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Dolphins suspend Richie Incognito

The Dolphins this evening have suspended guard Richie Incognito, citing conduct detrimental to the team, in connection to allegations of harassment and bullying teammate Jonathan Martin.

“The Miami Dolphins have suspended Richie Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team. We believe in maintaining a culture of respect for one another and as a result we believe this decision is in the best interest of the organization at this time," the team said in a statement. "As we noted earlier, we reached out to the NFL to conduct an objective and thorough review. We will continue to work with the league on this matter."

Incognito allegedly was involved in behavior that made Martin feel he was in a difficult work place environment. That behavior including verbal abuse, and implied pressure over Martin to bend to Incognito's will, a source close to Martin alleges. The source also said Martin felt threatened by Incognito and said there is evidence of that threat in the form of text messages and voice mails.

The source said that evidence has been turned over to the Dolphins.

A Dolphins source said Sunday night whatever evidence is turned over to them will in turn be turned over to the NFL which is investigating the matter.

However, the fact the team has taken the significant step to suspend Incognito even as the investigation is in its infancy is a sign the team believes Martin and the evidence he's presented to a high degree.

The NFL was made aware of the team's intent to suspend Incognito before the decision was finalized. The suspension is indefinite.

And as Martin has no current plans to return to the team in the near future, according to a source, it means the Dolphins will be without their starting left guard and starting right tackle when they resume practice at 2:45 Monday afternoon.

The Dolphins are expected to work with Nate Garner at left guard and Tyson Clabo at right tackle. Both players manned those positions against the Cincinnati Bengals after Martin went AWOL from the team prior to the game and Incognito suffered a stinger in his neck in the first half and was unable to return to the game.

Incognito has not been available for comment. He is expected to seek representation to fight the allegations.

Sunday was a very active day for the Dolphins as they've been working this issue. Early in the day they released a statement saying, in part, "the notion of bullying is based on speculation and has not been presented to us as a concern from Jonathan or anyone else internally."

Following the release of that statement, Incognito went on twitter to suggest media accounts of his involvement were wrong and that he wanted his name "cleared."

Approximately five hours later, after the Martin camp presented a formal complaint of "hateful" behavior, a source said, the club released a statement saying it had allegations of player misconduct. And within seven hours of that, the club had made and communicated to Incognito the decision to suspend him.

The news of the suspension was delivered to Incognito by coach Joe Philbin.

This episode closed quite a week for the Dolphins offensive line. Center Mike Pouncey was served a subpoena in connection to the Aaron Hernandez murder case on Sunday. Martin went AWOL from the team on Monday. And then the Incognito suspension.

And here we thought the biggest problem with the Miami offensive line was sacks.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/#storylink=cpy



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new hc
new qb
kc 9-0

Are there sociopaths in the Armed Forces? Of course, that's what they pick the foot soldier for. Most of the patients I treated at the VA here where sociopaths. But, really, we don't want to kill anybody in the Sport, not even harm them.

...Phins78..Do you really think this story is just about 2 people? Martin and Incognito? That is my point. Saints fans..The team initially denied any wrong doing. I feel the Phins, and a lot of the base are doing the same.

Again..I don't know the facts. I do not know how, or what transpired. I have a gut feeling that there are more people at fault then Richie Incognito. Or if you wish..Jon Martin. If you don't. That is up to you. I'm not trying to be "more right" then anyone else. Or self righteous. My opinion is that something really bad happened. It was over a period of time. It was conveniently ignored until it blew up. I could be 100 percent wrong. How can anyone be sure of anything at this point?(as far as what happened here)

If Richie Incognito really used racial and threatening text messages and voicemails then he got what he deserved. Not to mention, what did he expect? Just because Jeff Darlington does a piece on how angelic you've become doesn't mean the world isn't going to find out that you're, well, a bully. Although I would have liked to have seen him in this locker room next year I don't think that's possible. Doesn't seem like it's likely we'll keep Martin so our OL next year yields us Pouncey, Garner, and (assuming we don't cut him after the season) McKinnie.....Not. Good.

I logged on late last night when the news broke and put my thoughts out....I don't care that Cogs and Martin are likley not going to play again for the Fins. They were 2/5's of an OLINE that has allowed the most sacks so far this season. This OLINE is a mess and both have contributed to that reality. So, let them go...both of them. Move on and see if we can 'plug the holes' with players who are wanting to be on the field and wanting to play for this team and acting like adults and not grade school children.

I find it hard to believe that Martin tried commiting suicide - on three seperate occassions. If that was the case the coaches would not have tolerated the "hazing"; nor would I think Incognito and the rest of the OL to be that dumb to pick on someone who is so fragile. That may be a stretch, but still possible. We'll know in the coming days.

If anything, this story really interests me. I still don't think this is negative for our franchise (I mean, yeah, technically it is). This is a league-wide issue. This entire scenario is going to change the locker rooms of every NFL team, forever.

Now the FO, isn't answering questions. They have brought the NFL in to handle the media.

Wow, new lows are reached. Maybe thats a good thing. THe players and coaches should do all they can to focus on the Bucs. Put all the emtion into this game.

One scapegoat and counting. Probably will be the only one.

The more I think about this situation, the more I think we could benefit from it. It clears the air and the locker room for the toxic environment created by the bullying.

I am finding many of the posts here today funny. I just can't believe so many are trying to take sades with Martin and/or Cogs. The reality is that both are acting ridiculous and unprofessional.

Cogs trying to bully any teammate is pathetic. He is a grown man making millions to play a game. He would make many more millions if he contributed to a winning team environment instead of creating riffs in the locker room and dividing the team overall. He should be suspended and he should never come back.

Martin is a grown man and should deal with this situation as such. I am NOT suggesting he go 'old school' and beat the crap out of the bullies. I am not suggesting he is 'soft' because he couldn't deal with the bullying. All he should have done is go directly to Philbin and Ireland and tell them exactly what was going on and suggest that he would rather leave the team than stay in that environment. Put that way Philbin and Ireland would have no choice but to address the entire team immediately and this could have been dealt with 'internally' vs. through the national media.

Both of these guys are immature idiots who haven't played well this season and should not be allowed to make millions playing for this franchise.

..Washfin..I know that nothing has been settled. Again I keep harping on the facts. But if comes out that there was racism, or extortion, or worse...How are these a part of NFL tradition? And if these in fact are traditions. Are they traditions worth keeping?

Oscar, went to Havana at the end of September. I had a great time. Just awesome and will probably make it a regular landing spot for myself every few months or so. I knwo this isn't a popular opinion in South Florida but just remember I'm Canadian and don't have a dog in that fight.

My final thought and only care at this point....who is going to be added to this team to make the OLINE better and more cohesive.

Anyone have any ideas? Any reporters have any scoop?

Isn't that what we should be discussing at this point?

Who is going to be added to protect this QB and make holes for our RB's so that we can turn 4-4 start to a playoff invitation?

Phins78 brings up a good point. Suspending Richie during a week when they play their softest opponent and he was already banged up anyway ... seems kind of convenient

This is a ridiculous and stupid story........... are we actually talking about a grown man being bullied?

RI would go, no matter who we were playing.

Martin is not an NFL player and he knows it........ he quit ........ let me stress it again, HE QUIT ........ and now he wants to save face and keep some of his contract money so he filed this report . Get him out of here

Everyone taking Martin side on this issue is only doing it because they want to be on the popular and politically correct side

Racism now? I haven't heard but is it coming to that too?

I can't even imagine JT, Zach, Nick B, the Blackwood bros, or any other Dolphin claiming they have been bullied

Of course he's playing the race card.......he has to save face and money

Mark, yes. Look Martin and RI are awful, either as players or team mates. I want rid of them as much as anyone. The coach and GM are on the hook for this though.

The fans deserve better than racist apologists, or blind men who look the other way to abuse.

JPAO @ 11:42... I agree. One was being a horse's arse and the other incpapable of defnding himself properly in any capacity.

Where's Dog Water? I'd like to hear his viewpoint on this one.

The Dolphins are a train wreck from top to bottom. Incognito is and always has been a creep. Don't let this guy back on the team. Memo to Ross, Ireland and Philbin: Get in touch with your team. This whole situation is a disgrace and shows the true dysfunction of this Organization, if you won't to call it that.

Silverback, you are exactly right, martin is just not an NFL player ... that's it. Jake Long or Tim Bowens bullied?? No, would never happen ... he was soft. Not blaming the victim here but he never should've been in that environment ... he clearly didn't belong.

I guess Philbins "Players Leadership Council" has made a positive impact on the locker room? Lets see......... this weeks Captins are??

Wait a minute........doesn't anyone else see this as a fabricated BS issue. I mean if Martin had an issue then man up and handle it or inform the coaches ....... don't quit and then cry foul ......... what's next, people in the military claiming they've been bullied in boot camp?

marco, I don't know why anyone has to be "on the hook". just get rid of them both, let the lawyers handle the situation and move on personnel wise. I mean , what GM wouldn't give a 2nd year 2nd rd picka chance to prove himself, and who would've cut Incognito a year after playing in the Pro Bowl? It's a sitaution that just soured, cut the cancer/dead wood out and move on.

This is seriously the most hilarious and amusing situation I've ever learned about concerning a football team. I'm just glad it happened here with The Dolphins.

"I lost my job and the guys don't like me, hold me mommy"

Is this not the sorriest sack of turd to ever put on a Phins uniform ?

Stanford should be proud.

I want to see proof of this......where's the text messages, I want to hear the voicemail.......otherwise it's just ESPN being drama queens

all you have to do in the media now is say, "Sources close to the team" and you can pretty much write anything

WashPhin/Mark, save me the "football isn't for weaklings" machismo. Wash, that reasoning you used in the military sounds exactly like the reasoning they used not to dismantle DADT or prevent women from serving in combat. Let me tell you geniuses something, IT'S NOT 1950 ANYMORE! That mentality doesn't play in this day and age. Geez, you're right, Martin was never fit to be a football player. He only protected the blind side of one of the greatest QBs to come out of college (Andrew Luck ever talk about being killed by his lack of protection?). And he never seemed to have a problem under his college HC (Jim Harbaugh). But I guess when a guy knows how to be a HC, when a HC says he has control over his team AND MEANS IT, it's a different story.

Let's see if you guys can hold 2 competing views in your minds at one time (I know, tough exercise). The player may be flawed (I know Mark always hated Martin). That's fine, and I agree the squeeze isn't worth the juice with this player.

But the larger issue is what does this say about the LEADERSHIP. The coaches (all levels)? The GM? The organization? And really, it wouldn't be such a big story is Philbin didn't harp, SINCE THE MOMENT HE CAME TO THE TEAM, about his desire to get the "right" guys in here, men of "good character." Having a "good locker room." PHILBIN was the one who said that was his goal. NOT winning football games (or just winning, he actually said that was supposed to help the team win games). How's that going for us? You guys like being .500 and in 3rd place, behind the Jets being led by a rookie QB and a worse WR/TE core than what we had last year? Is that what you expected at this point from this team, now seeing the talent level that's on it?

Why blame Martin? I actually applaud the guy for bringing this public knowing the embarrassment he'd feel from reactions like yours. To me, that takes more guts than the macho mentality displayed here. Maybe be less macho, and put less time into thinking about the next prank, and more time into executing your assignments on the field, and we'd be in a better shape record-wise. Ya think?

Incognito threatened members of Martin's family and said he would "track them down"....called him a "Half (n word)," and threatened to defecate in his mouth.

And put it in print and a recording.

What a dummy.

As often happens in a fight, Mark, you might get caught in the crossfire, even for Canadians dogs might get you bitten. We know a few of your compatriots who already have been(bitten).

Silverback, yeah, this has a good chance of being overblown. I mean, martin knew he failed as a player. He knows he would be on his way ut of the NFL within a year or two - probably didn't want to put in the work in necessary to improve signficantly, wasn't fun to come to work everyday. Has the smoking gun in that idiot Incognito's text messages. Has lawyers for parents with significant ties ... here comes cash for life.

Yeah, I can definitely see that angle having some merit.

Jonathan Martin hung himself this morning at his home in Palo Alto.

Say what you may about Incognito, he's not a WIMP.

DC, I can easily flip the script the other way... how many offensive lineman has Incognito had over the years and never once has someone accused him of being a bad teammate... of going out of line.

He was cut before for not keeping his temper in check with opponents but always known as a guy you want on your team... anyway I am not absolving martin of any of this ... sorry.

Bullies,,, football ... really? What sport did we think we were playing here???

Oh Oscar, I sure did get bit down there but in a good way ... I will be back.

DC Dolfan ............ you're reasoning is why America is so sensitive now......everyone gets offended by everything .......... football is a violent game and the people who play it don't care if you don't like how they act and what they say. You have to have thick skin and deal with these things like an adult ....... you can't run away and cry foul. I have absolutely NO respect for people who do that. This isn't Stanford and it's not college ........ Martin is facing pros who want to hurt people. And by the way being macho isn't a crime

CUT THEM BOTH, & MOVE ON. REALLY, WHO GIVES A RATS ARSE!! We sucked for over 20 years, whats another 20

Craig M pulled a Martin and left the blog with his tail between his legs. Adam Schefter is reporting that Craig Moron is threatening legal action against the Herald in response to having had his feelings hurt with "hateful" remarks.

Mark In Toronto is into child sex tourism in Cuba. Says he'll make it a regular stop. Sick ba$tard.

Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of Dallas Thomas and Danny Watkins this year.

OL from left to right:

Party Animal, Perenial Backup, Possible jail bird, 3rd round bust, washed-up free agent

(McKinnie, Garner, Pouncey, Jerry, Clabo)

Backups now look like:

possible 3rd round bust, 1st round bust (Dallas Thomas, Danny Watkins)

Remember when we thought Samson Satele couldn't handle being on the OL and when Jake Grove was an FA bust....at this rate Columbo may be a better player than half our OL

So many haters so little time. ESPN also reported that Ingonito sent racially violent texts and VM to Martin. I guess that should be ok because he should have thick skin and man up. Did any of you even play high school ball? If this stuff happened where I grew up that white boy would have been shot and strung up (I'm white). Just because it's the NFL doesn't mean it's ok. The NFL will treat the Dolphins like the NCAA treats college teams. They hate Miami for the 70's and focus on Pitt. They play in the East so their automatically hated. Grow up people if your only here to cry then you should probably look in the mirror and realize you are your only problem!

"Say what you may about Incognito, he's not a WIMP.

You're confusing being a man with being a punk.

Sources close to the team have confirmed that Martin's locker was full of ladies lingerie and that he apparently had an obsession with girdles and corsets.

"Does this make me look fat?"

"And by the way being macho isn't a crime"

He's not macho, he's one of the most dissed players league wide, but many other players who are.

Mark/Silverback, I want to get away from Martin here. I think we all agree he's not good enough to even try and salvage what we can from his remaining 2 years (he's still on his rookie contract). We're not absolving him, we all think he's too soft to play in the NFL. Agreed.

Let's take this a step further. Mark, you (and others) hated Brandon Marshall. So he's gone. Some hated Vontae Davis and Sean Smith. They are out of here. Some didn't think Reggie Bush was anything special. He's out of here. These are all players that are successful with other teams. We've let a lot of talent get out, talent that I'm not sure a great HC like Belichick wouldn't be able to win with. Randy Moss was a troublemaker. Brandon Meriweather was a "dirty" player. Yet Belichick seems to get the most of out these guys.

Don't you guys wonder our coaches have so much trouble finding the right guys for this team? Or do you put it all on the GM? Sean Smith is a press coverage CB. Yet here they wanted him to play zone? Does that mean if we had Richard Sherman they'd change him too, and get rid of him if that wasn't where he shined? If the coaches schemes are that rigid, where you need that exact right player to make it work, is it really worth implementing? When there are schemes out there (Belichick, Ryan, etc.) where you can plug players in and make it work?

That's where my anger lies here. Forget Martin, that issue to me is dead. It's the bigger issue. The issue that we're nowhere closer to our goal of becoming relevant then we were when Dan Marino left the team. Andy Reid took over a bad team and in one year turned them into an undefeated team. We'll see if they can keep their winning ways over the next few years (since we did that too in '08, not to their extent, but made the Playoffs), but after '08, we're right back where we started, mediocrity. Aren't you guys sick of that? And you don't think coaching has any blame? Or the personnel dept? My position is they are all culpable. They all had a hand in this sh*tshow. Philbin isn't changing the culture of the team, the organization is bringing Philbin down to their level.

My only question is: When will it end?

Adam Schefter on Dolphins mess: 'This story is just warming up, it's going to get bad'

The Dolphins are the laughingstock of the NFL yet again.

Just in time for the big stage too.

Monday Night Football, where this situation will get even more press and even those who have been living under a rock will learn about this soap opera.

Phins will also be embarrassed by losing to Tampa Bay.

Phins 4-5.

Then 4-6.

DC Dolfan, interesting take.......I don't have a problem with Philbin or the staff. I think they inherited a mess (roster wise) and are trying to turn it around. All these people blasting Philbin, hey the team just beat a Super Bowl caliber team Thursday night and the Phins are in every game, enough said. I will say that Ireland may have to go........I don't have anything personal against him, but I think this GM job may be too much for him, too soon.

DC.... at some point we have to stop the revolving door at the HC position.......got to give the guy more then 2 years to fix the team.

And CA love ........I played football all the way through DII college ........ all my teammates called me Ajax ......... and I loved it and thought it was hilarious ...... they still call me Ajax .......... WOW how am I not offended

The voicemail transcript reported by Adam Schefter:

"Hey, wassup, you half n----- piece of s---. I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. [I want to] s--- in your f---ing mouth. [I'm going to] slap your f---ing mouth. [I'm going to] slap your real mother across the face [laughter]. F--- you, you're still a rookie. I'll kill you."


It sounds Cro-Magnon. It is Cro-Magnon. He uses the n-word. Must hate his mom, and your mom too. An all-around foul & loudmouth douche.

But is “[Y]ou’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you” really a credible threat from one adult to another? Or is it what it sounds: an old dawg keeping younger pups down just because he can, while he can.

Or, switching species, does the preamble re training not set up what follows as grunts from an overamped, perhaps roid-enriched gorilla simply & profanely beating his chest?

Racial? More like anti-social. Or locker room colloquial. Because the context of the *entire* voicemail *is* about football, training, pecking order -- not one adult male credibly threatening another based solely on race.

This is one voicemail. However, if the transcript above typifies the text messages Martin received from Incognito, it’d be difficult for me to take Martin’s “fear” seriously unless the texts are considerably more menacing, explicit, devoid of football context.

Look I am in no way excusing Cog's behavior, but I am also not excusing Martin's. This whole situation could have and should have been handled internally when the accusations of misconduct were brought to the coach, there is no question about that. Where I am having a problem with this is the fact that Cog may have been the perpetrator,but he wasn't alone in the act. Collusion makes everyone involved guilty of the act, no matter how small their part was in the situation. If the entire OL was involved at any point in this scenario then all of them are guilty and should be reprimanded according to their involvement.

I am in no way supporting any type of fleecing of younger more vulnerable players and when racial taunting comes into play it is game over as far as I am concerned.

I am sure this situation is going to send massive waves through the entire league and as a result will end up causing numerous law suits and suspensions.


I am taking Martin's side because bullying should never be tolerated. People think it is funny but bullying is not. There is a fine line between having a little fun and bullying. It sounds to me like the line was crossed. If you find this behavior acceptable then shame on you.

This is being so freaking blown out of proportion. Just got done watching 5 ex football players on espn countdown fake absolute disgust for the epidemic of bullying. Hahaha. Each one of those dudes did everything that was done here back in there day.

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