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Dolphins coordinators offer insight

The Dolphins offensive and defensive coordinators spoke with the media this afternoon and here's what they offered:

Offensive coordinator Miker Sherman said running back Daniel Thomas, who left the locker room in a walking boot and on crutches Sunday evening, is obviously not playing anytime soon.

"With Daniel Thomas out of the picture certainly [Mike] Gillislee has to step up, [Marcus] Thigpen has to step up. [Lamar] Miller as well," Sherman said.

Sherman did not go so far as to say Thomas is done for the year, as some are reporting. Thomas is out indefinitely. But it is obvious that with only five games remaining, Thomas's status for the remainder of the year is in serious doubt.

The Dolphins are the only NFL team that has failed to score more than 27 points in a game this season. That is obviously terrible news in a league that basically mandates big offensive output.

"Yeah, it''s frustrating for me and it's frustrating for our players as well, I'm sure, that we're not more successful than we can be," Sherman said. "Every week you go back to work and roll up your sleeves and try to do it better. Carolina came in here as one of the hottest teams in the National Football League. I have a lot of respect for their defense, obviously their offense as well. I knew it was going to be a challenge but we still felt very good about going into this ballgame and playing at home and what we possibly could do. We had moments in the ballgame, not enough of them, but we did have moments in the ballgame and did some really good things. And at times we didn't. But it's going tough, we threw the ball for over 300, but you have to be able to run the football. The 300 passing, I'd give that away any day to get 150 rushing. You have to be able to run the ball to be effective and we have to find a way to get the balance we so desperately need. We don't have that balance right now." Overthrown

I said yesterday on twitter that I was almost relieved to see Ryan Tannehill overthrow Mike Wallace on one of his passes because i was starting to wonder if Tannehill could get over that mental hump. (You see the overthrow in the photo courtesy The Herald's Joe Rimkus).

Sherman agreed for reasons that probably have to do with avoiding interceptions.

"I'd rather have him overthrow than underthrow," Sherman said.

The Dolphins haven't scored a fourth quarter touchdown in seven games -- dating back to December. What's Sherman's diagnosis?

"My diagnosis is we better get that fixed because we have to some touchdowns in the fourth quarter if we expect to win," Sherman said, adding there is no common denominator to the problem.

"There's nothing common about it. We have not been very efficient in my mind overall, not just in the fourth quarter. We have to be more consistent as an offense overall. We can put together a great highlight tape but also we can put together a not-so-great. And we have eliminate the not-so-great and get more great. And that's what our focus is on and that includes the fourth quarter." 

Sherman said the last pass of the ballgame that might have changed the outcome of the game had Mike Wallace caught a Ryan Tannehill pass at the 1 yard line "was a great pass" by Tannehill.

But he didn't blame Wallace for not catching it.

"It would have been a great catch if he had made that catch," Sherman said. "I wasn't an easy catch."

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, meanwhile, did something that we so very rarely see out of head coach Joe Philbin. In honest and straightforward fashion, Coyle addressed a coaching mistake.

He did so in discussing the defense Miami played on the next to last play of the half when the Dolphins played their secondary deep -- with defenders lined up at the goal line -- but leaving a wide gap between those defenders and the line of scrimmage.

The Panthers completed a short pass and gained 28 yards in seven seconds to set themselves up for a field goal. What should have been a 16-3 halftime lead turned into a much more tenuous 16-6 lead.

Coyle said that with a QB such as Cam Newton, capable of throwing a 60-yard pass with ease, he thought the Panthers might take a shot at the end zone.

"And with that mindset, I made a call that in retrospect I wish I could get back," Coyle said. "There was a penalty and I should have changed the call in my opinion after the penalty and he was back a little further. Not that he couldn't have thrown the ball to the end zone, which he could have.

"We were playing for him to throw the ball deep and it was my mistake. It wasn't the players in any way, shape, or form."

Compare that honesty to the answer Philbin gave about the same play and situation after the game:

"Actually, we brought some pressure, to be quite frank with you," Philbin said. "They made a good play, credit them. The ball was on the ground a little bit, they picked it up and made a nice play. The receiver did a smart thing and got out of bounds. It was a good play by them. Absolutely a good play."

By the way, given another chance today, Philbin again stressed what a good play it was by Carolina and defended the Dolphins approach -- thus defending an error.

Coyle, by the way, praised the work done by Nolan Carroll and Phillip Wheeler in Sunday's game.


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Time to bust out the wildcat

T-hill can not pass accurately further than 20 yards so he builds up a high percentage of completions that are often short of first downs. Everyone now knows the T-hill weakness for long pass accuracy. He will continue to not pick up first downs which is an important issue in evaluating his problems in the 4th quarter and yesterday in the 2nd half......

Gay logo Phins are 2-6 over their last eight games.

It's been bliss since the 3-0 start.

New logo, new era.

Jets and Steelers put a nail in the season's coffin and gay logo fans can get over themselves.

Choose a new team already.

Ross doesn't give a f about you.

Fifth losing season...can't wait til loss #9.


Maybe you shouldnt have gotten rid of our number one rusher and scorer from last year retarded mooks , you dont get rid of your best player when trying to build o championship team you get more like him to help , he even offered to take a salary cut to stay , your IDIOTS PERIOD!!!!!!! all need to be fired, and ya should of walked off the field yesterday after they picked up the flag on the helmet to helmet hit on that TD, would of forfeited the game same result , but sent out a message you ain,t taken that cheating BS from officials anymore!!!!!!!

Marco, Kris and all the other Tannehill haters....you all seem to be QB guru's. Im sure you have coached and or played the position on the professional level...you know like Marino, Gruden, Mariucci...etc. These are the EXPERTS who have stated that Tannehill is a future franchise type QB.
My question to you, in all your valued opinion, what does Tannehill need to improve to go to the next level? Does he need and OL to protect him? Does he need a run game to take pressure off the pass game? Does he need a TE as an outlet receiver or help pass protect? Tell us all please because guaranteed Tannehill will be the QB in 2014 and if youre REALLY Dolphin fans then what do we need to do to get better?
(if you cannot honestly answer this post then please go away because you will have been exposed as a TROLL)

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 25, 2013 at 02:54 PM


You showed up 3 weeks ago....

Today you ask me a very loaded question....in about as sarcastic and disrespectful a manner in which it can be asked...no reminiscent @ all of the past debates we have had with each other....where your opinion....(while I might disagree)....was equally as welcome as mine ....

If this is truly your stance.....if this is really how you feel.....

If there is no room in Bill Arnsparger's Germany for an opinion differing from his.....lest you be labeled a troll....

Then so be it.....

But I won't engage you in such childish antics....

Debate isn't 't a dirty word....and neither is it a sin to believes different from you bill....

promichaelmoore maybe you cannot read.here it is again in case you missed it.


9 40+ passes: 6th in the league (tied with Peyton Manning)

Im willing to state based on TH growth at such an early stage that he is destined for the HOF.

Did you old lesbians get this month's issue of 'Cat Fancy' yet?

Bill Arnsarger,

When you pass short because your not accurate on deeper or medium routes the completion percentages are higher. However Tannehill is not picking up first downs thus the lack of scoring in the 4th quarter and yesterday the 2nd half. Like I indicated spin it the way you want the Dolphins will not beat the better teams like the Panthers or Patriots with T-hill at QB.

promichaelmoore maybe you cannot read.here it is again in case you missed it.


9 40+ passes: 6th in the league (tied with Peyton Manning)

Im willing to state based on TH growth at such an early stage that he is destined for the HOF.

Posted by: Greg | November 25, 2013 at 07:19 PM



Posted by: Kris | November 25, 2013 at 07:18 PM

Kris please show me where I called you a troll?? The statement I made was (if you cannot honestly answer this post then please go away because you will have been exposed as a TROLL)

You are very good at shutting down debate with your name calling and racist innuendo...I for 1 only call trolls names because they are here for no reason but to start trouble...now that is not you Kris is it?

Bill Ansarger,

Your the QB guru who wants to spin the numbers for your conclusions. It's not the difficult to understand. One has a higher pct. of pass completions by passing shorter. However in the 4th quarter when it counts teams start reading the shorter passing routes. Thus the Miami Dolphins do not score in the 4th......

promichaelmoore maybe you cannot read.here it is again in case you missed it.


9 40+ passes: 6th in the league (tied with Peyton Manning)

Im willing to state based on TH growth at such an early stage that he is destined for the HOF.

Posted by: Greg | November 25, 2013 at 07:19 PM


Posted by: Greg | November 25, 2013 at 07:23 PM

Hmmm spin numbers??? Don't know how I spin the number above??? In fact all of Tannehills numbers are what they are....how do you spin them??/ Could it be you just have an hatred for TH and will not pay attention to the facts revealed in his numbers....good or bad??

I also.....

I love when guys post quotes such as the one's Bill claims....but never post any links....

BTW Kris I have been on this blog since 2007 and before that I have been just reading what was this blog probably before you were a Dolphin fan! I didn't just appear 3 weeks ago.

Kris wtf should I do the work for you. You want to prove what I say is wrong then jump to it


Great stats 9 40+ yards. If Tannehill ever read what some of these posters write about him he would just laugh. These bloggers want to give up on this young QB after 1 1/2, lol. You also have to take into account that the west coast offense (the offense the fins run) is a short precise passing offense. That is one reason I questioned the signing of Wallace (not saying he is no good), as he is a home run type hitter.

Tannehill still needs to improve and I hope that Ross brings in the right type of coaches to get the best our Tannehill but I am with you Greg this guy is the real deal. He still needs to improve pocket awareness and work on his deep ball. The Dolphins just have to sure up the offensive line, improve the running game, and he will be the fins QB for the next 10 years.

Unlike you I don't come on here to prove everybody wrong. I don't think Im superior to anybody on here...you seem to have a complex or something.

Bill Arnsparger,

Why do the Dolphins not score in the 4th quarter and yesterday in the 2nd half? Figure it out and stop trying to promote your T-hill agenda. Teams have figured out what to do in the 4th due to T-hills limitations. Stats mean nothing if you can not win. Look good in the first half, improve the stats and then lose the game because teams know the QB's weakness......

I don't care how old you are Bill....and if you have been here since 2007...then you are the name changing troll....

Cause this Bill Arnsparger name just showed up....

I have been nothing if not respectable with you....but I can see that is all about to change....

All because we have differing opinions on a QB....

How sad is that.....

Orlando those were great stats posted by him....Tannehill doesn't deserve the abuse form a small minority of Dolphins fans.

then you are the name changing troll....

See Kris I expose you again....there you go calling people names that disagree with your baseless arguments...It's best we don't talk on here brother....first you called me a Nazi with your little Germany quote now Im a troll. Funny nobody else on here has an issue with me except you and Daytona's 100 names.
For the record I have been Bill because my damn name is Bill...Greg William Arnsparger!

Oh lord....

Now BILL can make any OUTLANDISH statement he likes.....

And it is on me to do the work....lol....we're do you guys come up with this stuff....I couldn't make this SH@T up if I tried.....

Now my superiority complex has made you not like me.....now were all personal....instead of football talk.....how "touchy-freely of you.....



Have a good night fella.....

Got better things to do than argue with a guy looking for an internet fight....

Catch me tomorrow @ work....maybe I will give you some time then.....


Kris you are like that spoiled little kid that didn't get the candy bar he wanted at the grocery store...go torture somebody else. Imagrown fukkin man that doesn't have time for a 6'4" 235lb man child....Daytona is right about you! You need to grow up kid.

I agree Bill. I can see an argument from fans against tannehill's awareness in the pocket, lack of chemistry with Wallace on deep balls, and on the fact that he has not come through in the clutch (4th qtr.) However, there are other factors that contribute to that, first a horrible offensive line, a bad running game, and yes, lack of experience from the kid. Give him sometime, he is just in his second year but he does a lot of things well. Has a cannon for an arm, has improved his decision making, and he runs well. These guys want to blame the season on just one guy (the kid). How about holding Clabo, Jerry, Pouncey, Martin, Incognito, Philbin, and Ireland accountable for this season.

Ok lil Kris here's you chocolate candy bar....its a Tannehill bar...now stop hlding your breath!

Ok folks back to MNF to watch 2 2nd level QBs on great teams. Sheesh this blog....sometimes it just ain't worth it. These internet tough guys come on here and act like kings of the world. They probably get pushed around in there private lives.

Bill A,

Yes Thill will be a difficult guy to replace. Hmmmm where would we find such a QB that could lead us to 5-6.....

Or find a QB that will be 6th in interceptions

Or find a QB that will have more turnovers than TD's

Or find a QB the is 25th in QBR in the NFL

Or find a QB that has no TD passes in the 4th last seven games.

Or find a QB that has taken every snap for his team and leaad them to 31st in the NFL

Or find a QB that has 11 wins out of 27 trys !!!

Yeah you are right, Thill is a hard act to follow.

Kris you are like that spoiled little kid that didn't get the candy bar he wanted at the grocery store...go torture somebody else. Imagrown fukkin man that doesn't have time for a 6'4" 235lb man child....Daytona is right about you! You need to grow up kid.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 25, 2013 at 07:49 PM


Bill A, loves to paint grown men as little kids way too often for my liking.

Bill A,

Thill has one of the worst accurate deep balls in the NFL, Fox showed the stat on screen my friend, maybe you didn't watch the whole game.

Thill went deep 5 times against the Panthers, good !!

Thill underthrew three of those.... bad !!!

Thill overthrew two of those ..... bad !!!

Poor Wallace has to adjust to all of the three underthrows and caught two. The last one was a tough one to catch.

The overthrow Wallace was wide open, as he has been deep all year.

Bil, you seem to be missing all these points on a regular basis.

I think you maybe a man known as Dashi, you really remind me of him, by your tone, aggression and inability to remain calm my friend.

Bill A,

Have you gone to watch RGIII play, as you only dream Thill could ?

Compare their career stats and look who comes on on top.

RGIII has done this on one leg too my friend.

Here's One To Argue About:

"The 2013 Dolphins Would Hand The 1972 Dolphins A Royal Ass-Whuppin"!

You have to remember huge offensive and d-linemen were 260-275lbs. Lb's 225-235lbs. Db's 170-180lbs.

Qb's completing 55% of their passes were considered upper echelon. Etc...etc... Get the drift?

Bill is Thilled with Love for Ryan TanneThill.

Sweet Bill A Riding the Wave of The Dolphins latest Chump QB.

Kris is a fool, and plain stupid. Don't waste your time.

Not that it would have made any difference, but I must agree with Coyle that the coverage in that next to last play in the second half was the wrong one. Oh well, nobody is perfect.

first half, I meant. Sorry.

Has anybody asked Sherman why is it we don't score in the second half as well as we do in the first one? Could it be that other Teams adjust to what we did offensively in that first half and we have no answer for that adjustment?

guys are team is a very talented team. I've been supporting this entire team the whole year with the exception of mike sherman and daniel thomas. that support is over. mike sherman should be fired immediately. joe philbin should go after the season. piss poor clock management at the end of the game when the panthers were in field goal range, football 101. we gave them more time to score a TD. nice job. there are no offensive adjustments being made at halftime by mike sherman and joe philbin. the problem is that sherman is an arrogant ass and philbin has no control over him. that means they both must go. i really thought philbin could be the guy. he is not. we watch the same thing every week. this game was ours, and we lost. we have betters players than these teams we are playing. we play a pussy brand of football. we are not aggressive on either side of the ball, especially on offense. today I'm embarrassed to be dolphin fan. fire these guys ross. they have to go. they are playing not to lose. we are not playing to win. people are going to stop watching ross, unless you do something.

Shermans Diagnosis:

"I should not be payed for the way I have coached as an Offensive Coordinator. I feel like im robbing this team and Mr. Ross of anything that looks like an offense here in South Florida. I feel i should refund any fan and media representitive of having to sit through 3 in a half hours of this nightmare every sunday. I intend to resign my duties at the end of the year and step away from this game that I've lost touch with since being fired at Texas A&M. Im truly sorry for any inconvienence i have caused anybody in this organization."


Oscar Canosa,

I asked the very question that you just did earlier and in the previous blog. T-hill completes a lot of short passes and the defense does adjust after reading the photos of what the Dolphins are doing. The Dolphins have to begin changing what they are doing in the 4th quarter. Making adjustments wins! Bill Belichick is one of the best at making fluid adjustments that count with the game on the line. This is a coaching issue and T-hills inability to throw accurately beyond 20 yards hurts the Dolphins big time. He is passing short of getting the first down with DB's playing closer in the 4th quarter.


Greg, Orlando, Bill Arnsparger, Abbot:

I'm with you guys 100% R. T-hill is doing well for a 2nd yr QB. And he played right out of college. Vast majority of QBs we would all feel are elite never had better results their first 2 years much less even play.

Don't waste time with these other clowns on this blog, they are probably just a bunch of butt-fumbling Jets fans who wish they had a R. T-hill.

Posted by: promichael | November 25, 2013 at 08:50 PM

Thats what I've been stating on here for weeks now my friend.

Thill really isn't the guy and never will be.

If Sherman goes, (which he has to at 31st in O), then the Texas Chainsaw Offence goes with him, Taylor, turner and Thill at some point.

At last a fan who knows when a QB is a bust.

I know, promichael. I read your post and agreed completely with it. Sorry not to have mentioned you in my post above, I'm doing it now.

It's the QB MORONS eh?

Dolphins fans here is a news flash- Mr. Ross has heard your agony and frustration. In order to bring this franchise back to where it should be...

the new logo will be fired immediately! and a new credible one will be brought in with the power to replace the new uniforms as well.

The issue will become also getting rid of both T-hill and Sherman who will support his decision to bring T-hill to the Dolphins as a franchise QB that he is not. I guess dumping the entire regime will have to be undertaken. Unless Philbin is on boared with starting over with searching for a franchise QB.

You guys are blind. Peyton and Brady and Brees complete a lot of short passes. Long passes are low percentage for all qb's.


It wasn't just Sherman. It was the entire scout team and coaching staff. But, if you want to think a few dumb bloggers know better, go ahead.

Thank you Engo

How the heck did Richard Simmons end up getting the gig redesigning the logo in the first place?

You guys talk like you actually have knowledge and experience. You have neither.

Let ESPN sit you down to discuss football with any of the coaches or even Ireland and you will be embarrassed back into your diapers.

If you think otherwise your are in denial.

Where is that Doctor Benjamin Gland, or that incontinent Rabbi, or the Korean bees lover? We need some Fin around here. Truly.


Of course we have to keep in mind that fans are fanatics, and not necessarily reasonable.

You are touching on a point. though. It is not so much about how poorly this regime has done. It is more about just how difficult it is to put together a perennial winning team.

Statistically speaking, 85% of the regimes do no better than us, and most worse.

Engo, your right I realize it was the management; Ireland etc... that wanted T-hill. I just did not completely state that in my post.

Knowledge and experience huh? Not sure 'bout that. When it comes to this coaching staff we see results (NOT GOOD RESULTS) We notice changes made in a game that should have, could have been made previous games ago. We see little to no adjustments in-game. Some of these coaches are experienced but have not accomplished anything in the NFL, most of our "experienced" coaches have changed teams every year or two (what does that say?) For many coaches on this staff, this is their 1st NFL gig!

GM and coaching staff are awful, but who else would come here? Phailbin was what?... the 3rd or forth choice?

Who follows Sherman on twitter? I don't Twit, but I found it funny that Sherman does, now thats a man with a high opinion of himself.

Would you expect that Philbin publicly, to the media, throw his Defensive Coordinator under the bus? If Philbin had stated ... "Coyle made the wrong call and it cost us" ... then he would be slammed for throwing Coyle to the wolves in order to protect himself. Agenda driven hack "journalism" at it's finest.

As far as that throw to Wallace ... It was a better play by Tannehill than it was by Wallace. Tough catch yes, circus catch, no flippin way. Staring NFL receiver should make that catch. Hartline would have made that catch ...

Sam I am,
If you look at the deep ball Wallace missed he actually started running the post and adjusted to the corner route after the ball was in flight and readjusted again back to the post. where he should have stayed from the beggining. These two guys need more time together outside of their normal practice routine.

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