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Dolphins leadership? What Dolphins leadership?

The Dolphins are failing on so many levels these days I am having a hard time keeping up.

One issue that seems apparent to current and former players is the Dolphins' obvious lack of leadership.

You remember the leadership issue? It was one of the fundamental questions the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin relationship brought to light. I told you we'd discuss the questions one at a time in this space.

My column in today's Miami Herald shows why the Dolphins simply don't have a clue about leadership and that's not me talking. That's players from the past saying it, echoing it from mountain tops.


“I understand when it comes to the natural football things that take place in a locker room that happens with younger guys or older guys, veterans versus rookies – all of those things, they happen," former defensive lineman Willie McGinist said on NFL Network Tuesday. "But there is a certain point when you cross the line and there was a failure of leadership in that locker room that let this situation get out of hand."


The leadership void is deeper than that. It extends to the coaching ranks, particularly if a Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel report that coaches ordered Incognito to "toughen up" Martin is true. Are you kidding me?

If this report is true, not only is the coaching staff that is supposed to provide direction for the players utterly misguided in the definition of giving good direction, but it has other more potentially significant meanings.

If true -- and the Dolphins refuse to confirm or deny the report as they hide behind an NFL mandated gag order -- the fact a coaching staff would order what is basically a Code Red on a player and use a player who was admittedly mentally unstable in the past to do it shows that staff is not just an accessory to this wrong but is actually complicit in the sin.

And as the offender has been suspended and will be fired by not playing for the Dolphins again, so too the accomplice should be fired and not represent the Dolphins again.

If Incognito has evidence this order was given or if multiple Dolphins player tell the NFL this order was given, Incognito may still not play in Miami but at least he will have a plausible explanation for taking the action he did. He was simply following orders. Obviously, going off on a racially tinged attack is an offensive and ridiculous escalation of the orders, but it did comply with the orders. And so Incognito will live to play another day somewhere in the NFL. 

With respect to the Sun-Sentinel's reporting, I hope the information is not true.

If it is ... The nuclear winter is coming.



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To complete my thought from my last post...."you don't have to be best friends with everyone in the group to know you have their support."

I believe this to be true in any work place and that includes professional sports.

But if it s deserved (a Philbin firing).....then it is deserved....

Right is right...and the right thing must be done....

free richie

Well said DC. Whether Philbin has done a good job or not, if he was involved in any way, shape, or form, he should be gone. Along with the idiot Ireland, who has really sealed his own fate with the lousy atmosphere and a lot of subpar players. I find it hard to believe that some of the culture is not created from the top down.

And another huge issue is whether the players are divided and not on board with Philbin. For that reason alone, you would need to replace him

Anyone calling for Philbin to be fired is a complete idiot...period!

Kris...Philbin is just the mouthpiece for the team. He will say and do whatever is necessary to placate the public and the media. His post game dribble is scripted and dry, to robotic and has zero emotion. His victory speeches are even less inspiring, especially when read off of a "cue card". The guy had zero experience coming into this gig and it shows miserably. He will if anything become the sacrificial lamb for this entire incident. If it is proven that Cogs was instructed to toughen up Martin and that it came under the direction of Philbin or one of his underlings..its game over for him.

I would love to see how he would squirm his way out of this situation if it is in fact found to be true.

Philbin will resign by the end of this week or he be fired. You heard it here.

vegas, I believe they are tied as well. Ross can't be that dumb to allow Ireland a chance to ruin a THIRD coaching transition. He's had his chances, made a bunch of mistakes, had some bad luck, but doesn't deserve any more chances. Burn it all down and rebuild in the ashes.

If the coaches told Incognito to "toughen Martin up" both Ireland and Philbin will e fired. Clean this dirty house.

I'm just stunned that Booby and I agree on something

Philbin is NOT a HC. He sux, period.

Wow Armando, that's a lot of "ifs", and to use terms like "the fact a coaching staff would..." is very strong language after just stating that you don't know if that is true. You don't have the "facts" yet. The comments from former NFL players that are so certain that this wouldn't have happened under there watch are also interesting. I have not heard a single one of them refer to a similar circumstance where they, or another "leader" on their team stepped in to stop a player from bullying another player. I'd guess that Martin was embarrassed by all of this and did his best to make it look like Incognito was not getting under his skin around his teammates and coaches. You and all these former players make it sound like Martin was walking around pouting and having his lunch money stolen in front of the team and coaches, and they all just ignored it. These are professionals coaches and athletes with a lot on their plates. They have to worry about their careers at any moment. They probably don't spend a lot of time asking each other "how did that make you feel". The only facts we know right now are, Incognito is a pile of crap, and Martin, for reasons only he knows, did not ask for the assistance of the Leadership Team, Coaches, Union, or League Office until he melted down. He is clearly a victim, but the vast majority of blame rests with Incognito. Here's a thought for you to consider: What if he simply was doing a great job of acting like he was fine? What if Incognito took advantage of that? Would this make it more reasonable to think that this might not have not crossed leadership's radar? It seems like at least a possibility. Now that everyone knows what was really going on, it's so easy to say it was obvious, but I don't recall any articles about Incognito's taunting or mean spirited tweets about Martin. Maybe you just thought they were kidding around?

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/11/dolphins-leadership-what-dolphins-leadership-.html#storylink=cpy

The question is what does this do to the rest of the season id love to see the fins start a winning streak and use this crap as incentive you think that would shut the libs up?

Ross was too cheap to pay Jake Long. BIG MISTAKE!!

Guys I really don't think is would matter one way or the other if the team is behind their coach. I am sure they will pull together and play hard for their teammates regardless of the situation between them and the coaches. It seems that this team has shown a great deal of resiliency in the past few weeks and have played with passion and desire. They will grumble about play calling and will certainly complain amongst themselves about the poor leadership up top, but in the end it is about them more than it is about the staff or management.

Guys Philbin and Irland have proven they can not handle outside opposition to their plan. Maybe this is a coach thing, but Hard Knocks showed this plain and clear.

Guys who tried to step up and fill the leadership void were shown the door. Who would want to try again.

This is a culture in the organization. We treat players like crap, we low ball contracts when it isn't smart for the team. I.E. Bush and probably some of those linemen on the chiefs.

We just do things wrong and that starts with the front office. Philbin seems to be a man who if given the time might make it work, but in the NFL you just dont have that type of time unless you get lucky.

Clean House, yet again, Ireland and Philbin, as sad as it is considering I thought we were making progress. But that cover to the book was just a cover the pages inside say it all.

Joe you get the rest of the season. Lets see if you have what it takes and it is going to be a tough task.

Kris, your "experiment" was flawed. We aren't colleagues, co-workers, brothers, teammates, etc. We don't spend time together daily. We don't even know each other. We are STRANGERS.

The only people that understand the dynamic of Richie and Martin's relationship, and whether what Richie did or said was out of order are Richie and Martin, and perhaps some of the other O-linemen; however, none of them are saying anything. Which is the code, and the code that Martin, not Richie violated.

If Martin typically laughed when Richie poked fun at him, and hung out with him socially then that gives little credence to idea he was feeling "threatened".

I see another 4 game losing streak coming up.

This Martin-Incognito fiasco is a great excuse to clean house and get rid of the entire coaching staff. Would anyone be upset if Philbin is fired? It's obvious he does not have what it takes to be a head coach in the NFL. Gruden is itching to get back into coaching and he was very critical of Philbin the other day. He can take over this team and has proven he can win with other coaches' players. He would bring excitement back to the Dolphins. Get it done Ross!

Anybody interested in talking football? Anyone?? The Dolphins are one win away this Monday from being in a playoff spot.... anybody care or do they want to keep talking about an idiot bully and a rat that helped construct the worst unit on our team and the undisputed reason we may not eventually make the playoffs??

This is the standard no child left behind scenario. As a member of a "team" every part of the team must work together to improve . If the member of the team is unable to perform it is the team's responsibility to get that member in line . Incognito may not be the best leader and although his intentions where to benefit the team he ultimately hurt the team more than helped. But to all those that want to hang him out that is a scenario than the common man or woman doesn't understand.His intentions may have been to better the team by atattempting to motivate the player who was slacking at his position had his tactics worked everyone would have said incognito is a true leader and a hero since it didn't a d del este feelings were hurt everyone takes sides it has been said numerous times not everyone can play in the NFL or deserves to.

Mando this article is piss poor...you should be embarrassed having written it.

Look we all get that leadership is important and should involve coaches and veteran players. You want to say this team needs better leadership? OK, fine. I'll accept that.

I tend to agree that we need more visible and vocal leadership. I'd like to see Philbin be more visibly excited and I'd like to see that lead to more motivation and inspiration for players during a game. I'd like to see THILL, Wallace, Hartline, Pouncey, Wake, Solai, Ellerbe and Grimes all step up and be more visible motivators during a game. It seems the majority of these players don't want to take on that leadersihp role.


To then starting turning this to a "Code Red" situation is cmpletely ridiculous. Many times coaches will identify players who have the talent to be successful but lack the mental toughness and fortitude to be successful. Coaches will often solicit support and assistance from their veteran players to help the younger guys develop this mental toughness. For a HC, OC or OLINE Coach to solicit help from a veteran in this effort is completely ACCEPTABLE in my mind.

I just don't see a coach thinking that request would ever lead to the to a veteran hazing the younger player to the point of mental/personal submission.

IF, and I do mean IF, that level of hazing occurred to this one specific player than the guilty party is the veteran player. Not the coach.

Get out of the movies Mando...it doesn't suit you. Stop acting like Opra...show something that most of the media don't show...get off this story. it's going to play itself out without your silly posts.

Get focused on the Tampa game and start talking about how this team needs to win Monday night to remain in the playoff hunt.

Playoffs? Playoffs?!

Here's football. Down 2 starters on an already bad offensive line. About to lose 2 starting DT's. 3 of those 4 players have made at least one pro bowl.

We are 0-2 in the division.

Bush and Marshall were still good and still playing well elsewhere.

RT is responsible for more turnovers than TDs and lacks the ability to use one of the fastest guys in the NFL properly due to a lack of arm strength and poor ball placement.

This team doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs or to be talked about in said context...

John @ 8:30... exactly ... exactly ... exactly.

One rule, one code when it comes to the locker room, you handle things inside. You mentioned several avenues, there are also team psychologists, player personnel department (HR branch), outside sounsellors any organization with benefits employ ... SOOOOO MANY OPTIONS and he chose the worst possible way.

Anybody interested in talking football? Anyone?? The Dolphins are one win away this Monday from being in a playoff spot.... anybody care or do they want to keep talking about an idiot bully and a rat that helped construct the worst unit on our team and the undisputed reason we may not eventually make the playoffs??

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 06, 2013 at 09:12 AM

Yeah I'm game Mark. Tired of this drama fest myself. Let the sh*t play itself out, it isn't like we have any control over the outcome anyway.

Wash/Kris....a major part of my point with my comments to Mando are that its extremely difficult, in ANY workplace, to monitor/oversee every detail, make it perfect, all the time--just not realistic--I know thats SUPPOSED to be the case, but its not reality....so I realize that Mando cant police/monitor this blog all day long, obviously.....just as Philbin and the vet players, realistically, cant monitor their locker room completely/fully....cant know "everything thats going on" necessarily.....all the time--its not realistic.....they're busy, not enough time in the day, etc--applies to all of us....is that good?--probably not....but thats reality--I hear "Philbin/vets shoulda known"...."its their job to know".....yeah, they probably shouldve, maybe they did and didnt do enough about it.....maybe they were busy with life/family/distractions/running the team, etc--maybe they let a few things slide that they shouldnt have, in retrospect---but WHO HERE HASNT DONE THAT?--including Mando with this blog--its just reality....and Im tired of Philbin and the Dolphin vets getting dragged through the mud, when this situation and these issues apply to all locker rooms in some form....and to all of us as well, every day. The hypocritcal comments are getting nauseautingh....all the ex-coaches saying "wouldnt have happened on my watch", etc--really?--you sure?

Wow if these facts are true , we will be punished severly by the league . This will tear this regime apart , a total overhaul this is clearly an illegal act of martins rights this is big

A firing is not a setback, it is scorched earth and why scorch the earth of a 4-4 upward trending team? Because of two morons who are equally fallible ... fukkin bleeding hearts...

To suggest this team is not behind Philbin is flat WRONG. There is no evidence of that at all. NONE.

The team lost 3 games that they were very much in. There were missed opporutnities in these three games that lead to their demise. It wasn't that they weren't playing hard for their coach. If they had won one or two of those games this team would be contending for first place in their division.

This team united immediately after this Cogs/Martin story broke and fought hard against the Bengals who every singlle sports commentator predicted to win the game. This team fought through adversity and pulled out a big OT win.

Now, the media circus continues to distract coaches and players. Will this team maintain its focus and win on a national stage against a bad team? They need this win and at this point that is all I care about.

the fo threw richie under the bus
he just bought a new ferarri
gue$$ who'$ paying 4 it?

Code or no code this is 2013 not 1950 when you can treat people like dog poo this is far beyond hazing

mark football
what's that?
there hasn't been any football talk around so flo since 1998

normal people (not football players) keep wanting to apply their perspectivevalues/attitude, from their world....to the world of a pro football player....doesnt work....polar opposite worlds....different rules/dynamics, that wouldnt be acceptable in "our world"--but thats not their world--how else to explain that the players liked Martin, but loved Incognito?--different world in that locker room, that we dont understand....and dont have to--vets didnt step up because they didnt see anything too wrong about it, or didnt know all that was going on--no other way to read it.

oooooooooo weeeeeeeeeee
mark is mad as h3ll
and he's not going to take it anymore

My fav is the photos Martin has on FB with Incognito laughing it up last month. Ohh wait Richie bullied him into taking those pic's and laughing as well.

NO leadership?? I thought Wake showed a bunch a leadership by knocking Dalton through the end zone to seal the win.

I thought Tannehill showed plenty of leadership in conducting a game tying drive in the dying seconds of a game.

I care about what happens on the field not about what happens to some chump who can't do his job anyway.

Now, reagrding thsi Monday's game... the team better be on point because the offense is much improved under Glennon - he's not afraid to chuck it. And the team better come out with their foot on the gas because the Bucs want a win bad and if you give them a sniff, they will start feeling good aboptu themselves and then watch out ...

This whole this is really sickening from our standpoint how can people be so ignorant to commit such acts of mental violence ,this goes directly to our gm and coaching staff Steve Ross is a victim of his own stupidity , he should have fired all of these jockers and hired real football people.

numerous comments this morning on the air and tv saying that Incognito most likely did much of this outside the locker room....texting/tweeting on his own time....and thats likely why many of the vets apparently didnt know enough about the situation?--true?--if so, would that change perspectives, on vet leadership?

Marc, the Jets have a Qb who produces more turnovers than ours and produces fewer touchdowns. We should bow to them??


mark,stop bashing marcs opine

Somewhere chuckie is out there thinking of taking this dolphins gig

mark, tsaxs' roller coaster mo is 1 decent outing and then 3 straight puke inducing performances,
guess what part of the ride tfumble in on now?

Has it occurred to anyone that Richie thought Martin was his 'bro', his friend and that he was just teasing him? If Martin perpetuated this by hanging out with him than it could be easily seen as a misplaced trust and confidence in Martin as a friend. Just food for thought.

If anything, shouldnt the team be more behing Philbin? If he was letting the players police them selves and trust them to make the right decisions? Is that hands off or letting men be men? Its all how you look at it.

I have to take a sh$t, do I have any willing mouths? Or do I need to slap someones real mom?

Mark, agreed lets move on to football. I believe the team beats the Bucs. They have the week and a half break. I don't see Glennon doing much against our D and no Doug Martin either. The bad news is once again Patterson is hurt and so is Carrol. I mean Patterson is really good when he plays, but is just hurt so often.

On offense our O-line seems to be upgraded thanks to McKinnie. The O-line will have a lot to prove on Monday.

A win here would set us up in a big game vs the Chargers. We are at home though, so I give the Dolphins an edge to be 6-4.

marc, he put in his psa for the gig on mon.nite

Dude what the hell are you referring too who cares about the jests, this whole thing has nothing to do with football,it's about lack of ability to lead men , it's a huge failure of our gm and coaches

Tampa bay is going come out and punch us right in the face on Monday night this team better be ready or it will be ugly

Guys I am with Mark on this one. This subject has been beaten to death since it broke. We all have our own opinions as to what happened or didn't, who was guilty, and who was not. It is completely unproductive and our opinions will not effect the outcome what so ever. TIme to move on until the facts are presented when the investigation is completed. I am sure by now the players have pushed this aside to prepare themselves for the upcoming game next week and I highly doubt they care one way or the other about this situation during practice, in the classroom, or in tape sessions.

What is done is done, we can't change it, nor can we continually dwell on the consequences, we can only move on and discuss football. I for one am simply tired of all of the innuendo and speculation. This entire ordeal will work itself out one way or the other and what we care about will not factor in in the final decision ultimately, so lets just agree to disagree and get back to what is important to our teams success on the field of play, not about the drama in the locker room or in the press.

cam 2.o

is this overblown?--read Ricky Williams' article, and watch this: (and yes, this is overblown)

Leaders? Leaders are almost always vets. Kinda hard to do when you have a turnover ratio like we have here. Trying to remember the blog that listed players that have been on this team more than 1 or 2 years. I believe it was Wake & Hartline.

In any case if the report of coach/coaches ordering Incog to "toughen up" Martin is true....why didn't coach/coaches check up, have some oversight into Incog's progress ot lack of it? As a manager, any manager you're responsibilty is to check on your people. Especially given the fact that Incog is a little bit of a loose cannon?

out of left field, and I admire their progress....but how did the Jets get such a ridiculously easy schedule?--a couple of tough games (NO at home....theyre a different team in the dome)--they have 5 wins and with their remaining schedule, its easy to see them with 9 or 10 wins

Did Ireland have any clue that Martin had to be toughened up before he drafted him?

or the fact that he was Luck's LT all he needed to know to pick him?

Martin probably aced his interview.

Hire JOHN GRUDEN!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It should be pointed out Bucs rookie QB Mike Glennon has a better passer rating (83.1) than Miami's Ryan Tannehill (80.8).
o k

CHUCKIES REVENGE bring this man in the fold

benz...the jets defensive line is off the hook this year. They took the Saints to the woodshed and I am impressed to say the least. I believe they are beatable, but it will take one heck of an effort by our squad on both sides of the ball. I can't wait to get them on the field and see how our group responds.

Marc from NJ, the Jet post was intended to the other Marc.... all these Marc's.

Who knew there were so many Frenchmen in the USA?

Anyway, yeah NeMO, without martin I see the bucs having a hard time in the red zone. I think that's the biggest mismatch in this game. Our red zone defense against their red zone offense.

Tannehill plays a clean game and we win.

normal people (not football players) keep wanting to apply their perspectivevalues/attitude, from their world....to the world of a pro football player....doesnt work....polar opposite worlds....different rules/dynamics, that wouldnt be acceptable in "our world"--but thats not their world--how else to explain that the players liked Martin, but loved Incognito?--different world in that locker room, that we dont understand....and dont have to--vets didnt step up because they didnt see anything too wrong about it, or didnt know all that was going on--no other way to read it.

Posted by: benz | November 06, 2013 at 09:28 AM
Well said

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