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Dolphins leadership? What Dolphins leadership?

The Dolphins are failing on so many levels these days I am having a hard time keeping up.

One issue that seems apparent to current and former players is the Dolphins' obvious lack of leadership.

You remember the leadership issue? It was one of the fundamental questions the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin relationship brought to light. I told you we'd discuss the questions one at a time in this space.

My column in today's Miami Herald shows why the Dolphins simply don't have a clue about leadership and that's not me talking. That's players from the past saying it, echoing it from mountain tops.


“I understand when it comes to the natural football things that take place in a locker room that happens with younger guys or older guys, veterans versus rookies – all of those things, they happen," former defensive lineman Willie McGinist said on NFL Network Tuesday. "But there is a certain point when you cross the line and there was a failure of leadership in that locker room that let this situation get out of hand."


The leadership void is deeper than that. It extends to the coaching ranks, particularly if a Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel report that coaches ordered Incognito to "toughen up" Martin is true. Are you kidding me?

If this report is true, not only is the coaching staff that is supposed to provide direction for the players utterly misguided in the definition of giving good direction, but it has other more potentially significant meanings.

If true -- and the Dolphins refuse to confirm or deny the report as they hide behind an NFL mandated gag order -- the fact a coaching staff would order what is basically a Code Red on a player and use a player who was admittedly mentally unstable in the past to do it shows that staff is not just an accessory to this wrong but is actually complicit in the sin.

And as the offender has been suspended and will be fired by not playing for the Dolphins again, so too the accomplice should be fired and not represent the Dolphins again.

If Incognito has evidence this order was given or if multiple Dolphins player tell the NFL this order was given, Incognito may still not play in Miami but at least he will have a plausible explanation for taking the action he did. He was simply following orders. Obviously, going off on a racially tinged attack is an offensive and ridiculous escalation of the orders, but it did comply with the orders. And so Incognito will live to play another day somewhere in the NFL. 

With respect to the Sun-Sentinel's reporting, I hope the information is not true.

If it is ... The nuclear winter is coming.



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Mando don't buy in to this espn type crap, are you trying to be the next bob costas? Knock it off. You are losing respect points. Martin is a quitter, cut his weak ass and move on. This whole thing is blown way out of proportion. His own teammates even blacks are on his side that speaks volumes.

clearly, Philbin and his coaches assumed way too much....assumed Richie wouldnt go overboard, assumed the situation wasnt so bad/unusual, assumed some of the vets would step up and take more control, assumed the players would police/own their locker room, assumed that the players knew more about it, assumed that the situation would take of itself.....bad idea to assume--and thats on Philbin/coaches, no doubt.

Who know wich way this team goes , I don't think we will handle this adversity well

cocoa @ 9:50, that's probably ebcause we change coaches overy other year and they purge the roster... at least a big reason.

ANyway, it's obvious the face of our team is Cam Wake. Hopefully soon it will be Tannehill ... I hope.

I agree some coaches will be fired if the Sun Sentinel report is correct that Incognito was told to toughen up Martin.

Most likely the o-line coach and an assistant coach. I don't believe it will go any higher.

Incognito will probably be traded or released (to put a lid on the distraction).

Martin? He's the KEY to putting an end to this whole mess.

2 watt, I did mention that Glennon has been pretty good. He's been a big upgrade from Freeman.

so mark
what do u think of the cogz and jmart thing?

lol someone said Pouncey and Incognito should be in jail... lol for what? Pouncey hasnt been accused of anything and the only thing that the public knows Incognito did was call him a bad name... If thats what constitutes jail time then everyone on this blog would be in jail.


Wake, Hartline, Clemmons, Jones, Carroll, Wilson, Misi, Cogs, Moore, Thomas, Wilson.....

Do I need to go on?

Starks, Soliai......

Agree with both reg Marks c , not nj one, Regardless of this scandal who thinks Philbin and his staff deserve more time if we don't make the playoffs this year? Ross needs to clean house or it's only going to get worse. How many FA's are going to be attracted this hot mess?

Good point Tannehill needs to step up and be the face of this team

Martin was pretty highly regarded/rated coming out of college, and was drafted where he was roughly projected to go by all the pundits.....lets not go there, ie. pretty hard to know exactly how things are going to play out in a locker room 2 years later--Martin was considered a good prospect and a 2nd rd talent/pick, by basically everybody.....go back and look--and LTs who have had success and alot of experience are valuable commodities

Agree with the bulk of this article although calling Martin "mentally unstable" seems a bit much and speaks to the bigger issue of the general lack of mental health understanding in the United States.

matty, don't pixx off the blog
the blog wants to move on

how are you going to elect a c rack smoking Mayor? haha

Now we must take this circus to Monday night football

lol 2 watt... just some people are over reactng..

to the folks who keep saying the coaches should of known. Why? They don't hang with the players. They don't have access to the players phones, ipads (unless its turned in because they were cut), texts. Maybe their tweets but does Philbin tweet? I don't know.

The players of pretty much every locker room have said its their domain and coaches pretty much stay out. Once again, why should they know then?

You have a locker room of positions, split up. Why would the defensive guys or receivers or whatever take pause about a relationship that seemed outwardly fine. I have seen at least 3 pictures in the last few days with martin and Cog on the field talking, in the streets smiling and taking pics with women, or on a plane making funnuy faces together. I know of married couples who outwardly seemed fine just to have a messy end and then people reply "wow, I thought everything was fine. where did that come from." So it's not possible that outwardly people thought things were fine? It seems all of the players are echoing that.

They have already reported from "sources"...and its Adam Schefter so it must be true because he started this circus...that Philbin was never approached by Martin nor made aware after this whole ordeal. So why are some people calling for him to be fired?

People really don't see the holes in this ordeal? There is something that is just not right in Denmark.

Now this, A few good men spin has come out, and is just pure speculation at this point. If it's true and it was the O-line coach, Ok he gets fired. Right now its just sensationalism. Stop with the code Red stuff, next they will be saying it on ESPN.

Who cares what Willie Mcginnest says. He is not in that locker room. (God, at least get a former Dolphin player to comment. Next time just ask Wayne Chrebet (spelling) or curtis Martin.) However, the guys in the locker room said they did not see anything going on yet people are still questioning their leadership. As if it's not possible. Could it be that Martin has an Agenda?

God Almighty, I hope these guys stay mentally strong, play to their potential and do damage this second half of the season. So all of these X-Files/Scandal/A Few good Men theorist can develop amnesia and start saying GO PHINS!!! again.

Kris the girl sounds a bit sensitive like Martin. Maybe you two should open up a florist shop.

Every one of you will shut yo moufs next week after the Fins demolish the Bucs 38-9.

You heard it hear first.

Whatcha gonna dooooooooooooooo, when a fired up embarrassed talented Fins team and all my Finstermaniacs, runs wild on yooooooou????!?? Brother!?!

This story is full of crap, with contradictory and confusing statements, actions, etc.
This reflects the lack of management, leadership, guide and coaching in this team.
One should start cleaning up this shithole by firing Ireland, and then, maybe some coaches too.

I know it may be out of character for some of these guys but I do agree with some here that I would love to see Wake and other vets be more vocal about this situation.....they're getting crushed and questioned just like Philbin is, and maybe deservedly so.....so keep the comments reasonable but defend yourselves a little--speak up Cam, Randy, Koa, Paul, Brian, Brent....put some of this nonsense to rest.

Whatcha gonna dooooooooooooooo, when a fired up embarrassed talented Fins team and all my Finstermaniacs, runs wild on yooooooou????!?? Brother!?!
Posted by: Tim Couch | November 06, 2013 at 10:03 AM
u were watching tosh.o last nite huh?

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/11/dolphins-leadership-what-dolphins-leadership-/comments/page/4/#comment-form#storylink=cpy

I am more inclined to believe that Wake will end up with the leadership role, for the simple fact that he plays balls out in every game, hard not to be inspired by his attitude and commitment on the field and off, he should have the backing of everyone on the team. THill is just not there yet. He has a ways to go before I could or would consider him a leader. Leadership and respect is earned by setting the example and going above and beyond what is asked of you as a player. THill hasn't shown he has those qualities yet, but I am sure once he gets his legs he will move to the top of the group.

The 2 local douchebags are trying to cash in on this as much as possible...Omar even got an interview on TV for his bogus article in the SS...I hope they shytcan all you media Dbags for making crap up as you go...as soon as the staff and locker room are cleared...the witch hunt comes for you media fahguts!!!

I'm not FRENCH. That's it MarK, you've crossed the line. A Canadian calling me FRENCH. That's ironic ;)

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 06, 2013 at 09:56 AM
True. Tannehill a leader? I hope he becomes a leader,a real leader....I don't see that right now. Leaders are born, sometimes they can learn to be a leader, sometimes it will never happen.

Two other points (because as I said yesterday, I am sick of talking about this),

I don't see anything wrong with the coaching staff asking Cogs to toughen up Martin. The guy should last year he was physically and mentally. Doesn't show up for OTAs this year. Where's the passion? Where's the will to get better? Guy just doesn't want it enough, as shown by his lack of dedication to the weight room. Cut ties with this guy. You don't win with this guy and to be honest, you don't trust him. He chose to expose the Dolphins instead of handling things internally. He's weak. Don't want him.

And I agree there is a lack of leadership on the team. That much is apparent.but this is what happens when you get rid of Long, Bush and Dansby. Most of you guys wanted these guys gone,so you can't criticize Ireland for the moves now after you applauded him for them. Leadership takes time. You don't automatically become a leader. You have to earn it. Cogs was chosen by the players and was one of the few options really. Not advocating that what he did and said was right but I ave NO problem with the coaches asking a guy who's one of the toughest players in the league and has played a number of years now, to whip this guy into shape.

Sheesh are we still beating a dead horse here or what? Let sleeping dogs lie and lets get back to discussing the upcoming game. That should be a heck of allot more important than this drama fest.

I worked with a black girl, still good friends to this day. She called me cracker. I hung a mammy doll in her cube, she laughed her ass off. No biggie. Cognition is not racist, his only downfall was being too trusting of a weak minded teammate.

And Mando...You need to check yourself... there is an article out there that throws your name out first and foremost as well as the Herald when talking about this coaching ordered Cogs to do this. They eventually end with Omar Kelly but your name is linked to this theory to the casual reader. So have fun with the ramifications if it isn't true.

My prediction:



Clubber Lang...Rocky III


Wake, Hartline, Clemmons, Jones, Carroll, Wilson, Misi, Cogs, Moore, Thomas, Wilson.....

Do I need to go on?

Starks, Soliai......

Posted by: Craig M | November 06, 2013 at 09:59 AM
Point taken but other than Hartline and Incog, who would be the ones who would had the inclination to step up? Certainly not borderline players or players on a diff unit

I'm on record not wanting Bush OR Marshall gone; Just for the record

Leadership? The Phins had leadership until Philban gutted the players and leaders he was afraid of. Remember "Hard Knocks" when player leaders Bush, Long, and Dansby came to his office to discuss Chad Johnson's situation. All those team leaders were ejected from the team! Coach P is afraid of today's players who may voice opinions or challenge him in anyway. He used players like Incognito to patrol his team so he would not have to. As Coach says he wants his kinda guy...Incognito was one of his!

Well WashPhinFan...Wake can't be a leader according to this article and the national media because this happened in his locker room...even though he happens...to...be a Leader...of the defense...wait...He can be repromoted, right... Huh? lol


I think Monday night will be a the tell tale sign of things to come....

This team seemed galvanized on thursday night...it was the most HEART i have seen out of this TEAM since the heartbreaking loss to the Colts on a Monday night a few years back....the one when linemen were on crutches trying to get back in the game....

A win Monday night....we have a real shot @ 10-6...

a loss....and possibly 6-10...

The media always wants a public examination and scrutiny of sensational happenings. They view it as their job to present the information to the public and help orchestrate the findings toward a noble end. Crucifixion of Incognito; beautification of Martin; and trashing of the Dolphins would be a natural fit for their agenda.

Make the Doc proud,Phins!! Bring the pain Monday night. Say eff the world and play like you did Thursday night. I'm sorry, those guys have leaders to be able to pull it together to starters down and play balls to the walls. They get past this and take it 1 week at a time. PHINS UP FOES DOWN!!!

...I think I have been consistant with my point. So I agree...Time to move on to this weeks game.

First..I don't know how we react this week. There aren't easy wins in this league. Especially with this years team..So to say this week should have been a gimmie? Lets say I felt good about our chances

Now..Not so much. I have a gut feeling that we come out totally flat this week. I know some are thinking this will unify the team. That we will come together. I hope so. I just don't see how after this week how anyone in that locker room can hear Joe Philbin and be inspired by what he says..No matter where you fall on the side of this Incognito mess. Where is the inspiration coming from this week?

Now..We may pull this off because we have better players then Tampa. I just can't see this team playing its best game this week.

I totally agree with your post. Just keep in real though buddy. We have been arguging over letting Bush walk all year. Now he is a leader that is sorely missed? That's what I've been saying all along. You and a couple others here were in total disagreement.

But your post is spot on otherwise.

And some may hate Cogs, but he was one tough son of a gun. If you want guys that lead by example, he was one of them. This ain't high school ball.

Off topic a bit, but I just had to share this....these boys know how to have fun...and no this is not a knock on any team member and has nothing to do with the current crisis...http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/video-1063360/Richie-Incognito-shouts-N-word-bar.html

Now this brings back some fond memories...except for maybe the racial slurs...but to be honest I have no idea what was bleeped out in the first place.

We pulled together for the Cincy game who knows maybe martins stunt will galvanize us into a tougher team.

Instead of being excited for the fact we could be 5-4 after Monday,all I've read for days now is this f$cking whimpering on here....'wow is us. Team sucks. Get rid of everyone'. F*cking defeatist attitude as USUAL. Every team has turmoil.....every team! Ours just happens to go public. And the media LOVES this stuff. I hear Armando and others using 'code read'. Really? Do you even know what that means? We're comparing what happens in the military to the coaches getting Cogs to 'toughen up'. Really? hilarious!

And all guys want to do is 'blow everything up'. Over a couple of mediocre OL? Hilarious!

(whoops... make that beatification back there...)

Well WashPhinFan...Wake can't be a leader according to this article and the national media because this happened in his locker room...even though he happens...to...be a Leader...of the defense...wait...He can be repromoted, right... Huh? lol

Posted by: drsamii | November 06, 2013 at 10:22 AM

I could give a rat's arse about what the media thinks or says at this point, they are nothing but douche bags and sensationalize everything to the point of nausea.

Wake is the real deal and has shown he is more than capable of leading this team on both sides of the ball. The team looks up to him, as they should. If our team as a whole had half the heart that guys shows every day and especially on game day then we would be undefeated.

Phins need to take an us vs the world mentality and go on another early season run.


I've never said Bush isn't a good player. i think he is. And yes, I think he's a good leader too. I think with all the turnover this year there's a void of leadership on the team. That's on Ireland and Philbin. Great they tried to upgrade the team but they got rid of some good leadership.

It's a moot point now tvegas but the thinking was we had a cheaper version of Bush on the team in Miller. With what's going on. With the OL, I still don't believe we've seen the best of Miller yet.

lol @ Craig M 10:43 AM....so true


I don't think it was a failed...perhaps flawed...not exact science...but certainly failed...

Nobody wants to have facts about them skewed or ignored...its not human nature....and it pi$$es people off....

Martin has a part in this....no doubt about it...

but ultimately...this is on Cogs...and possibly the OL coach...and Maybe even Philbin...lets hope not...

To continue with this notion that Cogs and Martin were good friends....that doesn't even really seem plausible....

to say they have been in the same area...or have mutual friends...does a 24 year old like to be part of a crowd and party...most likely....

certainly not daming evidence...

in any case...until the next "leak" comes out...

I am more than happy to just talk football....

@ gman, you really want that turnstile back on this team? He is done. Weak sauce like him will never be trusted in a locker room again.

Beware the wounded animal, in this case the wounded Dolphin, it would not surprise me in the least if we come out like a wildfire and put up 41 points on the board before the first half is done Monday night.

Anyways guys, I had my say. i'll let the bleeding heart liberals take over the blog again and everyone can psycho-analyze who did what to whom and what that means and who's to blame.

It's my birthday today and I've got better thins to do than stew over this BS. I'll be back when guys actually want to talk about football.

Coaches since Shula:

Jimmy Johnson (Dolphins went "big splash" route and got the most accomplished guy out there). Fizzled after he realized he couldn't recreate the Dallas Cowboys, and stubbornly handcuffed Dan Marino to a bad running game.

Dave Wannstedt (Dolphins went accomplished coordinator route, but was really pushed on Huizenga after Johnson left). After winning with Johnson's players and blueprint for a few years, he mismanaged personnel decisions, hitched his wagon to Ricky Williams, and had no answers when Ricky went AWOL. Jim Bates finishes the 2004 season.

Nick Saban (Dolphins went hot college coach route, and who could blame them). Saban had some success in first year with Gus Frerotte of all QB's, and always seemed to have his teams sharp and prepared, despite little offensive talent. Realized in year two he couldn't manipulate the draft and salary cap like he could 18 year old college kids, and the nail in the coffin was Daunte over Drew.

Cam Cameron (Dolphins went accomplished coordinator route again, see Wannstedt). Allegedly, he was a top notch offensive schemer, but commanded zero respect in a locker room. Really had no business leaving the coordinator booth, and it was over before he started.

Parcells/Sparano/Ireland (Dolphins went "big splash" route again with Parcells, see: Jimmy Johnson, but combined it with promoting a relatively unknown position coach (Sparano) into the head coaching spot). Parcells drafting showed the game had passed him by and the cupboards stayed bare. Sparano looked good when Pennington was around in 2008, but o-line tinkering, reliance on Chad Henne, and a stone-aged offensive philosophy in the age of Brady/Manning/Brees eventually sunk him. Todd Bowles finishes 2011. Ireland is lone survivor.

Joe Philbin (Dolphins kind of go accomplished coordinator route again, but he's more of just a career, behind the scenes, career football guy than splashy coordinator). At this point, nothing really stands out which shows him to be a crack schemer (Belichick), or charismatic leader of men (Cowher). I guess his teams are fairly disciplined, but neither he nor his coordinators appear to force the other teams hand on Sunday's. Very reactionary bunch. Potentially, losing the locker room may sink him.

So, I guess I'm up for taking the next hot-shot college coach out there, or trolling the unemployment line for another Jeff Fisher or Andy Reid. Either way, head coaching experience should be the biggest prerequisite.

And cocoa,

Just so I'm not forgetting you...

You're dead right. outside of Pouncey and Wake, who else would step up? I'm disappointed in a guy like Jones. Guy gets paid great money and we here nothing from him? I get that maybe he's not that type....but seriously?.....where is he on all this?

...Craig M..At this point the 2 lineman are not even the question. It is that the people that are hired at the top of this organization have failed. The a get a big fat F. It makes sense that this franchise can't find its own pecker because the people at the top are not competent to run a football team. Simple.

I have no problem that a coach whoever it may have been asked Incognito to toughen up Martin. But are they not smart enough to monitor the process? How telling is that? We get rid of players that are good players because they do not fit the mold. Then we draft soft players, keep psychos(Who I have supported as our best lineman all year) There is a reason we are mediocre. Is it Ross? He deserves some of the blame for surrounding himself with people that allow this garbage to go on.

Last..I would be shocked if this is it. If it ends with an order to toughen Martin. The reason I compaired this to Bounty Gate..And it is playing out exactly the same...Once the media gets it's claws into something..It gets worse and worse. They are going to go deep. Us the fans are going to beg for it to end. Call B.S. on the whole thing. Complain we aren't doing anything much different then every other team...

Except we, like the Saints took it to far. And Philbin, unlike Payton has not proven a thing. He has no capitol that should save his job if these alligations are true, or if they get worse..Which I hope for the sake of this team. They do not.

Monday nights ratings should be thru the roof....considering its 4-4 v. 0-8....

Craig M...

Happy Birthday...

to bad its a wednesday...hope you got plans for the weekend...

what the damage (age)...

So now you can't even "toughen up" an offensive lineman. What the heck? This is the NFL, not your office. It is a different culture and if you cannot cut it, then you do not belong. But, I guess we have to change that culture over one person.

Until I hear current players speaking strongly on Martin's behalf other than his friends, this may go somewhere.

As for the O-Line coach losing his job over this, he should lose it for doing a crappy job

..Bleeding heart liberals???? That is like saying every right winger is a racist? What does being liberal have to do with this?

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