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Dolphins suspend Richie Incognito

The Dolphins this evening have suspended guard Richie Incognito, citing conduct detrimental to the team, in connection to allegations of harassment and bullying teammate Jonathan Martin.

“The Miami Dolphins have suspended Richie Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team. We believe in maintaining a culture of respect for one another and as a result we believe this decision is in the best interest of the organization at this time," the team said in a statement. "As we noted earlier, we reached out to the NFL to conduct an objective and thorough review. We will continue to work with the league on this matter."

Incognito allegedly was involved in behavior that made Martin feel he was in a difficult work place environment. That behavior including verbal abuse, and implied pressure over Martin to bend to Incognito's will, a source close to Martin alleges. The source also said Martin felt threatened by Incognito and said there is evidence of that threat in the form of text messages and voice mails.

The source said that evidence has been turned over to the Dolphins.

A Dolphins source said Sunday night whatever evidence is turned over to them will in turn be turned over to the NFL which is investigating the matter.

However, the fact the team has taken the significant step to suspend Incognito even as the investigation is in its infancy is a sign the team believes Martin and the evidence he's presented to a high degree.

The NFL was made aware of the team's intent to suspend Incognito before the decision was finalized. The suspension is indefinite.

And as Martin has no current plans to return to the team in the near future, according to a source, it means the Dolphins will be without their starting left guard and starting right tackle when they resume practice at 2:45 Monday afternoon.

The Dolphins are expected to work with Nate Garner at left guard and Tyson Clabo at right tackle. Both players manned those positions against the Cincinnati Bengals after Martin went AWOL from the team prior to the game and Incognito suffered a stinger in his neck in the first half and was unable to return to the game.

Incognito has not been available for comment. He is expected to seek representation to fight the allegations.

Sunday was a very active day for the Dolphins as they've been working this issue. Early in the day they released a statement saying, in part, "the notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally."

Following the release of that statement, Incognito went on twitter to suggest media accounts of his involvement were wrong and that he wanted his name "cleared."

Approximately five hours later, after the Martin camp presented a formal complaint of "hateful" behavior, a source said, the club released a statement saying it had allegations of player misconduct. And within seven hours of that, the club had made and communicated to Incognito the decision to suspend him.

The news of the suspension was delivered to Incognito by coach Joe Philbin.

This episode closed quite a week for the Dolphins offensive line. Center Mike Pouncey was served a subpoena in connection to the Aaron Hernandez murder case on Sunday. Martin went AWOL from the team on Monday. And then the Incognito suspension.

And here we thought the biggest problem with the Miami offensive line was sacks.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#storylink=cpy



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sory panther

If you have ever played in any kind of organized sport. baseball. basketball. or football you were subjected to a pecking order. It is pretty much like that in any organization, the only difference between the two is one is a violent contact sport.

The NFL has never had a good reputation for attracting the most savory of individuals or the most intelligent for that matter. LInemen are brutes x100 and for the most part are controlling, manipulative, and just plain mean. I've witnessed it myself as a victim and as perpetrator during my days as a player.

I agree with most of you on the Martin story. I am more inclined to believe that this entire situation was exasperated by Cog's alleged mistreatment of Martin coupled with his recent move to RT. I am sure that Cog roused Martin big time for his poor play, which he deserved and should have expected.

Bottom line Martin made himself a target by his soft nature and poor play. Let him walk.

You're welcome. Now, re-read post an lear what's next...


Clearly and appropriately , RI is going to get thrown under the bus. He's the low hanging fruit. I doubt he plays another snap past Sunday- if he gets that far. Dolphins already positioning to deflect by asking for NFL investigation. I predict that won't stop the bleeding and Philbin is next. Ireland (who doesn't like Philbin anyway) will be the final ax and big fine /draft choice loss if Ginger Hammer isn't satisfied with internal purging. Pouncey better lawyer up real well too. He probably already has. Martin has the last laugh - - gets a settlement. Writes a book. Or, goes to Colts as a backup. This is an onion the media is going to keep peeling like PSU. SO, NFL will act decisively and promptly.

Posted by: Chris | November 03, 2013 at 10:48 PM


You're right. Philbin is next. See above, I posted @10:48 before RI was officially suspended. Clairvoyant? Nope.

Our next draft
1 LT
2 LG
3 C
4 RG
5 RT

Management needs to fix this quickly and get the team ready for Monday night.

Cut Incognito now and trade Martin at the end of the season. Who cares, the team played better when both were out of the line up Thurs night.

This has to be one of the main reason Tannehill has been sacked the most times in the league this year.

The last sh--t we need
Thaks Mr Incognito
I'm ready for next season

I thought Ted Ginn would be my least favorite Dolphins of all time. Because he was yellow and he didn't have any heart. But, this Martin guy never belonged on an NFL field at all. No one likes a snitch, they're universally despised. Threatening legal action against the team is the epitome of classlessness. The Dolphins took a chance on this guy, they invested quite a bit in him. He had an obligation to the team's owner, it's coaching staff and his teammates. Whatever the issues were, and we'll never really know, Martin's abandonment and his efforts to take legal action could hardly be considered the best way of handling whatever issues that exist. Martin is pathetic, he's the real punk here.


Likely ends Incognito's run in Miami....

And Martin...? he will never be accepted in a locker room again. He's a team buster. He was kicked to RG after the McKinney trade and had himself a great big NAACP hussy-fit.

He said it himself... [Paraphrased] "There are two ways a player can react to something like this, he can tank and act out... Or he can be a pro and do what the team needs"....

Well... I don't think there is much question about which road he chose to go... Martins parents are NAACP associated Harvard Lawyers who have been completely embarrassed by their pathetic son. So... Like all who are involved in the NAACP... They will blame anyone but themselves or those close to them....

Incognito is nothing but the "Head on a plate" to get the NFL and Martins people out of they're locker room before it implodes the season. If Thursday night was any example... Miami will be fine. Hell... It will be hard to be any worse then they were. I'm beginning to wonder if Martins lack of metal fortitude and likely homosexuality isn't the reason for the O-line trouble to begin with....

Perhaps by scrubbing the cowardly filth that was and is Martin and hims momma and he baby dady from the room... There will now be a level of professionalism that goes beyond wondering who must shower next to Martin after the game...???

I'm not certain... But I can say this... I read a post on the first page of the last blog where some clown was giving his sob story about being a bully then feeling it then whatever and so-forth and whine on.... If that is how you justify a NFL player acting like a 5th grader... so be it... But this isn't "Bullying" this is a player that is weak willed and pouting about getting replaced at Hims favorite spot... Had he done his job properly... it would have never been considered... But if he thinks men in a locker room will EVER trust him again.. He's on glue... He may as well call up dad and get his law practice going... Martin is DONE in the NFL... and as a 32 year season ticket holder who sits within earshot of the Miami bench every single home game... I'll personally make his life MISERABLE on that bench if he should ever pollute it with his dickybutt again.....

Martin was making 600k per season. His settlement money won't come close to what he would have made had he played in the NFL for 7-8 years as he probably would have. Even if he goes to Harvard he won't pull that type of coin in the real world. What a douchebag.

Well if Cogs is gone and he was such a big ahole then the team will play better without him.
Pay for his trip to Vegas? Yeah, I would put a 500 dollar deposit down, steal his wallet and cancel my credit card making sure he missed practice or was late for a game. Then I would tweet the deed.
Maybe a big ass poisonous spider or snake in his locker too. And pay some thugs to give Richie a little taste of his medicine.
I guess JMart just ain't evil enough to handle this type of harassment but he shouldn't have to be.
What gets me is that JMart plays a position that is a defined as a bully position. A lineman pushes people around. That's the job. Big, Mean Bully. The bigger, the meaner the better they are.

Martin will never play in the NFL again, neither will Incognito. No team will take a chance on a player who may again create this type of locker room distraction...and/or sue the team for any reason. In addition he's not even good lol. Incognito will also be viewed as a potential cancer...he's done as well.

I'd be very surprised if any team takes an interest in either player.

Well, I did once have a guy tell me he was gonna knock the white off of me. But, that was back I high school playing football. So, I guess that could be considered a racial threat. He tried, but didn't succeed. Some guys talk a lot of smack sometimes trying to get in your head. Usually, that doesn't work...

Tracy you get hurt by mere cusswords. Go back to bed you liberal wuss. You'd storm out of the Dolphins facility too...in tears.

I never got hurt by his words, nor do your stupid rants bother me. And, I got your wuss...hanging!

The biggest Problem is tissue paper soft Philbin. One look! One Look! and you know this guy never was meant to be anybody's Head Coach. Incognito is the biggest moron to ever wear cleats. His days with the Dolphins are numbered, his act is tiring, and the headache vs production is not worth it! INCOGNITO CLEAN OUT YOUR LOCKER FOR GOOD!! You're not going to be welcomed back by the community.
I don't ever want to see Incognito in a Dolphins uniform again. He has jeopardized our season with his antics and enough is enough!

Re: Martin's a Peter Puffer
What a pathetic post.

People like you will always continue to support the dive bomb direction the Dolphins have taken in past few years to become the Raiders of the east. For those of us who've been fans since the inception of this team, we've had enough, and realize Incognito is a virus. There's plenty of blame to go around. However, I'll side with the Stanford grad over the storied and sordid history of Incognito. Maybe if it was your girlfriend (boyfriend?) he punched in a bar you'd have a better understand of who this guy really is.

Well, I suppose we can hang up our jerseys, put away our flags and pack it in for this season..If you think it is going to stop with Incognito you are probably wrong. If you think it just effects the OL, your probably wrong. Being a VET, played sports, football included. this is common. You have to have thick skin, if you can not handle it, and cn not form a unity with the rest, your doomed. It's a fact, that's way it is. whether you agree or not, it's life. And in a sport such as football you have to be tough, period!!

What a mess! There might huge implications in this case affecting the whole League and penetration in it by certain individuals that are non-Football related, especially here in Miami. Why would Players be afraid when they were being shaken down by other Players? There had to be a threat of significant harm that no one Player can inflict. Think about it. Thread softly.

The implications of this incident could even reach the SoFla Media, at least the Miami Herald, which all of Us down here know is penetrated by subversive element from Cuba and other places. Thread softly.

Apparently, they underestimated the resources of Mr. Jonathan Martin. He, also has to thread softly now.

Hey, Deytona, wassup?

If Pouncey was backing up Inconito's actions, then that might explain why Martin wasn't fighting back. Pouncey was a member of Hernandez's college posse. A threat from him would be a lot more credible and fearsome after all the news about Hernandez this past off season. Being big won't protect you from a gun or someone with gang connections.

LenSp - you are very close to the truth. And the truth will out. I speak as someone with first hand knowledge of what is going on in that locker room.

I am a dolphins supporter and have not been one of the ones to say less get rid of Irland, Even though this is a team problem it is another black eye on the dolphins. there was the Dez Bryant is your Mom a prostitute question, trying to hire Harbaough before Spo was fired and now this. He is the GM head of every thing not all in his control but you have to look at the top first and say he is responsible for the team.

Just what this team did not need.How about concentrating on getting better on the field,and cutting out all this hazing,bullying BS?Worst part is reports are Martin approached Philbin about this earlier.Grow up guys,its not High School anymore.

I gotta admit I like Incognito. He seemed to be the guy that was willing to go all out. In retrospect, if he intimidated the guys in the locker room, that would affect their performance on the field. People will gravitate to this guy because they don't want to be picked on as well.
Martin should have done something about it. It sounds easy but really screwed up bullies will take it to the next level. So punching him in the head may not work. Easy to say much tougher to do once the uniform is off.

Incognito may have been the most vocal; texting and leaving voice mail evidence but there had to be others to intimidate. Now if Incognito uses other player's participation as his defense, will the Dolphins be able to field a team....Wow!

I am so glad all of this crap is being revealed. These morons need to conduct themselves like professionals, and stop all of these ridiculous hazings. They need to understand that their career windows are limited. Besides, this Miami team should have their attention on getting better, not on how to toughen up a teammate away from the field. The focus needs to be on field performance.

6.3" 315 lbs ?? C'MON NOW !!

Sportsmanship ... remember that? Didn't it exist once?

Agree that Martin had a duty to the team to bring this to its attention early, scared or not.

On the bright side, at least KrisKry is happy again.

Can we all agree that none of this is the result of Jeff Ireland's personnel decisions?

Fat Incognito is a fat, worthless piece of cellulite. These vets who have won nothing should concentrate on being just slightly below average, which would be better than they are now.

anyone realize how terrible the player personnel department/coaches were to:
1. let go of Jake Long last year
2. pretend this wasn't happening
3. do something after the fact and be reactive rather than proactive

you have to place any blame for the handling of this mess on the boss of that locker room, our robotic coach Joe "flatliner" Philbin...

this reminds me a bit of how Philbin complained to officials about a penalty in the Ravens game 2 weeks later after it became news in the Jets-Pats field goal penalty game.... is our coaching staff just a few steps behind?

time to start over, again!

"The people calling Martin a sissy wouldn't last one play at his position, they,d be in the emergency room yelling "I think it's broken!!" Lol

What a bunch of jerks"

well said. At the end of the day, Martin is doing something about it - which, in the face of NFL media and such, actually may take more balls than just "taking it like a man".

Whatever they've been doing within the oline has not been working - that much is known.

I find all this bullying stuff very hard to fathom due to the nature of the NFL. As others have mentioned here, these are guys paid to PHYSICALLY push others around. I can only hope that all this "bullying" is truly about the extortion of money for "Vegas trips" and "rookie meals." Otherwise, I cannot see how one claims to be bullied while he himself has been reported as a participant in similar pranks. Maybe Martin can say he was bullied into bullying.

As Martin has concerns coming back to the team fearing backlash from teammates, I think that is the least of his problem. Please, someone explain how Martin is now going to handle the d-lineman talking trash and getting in his head the next time he steps on the field. Truly, Martins playing days could be over.

If this extortion case is as LenSp said above, they we might be seeing Pouncey departing also soon.

I don't care about the level of fraternity-type pranks that have existed forever in the NFF. What I care about is how this team plays and progresses. If the OL and coaches and QB and DL and FO and everyone was as concerned in forming a cohesive unit, we would not have thrown away three games this year and have an average of 6 sacks. Boys will be boys but when will men be men? This is embarrassing, frustrating and more importantly--very angering. Martin has issues, Incognito has issues, the Phins have a BOATLOAD of issues. Never amount to anything until they decide to commit to each other...

I mean, are all these guys, Incognito, Pouncey, Hernandez, idiots? They earn millions of $$$ and they put the squeeze on People for some thousands. Maybe, but at the same time they might be being handled from above.

Incognito needs to be cut. There is always something negative attached to his name. I'm surprised that nobody stood up for Martin in the locker room. Someone should have put an end to this a while ago. Do we have leaders on this team? The hazing and ridicule could hinder the development of a young player. I know it would if I was in that situation. Let's stop the 40$ thousand dinner party's and learn how to become a winning team. Poor poor leadership in my opinion. Including the coaches.

What happens when the little nerdy guys who got picked on grow up and start running the country? The pussification of America. That's what happens.

According to Mike Golic who actually played professional football...Martin REFUSED to pay his part of a dinner his (last season) year. Rooks have been paying all or part of dinners, clubs, etc. from the getgo. The 15k was a 'fine' (not to be confused with official fines) that is commonly levied on players for not paying up.
He went on to say he thought maybe Incog had "crossed the line"....whatever that means.

Odin (I think it was) had it exactly right...Martin lost his job and he went crying to his parents. And I agree, how did this creampuff ever make it this far? Ireland should have known he was not fit for the NFL.

Donald shoeman, in Obama's world, are you a moron. Obama is making everyone a pansy. Come on man. Obama has nothing to do with this situation, it's bringing someone like Incognito into a locker room. This is an example of what can happen when you bring a bad seed into a locker room. Are you stupid or what.

BobDole, isn't that too bad you moron.

Anyone heard from Martin? Anyone,,,hello?

Posted by: Phins78 | November 03, 2013 at 08:45

Can you hear him now...."hello"?......

Denzel Washington

PS: It's not like Martin is a pro-bowler. In fact he's pretty much mediocre at best (which is our specialty on draft day,finding the most mediocre players availeable) so I would like to know how he plans on walking into the Fins locker room again,and if cut(hopefully) any other teams locker room. My God,someone might hurt this sensitive guys feelings!

Offensive line played great last week without either of those two players in the lineup. Just saying.

Mando ... Its obvious the center of the controversy here is the very unit that leads the NFL in sacks allowed. No wonder they are playing so poorly, this unit is complete dysfunction. How could Turner not know about this? We need to fire a coach as well and make a statement about how the organization is also accountable and focused on creating a culture. Turner needs to go

Those calling Ray Lewis a thug don't know the man. What happened in the past was not what the common belief is. Do you really think that if there was evidence to convict Ray Lewis the Atlanta D.A. wouldn't want that feather in his political hat? Say that to Ray Lewis, hiding behind a computer you are a coward!

Dolphins suspend Richie Incognito. Pouncey and Philbin suspended next?

Our next draft
1 LT
2 LG
3 C
4 RG
5 RT

Posted by: Pitagoras | November 04, 2013 at 01:47 AM

QB is the #1 draft need next year. Johnny Manziel "The Magician".

Can they PLEASE suspend Ireland?

Joe Rose said this morning that the bullying stuff went on all the time he was playing, but he didn't mention financial extortion. More like college pranks like taping a guy to a goalpost or forcing them to drink beer for a team meeting. Shula wasn't always pleased with it but had gone through it himself as a player so more or less understood.

Would not be surprised to see this distraction contribute to a loss this Monday. This "easy" part of the season is a joke...nothing is easy for Miami. Already lost to Buffalo AT HOME so don't know why people think they will be a pushover up there, or NE, or the JETS, etc. This team could easily win only another game or two.

NHPhinsfan @7:29....

That may be the best line EVER when pertaining to this subject....

"Boys will be boys....but when will men be men".....poetry....

Who knows how many games this lack of respect that the OL has shown for each other...and the TEAM in general....cost us....


How many sacks on Tanne were given up because the man to his left or right might not have gone the extra mile for someone the might despise.....

10, 15.....

Maybe we could be the Kanas city chiefs.....playing as a single unit.....but instead we are the FINS.....and play as such.....


As Kricry so astutely pointed out....there is a bright side....this line was atrocious with both of those OL men in....and it looked a bit more cohesive with both of them out....

That could be a silver lining....a unit working as one....

How Long was he suspended for ?

This thing just keeps getting messier and messier,like Mike Ditka said in NFL today in his day this would never have happened, they would have handled the bully themselves, could you imagine this under Shula or Cowher, no way but that what happens when you have a weak headcoach who takes his p's and cues from a Girl for god sakes a GIRL. One more thing anyone who things Monday's game against Tampa is going to be a cake walk,forget it I watched the Tampa Seattle game they easily could have won that one to take That team to overtime watch out. I would not be shocked if we lost Not saying we will but be careful Miami very Careful.

The problem starts with Philbin. He should be held accountable for the dysfunctionality of his team. He certainly does not have a pulse on the locker room situation. This is a leagewide embarrassment to the team and the city.

Incognito and Pouncey are JACKASSES!!

I see another 4 game losing streak coming up.

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