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Dolphins lose to (previously) winless Tampa Bay

TAMPA -- Don't ask me to explain this one. Don't ask me to explain this team. Don't ask me to explain this organization.

The Dolphins lost to Tampa Bay on Monday night, 22-19. The Dolphins are lost for reasons well beyond the fact they lost to the previously winless Buccaneers.

Forget for a second the Dolphins rushed for only 2 yards this game, the lowest rushing production of any NFL team since 2007. Forget for a moment they had 70 yards in penalties or that they only converted 4 of 12 third down attempts or that their only rushing first down came on a quarterback sneak.

All that is football. It happens sometimes.

But as I write in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald, the troubles plaguing this team are deeper. And I'm not even talking about the ongoing Richie Incognito-Jon Martin soap opera.

I'm talking fundamental problems like how the Dolphins in the past month have lost to a glorified practice squad quarterback and a rookie who threw for only 139 yards.

I'm talking about how the Dolphins show no fire. They came out flat against Tampa Bay. If you read this blog or my column Monday you know I expected this team to come together and try to prove a point to everyone.

Well, they proved a point alright.

"Anytime you start out in a 15-0 hole, you're not expecting to do that," cornerback Brent Grimes said. "But we kept playing. We could have easily folded and said, 'No we're not ready for this game. We didn't come out to play.' But we came out slow but kept fighting."

Here's the problem, in this fight, the Dolphins were counter-punching. The Bucs were punching. They were the aggressors.

And yet the players say nothing is wrong. 

"We're a tight-knit team," Grimes said. That's why I'm really confused with people saying this is not a good locker room. This is a great locker room. We were ready to play. We came out and wanted to win but had a slow start. We started off bad and that hurts in this league. We fought back but down the stretch they made plays and we didn't."

"We are a close-knit group on the defensive line, defensively. and the whole team," defensive tackle Jared Odrick said. "The whole team hangs out with [each other]and it's something we brought upon ourselves. We call ourselves a tribe. So you're not going to see a separation of anybody. The more adversity. The closer we get."

Well, these guys will be soon meshing into one another because the mercury is ready to pop through the adversity meter.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is going to make changes. And, reading the signs Monday evening when the owner gushed about Joe Philbin and didn't mention Jeff Ireland until he said the general manager is on some internal policy committee, everyone is seeing that Ireland is looking more and more like the scapegoat.

This goes with my report Monday afternoon that said if Ross makes changes, he's more likely to keep Philbin than Ireland. I have a problem with this approach. I hope the Dolphins don't go that way.

It's clear, however, something is going to be done eventually. I'm just not sure it's going to be the right move. Can you blame me?


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Anyone blaming Tanny for last nights loss is a friggin moron. Cause he missed 1 deep throw to Wallace? Yea, that's not stupidity!

GTFOH already with your recycled Tanne garbage!

Tanny might be the only good thing in Miami right now. It sure isn't the GM, coach or other players. A simpleton without a clue is usually first to blame the QB but, not see the real problem.

A dummy with no clue about football blames the QB for everything when he refuses to accept the lack of time to throw, the lack of a running game, the constant of being in 2nd & 3rd n long, the constant having to come from behind to win.


Ross, give back the Fin fans money.

Tannehill s just terrible. Bench him and start Moore.

I'm with you cocoa, if you are going to make change, it's going to be complete and widesweeping change.

This is why I was hoping this team and coaches can bring it together because these rebuilding projects can be painful.

Sometimes good players and coaches get flushed out just because they aren't the new regime's guys.

Mike Nolan, Reggie Bush, etc, etc.

Seems like in the NFL, when these changes take place very few people say, hmmm, let's not tear it down and just fix what's not working.

Everyone has their new systems and own coaches and own type of players.

I really don't want to wait another three years to see if the new guys work but it looks like the current guys can't get it right either.


We have to vent, we care, Philbin doesn't. If we didn't care there would be no teams out there.

Miami Dolphins are an embarrassing joke that make American's look so pathetic throughout the world.

My friends overseas laugh at my Miami Dolphins and see the NFL as a soap opera.

Careful now LOL, those exact words are bound to start rumours of ball rubbing...

RT is the BIGGEST problem with the team! Good QB make plays. PERIOD. Step up in the packet. Scramble. Roll out. Romo, Big Ben, Rogers, Luck, Eli all buy time even when their lines break down...

He also can't throw a deep ball and has no accuracy

Missed pick, and that's on IRELAND. Again.

i was not a supporter of the Wallace deal, but I really do not like the way he has been used. i do not like the way the entire offense has been implemented.
I defense of Wallace on that hail mary, he was playing position on the man that was guarding him. He could have been more aggressive to the ball on the catch, but I don't think he was aware that Revis was undercutting the play. Also the ball,again, was way under thrown--another story.
On the Jordan scene, I noticed that when he is in the game, even on presumably passing downs; he appears to be playing run first by engaging the OT. This must be a technique issued to him. This guy is super quick, yet he appears to be using a power technique.
Tannyhill appears to be really tripping. It seems as though his reads are confusing him. I think he needs something adjusted or explained or allowed to be more creative, but what he is doing now is just not working.

I respect Philbin for taking a 'steady as it goes' approach. He wants to show consistency and avoid panic during trying times. I get that. I really do.

But I personally believe sports is more than consistency...it's also about momentum, team chemistry, and leadership.

I would much rather a spirited coach who expresses his passion for the game and passion for winning. I think young NFL players rally behind that type of coach. They can't be self centered and blathering idiots. They should not be a distraction (Rex Ryan).

I like coaches like Payton and Jon Harbaugh. I want someone like that leading this team for the next decade. I'd love to see Gruden or Cowher. I just don't know if Ross could ever convince them to come back to the grind of NFL coaching and join this hot mess of a franchise.

That's the challenge...getting rid of Philbin is easy...getting a real effective leader who can really turn it around to join this franchise at this low point....that's the challege.

Haha, F U 2 watt.

rub a ball!!!

Has Irescum been fired yet?

I don't think I've hated a coach as much as I hate Philbin. The guy is beyond bad. The worst part is that it sounds like somehow he has replaced Ireland as Ross's infatuation so he'll overstay his welcome by 5 years.

There should be NOBODY immune to a regime change except the TE coach, DB coach, and D-line coach. Every other unit has regressed or failed

Again Marc, you don't see the problem in comparing the production of a 2nd year QB with zero supporting cast with the Romos and Brees and Rogers of the world?

Luck himself when gets no running game looks like did against St. Louis on occasion.

Bottom line is Tannehill has produced. His numbers are all on pace to be very respctable and considering what's going on all around him, it's quite impressive, to me at least.

go finssssssssss jan gonna be an exciting month for us. make the right hire this time ross

d line coach?? Marc, the front 7 behind the o line is the biggest culrpit in this season sucking the big one...

A committee there to whip Philbins ass for him and do the job he should have done in the locker room.

I've never seen anything as weak as this. Shula has to pull the plug on this guy.

Marino and JT would have clashed with the play calling big time. Marino had problems with JJ and Dave Shula.

JT had problems with Cam Cameron and Peasey gave it to Cam in front of the entire team.

Where is the leader on this team .All those a holes running to stand by RI, just say nothing fools, do your talking on the field with winning play.

BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL, notes and looking ahead...

the winless bucs players may have been playing for their jobs, maybe even pride, but the truth of the matter is they will NOT make the playoffs and thus were expending great effort to attain nothing, a meaningless game. it's a shame to give that kind of effort to win an insignificant game, it almost seems wasteful. that being said, the theme from here on out for these dolphins should be to play hard now(when it matters), instead of playing hard(like the bucs) when it don't count.
NOTES...i think the consensus is right as it pertains to jeff ireland, as he was the only one KNOWN to have been made aware of the lockeroom issue.
LOOKING AHEAD..this offseason and draft should be an all out search to solify the O-LINE, it should also include the addition of threatening and hard running powerback who will fight for tuff yards to avoid we are currnetly experiencing, another good corner to add depth, maybe a QB to farm and even though i love our defense, if our defenseive tackles are going to cost too much i would take a good look at NOTREDAMES defensive line, TUIT, LOUIS NIX...especially if they slide into a later round.

So what is a Philbin guy? It isn't winners. Look what the players he didn't want are doing elsewhere. If we loose Starks and Solia(Sp?), they will be key pieces somewhere else as well. True "Leaders" get the most from ALL their players, not just puppets that follow blindly....I have watched this team since its birth and never have I seen this team with such an absents of anyone that shows any fire. Its like watching a friendly pick up game where everyone gets a long...

Finfans know better than to listen to canadiens.


Ross looks like Rain Man. That would explain so much.

The way he was cut short by his PR douchebag and then stumbled of the stage was CTE like.

Philbin must go !!!

STOP with the excuses man! RESPECTABLE?! Are you kidding?!

13TD's and 20 Turnovers? 60% completion? How many passes over 10 Yards?

He's a scrub. The sooner you realize it the better off the entire team with be.

He's JUST good enough to not lose his job. Is that what you want out of a franchise QB?

There should be NOBODY immune to a regime change except the TE coach, DB coach, and D-line coach. Every other unit has regressed or failed

Posted by: Marc | November 12, 2013 at 09:46 AM

Why aren't they immune? What have our TE's done? They've been invisible for weeks.

The DL? That cannot get consistent pass rush? Or can't stop 3rd & 4th string rb's?

The secondary? That gets torched by a practice squad QB? That cannot stop any 3rd & long situation?

Blow the whole thing up.

agree with craig on that, dline is awful. i could careless if they let starks and solia leave. zero pass rush also

I was at the game. Dolphins should have been cooked from the first snap. They came out DOA, they finished DOA. It was what the the Bucs stopped doing that allowed Miami to get back in the game. At the end, the Bucs decided that they wanted to finally win a game rather than not lose another one and Miami couldn't do anything about it. This performance gave a pretty good look as to how the Dolphins are dealing with the BS that is going on. Sad.

I agree, the front SEVEN stink, but, the front 4 are fine. Especially considering the rotation and Odrick doing well with a transition.

The LB'ers are Crap and can't make tackles.

Posted by: Philbin Leave Please U Suck | November 12, 2013 at 09:34 AM

I wasn't really saying Philbin isn't partially to blame. I'm saying you can remove Ireland now and see how Philbin does in the interim. For just an example, maybe he gets Aponte to sign a TE instead of trying to force feed Egnew and Clay who just aren't cutting it.

Just an example, I realize it's far fetched but there are alot of things that could be going on that we're not aware of.

One thing we are aware of is that we have sucked every year that Irealnd has been here except for the year that we got lucky and Chad Pennington fell in our laps and the nucleus of that team was from the previous regime.

Dusty @ 9:34 Hope you're right. What's unsettling is Ross gushing about Philbin last night.

Advice to Ross....
Clear your mind must be if you are to discover the real villains behind this plot.

Ross will take his usual "wait and see" attitude while suckers waste more money on Dolphin tickets.

The good players on this team will want out with Philbin in charge. The team is so fractured under Philbin its unbelieveable to watch.

I've been callin gfor this guys head for over a month. HE will be gone at the end of the year. 6-10 or 7-9 at best.

Ross won't do it, but new GM will. Ross would have kept Cam Cameron, no doubt.

basically anyone with football iq easily knew the lbs ireland signed would be a disaster. they had never done a thing anywhere they had been. and ireland acted like they would bring a good pass rush and create turnovers. ellerbe and wheeler both flat out suck


4-12 season coming.
Time to clean house and sh$tcan everyone from Aponte/Ireland down.
Clueless coaching staff.
Entire draft class gets virtually no playing time.
D-line starters on the sideline for no apparent reason.
Matthews has been great whenever he's played, yet the only reason he's in is Gibson's injury.
Wallace SUCKS and gives zero effort.
Not a single linebacker can tackle.
O-line is putrid.
Tannehill is questionable at best.
3rd overall pick playing ST.
Martin is a Puss.
Incognito is a Neanderthal.
Pouncey should have been ejected.
And now, even the CJ Club are fighting amongst themselves...
This is very bad:(


"...Ross shows lots of love for Philbin."

Your kidding me right Mando?

Ross even stated in the interview, he reads the papers. Like another good FIN blog head stated in the previous blog, that was a polite and disguised way of setting up Philbin as not to create more issues.

In other words, in the corporate world you smile at the snake(s) before you cut their heads off. Ireland, Philbin, Sherman, Coyle, and all those inexperienced coaches are GONE.

Make no mistake, Ross is a HUGE FAN himself and he's just as pissed off as us FINS fans on these blogs. He's going to clean house, AGAIN. Which is wearing the fan base down.

But, I will say this...Mr. Ross if your reading this, you should tear down the Stadium and rebuilt a new one that is the latest and greatest on YOUR dime without asking for public money. MAKE THE DAMN THING A DOME STADIUM, was that loud and clear?

Oh and one more thing, name it Joe Robbie Stadium. Do those things and you will get your fans back, recreate the PASSION we once had Mr. Ross. Spend your money on your PASSION because the Brinks does not follow the Hertz.

...and the SeaWorld logo MUST GO! This is a football team, not an amusement park.

I agree, the front SEVEN stink, but, the front 4 are fine. Especially considering the rotation and Odrick doing well with a transition.

The LB'ers are Crap and can't make tackles.

Posted by: Marc | November 12, 2013 at 09:53 AM

This is ridiculous! The front 4 SUCK! THey cannot occupy blocks! Ever other run is a gash up the middl & the LB'ers are smothered by OL getting to the 2nd level.

DL fine? It's obvious you read they hype about how great guys ae supposed to be & don't watch gams. If you did, you'd see that next to the OL, the DL is the teams biggest weakness.


The DB's have done better than I expected, especially with injuries

Keller went down and Clay has done fairly well. Egnew seems to be contributing somewhat.

It's PROGRESS at least, and not regression. That's all I was saying.

So how much is Ross going to pay J Martin to shut up? 10 mill? 20 mill?

And Fred S.,

Either you are a for-real fan (although somewhat delusional), or you are one of the trolls on here that posts under umpteen different names with opinions only stated to get a rise out of the regulars. Can't figure out which, but I will.

Ross just don't kniw football..that the problem. He need a GM that know how to draft how to keep productive players knows leadership knows how to daft players in what this team needs..but I notice Nat Moore next to Ross. Is that the next GM? I hope Ross gets good advise from Shula Dan Marino for a GM and coach. I want David Shula as my next head coach.

Why are people talking about Aponte becoming GM or even being interim if Ireland is let go during the season? What the F has she done to remotely believe she is qualified to take on that roll? She is supposed to be the press conference or public relations queen...

I see Starks and Soliai in the backfield consistently as well! With no LB there to make a play!

yeah no worries, new gm will pick his own coach. this just makes ross less the bad guy in the firing of philbin

I've been a homer all year. I still hope the team does well, but its looking like another 7-9 season. If thats the case its time to clean house. Ireland, Sherman, Coyle, and even Philbin should probably go.

Wallace can't be used right and has not produced. The O-line is awful. Ellerbee and Wheeler aren't as good as they are paid and the D-line seems to have regressed despite all the money put into it.

This all falls on the GM and coaches to a certain extent. I still think Tannehill deserves another year with a new system and playcaller.

I hope this team turns it around, but I don't see it happening. Another 7-9 year means blow it up.

Sure leave Philbin in until the end of the year if Ireland is sacked. It won't make any difference, but sure do it.

Philbin will make the same excuses and ask another committee what he should do to fix it.

Philbin can go back look at some tape and then promise to fix it. Are you buying that, seriously now man are you buying that ?

What Difference should Ireland make to the bloody coaching man ??? Is he calling the plays, is he coaching the players. Is he in the locker room getting the guys pumped up, no no no.

Leave him in there, Fail Forward Fast, is that your thing. What can you see to believe in Philbin, what ???


Fire Ireland and get a solid GM in here and you'll see this turn around. The new GM can then decide on the coach. Personally Joe has done nothing to gain my confidence but also don't want to see another 2 yr rebuilding with a new off & def scheme.

How Ireland still has a job is beyond me ... let's look at his past:
1. Lets Long & Bush walk without getting adequate replacements and counting on Martin to move to LT
2. Signs M. Wallace to sick money despite the fact the QB he drafted can't throw a good deep ball. Ironic that Matthews as twice the TDs that MW has
3. 2013 draft - moves up to get a LT since he let Long walk .. oh we draft another DE that is a part-time player and the rest of the draft is MIA
4. 2012 draft - Egnew, Martin, Kaddu, etc - only THill, Lamar Miller and Vernon are solid picks
5. 2011 draft - Pouncey - solid but safe pick. Thomas - Bust, Gates - Bust

Is there anymore proof required?

Ross meeting Martin 2 days before NFL investigator...coincidence?


Totally disagree on Soliai and Starks. They are both fine d-lineman. Your getting a liitle carried away. It's a team game and sometimes when things go to crap it gets contagious. They need other people to step up as well to give them a spark.

I hated to see Tony Mcdaniel go who was just a back-up with us. Now he's a starter on the Seahawks D-line.

Marc, I include the d line in that. Wake will be slowing down now due to age and become merely mortal i.e. a 10 sack guy per year and the rest will eb exposed. I love Big Paul but to be 25th in the league in rush def is not acceptable and it is not only on the LBs. The holes inside were massive. No sacks to speak of either. Awful, awful, awful. Nobody in that front 7 is safe in my book ... and the co-ordinator has to go...

ok, dusty, got me back by calling me craig ... nice

Why get a new HC or GM?? Your guys are doing fine.

Sell the team, change the name, and move them... The Fins I knew ended with Shula and Marino. I don't know who this team is.

I do agree that the Dbs have done well though. Considering how they've been hung out to dry by the so so pass rush especially. Maybe that's what coyle shoudl stick to doing since that was his prior job.

Also, I struggle to see why Daniel Thomas is still playing in the NFL. He is honestly one of the worst running backs I have seen in the past 10 years that still consistently gets playing time. Nothing positive ever happens when he goes in the game. Another solid pick by Mr. Ireland.

Ellerbee and Wheeler are too similar..2 big stiffs that can't turn around ..one should be like a smaller guy..who's just a tackling machine guy..but there to similar.also ross says he's behind philbin cause they were coming off a win and there 8 games left..he better clean house.

Wake can't consistently beat the holding. I'll agree with that. I also agree Starks and Soliai don't win every matchup, but I also see when they blow up the linemen only to watch them cutback or bounce outside. Wheeler is terrible. Ellerbe isn't much better. Misi is invisible...But he got an extension haha

It's pretty funny 2 years ago everyone was so excited to see an offensive mind hired. Happy with all the experienced coaches they brought in.

Only problem with that is that they are dinosaurs. Coyle's defense is too vanilla. Same da*n blitz package with 2 lb'ers in the middle.

Sherman cannot utilize Wallace correctly. Make no mistake about it, Wallace is a great payer but, isn't used correctly. He didn't just run deep patterns and comebacks in Pitt. He ran slants, drags, curls.

Ellerbe & Wheeler are terrible. The sooner we can get away from these contracts, the better. AWFUL signings.

There is SO much more wrong with this team than right.

Dolphins aren't using Wallace wrong, he is a one trick pony who is only good for going long. He won't go over the middle, you never see him coming back for the ball or fighting for it, and he's got to lead the league in drops. There is a reason the Steelers let him go and gave the money he wanted to Antonio Brown...He isn't a true number one receiver, we had one of those and let him go to the Bears....

Ross is meeting with Martin on Wednesday and he says he has complete confidence in the staff, looks like things are on the up in Dolphin land.

Ross is going to pay off J Martin.

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