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Dolphins coordinators offer insight

The Dolphins offensive and defensive coordinators spoke with the media this afternoon and here's what they offered:

Offensive coordinator Miker Sherman said running back Daniel Thomas, who left the locker room in a walking boot and on crutches Sunday evening, is obviously not playing anytime soon.

"With Daniel Thomas out of the picture certainly [Mike] Gillislee has to step up, [Marcus] Thigpen has to step up. [Lamar] Miller as well," Sherman said.

Sherman did not go so far as to say Thomas is done for the year, as some are reporting. Thomas is out indefinitely. But it is obvious that with only five games remaining, Thomas's status for the remainder of the year is in serious doubt.

The Dolphins are the only NFL team that has failed to score more than 27 points in a game this season. That is obviously terrible news in a league that basically mandates big offensive output.

"Yeah, it''s frustrating for me and it's frustrating for our players as well, I'm sure, that we're not more successful than we can be," Sherman said. "Every week you go back to work and roll up your sleeves and try to do it better. Carolina came in here as one of the hottest teams in the National Football League. I have a lot of respect for their defense, obviously their offense as well. I knew it was going to be a challenge but we still felt very good about going into this ballgame and playing at home and what we possibly could do. We had moments in the ballgame, not enough of them, but we did have moments in the ballgame and did some really good things. And at times we didn't. But it's going tough, we threw the ball for over 300, but you have to be able to run the football. The 300 passing, I'd give that away any day to get 150 rushing. You have to be able to run the ball to be effective and we have to find a way to get the balance we so desperately need. We don't have that balance right now." Overthrown

I said yesterday on twitter that I was almost relieved to see Ryan Tannehill overthrow Mike Wallace on one of his passes because i was starting to wonder if Tannehill could get over that mental hump. (You see the overthrow in the photo courtesy The Herald's Joe Rimkus).

Sherman agreed for reasons that probably have to do with avoiding interceptions.

"I'd rather have him overthrow than underthrow," Sherman said.

The Dolphins haven't scored a fourth quarter touchdown in seven games -- dating back to December. What's Sherman's diagnosis?

"My diagnosis is we better get that fixed because we have to some touchdowns in the fourth quarter if we expect to win," Sherman said, adding there is no common denominator to the problem.

"There's nothing common about it. We have not been very efficient in my mind overall, not just in the fourth quarter. We have to be more consistent as an offense overall. We can put together a great highlight tape but also we can put together a not-so-great. And we have eliminate the not-so-great and get more great. And that's what our focus is on and that includes the fourth quarter." 

Sherman said the last pass of the ballgame that might have changed the outcome of the game had Mike Wallace caught a Ryan Tannehill pass at the 1 yard line "was a great pass" by Tannehill.

But he didn't blame Wallace for not catching it.

"It would have been a great catch if he had made that catch," Sherman said. "I wasn't an easy catch."

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, meanwhile, did something that we so very rarely see out of head coach Joe Philbin. In honest and straightforward fashion, Coyle addressed a coaching mistake.

He did so in discussing the defense Miami played on the next to last play of the half when the Dolphins played their secondary deep -- with defenders lined up at the goal line -- but leaving a wide gap between those defenders and the line of scrimmage.

The Panthers completed a short pass and gained 28 yards in seven seconds to set themselves up for a field goal. What should have been a 16-3 halftime lead turned into a much more tenuous 16-6 lead.

Coyle said that with a QB such as Cam Newton, capable of throwing a 60-yard pass with ease, he thought the Panthers might take a shot at the end zone.

"And with that mindset, I made a call that in retrospect I wish I could get back," Coyle said. "There was a penalty and I should have changed the call in my opinion after the penalty and he was back a little further. Not that he couldn't have thrown the ball to the end zone, which he could have.

"We were playing for him to throw the ball deep and it was my mistake. It wasn't the players in any way, shape, or form."

Compare that honesty to the answer Philbin gave about the same play and situation after the game:

"Actually, we brought some pressure, to be quite frank with you," Philbin said. "They made a good play, credit them. The ball was on the ground a little bit, they picked it up and made a nice play. The receiver did a smart thing and got out of bounds. It was a good play by them. Absolutely a good play."

By the way, given another chance today, Philbin again stressed what a good play it was by Carolina and defended the Dolphins approach -- thus defending an error.

Coyle, by the way, praised the work done by Nolan Carroll and Phillip Wheeler in Sunday's game.


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As far as being a PURE QB, Newton most likely will always be PLAIN AVERAGE overall at his best. As far as physicality and athleticism many may take Newton over Tannehill. But, as far as pure qb and upside, many more of the EXPERTS would overwhelmingly take Tannehill.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 25, 2013 at 05:40 PM

Interesting post..........

I am already looking forward to next year's draft as this season is pretty much over.

This year's Tavon Austin will be RB De'Anthony Thomas from Oregon. Man that guy is fast. He is small but he is a game breaker. Also reminds me of Darren Sproles.

I would say fix the offensive line in FA and then draft more playmakers on offense early:

1st pick- Eric Ebron TE (The next Rob Gronkowski)
2nd pick- De'Anthony Thomas RB (I hope he is there)
3rd Pick- Dominque Easly DT (I hope he falls to the fins).

simply not true bill on sam i am not post. wouldnt be many to take thill over cam if any

orlando more dt's?? our lbs and secondary are awful. and u cant fix entire oline in free agency. i like ebron but u gotta take swings at oline also. lets hope our new gm will be ready

Hope we keep losing 5-11 and we finally clean house.

dusty good call on Ross. I believe the knucklehead is trying as well.

I think it may have been his buddy Carl Peterson who talked him into retaining Ireland.

Personally how don't see how this team could be any worse without Ireland. You have to really dig deep to find his good moves.

Tannehill, like Newton, had an impressive rookie season. It wasn’t on Newton’s level, but given Tannehill’s lack of experience in college and a pedestrian group of receivers to throw to he showed enough promise to inspire hope in Miami.

Unlike Newton, Tannehill’s numbers are not down in most statistical categories during his second season, but he hasn’t taken the leap many Dolphins fans hoped he would. Some blame Tannehill for that. Others point to an offensive line that has conceded more sacks than any other team and a running game that has been nonexistent more often than not.

agree rick

I tend to side with the latter group, as I believe the shortcomings of Tannehill’s supporting cast have impeded his development to a degree. But that doesn’t pardon all of Tannehill’s faults. He’s still thrown a poor deep ball and lacked ideal instincts for the position at times.

Still, Tannehill is on pace to throw for nearly 4,000 yards, 22 touchdown passes and 17 interceptions. In today’s pass-happy league, those aren’t spectacular numbers, but they are solid. And Tannehill’s current clip puts him on pace to throw for more yards and touchdown passes than any quarterback not named Dan Marino in team history.

Because we have a nearly NONE EXISTENT oline and run game that performs as often as many here may get laid, for such a young qb Tannehill is asked to shoulder a little too much.

Because our oline is so tepid, Tannehill's degree of error in this offense borders ABSOLUTE ZERO. Quite a trick to turn for a qb coming into the NFL with only 18 starts credited to his collegiate starting qb alone.

When considering this it's very ADMIRABLE he performs even as well as he does. Yes, I know, why did Ireland use the #8 overall pick knowing this?

It is what it is, and Tannehill's 2nd year performance is equal to or not far off from the more experienced collegiate qb's in his draft class.

EVEN, the Great, Andrew Luck only put up 11 POINTS yesterday in the face of a fierce pass rush all game long against the Arizona Cardinals yesterday. He was only sacked once, but felt constant pressure all day, including a pic 6 by KARLOS DANSBY.

I guess DANSBY felt he OWED LUCK for the 2 dropped picks when we played them last year. One of those 2 picks Dansby dropped last year, could have easily gone for a pic 6.

yeah bill year 3 for thill will be huge. make or break in my opinion for his career as a fin anyways. i love thills skill set. im starting to really get concerned about his goofy careless personality he seems to have on field. he never seems upset about plays, marino would get fired up and in a players face, takes losing way to easy if u ask me also


Here is my thought on the Offensive line. The biggest problem with the offensive line is the right side. You are pretty much set with Pouncey at Center. I think that you can stick with McKinney for 1 more year at LT and then let Dallas Thomas, Garner, and Brenner(who I like) compete for LG. I would sign a FA RT and RG. Those would be my 2 big FA signings for the offseason.

The Dolphins will have two FA DTs, Soliai and Starks. They will only resign one. Therefore, you will need a second tier FA and a rookie to fill the void.

BTW- I would take a QB in the fourth round to bring in some competition for Tannehill. I like the QB from Georgia, Aaron Murray as a sleeper pick but I don't think he will be around in the 4th round.

I thought Tanny would be a little tougher having been a WR in college.

He seems to shy away from chances to run and gets injured quite easily. Of course he has held up pretty good to multiple sacks and hasn't missed a start.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | November 25, 2013 at 05:59 PM

McKinnie at age 35 next season in his condition is not the answer for 2014 at LT. He can only hinder the progress we expect of Tannehill. Not sure Thomas nad Brenner are the answer either.

dallas thomas was a horrible pick, guy sucked in college. i dont like mckinnie being a starter next year. lets hope they sign soliai and not starks. odrick among others fills the void i have loved murry for awhile, hes now out for season. ive seen him in mock drafts all the way from first to 4th rds. second would be my guess. rick i think hes been taught not to run

I thought Tanny would be a little tougher having been a WR in college.

He seems to shy away from chances to run and gets injured quite easily. Of course he has held up pretty good to multiple sacks and hasn't missed a start.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | November 25, 2013 at 06:01 PM

You seem very confused even in your very own post....Tannehill has not missed a game this yr. In fact 1 of 3 QB's that have not....the other 2 are named Brady and P Manning

Andrew Luck 15 tds

Ryan Tannehill 15 tds

Wonder how many in Indy are proclaiming Luck bust?

Guaranteed, a few idiots in their blogs are too. Pobaly comparing his 2013 tds numbers to Tannehill's to boot.

Had Miami had 1st overall pick and selected Luck, while Indy had taken Tannehill, bashers here would still be bashing Luck because he only had as many passing tds as Tannehill in his 2nd season.

If Luck were here and Tannehill in Indy, the same Tanne-bashers would be calling Luck bust when comparing both 2013 numbers thus far.

not true bill. alex smith, stafford, eli,romo,rg3,ryan,cam,brees,wilson,kaep,palmer,brady,manning,rivers,luck,rothleiberger,flacco,dalton all havent missed a game

Dusty its a snap not game

Read it again. I said he didn't miss a start. I'm a Tanny fan. Relax.

well bill u said game. and none of those guys have been injured and manning hasnt taken every snap this year

How good would this team be if they had kept most of last year's FAs. I would say that they would make the playoffs with last year's group. We should have signed just Wallace and Grimes in FA this year. The rest of the FAs have been busts.

This team would have been better off resigning or keeping: Long, Fasano, Bush, Dansby, and Burnett. Long and Fasano would have really helped this struggling running game and helped protect Tannehill. Everybody complains about Tannehill's lack of awareness in the pocket but how many times was he sacked last year? Not close to as many times has this year (Long and Fasano?)

I remember all of the complaints about Dansby and Burnett but this defense is struggling without those two. These two new LBs are not nearly as good as Dansby and Burnett and it is showing. Ellerby and Wheeler can not cover and they are not as good tackling as last year's group.

Bill Arnsparger, whether Ireland is gm or not, we still need to revisit signing BRANDEN ALBERT in 2014 free agency. Albert's unrestricted and its HIGHLY DOUBTFUL Chiefs franchise him again.

Especially after using the #2 overall pick for a LT.

Signing Albert frees up using a 1st rd pick at LT and we can use our 2nd rd pick on the best RT.

orlando they wouldnt be any better. long would of helped a little. bush hasnt done anything, and behind our oline would be even worse. dansby and burnett would still be in this awful system not suited for them. fasano and s smith have been awful s smith is being run out of town already by kc fans.

McKinney has been fine at LT (not great) but we can get by with him for 1 more year. Address the LT position in 2015. I really like Sam Brenner at LG and he will be even better net year. It is too early to declare Dallas Thomas a bust.

I agree Dusty on Aaron Murray. It is a rich QB class next year and Murray could slip (let's hope so).

Sam I Am...I am not a big fan of Brandon Albert....I think we have to get a top tier LT...the very top. Im thinking much bigger and is most likely near impossible.

Orlando the complaints about Dansby/Burnett weren't so much how bad they sucked, as it was we were'nt getting the best BANG FOR THE BUCK.

Ellerbee/Wheeler wasn't brought here so much as to be great upgrades. Just younger, faster, and cheaper than the Dansby/Burnett tandem.

Most are confused that Ellerbe/Wheeler were brought here because they were HUGE UPGRADES. That isn't entirely true. Neither have ever made a pro bowl, just like Dansby/Burnett.

Read it again. I said he didn't miss a start. I'm a Tanny fan. Relax.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | November 25, 2013 at 06:12 PM

I read it very well the first time bro....you said he is injured easily and "shys away" from running??

disagree orlando, mckinnie is old and always lazy in offseason. give me a hungry legit lt brenner maybe a decent backup, maybe. who bill? joe thomas? no chance

Dusty....the statement was made during the Sunday Night Game....Brady, P Manning and Tannehill...just passing alone what they said

most of us knew the lb signings were a disaster. some in here got so excited about a few playoff games by ellerbe. and wheeler has always sucked

Dusty yes Joe Thomas....Cleveland is in rebuild mold and EVERYBODY can be had for a price...EVERYBODY!

I agree with Orlando on most of the FA's. Long and Fasano would have helped the run game and imho Bush is at his best making something out of nothing.

It looks like Ellerbe and Wheeler will be ok but it cost us half the season for them to figure out the defense.

No love lost with Sean Smith gone.


I don't like Sean Smith at all. I am glad we replaced him with Grimes. However, look at how our rush defense has fallen the common denominator is LB. That is the only significant change in the front 7 this year. The Dolphins were a top 10 team against the run last year and now they are in the mid 20's. Dansby and Burnett were better against the run and could cover better than the current group.

Long would be a huge upgrade in my opinion over any of our OTs. Bush has had his moments in Detroit and right now I would take him over Miller or Thomas. The 45 sacks and the lack of a running game have to be attributed to the departure of Long and Fasano. Fasano is not a great receiver but he is a heck of a blocking TE. The fins miss fasano from that stand point.

Bill Arnsparger, Branen Albert will be the BEST AVAIABLE LT in fa next year. Forget drafting a top tier LT, we'll be too FAR BACk in 2014's draft.

Albert's a huge upgrade to McKinnie in pass protection. Plus, at 35 next year, the way the man likes to party and eat, he could physically fall apart next season.

It's too huge a gamble to go a full season with a 35yr old party boy. Who could completely fall apart at any moment.

well bill they were way off. manning has sat during games. backup played a qt vs eagles

bill thomas best lt in game. they wont deal him

yes orland but we would still be playing fasano a lot on passing downs taking away some big plays this year from clay

dusty even if Thomas were a fa, Browns would give him EVERY PENNY he demands

Posted by Sam I amI agree except for the Ireland role you post. Ireland's 100% culpable because he had opportunity to add a PREMIUM NFL LT(ALBERT).

Then pretty much UNPROVEN Martin stays at RT. Eliminates need to sign TURNSTILE Clabo. Plus, the TIMING of Martin's blowup was going back to RT after 8GMS as LT starter.

IRELAND'S OFFSEASON oline decisions have BlOWNUP in his and his coaching staff's faces. I sincerely believe we could be 7-4 right now had Ireland gone through with the BRANDEN ALBERT TRADE,

ESPECIALLY, since Ireland had ZERO PLANS to use a 1st or 2nd rd pick on the OLINE. He did a TERRIBLE JOB of covering his ass knowing he was USING 2 HIGH DRAFT PICKS to take DION JORDAN.

Jordon is not a mistake. C'mon remember JT first year. This guy is gonna be the real deal.

I can agree that he could have gone to Albert, but at what price. 1st rounder? I wouldn't give him a 1st round pick or Albert. Maybe a long second. But I don't think KC really wanted to see the guy go. They did franchise him right?

And Clabo played well for his last team. This year he is a fup. And we didn't think Martin was that week. Most guys on here wanted a good LT but for the most part agreed with giving the guy a shot. We didn't know he was a flake.

What upsets me is to have cap money and not spend it on holes during the season. Also that rookie we had playing RG (till he got hurt Sunday) played real well. Where and why wasn't he playing earlier. As soon as Clabo gave up his 5th sack, he would be looking at pine and bring on the rook.

Ok Bill maybe a better way to put it is he doesn't seem to take opportunities to run. Like dusty said though he's probably getting coached not too.

Dusty I just looked t up myself and they were wrong other QBs have not missed a snap.

Sam I don't think that McKinnie is the answer for 2014....although he would be a great back-up. I also don't want to wait for a LT to develop from the draft. Our answer has to come from FA or trade.

Philbin wanted to bring the Packers offense to S. Florida but he forgot that he did not have Aaron Rodgers to run it. Unless you have that type of QB that system is completely flawed. Look at GB without Rodgers this year.

Philbin pretty much neglected the OL this year and wanted soft OL like Martin to protect Tannehill. He also does not believe in a FB which the fins desperately need and the TEs he brought to this team cannot block. In Fasano they lost their best blocking TE. Philbin's Philosophy on offense is flawed and unless tannehill turns into Rodgers soon, Philbin will be looking for a job.

BTW- The Pack has had many of the same problems the last couple of years. Terrible offensive line, no running game, and a mediocre defense. The difference is they have Aaron Rodgers to cover up many of those flaws. The bad OL play has caught up to them and now Rodgers is hurt.

T-Hill facts:
1) 61,8 completion pct: better than Brady, Newton, Stafford, Dalton, Flacco, RG3, Luck,
2) 15 TD: better than RG3, Kaep, Flacco, Eli
3) 9 40+ passes: 6th in the league (tied with Peyton Manning)

= the guy has issues (INT, yards per pass), but he's still pretty decent for a 2nd year player

BTW- The Pack has had many of the same problems the last couple of years. Terrible offensive line, no running game, and a mediocre defense. The difference is they have Aaron Rodgers to cover up many of those flaws. The bad OL play has caught up to them and now Rodgers is hurt.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | November 25, 2013 at 06:38 PM

Excellent point

I think Philbin and Ireland were a bad match. We can develop our own players, we want character guys, we don't want diva wr's blah blah blah.

It didn't take long to see that Ireland's acorns weren't going to cut it in Sherman's offense, thus the need to over pay Wallace.

Jordan Gross, Car
Eugene Monroe, Bal
Brandon Albert, KC
Paul McQuistan, Sea

LT that are UFA in 2014. We also MUST explore all trade possibilities.

Worst loss in recent memory. That's all I got......

Sam I Am...I am not a big fan of Brandon Albert....I think we have to get a top tier LT...the very top. Im thinking much bigger and is most likely near impossible.

Posted by: Bill Arnsarger | November 25, 2013 at 06:18 PM

I believe you draft the LT and I really like Michigan's Taylor Lewan! If we couldn't manage it then Miss. St.'s Gabe Jackson is a beast as well as UCLA's Xavier Sa'u-Filo. We need to get better inside IMO more than we do outside. It may sound crazy but I'd rather grab the best Guard in the draft and sign myself a LT.

It doesn't have to be B.Albert her's the list of FA's going into 2014 at LT.

Offensive Tackles:
Eric Winston ARI
Jeremy Trueblood ATL
Mike Johnson ATL
Michael Oher BAL
Thomas Welch BUF
Jordan Gross CAR
Bruce Campbell CAR
Byron Bell CAR R
J’Marcus Webb CHI
Jonathan Scott CHI
Anthony Collins CIN
Oniel Cousins CLE
Rashad Butler CLE
Winston Justice DEN
Jason Fox DET
Marshall Newhouse GB
Ryan Harris HOU
Jeff Linkenbach IND
Sam Young JAX
Cameron Bradfield JAX R
Branden Albert KC F
Bryant McKinnie MIA
Tyson Clabo MIA
Will Svitek NE
Zack Strief NO
David Diehl NYG
Austin Howard NYJ
Jared Veldheer OAK
Tony Pashos OAK
Khalif Barnes OAK
Guy Whimper PIT
Breno Giacomini SEA
Rodger Saffold STL

I have read a number of posts that put Tannehill over Newton.
In my opinion this is delusional nonsense. Tannehill has major issues which will allow DB's to play his receivers close and not respect the longer pass due to lack of accuracy. This will not go ignored by defensive coordinators. You can not teach accuracy easily. Indicating the offensive line issues as an excuse for Tannehill is nonsense. Matt Moore had Marc Colombo at RT, what could be worse than that......yet he still was rated in the NFL @ # 12. What is Ryan Tannehill rated with a better supporting cast?

D.Roberts your memory must be failing you. I got lots of them in the last 15 years.

The 62-7 drubbing by Jacksonville ranks up there pretty high.

Posted by: promichael | November 25, 2013 at 06:52 PM

Here is your answer from a previous post.....Matt Moore puuuhhhlleeesseeee! Me thinks youre the delusional one? REALLY??

T-Hill facts:
1) 61,8 completion pct: better than Brady, Newton, Stafford, Dalton, Flacco, RG3, Luck,
2) 15 TD: better than RG3, Kaep, Flacco, Eli
3) 9 40+ passes: 6th in the league (tied with Peyton Manning)

= the guy has issues (INT, yards per pass), but he's still pretty decent for a 2nd year player

.....and Tannehill did ALL of this with no OL, NO Run Game, NO TE and WR that cannot catch a ball!!

It must be promichael moore. Is Matt your brother???

Wallace career numbers not incl 2013....ranked 77 of 100 with a 53.9% catch Pct.....nuff said??

Dolphin Coaches are Marsh-mellows " Not " they don't even catch FIRE...

It must be promichael moore. Is Matt your brother???

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | November 25, 2013 at 06:57 PM

hahahahahaha post of the day!!!!

Its been fun gang....MNF stuff starting up. We get to watch 2 second level QB's in Kap and RG on very good teams.

Well there we have it. Our HC is nothing more than a extreme apologist. Is this what we want for a head coach moving forward. This is why this team lacks heart and a killer instinct. I give Coyle credit for admitting to his mistakes all be it too late to change now. This team will never have the fire or heart we see from so many other teams on sunday. Maybe this is why so many players are good before and after they leave Miami because the culture around the team is too soft and lax from the coaches the guide them week in and week out.

Matt Moore's rating speaks for itself and you can spin it any way you want. T-hill has cost the Dolphins the playoffs this year. Without T-hill holding on to the ball to long, not moving in the pocket correctly, reading defenses, passing without accuracy long and at times well behind even short targets. The Dolphins would have gone to the playoffs with T-hill on the bench. They have shown enough talent other than the QB position. Clabo is far better than Colombo at RT. The supporting cast for T-hill have helped any positive numbers that he has.

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