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Dolphins lose to (previously) winless Tampa Bay

TAMPA -- Don't ask me to explain this one. Don't ask me to explain this team. Don't ask me to explain this organization.

The Dolphins lost to Tampa Bay on Monday night, 22-19. The Dolphins are lost for reasons well beyond the fact they lost to the previously winless Buccaneers.

Forget for a second the Dolphins rushed for only 2 yards this game, the lowest rushing production of any NFL team since 2007. Forget for a moment they had 70 yards in penalties or that they only converted 4 of 12 third down attempts or that their only rushing first down came on a quarterback sneak.

All that is football. It happens sometimes.

But as I write in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald, the troubles plaguing this team are deeper. And I'm not even talking about the ongoing Richie Incognito-Jon Martin soap opera.

I'm talking fundamental problems like how the Dolphins in the past month have lost to a glorified practice squad quarterback and a rookie who threw for only 139 yards.

I'm talking about how the Dolphins show no fire. They came out flat against Tampa Bay. If you read this blog or my column Monday you know I expected this team to come together and try to prove a point to everyone.

Well, they proved a point alright.

"Anytime you start out in a 15-0 hole, you're not expecting to do that," cornerback Brent Grimes said. "But we kept playing. We could have easily folded and said, 'No we're not ready for this game. We didn't come out to play.' But we came out slow but kept fighting."

Here's the problem, in this fight, the Dolphins were counter-punching. The Bucs were punching. They were the aggressors.

And yet the players say nothing is wrong. 

"We're a tight-knit team," Grimes said. That's why I'm really confused with people saying this is not a good locker room. This is a great locker room. We were ready to play. We came out and wanted to win but had a slow start. We started off bad and that hurts in this league. We fought back but down the stretch they made plays and we didn't."

"We are a close-knit group on the defensive line, defensively. and the whole team," defensive tackle Jared Odrick said. "The whole team hangs out with [each other]and it's something we brought upon ourselves. We call ourselves a tribe. So you're not going to see a separation of anybody. The more adversity. The closer we get."

Well, these guys will be soon meshing into one another because the mercury is ready to pop through the adversity meter.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is going to make changes. And, reading the signs Monday evening when the owner gushed about Joe Philbin and didn't mention Jeff Ireland until he said the general manager is on some internal policy committee, everyone is seeing that Ireland is looking more and more like the scapegoat.

This goes with my report Monday afternoon that said if Ross makes changes, he's more likely to keep Philbin than Ireland. I have a problem with this approach. I hope the Dolphins don't go that way.

It's clear, however, something is going to be done eventually. I'm just not sure it's going to be the right move. Can you blame me?


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Trade TannePuke for a snowflake paperweight. He's just terrible.

Any team bear enough to put a woman over the head ball coach deserves to lose every game.

Kris, with all due respect, you're a friggin moron if you want to put any of this on Tannehill. Guy has done his job this year. Very few others have.

lol mark still thinking playoffs, unreal some never learn

Thill may still be a good QB, we will never find out under this coaching staff.

Leadership is something that is there or it isn't.

Philbin has zero, seriously ZERO leadership abilities.

Come on Philbin fans jump in and rescue his ass.

no doubt, i still have confidence in thill. we wont know exactly on him till next year with a real staff

Trade TannePuke for a snowflake paperweight. He's just terrible.
Posted by: JJ | November 12, 2013 at 09:04 AM


Has anybody noticed that Wallace will *never* come back for the ball, ever? He runs the route, and where ever he ends up, he fully expects the ball to come to him and will stop and wait for it. Also notice that he rarely catches the ball with his hands, and prefers to let the ball hit his body? So we paid $60m for a guy to just run around on the field. I wonder why defenses even bother to cover him any longer - he can't catch even when he's open.

Grimes comment, "we are a tight group... Im confused why this is happening", lol, that just says it all.

There is so much confusion throughout this club. Philbin was no control over this team and can't coach.

u c u homers,
u knuckleheads expect a win every week and when they lose u are crushed like bison k.ra.p during a stampede
u c homers, us true rogue phans expect a loss every week and are not surprised by them losing and if* they happen to win 1 game,
we rogues are quite pleased with the w
Posted by: 2 watt | November 11, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Ryan Tannehill, worst QB in football?

Congrats dusty on rubbing it in. You want me to cheer against my team? Never, nope, not going to happen.

I hope you enjoy your dream season. Myself, I'm not.

Bring Cowher, name him HC and GM. We'll see how things change suddenly.
Philbin is worst than Sparanus in many ways. He's just the Ross-Ireland puppet.
No character in game decisions when the game is tough. He handled the Martin-Incognito affaire in the worst way. He made this team the joke of the season, and it hasnt ended yet, far from that.
The time of possesion of football the whole season is terrible. The Dolphins start slow all the time and always behind the score. The only time they had a huge advantage, they let it go in the most infamous way against the most hedious team, the Patriots.
Sherman is terrible and Coyle incompetent.

dusty, you have reading comperhension problems? I said, if he is so adamant in keeping Philbin, then it will be from within or an old retread.

Any team bear enough to put a woman over the head ball coach deserves to lose every game.
Posted by: Him | November 12, 2013 at 09:04 AM

Any team having a woman telling the head ball coach what to say deserves to lose every game. This is a problem throughout our society in business and law. Women are emotional and not logical. Stereotypes exist for a reason. There is a reason that until very recently women could not vote or serve on juries. Or be the boss of the head coach of an NFL TEAM

phanz r givin' ^
only the clueless remain

2 yards running.

Philbin feeling Queasy again, or is that just Chad Johnson ?

Its ok folks, Joe will look at the film again and sort it all out. Ha ha laughing through pain, Im gutted I feel like my whole sports world is gone.

Another season where we are done early November. I'll start looking at writing songs again.

rose tinted contax huh mark?

dusty, you ignorant or what? What did I say yesterday, if they lsot yesterday, then everything falls apart ...

I said, I EXPECTED 5-3 in the 2nd half, not PREDICTED it.

Those are two entirely different things.

But it's obvious our d co-ordinator has no idea what a player looks like or how to use him and our o line made the record books for futility. Can run or pass block.

wrong mark, course hes gonna be nice about philbin and when new gm fires him it will be his dec and not ross. well played ross. and mark i told u i would remind u, u were talking playoffs with this awful team

If you use a women to inspire the players put Dita Von Teese in there !!!

RI would be back with his mighty club swinging...

FOUR !!!!!!!!!!!

need a coach with a ton of fire in him and when hes on the sidelines. philbin looks asleep

TC @ 9:07, exactly right. he only catches the ball if it hits him right in the chest. Even the throw that was out of bounds on the long ball, a true #1 cmes back andtip toes the sideline and makes that catch. Was it badly thrown? yep, but the Qb is not going to throw a perfect ball all the time. That's why the WRs get paid big bucks too.

so after watching that mark, hows 1-6 look now rest of way. whats your reality prediction now, not bias

spin it dj mark
spin it

dusty, you're telling me this team isn't as talented as the Jets or Titans or the Chargers? That's what I base my expectations on. This team should be a playoff team.

Yeah Wallace has sucked, but the coaches have to take the rap for that too. Bench him if he can't catch.

Put Wallce on KR, PR returns, why not ???

no makr they arent, whats it take for u to wake up. we just lost to an 0-8 team. this team is horrible. whats ur prediction now on last 7 games

Ross, stop stealing the Fin fans money!

Hey mark in Toronto....

With all due respect...


You can rub Tanne's balls somewhere else....

I didn't address that last post to you....try doing me the same courtesy....

Dusty, my expectations are that the team be able to be 8-8 now. Anything less and a thorough house cleaning must ensue.

Again, Dusty, I never made predictions, I simply stated expectations... I don't expect them to lsoe to Buffalo or Tampa or even SD or the Jets. It is my expectation that they win these games. So when they don't there is no excuse, it is an underperformance that needs to be addressed.

Understand the difference???

Ireland needs to go now. No point waiting for a panel to decide. Aponte and Philbin can run things at least as good as they've been ran so far until a new GM is in place.

If I were the owner, the new GM would then be allowed to select his staff.

It would actually be interesting to see how Philbin and staff would do for a few weeks without the veil of Ireland hanging over their head.

You have to wonder if some of their substitutions and player development are based on Irealnd's guidelines. It looks really simular to the previous coaching staff.

Dusty, until you address your reading comperhension problem and understand the differnce between an EXPECTATION and a PREDICTION, I'm done talking to you.

You get kicked in the head by a horse as a kid out there in the midwest?

You cant blame Wallace when he has crap for a QB. Its just like Brandon Marshall with Chad Henne. A good WR is useless without a QB.

lol sure mark u expect a bad football team to beat better teams and some even on the road. strange but i got ya. well 5-11 should be where we finish and clean house they will

Once Tannehill is 'unshackled' from Sherman he will improve dramatically.

Kid has been under his control since being a freshman in college and he's too scared to cross him.

New leadership, new coaching and this team can win...it all starts at the top and right now Joe Philbin is in the crosshairs.

Stay classy Kris... moron

kris, i didn't think u had it in u

Canadians = Football clueless

I want 2 retreads next year as a HC and GM

I want Gruden, He is a good coach who would use Tannehill correctly

for GM I want Charlie Casserly. He had a couple bad picks. But He drafted Demico Ryans,Owen Daniels,Andre Johnson,Mario Williams. 2 of which will probably be in the HOF

Who would you guys want

Mark rubs Tanny's balls

Those to throw the FIRST insult....are always the one's to have there puzze hurt when somebody says something back....

In case you missed it Marl in Toronto....

F U....

And there is no need to address me again....

well yeah i had marks back for awhile in here, but once he gets personal hard for me to blame u guys. seems like nice guy usually, just clueless about this team


id call polian. also wouldnt mind carl peterson. anyone is gonna be a huge upgrade over the former bears ball boy

yeah dusty, I EXPECT my team to win against teams that don't have markedly better talent than them. Ihave high expectations for the team but after seeing what they did yesterday, the writing is on the wall and this is when teams start ripping apart.

yeah dusty
mark is clueless but i still like him

cocoajoe, if Ross is so keen to keep Philbin, then it's obvious the next Gm will be promoted from within or some retread desperate to get a chance to prove himself.

Start studying up on Brian Gaine and Dawn Aponte everyone...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 12, 2013 at 08:58 AM

Don't think so Mark. I think he goes with whatever advisors he has. And I think they say, don't do it.
I'm hoping Ross is smart enough to realize where ALL of the problems lie and this was just damage control.

I've never seen a pro QB worse than TannePuke.

Stop defending Ireland Mandy. He's terrible. I agree blow the whole thing up, BUT, that includes RT. Play calling is bad, but, it's limited to what RT can do. He doesn't have the arm strength or accuracy to get Wallace the ball deep. Wallace ROASTED Revis and was WIDE OPEN only to see the pass go out of bounds...

So, slants and WR screens are about all that RT can complete.

yes cocoa i tried explaining that to mark. philbin and ireland are both long gone finally. ireland will be gone first of course and then the old line from ross on letting the new gm decide coaching staffs fate

Dolphan R.

What ??? Ireland has nothing to do with coaching, play calling or getting the players ready for the game.

You can't blame Ireland for the coaching, unless you state that Philbin was a horrible choice to lead this tea.

go on make a case for Philbin to stay.

Its like blaming, 'the veil of Ross', over poor Jeff Ireland. This is about acoountabilty. Philbin is the Head Coach, I know its a tough one to remember.

Kris, Dusty,Mark - Please take a breath and calm down a bit. You guys are long time fans who come to this board to vent and talk about your favorite NFL team. I have seen each of you put up many great points on this board over the years. Show a little common respect for each other as loyal fans.

We are ALL frustrated with where this team is. There are plenty of reasons for the failures to date. We all have our own opinions as to why the steam is struggling. We are fans our opinions will evolve and we will be right and wrong along the way.

We are all struggling to believe this team will ever pull out of its tailspin. It's so damn FRUSTRATING.

But really there is no reason to attack each other. Just 'flush it' and move forward.

I simply stated, one would have to be a friggin moron to put this on the QB. Instead of explaining himself, he comes back with that ... whatever dude.

Everyone's pizzed ... another year down the drain

New GM ???

New HC, Rob Ryan or someone that can be a leader and give a damn about this club.

Players have to be lead. Philbin is not that man, never will be or we would have seen it by now.

Posted by: Rdubs | November 12, 2013 at 09:28 AM


I would only hire Gruden if he promised to hire an offensive coordinator. He has a tendency to ignore the defense and get carried away with being an "offensive genius", or at least he did with Bucs.

He was also simular to Philbin / Sherman where he favored trying to exploit mismatches verses utilizing the talent he had in the line-up. Remember the Keyshawn Johnson just throw me the ball incident.

Congratulations to Miami Marlin 21 yr old Jose Fernandez winning ROY!!!!!!

You gotta love some people's unflinching support of the team. Tannehill is not even remotely part of the problem with the team, it starts with Ireland; Philbin, sorry to say, has zero leadership; Sherman is a proven failure as a OC and yet here he is in the position yet again; Coyle plays favorites and isn't accountable for even trying to see what the rookies are capable of, (Jordan may as well be back up QB holding a clipboard the way he is used); offensive line is horrendous (they were horrible with Cogs and Martin as well), and to top it off, we have a wuss o-lineman making the team the joke of the league. Man, to expect 8-8 is living in la-la land. Not sure where the team finishes but it won't be a 500 team....by the way, this team with this line is NOT talented enough to be 8-8 anyway.

John in Springs @ 6:23 AM:

Good post. I agree 100%. The QB coach is Mike Sherman's son. Enough said.

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