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Ross requests review to put everyone on notice

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross over the weekend called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and asked for help in the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito work place misconduct scandal.

"Our owner Steve Ross, who had been involved throughout the entire process, contacted the commissioner, Roger Goodell, and requested the NFL become involved and conduct a review of the work place," coach Joe Philbin said.

This is important.

First it contradicts the narrative that Ross is an absentee owner. But that's inside baseball stuff that ultimately doesn't matter. No, what makes this significant is Ross wants a thorough and unbiased review that he might not otherwise get if the Dolphins did the review internally.

(Frankly, the Dolphins probably aren't as well equipped to do this review as the NFL. Philbin is a football coach not an attorney. General Manager Jeff reland is a personnel man not an attorney.)

Ross is apparently aware that everyone he deals with in Dolphins football leadership -- Philbin, Ireland, and executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte -- have agendas. That agenda is quite obviously keeping one's job.

And so, Ross understands if any of these folks were heading the internal review, their agendas might seep into that review. Ross instead wants a review that is free of self-defense by any of his employees. He wants the unvarnished truth of what is right or wrong within the Dolphins work place.

And the reason he wants it is key:

Jobs are indeed on the line.

Ross is prepared to use the review to make career decisions on various people within the organization if they are found wanting by the review. Ross is prepared to make changes. And that means more than just Richie Incognito or Jonathan Martin are in the crosshairs.

So this NFL review, requested at the highest levels by the Dolphins owner, has put everyone on notice.  


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Let's use some common sense. The team is 75 percent black. No way incognito pulls that crap with intent he would be a dead man. If he said those racial things he did it with no ill will.. Martin is a head case......

Nah, Martin is the victim. Incognito is the scum.

The owner, GM, HC, OC, DC, OL coach, QB, are ALL WHITE!

The truth will come out....this story stinks like Kim kardashians sniz.

If that VM on Martins phone is real then Richie boy is wrong. But how does he go, but the Eagles player(Cooper)stays? Because it was in the work place on a team mate?
Players talk to each other unlike in most other work places for motivation and bonding. But you have to know who wants to participate and who does not. I'm sure Martin felt awkward in the NFL culture from the start. Incognito was the extreme and Martin probably wanted to fit in,everyone does its not a weekness. Martins only way to get his morals back was to snap the cycle. Its predictable behavior. The personnel people should be qualified to recognize it, prevent it and keep the equilibrium of he team.
It seems that the Dolphins managers are not and that makes the Dolphins liable. Now what are the damages? Martin will get paid every penny he should have if he played. Mental damages? Come on, I'm sure Mr. Martin knew what he was getting into, he played big time college football. I'm sure Mr. Martin saw some of the same behavior at some point and time in the life of his career.
What can be learned? Teams,meaning,players,coaches,managers,and staff need to be on the lookout for members of the organization that may be crossing some lines. That person will usually self correct with the help of others.
This one is on everyone.
But blame the coaches.
Put Martin back in the locker room ASAP
NFL should suspend the Coach and GM. Fine Incognito and Mr Martin should be paid all his paychecks as if nothing happened.

Incognito was on his second chance he did well for some time. So I ask again why him and not Cooper?

Screw the PC nfl and the PC media. This story is total bull sssss

Philbin fired

Bring in this guy, bring in that guy,
As we have seen in the past, it is not that simple.
In the past we were just a team with internal issues; now we are a team with national issues.
Ross has a powder cake on his front porch. He has already sent in for alleviation from this circumstance to the NFL.
No one on this team is now secure.
These ramifications have been brought on from purposeful and malicious actions from Martin, in my opinion.

That voice mail was a joke in context. It's obvious. Obviously Martin is a weak ass, looking for a payday. Yes Ritchie is a mook . But his whole team is behind him. Think about it, why would he do that on the net or tweet or voicemail if he was truly serious. Martin is a flake and incognito showed bad judgment thinking the guy could take a freaking joke.

Riley Cooper was a first offense and deserves a 2nd chance. Cogs eventually wore out his welcome no whether where he's been. College and Pro.

Cogs has had 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances and is only proving to be an incorrigible.

Incognito is a scumbag never to return to my team.

Incognito is dumber than a doorknob thinking he wouldnt get caught.

Espn's Sheftler just reported there's more coming down the chute from the investigation. This time involving more Dolphin employees, not just Martin.

So hang on dolfans, Martin isn't the only victim of this type behavior in the Dolphins investigation. Sheftler reports more to come in the coming days.

Like Incognito, Cooper is a racist but he didnt extort money from anyone or bully anyone. The difference is night and day.

I was going to tell it again like it is; but I am too tired of fighting the dropped post. Good luck tracking down this headless chicken.

Lets be real.... stanfords locker room is much,much different than ANY nfl locker room and Andrew Luck doesnt strike me as the type that would let teammates take "hazing" this far. Im pretty sure Luck would have got in Richie's face and told him to back off ala favre used to do to warren sapp.maybe now the Oline will actually work together and protect tanne and open a few holes like they did against cincy.

I don't condone Cooper, everyone makes mistakes and deserve a 2ND CHANCE. Cogs was working on his 5TH 2ND CHANCE between college and pro.

Cogs has just proven to be an incorrigible. Being voted league's dirtiest player for so many years in a row does nothing to help his cause either.

Martin needs a job at a florist shop. The truth will come out.

Incognito needs to eat chit from a black man.

You clowns keep believing everything espn feeds you. They are media sluts to the extreme.

Martin reportedly say it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from his shoulders(Cogs no longer a Dolphin).

Martin had to play next to Cogs every Sunday. Who's to say that did not effect Martin's game day performance. If Martin now becomes a very good tackle. It means Cogs departure led the way and it all will have been worth it.

Cogs off the team is clearly a big plus. Lets hope Martin can return soon.

Jake Long's wife tweeted something this offseason in context of something was wrong in Miami. I forget exactly what the text was. But it did have a lot to do with why Jake did not resign with Miami.

Now it makes me wonder if it had something to do with Cogs. It wouldn't surprise me in the least bit. Does anyone else remember the Jackie Long tweet?

They should just release Martin for being soft and call it a day.

Yeah Sam, shefter and espn are always right. The swami is a phins fan too.. Rolling eyes..

Yeah Sam , cogs ang long were tight. Your theory makes a lot of sense.......try again Columbo.

Longs wife said the Fins were a rinky dink franchise. Turns out its true.

Longs wife is pissed, because we would not pay her to stay in Miami. I'm sure she is in heaven in st lousy. Lol

Big Jake has to be cracking up lol

This entire organization is a joke.

Yeah monte. St Lousy is pretty this time of year.

How happy is Jake Long to be outta this mess??

Yeah monte. St Lousy is pretty this time of year.

Posted by: Donald shoeman | November 05, 2013 at 12:34 AM

Anything is pretty compared to this disaster!!

Jay, east st Lois is awesome. I'm sure jake and the mrs are the toast of the sizzler every Friday night..

Jake long is toast. Let's move on people. You guys are jet trolls.

Incognito, who has a long list of trouble dating back to college, now has bigger concerns. His suspension won't be overturned anytime soon, it appears, and now comes the question of whether he'll ever play another snap again in the NFL.

Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy appeared on the "Dan Patrick Show" Monday morning and said that the Indianapolis Colts had Incognito on their "DNDC" draft list (do not draft due to character, Dungy explains) in 2005 when Incognito was coming out because of character concerns. Former NFL general manager Scott Pioli said on "NBC Sunday Night" that the New England Patriots had a similar designation for him.

Altfin, the bob costas of the thread... Thanks for the update. Breaking news is always appreciated......groan.......

Did you guys know 15 minutes could save you 15 percent by switching to geico? Everybody throws that!!!!!!!!! Well I bet you didn't know the nfl is the most corrupt sack of crap since goodell took over.

Martin doesn't like his new position and he took advantage from the situation.
The text was a joke no doubt.

Thanks big weirdo, we lost a descent player.

If anyone thinks those are legitimate threats and racial slurs you must be pretty dense. He was obviously joking, hence the laugh. In addition, many of his black teammates stood up for him! It's unfortunate in this day and age that a grown man is so sensitive he can ruin the career of another grown man. Much adu about nothing.

The racist and vulgar remarks are deplorable. No question. The other side of the coin is that Martin had reportedly participated in the same cafeteria prank, didn't snap until McKinnie got here causing him to lose his job, he walked out on his team 3 days before a game, and so far no players who are there actually behind close doors support him. Incognito said some nasty things and his rep speaks for itself. However, be careful not to get caught up in the witch hunt the media is creating because none of us including the media know what the truth is about what goes on. There is also a big difference between a 300 plus pound rich athlete being a jerk to another 300 plus pound rich athlete. Incognito's actions and comments are vulger and racist and should be disciplined as the team did. But please do not compare this as an equal to kids being abused and/or bullied. There is a big difference.

I agree

The NFL employs former FBI agents to do the league's investigative work.

Ross is simply following the steps that his team of attorneys have recommended. He's making sure that The Dolphins organization covers its backside as best it can.

At this point the damage is already done as far as a lawsuit and potential settlement are concerned.

If Martin informed Philbin that he was being harassed and Philbin did nothing to remedy the situation. Nothing Ross does at this point matters.

It's too little too late.

Ross' best defense at this point would be to attack the character of Martin. If Martin has had a problem with prescription meds and this can be proven, this could undermine his validity. The Dolphins could paint a picture of a vindictive player who was upset about his poor performances on the field as well as his demotion. They could also paint a picture of a troubled young man with a drug problem.

You have to wonder if Martin isn't just looking for a payday because he no longer wants to play football.

If his parents are lawyer scumbags then he's likely a scumbag too.

Perhaps in the future after Ireland asks potential draft picks if their mothers were/are prostitutes, his next question should be, "Are either of your parents attorneys?"

Riley Cooper did nothing wrong. He simply used today's modern Hip Hop slang when referring to a group of people. Consider the context FFS. Some people are utterly clueless.

Years ago a coach didn't let a chance a player to act like Martin
No way

When is Jesse Jackson going to show up ?

Martin had a fight vs Starks in training camp, so his not afraid nobody

Im a fan for 40 yrs, I have 0 plans to jump ship now or ever. Ross is the owner. Phillbin is a great offensive coordinator, but hes simply not ready to be HC. . Bill Cower wants to coach the Miami Dolphins and hes not fooling me. Retread, when was Cower ever a bad tire? Ross will clean house because hes a business man protecting his invstment. Cower will step up because the HC job in Miami is challenging a Cower loves a challenge. Who will be his coordinater? Pete Carmicheal N.O. Who Ross should made HC instead of Phillbin. Phillbin has his own personal issues that I belive he needs to deal with. The HC job is just to much for him right now and I look for him to be gone at the end of the year. Tanny will grow just not under Sherman! Go Fins...

I, like the rest of the Phins fans, have been looking for every little bit of news that I can capture . Yesterday I saw a partial interview with Cam Wake where said that all rookies are put under certain stress when they come in and that the rookies have to buy lunch or dinner for veterans aside from other things. I also saw the Troy Stratford (former Phin under Shula now a commentator)where he said that it was common for rookies to have to buy lunches and other sundry items for the veterans BUT because salaries have skyrocketed, the lunches and dinner cost have also increased into the thousands of dollars. Thirty thousand dollars being one dinner. I don't know if it was paid by one rookie or all of them but it was sizable. My position, after hearing all that is going on, is that Martin should have handled this differently. If Incognito was abusing him, he and Incognito should have had a talk face to face. If it required a physical altercation, so be it they are both big boys. Then go to the coach and tell him he is not going to put up with this crap any longer and that this situation may harm the lockerroom ambiance, that is not good for team cohesion. Also the team leaders, mostly defensive players, since most everyone else is a new comer or a rookie, should have been made aware of what Richie was doing and ask him to curtail the hazing. But Martin should never have gone home with his tail between his legs, thats bullS and kid stuff.

Just another example of how bad this organization has become. What a shame. 40 years since our last AFC Championship Game and still counting. I hate being a Dolphins fan because there is nothing to be a fan of. First round playoff exits throughtout the 90's and absolutely nothing this decade. I guess life goes on. Why can't we just get a decent coach and front office that understands football? So sick of everything about this franchise. The uniforms are boring. The players are boring. Tannehill is another bust event though no one wants to say it. Being a Dolphin fan sucks. Period.

This is news to me and most fans, but where have Mando and Cote been all this time? This is news to them too!

They make a sweet living off the team and clearly don't know much about it.

It is time for Mr. Ross to clean house because 1) the coaching staff and front office let this thing get out of control, they lost the locker room and the entire organization in the way 2) The team's performance is still pathetic, and we haven't fixed the OL yet (yes the same one) since Parcells said he was going to build a championship caliber team beginning with the OL 3) why did we let Jake Long go?

At this rate we our 2014 draft will look like:

1st Round: OL
2nd Round: OL
3rd Round: OL
3rd Round: OL (for Jake Long)
4th Round: OL
5th Round: OL
6th Round: OL
7th Round: OL


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