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Dolphins: Not under investigation, no bullying concern

The Dolphins this morning released to the media a statement about right tackle Jonathan Martin. It reads:

"The Miami Dolphins, including Coach Joe Philbin and Jonathan's teammates, have been in communication with Jonathan and his family since his departure from the club and continue to be in contact.  Our primary concern for Jonathan is his overall health and well-being.  As an organization, we take any accusations of player misconduct seriously. The notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally.  The reports that the NFLPA is investigating our players are inaccurate. Additionally, the NFL offered its assistance during this time, which we appreciated and gladly accepted. We will continue to make Jonathan's health and well-being a focus as we do with all of our players."

The statement is push-back against a FOX Sports report citing unnamed sources stating Martin was victimized by bullying in the Dolphins locker room and an ESPN report that cited unnamed sources saying left guard Richie Incognito was the subject of an NFL Players Association investigation into bullying tactics against Martin.

Additionally, Incognito, who was the focus of the ESPN report written by Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, went on something of a twitter rant this morning demanding the record and his name be cleared.

Incognito tweeted to Shefter: "Stop slandering my name.  You hide behind "sources" who are not man enough to put their name behind the BS you report."

And this:

And this:

It is interesting that coach Joe Philbin was asked directly on Thursday and Friday if indeed Martin was being bullied. He could have crushed the story right then and there. Instead, he said he was aware of the allegations but did not chose to confirm or deny them at the time.

“I’m aware of this report. I can say without question that we emphasize a culture of team-first accountability and respect for one another. Any behavior that deviates from that is inconsistent from the values of our organization. That’s all I’ll say in regards to that."

He was asked directly if he has seen any bullying in the locker room.

"Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated,"

So instead of simply saying on Friday he was not aware of any bullying or had not heard complaints of any bullying, Philbin let the situation fester, let what the Dolphins now say was wrong information continue to drive the narrative. Until, of course, the release of today's statement that answers the question three days later.

And the cost for that charade?

Incognito's name was associated with bullying. Martin's public image, already troubled after he left the team due to his emotional ills, looks worse because the bullying story made him look as if he has not ability to defend himself.

In other words, the Dolphins are now trying to manage a public relations problem they helped foster by talking in circles when asked direct questions last week.


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All of us as fans should have the players and teams back on this one. We should all be pissed. Many have been misled and a damaging story essentially was fabricated about our team and players.

Odd..... The press latches on to this but will not voice their opinion during NFL, MLB etc. rookie hazing. No they report all those antics and cute and adorable.

This is why Incognito is an invaluable part of this team. He doesn't care what public perception is. He's blunt and he's going to call you out regardless of the "right" thing to do. Most people wouldn't do what he did. Best part is: he calls these people out and they won't bother saying anything back, everything they say will be behind closed doors because they're too afraid of what will happen if they defend themselves publically. Finally nice to see ESPN called out for their ratings-boosted stories.


Remember all of the rookie haircut hazing pictures that were going around the beginning of training camp this year? Everyone around the NFL loved it. But now it's a problem because someone (Martin) complained. (Unfortunately) ain't that how it always happens. Double-standards are so evident in society today that most people don't realize they're being hypocritical.

This is ALL on the media not Philbin. I wouldn't answer the questions either if I was Philbin. That was smart. He can't unsay anything once it comes out or he's a liar. They were gotcha questions and why he shares nothing with the media.

They have nothing to manage on the PR side..all they did was set the record straight. Now all those that fabricated this have to answer for their part.

It seems like the media are the ones talking in circles.


Think ESPN answers to Richie or act as if nothing was ever said since they can't:

A) reveal their "unnamed sources"
B) verbally fight back for PR reasons
C) prove one way or another without going against journalism etiquette

I'm going to love seeing how this plays out and will love seeing ESPN get what they deserve

A couple of things here. To those people that had already judged and condemned Incog...you know who you are...hoped you learned something. I kinda doubt it though.

Philbin needs to distance himself from Aponte. The 'Checkpoint Charlie', bunker mentality is a double edge sword. Philbin needs to know what edge to use.

Whatever Philbin said would be used against him with one of these false reports. So he says, no bullying and espn, fox, cbs sports ect says, bullying. Then the media says, hey Philbin, you said no bullying, so you're a liar !
There is no winning with the media, they can say whatever they want and get away with it. NBC is a prime example of a network busted constantly with lies and what punishment do they get ?

In fact I have an unnamed source that says ESPN staff especially pretty boy Jessie"I prefer Sara," Palmer and Fox's Jay Glazer .....well never mind, you get the picture and it's not what you think, lol! My sources are impeccable and will remain anonymous!

How the tables have turned. Let the suspensions/firings/apologies/retractions/slander lawsuits commence.

I will say one thing about this Martin situation. Bullying is commonly associated with children, teenagers and sometimes college students. Does it happen in the work environment? Sure it does. That is what your HR Director is for.

These are professional athletes getting paid millions of dollars for playing a SPORT. If Martin has other personal issues, he needs to deal with them like any other adult does. But leaving the team because of bullying from his teammates? Let's get real. Martin has been soft since he arrived in Miami, he continues to be average at best, and I don't think Cogs needs to be the fall guy for another player who can't handle the "lockerroom" associated activities with the NFL.

And Philbin is largely to blame. How do you let the situation get to the point where it spirals so out of control that a player leaves the team?

Bottom line- The organization better get this right. You don't jettison one of your toughest players on your team to save a soft one. It sends the wrong message entirely. I know some like Dashi don't want bullying to be tolerated. I don't want it either with my KIDS! But this is the NFL. Grow up and deal with it, or if you have bigger issues, deal with those privately. And if you can't do either, GET OUT OF THE NFL! There are other choices in life if you don't want the millions that you are making in the NFL Martin.

If the Dolphins screw this up, it will once again prove how incompetent this organization is.

Posted by: tvegas | November 03, 2013 at 09:16 AM

The Dolphins keeping mum leads to all sorts of rumors and speculation that would be avoided if they were forthcoming on the facts rather than being so secretive about everything. They clearly hate the fans and media.

From AP

MIAMI (AP) -- The NFL Players Association is looking into Jonathan Martin's situation in Miami.

Martin left the Dolphins on Monday to receive help for emotional issues, and it's unclear whether he's expected back. The Dolphins are off this weekend.

In a statement released Saturday to The Associated Press by the union, the NFLPA stressed its concern about players being provided a ''safe and professional workplace.'' Martin reportedly left the Dolphins because of the way teammates were treating him, with guard Richie Incognito cited in one report.

''The NFLPA believes that management has an obligation to ensure a safe and professional workplace and we will continue to be in close touch with our player leaders and all players involved as the information develops.''

Armando you act as if they were asked questions by a grand jury.

Reporters should report the news not create it. I've never really liked the Dolphins tight lipped approach on football related matters but in these kind of instances where no one knows what up with Martin but Martin, it's probably the best approach to take.

The Dolphins keeping mum leads to all sorts of rumors and speculation that would be avoided if they were forthcoming on the facts rather than being so secretive about everything. They clearly hate the fans and media.

Posted by: Vazman | November 03, 2013 at 10:46 AM


Right back on the speculation train. LOL

Maybe they did not have all the facts when Philbin was asked the gotcha questions. Unless you have "sources" in the organization.

Ross aaid he would make sure the team was more transparent than in previos yesrs. He lied.

Mando - you cover this team every day - what is going on? How are these national guys getting information and all you can do is talk about the statements Philbin made. Talk to some of the players - find out what's going on instead of sitting on your duff and criticizing the Dolphins company line statements which are par for the course.

The Dolphins would like to just take the fans money and give nothing in return.

First thought: I don't hear the national press criticizing Billecheat--who constantly talks in circles, giving non-answers. Second:and this comes from my considerable experience as a public information officer, most reporters only care about being the first to air a story. Most of the time, they aren't concerned with getting the facts first; which is why they usually preface their breaking news with the ubiquitous catch-all "alledged". SMH. Fins Up and Fight-On Ritchie!

Martin left the Dolphins on Monday after a cafeteria prank had several teammates leave his lunch table as he sat down. He proceeded to smash his food tray and left the facility.

One teammate said Martin "just snapped," following the prank, which came a day after he allowed one of the team's six sacks the 27-17 loss to New England, which was his first start at right tackle this season.

If it looks and sounds like bullying its bullying!

Speaks volumes to me where everyone's coming from. Shows who the fans are and who are not.

all business want to make money and as much as possible. What are you a commie Ross?

Stephen Ross, worst sports owner ever?

And cheapo Ross wanted the taxpayers to fix HIS stadium?? WTF Ross?

Interesting how our OL has their best game of the season when Martin isn't in the lineup

Think Thursday night's game shows we really don't need Martin. Problem is that's another wasted draft pick and another OL spot that needs patching at season's end. Not even like Martin could be kept as backup at this rate. Fail to resign incognito and you're left with:

Hole, Hole, Pouncy, Hole, Hole

Allllllrrrrriiiiigggggghhhhhhtttttt Miami...

AnonymousCane, there you go being dumb, Jesse is a college commentator, not an NFL one. He has said zilch about the Martin issues., and he was right about the U. Moron

What a joke of a franchise. Its no wonder no one goes to their games.

....unless Pouncy is in jail, then we might as well just start Moore at QB until he gets injured because that's what's going to happen at this rate

Zonk you're as dumb as the anonymouscane.

If it wasn't Martin, it was going to be someone else, to complain at their treatment in the present Football environment. Don't know how many times we have said this, Players coming in now into the NFL are a different breed, both physically, psychologically and educationally. I hope this episode serves as a warning bell for the League to come up to standards of these new Times.

Philbin has no control over his locker. And he seems spineless too since he allows aponte and ireland to control how he talks about his team. I felt bad for him when he came here from GB with his son and that whole situation. But it's apparent he has no control in his locker room, and he is a pawn of the entire regime, that must go soon. The miami dolphins are a disaster waiting to happen. Ross needs to get it under control fast.

Can't imagine Martin playing one snap with the likes of Larry Little,Bob Kuchenberg,Jim Langer,etc. He sure is no superstar,medicocre at best, and the Dolphins are getting so much bad press over this.Watching ESPN this morning and that is all the talk is about in regards to the Fins. Philbin is not head coach material in the NFL,he Ireland,and Martin should all be fired,NOW!If Martin does not know what football culture is like after high school,college,and the NFL,maybe he should get an office job and work with women since real men hurt his feelings.

Nothing to see here....

No bullying took place....


Jedi mind trick......

Question is will Martin ever play again...for us or anyone else?

Maybe the phins could start to focus on, you know, bullying their opponents rather than each other. That run-D is pathetic. It's hard to watch other teams bully our d-line and linebackers. They are pathetic.

Well, at least this has overshadowed the criticism of TanneBust lol

Jonathan Martin is just another in the long line of Irescum busts....

This is a bad football team folks eh?

I still cant forget Ross trying to hire a HC before firing the HC. And lap dog Ireland going along with it. GEEZ!

Hey Daytona....read the article about Egnew...EH!! Looks like Ireland picked another acorn....EH?? Martin is far from a bust and now Egnew is showing his value....must suck to be wrong all the time Daytona....EH???

Bullying????!!!! WHat are they, 10???

ESPN is reporting that Jonathan Martin hung himself this morning.

Ya think that is bad wait till we put a gator in Shermans shower.ESPN and the rest of DA DIRT BAGS can have an exclusive if you pay TOP DOLLAR.

Pouncey was served with another subpoena this morning at his cardboard home under the fifth street bridge in relation to the Martin hanging where there's evidence of foul offensive line play.

This is why Incognito is an invaluable part of this team


He's a C+ lineman on unit that's given up more sacks than any team in the league.

He's a hot head whose skills were showcased last Thursday ... early on... when he was treated like a turnstile by Geno Atkins when trying to block him 1 on 1.

His leadership and maturity skills are on display during this fiasco.

"I hope this episode serves as a warning bell for the League to come up to standards of these new Times."

Kudos for raising such a great point. I agree with you.

Maybe I'm getting too old (48) to be a fan... but the game isn't what it used to be...

The leagues faces such issues... concussions, drugs, etc.

This is all great news. Fins may actually have something concrete and tangible to REGROUP AND RALLY AROUND.

Considering this, either the Bucs game will be our first COMPLETE GAME of the season or this team pitches a tent and die.

Beginning with Tampa Bay, I expect to see A TEAM making serious run at PLAYOFF and becoming a LEGIT and BONAFIDE contender.

Still, I EXERCISE my great optimism using EXTREME caution!

STFU up man...

You guys are the investigative reporters. Do your job and investigate? I don't blame the Fins for essentially not commenting. Who's to say that the press wouldn't have found another "source" to refute comments made by the Fins?

You want to know why this team is in total disarray this year? The answer is simple. It's like pee in a punchbowl. It spreads and contaminates everything.

As a Dolphin fan going back to the inaugural season, this is despicable. If the Vegas story is true, it's beyond inexcusable. Would any of you tolerate one of your coworkers shaking you down for a huge chunk of change for something you refuse to participate in? Maybe even something that goes against your core value and beliefs. Of course you wouldn't. But somehow it's acceptable to you in this particular situation. Incognito is a POS poison. Always has been, always will be. Did you forget the endless barrage of pathetic behavior with the Rams? Like getting into fights with the coaching staff. Or head butting opposing players in games. In four years with the Rams from 2006 to 2009, Incognito drew 38 penalties, including seven unnecessary roughness calls, more than any other player during that span. Or how Incognito was voted the second-dirtiest player in the NFL...by his peers. If that's not enough, you can go all the way back to when he got kicked off Nebraska’s football team.

He is a poison.

Want to know what Incognito is REALLY like in the locker room? Here's a minor glimpse, but so foretelling. But be ready for it. See for yourself what a PIG this man-boy is.

Go to Deadspin.com
Search Incognito
Click the thread: Report: Richie Incognito Played Main Role In Bullying Jonathan Martin
Watch the video.

You'll begin to understand why things are the way they are this year.

I really wanted to respond profoundly here. But when I think back to high school and even college - to the sheer number of bullies, sociopaths and god-complexed athletes...

I hope Martin gets help if he needs it. And for his teammates...maybe you guys should be more concerned about your careers than who pays for dinners or Vegas trips.

There is a reason a stereotype exists about athletes. And the one's that the stereotype does not apply to should be reigning in those for whom it does.

Come on Mando you know Philbin isn't going to give you that information. Especially since now we know that the issue is being investigated. Cut the guy some slack!

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