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Dolphins coordinators offer insight

The Dolphins offensive and defensive coordinators spoke with the media this afternoon and here's what they offered:

Offensive coordinator Miker Sherman said running back Daniel Thomas, who left the locker room in a walking boot and on crutches Sunday evening, is obviously not playing anytime soon.

"With Daniel Thomas out of the picture certainly [Mike] Gillislee has to step up, [Marcus] Thigpen has to step up. [Lamar] Miller as well," Sherman said.

Sherman did not go so far as to say Thomas is done for the year, as some are reporting. Thomas is out indefinitely. But it is obvious that with only five games remaining, Thomas's status for the remainder of the year is in serious doubt.

The Dolphins are the only NFL team that has failed to score more than 27 points in a game this season. That is obviously terrible news in a league that basically mandates big offensive output.

"Yeah, it''s frustrating for me and it's frustrating for our players as well, I'm sure, that we're not more successful than we can be," Sherman said. "Every week you go back to work and roll up your sleeves and try to do it better. Carolina came in here as one of the hottest teams in the National Football League. I have a lot of respect for their defense, obviously their offense as well. I knew it was going to be a challenge but we still felt very good about going into this ballgame and playing at home and what we possibly could do. We had moments in the ballgame, not enough of them, but we did have moments in the ballgame and did some really good things. And at times we didn't. But it's going tough, we threw the ball for over 300, but you have to be able to run the football. The 300 passing, I'd give that away any day to get 150 rushing. You have to be able to run the ball to be effective and we have to find a way to get the balance we so desperately need. We don't have that balance right now." Overthrown

I said yesterday on twitter that I was almost relieved to see Ryan Tannehill overthrow Mike Wallace on one of his passes because i was starting to wonder if Tannehill could get over that mental hump. (You see the overthrow in the photo courtesy The Herald's Joe Rimkus).

Sherman agreed for reasons that probably have to do with avoiding interceptions.

"I'd rather have him overthrow than underthrow," Sherman said.

The Dolphins haven't scored a fourth quarter touchdown in seven games -- dating back to December. What's Sherman's diagnosis?

"My diagnosis is we better get that fixed because we have to some touchdowns in the fourth quarter if we expect to win," Sherman said, adding there is no common denominator to the problem.

"There's nothing common about it. We have not been very efficient in my mind overall, not just in the fourth quarter. We have to be more consistent as an offense overall. We can put together a great highlight tape but also we can put together a not-so-great. And we have eliminate the not-so-great and get more great. And that's what our focus is on and that includes the fourth quarter." 

Sherman said the last pass of the ballgame that might have changed the outcome of the game had Mike Wallace caught a Ryan Tannehill pass at the 1 yard line "was a great pass" by Tannehill.

But he didn't blame Wallace for not catching it.

"It would have been a great catch if he had made that catch," Sherman said. "I wasn't an easy catch."

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, meanwhile, did something that we so very rarely see out of head coach Joe Philbin. In honest and straightforward fashion, Coyle addressed a coaching mistake.

He did so in discussing the defense Miami played on the next to last play of the half when the Dolphins played their secondary deep -- with defenders lined up at the goal line -- but leaving a wide gap between those defenders and the line of scrimmage.

The Panthers completed a short pass and gained 28 yards in seven seconds to set themselves up for a field goal. What should have been a 16-3 halftime lead turned into a much more tenuous 16-6 lead.

Coyle said that with a QB such as Cam Newton, capable of throwing a 60-yard pass with ease, he thought the Panthers might take a shot at the end zone.

"And with that mindset, I made a call that in retrospect I wish I could get back," Coyle said. "There was a penalty and I should have changed the call in my opinion after the penalty and he was back a little further. Not that he couldn't have thrown the ball to the end zone, which he could have.

"We were playing for him to throw the ball deep and it was my mistake. It wasn't the players in any way, shape, or form."

Compare that honesty to the answer Philbin gave about the same play and situation after the game:

"Actually, we brought some pressure, to be quite frank with you," Philbin said. "They made a good play, credit them. The ball was on the ground a little bit, they picked it up and made a nice play. The receiver did a smart thing and got out of bounds. It was a good play by them. Absolutely a good play."

By the way, given another chance today, Philbin again stressed what a good play it was by Carolina and defended the Dolphins approach -- thus defending an error.

Coyle, by the way, praised the work done by Nolan Carroll and Phillip Wheeler in Sunday's game.


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Ireland is now plotting to trade the 2014 and 2015 drafts to move up to take a pair of tackles - defensive tackles that is.

Truth, I had to come back quick because I thought we might be misunderstanding eachother. I said I don't believe the go and go go to be an issue but I agree with you about the play calling being obvious. The defense doesn't need to hear the cadence to know what we're doing! We use little to know motion and run the same plays out of the same sets on a weekly basis.

Sherman is too cocky.

He says goodbye but rarely leaves. He lurks, lurks....
Posted by: The Blog | November 25, 2013 at 03:33 PM

Truth, I had to come back quick because I thought we might be misunderstanding eachother.
Posted by: Phins78 | November 25, 2013 at 03:41 PM

Phins 78,

If you stop saying goodbye you will reduce your number of lies.

yeah, tnotdsinthe4th is the next marino
u dumb f'ng homers

And There's "The Killer's" Remake of the Strawberries' Go all the way.......


Phins 78,

If you stop saying goodbye you will reduce your number of lies.
Posted by: LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! | November 25, 2013 at 03:46 PM

Dont trust people that dont do what they say they'll do.

Run,Run Run.
We Throw the f___ing ball too much.
We throw more Than Peyton,Brady and Brees.
We as a team did average more than 4 per carry.
We never run the ball 2 two plays in a row.
it's insane.
Mike Sherman is a BAD OC period.
I give at least 3 of the losses to him.
At what point is it on the head coach to take the blame for the BAD OC.
As long as he's calling the plays were a doomed.
We've lost 3 games with leads not because we can't run it's because we didn't.
10 carries per game for Lamar Miller is not1 enough cause maybe n the 11th he'd break one.

This offensive line debacle is ruining our chance at the playoffs! We should ditch this zone blocking scheme and move to a man to man power run game approach. Our line was starting to come together, Miller had his 1st career 100 yard game, we got a couple of tough wins, and the line was becoming a strength. Good timing Martin !!! Team killer!!

Coyle should come down to the field and feel his defense and stop playing Nintendo at the coaches booth trying to figure out probabilities. The guy is a decent DC with great players like Wake, Soliai, Misi, Vernon and a decent Back Field. Mr. Coyle "Let them Play"....First half hold Panthers to field goals and Superman QB with a boasted mouth that send a messages-Second half the message was Will Smith "Welcome to Miami with a background of latina girls- The Defense-Bienvenidos a Miami"

Mike Sherman cant make chicken salad out of chicken shyt.

Marco, DC, Kris. Biggest idiots on the blog. And no other posters are more reactive to each week. Pretty hilarious actually how stupid they truly are. Especially Marco, DC and Kris are more jackazzes than they are stupid. But stupid none the less.

i knew kris would come around to my way of thinking

All these guys from Ireland, philbin, sherman etc... they all should be fired by Jan 1.
Blow it up and restart with new FO.

Our main issues are with coaching and talent acquisition. Fire philbin and Ireland and start over. Blow it up!

patience boulder, they will all be gone come january

Fire who and why? Second year qb working with new receivers. Line fell apart from day one due to wimps and bullies.
So how is that anyone's fault? How can we hold Philbin or even Ireland accountable for the crap storm that happened to the oline? We were in love with 2 guys after the 3rd game. Then the crap storm started. but after losing some games against some very tough teams the team is still in the hunt. Mind you a long shot but still in the hunt. This year the team will draft oline players and a game changing running back. Miller is too small. I liked that little bowling ball. He hit our line hard yesterday.
Yet it still is not over.

Its easy to go on TV or Radio and tell everyone what they want to hear, What the hell does Ross see in Ireland? Im so focking frustrated with this situation that sometimes I watch the games with no emotions whatsoever, THE SITUATION IS SIMPLE "THE MIAMI DOLPHINS ARE PART OF MY LIFE, I GREW UP WITH THEM AND CANT TEAR THEM OUT OF MY HEART AND SOUL, TO THE OWNER IS JUST ANOTHER BUSINESS!

philbin built a horrible oline, passed on b albert among others. ireland is gone and finally we will have a shot again

wrong el duggy ross was a huge fin fan long before he bought them

Stephen Ross, worst sports owner ever?

no zonk jerry jones

SHerman says he would rather Ryan over Wallace instead of under throw, Hey Mike How about Ryan hit him on the dead run and you might not have the scoring problem you had all year. These guys are really pathetic sometimes with explanations and answers. It is not the end of the world to admit a mistake but to defend the mistake REALLY, just like he always says I like the way we are playing , come on Joe no playoffs again and you like the way your playing ? I swear these guys seem afraid to tell the truth about anything just a bunch of double talk, and by the way how come it has taken all year pretty much to throw the ball to Wallace deep , we should be trying this 6 to 8 8 times per game he has proven he can get open deep, it would open up under neath game and some running lanes. They run the same plays a lot, that handoff out of the shotgun play they should just scrap that play if you want to run line up eye formation and knock somebody off the ball tired of seeing the same stuff every week, Sherman is terrible. I did like Coyle but that defense at the end of the half has to raise some eyebrows.

should be overthrow Wallace

hahaha, el duggy. nice one, dusty.

Nah, Jerry Jones has won 3 SB's. He built a beautiful stadium. He is a great owner IMO.

Posted by: klndry | November 25, 2013 at 04:20 PM

I agree except for the Ireland role you post. Ireland's 100% culpable because he had opportunity to add a PREMIUM NFL LT(ALBERT).

Then pretty much UNPROVEN Martin stays at RT. Eliminates need to sign TURNSTILE Clabo. Plus, the TIMING of Martin's blowup was going back to RT after 8GMS as LT starter.

IRELAND'S OFFSEASON oline decisions have BlOWNUP in his and his coaching staff's faces. I sincerely believe we could be 7-4 right now had Ireland gone through with the BRANDEN ALBERT TRADE,

ESPECIALLY, since Ireland had ZERO PLANS to use a 1st or 2nd rd pick on the OLINE. He did a TERRIBLE JOB of covering his ass knowing he was USING 2 HIGH DRAFT PICKS to take DION JORDAN.

Hey Armando, we need a voice for our frustration, lay it on us the fans, and write a story how we overwhelmingly have had enough of Ireland, and Philbin and staff. Please take points from the posts of the fans on your blog as reasons why these ding-a-lings need to go. There are many good reasons given here. Blame us for calling out the poor way this franchise is being handled. Please.

8 times a game? have you really thought that through? Whoa, that's a lot ...

Tannehill will be nothing more than a mid-level QB who can service teams. He will start for a long time in this league...maybe make the playoffs once in a while with the right team, but in the end, he's not a game-changer/leader like a Brady or Manning or Brees.

If I were the Dolphins...if a QB with those qualities is available in the first round...it's a no-brainer. Draft him and push Tannehill...either to get better or get out of the way.

ross maybe dumb but he wants badly to win. he chased the right guys and just failed to land them. he wanted harbaugh, then fisher. harbaughs been to super bowl. fisher doing great job in st louis, part where ross failed big time is fisher would of taken job if he was given control. and ross wouldnt fire his buddy ireland to allow it to happen

The premium LT was already in house last year .. let him walk.... I told ya's!!!! Could've got him on a three year deal ....

If Wallace continually comes up SHORT trying to hit Wallace in stride. Then, maybe DELIBERATE OVERTHROW attempts just may come up SHORT ENOUGH to hit Wallace right IN STRIDE.

great strategy @ 3:49...now if we all knew where to find that next peyton manning ... oh yeah, it was andrew luck, and we had him in our sights until matt moore came in and beat the mighty redskins and jets and all those other blow hole teams to knock us out of the running.

Tannehill is alredy a mid level qb who is serviceable. We are just waiting to see if he can become better than that...

no hes a horrible owner who hasnt won a thing since taking over gm duties, not even a playoff game

The Tannehill Wallace thing will get better ... as it is he will get 1,000 yards this season ... not a total disaster and considering the way it all started out, not the worst result. better than his last two years in pitt yardage wise... tds will increase too...

I am not an Ireland fan at all and would like to see him go, but when you watch the bad coaching every week, it makes you think it may not be all Jeff's Fault here, we need competent coaching and we are not getting it right now.It is starting to look like Philbin wasn't ready for this job after all no second half adjustments and continuing to let Sherman call the plays , and he calls the same plays every week nothing new.We need more talent on the team but we could be a playoff team with a good coach i believe. It is starting to look a lot like Sparano's last two years. Too conservative when you need to be aggressive.

When T-Fumble's contract is up he'll be a journyman backup for the Jags or Vikngs.

dusty, i think with the way romo is playing qb this year, if the cowboys don't win a playoff game, it's time to fire the gm in Dallas ...hahaa, that would be awesome but won't happen because Jerry has said he's GM for life. he's a billionaire playing real fantasy football.

MIT, exactly! That's why the largest chunk of blame goes to Ireland.

Jake Long walks for what he thought was an insulting offer, even though it was said to be "similar" to the Rams.

Ireland balks on the Albert trade. Then final nail in the coffin for the oline. Ireland uses TWO PREMIUM Picks(1st and 2nd rd) on DEON JORDAN.

Final act of treason was signing turnstile of the century Clabo, who makes COLUMBO look PRO BO'.

I'd take Jerry Jones over Ross/Irescum 8 days a week!!
And twice on Sunday!!

I think we can all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland.

Posted by: scott | November 25, 2013 at 04:46 PM

The "bad play-calling" on offense can be DIRECTLY LINKED to the PERFOMANCE of the OLINE. Wi or Au Contraire?

Marco, Kris and all the other Tannehill haters....you all seem to be QB guru's. Im sure you have coached and or played the position on the professional level...you know like Marino, Gruden, Mariucci...etc. These are the EXPERTS who have stated that Tannehill is a future franchise type QB.
My question to you, in all your valued opinion, what does Tannehill need to improve to go to the next level? Does he need and OL to protect him? Does he need a run game to take pressure off the pass game? Does he need a TE as an outlet receiver or help pass protect? Tell us all please because guaranteed Tannehill will be the QB in 2014 and if youre REALLY Dolphin fans then what do we need to do to get better?
(if you cannot honestly answer this post then please go away because you will have been exposed as a TROLL)

monte id take u over them also

running game:
Tanne 36 yards
Miller 8 yards
Thomas 8 yards

Passing game:
310 yards
1 TD 1 Int

who is going to win a football game
running 52 yards??

OL no OL that's it

Thill does not help his receivers run after the catch because his ball placement is questionable. Sure the stats look okay but when you take a closer look accuracy is still an issue that needs to be cleaned up.

Posted by: Phins78 | November 25, 201
We have a TE and slot receiver on IR due toTanny throwing behind his receivers.
There were 3 other completions yesterday with the same MO. Then he makes that gorgeous rainbow throw to Miller. Tanny is a dichotomy for sure. I believe a real QB coach could do good things with him. Kenny Dorsey is coaching up Cam Newton.
Mike Shula was a former QB. Sherman couldn't even properly assess Tannehill in college. Zac Taylor (QB coach) served under Sherman at TA&M, and is (as you all know0 married to Mike Sherman's daughter.
So THIS is what Tanny has to deal with. Nepotism. He can't complain about his teacher to the headmaster, and the teacher won't get fired unless Sherman doers. Good riddance to both.

If Cam Newton's performance yesterday were judged as strictly as RT's is being here, Newton would be a POS player who needed to be cut immediately.

Playcalling was bad, as usual. The Panthers kept thinking they could single-cover Wallace, even after those monster completions. And darned if they weren't right. RT should've been throwing to him deep every time he was single-covered, until the Cats had to give up and double-cover and thus lose a man elsewhere on the field.

Thanks Mr Martin for all this mess.
I wish you nothing but the same on your little carrier.
Or in Canadian league maybe?


C. Newton
174 yards
1 TD 1 Int
1 fake penalty ( personal foult )

jets fins game is gonna be horrible, unwatchable im going jets win 3-2

yes wally

C. Newton
174 yards
1 TD 1 Int
1 fake penalty ( personal foult )

Posted by: Pitagoras | November 25, 2013 at 05:20 PM


Yes, but WHICH QB made the throws that needed to be made in the last 6 minutes?
Again, I like Tannehill, and feel like he can be as good as Alex Smith, with a good O-Line and a REAL RB.

thanks mando said they hadn't scored in 4th since last december?

Posted by: IMAWriter | November 25, 2013 at 05:30 PM

Extremely difficult for me to see Cam Newton ever leading a team to the sb title. He is not, and may never be a COMPLETE QB, sorry just do not see one iota and has ZERO to do with race.

Newton just is, and will continue to be, a FAR greater threat with his legs than he is with his arm. If not for his size and legs, Newton, would most likely be on his way out of the league by now.

As far as being a PURE QB, Newton most likely will always be PLAIN AVERAGE overall at his best. As far as physicality and athleticism many may take Newton over Tannehill. But, as far as pure qb and upside, many more of the EXPERTS would overwhelmingly take Tannehill.

One of the worst things that can happen to a sports franchise is losing the interest of its fan base. The Dolphins are at a point, for me, where it gets boring, repetitive and, quite simply, a waste of time to discuss or even watch them.

Like most of the fans that used to call the Dolphins their favorite team in town, I now look to cheer for the Miami Heat.

You may call that not being a "true" fan but I call it common sense.

Like most of the fans that used to call the Dolphins their favorite team in town, I now look to cheer for the Miami Heat.

You may call that not being a "true" fan but I call it common sense.

Posted by: Deluqh | November 25, 2013 at 05:41 PM

Yet here you are posting on a Miami Dolphins blog...hmmmmm??

ill agree , every fins game is very boring and u always know whats gonna happen. like watching reruns each week. they need someone with flash to come in. let the new gm hire a gruden, im not real big on him but he would bring excitement and fire back here

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