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Ross requests review to put everyone on notice

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross over the weekend called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and asked for help in the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito work place misconduct scandal.

"Our owner Steve Ross, who had been involved throughout the entire process, contacted the commissioner, Roger Goodell, and requested the NFL become involved and conduct a review of the work place," coach Joe Philbin said.

This is important.

First it contradicts the narrative that Ross is an absentee owner. But that's inside baseball stuff that ultimately doesn't matter. No, what makes this significant is Ross wants a thorough and unbiased review that he might not otherwise get if the Dolphins did the review internally.

(Frankly, the Dolphins probably aren't as well equipped to do this review as the NFL. Philbin is a football coach not an attorney. General Manager Jeff reland is a personnel man not an attorney.)

Ross is apparently aware that everyone he deals with in Dolphins football leadership -- Philbin, Ireland, and executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte -- have agendas. That agenda is quite obviously keeping one's job.

And so, Ross understands if any of these folks were heading the internal review, their agendas might seep into that review. Ross instead wants a review that is free of self-defense by any of his employees. He wants the unvarnished truth of what is right or wrong within the Dolphins work place.

And the reason he wants it is key:

Jobs are indeed on the line.

Ross is prepared to use the review to make career decisions on various people within the organization if they are found wanting by the review. Ross is prepared to make changes. And that means more than just Richie Incognito or Jonathan Martin are in the crosshairs.

So this NFL review, requested at the highest levels by the Dolphins owner, has put everyone on notice.  


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How can Jeff Ireland be blamed for any of this? It's not as if he assembled the team. That would be a combination of Bill Parcells, Joe Philbin and Dawn Aponte. My suggestion to Dawn Aponte is make sure your resume is up to date.

Typo- Meant, I wouldn't mock the Bills

Lil Bobbyd12....watching NFL network and 3 players stated that they didn't feel it was abuse. Wake, Wallace and Sims. In fact Wake said he believes that a rookie must earn his way into the 'Club" and he sees nothing wrong with a rookie carrying his pads or buying him soap. However none of them said they support Cogs??

What scares me is who in their right mind, player,coach, gm, ball boy would want to step into this mess.

I would love Marino and Cowher to come in, I would also like Gruden and OC Shula to come in. After that the list seems a little thin.

We probably missed an opportunity with Nolan and probably a bigger one with the guy who went to Philly.

Cowher probably has the name to get what we need. Marino might want to compete with Elway one more time.

But really be careful what you ask for. We might end up with the guy who drove KC in the ground. Probably the only card Ross could play with his rep.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

NFL Network releasing the voice mail that Cogs left and given it's not a text but voice mail I think Cogs is done in the NFL as well, it reads:

Hey wassup, you half N I G G E R piece of C H I T. I saw you on twitter, you been training 10 weeks. I want to C H I T in your F U K I N mouth. I'm going to slap your real Mother across the face, LAUGHTER. F U your still a rookie. I'll kill you.


I just read it on ESPN and I tell you guys the racial epithets may get Martin a reprieve with players. This is a voice mail Cogs is done in the game, PERIOD!

we want a game/culture of violence, of extreme ridiculously bad/aggressive behavior.....we cheer it, we pay for tickets and play fantasy football....we dont really want to know the details, or the issues, do we? (I dont)--what kind of players and men do you expect to play that kind of game?--we asked for it....and we got it--stop whining.....just deal with it-----reality----expectations.....most here need to adjust them, now and big time


Turn on ESPN this is one of a handful of actual voicemails, WOW!

Here is my golden idea. How about putting the Don in charge of finding the next leadership. He has enough friends we might get supprised.

Probably have to do this at the end of season though.

Philbin gets the rest of the season and a chance to right the ship. I dont think the players really want to play for the man. And say what you want about Tony but the players backed him up.

NFL network says that there is no way that mgmt. didn't know this was going on. No way according to Coach Billick.

Lil Bobbyd12....watching NFL network and 3 players stated that they didn't feel it was abuse. Wake, Wallace and Sims. In fact Wake said he believes that a rookie must earn his way into the 'Club" and he sees nothing wrong with a rookie carrying his pads or buying him soap. However none of them said they support Cogs??

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 04, 2013 at 07:44 PM

Bill read my 7:46 post,

Apparently it's a handful of voicemails this is the 1st one leaked, WOW!

NFL network says that there is no way that mgmt. didn't know this was going on. No way according to Coach Billick.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 04, 2013 at 07:49 PM

Your on the wrong channel ESPN is showing the voicemais!

Reviews are almost always trumped up minutiae to justify management doing something that they wanted to do in the first place. Hopefully in this case that's firing Jeff Ireland.

its comical.....Dolphins are in the crosshairs, and rightfully so.....but lets not all act like it doesnt happen across the league, in every locker room.....and/or other awful, shameful situations arent occurring, or havent occurred.....gimme a break--is it right?.....is it good?.....the way it should be?--probably not.....but this is the deal, across he NFL, in one form or another.....Harbaugh/Smith situation (shameful)......Payton/Saints situation last year (embarrassing.....sounded bad....but we all know it goes on)--Pats have/had a psycho on their roster (did they know it?--or, how could they not?).....etc, etc. Violent, brutal, aggressive sport......played by violent, brutal, aggressive men--and this leads to trouble?--problems?--geez, thats shocking.

I actually think Philbin may be able to pull through this. If we beat the Bucs, the players will rally behind him and the rest of the coaching staff.

Crazy to think, but this may save our season. Martin and RI were playing very poorly to this point. Against a tough Bengal D, we ran the ball so well with Garner and Mac.

F4L I heard the tape....just the texts alone he was done.....but this should be the coup de grace!

My mistake @7:46 it's on ESPN not NFL Net.

Very wrong on the Coach's part, knowing they were on national exposure with Hard Knocks, to refer to Players with demeaning nicknames, ankle-weights, butter-ball, etc. That shows an abysmal lack of awareness and perhaps some feeling of empowerment and frankly, dumbness. I didn't like it then, not thought it was a good idea.

Wow now Oscar finally gets the message that Philbin and Ireland have lied all the way through this mess.

Nice to see you got there in the end my friend, no ?

A private stadium that brings in more tax revenue to Fla/Miami in 1 game then you will in your lifetime. Please don't make stupid statements unless you understand economics.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 04, 2013 at 07:03 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/11/dolphins-owner-stephen-ross-over-the-weekend-called-nfl-commissioner-roger-goodell-and-asked-for-help-in-the-jonathan-martin-.html#storylink=cpy

If that was directed at my comment Bill A than it is you who doesn't understand economics. Empty stadiums won't help Ross the BILLIONAIRE welfare recipient. Scandals, racists and criminals wont get a sniff in Tallahasse. And Ross knows this.

Oscar you brought up a very good point about the name calling in Hard Knocks. Philbin and his staff set the culture and tone the first day they arrived.

I'm sure Ireland, Aponte and Philbn are deleting texts, emails, voicemails, and memos while getting the legal talent they can afford.

Meanwhile, a case may be being built against Pouncey.

Martin will go to Indy and be a ten year All Pro.

Every NFL team has a security staff, why were they not tasked with keeping an eye on possible league violations regarding workplace issues? If they missed this then they need to be held accountable as well.

I would start by firing the head of security, then I would look for the results of the NFL investigation to name every coach, administrator, employee that was culpable in allowing this to go on unimpeded. Any that were guilty of collusion, or of ignoring this and looking the other way, would be looking for a new line of work.

Shame on Cogs!
Shame on other Dolphin teammates who knew of this and either contributed or did nothing. You are also guilty of this criminal behavior!
Shame on coaches and staff who knew of this and did nothing. You telling me nobody knew?!?!?!?
Shame on the NFL for creating these monsters. This is only the beginning and I'm sure there are many cases we just are completely oblivious to across the league. The salaries and treatment of these athletes, they believe they are above the average Great American in this country.

, but right now there is no greater embarrasment than the Miami Dolphins organization. Something needs to be done about it.

Posted by: tvegas | November 04, 2013 at 07:42 PM

I won't argue this not because of the Incognito B.S. but the fact Philbin so STUPIDLY lied about his knowledge. WHO would have thought that HARD-KNOCKS would have been the evidence against the Coach who FIRED OCHO over a domestic case.

This organization just keeps disappointing. We have not had this much press since 2000. Too bad it is for all the wrong reasons. Please for the love of God clean this team up Ross or just sell it to an interested and KNOWLEDGEABLE owner.

Halelujah! Thank God at least Ross is doing the right thing in all of this.

In the end if Ireland and Philbin are let go and we finally get an experienced leader to run this franchise properly we may all be thanking Jonathan Martin whether he's playing football or not.

The coaches being clueless doesn't fly with me.

The other thing I find weird is this. Why did the players elect Incognito to the leadership council if he was a locker room cancer. Please don't tell me people like Paul Solai, Randy Starks, and Cam Wake were afraid of him because that's total BS. Why was he voted in by the players? Hmmmm

Guys it gets worse!

A text asks, How do half breeds do it from the butt!

Jesus Martin is still a PUNK! If you talk to me that way I will BREAK YOUR F'N NECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any GM candidate insists on the right to hire his own HC.
Any HC candidate demands his own QB.

Clean house means New GM, HC & QB

Who said that Philbin is lying? About what you mean? If so, is it proven? What has Ireland to do directly with all of this? You're just one of these little uneducated dummie pieces around here that cause more trouble than anything else, Marquito.

Great point brought up by Keshawn Johnson saying that Ireland is the responsible party for it all.

We have a weak locker room. For no-one to stop the bullying, we have a weak bunch with poor characters.

This is the Ireland Regime. Liars and racist apologists.

To think not one coach, assistant or equipment guy had heard nothing of this Martin R~I abuse, is an insult to our intelligence.


When I was in the Corps I was in a platoon one time with a white guy who absolutely terrorized a black dude; pushed his wall locker over one time and everything.

The strange thing was no one disliked the black guy or the white guy but whenever the white guy saw the black guy he went crazy and attacked him.

Most of you are 5 hours behind. That's when text of VM was out.

Ingcognito is an * in NFL history. He's finished.

Martin will get tons of offers outside the NFL including a book deal.

Ireland and Philbin are DMW. Fodder. The lawyers are in charge and Ross, NFL, Inc will do everything to insulate themselves from inevitable lawsuits and lessen settlements.

"What scares me is who in their right mind, player,coach, gm, ball boy would want to step into this mess."

This is kind of an ignorant statement. The mess has been made by Incognito, Martin, Ireland, and Philbin. They are the "mess".

They will all be gone by years end or sooner. The mess will be cleaned up and someone will have a shiny new car with Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Clay, Keller, and a young moldable qb to work with. They will probably have decent draft placement. They will also be 36 million under the cap BEFORE making cuts.

And they will have a loaded defense with a bunch of young players waiting in the wings.

They will also work for an owner who is desperate to win and will once again open his wallet and shell out as much money on the team as the new guy wants.

Sounds like a f$#@ing dream job to me, what in the hell are you smoking?

Channon Crowder just admitted that he paid $ 17K his rookie year for dinner for veterans. This stuff is getting blown way out of proportion. These hypocrite former athletes saying that this did not happen when they were playing and being outraged are lying. Kudos to Crowder for speaking the truth. I guarantee you that Ray Lewis did his share of hazing/bullying now he won't admit to it for the cameras.

Incognito did go over the line with the comments but the media is citing instances when dolphin veterans made rookies pay for dinner, as if it is something that they cannot believe. ESPN needs to look itself in the mirror they just hired Lewis who was involved in a murder and now they criticizing the dolphins veterans for hazing rookies. Give me a break. I agree cut Incognito but it should end right there.

Martin will go to Indy and be a ten year All Pro.

Posted by: Sigh | November 04, 2013 at 07:59 PM

Sure he will, sure he will. The guy Pioli and two other gms said they wouldn't have drafted because he was soft coming out of college, the guy who has been underperforming ever since he arrived will now be an all pro. Yep

How many yards rushing did we get last Thursday night after Incognito went out with the neck injury, while at the same time Martin was inactive? I realize Atkins went down for the Bengals, but I'm just asking. How many sacks did we allow after Incognito went out, while at the same time Martin was inactive? Maybe the answer to this O-line is right in front of our face and we don't see it. We'll have to get by with who we have and address the O-line in free agency and the draft. Where have we heard that before? Only since last off season.

Even if this public disgrace ends up becoming a morale turnaround for Philbin, I don't think he will be able to make it last for long.

However we could have a nice chance to land decent coaching and personnel staff as long as Ross speaks to the right individuals (Shula, Marino?) offering total freedom to bring their own people and make their own decisions.

Didn't Dez Bryant end up with a 6 figure dinner bill during his rookie training camp?

Oscar. Are you telling me that you believe Philbin knew nothing of the bullying ?

WTF you are an apologist for racists my friend, or your are very naive ?

Philbin is either incompetent, or turned a blind eye to racist abuse. The other players in the locker put up with it.

Wallace doesn't just drop passes all over the field he bombs during the interview, where he states, "I wish Ritchie was here", WTF, he loves racist pigs like RI, he and Wake make me sick. Failure of leadership from coaches and vet players.

Channon Crowder just admitted that he paid $ 17K his rookie year for dinner for veterans. This stuff is getting blown way out of proportion. These hypocrite former athletes saying that this did not happen when they were playing and being outraged are lying. Kudos to Crowder for speaking the truth. I guarantee you that Ray Lewis did his share of hazing/bullying now he won't admit to it for the cameras.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | November 04, 2013 at 08:17 PM

Not the point I posted earlier that Junior Seau took the cradir card of Ryan Leaf in 99 (money worth a little more) and racked up 89K on it. They didn't extort they flat out robbed his Credit Card, it happens! The comments from Cogs are disturbing, I have to give it up to Darryl Dunphy who said it was bigger than we knew. Pouncey is another one allowing Cogs to speak in this manner. The guy is done in Football and Martin whose still to soft given he could have blown this open in a different manner will get his NFL reprieve thanks to the disgusting comments from Incognito.

We will see how all this shakes out but I gotta say my first thoughts of watching Hardknocks is I would not want play for these a-holes.

I kind of wrote it off because it was a new regime trying to change a culture and they were on camera.

But it seemed very boot camp or more like military school.

Martin is more proof of Jeff Ireland's personnel skills. No first rounder for him, the Dolphins got him for a mere second round pick.

If Ireland was leading the review, his first question of everyone would be his infamous Dez Bryant question.

Martin will go to Indy and be a ten year All Pro.

Posted by: Sigh | November 04, 2013 at 07:59 PM

Wes Welker anyone?

AHA!! The Possible (Let's Hope} SILVER LINING to this Mess:

FIRELAND & Buh-Bye Casper Phailbin!

One can dream, no?

You people are idiots...

RoadRage350Z, funny post...you'r damn right I ordered the code red...

Well we see why our rookies hardly ever play now. There probably chained up in Incognito's basement.


MANAGER............... CIRCUS ..............

Dolfan Rick,

Or they are working second jobs to pay off meals and Vegas trips for veteran players. Lol.

This story has exposed the whole Dolphin culture. RI and his kind now will be axed by the NFL.

This means Ross's boy Ireland has mis managed this whole situation. At least Ireland must go, for petes sake.

You can blame the Tackles all you want for the O-line problems. But I think and have thought all along it's the interior that has sucked it. Especially Incognito. He doesn't play in tandem with either the Tackle or the Center, and he get's run over repeatedly by D-linemen. Everyone has noticed "he can't pull on a running play". That didn't suddenly change. I say GOOD RIDDANCE. He's been a bully in the league, and caused problems wherever he's gone. The O-line can't get much worse, maybe this makes it better. I sure hope so.

Your right Edan it can't get much worse.

Ross hasn't taken this far enough. Expecting the NFL to investigate this situation unbiasedly is simply comical IMO. The NFL will do everything in its power to protect the brand up to and including forcing Ross to shed the entire staff from top to bottom. We have already jettisoned the perpetrator and soon the victim as well and rightfully so if I may add.

You do not survive in this profession by embarrassing the brand period. Ross is not completely out of the woods on this deal either. As a franchise owner he can be forced to relinquish his ownership or face losing the franchise flag. I have a feeling that heads are going to roll, including Ross's. The owners around the league are not going to appreciate the mess that has been created in South Florida simply because it will place major focus on their organizations as well.

This will not end nicely for any of us that I can promise you. LA is becoming a more viable option for Ross and his investors. He needs to sell and get out from under this PR nightmare just out of pure self preservation. I am sure that the minority ownership is not boding well with this situation as well. I mean who would want their name associated with a company that commits fraud, lies to the public and media, and allows racial intolerance in their work place? The only ones that can are in the Government and they can't be fired, because that is the ultimate "gentlemen's club".

I want to ask an honest question here, please feel free to give me your two cents. I'm very interested in everyone's opinion on this one.

I know what Incognito did was wrong. But my question is why do the Dolphins get raked through the coals any time something bad happens but other teams seem to escape the public scrutiny?

Does everyone remember when the NFL found out, (through complaints from female reporters AND testimony from eyewitnesses) that the Jets players were sexually harassing female reporters a couple of years back? That got swept under the rug within a week or two at the most.

Spygate? The Patriots didn't miss a beat. No one was fired and Belichick was given a slap on the wrist.

Bountygate. One year later Sean Payton is being talked about as coach of the year. This is a man who knew his players were being PAID to try and injure opponents to the point they had to be carted off the field.

I guarantee you this is going to go on much further than any of these three incidents. And is Incognito's harassment worse than that of grown men sexually harassing a woman? Is it worse than a team trying to end the careers of other players?

IMO the answer is no. So watch now as the national and local media pitch their tents and camp out for the next four months.

And did you hear Shefter's interview on wqam?

He HATES the Dolphins and it's obvious. I never heard such hatred coming out of his voice when he was reporting on the Saints.

As a matter of fact it came off looking like he felt bad for the Saints and not the players who were wronged! A bunch of f$#@ing hypocrites.

You want the truth?? You can't HANDLE the truth!!

C'mon man, we hear stories all the time about rookies having to shave their heads, pay for dinners, sing to humiliate themselves, etc. But now all the former NFL hypocrites seem appalled that this happened. Everyone is turning all pc on this now. Martin obviously has some emotional issues - he needs to be treated. And I hope he gets better. But really, let's not blow this out of proportion into something it's not. Otherwise every NFL team needs to be taken down.

Oscar ignore this fool because he just doesn't understand how to have an adult conversation without putting you down. He doesn't agree with your opinion so you get this.
"Oscar. Are you telling me that you believe Philbin knew nothing of the bullying ?

WTF you are an apologist for racists my friend, or your are very naive ?

Posted by: Marco | November 04, 2013 at 08:23 PM
AKA Daytona. The horrible grammar is the first giveaway. The second is his inability to allow others to have an opinion that differs from his without resorting to bullying you. So in his defense of Martin being bullied he will bully you into agreeing with him. That's the third giveaway, dumb as a box of rocks.

Phins78...I agree with you completely on all points on both of your posts. Yes the media is going to eat this up and fan the flames for as long as they can milk attention from the public till the next big story hits the wires.

Ross is in big trouble and needs to cut and run. His reputation is taking a big hit and asking the NFL to investigate their own culture that they helped to create is simply comical.

I believe an independent group outside of the league should be investigating this issue, but I am not going to hold my breath.

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