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Dolphins need late-game playmaking

My prediction for Sunday's game between the Dolphins and Carolina Panthers? It should be close. It will come down to the fourth quarter. It might come down to the last possession for each team.

Sound familiar?

That's how the Dolphins have played a majority of this season.

That's how the Panthers have played a majority of this season.

The difference between Miami's 5-5 record and Carolina's much more appealing 7-3?

“I think the biggest thing is for some of our games we won the close ones," Carolina coach Ron Rivera said. "Especially the last two weeks, was winning the close ones. My first two years we didn’t win the close ones. Our second game of the year this year against Buffalo we had an opportunity to win and we didn’t win the close ones. We’re in position now that we’ve won the close ones. We’ve done some things in the fourth quarter. We’ve done some things in earlier parts of the game that have given ourselves a chance to win and walk away winners."

That's it.

Consider how much different the Dolphins season would feel if they had made plays rather than given up plays late against Baltimore.

And Buffalo.

And Tampa Bay.

Those were three winnable games. Indeed, I'd offer the Dolphins should beat Buffalo and Tampa Bay most of the time. But they lost those games because they simply didn't make plays late.

Miami did make plays late against Indianapolis and Cincinnati and San Diego. And the resulting victories suggest that if the Dolphins are going to enjoy any success the remainder of the season, they need to get used to the idea of finishing strong.

"We have been stressing, if you look at our schedule and our games, it’s really come down to execution in the fourth quarter and stepping up and making plays when the game is on the line," coach Joe Philbin said. "I was pleased that Sunday against San Diego that’s what we did, we made enough plays in the fourth quarter to win the game."

It should be noted the Dolphins have won two of three games and those victories brought late playmaking by Cameron Wake, Brent Grimes and others.

That needs to continue. And against Carolina, the Miami offense could certainly use some late heroics as well. Ryan Tannehill is due. A back-breaking and unexpected long run would be welcome. Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline need to step up.

That's what it's going to take because the Panthers have been getting that kind of performance from Cam Newton, mostly everyone on defense, and even Ted Ginn Jr. last week. The Panthers believe they can make plays late to win games now.

I don't know if the Dolphins believe. I know they have to get to that point to save this season.

You, meanwhile, should believe this:

The team that makes plays late this game will be a winner by Sunday evening. 


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Is Ireland allowed to resign anybody now? With this whole bullcrap Jmart likes the kock controversy going on? Maybe Ross said, you are not allowed to spend anymore money right now

We prefer to win by 10 or more, but, oh well...

Rdubs@ 11:05

Teams can sign free agents as long as they get rid of a corresponding number of players to keep the roster at 53.

Look at Jville they literally sign players off the street and put them in the starting lineup especially at the OL and WR positions.

I really have a good feeling about this game. I havent had that in awhile. Maybe its the just the residual Euphoric affect I have had since I got my PS4.....Yes I am a nerd


How do we get there?


I meant if Ross will allow Ireland to spend his money right now. I wouldnt want my GM spending money and resigning players, if he isnt gonna be here next year. Know what I mean?

There's plenty of time to sign people. Might as well wait it out now. What if someone suffers a bad injury between now and the end of the year?

Our season will end by the 2nd week of January. Free agency doesn't start until March or so... plenty of time.

Charles Clay is 17th TE at 11.3 yds/catch. 17th is NOT a top playmaker. And this is his best season!

Miami 21
Carolina 10

Go Dolphinsssssss

Ross was too cheap to sign Vontae or Long or Bush. Thats just part of the reason we stink.

FYI, what if you compare him to fullbacks? He may get the Mike Alstott pro bowl nod.

TannePuke continues to lead the league.


Well, if you are looking at Charles Clay as a RB he's not in the top 150 in rushing yardage.

Gino leads the league in turn overs.

Per Carolina's coaches "we are game planning to stop Clay, he is a concern"

Clay had 100 yards last week. They've seen the film. He is respected.

F U L L B A C K!!!



Thank God for Brandon Weedon or Geno Smith would be the worst QB in the NFL.

This thread is kinda dead today, huh?

Win this game...

Then head to NY to claim the last wild card spot.

I hope Patterson plays. He is a pick machine

We needs a few TO's to win this game.

Greg Olsen wants to burn us because he tried to play here and Ireland told him NO.

He must be fired...

Cadillac, who has better numbers? Tannehill or Newton?

This is a game where good coaching SHOULD bring us a win (in addition to home field advantage). Though they have a top tier defense, their secondary is the weakness, and our passing game is the strength of our offense. Add to that Philbin/Sherman have tons more experience than Shula/Rivera offensively. A well-coached ball club would not start slow and have to play from behind. They would not wait until the 2nd quarter to wake up. They would not make careless errors (turnovers, penalties) this far into the season. They would not fail to make adjustments in the 2nd half. And they would not be fatigued in the 4th quarter.

How this team responds in those areas will go a long way into letting everyone know whether we need to go in a different direction next season or not.

This offense cannot score points in the 4th Quarter. Can't leave it up to the defense constantly. they are on the field too much in the 4th quarter. Tannehill tries too hard not to throw an interception so he ends up taking sacks. Sherman has no idea how to adjust for the blitz in the 4th quarter when the defense needs to make a play. Coaches are consistently out coached. He runs about a bland of an offense as you can get. That is why they cannot blow anyone out. Sherman has no idea how to use a tight end. This is a half arse offensive scheme, which is why you take most of the offensive players on Miami and put them on a another team they will do much better. Combine that offense with a QB who never made the offense successful in college, let alone the pro's, then this team is set for mediocrity. Now having said that, Tannehill needs a shot at playing in a pro style offense, then and only then will the fins find out if he is a franchise QB. Oh yeah, get a real QB coach as well, not the OC's son in law.

Also, to people who say we've been in every game (except the Saints) this season, I say, "what else is new?" That's been the case for the last decade practically, yet we never seem to win more than we lose. Mediocre teams are satisfied "being in every game." Good teams win most of the close games they are in. I will only be satisfied with winning, not having a chance to win.

By the way this is a trap game for Carolina. Miami is always victimized by trap games, just once can the other team fall into the trap. Carolina came off two big wins, are emotionally spent, had a short week, and of course everyone expects Carolina to win because they are on a roll. C'mon football gods.

On another note, anyone notice how bad officiating has been all year. It is as bad if not worse then the scab officials. Every media reporter, analyst, etc.. was calling out the scabs for every little call because they are all union members and need to support the union officials. But only now after the beloved Pats had a bad call are people up in arms, it has been talked about for several days. The officials have been horrendous and have contributed to two of the dolphins losses. Everyone is in the tank and has an agenda

Home field advantage eh? You must be an out of touch out of towner eh?

Yes the Phins lose because of the refs eh?

Season's over... Best move would be tanking our way toward higher draft pick.... preferably for a new GM & COACH.

It's the QB stupid eh?

I heard Tannehill & Wallace were at the park yesterday working on their chemistry.

...Dan Marino walked up and asked if he could play. Rumor has it Tannehill walked away with his head down while Wallace and Marino were arm in arm.

Just once, I would love to see Marino hit Wallace in stride, just once!

Dan marino hasn't had a good year since 1995. Bad news is he played for 4 years after that. He was an all time greeat but part of me will always be cross with him for not taking conditioning seriously. Guy was a slob physically. if he took care of himself, he would've been a factor later in his career. He was done by age 32.

So now it comes out Shannahan wanted Tannehill at the #6 spot.

So I guess all you TanneBashers should realize you don't know jack sht when it comes to where he should have been picked. Maybe a coach who as two rings and coached a HOF qb knows a bit more than you do?

'Mando, not meaning to argue your point, but the Fins need to learn to start faster and score earlier in the game. Instead of always playing catch-up.

So now it comes out Shannahan wanted Tannehill at the #6 spot.

So I guess all you TanneBashers should realize you don't know jack sht when it comes to where he should have been picked. Maybe a coach who as two rings and coached a HOF qb knows a bit more than you do?

Posted by: TanneHigh | November 22, 2013 at 01:13 PM

Kris and Marco for sure know way more than Shannahan. They told me so.

No shite Tannehill was a legit first pick. if we didn't take him at 8, Arizona, KC , or at worst Cleveland at 18 would've selected him.

iced107 says:
Nov 22, 2013 10:32 AM
RG3 = Redskins Go 3′n out

Read the comments section here. Daytonas are everywhere...



Cadillac, who has better numbers? Tannehill or Newton?
Posted by: FinsUnited | November 22, 2013 at 12:28 PM

7 wins to 5 wins

Reading that comments section, I just have to conclude that most football fans are jsut babies. WAH WAH WAH... I thought it was just on this board. You made the playoffs last year, had a down year this year, come back next year stronger ... that's it, that's all.

Must be all those childhood sports that don't keep score anymore that kids are playing that has people unable to deal with adversity...



I agree my son has played soccer for 3 years now and is 8 years old. They still dont keep score. Do you think these kids dont keep score in their head or know when they get their butts kicked. Its funny how we try to coddle these kids, yet these kids grow up to be mean A-holes who think they deserve everyhing, just because they are still breathing!

That's true rdubs. Defeat, humility, and resilience is a great lesson for kids to have and just to spare their feelings, we get retarded nuturing that leads to a crazy sense of self entitlement out there. I'd like to think that when/if I have a son that this would be a lesson I'd like for him to learn early (becoming a Dolphins fan would help with that, haha). If I have a daughter though, all bets are off, she's getting everything!!

..Rdubs...I have never agreed with the everyone wins mentality. I was the head of our local school board for 2 years. One of the reasons I stepped down was that 1 I had no children in the school. But 2 the parents wanted to institute a similar program for the local ski team. My point, my opposition was that participation is great..The team concept is a valuable learning tool. Part of the reason is you learn how to win, you learn how to lose...In life, most lose more often then they win...just the facts.

Nope...The majority of the parents thought that there should be no focus on winning or losing. Everyone was a winner, everyone got a medal..I do not know where the shift in thought was(as far as this belief nobody wins, nobody loses)IMO it is a mistake in our culture.

It's a retarded belief. You learn a whole lot more in losing and you're right DD. We lose more than we win in life, espcially if you come from middle of the road financially or less than middle of the road in many instances. I'm glad I played baseball in a time when they kept score. i remember our team was just ok but we played in the biggest baseball tournament in the city at the end of the year and our team caught fire, we got to the semi finals, got a big lead and lost it late. We were only about 10-11 years old at the time. The whole team just broke down when it was over, just shattered emotionally. But it's one of the best memories of my childhood. Learned the true meaning of team sports that week, that the colelctive sometimes is greater than the individual parts.


They will be invited to join a tournament team (USSSA etc) where they can really be exploited for the benefit of their parents. It's the parents that make such a big deal out of the success of the child. It is the parents that scream at the child for making a mistake that cost the game. After a while the child gets tired of it and doesn't want to do it anymore but the parent make them keep doing it.

I KNOW THIS FIRSTHAND BECAUSE I PUT MY SON THRU IT IN BASEBALL. He started 50 games at catcher for his varsity baseball team (8 games freshman, 22 games junior & 22 games senior). He set a number of records. He was in the newspaper several times. He HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

The smartest bloggers here say Tannehill was a late round project player. They say a QB that doesn't play at a pro bowl level by his second season is a bust.

Peyton, Brady, Elway, Marino were rare breads that never fumbled or threw avoidable interceptions.


Did you ever (or should I say how many times) pull your son's ears?

Sorry it didn't work for you ETF. But maybe you should've left the coaching up to the coaches and just supported your guy in whatever he decided to do - play sports or not. A lot of parents unfortunately make this mistake and I made this mistake with my nephews too.

In time I just figured out desire is something you can't transpose. They either want to play or don't want to play.

Farley @ 2;03

That is inappropriate

Since joining the Dolphins Ireland has used 19 draft picks on skill position players ....yet doesnt have one top playmaker to show from the 19 picks! Yikes!


You are inappropriate. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones - or pull on their sons ears.


Right from ProFootball Talk.

That should end the foolish talk of fools that say he wasn't worth a first round pick.

They all hate it by the time they get to high school, they keep doing it for 2 reasons:
1. The parents want them to
2. The coaches need them to

The kids that play on the tournament teams are the presumed future varsity starters. That being the case the kids that don't play on tournament teams drop out of the sport because they know that the tournaments kids will be the starters. The reason varsity baseball teams only have about 15 players is because all the other kids have dropped it and now the coach needs these guys to play.

Since joining the blog Phinmanski has posted 25,962 times and nobody has bothered to engage him in discussion!


TannePuke is a huge dissapointment for a 1st rd pick. He cant carry a team. He's as pathetic as Henne. Its no wonder Wallace hates him.


When I catch you you'll swallow the whole load, 3 gulps at least.

So....If Shanahan really wanted Tannehill, and we hire a new GM in Jan. and the Skins fire Shanahan in Jan....he may get his wish after all.


I am just glad we are domne with primtime games.,

not our fortay

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