and playing at home and what we possibly could do. We had moments in the ballgame, not enough of them, but we did have moments in the ballgame and did some really good things. And at times we didn't. But it's going tough, we threw the ball for over 300, but you have to be able to run the football. The 300 passing, I'd give that away any day to get 150 rushing. You have to be able to run the ball to be effective and we have to find a way to get the balance we so desperately need. We don't have that balance right now." Overthrown

I said yesterday on twitter that I was almost relieved to see Ryan Tannehill overthrow Mike Wallace on one of his passes because i was starting to wonder if Tannehill could get over that mental hump. (You see the overthrow in the photo courtesy The Herald's Joe Rimkus).

Sherman agreed for reasons that probably have to do with avoiding interceptions.

"I'd rather have him overthrow than underthrow," Sherman said.

The Dolphins haven't scored a fourth quarter touchdown in seven games -- dating back to December. What's Sherman's diagnosis?

"My diagnosis is we better get that fixed because we have to some touchdowns in the fourth quarter if we expect to win," Sherman said, adding there is no common denominator to the problem.

"There's nothing common about it. We have not been very efficient in my mind overall, not just in the fourth quarter. We have to be more consistent as an offense overall. We can put together a great highlight tape but also we can put together a not-so-great. And we have eliminate the not-so-great and get more great. And that's what our focus is on and that includes the fourth quarter." 

Sherman said the last pass of the ballgame that might have changed the outcome of the game had Mike Wallace caught a Ryan Tannehill pass at the 1 yard line "was a great pass" by Tannehill.

But he didn't blame Wallace for not catching it.

"It would have been a great catch if he had made that catch," Sherman said. "I wasn't an easy catch."

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, meanwhile, did something that we so very rarely see out of head coach Joe Philbin. In honest and straightforward fashion, Coyle addressed a coaching mistake.

He did so in discussing the defense Miami played on the next to last play of the half when the Dolphins played their secondary deep -- with defenders lined up at the goal line -- but leaving a wide gap between those defenders and the line of scrimmage.

The Panthers completed a short pass and gained 28 yards in seven seconds to set themselves up for a field goal. What should have been a 16-3 halftime lead turned into a much more tenuous 16-6 lead.

Coyle said that with a QB such as Cam Newton, capable of throwing a 60-yard pass with ease, he thought the Panthers might take a shot at the end zone.

"And with that mindset, I made a call that in retrospect I wish I could get back," Coyle said. "There was a penalty and I should have changed the call in my opinion after the penalty and he was back a little further. Not that he couldn't have thrown the ball to the end zone, which he could have.

"We were playing for him to throw the ball deep and it was my mistake. It wasn't the players in any way, shape, or form."

Compare that honesty to the answer Philbin gave about the same play and situation after the game:

"Actually, we brought some pressure, to be quite frank with you," Philbin said. "They made a good play, credit them. The ball was on the ground a little bit, they picked it up and made a nice play. The receiver did a smart thing and got out of bounds. It was a good play by them. Absolutely a good play."

By the way, given another chance today, Philbin again stressed what a good play it was by Carolina and defended the Dolphins approach -- thus defending an error.

Coyle, by the way, praised the work done by Nolan Carroll and Phillip Wheeler in Sunday's game.


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Armando, I've been posting for at least an ENTIRE MONTH I would will relieved just to see Tannehill OVERTHROW Wallace even once. YESTERDAY my PRAYERs were answered!

Coyle Sucks!!

Let's see One of two RBs on a team with the lowest average per carry is out..Where's the bad news???

Can't they replace Thigpen on returns. He goes backwards or sideways every time. I'd say put Wallace back there but he would fumble every other punt. Dolphins are killing me, I'm sure I have an ulcer now.

Yeah we get it Armando, you hate Philbin and think he's a terrible coach. So why not come right out and say it instead of the awkward way in which you use passive aggressive comments to get your point across. Say what you want to say!

Everyone has questions about Philbin but you're the only reporter who makes me feel like I'm reading a note from my wife about how I didn't take the garbage out and mow the lawn but it's 'okay because I guess SOMEONE will get around to it eventually'.

lol why must you write this way!?

Charles Clay 4 catches 27yds YESTERDAY.

The Good: Clay's shown great improvement this year.

The Bad: DC' are now noticing.

Yesterday was prime evidence. Shows me a chief part of Panther's defensive plan was, do not let Charles Clay beat them. Clay's numbers yesterday shows that plan was greatly successful.

Said all of that to pose this question:

Now that Clay has league DC's full attention, will he now just fade away into our OFFENSIVE sunset?

Will he now be EASILY taken away, or rise to the next level of stardom?

Posted by: CommonSense | November 25, 2013 at 01:15 PM

Common sense I hear ya and it does make sense to worry about the oline hurting Tannehills development and causing issues.

I have been there with you this year BUT,, we have to take into account the fact that when he does get good blocking he still has accuracy issues.

I don't care about the ints. He has a mentality like Favre, he's a gunslinger and has confidence that he can make all of the throws even when someone is covered. So you're going to throw ints.

My problem is that when he does have the blocking he still misfires on half of his passes and forces the receivers to adjust their routes or go behind them to make the catch. Not all of the time, but some of the time means he's inconsistent and that's not good. There was an easy throw to Thigpen yesterday, he would have had yards after the catch, thill threw behind him and he was tackled immediately. Simple throw and he should have led him.

It's almost as if he tenses up when he has to make the throw and gets nervous that it needs to be perfect so he's SQUEEZING the ball to tightly before the release. It causes the tip of the ball to dip when it leaves a players hands. I've seen it because my backup in school did the same thing and our coach made him walk around for a week holding a football with his thumb and pointer only hoping that would train his other fingers to eventually grip lighter (it didn't work haha).

I can't say for sure obviously, just speaking from my limited experience. But accuracy is the issue that needs to be cleaned up. I'm starting to think all of those years not playing qb are coming back to haunt him and he may never hone that part of his game.

Guy's until the Fins score more then the other team expect more losses.......

Common sense,

To further my point, people talk about Brady's pocket when it's bad. They say, 'see, you can't throw a good ball when you have no protection, just look at Brady'.

Fair enough and true. NOW if people are going to compare the two they should go firther. Compare the two when they both have protection. Brady throws the ball on a dime, Tannehill does half of the time.

Can he improve in this one area? I'm starting to have my doubts.

But I will say that floater to Lamar Miller was one of the best passes I've seen in the NFL this year. Great anticipation and perfect placement.

THAT is why I'm not ready to completely give up on the kid. But the other point is why I'm ready to give him serious competition.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 25, 2013 at 01:52 PM

Sam there's a bigger picture there imo. Carolina is at the top of the league in covering tight ends. They regularly shut them down because their linebackers are so good in coverage (unlike our linebackers).

Clay is pretty good, but even the best in the league struggle against great defenses. Rivera is a defensive guru.

Phins78, you seem to be displacing your anger and frustration at the wrong person. You seem annoyed that Mando is showing us what a loser Philbin is but show no problem with the fact Philbin is over his head and is a loser.

Classic PTSD type response from someone who obviously has been in tons of pain after years of having the Dolphins punch him in the gut.

Has GM Ireland said a word about the scandal yet??

Obviously, Tannehill/Wallace left 21pts on the playing field yesterday. This connection leaves 7-14pts on the playing field most games, win or lose.

However, this is a GREAT DEEPBALL ACCURACY issue, not an ACCURACY ISSUE in itself.

Yesterday, Tannehill completed 67% of his passes for 310yds. Yet, there are posts today of ACCURACY issues. FOLKS, it isn't an ACCURACY issue, its a DEEPBALL accuracy issue.


It would be far more TOXIC to this team if many of OUR EVALUATION were put into play regarding the direction of this team. This MUCH we can all be 100% certain of.

P78, keuchly gets all the press and even in a short time seems the refs pick up their laundry when he makes a play - getting the Brady of defense treatment already but the LB who really excels and does everything is Thomas Davis. This guy is a former safety and makes almost as many tackles as Luke and also excels in coverage and as we saw yesterday rushing the passer (what Lamar Miller was doing on that play, I don't know)

Giants who's mad? I was laughing as I was writing that post. It was funny to me because I felt like I was reading a note from my wife. Therefore I was joking with Armando and that's why I left an lol. I figured someone might misunderstand so I wanted to be clear that I was laughing about it.

And then you lol, say I'm angry and frustrated? HAhahaha I couldn't care less. ;)

Phins78 was a big Henne apologist too. NUFF SAID!

I want to know what Coyle thought about laying off outside coverage on the 4th and 10. Just curious why we weren't playing press coverage.

Giants just a misunderstanding and I see it was due to the exclamation.

That's where things get confused in writing. Some people equate exclamations to anger alone. Just imagine as I was saying "just say what you want to say!" that I was smiling and joking around as if I was talking to a friend and we were busting each other's chops. That's how it was intended.

Sam, I always contend the Tannehill accuracy issues myself. 61.8% accuracy overall? That's pretty good and does not point to an accuracy issue.

I know the rection will be, well, all his passes are short so that's why ... well... Cam newton has completed fewer passes with a similar yards per attempt (6.82 v 6.98), Bradford is less accurate witha shorter YPA, as is Tom brady, Joe Flacco, Alex Smith, and Andrew Luck. So as far as accuracy goes ... a little overblown on Tannehill.


We are only a upgraded oline away to becoming a LEGIT PLAYOFF contender. ONLY until then can we accurately evaluate if there's truly a coaching halftime adjustment issue.

Right now everything else is buried underneath an avalanche of great oline inconsistency.

Well if Tannehill would have thrown it toward the flag, the direction Wallace was running, instead of toward the post where he had to turn and find the ball and fight the defender, maybe things would have been different,but, maybe he did throw toward the flag and he is just that damn inaccurate.

Posted by: Just Sayin | November 25, 2013 at 02:06 PM

Daytona this post makes no sense considering I have not once stuck up for Tannehill nor have I tried to convince everyone he was great. You, unlike Ryan Tannehill, are very consistent.

Consistently stupid.

I think Matt Moore is worth more than Tannehill in a trade.

I appreciate Coyle being honest and direct. I'm tired of Philbin's spin and dishonesty. No, I don't want him to throw his DC under the bus, but don't treat the audience like they're stupid. Honestly, the beat reporters may not be football coach-worthy, but they certainly are good at spotting bs when they see it (and critiquing HCs). And Philbin just isn't living up to the hype. Sure, he's a good man, a high-character individual. But is he capable of being a good HC in the NFL? Not so sure. Hasn't proven it yet.

BUT, that's what a GM is for. Fire Ireland, hire a new GM, let him make the decision on what to do with the HC. I'll live with that decision.

4 Deep Passes to Wallace.
1= TD
1= Big gain
1= Over thrown (OK just missed)
1= Hail Mary (still open just dropped the ball, shocking!!)

So why only 4 deep passes. 2 in the first half. Even the TV guys were like,"I'd run Wallace out there till he couldn't breathe" thats how open it was. This isn't the first gaff that the Off. Coor. has made this season. I think they better take a long look at that position.


So scoring in the 4th quarter is an issue. I wonder who Mike Sherman thinks can change that. If a team has photos of what the Dolphins are doing on offense; changing up, not being predictable just might work. How does a team just shut down another in the second half? Belichick will always change what he's doing through out a game. Offense has an advantage with the rules in today's NFL. The coaches have to be fluid with their game plan and change as needed to keep the defense off balance.

Well if Tannehill would have thrown it toward the flag, the direction Wallace was running, instead of toward the post where he had to turn and find the ball and fight the defender, maybe things would have been different,but, maybe he did throw toward the flag and he is just that damn inaccurate.
Posted by: John A | November 25, 2013 at 02:12 PM

John, rarely are hail marys accurate passes. For every 100 hail marys launched by qb's, only 1 in 99 are probably ever complete.

Posted by: Sam I Am |

Sam my point today and until I see it change has nothing to do with his stats because that doesn't show the big picture.

The big picture is that on half of his throws, that ARE completed the wr has to make some acrobatic circus catch that forces him to either fall or immediately be tackled.

Look at wrs around the league and their yacs and you will probably see Miami is pretty low on the list. Thill does not help his receivers run after the catch because his ball placement is questionable. Sure the stats look okay but when you take a closer look accuracy is still an issue that needs to be cleaned up.

Orlando, I've said many times no rookie from this class will come in and be better than Tannehill will be NEXT year. If we look at 2014 in a vacuum, he is hands down our best option.

I mean even if he doesn't improve, where are you going to find a qb that will be top 12 in passing yards and top half in touchdowns? Just doesn't grow on trees.

Posted by MIT.

How can you say that Thill will be better than all of the 2014 draft class ? Once more you reach my friend.

Although Thill is a hard act to follow.

Here's what those 2014 picks will have to achieve in the same time as Thill to compete with such a talent:

Be a QB that will be 6th in interceptions

Become a QB that will have more turnovers than TD's

Evolve into a QB the is 25th in QBR in the NFL

Or learn how to forge ahead as a QB that has no TD passes in the 4th last seven games in his second season.

Franchises will have to search high and low to.......

Find a QB that has taken every snap for his team and leaad them to 31st in the NFL.....

Or find a QB that has 11 wins out of 27 trys !!!

Yeah you are right, Thill is a hard act to follow.

'MIT', the voice of Thill Fans on this Blog.

FIRE IRELAND!!!! Tell me how Wheeler is cheaper or better that Dansby. We went from one of the best teams against the run to the worst. I like Philbin and this crap w Richie and the baby has gone on too long....It's a locker room....Philbin is taking a hit for a bunch of BS. This team is Ireland and Parcell's fault.

What in the world has Coyle done to this defense??? Sherman = Henning's nephew!!!!

Phins 78,

Is that right were you a Henne fan my friend ?

Its ok I wouldn't blame you for it. If you were when did you jump ship and demand he be replaced ?

Im curious to hear when enough is enough from you with our QB's.

If plays the way he is next year do you keep him my friend ?

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 25, 2013 at 02:10 PM

That's probably the dumbest, most ignorant, unrealistic post I've heard all day. "We're only an upgraded oline away..." FROM WHAT EXACTLY? You do know we have a bunch of contracts expiring right? That there's ALWAYS turnover between seasons. Who knows who will be on this team next year. And there'll be other holes that reveal themselves that we don't see now. Next year we'll have a different schedule, who knows what injuries we'll have. There's so many contingencies, it's almost pointless to bring them all up! There's no continuation from season to season. Next year is another world. Another team.

And what exactly from the past decade leads you to believe we're RIGHT THERE? We won a division title in '08, why didn't we build on that in '09? We had a returning QB this year, a bunch of FA talent, we were supposed to be a "rising" team in 2013. So why are we 5-6?

If there's any prognosticating (realistically) on what we'll be next year, then the sensible person says .500. Until they aren't, THEY ARE!

Cady, How's Henne doing for you in FF????

How hard is it to be accurate when your dinking and dunking all game?? Didn Henne have a 55 to 63 % completion pctg?

This is another big picture post. You are describing the play as if he was sitting in the pocket with time. He had just scrambled 5 yards to the right, avoided two tackles, and then scrambled back to the middle and heaved the ball right before he was crushed to the ground.

This IS NOT a play where you can question his accuracy because there were circumstances that forced him to throw quickly after being forced out and then back in.

There are so many other throws that you can bring up to prove your point imo.

Posted by: John A | November 25, 2013 at 02:12 PM

This was the post I was talking about

Posted by: Phins78 | November 25, 2013 at 01:53 PM
All good points but who is going teach this kid finer points of being a NFL QB? Zac Taylor? Ha! I don't think so. Has this bunch ever heard of a pump fake? Here's a clue coaches...it freezes the safety. How about a bootleg? Jeeze, I'm so fed up with this bunch

A pass for 2 yards on a 3rd and 4! You gotta be kidding me

Posted by: buddy_lee45 | November 25, 2013 at 02:18 PM

Parcells?? WTF?? All he did was engineer the biggest turnarounf in NFL history right in Miami. 1-15 to 11-5 and playoffs. Get a clue!

Coyle seems to come on straight, the others, hmm...


You are right clubs maybe give you a 4th or 5th for Moore.

Thill maybe a 6th or 7th rounder.

Posted by: Dave | November 25, 2013 at 02:14 PM

Dave, just like Armando POSTED in his TWEET YESTERDAY. Even had Wallace made the catch on the hail Mary, he's still down 1 YD SHORT of scoring a TD.

Then with NO TIMEOUTS no way WITH 8 SECONDS left, the team sprints 60 YDS DOWNFIELD and line up to get off a GAME WINNING play.

Tivo the game, Wallace would be DOWN BY CONTACT at the 1 yd line eve had he made the catch. Then GAMEOVER!

Bla Bla Bla... THE DOLPHINS SUCK!!! They have sucked for 2 decades, and have no unsuck in the foreseeable future... Why continue to be a fan. My son asked me why I like this team. I told him I grew up with this team as my favorite. He asked me if any of the old players are still on there? No. What about the couches? No. Owners? No. How about the stadium? Not that either. OK, then it has to be the team logo and colors. Again, no they changed those too. The traditions of winning are also all but forgotten on this team as well. The only thing that has not changed is the name and the city, and I don't even live there. I guess that must be it then, the team name. Ma, that is pathetic.

Man, this guy has a huge crush on me ...

Marco what do you think? You've seen my posts and you've seen the trolls posts.

Who seems more intelligent to you? Figure it out bud.

Marco what do you think? You've seen my posts and you've seen the trolls posts.
Who seems more intelligent to you? Figure it out bud.
Posted by: Phins78 | November 25, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Well, since the Dolphins lose every year the trolls are proven correct. You have been proven wrong.

Im curious to hear when enough is enough from you with our QB's.

If plays the way he is next year do you keep him my friend ?

Posted by: Marco | November 25, 2013 at 02:19 PM

What's your deal Marco? We've discussed this at length, why are you asking me to rewrite my opinion when it's posted all over the last two blogs and you've already responded? Seriously?

Posted by: Phins78 | November 25, 2013 at 02:17 PM

I greatly appreciate what you are saying. My own personal issue with the big picture see, is the oline.

Until the oline is solved, it's greatly difficult for me to have a FAIR EVALUATION to how great our OTHER team issues maybe.

I see numerous issue, oline being CHIEF amongst them all.

Marco, you're starting to resemble someone who used to post in here under a different name. I was giving you the benefit of doubt but I'm not going to be toyed with. I'm done unless you have a reasonable explanation as to why you are asking me to repeat a conversation we have already had.

Phins 78, you are not too smart when you are WRONG every year, yes? LOL

How hard is it to be accurate when your dinking and dunking all game?? Didn Henne have a 55 to 63 % completion pctg?

Posted by: Truth | November 25, 2013 at 02:20 PM

Very true, Thill can go 3 and out whilst going 2-3 for 8-9 yards all day and then have great stats for the effort.

That average of 6.8 per attempt and an average of 1 TD passes a game over his career illustrates how limited he is.

Surely we can do better than this, no ? Well we will have to if we want to win games in this league.

Thill is not the answer from what I've seen. Maybe miracles happen eh ?

Truth, read my post a little more closely and the difference between 55 and 63 % is massive in the NFL. henne I don't think was ever over 60 over a full season as starter.

henne is pretty accurate this year... FINALLY but still 4tds to 9ints is not too good.

Fair enough Sam, we'll see what happens and hopefully they can get the o-line right for a change before next season. It will not happen with Ireland on board, he has proven he can't put an oline together. Enough is enough and I can't wait until this guy is fired.

P78, this Marco character just doesn't get it ... he's obsessed. Opinions are out there as to why we think what we do and he goes on and asks us to regurgitate them ... odd fellow.

Remember when Sherman chewed out Egnew on Hardknocks. Just abused him in front of everyone. When is someone going to do that to Sherman. The big mouth can't take responsibility for his weak college offense that he runs. While I am not a big fan of Tannehill, he will be here for at least 2 more years, so the fins better get him a real NFL offense to run, and coach him the right way. Why would this offense work in the pro's when it wasn't even successful in college.

Cromartie left the game injured yesterday. Doubt he plays this week.

Too bad. Jets often blitz a ton with no safety help. Could have seen a alot of deep balls to Wallace. At least it would have made for good practice for the two of them.

If Cromartie doesn't play, I expect not a lot of blitzing & them to play zone which means no deep shots.

Top that off, I can't see us rushing for more than 20 yards against the jets. Gonna be a ugly game Sunday.

Marco, coming in, Andrew Luck was billed "GREATEST QB PROSPECT" since ELWAY. Tannehill has greater overall accuracy numbers, Colts lost 40-11 yesterday. Indy has a FAR BETTER OLINE.

So, you feel bringing in another 1st rd qb will solve the problem right? In a draft where none of these qb's look like a "CAN'T MISS" product. All will come in with warts.

No RT is not the answer but it will take this dumb franchise two more years to figure that out

"By the way, given another chance today, Philbin again stressed what a good play it was by Carolina and defended the Dolphins approach -- thus defending an error."

This is why you are such a kunt, Mando.

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