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Dolphins leadership? What Dolphins leadership?

The Dolphins are failing on so many levels these days I am having a hard time keeping up.

One issue that seems apparent to current and former players is the Dolphins' obvious lack of leadership.

You remember the leadership issue? It was one of the fundamental questions the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin relationship brought to light. I told you we'd discuss the questions one at a time in this space.

My column in today's Miami Herald shows why the Dolphins simply don't have a clue about leadership and that's not me talking. That's players from the past saying it, echoing it from mountain tops.


“I understand when it comes to the natural football things that take place in a locker room that happens with younger guys or older guys, veterans versus rookies – all of those things, they happen," former defensive lineman Willie McGinist said on NFL Network Tuesday. "But there is a certain point when you cross the line and there was a failure of leadership in that locker room that let this situation get out of hand."


The leadership void is deeper than that. It extends to the coaching ranks, particularly if a Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel report that coaches ordered Incognito to "toughen up" Martin is true. Are you kidding me?

If this report is true, not only is the coaching staff that is supposed to provide direction for the players utterly misguided in the definition of giving good direction, but it has other more potentially significant meanings.

If true -- and the Dolphins refuse to confirm or deny the report as they hide behind an NFL mandated gag order -- the fact a coaching staff would order what is basically a Code Red on a player and use a player who was admittedly mentally unstable in the past to do it shows that staff is not just an accessory to this wrong but is actually complicit in the sin.

And as the offender has been suspended and will be fired by not playing for the Dolphins again, so too the accomplice should be fired and not represent the Dolphins again.

If Incognito has evidence this order was given or if multiple Dolphins player tell the NFL this order was given, Incognito may still not play in Miami but at least he will have a plausible explanation for taking the action he did. He was simply following orders. Obviously, going off on a racially tinged attack is an offensive and ridiculous escalation of the orders, but it did comply with the orders. And so Incognito will live to play another day somewhere in the NFL. 

With respect to the Sun-Sentinel's reporting, I hope the information is not true.

If it is ... The nuclear winter is coming.



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I was quite dogmatic vs Incognito, but too many black players are sticking up for him for me to lecture them on their false consciousness. Seems now maybe just a really unlucky encounter of personalities. Ricky Williams in particular makes some good points.

"Toughening up" Martin needn't mean a Code Red, tho I do wonder who thought RI's judgment up to that challenge. Apparently coaches found JM a bit wussy and thought it affected his play.

What do you know of the locker room and it's leadership, therein? Willie McGinest is just another talking head that is paid to stir up trouble by the media.

This is more about the emasculation of American football, and indeed society than you realize. I think you do, however.

Martin's not at OTAs.....you need to convince him to be there period. Who better to do it than his fellow O-lineman who is also on the leadership council? You expect coaches to push their players to the limit and Martin needs to be more aggressive to meet his potential.

Lack of team leadership is an issue. Blame it on the lack of continuity on this team, particularly on offense over the past few years. The only offensive starter who was on the team 3 years ago is Brian Hartline. This doesn't excuse Martin though. Joe Philin doesn't tolerate much nonsense from his players, that has been clear from the get go. Martin should have taken his concerns to Philbin rather than let them fester.

Once all the facts come out, I think this story is primarily a Jonathon Martin story. If the bullying was so extreme, why now for Martin's meltdown? Why not this spring when the phone call was received? Why not when the $15,000 trip was pressed and why if its a bullying issue is Martin receiving treatment instead of returning to the team now that the 'bully' is gone. If Martin fears Incognito, then why was he trading text messages with him just this weekend? This story is primarily about Martin's emotional state and the trigger that caused the breakdown was the signing of McKinnie which forced Martin back to RT.

Mandy, I heard you on the radio yourself admitting that Richie was a jokster, a funny guy. Do you really think that J Martin feared for his life? Richie WAS a leader, and from what I can tell, of course I haven't heard the recording, but, a friend of Martins and was ribbing him. You are there all the time. Did YOU see anything?!

recidivist..Are you really saying that Willie McGinest doesn't know about Football locker rooms? What have you been sniffing? Whatever it is, I don't want any and you shouldn't either. On a lighter note. Hopefully, this will finally get Ireland fired. I'm so sick of his lack of personnel and lack of leadership decisions, I could scream. I think the leadership in the locker room story is a bit overblown by Mando. Each group has it's own leaders. You can't say there are only 1 or 2 leaders in a Football locker room.

Recidivist, you're a moron.

You have to be a freaking idiot to think Ig was threatening Martin. Armando, dumb as he is, at least wanted context before making a decision. Ig was playing and thought he had a jovial relationship with Martin. Martin, being a piss-poor offensive lineman, was looking for a way to secure a judgement. Allege racism and some dumba$$ will always run to your rescue.

Even Richies former teammates are defending him: Ocho, Ricky, Dansby. All black by the way.

Nobody told them to do so.

If you have never seen the movie "A Few Good Men" with Tom Cruise, you need to see it! Not only is it an excellent movie, but it's story line is pertinent to the current Dolphins.
Essentially, a sub-standard Marine named "Santiago" is given a "Code Red" from his fellow Marines. Subsequently, he dies. Two Marines are charged with his murder and finally are cleared. However, the two Marines do get a dishonorable discharge for their failure to stand up and fight for Santiago and help him vs. tearing him down. The order for the "Code Red" is given by the base Commander played by Jack Nicholson. In the movie, Nicholson is utlimately found guilty of Santiago's murder. The similarities to the Dolphins are acute!

did anyone see the tweet from Martin to incognito? calls what's going on "insane bro" as if he isn't responsible for all this...

Pearls before swine..

Yeah, we're supposed to believe that they hang out and call each other bro because Martin really thinks Richie is gonna smack hia momma and he's afraid of retribution...

This is a bunch of crap. All of the PC liberals are rolling with this stuff like I knew would happen. This is the product of the system we now live .
Incognito is evidently a bully. If martin was a man, other than a legal opportunist, he would have picked up his helmet and fixed this crap. I hate where our legal system has fallen.

I just replied to Richie's Buddha truth tweet and asked if it's true that Martin wears panties...and tagged Martin...haha

If you really wanna blast leadership don't forget that we'll be shopping for two new DT's this off-season also because they alienated this pro bowl veterans as well

Context? Even amongst animalistic NFL'ers? Eww!

So foreign! So base!

Grow a pair, and recognize that you are a newbie to what is a dying NFL.

Goodnight all. PS do work Mandy. You're getting scooped outta town by national guys and the sentinel now? #slipping

I will not watch the NFL or support the Dolphins if they fall to their knees and cow-tow to liberal agendas. They will deserve the same respect that opponents of dodge-ball deserve - a beat-down. We look to other countries to understand their success where we fail - they implement policies of America before liberals convinced us that we should resort to time-outs and co-parent with children. The Dolphins owner reminds me of the neighborhood wussy. The Dolphins play the same way; there is no toughness. The NFL was founded on guys wearing leather caps, now they need pads and a therapist. To quote Burn Notice, bunch of whiny little girls.

This is an oppurtunity to take a so called bad oppurtunity and use it as a catlyist for the rest of the season. Richie is a NfLPA soldier gettin caught up in a lawyers kids meltdown

………and Jeff Ireland is still employed.

We've moved on from the constant losing, the lousy draft picks, the awful free agent signings and the other multiple public embarrassments and now we're dealing with bullying, apparently extortion and quite possibly even a hate crime on his watch and he's still employed.

He must have pictures of Stephen Ross f***ing a goat.

@ Marc........

You have a point. Its almost as if Ireland drafts to strength so that he can avoid paying his star players because he has a young player waiting in the wings that can probably do the job. Look at Jake Long, he was expendable in part because Martin, a natural LT was on the roster. Starks and Solai on the roster.......why not add Odrick so that one of the 2 can be allowed to walk. And coming soon........Dion Jordan drafted so that Ireland doesn't have to pay Cam Wake $10M in 2015????

That's Omars BS Armando. Anything he can to get something stirred up? Your boss has never said "You better pick it up" or "You better come up with something better than this". Depending what kind of work you do the adjectives will change. This is the NFL. NotForLong. What if he said you would be "fired" if you did not do it? Would that classify as unfriendly work environment? CUT Martin. Head case!!!

The Patriots Aaron Hernandez has himself in jail (with no bond) and a possible other murder charge and a corner with a pending police officer assault. If Mike Pouncey got served, I hope Belichek and company will have to talk

You would have to be blind to think Philbin is a leader of men after watching HardKnocks his first season. He is very uncomfortable talking with players away from the field. Do you think this would have happened to Shula or Johnson? What saddens me is that this is a talented team. Less talented than when Philbin got here but that's another story.

"Toughen up" should never be associated with the NFL. they should use terms like Lie down, quit, give up!F/n media BS

My last post was cut, maybe this one will make it. Martin set up the Dolphins. Plain and simple.

As I see it, the Dolphins have a very good NFL team. Owner with a ton of earned cash, a GM that has drafted pretty well. Coaches that have been in successfull programs ... I like this team. Great corners... I wish the redneck bullie was still around to toughen up #95

And Cog, who once checked into the Menninger Clinic for help with his anger problems, is just a poor guy caught up in a set up.

Some of you people amaze me.

Terrible post Armando. WTF does McGinist or any other talking head know about the Miami Dolphin locker room? Nothing. Unless you are in the room it's all rumor and speculation. Philbin has it right, let the NFL do it's review and let them present the facts. THE FACTS! He should not comment on the ongoing investigation, why would or should he? Who does it benefit? You of course, but I"d rather them do their due diligence and let the facts come into light, rather then speculate and spread rumors.

If in the end it is what you have portrayed, then I would tend to agree with you. But it still doesn't justify you reaching for conclusions without all the evidence being presented.

I only read your blog to go through your BS to try and find the nuggets of useful information.

None of this is a surprise if you have followed this team since huzinga sold the team to Ross. With all due respect he's more interested in night clubs and flare than growing the football team on and off the field. He is living on tradition of this franchise from back in the 70s and that won't cut it with a new breed of fan base. Since Ross took he of the team it's been a circus since Ross took over and why would that change now. You can't tell me coaches or the GM didn't know this behaviour went on. If the coaches don't preach leadership or instill it in the players then why would the players practice it. Marino, Louie Oliver, Bryan cox, zack Thomas or Jason Taylor. These guys controlled the environment and players got in line. Who's there now?. Until the team is sold and we get compedant leadership up top, the front line players and coaching staff will continue down this road of embarassment

I love how idiots like Chris Carter, jerry curl McGinest, Larry stank Foote, the LB from Washington who played for the Bills, etc, etc keep trying the Dolphins locker room.
Like they have inside knowledge.

Anyone who knows the Dolphins know that we are filled with FA's and rookies.

The vets are not even signed thru 2014. That falls on Ireland.

But Armando, why would Martin ask for help when he's saving texts and VM's??
That doesn't make sense...

Leave this regime in place! Year two(Philbin) and this season is better than we have had in anything recently. Granted we did not expect this baby issue out of Martin but lets get through this. You guys all want playoffs and more then shut the heck up. Enjoy the win on Monday night! I want another 100 out of Lamar Miller and and a TD this week. Hopefully he toughens up and does not fumble and easy TD like he did last Thursday night!


Mike Ditka is a phony! I'll give my address if he wants it. (Where about the same age). He knows no facts and backs up his agency .... Loved it when the undeated Bears came down in 85 and we kept the string going.... Hey at this point its the highlight of this franchise!!!

Mike Wallace and Cam Wake are soooo pissed.

Thanks for adding fuel to the fire.

To Tampa, just like Richie used to say. We'll kill ya! Lol

Be good to hear about football again some time in the future not this drama.

Hey Dolfan29, Back was Marino was drafted things were a little different! Should we wheel Don Shula out there in cart to coach the games? Roster wise, we have done a lot this offseason. Ross is a football fan! He wants to win. So back off. What's the new breed? Now days kids are a bunch of lazy pansies. You yell at them it's wrong, you sure as hell don't discipline them that's wrong. You pay for their cellphones and insurance buy them a car and you know what it's not good enough for them. Ross earned his money. We cannot go back to what "Was" in this society. Our worthless president gives it away to everybody non deserving! No values at all. Yeah let's go back to 1984. Agreed!!!!!!!

If Wake and Patterson stay healthy, we have a good chance to win out. Or maybe lose a game.

Lamar Miller is a beast right now. He's coming into his own.

New O line needs to be ready. They will be tested Monday night.

I expect to Destroy Tampa...

Then we tally up with the Charges next. We haven't beaten them in a while.

No raceman. Keep your crack/cocaine HIV 1984.


The NFL and WWE should join forces. It's become a soap opera for fat ass men who enjoy screaming at the TV on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. What a joke as it slowly winds down its ultimate demise.

Hey racemn2. Not saying we bring back Shula. My point is this has never come to light with any other team. Not saying it doesn't go on but either proper veteran leadership or coaches with accountability nip it in the bud. In any event I have no doubt this staff knew what was going on and if they didn't than how can we as fans expect them to right the ship which has been in turmoil for years. Not to mention the GM in all this. You just don't see this around the league. Yes Ross did spend this offseason but as we are seeing right now, are those signings good for leadership. I'd have to question that. Ultimately it's up to Ross to bring in compedant football minds and those with a pulse on the team. This incident clearly shows the hiarchy is ignorant to that. As far as the young fan base. Look at the half empty stadium on Sundays and realize this team can't keep living off the glory of the seventies. Fans won't come out if they believe the team and it's leaders are incompedant

Losing our best O-Lineman all because of our worst (almost worst) O-Lineman is another loss. Fire Martin, kerp Cogs, he was just doing what he was told!

I've seen it all now....

I have seen the power of the media at play in America for many years. I saw how it more or less decided the last two Presidential election by not Vetting the Democratic Candidate with anything resembling the harsh criticism they had for GOP candidates...

Now I see a media... Including Armando... Who being completely unaware of the context and underpinning of this situation... have turned loose a witch hunt in Miami of Biblical proportions... I have said it since this began...

"If you take the music out of the Movie "Jaws" and just watch the film... All you see is a fake rubber fish"...

"If you take all the unfounded and unproven media spin out of this story, all you will see is a fake rubber fish named Martin.....

Until MARTIN HIMSELF stands up, and makes an ADULT ATTEMPT at being a man and saying what happened and what is on his mind.... I find this whole situation NOTHING but pure spin.... The players back Incognito. And FAR TOO MANY OF THE... African Americans included... are backing Richie for this to be the team walking the company line.

What little respect I ever had for Armando has gone quietly out the window... he';s just a part of the problem... He's learned like so many others like him... if you stir the shiznit... it will keep right on stinking.....

Fu.k the NFL for the witchhunt that is just starting anf fu.k Ireland and Philbin/Aponte. Cogs is a loose cannon, no doubt. He used poor judgement with the pranks (maybe, just maybe not all on him), but now we are hearing coaches used him to fire Martin up over the missed OTA's. They were smart because they knew Cogs could get it done. Why are so many ex and current players jumping to Cogs' defense, but very tepid with Martin? Quite obvious, Cogs loves to play, Martin doesn't. Inthink the lack of player leadership is a result of a lack of GM and coaching leadership. The guys running the show just don't get it. Unfortunately, a real player is going to lose his job because of one who isn't. Fu.kin' momma's boy!

Guys, I think it is much different then then. We did not have all the privacy acts we have now days. You never lost a co worker because of something you were completely unaware of even though you worked with he/she everyday? It goes beyond the radar some stuff. Philbin is honest/hardworking individual himself. I believe he preaches that in his team. He I think would have been the first to step up if he knew there was a problem. Especially with the heat he is under as a coach and the fact the offensive line has not been playing great(35 sacks). I just don't think he in anyway ever gave someone a (code red.)It has never come to light with any other team because the fans in Miami need to relax. I have not missed a game since 94 thanks to Sunday ticket and I live in the Midwest. You all are always calling for a coaches head, a gm's head or someone's head or job. Lets call for a super bowl head. With that goes cutting some whiny, immature person that is not meant for the NFL like Mr Martin. We don't here about this much because the people that make it this far have a drive, an ambition and a goal to succeed at all costs. They know they are not going to let something such as being called A "Ni$$er or Cr$$ker" from living the ultimate dream. The kid is a Stanford grad. They must not teach about the possibilities of failure or overcoming anything? He clearly has no "street smarts" CUT him! He apparently did not attend history class either, he knows nothing about it. Brought up in these baby ways!

Negative and poorly written article.

... so cut them both loose (O-LINE sucked with them, we can suck with out them)
What's the dilemma?

The list of current and former players supporting Cogs is very stunning. R. Williams blows the top off all this media hype. He called Cogs the scapegoat for Martin wanting to quit. WOW. He hit it right on with what I was saying previously. I'd take his word of all of the posters here and the media. That's some great insight.

By the way it's quite obvious that Martin needed to toughen up but he wasn't listening.

Shut the FK up Armanso....jesus....you will ride this horse til its dead huh...you fkin suck and I'm done with this blog and you and all your fkerz in it...you suck ballzz...hope you all die

Don't worry, People, everything will be found out by the investigative powers now in order, and it will be sooner rather than later.

Agreed, Armando! This is a leadership problem. It is not the only instance of lack of leadership on the player side and within the Dolphins organization, however. Corrections will require starting at the top. Hopefully it will become known as the last embarrassment of Jeff Ireland's tenure.

I had also heard months earlier of the role Incognito took in order to "toughen up" Martin. Did anyone, anywhere- much less on the Dolphins- think Richie had anything other than a "tough love" strategy to employ? Sure, it's harsh but hardly a new tactic. No surprises from Richie, either. How much of this to condemn remains to be seen.

As to Martin's state, it is becoming apparent that the young man has issues beyond football. Dolphins fans have witnessed similar mental breaks from players in the recent past: Ricky Williams and Brandon Marshall coming first to mind. We blamed these players; we blamed their teammates; we blamed the coaches. But in the end, each player took responsibility for his behavior. Maybe Martin will, too.

Finally some reality from a guy that's played with Cogs and been inside a locker room. Spoonfed by the media is terrible way to jump to conclusions.

R. Williams...my response to the text would have been. Redneck lol. My question is what did Martin say?

There's at least 2 other sides of this story we are missing. Cogs and Philbin.

The only ones that would knew IF there was a lack of leadership on the team are the players. Big deal they asked Cogs to toughen up jell-o like Martin.

You know this is a tremendous shame to happen to this Sport, most of all for those of us who are Dolphin's Fans. But, if it's going to be in benefit of Everybody, then let it flow.

This screams of Mike Sherman.







LOL I see a lot you love to quickly blame Martin based on what players in that (dysfunctional) locker have declared to the media, even more laughable it is the fact that Ricky Williams is one of them (can not make that up really), and are quickly to label Martin as a softie and even speculate that he is gay somehow, I mean really? Doesn't even qualify to ask what kind of fan are you but rather what kind of person you are. And by he way I would love you say that to Martin's face you tough guys.

If you did not know a bully is always liked, way more so than the so percived weak link he predates on because bullies always cry for attention, they are always the pranksters and the funniest guys in the locker and do pray on others when they feel intimidated that their world as it is is threatened somehow.

The arrival of Martin could have easily been depicted as the potential departure of Cogs' good friend Jake Long and that along with the fact that he, Martin, was a very smart and educated guy could also have led Cogs to take the normal (?) hazing ritual a tad too far.

I repeat however; that both Cogs' alledged bullying and Martin's own admitted mental issues could have been easily or at least dealt with in a manner that would have helped both guys, neither of them is a monster IMO, moreover they were part of the team; but what did the men among boys, our super duper coaching staff did instead? Did they really Code Red Martin and enabled Cogs' from all people to do so? Wow, simply wow. If there is an ounce of truth behind that then everyone must go today.

HAs anyone heard a peep from Tannehill our offensive leader? On 28 of the other teams in the league, the QB would have taken to the podium to make a statement of some sort on this matter.

Don't take my word ,watch nfl net work

Is there a rule in the NFL about "toughening up" a player from another player?

Inquiry minds want to know.

Incogs did it all wrong.

And please investigate the rest of the league on this!
You think coaches are not telling this to players on their team? They are telling them all kinds of stuff.

How can a coaching staff know this is going on if Martin didnt say anything? They cant.

Now they know. Now they should welcome Martin back with open arms and put zero tolerance policy in place for hazing.

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