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Dolphins suspend Richie Incognito

The Dolphins this evening have suspended guard Richie Incognito, citing conduct detrimental to the team, in connection to allegations of harassment and bullying teammate Jonathan Martin.

“The Miami Dolphins have suspended Richie Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team. We believe in maintaining a culture of respect for one another and as a result we believe this decision is in the best interest of the organization at this time," the team said in a statement. "As we noted earlier, we reached out to the NFL to conduct an objective and thorough review. We will continue to work with the league on this matter."

Incognito allegedly was involved in behavior that made Martin feel he was in a difficult work place environment. That behavior including verbal abuse, and implied pressure over Martin to bend to Incognito's will, a source close to Martin alleges. The source also said Martin felt threatened by Incognito and said there is evidence of that threat in the form of text messages and voice mails.

The source said that evidence has been turned over to the Dolphins.

A Dolphins source said Sunday night whatever evidence is turned over to them will in turn be turned over to the NFL which is investigating the matter.

However, the fact the team has taken the significant step to suspend Incognito even as the investigation is in its infancy is a sign the team believes Martin and the evidence he's presented to a high degree.

The NFL was made aware of the team's intent to suspend Incognito before the decision was finalized. The suspension is indefinite.

And as Martin has no current plans to return to the team in the near future, according to a source, it means the Dolphins will be without their starting left guard and starting right tackle when they resume practice at 2:45 Monday afternoon.

The Dolphins are expected to work with Nate Garner at left guard and Tyson Clabo at right tackle. Both players manned those positions against the Cincinnati Bengals after Martin went AWOL from the team prior to the game and Incognito suffered a stinger in his neck in the first half and was unable to return to the game.

Incognito has not been available for comment. He is expected to seek representation to fight the allegations.

Sunday was a very active day for the Dolphins as they've been working this issue. Early in the day they released a statement saying, in part, "the notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally."

Following the release of that statement, Incognito went on twitter to suggest media accounts of his involvement were wrong and that he wanted his name "cleared."

Approximately five hours later, after the Martin camp presented a formal complaint of "hateful" behavior, a source said, the club released a statement saying it had allegations of player misconduct. And within seven hours of that, the club had made and communicated to Incognito the decision to suspend him.

The news of the suspension was delivered to Incognito by coach Joe Philbin.

This episode closed quite a week for the Dolphins offensive line. Center Mike Pouncey was served a subpoena in connection to the Aaron Hernandez murder case on Sunday. Martin went AWOL from the team on Monday. And then the Incognito suspension.

And here we thought the biggest problem with the Miami offensive line was sacks.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#storylink=cpy



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Congrats to J Martin for being man enough to expose these atrocities and putting an end to them. He wasnt a rookie anymore but the misconduct continued. Philbn and Ireland had to know this was going on too.

Evidently Martin complained to Philbin on more than 1 occassion.




I'm sorry friends this screams clean house. How are you ever going to get the players you have to develop and get new players to come in here and work towards a winning culture.

We need a hard ass coach. Zimmer from Cincy would have been good. But we also need to get rid of Ireland and bring in an old school G.M. who has some respect with players, agents, and talent evaluators.

This reminds me when teachers get first dib on the high school football coach job because they are a teacher and its a paid position. Philbin is in over his head and I like the man. But this crap is going to go on for five or six years before he gets it all together. Look a Lewis is Cincy.

Philbin good man who does not have the ability to get agression directed in the right places. He throws water on attitude and you need it in the NFL.

As my daughter would say. We need to get our Swager back. Gruden and Shula probably a good answer to this mess. and that isn't even perfect.

This mess is a good Comon' Man!! or should I say men.

Into the darkness we head again.

The Ross ownership is just one embarrassment after another.

Ross should be on the phone this morning with Bill Cowher with an offer to be the next VP/GM/HC of football operations.

$5m per year with accelerators for playoff appearances, wins and a $5M kicker if he wins the Superbowl.

How does playing football remain a legal sport if calling someone names, teasing, hazing is a criminal offense?

We're losing our game boys. And we're getting no help from the soft, politically-correct reporters who shutter and wring their hands about adolescent football players and their "mean" behavior.


Jmike, in obamas world you are princess leia and he is jabba the hut. Go suck him off some more. Idiot.

Bullying is a serious social issue and this story could and should have legs. Matin is a Stanford graduate from a fine family from all reports. Not all teasing and pranks are bullying, but one suspects serious lines were crossed. There are reports that other rookies were bullied as well. One wonders if this team's culture is the reason why some players perform better once they leave the Dolphins. One also wonders if the Parcells, Ireland and Aponte way of doing things is the best way.

This should be a playoff team on paper. Instead, it is the Jets and Bills that may be on the rise and the Dolphins sinking.

To hell with Incognito and Martin, it's the Dolphins who, as is, are mediocre, at best, as a team and are now going to be seen as the poster child team for the meaning of the word, DYSFUNCTIONAL, by the national media. Just what we all need.

I don't know for a FACT what Incognito allegedly did, and whatever it is, as usual, the truth will likely end up falling somewhere between the hellish nightmare that the media portrays it as and the innocence that Incognito is claiming. It almost always does, no matter what the final "report" indicates. It will also end up being something that isn't unique to Miami. But, that wont get reported.
As a result ... Miami ends up being seen as the NFL's hell hole. Not good for anyone, team, players staff or FANS.

Tired of seeing Miami lose? Now "we" get to see them be media fodder as the dysfunctional laughing stock of the league. Not only that, but this should play nicely into furthering the PC, nanny state agenda of the liberals and the current administration. No doubt it's just a matter of time before the federal gov. weighs in. Should make for another nice distraction from the other issues of incompetence (and criminality) shown by the current administration.

On the brighter side ... maybe it will piss the rest of the team off enough to provide some more motivation, on the field.

A lot of you talk about Martin as if you know all the details of the alledged hazing that occured. Martin has been in locker rooms for a long time and I can assure that he has had to be familiar with hazing and has been both the receiver and infractor, it happens. But what happened with our sorry arse organization had to something way out of hand for Martin to take that stance. BTW being huge like Martin means little if the bully perhaps is working jointly witn outside thugs if you need any more proof of that see Mr Hernandez -and Pouncey apparently- in New England.

This debacle falls squarely on both Philbin, and Ireland. Philbin is like someone said a paper tiger all tough talk and very little respect from his own players and very poor awareness about personnel issues. And of course on Ireland and his terrible player choices and for the hiring of yet another inept coach. I know Ross had the last word but do not leave Ireland blameless for the hiring of Philbin. To me it shows incredible ineptitude to hire a coach who you had to know was not going to use the players you brought to the team in the right way. I mean I sure hope Ireland asked Philbin during the interview process if he was going to use a 3-4, man or zone coverage, or use players to their strengths. That has obviously not happened and players who underperformed with us excel elsewhere. Why? Because they are used correctly. S Smith and V Davis in man to man coverage, Bush in open space, Marshall and Long, for whom -if the plan was not to resign him- we got nothing when we he could have easily gotten a decent pick via trade prior to his injury.

Ireland has scapegoated coaches and players and even his mentor Tuna. He has ran out of excuses and we are not just mediocre as usual but an embarrassment of an organization for some time now. No way players, good players in all aspects including CHARACTER want to come here while Ireland is the GM. It has been painfully obvious this organization needs Ross to clean house, everybody must go. If we lose to the Bucs it will be the perfect time to start shaking things up, fire Ireland AND Philbin (with Sherman) and appoint an interim HC with the sole purpose to test all rookies and other players to see who stays all while positioning ourselves better in the draft. Do not an we will end up again with the usual 8-8 and without the opportunity to pick the best players.

Oh and BTW guarateed that Martin will end up at Indy and of course will play way better there and he ever did for us, we are rotten to the cora, Mr. Ross please wake up, even if you plan to sell your franchise west you probably want good value for it and and this pace you will get bottom for it.




Posted by: ALoco. | November 04, 2013 at 08:35 AM

It would be easier just to suspend crybaby ALoco.

What team would want to touch Martin after this incident? While he may be right, hasn't he broken some sort of NFL code or something? I think he's effectively NFL radioactive going forward. Why does this crap always find the Dolphins?

The Dolphins have been sinking ever since Parcells left. And the 5 consecutive losing seasons should have been enough to clean house without this additional embarrassment. Ross is a clueless owner. Remember he tried to hire a HC before firing one? WTF?

What team would want to touch Incognito after this incident? He's a locker room cancer.

What team would want to touch Incognito after this incident? He's a locker room cancer.

Posted by: Nat Moore | November 04, 2013 at 08:54 AM

Pouncey too. He's a cancer also.

so we just lost two starters on our O-line in one week...great.

Does anyone know if Martin is taking a leave of absence or is he walking away from the game for ever?

J Martin will be back with the team after this is taken care of.

Incognito and Martin have both played their last NFL snaps.

If we lose to the Bucs it will be the perfect time to start shaking things up, fire Ireland AND Philbin (with Sherman) and appoint an interim HC with the sole purpose to test all rookies and other players to see who stays all while positioning ourselves better in the draft.

Posted by: Ectoplasm | November 04, 2013 at 08:48 AM
While I agree it's the perfect time....you can't fire that many during the season. When you fire, you have to have someone to take his place. In your scenario, there wouldn't be enough in-house to fill the vacancies.

Glad I didnt waste money on tickets to this circus! LOL

Donald shoeman is STUPID. End of story.

Perhaps this situation here now might explain somewhat the strange goings on that have existed here since Shula was made to resign. We have gone since then thru Coaches, GMs, Owners of different status, types and beliefs and none of them have worked. Does that seem strange to you? It does to me. From a probability stand point that is almost an impossibility unless the sample is being purposefully manipulated. Conspiracy theory? Well, yes.

I'm sure it was not all Cogs doing. There were probably others on, and perhaps, off the team. We may never know the full story. I highly doubt this had to do with teasing over lunch last Monday. It may reach the level of criminal behavior.

This has to be the worst ... almost historically bad draft pick jeff Ireland made. Not only did we draft a guy that can't play tackle, we drafted a guy who is afraid of other men, and he took our best offensive lineman down with him in the process.

Does this sound like a guy we want on our team. I dumped on this kid from day one last year. Several others here including Mando said that I should take it easy. Anybody disagree with me anymore???

ross is going to wear a paper bag on his head for the rest of this 0-8 season.

The national media is all over this story today...the Dolphins are viewed once again in a negative way and re-enforcing the national obsession to keep some teams at the top, while others wallow at the bottom.

Anyone with eyes saw three absurdly bad calls against the Pats that provided Tom Brady with his 4th quarter heroics.

I for one am ashamed at what this once powerhouse franchise has become...a hollow shell of its former self.

Rooting for the laughing stock of the NFL gets tougher every year.

Martin is a strong and big guy. It is very doubtful that only Cogs could force him to give up $15,000 dollars. It is one thing to tease others respectfully and even pranks can be OK, but one has to be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings. Bullying is never OK and everyone needs to check and control his/her own behavior.

so u clueless homers tink the pathetic finz will still beat the bux?

And what's with teh NFL flexing our Charger game to 4pm taking away our home field advantage... fukkers

bux 1-7

tsax is trembling in his cleats

watch comedy central on mon. nite

Not me Mark. This puke is the worst kind of locker room cancer. All draft reports said the guy was (physically) soft. The combine (bench press) underlined it. But Mr. 'I know better than you guys' Ireland, dismissed it.
That should have been enough but now we find he's weak mentally/emotionally. Great job Ireland.

cogz = stupid malevolent fat butt ugly oaf

Cogs, Pouncey, and Martin all have lawyers now. If I were Tannehill, I would go to medical school.

Mark,Everyone wants to see the train wreck that's our Miami Dolphins, Kind of surprised they didn't put them on the Sunday nite game..
You know the Don Henley song "Dirty laundry" ....
Kick when there up
Kick'em when there down, Give us dirty laundry

To insert the racist word to this problem is irresponsible and sluggish reporting by Phinsider.com

Cogs, Pouncey, and Martin all have lawyers now. If I were Tannehill, I would go to medical school.
Posted by: Sigh | November 04, 2013 at 09:19 AM

Post of the Day...........LOL

better give denny some hgh
he's gonna play cnt. the final losing 8

Disclaimer - this is just my theory, and not that there's anything wrong with that if it should come to pass. What if Martin is gay or Incognito thought he was gay and that's what the harassment revolved around.

theres gonna be a shortage of brown bags in the miami gardens area

I disagree Mark...

This team is a F-in joke!

How on God's earth can a man 6-5 320 lbs. get harassed?

I'm not condoning what Incognito "supposedly" has done. Don't get me wrong, he should be gone.

But, for god sakes, how small is J. Martin? A GROWN man shouldn't be allowing some douche like Incognito to make him feel uncomfortable.

He should have beaten the crap out of him & settled it like a man. At worst, tell someone.

What a spineless sally. Cogs is a FA anyway, cut the cord now. It's becoming evident everyday that this line needs to be redone anyway. Get rid of the baby Martin & the bully Cogs & send Jerry with them!

your "best line man" sucks....

our Line sucks....PERIOD....

and it looked better without the both of them in on Thursday night....

Makes me laugh to hear so many taking Martin's side here. Did you think he was working for Micrsoft or Goldman Sachs? This is the NFL... the place of employment for the meanest and most caveman of our species.

Now we have the next Manny Wright, a guy who cries but in this day and age, the left wingers let him take down the team ... pathetic and sad.

Like I said last week, North America is running out of men ... soft, soft, soft.

lol. cogz and pouncey weight up to 660 that's y

Chris....you may be right on that one. My Gaydar went off on Martin right away.

What makes me LAUGH is guys who have NEVER spent a MEANIGFUL second in an NFL LOCKER ROOM....try to tell the rest of us how an NFL Locker operates....


all that movie watching must have made you an expert....

let me guess...NFL Lockers are ALL just like the "LONGEST YARD"....right?

Herm Edwards...................

which version....

1 or 2.....

lol...@ 2....

It gets worse and worse. The team is an embarassment. the OC coach sux, the GM is an idiot, the owner is clueless, the HC is as bad as the OC and the DC has talent but has not gotten caught up (has ever heard of making changes in the middle of a game). By the way we beat up on the OC but we let the DC off. The defense is suppose to be our saving grace. How many games have they shut down the opposing team. I digress for a minute. Back to this embarassment. The OL is suppose to be a bunch of mean hard hitting group. Incognito is bullying Martin, Martin is Soft nobody does anything to help (lack of leadership). The only three players to start bullying is Hartline, Miller and especially Tannehill. With friends or teammates like this line who needs enemies. Miller gets no holes and the Def line is kicking the snot out of Tannehill. he should be the one getting up and walking out. Two years ago i wrote that this team needs a deep, deep deep clean out.
This team is not going to the playoffs and will not until they get a real owner, HC and GM.

Kris, I think the NFL locker room is more like the movie "North Dallas Forty"....

Suppose a group man physical threats to Martin? Suppose there was a gang element? Even if it was 'only' bullying, it is still wrong. One can be strong without being a bully.

oscar, you think pranking didn't go on during Shula's day?? Heck, watch the ESPN special they just did on Shula or read the book Undefeated, they speak of some doozies in there. It's just none of the players were some f@g from Stanford who likes to be in on pranks but doesn't like to be the subject of them....

Mark, I don't disagree about Martin, and I'll say as one who was supporting him last year and thought he would be fine manning LT this year and we didn't need an upgrade, I was HORRIBLY MISTAKEN. I don't want him back on the team, his mental disposition is too weak for a professional football player (especially an OL).

With that said, I congratulate Philbin and the team for doing the right thing. Once this came out, they couldn't just sweep it under the rug. Suspending Incognito was tough, but the right thing to do. It shows Martin for one that behavior won't be tolerated on the team. And hopefully teaches the other players that they are at WORK when at the training facility. They should be PROS. ESPECIALLY when they're only .500 and 3rd in their own division. That's no time to be playing pranks.

And lastly guys, this isn't a decade ago, or 2 or 3 or whenever you thought "men were men." This is 2013. People commit suicide from being bullied. People get so upset they go on shooting rampages. Bullying has been shown to have a negative effect on people and society at large. And the population is waking up and authorities are doing something about it. So you're claim that "this happens on every team" or "it's all in good fun" or "grow a pair" are just out-of-date and ignorant. There is NO PLACE IN TODAY'S SOCIETY FOR BULLYING! That's the new normal. Get used to it.

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