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Dolphins lose to (previously) winless Tampa Bay

TAMPA -- Don't ask me to explain this one. Don't ask me to explain this team. Don't ask me to explain this organization.

The Dolphins lost to Tampa Bay on Monday night, 22-19. The Dolphins are lost for reasons well beyond the fact they lost to the previously winless Buccaneers.

Forget for a second the Dolphins rushed for only 2 yards this game, the lowest rushing production of any NFL team since 2007. Forget for a moment they had 70 yards in penalties or that they only converted 4 of 12 third down attempts or that their only rushing first down came on a quarterback sneak.

All that is football. It happens sometimes.

But as I write in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald, the troubles plaguing this team are deeper. And I'm not even talking about the ongoing Richie Incognito-Jon Martin soap opera.

I'm talking fundamental problems like how the Dolphins in the past month have lost to a glorified practice squad quarterback and a rookie who threw for only 139 yards.

I'm talking about how the Dolphins show no fire. They came out flat against Tampa Bay. If you read this blog or my column Monday you know I expected this team to come together and try to prove a point to everyone.

Well, they proved a point alright.

"Anytime you start out in a 15-0 hole, you're not expecting to do that," cornerback Brent Grimes said. "But we kept playing. We could have easily folded and said, 'No we're not ready for this game. We didn't come out to play.' But we came out slow but kept fighting."

Here's the problem, in this fight, the Dolphins were counter-punching. The Bucs were punching. They were the aggressors.

And yet the players say nothing is wrong. 

"We're a tight-knit team," Grimes said. That's why I'm really confused with people saying this is not a good locker room. This is a great locker room. We were ready to play. We came out and wanted to win but had a slow start. We started off bad and that hurts in this league. We fought back but down the stretch they made plays and we didn't."

"We are a close-knit group on the defensive line, defensively. and the whole team," defensive tackle Jared Odrick said. "The whole team hangs out with [each other]and it's something we brought upon ourselves. We call ourselves a tribe. So you're not going to see a separation of anybody. The more adversity. The closer we get."

Well, these guys will be soon meshing into one another because the mercury is ready to pop through the adversity meter.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is going to make changes. And, reading the signs Monday evening when the owner gushed about Joe Philbin and didn't mention Jeff Ireland until he said the general manager is on some internal policy committee, everyone is seeing that Ireland is looking more and more like the scapegoat.

This goes with my report Monday afternoon that said if Ross makes changes, he's more likely to keep Philbin than Ireland. I have a problem with this approach. I hope the Dolphins don't go that way.

It's clear, however, something is going to be done eventually. I'm just not sure it's going to be the right move. Can you blame me?


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jpao this defense has been horrible also. be interesting to see what the new staff will do with it. but one of the 2 ,starks,solai, wont be back. most of us knew ellerbe and wheeler would suck. probaly have to franchise grimes if they want to keep him. but ill leave all this up to the new gm. there were still idiots in here yesterday talking playoffs before the game. wake up for once fellas. and dont root for meaningless wins rest of season either, lets finish 4-12. need all the help we can get next season. a last place schedule and a top 10 pick would look nice to a new gm coming in

Many of these players when correctly coached could be really good.

Coaches have to get the most out of the talent they have. I want Ireland gone thats a given. Philbin and his brain trust have driven this club into the ground.

2 yards against the Bucs on the ground. Thill again must be told not to run ever.


The scary thing is hearing Philbin say "The players were ready for the game," etc, etc....he is entirely clueless.

"We'll have to look at the tape" etc

No one else needs to "look at the tape"...

Agree with your list jpao with possible exception of Patterson....need a new doc/trainer?

Good column Mando, hard to believe Ross isn't smart enough to understand ANY incoming GM would agree to keeping Philbin.

A good coach could have this club at 7-2 with the talent on board.

Ireland has done enough I think he is gone. All my efforts are going toward getting Philbin out of here.

I'll go over this until he is gone. WTF does he have to do in some of you fools eyes to get you angry.

Steve Ross gives the Martins a free VIP box at the stadium.

Philbin reads the cards from Dawn, with no passion or intelligence.

Hartline Thill need a strong leader to stop them talking trash at the press conferences.

Philbin do the right thing and leave.

agree with the article Mando, jettison both. Been a supporter of JI all these years even when he trade BM and davis for low draft picks. But He can't identify any valuable draft picks on the offensive side of the ball and then you compound the problem by bringing in philbin and the packers high tempo offense. it doesn't work.

I'm still not getting the Tanny bashing, he once again excelled in the hurry up offense that kept them from being blown out at the end of the first half (8 for 8 and at TD), but even our OC is smart enough to know that the OL can't block consistently enough to run that offense for the entire game. In any case, NO QB has a chance with NO running game. Not just a weak running game, but NO running game. Add to that a defense that couldn't stop ANY of TB running backs, a 40 million dollar wide out that can't catch anything in traffic (and often without traffic), and coaches that don't go into a game with a plan to pressure a rookie quarterback, and you've got a mess. And don't think it's a coincidence that every team finds a way to sack Tanny in crunch time. I'm not sure why they waited so long to start blitzing, but Tanny had no chance on the final drive was fortunate to get a couple of first downs before Tampa released the hounds. Finally, have you ever seen a team so consistently make poor decisions on special teams? Consistently bringing out kickoffs from eight and nine yards deep in the end-zone and fair catching punts at the 5 yard line. Really? That's stuff you see in the exhibition season, not in week 10. Very poor prep and planning by the coaching staff, and that's coming from a Philbin fan.

Drafting 101

You only draft position of need when there is a quality player available lat that position.

Look at how many teams over drafted first round QB's the last few years - Jets, Vikings, Titans...QB was position of need, but none of them were worth picking. Tell me how that is a good plan.

Posted by: ProSmart | November 12, 2013 at 07:44

DOLPHINS.....you forgot...dolphins....

We could have had Dez Bryant, top 3 receiver in the league. But Ireland wanted to trade away the pick and shop for bargains. We have not had one serious offensive weapon since Ricky Williams.

Armando, great article, the problem like you said Ross who is also an idioit will fire Ireland but leave us with Philbin who is also an idioit. This team last nite should have come out with fire in their eyes but instead came out like their coach as flat as pee on a plate.2yrds rushing all nite that is just unbeliveable. The rest of the yr will be the same. Anyone here see who we beat in the near future, GOood luck Thank God for Hockey here in Canada Go Leafs.

Tannehill is way better than Sanchez, Ponder, Locker...give him protection and he is dangerous. Brady would look like Cleo Lemon behind this invisible line,

The really alarming thing of this year, is that the defense has really regressed. Can't stop the run anymore. It's plain to see that Wheeler is a liability, yet there he is starting every single week.

When Philbin stated before the game "blah blah blah", its all from a balless script that means zero.

Ross kept Soprano after he failed to get Harbaugh, it was a losers move to the max.

This latest bull makes me sick.

New GM. new coach new players. The guys that can't keep their mouth shut to at least say nothing while the trial goes on.

The whole culture here is corrupt in this team.

Ross has to be boycotted to get the message across.

Boycott the games folks. I won't be back.

The hapless Dullfins lost to the the Bills and Bucs? YIKES!

We need Dansby back.

If we win out, we will likely make the playoffs. Stranger things have happened.

Philbin was right, the players were ready to play this game. By 'this game' he meant Madden 2014.

In what decade to we get a real QB?

The whole organisation including Philbin will and must be culled.

If Shula states that Philbin should stay then I've lost all respect for him, even after 17-0.


We 'should' have won every game this year, except the NO game....pure domination by Drew Brees.

Look back at the score and situation in the last 5 mins of every game.
We were in position to WIN and could not close the deal mainly because our QB was on his back, or throwing poor passes.

BUF, NE,(we dominated 1st half), BAL and last night.

All games where if we had a QB with better skills we are victorious.

QB's are leaders and they elevate the play of everyone around them (Brees, Brady, Manning). If Manning picked Miami over DEN we would be 9-0 right now...no argument there.

I see the new GM drafting a QB to compete against Tannehill right out of the gate...Tannehill is good, but not good enough to win championships

Ryan Tannehill, worst QB in football?

Ross should refund all the money fans wasted on Dolphin tickets.

The team needs to be imploded, especially on the offense. Wallace can't catch crap, and he sulks. Anybody notice the "effort" he put into trying to catch the Hail Mary Thill had to throw at end of the game? He just stopped and watched....Thill also gets disgusted with his drops and completely ignores Wallace after he drops one. The only decent lineman is Pouncy, and he does bonehead things like punch a guy in the head on the second play of the game, (lucky that he didn't get tossed from the game. I hope Ireland is fired BEFORE the end of the season and a competent GM is hired. Then I hope the entire staff is fired at the end of the season and someone who can actually coach (Lovey Smith maybe), is hired.

Ross, if you are listening London doesn't want your classless product in their country.

You are an national joke and make American's look like the lowest form of life that drags its knuckles on the planet.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

this is actually a great thing this year, this is what had to happen to finally rid us of ireland. very productive year, now lets become legit again in 2014 with a whole new franchise

Yeah, I've supported Philbin, but not any more.

The comment about lack of QB coaching for RT is spot on. Promising kid getting ruined for lack of anyone with a clue to show him how to fix his problems.

And WHERE DID THE DEFENSE GO? Coyle's not looking any better than Sherman.

4-12 looks quite possible.

Anyone else think the NFL may flex its muscle here and force Ross to make wholesale changes?

This is a $10B industry and the top execs will not let the Fins drag down their global brand

Kevin Coyle, what is your affinity with Jason Trusnick and Derrick Shelby? How many snaps did these guys get? meanmwhile you have the #3 pick in the draft, a guy so supremely talented, you can play him at LB and De and have him play 15 snaps a game.

And oh yeah, release Wheeler if you don't play to play a 3-4 defense.

Man people pick on Sherman but Coyle has been far, far worse.

And man did my man Big Paul get owned yesterday. The holes in the middle of that d line were massive.

The front seven lost the game yesterday. Gave up a whack of yards, no sacks other than a technicality to Ellerbe. This is where the money is paid on this team and they are the pits against the run and pass.

As we all stand on the ledge, holding hands ready to jump lets recall how it came to this. First we un-ceremoniously nudged Don Shula out the door. Then we hired Jimmy (I Quit Twice) Johnson, Then Dave (We need more players) Wanstadt, Nick (I'm Not Leaving For Alabama) Saban, Cam (Fail Forward Fast) Cameron, Tony (Fist Pump For Field Goals) Sporano and finally Joe (I Want To Congratulate the Other Team They Played Better Than Us) Philbin. Ok, on the count of three everybody jump.

The team limped out of the gates unable to get motivated with the season on the line.

All on Philbin. Its his team. Its his responsibilty.

Ill watch tape.... blah fuchin blah !!!

"we are about honesty and loyalty and being nice to our elders and loving each other.......".

How about coaching and winning Joe. Your product has regressed beyond my wildest nightmares my friend. You where schooled by a rookie coac with no wins.

The locker room has left Philbin totally now.

Where does he go from here ? I recommend an assistant OL coach for the Raiders.

Armando s right again. THE DOLPHINS STINK BAD!

Mike Wallace has the same look I saw in Randy Moss many years ago when he went from the vikings to the raiders, another team that had NO Oline. Randy looked listless, didn't finish routes, drop passes he'd normally catch in his sleep. mike looks the same way, wondering what the hell he'd gotten himself into by leaving PITT.

Dol-fans most of you on this blog have a hand in this mess. Zero tolerence for Marshall,Davis,Bush,Dansby,Ginn and other black players. Incognito has been the cancer on this team but you always look the other way when a white player is the problem. Keep on loving and protecting jeff ireland and Philbin and the Dolphins will continue to embarass themselves around the NFL. Blinded by your on venom...

Tannehill is way better than Sanchez, Ponder, Locker...give him protection and he is dangerous. Brady would look like Cleo Lemon behind this invisible line,
Posted by: Edson | November 12, 2013 at 08:36 AM

I agree that THILL is doing all he can to win games for this team and should be considered a keeper.

Does he make mistakes? Sure.
-He needs to improve his long ball.
-He needs to be more opportunistic and go quick snap when the opposing D is not set.
-He needs to change his cadence up
-He needs to scramble out of the pocket and run for positive yards (although we will never know if he is being coached not to do so).

But every time the OLINE actually protects him and gives him reasonable time to do his job he gets it done. He also throws really well on the run. He knows the offensive sustem and audibles pretty well.

HE IS A SECOND YEAR QB...He plays like one....But when given a fair chance to be successful he comes through. Its up to coaching and the rest of the team to support him. That's the reality of a young QB.

I agree....Philbin is DONE as a HC prospect after this locker room cluster fvck.

Anyone else chuckle last night watching Dave Wanstache coaching the special teams last night?

Went from NFL HC, to Pitt HC to special teams coach...I'd say his career is going backwards!

Im happy to start the rebuilding process now.

No way we beat the Chargers, just no way.

Thats the season over. There are not any reasns to keep Philbin around after that. We kept Soprano way too long, lets not do the same with this trash coach and liar.

hey mark hows 1-7 look now

Cant blame Mike Wallace when he doesnt have a QB.

Pujo....there is NO room for your racist comments on this blog.

YOU are part of the problem not the solution in this country.


Sparano > Philbin

cocoajoe, if Ross is so keen to keep Philbin, then it's obvious the next Gm will be promoted from within or some retread desperate to get a chance to prove himself.

Start studying up on Brian Gaine and Dawn Aponte everyone...

Salguero, you must be on drugs when saying that Ireland is the scapegoat. How can you sat that ? Are you blind ? Ireland is the main responsible of this mess, since he was brought by the stupid Parcells. He must go, and the day that happens we all celebrate this.
Now I understand why you never talked about Ireland and his incompetence.
He must give you something in exchange.
Salguero, you're disapointing !

wallace has a qb, both players very solid. but cant blame either of them when they dont have an oline or coaching worth a damn. last night was an early xmas present for all of us.

Thill may still be able to be coached who knows. NO way this current staff keep that dream alive.

Wallace is just being trashed by the coaching staff. They did the same to Bush, they are doing it on D to Jordan and they have zero ability to get the players into playing football for this club.

Philbin must go !!!

I blame the TERRIBLE new logo and colour scheme. The logo is the most bland logo ever designed. The colors make them look SOFT. Inspires no fear.

Oh, and the O line is pathetic.

wrong again mark, he will hire a well respected old gm who will fire philbin and start over with new staff

Anyone know where I can find a clip of that CFL field goal that was completely stopped by the wind? It was shown on C'mon man. It is the funniest thing. I cant find it

Now we all see how Armando has been right all along. The Dolphins are a joke.

If Ross promotes from within we are doomed.

....something tells me Goodell will not let that happen.

spin it homers

laugher be phinza

RFF, nobody can really blame Tannehill for much of what's happened this year outside the Buffalo game. He is where he was expected to be ~ middle of the pack of NFL starters ... the defense has regressed HORRIBLY... run offense has regressed HORRIBLY.

O line is not even usuable.

id call polian first nh, but if he gives it to his friend carl peterson i can live with that. peterson was great in kc and one of his best friends is cowher

Philbin is the main reason for this mess not Ireland.

The players on this team if coached atall in any way semi professional would be winning games.

To run schemes that don't either match the talent or work in the situations they are used is all on the coaches.

WR screens, allowing the snap count to be worked out from the first snap, on and on.

4-12 fellas, good to see most getting on board now. say no to meaningless wins, yes to 4-12 and brighter future


You should contact Jonathon Martin and go with him to the shrink. You got issues dude.

mark, 11% of the teams make the p/o's at 4-5
mark , 75% of the teams make the p/o's at 3-0
mark, the phinz f'ing suxx roxx

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