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Dolphins suspend Richie Incognito

The Dolphins this evening have suspended guard Richie Incognito, citing conduct detrimental to the team, in connection to allegations of harassment and bullying teammate Jonathan Martin.

“The Miami Dolphins have suspended Richie Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team. We believe in maintaining a culture of respect for one another and as a result we believe this decision is in the best interest of the organization at this time," the team said in a statement. "As we noted earlier, we reached out to the NFL to conduct an objective and thorough review. We will continue to work with the league on this matter."

Incognito allegedly was involved in behavior that made Martin feel he was in a difficult work place environment. That behavior including verbal abuse, and implied pressure over Martin to bend to Incognito's will, a source close to Martin alleges. The source also said Martin felt threatened by Incognito and said there is evidence of that threat in the form of text messages and voice mails.

The source said that evidence has been turned over to the Dolphins.

A Dolphins source said Sunday night whatever evidence is turned over to them will in turn be turned over to the NFL which is investigating the matter.

However, the fact the team has taken the significant step to suspend Incognito even as the investigation is in its infancy is a sign the team believes Martin and the evidence he's presented to a high degree.

The NFL was made aware of the team's intent to suspend Incognito before the decision was finalized. The suspension is indefinite.

And as Martin has no current plans to return to the team in the near future, according to a source, it means the Dolphins will be without their starting left guard and starting right tackle when they resume practice at 2:45 Monday afternoon.

The Dolphins are expected to work with Nate Garner at left guard and Tyson Clabo at right tackle. Both players manned those positions against the Cincinnati Bengals after Martin went AWOL from the team prior to the game and Incognito suffered a stinger in his neck in the first half and was unable to return to the game.

Incognito has not been available for comment. He is expected to seek representation to fight the allegations.

Sunday was a very active day for the Dolphins as they've been working this issue. Early in the day they released a statement saying, in part, "the notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally."

Following the release of that statement, Incognito went on twitter to suggest media accounts of his involvement were wrong and that he wanted his name "cleared."

Approximately five hours later, after the Martin camp presented a formal complaint of "hateful" behavior, a source said, the club released a statement saying it had allegations of player misconduct. And within seven hours of that, the club had made and communicated to Incognito the decision to suspend him.

The news of the suspension was delivered to Incognito by coach Joe Philbin.

This episode closed quite a week for the Dolphins offensive line. Center Mike Pouncey was served a subpoena in connection to the Aaron Hernandez murder case on Sunday. Martin went AWOL from the team on Monday. And then the Incognito suspension.

And here we thought the biggest problem with the Miami offensive line was sacks.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#storylink=cpy



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Kris, never spent a day in an NFL lockeer room but have read several accounts from authorized biographies on our Miami Dolphins and even the ebst Miami Dolphins team of them all had some pranks and some were a lot worse than moviing a guy's car and hiding the keys.... or even contributing to a linemen's vacation.

Being taped to goal posts in the searing South Florida August heat for example? And this was of course the days before the bubble...

dc, u'r gonna chit at u'r desk when all of the fax come out, they aren't pranks.

Man what a mess! At a time when we should be talking about a HUGE win. Over Cinci on Thursday, instead we're talking about this soap opera.

Obvioulsly it's a big understatement to say OL will be the number one offseason acquisition. Two new takles and a guard now via FA and the draft. Sure hope we can still get that pass-catching TE ( Fred Davis maybe?). Going to be another busy offseason with more change.

It's clear now that Martin's not the guy. And I laugh at the putz's who told us last year 'Martin's t least as good as Long. He'll be fine once he hits the weight room'. Whatever.....

Cocoa, exactly. That poor bench was the biggest red flag I've ever seen. What good is a OT that benches less than a lot of corners or WRs. It was a red flag that he never enjoyed being in the gym, doing the dirty work that gives you that extra edge and the difference between 18 and 28 reps is humungous and takes years to bridge - not one off season. Called this shot over a year ago ...

Cuban, nice Henley reference ... always have time for Eagles stuff.

And I laugh at the putz's who told us last year 'Martin's t least as good as Long. He'll be fine once he hits the weight room'. Whatever.....

Posted by: Craig M | November 04, 2013 at 09:38 AM

More self back patting. If no one will do it for you, throw it out there & hope someone praises you.

See my name,

really all you people can talk about is football and wussification in a situation like this. this effects a man and his family and no one can justify this type of behavior. I am really shocked at the comments on this post and hope that your kids never find them selves in this situation, seeking your support


martin's on Ireland. No excuse for this one. He got it WRONG. All the evidence was there in the weight room etc... But how about the personal interviews. It didn't show up tht this guy jut isn't committed to football. Great that this guy's mother isn't a hooker but where's the fire.

Listen, I'm sorry for whatever this guys going through. He obviously is suffering. Maybe he's got mental issues or is depressed. That's not what I care about. I care about this team winning and it's lear this isn't a guy you want on your team. Move on!

Kris, why do you think so many NFL players fail academically or take Ballroom Dancing as Matt Leinhart did in his senior season at USC (only course he enrolled in to come back his sr year instead of declaring and making sure he would've been the #1 pick instead of Alex Smith ... oops). It's because these guys are not that bright, they resort to basic instincts to dealing with each other and society in general. the level of arrests in the NFL another tell?? Murders even. These guys aren't choir boys and can't function in most of normal society. Yet, it's managed to survive when men handle their own problems but no, not this marshmellow. he couldn't even do his own job and now he's bringing this poison into the team as well ... cripes


You are a smart dude...and I have the utmost respect for you and your post on this blog....

so having said that...

do you really think that Martin turned tail because of some "harmless" pranks....

Like one poster said earlier..Martin has been in a Locker room his entire life...I am sure he has been pranked...and has pranked...

what he is/was going thru was something entirely diffrerent...and that is what I was trying to get you and Phins 78 to understand...

We all know that hijinx happen....

but like th other poster said....

"boys will be boys..but when will men be men"....

again...I ask...how many games did this possibly cost us...how many hits to Tanne's frame did he endure because these "boys" can't work together like men....

and which one of those games...or sacks...was worth it...

...Bobby12..Are you still sure that it is ridiculous to compare this to "Bounty Gate"? This has legs, this is not going away. I'm positive that Incognito is not the only scapegoat. This is going to get worse for this team before it goes away.

I also disagree with the notion that this was because Martin lost his job. Convenient excuse for us. But if it is true that Martin had brought this up with Philbin back in training camp? Some peoples heads are going to roll.

I never said the stance the team took is wrong ... my only problem is with DJ Jazzy Jeff over there. If he was a proper NFL offensive tackle, this would never have happened. You think Incognito could ever bully Jake Long? Long would slapped his head so hard, his head would've spun around as much as Linda Blair in the exorcist....

Hats off to Joe Philbin for having this team at 4-4 amid the worst drama in the NFL. And all the while I thought this team was underacieving.

And stop the Sean Smith handwriinging. Realize the Chiefs start Tamba Hali, Dontari Poe, Tyson Jackson, Derrick Johnson, and Eric Berry on defense. What's the common denominator with these guys? They were all first round picks. And Brandon Flowers and Sean Smith were second rounders. Amazing what hitting on talent early in the draft can do for a franchise.


Who is the director of player personnel, didn't this person know of the problem before Martin walked? Whoever came up with this cra* of other players paying for their team mates social events? If the players decide to go on their own JUNKET, they pay their own way, tell me they can not afford this on their own salaries! If any player does not particulary care for another team mate, keep it to yourself. If you can not, then you are the one that needs to leave. Constructive criticism is on thing, but, abuse is another!

I have a feeling that this is not what you would expect from a bunch of frat boys doing what frat boys do, I fear that this is much more sinister in its depth and depravity. I remember that there was an NFL investigation a few years ago with regards to gang involvement among players in the league.

That investigation ended much more quietly than it began. I don't recall the specifics of the findings, but I fear that a lot of what was found was swept under the rug due to the extreme amount of potentially lost revenue if the real facts had come to light.

I have a feeling that this "gang" involvement is much more pervasive than what was exposed by the initial investigation and it would not surprise me at all if 1/2 to 3/4 of the players in this league have some level of affiliation. It also would not surprise me if this includes monetary kickbacks to the gangs, and possibly even the manipulation of game outcomes based on illegal gambling as well. And I do not think we can overlook the referees in all of this either, judging by some of the most blatantly bad calls I can ever remember in my 50 odd years of being a fan of football.

If the team owners, coaches, and league officials don't take stock of what is happening behind the curtains, this whole thing could come completely unraveled with the string that started it all being JMart and his allegations.

I think the whole JMart issue is a fart in a hurricane compared to what lies underneath, and I think it is high time that the real truth be brought to bear. Anyone that thinks the Phins are the only team affected are fooling themselves. I think this cancer is pervasive throughout the league. If the NFL powers that be do not take care of it now, this could spell the doom of their entire enterprise.

Daryl D....

as well they should (heads roll)....

I have been a Philbin guy....but if this was brought to his attention back then...and he and the OL coach did nothing...then may they get what they deserve...cause obviously...they they/he has no idea of what a team concept is...

Mark...this come down to Leadership....not who has the biggest balls...

The line sucked with Cogs...it may suck without him....lets not write this guys eulogy...and start to think of him as a HOFer...the glue that made this line tick....some poster wrote (probbowler?)....made me laugh so hard...ispit out my coffee....

dudwe has given up six sack in 7 and a half games...

Jim Turner is the ex-marine drill sgt, that ordered the Code Red on Santiago, or in this case J Martin.

The o-line will be better without these two on it. It couldn't really be worse. Philbin will have this shot, this season and if he bums out on the playoffs, he's gone with Irlenand and co.

Ross is probably looking at a new GM and coach for next year right now.

If it's true Philbin had prior knowledge of these issues in training camp, he should be fired Sherman take over as interim.

No excuse for turning a blind eye to it.

I'm just so tired of this franchise. Whether it's bad coaching hires, bad drafts, bad FA pickups...we need a complete overhaul.

Ireland needs to go. Period, end of discussion. I don't know how many more embarrassing events have to happen to this franchise before everyone gets it.


..Actually after thinking about it..Martin was probably a bit miffed that he was moved to right tackle..He didn't lose his job, he was moved to another spot. But maybe he had every right to be upset about the move. Why should he sacrifice for a group who treated him like an outsider? Brotherhood right? I'm sure Martin wasn't feeling that. So maybe he was a bit upset about the position move.

Hats off to team being 4-4 with all the drama lol. I love the way people from Miami think! Just shows that the city is all about image but no substance.

psu south

Wussification of the NFL? I've seen this a lot, and it's narrow minded. Like it or not we're emotional animals. You can talk all you want about toughness, but when people are put into difficult positions without the proper support system or mental framework they tend to break down. Everyone is susceptible.

Definitely not glorifying Incognito ... him being their best lineman is like being the Valedictorian of Summer School.

But still, we are not exactly in the position of kissing away even halfway capable bodies on that part of the team.


I agree with you. I believe a lot of the teams struggles on OL can now be explained by some of this. That and perhaps they're not very good. But I put that on Ireland and the coaches. They put his team together. They let Jake Long get way. They failed to find is replacement, even with the number 3 pick in the draft. Where was the coaching staff in ll this? To me it's another black mark for Jeff Ireland.

Kris and DD,

Why do you think this happened. Curious to hear your thoughts. Why did Martin walk?

Incognito is a big fat jerk;always was and still is. team-mates have to become one and stick together in the nfl. you don't bully your own guys. I am glad Martin is pursuing this matter. others are surely involved. maybe the dolphins will clean this team up if they are forced to. don't forget how vontae was publicly embarassed on hard knocks. no class.

Philbin is not a leader of men, he never will be.

I like the attitude of Campbell the TE's coach. He really has brought the best out in his group and the players seem to work hard for him.

My choice for interm head coach.

Ireland is done. The GM's don't really have that much business to attend to till next season anyway.

Its unfortunate because Incognito is a good Guard and we need someone with his talent on the OL however, he has run afoul before and is in the last year of his contract. As stated before, he is good but not GREAT and is 30 or 31 years old. In the best case scenario, before this unsavory turn of events, I'm not sure would've been re-signed anyways. Now, he'll never play a down here and perhaps anywhere else again.
While high draft choices and former players flourish elsewhere, we're here in a soap opera environment.
How does management and how do the coaches lose sight of this and not recognize it as a problem?
Seems like we're perpetually "starting anew" but mired in the same perpetual muck. This team needs an enema.

Richie Incognito: You want answers?
Armando Salguero: I think we're entitled to.
Richie Incognito: *You want answers?*
Armando Salguero: *I want the truth!*
Richie Incognito: *You can't handle the truth!*
Richie Incognito: Armando, we play a game that has quarterbacks, and those quarterbacks have to be guarded by Offensive Lineman. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Armando Salguero? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Jonathan Martin, and you curse the Richie Incognito's of this world. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Martin's Hazing, while tragic, probably saved sacks. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves sacks. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about in press boxes, you want me on that Offensive Line, you need me on that Offensive Line. We use words like gap protection, holding, bum rush. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent protecting the quarterback. You use them when writing articles. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of quarterback protection I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a helmet, and play left guard. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.
Armando Salguero: Did you order the Hazing?
Richie Incognito: I did the job I...
Armando Salguero: *Did you order the Hazing?*
Richie Incognito: *You're Goddamn right I did!*

Incognito plays next to J. Martin on the line and it's obvious to me from the nature of their relationship that he wasn't very helpful in Martin's developement but rather a distraction. Incongnito missed his buddy j. Long and took it out on Martin. Figuring Martins failure would be evidence that letting Long walk was a mistake by the Dolphins. This is not the only scenerio this year where this type of behavior was seen. It was reported during the kicking competition early in camp that Sturgis was being shuned by special teams teamates in some of the same type way. Players have gone overboard with stupid kids like behavior. No wonder this O-line has played so poorly. Lack of team unity. Even CamWake mentioned early in the season that only certain team mates were worthy of their special brotherhood t-shirts. If he wears the same jersey that you wear on Sunday then he should be your brother in battle. If a player needs to step his game up to another level than its your job to help elevate him not leave him behind. At the end of the day everyone wearing the logo will have the same number of wins and losses.

Craig M....

it sure can't be ruled out....poor play due to mis-trust/abuse....

as far as why Martin walked...I can't really imagine why...

I'm just smart enough to know that he didn't walk because some guys got up from a table when he sat down....

and to those that thought that was ACTUALLY the whole story....

a 2watt...lol`.....

and thats all I can say...

well that...and a Phins 78...hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

I think I got the ha's right...

It appears O-line will be the focus of next year’s draft. I am okay with both Martin and Incognito gone.

Keep T-hill healthy and if no playoffs clean house. Period.

lol @ 10;09....

way to lighten it up....

best post today...

..Kris. I agree. I don't think many here have accepted this for what it is. A few nights ago. I said I thought this story had a ton of layers to it.

It made no sense that Martin would react, or leave the team just over being called a name(At that point all we knew was he had left the team, and there was the nickname. We also knew about the Samuda prank)..Many posters at that point were already making Martin the focus, or the problem.

Understandably so. A lot of Phin fans do not want to accept that perhaps, not perhaps..That this could, and should have been handled, and put to bed a long time a go. It is much worse then name calling, or dinners, or stealing car keys. It has to be, now the media is into it. There are going to be reporters trying to find stories within the story. That is why I compare this to bounty gate..

The Saints, their fans thought it no big deal at first. Nothing to see here. Everyone does it. We all know every team had a bounty program. But they took it to far. This is so similar. Their fans..Blaming the media, blaming everyone except themselves. This is probably going to cost us some draft picks, it may cost Philbin his job. It could be the atomic bomb a lot of people want.(not because of this, but because they dislike Philbin, Ireland)

I've said it before and I will say it again. Martin made himself a target by being soft and by playing poorly at his position.

The castration of the NFL has been going on for years now. QB's and receivers are treated like glass dolls and are practically untouchable. Now you can't hit high, so you have to hit low. I have had my bell wrung on more than one occasion and I would rather have my head ache for a couple of days than have my knees blown out.
Just ask Keller how he feels about the new rules.

Now the locker room is under scrutiny, simply pathetic.

Bad players that play bad too. But we dont blame the GM because he was brought in under Parcells. The GM sat in the chair behind the desk behind the door with GM on it.

BTW, Martin's decision will probably affect his career to the point that who knows if he'll ever play here or anywhere else again. The NFL doesn't take kindly to this type of situation but then again, none of us know the extent of the crap he probably put up with and was fed up.

gotta run gentlemen...

looking forward to reading what transpires...

and a WIN on monday night...

Guys I read all kinds of stuff from Adam Beasley that said Martin brought this to the team and the coaches back n the Spring. They though this had been dealt with. obviously not. So are you guys saying Philbin should be fired? Pretty harsh, no? Infighting goes on within EVERY team. I believe this kind of stuff is common place. I'm not sure what you would have had Philbin do? Cut Cogs? And then what? The team chose to deal with this internally and it obviously never got dealt with.

I think it's naive to think that this kind of thing isn't going on in every single locker room in the NFL. A lot of these guys are thugs, not choirboys. If you're expecting mot of these guys to be model citizens you're watching the wrong sport. A lot of them are drug users, pill pushers, with criminal records, DUIs, domestic charges, weapons charges, hanging out with hookers and having kids with multiple women. They're not the nicest people in the world. Hope tht isn't a newsflash to anyone.

If Philbin has been shown to turn a blind eye to racist and abusive bullying in his locker room he will be held responsible for that.

Ireland will also be accountable for yet another coaching selection whiff. Ross gives him an extension at 3-0, WTF. Any business man would wait till the off-season and get the most out of the GM.

The fans of the NFL and the media will put Philbin and Ireland to the sword.


Isn't that the key...if Incognito was doing an "adequate" enough job he might be thanked...but six sacks in 7.5 games means he might as well be gone too. Time for some new blood in Miami.

This team needs to change the discussion back to football, and get focused on Tampa - and the rest of their schedule. Whether they are ready or not, the games will be played. Time to pull it all together.

Wow! just when you thought this team couldn't be any more embarrassing! Im ready to cut the line and let this fish go!! .... shesh!

No need to worry. Jeff Ireland will fix all of this. Word at Dolphins headquarters is that he ordered a lunch delivery today. That will mean at least two additional hours of work today for him. Incredible dedication to his job; Jeff Ireland, well done sir!

Sounds to me like Martin and Incognito should have had it out mano a mano, in the parking lot, locker room, or in practice.
I've never seen anything like this situation in my 4 decades of following football.
My guess is Martin ends up retiring and changes his career.
Incognito? My guess is his career as a Dolphin is over.

..Craig M..I think what happened is that Incognito is a ten year old bully. I think that he had(to borrow from Aloco) A gang of idiots. I think that immediately from his rookie season Martin was made to be a mark. I think that there were probably a mot of little things that would make a lot of us snap that added up over a period of time. I think that Martin did things out of character just to try to fit in, or make it stop. But we all know how awkward people can be when they act out character. And it probably made it worse.

I think Martin went to the top, and was ingnored. I think he felt like he wasn't part of the group, or there was no sense of team.

Now I'm sure some will read this and react...Boo hoo! Whatever. Then I read that there were extended threats..Via text, or verbal. Why is that ok? I think after being beat down by people he thought were teammates. Martin snapped.

I'm sure there is a lot more that we will hear that may make some say big deal, that may be disturbing to others. IMO, and I have said this from day 1...This is bad, and only going to get worse.

Craig M. We don't know and never will know whay goes on in every NFL locker room. The problem is the world knows what has been going on in our locker room because the situation has been mis managed by Philbin and Ireland.

There is no-one more responsible for the behaviour of the players than these two.

Its not only this Craig, its a plethora of mistakes. Enough is enough.

Those of you who blame the coaching and staff for this mess are completely off base. Coaches are not baby sitters, especially at this level. These are grown men, not toddlers. They grew up in the locker room where of course things happen, it is just the nature of the game. Most of you have forgotten that once you strap on those cleats you are excepting the consequences of your decision. No one on this blog can justify Martins actions. He is soft to the core and should have never attempted to play at the professional level.

I played with some real men in my day and they weren't exactly into political correctness. You played soft, you got your head tore off and ran out of the locker room. You were lucky to be able to show your face on campus after being labeled a wimp. There is a very old saying and it rings true in this case..."If you can't play with the big dogs, then stay on the porch."

Pay him and let him walk. He is nothing but a coward and a cancer to this team. Cog's can go as well, because he let this thing get out of control and didn't do himself any favors by threatening members of the media and others with his tweets. What a total idiot.


Maybe it's not worth watching football anymore. The more I see, the less interest and passion I have for the game. From all these stupid "safety" rule changes to horrible officiating to this.
To top it off, this organization and fan base in Miami is the worst I have ever seen. 53,000 show up on a Thursday Night Nationally Televised game. I don't want to hear any excuses either. Eight games a year and a surrounding area of 3 million plus people, and you can't fill 73,000 seats. Against Baltimore, the Super Bowl Champions, the stadium had empty seats and there were just as many Baltimore fans as Dolphin fans.
The Organization has gone from bad to worse and now this. This is the most embarrassed I have ever been. If Joe Philbin didnt lose the locker room, he certainly has now. Every single player and fan with a brain cell knows Philbin knew what was happening. What does he do? He throws Incognito under the bus. How can any veteran on this team have respect for Philbin? Who in the future would want to play for this guy? This is not a 9-5 bank job. This is football, where MEN with huge egos, the best of the best, play a violent game. Any one of you who played the game realize what goes on in locker rooms. You get bullied when you are a teenager, not as an adult as with Martin.
The best thing that could happen right now is for Ross to tear it down to its roots. Fire Philbin and Ireland and bring in experienced football people. He should also reevaluate whether or not NFL football is viable in Miami. People love to blame him for bringing in the Hollywood stars, but anyone who lives down here realize Miami fans want a show or they won't come out.
I also have to say football needs a Commissioner like Mike Ditka, not Roger Goodell. The game itself may get fundamentally changed if rule changes, safety rules, biased officiating and letting wusses like Martin take over the game. Like I said earlier, I have been a HUGE fan for over 40 years, if I am losing my passion and respect for the game, I know there are lots of others who are feeling the same way.

..WashPhinFan...When you say those blaming the coaching staff are off base. Do you include Philbin among the group? or is it just the coaches get a pass. And Philbin is on his own?

Philbin is the CEO..(I know he isn't the team CEO) he had better know what is going on in his locker room. Sean Payton was banned for a year for turning a blind eye to what was happening in his locker room. His DC was banned for life for instigating it. So yes the coaches are responsible for this.


I think you need to get off your self-righteous box this morning. As you said 'we weren't there'.

Not sure you can put all this on the coahes. This are grown men, responsible for their own actions. They're going to do their own thing.

Team has taken action now. looks like both these guys won't be back.

Those of you who let the coaches off the hook with locker room moral and energy are off base.

The Head coach of a football team has to keep his ear to the ground and know where his players minds are at. Play calling is just a part of the job.

The great coaches have very close relationships with their players and are hard on them, but have a closeness which means so much.

Coches like Philbin that deny that there are any problems, as he did before the reports came out will be shown as a liar. I expect the head coach of the teams I follow to gauge the mood in the locker and be in touch with the players he leads. No ?

Craig M quickly and sternly lectures us all that infighting goes on in every locker room. But, how does he know? Sounds like more gum flapping than anything else.

He's never been in 1 locker room, let alone every locker room. That doesn't stop him from trying to preach to us all like Sunday mass.

More gum flapping from the biggest whanker here. Just more reason to ignore his lectures or as he'd call them, blog posts.

Philbin preaches team culture and character. Incognito was sorely deficient in both. he is a "cancer" and a bad team mate. hopefully the cancer didnt spread to other players in that locker room. a bully usually has supporters/enablers.

So, last year's Leadership Comm consisted of Jake Long, Reggie Bush and Karlos Dansby. All hard-working vets (minus the year Dansby came in out of shape). But pretty much all stand-up guys, haven't heard of them being problems on or off the field. They all get ditched, and the new Leadership Comm is whom exactly? I know Tannehill is on there (in his 2nd Year, hmmm). Isn't Incognito on there? That's where I start to squirm. You (Philbin) had problems with Reggie Bush, the ultimate professional, keeps his head down, quiet, yet bleeds professionalism by taking care of himself and working harder than everyone else, and you replace him with a guy who's hated in the league, known as a dirty player, and has a history of juvenile behavior which got him kicked off of at least 2 other teams? Do people really not see how horrible that decision-making is?

One of the issues on this team coming into this year is they were young (or had a bunch of new players) and there was no "core culture" to form around. Myself, I can think of about 20 better players to put on a Leadership Comm than Incognito (Wake, Hartline, Fields, Denney, Odrick, Jones, Moore) just to name a few. These are all guys who are good guys on and off the field.

What ultimately gets me about this case is the Dolphins always seem to find ways to do THEMSELVES in. We're stuck in mediocrity because of this crap, and it NEVER gets resolved. If it isn't one thing, it's another. At least with Rex Ryan and the Jets, yeah, you have drama, but with him, he came in and FIXED the part of the team he's known for, defense. Since he's been there, the defense was stellar. Why can't our HCs fix what they're known for? We've had TWO OL Coaches as HC, and our OL is worse than ever before. How can that be? Fix what you know, then worry about the other stuff. But our teams are like wack-a-mole machines. You knock down one issue, and another one pops up. You knock that one down, and the one you just knocked down pops back up. It's getting more than frustrating, it's getting really old. A decade + of irrelevance, in the parity that is the NFL today, is just a damning indictment that you're entire franchise is pathetic.

Seth,Your post at 10:09...

New Candidate for the Coveted "POST OF THE DAY"


The best thing that could happen right now is for Ross to tear it down to its roots. Fire Philbin and Ireland and bring in experienced football people.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | November 04, 2013 at 10:27 AM

Craig Mouth,

You may proceed to issue your usual question to Bobbyd12 as you do everyone else.

In case you forgot, here's how it goes

"If you fire Ireland, who you gonna bring in? Don't tell me an experienced guy, I WANT A NAME...GIVE E A NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!


You may proceed Oh obnoxious one!

Posted by: WashPhinFan | November 04, 2013 at 10:23 AM
Mostly agree but I find it hard to believe even Philbin didn't have some idea what was going on. Then again maybe not

DD...no I don't blame the coaches or Ireland for this. Sure they will be made the scapegoats, that's a given. Is it right? Well that is a matter of perspective IMO. This is a violent game and the trenches are the most violent. You can't produce a decent OL without a few guys who have the IQ's equal to their shoe size. Locker room pranks and hazing has been a part of the game for as long as I can remember.

Now the deliberate targeting of players by coaches and players is a whole different thing all together and should be punished with extreme prejudice. This situation had nothing to do with players being paid to end other player's careers. Comparing apples with oranges is not going to justify Martins case in my eyes what so ever.

+1 Bobby12

If the NFL deceides to levy any kind of punishment against the NFL simply because Martin cried like a bicch, that will be going too far. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right and it's not meant for everyone. it's a cruel place. A place where several of these guys can't keep on the right side of the law far too often. So we, as fans, should eb penalized by having our team handicapped even further because this guy couldn't play, knew his days were coming to an end and is now deciding to take an even bigger financial reward away from the team/league. Bullshite I say!!!

Bottom line is Martin wouldn't have been bullied to this extent if he was either physically/mentally strong enough to handle the job.

He should've walked away and retired like Ricky did when he decided it wasn't for him anymore. Not whistle blow to expose yourself as an even bigger weakling than most of us already suspected...

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