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Ross requests review to put everyone on notice

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross over the weekend called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and asked for help in the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito work place misconduct scandal.

"Our owner Steve Ross, who had been involved throughout the entire process, contacted the commissioner, Roger Goodell, and requested the NFL become involved and conduct a review of the work place," coach Joe Philbin said.

This is important.

First it contradicts the narrative that Ross is an absentee owner. But that's inside baseball stuff that ultimately doesn't matter. No, what makes this significant is Ross wants a thorough and unbiased review that he might not otherwise get if the Dolphins did the review internally.

(Frankly, the Dolphins probably aren't as well equipped to do this review as the NFL. Philbin is a football coach not an attorney. General Manager Jeff reland is a personnel man not an attorney.)

Ross is apparently aware that everyone he deals with in Dolphins football leadership -- Philbin, Ireland, and executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte -- have agendas. That agenda is quite obviously keeping one's job.

And so, Ross understands if any of these folks were heading the internal review, their agendas might seep into that review. Ross instead wants a review that is free of self-defense by any of his employees. He wants the unvarnished truth of what is right or wrong within the Dolphins work place.

And the reason he wants it is key:

Jobs are indeed on the line.

Ross is prepared to use the review to make career decisions on various people within the organization if they are found wanting by the review. Ross is prepared to make changes. And that means more than just Richie Incognito or Jonathan Martin are in the crosshairs.

So this NFL review, requested at the highest levels by the Dolphins owner, has put everyone on notice.  


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Cogs and Martin are no loss. We just got better.

Our QB, RB's and TE's are the worst in the NFL.

@ Nat Moore...you might be right with that prediction re Philbin...the Coaches knew...no way they didn't....there sources for reading the pulse of the locker room are the trainers, the equipment managers and the strength coach. They are generally the conduit to the coaching staff....they ha to have seen this....over the line behavior is not good for the team chemistry, and these indiviuals are as concerned as anyone. They inform the position coaches, and these in turn inform the Head Coach.

No way Head Coach Philbin was in the dark on this....he has denied knowing...if this proves a falsehood, Ross, who went to the NFL for assistance, will have NO CHOICE but to fire him.

This should have NEVER gotten outside the team....it typifies the lack of confidence the support staff, the players and the assistance have in Philbin's trustworthiness.


Mario, Lamar Miller has the highest average per carry 4.8 than any other running back in football!

I don't have the energy to retort to the idiots that post on this blog any more... Just once in a blue moon... Not you Montreal.. But all the other JET fans...

Can we PLEASE fire Irescum NOW?

Martin had this crap set up from way back. This 'new' evidence that pops up from months gone by is not due to investigation--it was on file from Martin. There is probably a lot more.
This guy sucker punched his entire team because he did not have the fortitude to just stand up for himself in a personal manner; or he knew he didn't have a snowballs chance of being an NFL player and just got out with the money the best way he knew how-- as a bleeding heart, modern day victim of whatever.
I do not condone any of the actions of intimidation, but all you have to do is confront this kind of crap and it will stop. Being a man comes natural for some, for others there is a learning curve. A lot of this may be indicative of where our society has evolved. People are not able to handle their own affairs so often because of the legal precedents that have been established. Martin, coming from a highly legally educated family,is probably much more likely to handle a confrontation in a legal fashion than to pick up his helmet and tell RI he is going to smash his head.
To summarize: Martin is not NFL caliper and he knows it; he is working the system to vindicate himself and get as much money as possible on his way out.

The Jets are better than the Dolphins.

Austin...BECAUSE Parcells signed him, he would have ended it before it grew wings.....he knew EVERYTHING that went on within his teams......stop already with the Parcells bashing....Philbin couldn't carry the Tuna's jockstrap !!!!!!!Gimme a friggin break already!!!!

The fins should change their team colors to yellow and brown.

I'm tired of it as well Po, but in this business, it's all about winning, and the Dolphins haven't exactly been a model of consistency as far as that goes. I mean, how can a head coach claim to have control over his team when this kind of crap is happening? That's ridiculous.

We shall see Sad but wrong...

There have been rumors of racism on the Dolphins for quite some time. Since the Ireland-Dez Bryant incident. Maybe now they'll fire some people.

New team name -The Miami Toilet Dwellers.

New Team Name - The Miami Flush

I guess cheapskate Ross should've paid Jake Long!! HAHA

New Miami Logo - a stained toilet bowl

Well maybe in 2020s Montreal... I'm getting to old to wait for a SB...

The Miami Racists

Leave this blog for a few minutes...go to ESPN sports, or MSNBC sports...Listen to what the ex coaches are saying...This is the HC's responsibility to know what type locker room he has.....it is on Philbin in the final analysis..

...sure, Cogs was dead wrong...went beyond the pale...is an obvious racist....needed to be stopped ..by other players, by the Coaches, by the HC himself....

...they ALL failed ...dropped the ball....now the dirty laundry is on the street....

...and who drafted Cogs doesn't have squatt to do with it!!!!

So I guess most of you have waste about 2000 hours per year blogging here instead of doing something with your lives.

So I guess most of you have waste about 2000 hours per year blogging here instead of doing something with your lives.

Posted by: Sad but True | November 04, 2013 at 10:47 PM

And what are u doin? LMFAO!!

Yeah Sad but True...so WTF is your excuse to be here, DIPSCHITT!!!

Simple as this:
Dolphins needed o-line help. They brought in another LT; martin doesn't like it and faults Incognito. Then when questions are asked, he says that he doesn't like the locker room culture.....really?

As for the MSM (Main Stream Media), lets focus on the stuff that matters, not some AWOL leave of action or someone calling someone a name,,,geeze; really?

Sad but true that you have to work the truck stop slurping trucker skeet...

Exactly Henry !!!

All we gotta do is win, a playoff run will heal this wound.

Henry, another wussiepussie blogger hiding. You all know who I am.

Po, you make a great point about leadership. We had a very good player with great work ethic and a team leader in Reggie Bush. Some people laughed at me on this blog when I said he should be priority number one. Our coaches benched him because of a fumble, and didn't even use his skills properly. He brought a lot of leadership to the team. Bush or Daniel Thomas???? Please...Imagine having Bush and Wallace on the field. But our coaches concluded we didn't need him. Brilliant.

Buster, you are dumber than dried bird dung.

The Dolphins may have to forfeit draft choices for lack of any supervision. The NFL is going to make a statement here.

Dolphins fans.....especially those posting here, with positive or negative things to say.....should all stop speculating and watch Odrick's interview on dolphins.com......straightforward, seems genuine, pretty easy to read his body language......listen to his words--this situation is really getting blown out of proportion, at least in most players eyes (or so it seems).....the media/Shefter, etc, have other agendas----watch his interview.

The weakest link on the Dolphins team has been the offensive line this year.

This ordeal will force Miami to draft better quality lineman with no baggage.

In my opinion the Dolphins are only going to get better without both Martin and Incognito in the lineup.

I see Miami responding big the second half of the year.

The Dolphins have a weak schedule the second half of the year including two games against the sorry Jets!

Ziggy...I wish it were true...but NOTHING will make this go away....the jury is now in on Philbin...he has no connection to his players,,,he is true to his given nick - Pilgrim - strick, bland and rigid-.....and hasn't got a prayer to keep this position....turn him over, cause he's done....


Most of you really are quite stupid, or have no life experience whatsoever. You are the model New Americans. (Idiots who think they are smart)

Agreed Montreal... We cheesed out for $$ and there was a vacuum was created...

They are talking on the radio that the NAACP is now getting involved and looking into the matter.

Buster, you are dumber than dried bird dung.

Posted by: Sad but True | November 04, 2013 at 10:53 PM
Yup...and you're eatin up every last bit of it apparently !!!!!!Now go kiss your sisters bawls!!!

They lost Trevon Martin to bullying they dont want it to happen to Jonathan Martin too.

Anyway, good night. Kids get up really early!!

Yeah, I dont see Philbin surviving this.

I agree Scott, this crap has probably been dragging down the Ol and possibly the team. We played much better last week with just a few days removed from this situation.
How we handle the pursuing events from this week will tell a lot about our team and its leadership.

They are talking on the radio that the NAACP is now getting involved and looking into the matter.

Posted by: Just Saying | November 04, 2013 at 10:57 PM

Perfect example.

This blogger skipped 3rd grade English or blew the teacher to get a passing grade. It should be - "They are saying on the radio..."

Good luck with your canned food and light beer life.

Let me be the first to say "Good Bye" to both Incognito and Martin... the Dolphins were here before you came and will be here after you leave.

This is a slow sports week when this issue becomes national news. Millionaires acting like children get headline news.

This is why the offensive line has struggled this year... Dolphins respond big this Monday.

Jet fans are Truly Sad!

Buster is another example. Ignorant, uneducated people, when confronted with a debate, have such little command of their own language that all they can do is reply with juvenile locker room slander.

Well that's all for now. Enjoy your babble.

Hard to believe what a jackass Incognito is. Scum of the earth.

Mando, please start the campaign now, Ross reads your blog. We need a high character coach who can clean up a mess. Who better than Bill O'Brien, he was a good offensive coordinator for the Patriots and has done a fine job turning Penn State around in a short time.

Bring Parcells back. Offer him 12 mill/yr. This would never happen under his watch.

So true Cadillac...so true...he was a players' Coach...

And he had us in the playoffs in one year. After 1-15!

Sad But True
Buster, you are dumber than dried bird dung.

Posted by: Sad but True | November 04, 2013 at 10:53 PM

This is your friggin post...you started the slandetr....don't try to bulllschitt a schitter...
......................now KMA

The NAACP thing is not a surprise. This is right down the line with what I have said--Martin is playing the system. He and his aliases will continue to bring great shame on our Dolphins.
Expect any ploy of victimization.

I'd like this review to get somehow get Ireland fired but it's unlikely. The O Line coach must have known something was going on between Incognito and Martin, and in turn Philbin then knew at some point. Incognito wouldn't act or say anything when Philbin would be around, he's an idiot but he aint stupid.
The coaches likely chalked it up to Martin needing to "toughen up", or they were onboard with Incognito making Martin a tougher guy. Also, Incognito was considered a leader on this team.. You are lacking leadership when Incognito is considered a leader. The only thing Richie would be leader of is a drunken weekend in Vegas, paid for by others.
Then theres the constant rebuilding (Ireland) you lose vets in the lockeroom. The vets you have are malcontents Starks, Solai, you lose Long who likely was a good leader although he was declining as a player. The Cowboys castoffs have all retired since he was there so he doesn't know who to sign and bring in.
I'd like to see Philbin stay but if he knew all this racial stuff and the extorting of money of the rookies was going on then it's hard to defend him.
I heard something tonight by Steve Young that Bill Walsh never allowed hazing or anything because he wanted the young guys to help the team and contribute not worry about getting crap from vets. That seems like a good idea compared to what is going on here with the Dolphins.

Richie Incognito finds himself at the center of the Dolphins' and the NFL's investigation of the bullying complaints of Jonathan Martin, who left the team last week. Incognito has been suspended indefinitely, and the latest report is that Incognito left Martin texts and voicemails "that are both threatening and racially charged in nature."

Even Dolphins fans seem somewhat fed up with Incognito, who can't seem to avoid trouble off the field and is one of the league's dirtiest players on it. But on a popular Dolphins message board, Incognito has at least one strident defender—and it might be his dad.

Early this morning, a poster with the username "idrd1994" left an impassioned defense of Incognito on the FinHeaven message board. In it, he attacked both Martin and Mike Pouncey as "black brothers that do drugs on a regular basis," and asked readers to "pray [GM Jeff] Ireland and [coach Joe] Philbin die of AIDS." He blasts the team from top to bottom, claims Incognito is getting railroaded, and uses the "black people say the N-word in rap music" argument to dismiss claims that Incognito sent racial messages to Martin. He also implies that Martin has pondered suicide, and "does not belong in an NFL locker room."

The post has since been deleted, but here's a screengrab; click the magnifying glass to enlarge.


User "TheWalrus" decided to go back and look at idrd1994's post history, and found something interesting. idrd1994 "only talks about the offensive line, praises Jeff Darlington (who Richie 'trusted' to write the big feature on Richie) and constantly refers to Jason Smith, the legendary #2 overall draft pick bust of the Rams, who was taken when Incognito was there."

Then, more sleuthwork. TheWalrus found another post of idrd1994's where he talks about growing up in New Jersey and watching the Jets play at Shea Stadium. Richie Incognito was born in New Jersey, but after the Jets had already moved. Not too young to have seen the Jets play in Queens? Richie Incognito Sr., an active poster (under a different name) on Nebraska message boards when Richie Jr. played for the Huskers.

A Google search for "idrd1994" turns up a number of posts on RC car message boards, from a user claiming to live in Arizona—where the Incognitos moved when Richie Jr. was 11. "idrd1994" is also a profile on MyLife.com, registered under one Richie Incognito, age 63, from Glendale, Ariz.

Update: Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald spoke to the FinHeaven board administrator. idrd1994 registered with a date of birth of 12/14/1949, which matches Richie Incognito Sr.'s birthday.

idrd1994 has—at least according to what's accessible on the site—a brief but focused posting history on FinHeaven. His first few posts, beginning on Oct. 9, were all about the Miami offensive line.

wasnt ireland responsible for keeping the rasist incognito around. Maybe Ross should send jeffy and Incognito out the same door with a boot to the A#$

I am totally embarrassed to be a Dolphin fan and see us on NFL network for this. I say get Bill Polian off the NFL Network and let's bring in Lovie Smith great Def coach and the bears was able to have talent and develop players under him.

Ross has to send a message if he doesnt want to lose the fan base totally. Im curious to see how ticket sales will be moving forward. Im ashamed to be a fins fan today but will stick with the club through it all. This is your time to make a statement Ross. Dont mess it up

So Incognitos dad is saying Pouncey and Martin are doing drugs??

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