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Dolphins lose to (previously) winless Tampa Bay

TAMPA -- Don't ask me to explain this one. Don't ask me to explain this team. Don't ask me to explain this organization.

The Dolphins lost to Tampa Bay on Monday night, 22-19. The Dolphins are lost for reasons well beyond the fact they lost to the previously winless Buccaneers.

Forget for a second the Dolphins rushed for only 2 yards this game, the lowest rushing production of any NFL team since 2007. Forget for a moment they had 70 yards in penalties or that they only converted 4 of 12 third down attempts or that their only rushing first down came on a quarterback sneak.

All that is football. It happens sometimes.

But as I write in my column in Tuesday's Miami Herald, the troubles plaguing this team are deeper. And I'm not even talking about the ongoing Richie Incognito-Jon Martin soap opera.

I'm talking fundamental problems like how the Dolphins in the past month have lost to a glorified practice squad quarterback and a rookie who threw for only 139 yards.

I'm talking about how the Dolphins show no fire. They came out flat against Tampa Bay. If you read this blog or my column Monday you know I expected this team to come together and try to prove a point to everyone.

Well, they proved a point alright.

"Anytime you start out in a 15-0 hole, you're not expecting to do that," cornerback Brent Grimes said. "But we kept playing. We could have easily folded and said, 'No we're not ready for this game. We didn't come out to play.' But we came out slow but kept fighting."

Here's the problem, in this fight, the Dolphins were counter-punching. The Bucs were punching. They were the aggressors.

And yet the players say nothing is wrong. 

"We're a tight-knit team," Grimes said. That's why I'm really confused with people saying this is not a good locker room. This is a great locker room. We were ready to play. We came out and wanted to win but had a slow start. We started off bad and that hurts in this league. We fought back but down the stretch they made plays and we didn't."

"We are a close-knit group on the defensive line, defensively. and the whole team," defensive tackle Jared Odrick said. "The whole team hangs out with [each other]and it's something we brought upon ourselves. We call ourselves a tribe. So you're not going to see a separation of anybody. The more adversity. The closer we get."

Well, these guys will be soon meshing into one another because the mercury is ready to pop through the adversity meter.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is going to make changes. And, reading the signs Monday evening when the owner gushed about Joe Philbin and didn't mention Jeff Ireland until he said the general manager is on some internal policy committee, everyone is seeing that Ireland is looking more and more like the scapegoat.

This goes with my report Monday afternoon that said if Ross makes changes, he's more likely to keep Philbin than Ireland. I have a problem with this approach. I hope the Dolphins don't go that way.

It's clear, however, something is going to be done eventually. I'm just not sure it's going to be the right move. Can you blame me?


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Looks like the jets will take over the division in years to come...ughhh

how dare u tee

The same people that loved Henne love Tannehill. TOO FUNNY!

Truth, it's no secret Tannehill's strength is throwing to the middle of the field. No conincidence Keller, then Gibson, then Matthews all looked very good with Tannehill. We need bigger receivers, a true tight end, guys that will work the middle to open up the outside for hartline and Wallace.

DD, thanks bro. I think we see it the same. Really same old story. Mediocre team. Change things up, one thing stays the same, they are mediocre. Keep things the same, no difference, mediocre. Wake's good, but is he really a difference maker (in most games)? Patterson is good, but can you rely on a starter that starts 8-10 games? Have we won a game Patterson hasn't played in? Hartline's good, but can he run any route besides a slant and out pattern? Or get consistently open when plays break down? When the best CB is always on Wallace.

It's right there in the talent. They are good, but not great. They have talent, but they are inconsistent. Add to that coaches who can't maximize the talent or give them the edge with formations, mismatches and superior playcalling and we have what we see in front of us. 4-5.

I'm staring my Mike Evans or Sammy Watkins campaign effective immediately.

I wanted to keep Philbin. But I think after last nights game, I cannot say that anymore. I know the team went through alot this week, but they should not have been ran over on both sides of the ball in the 1st quarter. It was just shameful


At least Rishard looks like a DAMN good WR

i never once liked henne, but i like thill

Scott Peloi built that 8 and 0 Cheifs team. The whole defense was practically drafted by Peloi. Itd be great if he took this crap job!

..mikect..Personally I think wins would bring back some excitement. Remember the 3-0 start?? Most of us were pretty jacked.

I get the respect Phin fans have for Marino. He deserves this. But what role do you see for him? Seriously? I think Marino is best left alone to act like an idiot on the set. I think it would be a huge mistake to bring him on in any sort of role that makes real football decisions. Day to day stuff.

In other words. RT can't read the field and stares down the middle and has trouble throwing any other passes that aren't seam passes, so just get big guys that can catch in traffic, cause he WILL hang you out to dry. As seen on TV.

Yeah, great QB...SMH.

Marc, only 5 lost fumbles....

I agree with Omar. How we do we get Zach Thomas and Jason taylor involved with our team. I am not talking about some BS counsel. Roles that have them directly affecting the team.

piloi sucks and carl peterson drafted most of that team not piloi and his 3 straight number ones on dorsey (awful) jackson (horrible) and poe(finally hit on one)

Wow, who is the guy who thinks our LB's miss the odd tackle, you must be kidding us all. Wheeler, Ellerbe and Misi are the worst group I've ever seen assembled in my 30 years as a fan.

Over paid abd talentless is the common theme here.

Philbin has zero ability to get anything from them.

Wheeler should have been benched after that 15 yard foul, with our season on the line whata stupid pr1ck.

When Pouncey smashed the DL in the face, Thill the leader just looked on like a little kid scared of two big boys fighting. Thill is not a leader, the Thill fans fail to ever comment on this ever.

If you want to know everything you need to know about Wheeler Re-watch the Saints game. He made Sproles look like Barry Sanders. And they were throwing screens RIGHT AT HIM every play

rdubs thomas is brain dead and taylor is still busy trying to become an actor in low budget films.

Is it any coincidence Goivanni Bernard did the same thing? If he doesn't get injured we lose that game.

Really MarK? He only LOST 5 fumbles, so, it's OK?! IT's STILL A FUMBLE!

And what is it with Hartline that as soon as he catches any ball (which he does very well), he's always falling down. Must be a career preservation thing. Emmitt used to call it the business decision when he ran out of bounds early.

u guys all agreeing with me now on the lbs, most everyone in here was calling me names back in aug when i said i thought they would suck.

Mark, unless THill can magically become accurate throwing the ball down the field ge will akways be a middke of the road QB not even top 10. Hes not accurate at all. Moore the bsckup throws a better bsll than Tannehill and hes a backup. So what does that make THill?

He had a losing season last year and will have a losing season this year?? How many losing season does he have to have for you to realize hes part of the problem??

Marc, agred, the trunovers are high, I will grant you that but there's also reason for that. I'm not excusing them, but merely saying it's a thing that can be corrected, should give him a year to do so because he's progressing at the same time.

truth we understand every player on roster is part of the problem

Thill fans. Do you think he is a leader and if so please give me the evidence that I need to be convinced ?

I'll give you be as a good short range arm, we have a terrible HC, OC and line, but do you guys see the leader of men in his eyes.

Watch the Pouncey fight on NFL highlighs then defend him.

Here's another indictment on the coaching, penalties! Two horrendous, drive-killing, game-losing penalties did us in. The Pouncey one at the beginning of the game and the Wheeler one at the end. Both stupid, undisciplined penalties. Isn't that what Philbin is supposed to be about, discipline? Is it frustration spilling over? Isn't the frustration self-inflicted? Yet these guys can't control themselves?

If the team isn't good enough to beat bad teams, then at the very least they can be smart enough not to beat themselves, right? Aren't they disciplined and well-coached? OHHH WAIT, they mock smart guys. The culture is so debased and Neanderthal that smart players feel ostracized. Sorry, guess you get what you get when you fill your locker room with DUMB, HIGH CHARACTER, MEDIOCRE players.

He started this season on borrowed time MarK. You may need to see more. I've seen all I need to see. You can dismiss errors in skill and decisions, make excuses about supporting cast, but, they're just excuses. GREATNESS IS OBVIOUS. FROM DAY ONE. The obvious greats might have struggled a little getting started, but, you could clearly see they were special. I've seen NOTHING from RT that screams special.

@ 10:45, you've missed my constant campaigning for Dion jordan @ linebacker for teh last 7 weeks??. i agree Wheeler sucks. Not as down on Ellerbe as most but I think right now Dansby = Ellerbe, no difference. But Burnett (who I always thought they should've kept) > Wheeler by legions.

You need more then 2 seconds to make your reads guys, he has guys in his face before he even drops back

The OL is terrible, it's a joke at this point. Sure he makes inaccurate throws, he throws early often because he has too

Look at Eli this year, guy has no time to throw and he is awful, not even middle of the road. Tanny is middle of the road

Someone please come in and fix this GD OL once and for all, until then I don't care who is throwing the football, playing defense, etc...again 2 yards rushing

Mark in Toronto,
Can the other issues with Tanne be fixed, like the fact he can't throw an accurate deep ball, and doesn't know when to take off from the pocket and run the ball? And the incosistent accuracy on other throws?
On one drive, he looks like a franchise QB, on the next drive he looks like he does not belong in the NFL. I've seen zero improvement this year. And yes, it's hard to evaluate him because the OL is just terrible.

Mr Ross what the hell are your doing? Why are you bringing in Marino, Shula, Dungy to investigate your team...

Instead of allowing this mess to run its course you've just escalated the situation once again and brought unnecessary scrutiny to your players and coaching staff.

If there was one owner in the league who needs a big name GM it's you... you need to find a Marino, Dungy like individual to run this team.


He also throws LATE! Look, when in the redzone when he threw the ball to Clay short over the middle on 3rd down HARTLINE WAS WIDE OPEN in the ENDZONE!

WALLACE was WIDE OPEN down the field.

You can't miss the gimmes. Those are plays ALL good QB's make and all bad QB's miss. SIMPLE

any draftee in 2014 pix by the phins will opt to go back to college

Marino would never work with Philbin or Sherman, no way.

Nat Moore GM ? Can it be any worse than Spielmann, Mueller, Parcells or Ireland ? It can't.

Ozzie Newsome has done a pretty amazing job. Great GM's know football inside and out and can lead and inspire greatness. I'd go for Moore at this stage in the game.

Who is out there with experience of building a winner that would come here ???

Truth, tannehill is a qb that is improving. he's done nothign but improve from the time he was drafted, to his first camp, through his next offseason. Right now, agreed he is middle of the road, but no Qb is doen developing after two eyars and since he hasn't regressed at all I don't see any reason to replace him NEXT year.

And marc, with this GREATNESS argument, I don't agree. I would've loved you to discuss Drew Brees after year two. he was so great the Chargers spent the #1 pick on Eli and traded it for the #4 pick in Rivers. Not syaing he will be Brees but as long as he keeps improving, I have time for the guy.

Any NFL team that puts a woman in charge of telling the head ball coach what to say deserves to lose every game. Feminism has ruined every aspect of society, including work, business, law, farming, and sports.

Why is Aponte getting a pass here? Isn't she the PR gal here? First the players one sided with Incognito, that regardless of what will ultimately transpire, is a bad PR move. Ireland is completely MIA, and then Ross has 11 days to prepare for an interview and lays an egg.

I was sort of impressed with Ross' demeanor half way through the Tirico interview and the praised Philbin as if he was the second coming of Jesus. The ONLY reason he said that had to be because Aponte told him to do so. Philbin may be a terrible coach but he was smart enough to make a key alliance with Aponte.

And that is the whole problem here. Mr. Ross your investment (because you do not treat tbis team as your family), this team is rotten to the core. If you do not clean house, and I mean getting rid of every body you will end up with a product you could not even get the money you paid for it. Your organization is ran like a high school club, with petty alliances, lack of leadership and overpaid divas. Everybody but your people -and that includes that wonderful human being you are so fond of in Philbin- knew the OL was going to be a problem but no, your people decided we were better off signing other players and reaching in the draft for a player whose position was not even on the list of needs.

Clean house or else. Get the picture already, you thought the empty seats have been bad, wait til the SD game.

im not bashing Philbin, I think he is a good head coach. However him being emotionless is VERY annoying. Anyway, This is a disaster to say the least. The o-line is a big mess. Wallace is a head case. Man this just sucks right now. Ireland will be gone, I don't hate that move at all. However we need to re-sign Grimes and a few others, and with these distractions I feel like none of the things that need to get done will...

scott those arent big names. u need a legit big name guy whos done it before polian,peterson,etc

Thill fans, is your boy a leader and give me evidence ?

Marc, two things excite me about tannehill. One, how he plays at the end of halves. Some lightbulb just seems to go on and he hits another gear. Two, his execution in the red zone. Miami is #5 in the NFL in that stat (the only team stat we are top 10 in) and the guys scores TDs which is so refereshing from Henne and Sparano fist pump a rama

That's ONE GUY! ONE! Besides, Rivers and Brees are BOTH good.
Brady took over and never looked back
Big Ben went to the Sb his rookie year
Marino rookie year? Do I even need to say anything?
Romo/Manning kinda rough, but, watching you could tell

The list goes on. It's pretty obvious 9 out of 10 times

Anyone know what Mike Holmgren's doing these days?


Notice people talk about the 1 missed throw or not seeing Hartline. Did anyone bring up Clays' 2 big drops?

I thought Tannehill played very well and he could not avoid either of those sacks.

My biggest Tanny complaint, was when he didnt run in the redzone. Heck, I blame that on coaches making him scared to run,

BTW, yes Tanny missed a wide open Wallace, That sucks. Totally Tanny's fault. Until wallace catches more easy balls that he is dropping, he should stop his cry baby antics. He has a right to be frustrated, but grow up on the field. JMO

Posted by: Poizen | November 12, 2013 at 10:58 AM

What makes you say something as stupid as Philbin is a good head coach ???

You don't even watch the games, WTF are you talking about ?

I will agree. If he could play every series like the one right before the half that would be great!

Red Zone, maybe because we're never there I guess. Missing Hartline cost the game.

marc your comparing him to big time franchise guys , hof guys. thill doesnt have to be that good, those are very rare

MassD, this inaccuracy thing is a little overblown in my opinion anyway. Guy completes 61% of his passes so lets not act like he's Vinny Testaverde here.

Long ball, yeah that can be worked on.

And this running from the pocket, yeah I thought he should took off on the red zone play too.

And how could you say he hasn't progressed? All his stats are way up this year???

GREATNESS IS OBVIOUS. FROM DAY ONE. The obvious greats might have struggled a little getting started, but, you could clearly see they were special. I've seen NOTHING from RT that screams special.

Posted by: Marc | November 12, 2013 at 10:52 AM

You mean like Brady? Warner? Brees?

See my name!

DC Dolfan,

Please, don't defend that intellectual Martin. Here's a guy who was still texting Cogs a week later from 3000 miles away. While Cogs loses 100+k/week, Martin is still getting his check. Why isn't educated Martin coming back now that the big, bad bully is gone?Why? Because he is fu.king embarrassed! Fu.king embarrassed! He should be. The bi-polar SOB flipped out, ran home to CA to his Mom (where is his girl? Must not have one......kinda'odd for a young NFL'er) where he listened to her advice. Oh, by the way, she is a corporate attorney who SPECIALIZES in workplace harrassment/discrimination cases. Used to write friggin' articles for USA Today on this! Please, save your comments defending that fu.king baby. All this is now? A fu.king money grab! Nothing else!

Who ever you are. I do watch the games. He is in a second year of a disaster. I liked him as a o-coord. And I think he has some good philosophy's I did not say a great head coach, I said good at this point. there are bigger issues beyond Philbin that seem to be the problem.

Clay is just worried he's going to end up in a wheelchair before the season is over. He knows every catch is a potential broken neck, and he makes the majority of them. Find a receiver/TE anywhere that doesn't drop the occasional pass. They're TOUGH CATCHES, usually, low, high, behind, or in traffic.

brees wasnt great from the start. in his third year he went 2-9 with 11 tds and 15 ints

Rdubs, he has done that all season long.

Instincts are lacking seriously here. A Qb has to be aware and make things happen when the plays break down. The Thill fans never address this ever, as well as his lack of leadership or passion for the Dolphins. Watch the Pouncey fight, he just watches it and doesn't stop that fool Poncey give up 15 on the first possession of the freakin game.

No balls just like the rest of the team.

Marc, Aikman first few years? Steve Young??

There are a lot more.

And if I hear anyone again saying Brady and Big Ben were great in their first years, I'm going to choke. Those guys never threw the ball. Brady won the MVP with 140 yards passing only ebcause they didn't want to give the MVP to the kicker...

For alll the Cogs haters: Wish we had 4 more guys with his attitude on that sieve of a line!

Brady took over and never looked back
Big Ben went to the Sb his rookie year
Marino rookie year? Do I even need to say anything?
Romo/Manning kinda rough, but, watching you could tell

The list goes on. It's pretty obvious 9 out of 10 times

Posted by: Marc | November 12, 2013 at 10:59 AM

A. Brady was carried his 2nd year(1st as astartr)
B. Big Ben didn't go to a Superbowl his 1st year
C. Marino didn't even start his rookie year. Greatness is defined by Superbowls & he has NONE.

Try again. Better yet, just see my name!

Poizen, did you see that last play (the Revis INT)? Wallace didn't even ATTEMPT to go get the pass. He wasn't blocked, he wasn't far from the ball. He just watched Revis catch it. Didn't make a play whatsoever. Not even to try and get a PI. Just sat there and watched. Not even to knock the ball down so no one caught it.

He GAVE UP on the play. He GAVE UP on his team. He GAVE UP on his HC.

But don't worry, the team is united. They are backing Philbin. They are a tight-knit group. Nothing is wrong. We still have plenty of games to go this season (these last few sentences aren't directed at you, they are directed to the crap we hear from Philbin and the players).

And about Tannehill's leadership, the way he seems to improve in crunch time tells me he has intangibles.

he kicked 2 fgs in that game mark, 37,48 i think. law should of been mvp of that game

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