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Dolphins leadership? What Dolphins leadership?

The Dolphins are failing on so many levels these days I am having a hard time keeping up.

One issue that seems apparent to current and former players is the Dolphins' obvious lack of leadership.

You remember the leadership issue? It was one of the fundamental questions the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin relationship brought to light. I told you we'd discuss the questions one at a time in this space.

My column in today's Miami Herald shows why the Dolphins simply don't have a clue about leadership and that's not me talking. That's players from the past saying it, echoing it from mountain tops.


“I understand when it comes to the natural football things that take place in a locker room that happens with younger guys or older guys, veterans versus rookies – all of those things, they happen," former defensive lineman Willie McGinist said on NFL Network Tuesday. "But there is a certain point when you cross the line and there was a failure of leadership in that locker room that let this situation get out of hand."


The leadership void is deeper than that. It extends to the coaching ranks, particularly if a Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel report that coaches ordered Incognito to "toughen up" Martin is true. Are you kidding me?

If this report is true, not only is the coaching staff that is supposed to provide direction for the players utterly misguided in the definition of giving good direction, but it has other more potentially significant meanings.

If true -- and the Dolphins refuse to confirm or deny the report as they hide behind an NFL mandated gag order -- the fact a coaching staff would order what is basically a Code Red on a player and use a player who was admittedly mentally unstable in the past to do it shows that staff is not just an accessory to this wrong but is actually complicit in the sin.

And as the offender has been suspended and will be fired by not playing for the Dolphins again, so too the accomplice should be fired and not represent the Dolphins again.

If Incognito has evidence this order was given or if multiple Dolphins player tell the NFL this order was given, Incognito may still not play in Miami but at least he will have a plausible explanation for taking the action he did. He was simply following orders. Obviously, going off on a racially tinged attack is an offensive and ridiculous escalation of the orders, but it did comply with the orders. And so Incognito will live to play another day somewhere in the NFL. 

With respect to the Sun-Sentinel's reporting, I hope the information is not true.

If it is ... The nuclear winter is coming.



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Matty, haha, that's a sore subject with me. I hate politics and government by nature so when this fat walrus continues to be employed with public funds, it only pizzes me off more.

I don't vote so i didn't employ him. But the next guy over would be just as bad. Every politician who sits in office is crooked and just a rotten human being. The ones who would actually do good can't get enough campaign contributions to make themselves relevant.

I would love to run for office one day with my own funds but I guarantee you I would pizz so many crooked people off that i would end up dead before term is over... GUARANTEED


I really don't want to get into this? 'The guys at the top failed. Thy get an F'? How so? You say they didn't monitor it? You do know the coaches under this new CBA are very limited as to the amount of interaction they're allowed to have with the players? You know this, right? So hey should monitor this how? Please tell me. You've already played judge and jury on Philbin and Ireland, so please tell me the facts, cause I don't know them. What did they say to Cogs and how did they handle this with Martin? Because everything I've heard from Philbin says he just heard about the texts and phone calls on Sunday. Is he lying?

So i'd love to know more, DD because you've already made your mind up on tis and obviously missing something.


Thanks man.I'm getting old. 46 today. Hanging out with 'Meg'. She'll spoil me. We'll do something fun on the weekend.

drsamii ripping a hole right through shite, I like!!

Let's see how has better layers

Actually Darryl, I don't even think Americans know what a liberal is. Our most right wing party of significance here is left wing when compared to your democrats...

Sorry who

Hey...I agree WashPhinFan, just saying. We are in a blog about how our team has no leaders. SMH. Remember the "Brotherhood" shirt that Cam Wake wore? How he said it had to be earned and was not just given out...Ah simpler days.

Amazing tome that so many people want to cpndemn the Dolphins and the people running it, the organization that they supposedly love, without even knowing all the facts. And if you're saying you already know all the facts, then good for you, because you're better than the NFL, who is only investigating things now.

Sure hope I'm never charged with a crime. You're on a jury on because your mind will already be made up before I get a chance to speak.

Martins vs Dolphins

And cocoa,

Just so I'm not forgetting you...

You're dead right. outside of Pouncey and Wake, who else would step up? I'm disappointed in a guy like Jones. Guy gets paid great money and we here nothing from him? I get that maybe he's not that type....but seriously?.....where is he on all this?

Posted by: Craig M | November 06, 2013 at 10:47 AM
Sadly this has been the MO for how many past regimes? A player succeeds or even exceeds expectations only to fade. Why us?

cocoa, agreed that Tannehill is not there yet but just by judging how this guy plays with his back against the wall (i.e. last two minutes of either half) tells me he has that intangible. He's a bright kid and a tough kid but his football savvy still needs to travel a bit, hope he gets the chance to have it all catch up here ... then he will be the face... but right now, this is Cam's team.

Marc, as the wise Al Bundy once said ...

"It is wrong to be French!"

Mando are you just learning about football. Have you noticed how many players are sticking up for Incognito. Have you noticed the most critical players are the ones now sitting in front of a tv camera. This sport is not for the weak minded. Sorry if that offends you or other people. this team will probably play better now, because the only people crying are the ones outside the locker room. Martin and Cogs are gone, so no stress while practicing. Shame on all those former NFL players on tv for being hypocrites. Willie McGinist, Warren Sapp, Michael Irwin, Deon Sanders, were probably the most disrespectful people in the locker room. And if you don't think the locker room is filled with everyone using the N word on each other, especially the black players then you are clueless.

..Craig M..First off Happy B-day..I have spent a lot of time thinking about this. Actually discussed the reasons you are asking me for yesterday. I will try and condense my thoughts so I am not repeating myself from yesterday to much..

I was taught that as a leader..Ultimately in crisis. It comes back to you. It is your job to know what is going on inside of your house. Simple. That is what I believe. That is how I run my business. We are tight. IMO..The leaders of this franchise, the men trusted to shape and lead..Failed. Quite simple. We all think that stuff like this happens everywhere? why does it stay in house?? They have better leadership. Plain and simple. They have respect for the process..

It makes it worse that Philbin may have known about this plan to toughen Martin up..And he didn't follow up on it? Just let it go? And it got to this point? That is what I am saying..It is a failure. Could the line have spent more time getting better. No..They were busy 1 worrying about his lively hood, the other..How I can mess with the mark..

It makes it all worse that we are a horrible unit...The offensive line stinks..Where does the finger point???

Craig..This is just my opinion. You are welcome to yours. I'm just saying as an owner..I know exactly what I would do...And we do not even know the half of it yet.

And people want to defend a guy like Marin, who from all reports has never fit in on this team. 'Big Weirdo'. That says it all for me. Not a great player to begin with. Not committed to the program, as evidenced by his lack of strength at the Combine and camp last year and missing OTAs this year. THIS is the guy people want to back? Or the guy who's played in the league a number of years, who terrifies opposing players and is probably a bit nuts. Yeah lets not bak him, cause the media and other players say he's dirty.

Not saying he's in the right here by any means but to defend Martin? Where was all the evidence of phone mail messages and texts before? Why is it only coming out now? Not a guy I'd want in the trenches with me......no thanks.

I have seen some very good writing by the Miami Herald staff. Professionalism shows up big time. Looks like everyone is getting scrutinized so let's not forget about Ireland and Ross. They assembled this rudderless mess!

Happy Birthday Craig, I'm sure thenheartwarming messages will permeate through this blog .... haha

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 06, 2013 at 11:00 AM
Yep, no doubt about it Mark. Guy has been fighting a uphill battle since he got here. No line, wierd playcalls...hope he has whatever 'it' is to overcome it.

wondering who's gonna sue Dolfins first, Martin or Incognito.
Place your bets.

Cam Wake already had some experience in Canada, but he and Paul Soliai are really the only top players groomed by this organization in a long time. Davone Bess and Brian Hartline also honed their skills here, and improved incrementally.

Jake Long and Pouncey have been great players for the Dolphins, but how much "coaching up" do you need for players drafted that high? Other guys just flash, like Chris Clemmons, Rashad Jones, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, Daniel Thomas, Donald Thomas (looked like the answer at guard for a little while), Chad Henne briefly?, then fizzle out. Maybe Charles Clay bucks the trend. Free agents fizzle when they get here, then the light comes on again when they are released/traded.

..Mark..I hate being labeled. I'm sure everyone here probably assumes I am a liberal. Nothing wrong with that. And on some issues(social) I am. I am conservative on others..Things like economic issues..Anyway..I agree. Our left is center. Or right is extreme. I used to be a registered Rep..to far right for me.


Thanks for the birthday wishes. Let me just say, I don't know all the facts yet, so I'm not ready to condemn Philbin or Ireland. You of course are welcome to have a different opinion.

All I really care about is a win Monday and I believe the team will ignore the distractions and come together. That's my prediction.

so is this Bully-gate?

God Darryl, I hope no one ever screws up in your business as you are able to police every aspect of your employees life. I am in medicine, dealing with peoples lives, and I still have not perfected the split form technique of being in all places at all times. And I am at the head of the totem pole. I shake my head everytime I hear about the nurse, who was so nice, and the patient's loved, who never had an issue, who was fired for stealing pain meds from the patients or out of the med cart. Or the hilarious one about the UCC getting canned because she got caught having sex in the parking lot on her break, or the person in billing who has been an employee for years, embezzling money. Stuff happens, man. Even when your stuff is tight, stuff happens.

Happy Birthday Craig, Thanks for the Props Mark

DD, I can sympathize with your point of view. I'm not political at all but if I was, I would be pretty far off to the right. I lean more towards the side that every man is responsible for his own well being and happiness.


For your birthday you think you can get Meg to sh#t in your f&*cking mouth as a birthday present?

Funny thing about this is Cog has essentially been a model citizen for over 2.5 years. Didn't he get an award for like most improved player or something? He made Pro-Bowl last year. I mean, players are taking swipes at him with their helmets. Even the ESPN report with Shefter was proven to be wrong as he was the one assualted, and all of that is out of the window for this unsual case. He was wrong and stupid for using the word, and even dumber for leaving a voice message, but he seems like a big fall guy, right now.


Thanks, man.

Yeah I have to agree with you. I work for myself but part of a large organization. If I do something bone-headed and make a fool of myself, it's my fault and not upper-managements. I'm responsible for my actions. It's not managements fault for not monitoring me better. Thats why I work or myself. I don't want someone looking over my shoulder all the time.

Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin didn't tell Cogs to send hateful texts and voice messages to Martin. They told him to 'roughen him up' and in their mind he needed that and they're right. He's too passive. I don't want Ireland and Philbin spending all their time looking over the shoulder of the 53 men on tis team making sure they're doing everything properly. I want hem figuring out how to make this team better.

...drsamii. I'm not saying that you can police everything. I am saying that you should know about instances that have been happening over a perios of time such as the timeline we have been presented. You should know that if you asked one of your managers(coaches) to do something that you monitor that. If the coach goes rougue, and does it on hi own. You had better have in a place a system where you are told.

My point is the ultimate responsibility comes back to the top. It always does, it always will..It is the pecking order. Of course it impossible to know everything. You just hope the things that get by are no big deal..When something with the magnitude of this comes out..It is a failure from the top..it goes with the territory of the positions.

I'm sure Joe Philbin would agree..(not that he should be fired) but that this was his responsibility to know what was happening in his locker room..

Having sex in the parking lot is terms for firing someone?

Geez, tough gig ...


I think there's a chance. I'll work on that......lol

She just git bak from a few days in SF.

rdubs, hahaha, ur a crazy dude ...

I think the next step is an appearance on the Oprah show with of course another attendee Dr Phil to sort all this out.Cognito,Martin,Philbin and even Ross could be the guests.You think this is ludicrous someone out there has already been making inquiries about the lineup for the show.

Last point guys....

I think some what some of you guys are suggesting is micro-managing. Ever work in an environment like that before? It's brutal!!

Think about what hat might do this team if things were like that. That really hat you want or this team? Philbin likes and trusts the players on this team. He treats them like men. Some of suggesting this team would play better if he micro-managed more? I doubt that.

I'm with some of you that want to move on. But the media is light years from letting this go. Is this crap any worse than a player arrested for wife beating? DUI resulting in manslaughter? Shooting in nightclub? Highly respected defensive player linked to murder?

My response, not just no but hell no. But will it stop anytime soon? I doubt it and it's too bad for the team and us fans.

Couldn't get any National attention when we were 3-0, something bad happens and that's all the media wants to talk about. You're being played fellas.....and you're buying into it.

If you guys aren't watching ESPN right now you are missing some enlightening information about Martin from Chris Carter. I agree with him and I believe when he said that Martin wanted to quit football all together a couple of times since he joined the team. He questioned weather he was up to the task of playing at this level. What lead up to his leaving the team had nothing to do with hazing and more to do with him being moved to a position he was not comfortable with and that made less money. His own high school coach pretty much called his a wuss, not in so many words, but the point was clearly being sent.

Cogs is not a racist and an outsider who does not understand the dynamics involved in the locker room can only speculate about the use of the language that would be perceived as racist by an outsider.

This entire situation boils down to a player who questioned his loyalties to the profession and to his team mates. He was labeled soft coming into the league and even in High School by his own coach, that speaks volumes in my book.
Richie has been used as the proverbial sacrificial lamb and in my opinion from what I just heard by a well respected former player who knows what he is talking about is not guilty of anything other than taking being a tough guy a bit farther than most. The players on the squad have no problems with it, former players who don't have a personal agenda in mind don't care about it and I don't care about it.

Martin has dug his own grave and threw himself and his teammates under the bus by being soft and wishy washy. This entire incident is starting to look more like a guy who couldn't cut it at his position in his chosen profession and needed to find a way out at any cost. That is the true meaning of selfishness and cowardice behavior in my eyes and he should be shunned and kicked out of the league.


i live in Raleigh and listen to a show that comes out of Charlotte (Where Ric Flair lives, Mark) And they are saying how horrible of a person Cogs is and all the horrible things he did to Martin.

Other than the VM and texts, what did Incognito do? Seriously did he do something else?

People want to blame the entire Dolphins organization.

At least give Ross props for being the one, who wants to find out the truth!!

They are attacking Philbin's character, i dont know if he is a good coach. But I do know he is an honest man with character and do believe he wants whats best for his players


Always nice to say happy bday to someone older than me, so Happy Birthday!

But let's explore further what you said earlier (about not having an issue with a directive to "toughen" Martin up). You and I have been Ireland supporters (for the most part, at least this year). Probably more than others. But what's it say about Ireland that he didn't listen to scouting reports about JM being soft to begin with, and drafted him anyway? What's it say about the talent on the OL that this same soft player was a starter Year 1? What's it say about coaching that instead of working with him themselves they left the "toughen him up" task to Incognito, with obviously such little direction that he took it to mean scar the kid for life?

As a fan, you're not embarrassed over the fact this guy was a STARTER, DRAFTED in the SECOND ROUND? I am. And I see it as a pretty ugly mark on Ireland's judgment in drafting (linemen at the very least). And I see it as a pretty ugly mark on the judgment of the coaching staff to entrust Incognito with that task. Kind of makes you understand how they could misjudge things really important, like on the field:
- the misuse of Reggie Bush last year (not using him enough in the pass game)
- no halftime adjustments
- not using the run game advantageously
- not knowing how to use Mike Wallace effectively

Just to name a few. I'm past the "bullying" issue between Martin and Incognito. But now I'm looking at how that (and other mistakes) put the team in the position they are in. It seems Mark is THRILLED we're 4 and 4. I'm looking at it like we should be 6 and 2. And I'm wondering if we had another coach, would we be 6 and 2?

I accept Philbin will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. But what he shown is a stubbornness that is distressing. And if Sherman (who we all say is a mistake waiting to happen) remains on the team due to that same stubbornness, how far can they actually go?

The only silver lining I see after all this is if the coaching staff/team/organization realizes the ONLY way people will accept no accountability (in the form of firing people) is if they make the Playoffs. Winning cures all, and that to me is the saving grace if these people want to keep their jobs.

Posted by: Craig M | November 06, 2013 at 11:30 AM
I know you didn't address that comment to me but my earlier post was similar to Darryls. IF I repeat IF the SS report is true then some oversight was warranted. No NFL team's coaches know what's going on in the locker room all the time. That's just crazy to think that. Afterall, that's the players 'home'.
But the difference here is, if the coach(s) gave a specific job to a player then he/they should have monitored the progress/lack thereof

O-line coach Turner was the one that told Ritchie to get stuck into Martin.

Ex-marine and all round hard ass. Ireland drafted a soft player for sure, so this was always on the cards.

If Philbin ordered the action he is guilty of his part in the bullying.

If Philbin didn't know about the bullying, he is guilty of having no control over his coaches or players.

There is some talent on this team. Thill does have some promise as does Miller, Egnew, Hartline, Gibson, Garner, Clay and Wallace. With a couple of decent O-linemen and if Mike Gillislee is decent then we will have a respectable offense.

I really think Egnew could be a leader on this team. He took so much cr.a.p from Sherman and others on offense in his rookie year. TE coach Campbell never gave up on him and he is a prospect at H-back.

Go Dolphins !!!

I wouldn't give Incognito a pass as some of you are doing. He's a good individual player, but he's destructive to the team concept. You can be a smack talking tough guy in the NFL and be a viable player, but if you take away from team unity and create a sense of unease amongst teammates, you are a negative. Incognito is a negative.

If there is one good takeaway from all this scandal, I hope it ushers in new management and coaching. Everything about Philbin and his coaches is suspect in quality, and Ireland has had his chance and made a lot more bad moves than good ones.

That voice mail is over 6 months old. Why hold it this long? I'll tell you why, Martins been looking for a way out.

He's too soft. Probably knows he's not cut out to play pro ball. He's been getting ridden hard by coaches & Cogs. Held onto the over the line voice mail from Cogs as evidence to use against his team to file a lawsuit & walk away.

Being a Stanford grad n all he probably doesn't like the culture of football & jocks in an NFL locker room. Probably thinks he's better than that.

Cut Martin & bring back cogs. The more gets out about this, the more Martin looks bad. He's been bullied but, never told Philbin? At the same time, holding onto voice mails? Yea, that don't sound like an agenda!

Cogs, even though to blame to a certain extent, is more the victim here. I'm not condoning what he did, he's gone over the line but, it stinks to high heaven. Suspend him 4 games & keep him rest of the year. Especially if it's true the coaches asked him to toughen him up.

I repeat..."This entire situation boils down to a player who questioned his loyalties to the profession and to his team mates. He was labeled soft coming into the league and even in High School by his own coach, that speaks volumes in my book.
Richie has been used as the proverbial sacrificial lamb and in my opinion from what I just heard by a well respected former player who knows what he is talking about is not guilty of anything other than taking being a tough guy a bit farther than most. The players on the squad have no problems with it, former players who don't have a personal agenda in mind don't care about it and I don't care about it.

Martin has dug his own grave and threw himself and his teammates under the bus by being soft and wishy washy. This entire incident is starting to look more like a guy who couldn't cut it at his position in his chosen profession and needed to find a way out at any cost. That is the true meaning of selfishness and cowardice behavior in my eyes and he should be shunned and kicked out of the league."

This will be my opinion going forward on this subject until I hear otherwise. The guy is a total lump of clay and needs to just move on and stop crying. His agenda is to get what he wants at any cost, up to and including falsely accusing a well respected member of his own squad. Pitiful...simply pitiful.

yeah i heard him say that he wouldnt give up his office and that he took an oath and he would fulfill it..

I like what Jon Stewart said... its like saying Yes, i slept with your sister but i have a commitment to you as my wife...

"If they were put on notice that an employee in the workplace is essentially verbally assaulting another, harassing another, inflicting emotional distress on another and they do nothing about it, there's a liability curve for them as well."

Football and accounting are not the same world. Comparing them as equals is nonsense. Football is for tough guys and one has to be able to handle that world. Jonathon Martin is using Incognito as a scapegoat. What he said was stupid, but watching this situation blow up as one of the biggest news stories in the country is obscene and a commentary on the media in America and how witch hunts are alive and well. We still don't know anything outside of a transcript from a voice mail and yet we have had this debate take on a life of its own and grow into something it's not.


I'm on record as saying Ireland got it wrong with Martin. He drafted a guy I'm assuming he thought could develop into a good NFL-er. He was a decent College player. We needed a guy to play RT. Long's contract was up in a year. We may need his replacement to play LT long term. I get all that and I get the logic. But I think Ireland got it all wrong with Martin. I said last year, with the third pick in the draft they should draft a LT. Yeah I know some of those kids have struggled but I still would have done it. Now they'll have to address it in April, cause martin's not the answer.

So mistakes have been made. Should it cost people their jobs? Don't know yet. Still need to see how the team plays and how Tannehill and Wallace pan out.

Stop making a big deal out this Armando. Both players have their issues...It's out now so it will be handled...Let's move on. There are parents in this world that don't even know what is going on in their kid's lives. My god are we going to read about this for 10 years...There are othwer issues happening right now in the NFL and other sports that will come out in time because nobody thinks about any of it until someone speaks up. This is one of a hundred stories sports stories that always seem to amaze us.

Yeah Mike I agree...this story has been given more than enough lip service, myself included. My last rant on the subject has been posted. I no longer even want to hear the name Martin in a positive note from now on.

TIme to get ready for the Monday Night beat down of the Bucs...lol

And if the "n-word" is the crime here, then stop making it about bullying. And if this word is the root of all evil perhaps African Americans should take a stand and rally together not to have ANYONE use it. The problem is this. It is used all throughout popular culture -- in movies and rap music. Music that people of all colors listen to and try to emulate. Black people say it to black people, white people say it to white people, Asian people say it, people say it and have been saying it since early 2000 and it's because they are hearing it and think it's all a part of being close to the hip-hop culture. So if it's such a big deal... Then make it a big deal. Stop with the hypocrisy.

Yes, Mark. Apparently you can be terminated for having sex on your break time. It's still hospital time and its a conduct thing. LOL. Agree completely with the folks who questions why someone keeps a phone message for 6 months. Plays a prank on a teamate then when the same prank is played on him a week later, he loses it. Soemthing ain't riiigggggghhhhtt! You know who's happy right now..Mike Sherman. For 1 week no one is focusing on his play calling and stubborness, lo. But Rex Ryan is pissed cuz his team is actually winning games and they are not getting attention for once, lol. The Irony

Someone will step up now and the locker room will be fine. More concerned about Tannehill's life right now.


You say Cogs is a 'negative' on this team. Where is the evidence of that? Most players have come out in his defence. You think they'd do that if they didn't like the guy?

You got evidence of this 'negativity' on Cogs, cause the coaches and players seem to love him and he starts every week. You making stuff up?

I think the Dolphins have had to suspend Cogs to save face. Hopefully when this blows over he'll be back.

I know some of you have read Martin's HS coach's comments. Maybe some missed it.....

Eumont coached Martin at Harvard-Westlake School, an upscale private high school in Studio City, Calif.

("Upscale private high school in Studio City" first warning sign)

Eumont Eumont, in an interview with The Palm Beach Post today, said Martin fit in well at Harvard-Westlake and at Stanford. But when he got to the Dolphins, his personality didn’t fit in with the crowd.
(2nd warning sign)

“Before he wasn’t around Nebraska, LSU kind of guys,” said Eumont, a former Tulane offensive guard. “He’s always been around Stanford, Duke, Rice kind of players.” “He always wanted to make everybody happy and make friends and not be a problem,” Eumont said.

(3rd warning sign)

“He was always a big kid, but one thing is he wasn’t very strong in high school,” Eumont said.

(4th warning sign) Question is why didn't Ireland understand his background? Why did Ireland discount Martin's poor bench results?


Played is right....

"You got evidence of this 'negativity' on Cogs, cause the coaches and players seem to love him and he starts every week. You making stuff up?

Posted by: Craig M"

Umm... Martin left the team.

DC, I'm not so much thrilled we are 4-4 but know there is something to be played for here. Given our 2nd half schedule, our fate is directly in our hands here. There is A LOT to be played for..

If we get that 6th seed, it may mean a trip to Indy and is anyone really intimidated by the Colts?? We shoudl've had them twice in consecutive years in their building.

So many here are lighting torches to burn down this season ... I see us as a team that is finding our way and will be a team Indy won't want to play if our defense is healthy and playing to their capabilities.

There were WR's and corners benching more than Martin.

I knew that would be a problem.

That's why Incognito called him out. He's like "I heard you been training for 10 weeks"

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