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Dolphins suspend Richie Incognito

The Dolphins this evening have suspended guard Richie Incognito, citing conduct detrimental to the team, in connection to allegations of harassment and bullying teammate Jonathan Martin.

“The Miami Dolphins have suspended Richie Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team. We believe in maintaining a culture of respect for one another and as a result we believe this decision is in the best interest of the organization at this time," the team said in a statement. "As we noted earlier, we reached out to the NFL to conduct an objective and thorough review. We will continue to work with the league on this matter."

Incognito allegedly was involved in behavior that made Martin feel he was in a difficult work place environment. That behavior including verbal abuse, and implied pressure over Martin to bend to Incognito's will, a source close to Martin alleges. The source also said Martin felt threatened by Incognito and said there is evidence of that threat in the form of text messages and voice mails.

The source said that evidence has been turned over to the Dolphins.

A Dolphins source said Sunday night whatever evidence is turned over to them will in turn be turned over to the NFL which is investigating the matter.

However, the fact the team has taken the significant step to suspend Incognito even as the investigation is in its infancy is a sign the team believes Martin and the evidence he's presented to a high degree.

The NFL was made aware of the team's intent to suspend Incognito before the decision was finalized. The suspension is indefinite.

And as Martin has no current plans to return to the team in the near future, according to a source, it means the Dolphins will be without their starting left guard and starting right tackle when they resume practice at 2:45 Monday afternoon.

The Dolphins are expected to work with Nate Garner at left guard and Tyson Clabo at right tackle. Both players manned those positions against the Cincinnati Bengals after Martin went AWOL from the team prior to the game and Incognito suffered a stinger in his neck in the first half and was unable to return to the game.

Incognito has not been available for comment. He is expected to seek representation to fight the allegations.

Sunday was a very active day for the Dolphins as they've been working this issue. Early in the day they released a statement saying, in part, "the notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally."

Following the release of that statement, Incognito went on twitter to suggest media accounts of his involvement were wrong and that he wanted his name "cleared."

Approximately five hours later, after the Martin camp presented a formal complaint of "hateful" behavior, a source said, the club released a statement saying it had allegations of player misconduct. And within seven hours of that, the club had made and communicated to Incognito the decision to suspend him.

The news of the suspension was delivered to Incognito by coach Joe Philbin.

This episode closed quite a week for the Dolphins offensive line. Center Mike Pouncey was served a subpoena in connection to the Aaron Hernandez murder case on Sunday. Martin went AWOL from the team on Monday. And then the Incognito suspension.

And here we thought the biggest problem with the Miami offensive line was sacks.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#storylink=cpy



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Sweet. Awesome. Word.

And now we have a full OLine implosion. Who's next? Pouncey?

Yeah, yeah, almost every player fans in Armando's blog screams to get rid of blossoms on his NEW TEAM.

Cut or trade Martin and he probably goes on to become a top 5 NFL LT. Haven't dolfans figured it out yet? Players you scream to get rid of eventually move or are moved by management and become pro bowlers with their new teams.

We're always left moving on to the next scrub. In a sick way I think this makes some fans here happy. 1-2 playoff appearances in 15yrs, yet you're always content to move on to the next non-playoff year, and have nerve to beetch about it too.

Sean Smith, going to the playoffs
Anthony Fasano, going to the playoff
Vontae Davis, going to the playoffs

Why does it almost always seems player dolfans in Armando's blog screams to get rid of either:

A. Plays much better
B. Goes to the playoffs
C. Gets their first Super Bowl ring
D. Sometimes All of the above

Looks like Richie Icognito just blew any opportunity to play in the nfl after this season...sure as hell wont be in Miami and that's fine, him and martin can both go as far as im concerned......Puts that much more emphasis on creating a better offensive line in the offseason as no one with the exception of pouncey deserves any special treatment with the way they have played all year long!!!!

Looks if Cogs has seen his last game as a Miami Dolphin. Welcome to our new turnstile at LG, Nate Garner.

Garner always does well for a game or two, then becomes turnstile city. You asked for it and now you've got it.

Suspended indefinitely. I'm assuming Cogs has played his last game as a Miami Dolphin. Maybe NFL too, I mean what team would want to touch him this offseason?

i wont be surprised if pouncey joins hernandez in jail at this rate

This franchise always ends a season with more holes to fill than the year before.

Every year, 1/2 a step forward and 2 full steps backwards. Why am I not surprised.


Your using hindsight and cherry picking.

Smith blew his assignment and got lucky. They all got lucky by going to teams that are playing well.

They haven't done anything of note to date.

PS: You can HAVE Fasano, Drunkie Davis and Sean "I can't catch a cold" Smith-LOL.

Sorry for us, guys. We lost one of our best O-Linemen and one of our worst O-Linemen in less than a week. Regardless of whose side your on, they were both starters. Definitely not helping what little bit of continuitywe were building, although it is easy to see why they weren't always on the same page. Need to go with the 5 that played against Cincy and hope for the best.

Vontae Davis still shows that he cant cover Andre Johnson....lol

Smith and Fasano have the benefit of having more pro bowl players on their team not to mention a more complete team all around....

So its not like these guys are the ONLY reason why their teams are going to the playoffs, one has a team that doesn't TURN the ball over and plays great defense, and the other has a future star QB that can carry their team to the playoffs....

Miami thus far has none of that, do you think if smith , fasano or even davis went to teams like JAX, Oak, or even ST Louis, do you think we would even be mentioning their status right now.....they just happen to get the good luck of the draw with their respective teams, that's all

I posted on the blog before all night that i was a sexually explicit issue with blackmail involved here and noneone belive me..I said it was more serious loke a
Sandusky type of offense, one that can get people fire and gone for ever from the NFL..HOW PROFETIC I WAS…how did i know because it from just asimple joke to a misconduct rightway.

This is complete garbage.

If this happened on ANY other team, it wouldn't even be a story.

It kind of smells like how all the officiating crews take games away from Miami.

A spade is a spade!

Jonathon Martin isn't worth this or the over blown stories! I would say Martin is CLEARLY Ireland's worst pick ever. Jim Turner should be fired for even THINKING Martin could play Left Tackle in the NFL.

Over the hill and over weight McKinnie comes in after three practices with the team and puts Martin to SHAME-LOL! That's the REAL reason this sissy tard crap is REALLY happening.

This shyt wouldn't even fly in the WWF-ROTFLMAO!

Fins lost their starting LG and starting RT....WHO CARES!!!

This OLINE has let up close to 40 sacks in 8 games...the absolute worst in the NFL. I could care less that Cogs and Martin are not playing. I could care less if either one ever plays for the team again. The fact is they are 2/5's of an OLINE that has the worst sack record in the NFL.

Getting rid of them both and allowing other players to step up is a good thing as far as I am concerned. The biggest issue is that the coaches didn't replace them sooner. Garner stepped in and did fine. They can pick up other players and add them this week. What are they going to give up sacks and make this the worst OLINE in the league? I think that has been accomplished by the Fins already.

Lets move on from these two and see if we can plug the holes with lineman who want to play on this team, who have respect for the job's they do and who maybe could keep THILL from being in the hospital after the next game.

That would be progress from my standpoint.

1. Better off releasing Icognito then waiting after this year for story to get even more out of hand

2. Let sissy emotional boy martin sit out this yaer and cut his @ss after this season, hes already proven to be one fu$kn biggest cry babies on the team......what happens if by next year he gives up 5 sacks in a game and philbin or someone else gets in his face and calls him worthless, will he pull the emotional skit again and run out on the team???!!!

To top it off, these reporters don't even have a clue as to how ridiculous(to put it politely)they look in reporting this story.

6-5 315 pound Mamma's boy was bullied.........?


Over grown little sissy boy had a hissy fit because he ain't good enough to play where "Him's" wanted to.

Come on all you reporters-LOL, look in the mirror and realize!

Everything was fine, Martin even being the "Bully" in many-MANY pranks himself.

But Big Old Meanie McKinnie takes "Him's" job and he spaz's out and abandons his team and his teammates. At a time when their entire season was on the line.

This Sis-Tard ain't worth suspending spit!

Everything's just fine!!! No bullying going on here, no sirree bob!!! Suspension??? What suspension???

And just think, it's only been a week. Just wait until it gets REALLY bad...

I'm not ruling sodomy out. If anything I'm ruling it IN.

Hes already stated to people close to him that he cant handle stress or emotional situations in terms of having thick skin in football.... Im sorry but if that's indeed the case, then he's playing in the wrong sport..

Honestly, if you owned this organization wouldn't the GM and HC be gone at the end of the year? Total embarrassment.

Jesus Christ, somebody has a sodomy fixation.

It hasn't even been mentioned in the most remote rumors Fella.

Well, except by you, repeatedly! Just head on out to your favorite rest stop already and leave the SPORTS BLOG to SPORTS!

PS: You're not fooling ANYONE Monkey Bu-oy!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | November 04, 2013 at 12:15 AM

I think that's exactly why Martin is selling out of his contract potentially...he's losing his status as what he was drafted to be ...and that was presumably to replace Jake Long.....in which case he has failed to do and now he's breaking down because someones getting in his face about it more than just a little bit....and now its becoming all about martin and his feelings being hurt.....

I was called out on the blog before Odin for been out of whack on my assertion that it was a simple joke, bully ,while i was mantainig that it was worst, possibly as sexual type of misconduct with blackmail repurcussions, Odin. The media in topwn is the worst by covering this incident and possibly more of this in the past.. Odin i even said that it cant turn into a Sandusky type of case at a lesser degree.

Honestly, if you owned this organization wouldn't the GM and HC be gone at the end of the year? Total embarrassment.

Posted by: Sameolsameol | November 04, 2013 at 12:19 AM


But if I owned the Herald I'd have to banned permanently from the Blogs!

Just saying..............

The people calling Martin a sissy wouldn't last one play at his position, they,d be in the emergency room yelling "I think it's broken!!" Lol

What a bunch of jerks

Everyone knows Ritchie is an a hole but even I would tell him to screw off if he tried to shake me down for 15 k . Martin is a weak sauce ... Sack up.

Just another step in the wussification. Of the nfl. Bottom line is Stanford kid got worked by punks and hood rats in the locker room. Go be a doctor... That said I don't blame him. But bust some teeth instead of lunch trays. Alice.

HaHa! That is the fu.king 'tard that always posts with umpteen different handles! Figures!

I am more concerned about the Dolphins living by the letter of the law than by what kind of 2nd half of the season they have.

This is a game...it's entertainment. I am a Dolphins fan, but I am a bigger fan of Justice.


Back at you! Good posts.

I'm glad that some see this for what it really is. Not a PEEP out of Martin as long as he was playing the position he wanted to play.

But after ONE game in which McKinnie quickly and easily made him obsolete.......The Hissy Fits of ALL HIssy Fits!

You can tell this was one spoiled rotten little brat growing up, Silver Spoon and ALL!

PS: The suspension of Cogs disgusts me. If there's ANY merit whatsoever in ANY of Martin's allegations, he should have handled it like Ditka said: Fisticuffs!!!!

The people calling Martin a sissy wouldn't last one play at his position, they,d be in the emergency room yelling "I think it's broken!!" Lol

What a bunch of jerks

Posted by: Tom Hartman | November 04, 2013 at 12:24 AM

Your post has no relevance whatsoever. Not even a nice try.

PS: I got something you can JERK!

Maybe, just maybe the organization didn't view it as bullying when martin explained it to Philbin???...but now that's become a growing conversation, Miami had to act and suspend Icognito.....

I guarantee you knowing Icognitos personality, this isn't the first time hes done this kind of sh^t to someone, yet this is the first time we've heard something in regards to player misconduct towards a teammate that's come to light...

Which brings up the possibility that martin is too damn sensitive to what people say to him....


I apologize. If it's your opinion and you truly believe that this all about Sodomy, then it's your right to post about it.

I thought you were just yanking yankers, if you know what I mean........

In Obama world this is what you get, pansies, fairies, corruption. And scams. Screw the nfl... I am done. Goodell and the Kenyan clown are one and the same. The texans got jobbed tonight.. Anybody see the horrendous calls tonight?

Legal recourse is often the most appropriate way to handle workplace harassment. The NFL is a business. The Teams are franchises. The locker room and field is the workplace.

Organized violence on the field is the job. The game is, in fact, violent. But behavior exhibited OUTSIDE the "organized" violence, overseen by the coaches, is subject to NFL conduct rules. Why is that so difficult to understand? It's not about whether a person is wealthy or not; whether they "stand up for themsleves" or they are "pus*&#s"...it's about the law.

When Philbin was hired, somehow I got the impression he was a stand-up guy. I also think he had a lot of sympathy votes as well for the unfortunate loss of his son. (Side-note, 3 current or former NFL coaches have lost sons to suicide.)

Being and HC is obviously a pressure cooker, and perhaps Philbin insulated himself from the internal workings of his locker room. The result is what we see.

I believe unless Ross sells to a committed Floridian, due to this latest episode, Ross is going to take the first plane to LA, and sell to investors there.
At this point, and having invested 46 years of my life to my beloved Dolphins, I just can't like the NFL product much anymore, let alone the Fins.
The lack of fundamentals, the thuggery, NBA style showboating, the officiating, you name it.
The college game, especially sans BCS is a far superior product, all things considered.
I NEVER thought I'd ever say something like this. I still get chills visualizing Joe Auer's kickoff return for a TD...the very first play ever for the Dolphins.

Oh, and I don't bet on games....I'm sure that's coming. I'm just a fan of the nfl that mourns it's passing.

People, you do not understand the full picture here. Martin was not afraid of just incognito; there were others with incognito who backed up his alledged bullying. They may be individuals on other teams or on the street. This one case is just the tip of a huge ice berg; not just for all of the NFL teams, but for all sports. This one incident could be the culprit behind the drastic change in play of most athletes in the sports world. Most sensible people would have to agree that when you have enemies on your own team, who are making trouble for you, it will be hard to perform well no matter how talented you are. Was Chad Henne a victim? If so, this would explain his unpredictable showing.

"At this point, and having invested 46 years of my life to my beloved Dolphins, I just can't like the NFL product much anymore, let alone the Fins.
The lack of fundamentals, the thuggery, NBA style showboating, the officiating, you name it."

I'm with you all the way on this. 31 years as a DolFan here. It's either them or nobody and right now it's looking like nobody after this season.

Disagree about college football though, that makes the NFL look like a church by comparison. I stopped watching college football 2 years ago and haven't regretted it.

Armando...I sure hope you see the irony in these blog responses?

You know...where certain respondents try to make other respondents feel uncomfortable by attacking their politics or social beliefs because they have no rational argument to support their own opinions? You know, Bullies.
(Free speech certainly allows for it here, of course)

Is this even worth all the blog posts? Cogs is suspended (who really thought he wouldn't be sooner or later). Sounds like Philbin is addressing it with the suspension hammer like he should. Depending on how bad it is Cogs will sit or be gone.

I'm dying to know what has to happen for Ross to finally say, "enough is enough" as it relates to Ireland and Philbin?

"Your post has no relevance whatsoever. Not even a nice try.

PS: I got something you can JERK!"

Guess it went over your head, time to go back to jerking pal.

You're the exact kind of mentality that this whole thing is about.

Very succinct and matter-of-fact response. I greatly appreciate it.

The problem is the nfl, and it's corrupt commish.

Did I mention delusional respondents as well?

Does pointing that out make me a bully?

"I'm dying to know what has to happen for Ross to finally say, "enough is enough" as it relates to Ireland and Philbin?"

Philbin will have a pass for one or even two more years.

Ireland would be here forever too, but I think Dawn Aponte's falling out with him may be a good thing and she might able to sway Ross if she decided to.

Martin and Incognito are not worth the coverage. They both need to go.
The metal that the team showed last thursday with out these clowns was impressive.
Are we ready for some football? are shall we continue this bad Dr. Phile episode.

Its obvious that there is a cancer in this team. That's why you can buy a $110 face value ticket for $20 on the street. A classless, hopeless collection of incompetents; Joe Robbie must be rolling over.

Apology accepcted Odin

I think it was intent and repeted intent possibly in the past. I think this organizacion has more than just this hiding and this kind of garbege will bring it out to clean the soul of the Dolphins and cure the evil not allowing this org. to prosper.

Guess were only one more play away from seeing if Dallas Thomas was another Ireland bust. (Not even remotely suggesting all his picks were busts.)

Incognito was injured so his availabilty was in question this week anyways. I'm assuming.

I think the point is this, The Left side of our line appears to be better with McKinnie and Garner vs. Martin and Cogs. So, I think that's a WIN!

I love Cog's nastiness and attitude, but his skills are diminishing quickly. All said, I hate the suspension, but I like the upgrade!

Martin's gone! Kaput! Finito! I doubt we could trade him for anything. So, it's just a matter of WHEN. When is the politically correct(GROAAAAAN)time to release him?

Clabo is scary, he's been a turnstyle and everybody knows it. He did seem to play an inspired game in Martin's.........(Ahem-LOL)......absense. Maybe he sensed that this could be his last go round. His last payday before his Post NFL days envelop him.

All said, he's the best we have at the moment and DEFINITELY and upgrade to the 2nd round Hissy Fit Bust!

That leaves Jerry and his HORRENDOUS play to date. Since we're shaking up the O-Line, maybe it's time for Danny Watkin's to show what he's got. I guarantee you the O-Line scheme has been simplified and I would bet money Watkins can play.

All said, he CANNOT be any worse than Jerry. I would bet GOOD money that he proves to be an upgrade. He even has the speed to get outside and upfield on simple screen passes(something Jerry cannot do).

I think I would change it up in practice this week and go into Tampa like this:

LT. McKinnie.
LG. Garner.
C. Pouncey(If he's not in prison by then).
LG. Watkins.
RT. Clabo.

PS: You think we might have to bring somebody in? We have to be paper thin along the O-Line.

Incognito is a POS poison. Always has been, always will be. Did you forget the endless barrage of pathetic behavior with the Rams? Like getting into fights with the coaching staff. Or head butting opposing players in games. In four years with the Rams from 2006 to 2009, Incognito drew 38 penalties, including seven unnecessary roughness calls, more than any other player during that span. Or how Incognito was voted the second-dirtiest player in the NFL...by his peers. If that's not enough, you can go all the way back to when he got kicked off Nebraska’s football team.

He is a poison.

This team is about to IMPLODE. From the comical attempt to get Harbaugh now to this mess. We've become the cesspool that is the Oakland Raiders.


Cog should have been born in another decade...like with Stabler and his Raiders.

Martin is just not very good. I don't look at him as a "sissy"...none of us could have kept Andrew Luck alive all those years in college, right? But he simply isn't very good.

Maybe all this forces Ireland (or whomever) to actually fix the O line in the draft, although...they've been trying for years now.

@ jim fisher. No kidding. The nfl applauds thugs like Ray Lewis, yet passes defenseless receiver rules, changes kick offs, makes the game more Vegas friendly, and promotes a facade of angelic qualities. Sounds similar to our current con man in the White House.

Samuda will re sign tomorrow, and some stiff fro the P.S. promoted and the season officially over after next week…( remenber im the one that predicted Tanny will sign up for obamacare meaning IR after the 9 game).

This is on the Coaches. The O-line coach HAD to know what was going on. He sees these guys 24-7, there's no way he didn't hear/see anything.

Second, look at the culture. Anyone that watched Hard Knocks saw Mike Shermen absolutely embarrass and intimidate players. Also, they were rookies. And then the players start pushing around and intimidating rookies. Probably not a coincidence.

Finally, Philbin. The buck stops with the head guy. He knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it. Rookie initiation in training camp is one thing. When it continues into the season and rookie players are getting milked, that's when enough is enough.

The problem is, Philbin is soft. He can act like he's a tough guy, but if I can tell he's putting on a show, there's no doubt the players don't see right through this paper tiger. He has to be fired. Period. The locker room has no respect for this guy.

Stephen Ross needs to hire someone to run the football operations and get the hell out of the way. He's done way more damage than good for this franchise and needs to realize being a billionaire doesn't mean you can make wise decisions as it relates to the NFL.

This is just as embarrassing as 1-15. It's pure incompetence at every level of the orginazatiin.

Now, I'm seeing something about it all being about racist comments and threats that Incognito made through texts and e-mails to Martin! That's according to a post by Kevin Nogle on the Phinsider...

I'm not sure exactly what a racist threat is...

Tracy, the treatt was Cog was sending a white panter after him..

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