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Dolphins talk stirring overtime victory

It was early Friday morning when the Dolphins got to their locker room and were able to start discussing their stirring 22-20 overtime victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

It was early Friday morning when I filed this column that explains how the Dolphins saved their seasonn (for now) and helped keep multiple people I name from very uncomfortable questions and futures. (Please check out the column).

Back in the locker room, meanwhile, this is some of things the Dolphins were saying:

On Jonathan Martin, the starting right tackle who has been given a leave of absence from the team so he can seek treatment for emotional issues:

Joe Philbin: “I’d like to say, in regard to Jonathan, that any play with an injury or illness, our primary concern is for the health of the individual. And with respect to Jonathan, he’s been excused with a non-football illness. Our concern and support are with him, and really that’s all I’m going to say on the matter."

On Tyson Clabo, who returned to the starting lineup and replaced Martin seamlessly. He did not allow a sack:

Calbo: "I just want to do the job that I was brought here to do. I want to play at the level I’m still capable to playing at. You have to take your lumps and licks in life. When I got benched last week, I just said to myself if I got the chance to go back in there, I’m going to be ready."

On what a win does for the team's morale after suffering four consecutive defeats:

Ryan Tannehill: "It’s huge. We had our backs up against the wall for a couple weeks in a row, and we kept getting pushed further back and finally we got out of that whole a little bit.  This is a huge win for us.  Losing four straight, coming back and getting a team win.  The defense played great, made some huge plays, getting turnovers.  The offense didn’t score a lot of points, but we moved the ball when we had to there at the end of regulation, to get a field goal.  We kind of righted the ship, we’re back on track a little bit, it gives us a fresh start midway through the season.  We’re four and four, obviously it’s not where we wanted to be at, but that’s where we’re at.  Now we’ll have to build on this from here."

Mike Wallace:  "I think tonight was our first true, team win. I think everyone played great in all three phases of the game. We made some critical plays in all three phases, and it was just a big win for our team."

Phillip Wheeler: “It does a lot for us, not only record wise but our confidence, getting that losing streak off of us and I feel like we can start fresh at .500 and get some wins."



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rewind to August 1, and you're looking at our schedule....what would you guess our record would be at this point? 3-5?.....maybe 4-4?....5-3 best case, with an upset or two? Even with the higher expectations after the 3-0 start (which were fair, given that start), and putting aside the recent drama.....4-4 looks about right, if not even pretty good at this point--doesnt it?

DC Dolfan totally agree. I see a 8-8 team at best. Just too many flaws still present.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 01, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Smart play by Newman. If in the coach I vilify him for getting burnt at the wrong time in the game and commend him for the PA call

This defense needs to start doing better on 3rd downs. There were a handful of big plays given up on 3rd down. I didn't see a dominant game from our defense. I saw a pretty sloppy offensive performance from Cincy who almost beat us even with 4 TOs and about half a dozen dropped passes. A win is a win, but this win doesn't make me feel any better about this team's future.

Real true fans were at that game last night. Yes, we pay money and give support even when our team is on a losing streak. Why? You ask? Because we is 4 reel. Go away wagon jumpers, go away.

Posted by: benz | November 01, 2013 at 11:19 AM

Yup, agreed. Unfortunately a lot of people react and think based off of emotion or what the media tells them rather than forming their own opinion

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | November 01, 2013 at 11:09 AM

Wrong again assshole.
You are simply a miserable piece of crap with a self-serving agenda.

I will feel a lot better when we can pull off a screen play. What's the deal? Miller or thigpen please bust one. Who's fault? Rb? Tannehill? O line?

Posted by: dj baracus | November 01, 2013 at 10:56 AM

You need athletic guards to run the screen game. Pouncy is the ONLY athletic lineman we have.

This is why this offense cannot reach it's potential until the OL is fixed.

Also, doesn't it seem a bit hypocritical all the constant whining, Crying and Complaining. And now the change in emotion after a victory the Dolphins are the greatest.

Like I said, You can say your piece Once or Twice, not a 1000 times. Now said clowns have to change their name because they are to ashamed of their own opinion.

I'm not saying Don't Post. What I am saying is don't post the same Chit over and over. It devalues your opinion.

Take for instance the Fire Ross. Have heard that so many times I have actually started to become a fan of Mr. Ross. I didn't like him at first but the constant bickering has caused me to evaluate Mr. Ross. Mr. Ross is a Lifetime Dolphins' fan. That is all you can really ask of your owner. That he loves the team as much as you do. All the other stuff is just blah. I know Mr. Ross will try his hardest to bring winning Football back to Miami. This isn't just a business to him like other owners.

wr's get caught from behind on screens and crossing routes all the time because they are looking to weave around guys in front of them more than worrying about guys behind them.on the screen he was going around his own blockers and really protecting the ball. both things tend to slow you dawn.

Florida #1 you contradict yourself from one week to the next. toad.

Sam, I don't know that either. Obviously (with wins vs good team like the Colts and Bengals) we can play with almost anyone. If we can fix (or hide) some of our problems, we might make a run. But I am a believer that you are optimistic going into the Season, then take each week as it comes to accept the reality and what is unfolding. And being realistic, we look very shaky. So do a lot of other teams, so it's hard to say how it'll end. I'll support the team every game day (and leading up to games), but after the game I'm going to be honest with myself and criticize what I see as wrong and praise the good things I see. Ultimately, I want an elite team in Miami. Until then, I'm for doing anything to make that goal come true.

Why would the national media talk about the Dolphins?

We've had only 2 BLOWOUT playoff loses since Shula was forced out(15yrs). Then as much dysfunction as exists in a trailer park.

We're far more popular for our dysfunction than our play. Lastest dysfunctional episode, J-Mart's mental breakdown claiming bullying and harassment or whatever.

Big Weirdo, the latest in a now ongoing ever increasing list of dysfunction and embarrassment.

Posted by: jaison | November 01, 2013 at 11:23 AM

I understand your point completely...#11 isn't get paid to be caught from behind...if Wallace hit that crease with SPEED he would still be running...

agree with CA and Dashi---Mando....clean this blog up, please?--way too much nonsense from Jets/Pats fans....even if they're here, which is fine in some cases, clean up the language and the various absurd/offensive references that have nothing to do with football--I come here as a Dolphins fan, but ALOT of whats here is nonsense, trolls....offensive....embarrassing, honestly (you're name/photo is attached to the blog, after all)--clean it up, or police it at least....or shut it down.

Good thing the refs were on our side last night. That call that took a TD away from Cincy and ended up in a Pick 6 for us was absolutely huge. 14 point swing. Also, Brian Hartline didn't get his left foot down on that big pass play that set up the FG to get us into OT. I guess we can thank the refs for this win.
Very sloppy game that we were very fortunate to win.

Posted by: Reality Smack | November 01, 2013 at 11:07 AM

GO AWAY SORE WINNER! While I will say the penalty on the Cincy penalty was lame, it's good to get a break like that once in awhile.

Considering we got jobbed 3 times in NE.

Not to mention, had that TD stood for Cincy, our D wouldn't have stayed on the field & had to come right back on the field after the int.

The only reason Cincy started moving on us was because we were on the field the entire 3rd quarter.

The Wilson hit on Sanu was clean. Showed every angle. Shoulder to the upper chest.

Hartline, WITHOUT question, got his 1 foot down & grazed the grass blades with the other. You could see it on replay.

Stop whining about how lucky your team is & enjoy a team win. Stop being a miserable schlep all your life!

3rd down is the MONEY down. Last night; Cincy went 10 for 20...50%. Dolphins went 3-14...21%.

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | November 01, 2013 at 11:09 AM
Wrong again assshole.
You are simply a miserable piece of crap with a self-serving agenda.
Posted by: Clay Moore | November 01, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Hehe I ruffled someone's feathers! Sorry the truth hurts. Next time lets not be a sensitive Susie. Remember if the shoe fits and let me tell you it's a perfect match for you!

Truth, he did do a good job managing the game. The check down passes right behind the blitzers were some of my favourites. Those are frustrating for teh defense, if you're going to bring it, then I'm going to throw where you were and take care of that!!

benz, I never come here on gameday, it's just awful ...

If you haven't realized clay Moore all I've done this week is have fun and entertainment at stupidities expenses. Seems like you're the only one taking this seriously. And I'm miserable? C'mon you gotta be smarter than that


Miami just beat a team that many are considering Super Bowl contender worthy. Miami beat Indy in Indy. The Colts have beaten Broncos, San Fran and Seattle this year. The losses vs Saints, Ravens and Pats were all expected no matter the circumstances. The only hiccup has been vs the Bills. They let a bad team jump out early and then hang around late.

There are flaws on this team but isn't football about development and growth? Tannehill has been money and made clutch drives vs Browns to answer a score, vs Indy to answer a score, comeback vs Atlanta and was turnover free last night and made huge throws to tie the game and send it to OT but let's pick apart? The Oline sure is terrible but maybe just maybe they see now they can run block and they did that last night. The defense when it's good is on the money, they get turnovers, sacks and safeties to end games like Colts and Bengals but it's never good enough.

A 4-4 mark is all that matters and in that time period they've only had 1 bad loss vs the Bills. The Pats are the Pats we all knew they'd make a run in that game. Saints are the Saints at home we all knew we'd get our butt kicked. The Ravens are much like us Jeckyll and Hyde and 2 bogus PI calls changed the game for them and the Bills was what it was a terrible loss.

4-4 is good spot to be in for that 6th spot and Wild Card in the AFC.

uh, Reality.....the Scoreboard would be where the MONEY is shown--see aberrations with stats all the time.....would Dalton's 4 turnovers qualify as MONEY to you?

Florida #1 you contradict yourself from one week to the next. toad.
Posted by: Youguysaretoads | November 01, 2013 at 11:25 AM

Really? Please show me where i do this since I've only been posting for the past 5 days. Enlighten me por favor

To whomever it may concern,

Dashi has been talking about Incognito's Incompetence for 2 Years Now. That isn't jumping the Gun. That is seeing the truth before everyone else.

I get Incognito is a Fan Favorite. But the Truth is the guy is consistently missing assignments or is to slow for the Fins to open it up.

Some have been crying for the Screen game. Which if anyone knows is a staple of Sherman's Offense. All the Screens. TE Screens, WR Screens, RB Screens. BUT YOU CAN'T RUN SCREENS WHEN YOUR GUARDS ARE SLOWER THAN MOLASSES.

How many times have you seen Incognito reach the 2nd level and Block a LB?

And let's not even start with his attitude. More negatives than positives at this point in Incognito's Career.

#1 Priority this Off season. Fix The O-Line. And by Fix I don't mean sign a bunch of Old veterans to 1 Year deals. Get Better and Get Younger. Build an O-line that can grow with T-Hill and L.Miller. An Athletic line that plays to their strength.

*#1,#2,#3 Priority this Off season, Fix the O-line!!

DC, the prrof is in the pudding. Other than the New Orleans game and the end of teh Pats game when it was obvious the NFL scripted that ending, did you see this team not play hard???

I mena, there is dysfunction everywhere. You ever come into work and jsut want no part of a certain boss or co -worker? i do every day. Does it mean I can't be productive?? Well, when I'm not on this blog I am ...

I mean this whole chemistry and dysfunction is a load sometimes. And you nor anyone else can't convince me that Armando hates covering this team under Philbin and won't be the first to sling mud when their back are up against the wall. Philbin makes Mando's job difficult. Obvious to everyone ... he would probably love to have Wannstedt back. He made mando's job easy.

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | November 01, 2013 at 11:32 AM

You are nothing but one giant assshole.
Your posts are based in narcissism
You have to be right about everything.
Those who disagree are "re-deirected" to YOUR truth.
You can't see the forest because there are trees in your way.
You are a Narcissist Nancy.

the fins defense, with all the starter 100% healthy really has no weak links. who would you get rid of? and i'm not talking pie in the sky line-up!!!
front 4 is great and has incredible depth!!
vernon, who had his season best game.
odrick, gets to the QB from the tackle spot.
solai, a run stuffing beats.
wake, back to 1005 and it showed!
then you have the 3 guys who do most of the rotation. starks shelby and jordan!!
i also never saw the guy with the samoan name before but he looked really good at DT!!!
the LB's are pretty darn solid.
ellerbe, seems close to 100% and really does cove a lot of ground (trying to cover bernard with him is crazy mismatch)
wheeler, seems to be getting better as the season moves on.
misi? is he hurt because seems like trusnik and jenkins get a lot of pt.
depth here isn't great but isn't a gaping whole.
if the starting 4 in the secondary was healthy every game they would be one of the leagues best. unfortunately they aren't and the depth is shaky.
patterson, total stud back there when actually playing. consider this. he has really played only 3 games and he didn't finish last nights game and he has 4 ints!! he is always in good position and when the ball touches his hands he catches it. i really hope his injury is not as bad as it looked.
grimes, small but totally feisty. kid can play. he also is a ball hawk and will get in there and tackle.
jones & clemmons, clemmons is actually outshining he outfield mate with the big paycheck. who would have thought that? but he is making plays and really both guys are getting it done. i can't remember too many down the middle bi play on either guy.
the most glaring weakness is secondary depth. those guy are fighting hard but when stamford, wilson and carol are in there i tend to hold my breath when i see the QB has time.

CA @ 11:16, exactly... there is nobody to stand up for this franchise ... only consistent winning will change that. Maybe if they had another JImmy Johnson leading the ship too. But no fans and no strong voice in leadership makes them an easy target. We are like Arizona ... we are teh team that someone is playing against, not the team someone comes to watch.

Florida #1 is Dying Biitch / Yesterdays Goon / 17-0.

all too often important and positive words are taken lightly(dismissed without comprehension) and at other times(in martins case)the WRONG words or jokes are comprehended and taken to heart. so PLEASE don't DISMISS what i am about to say..do NOT take these next words lightly as this seems to be the very heart of what is ailing this dolphins team. MIAMI IS HAVING COMPREHENSION ISSUES, somehow, some players have chose to digest the wrong words(jokes) and ignore the important and beneficial ones. this miami team just beat a team who KNOWS how to play at another level, and with that, miami NOW understands what it takes to win against such a team, they have indeed just LEARNED how to play at that very level, and now that the players know what they must do or the level at which they must play in order to win a game, they will be expected to do so. no more lackluster preformance, miami must SET the level(during a game) to one that is UNMATCHABLE by the opponant, that IS the definition of a winner, and miami displayed that last night. so now that this team understands "playing at the next level" is not just some phrase to be taken lightly, maybe they can actually comprehend such a meaningful sentence and use it in their game to produce POSITIVE results...and just maybe, they can dismiss what had been said about martin, maybe he can take THOSE words lightly as i'm sure they had been meant..

Good column Mando. About your question.....
"How does Martin come back into that locker room without feeling more alone than ever?"

I don't think a lot of people care at this point including the players. Martin isn't a good OT left or right. Did just fine without him last night.

Andy agreed about the pass int for a td. It put us in a weird situation, took the steam out of our running game, gassed our defense because they ended up playing 13 straight minutes. It was a valuable play but took a heavy toll on the team.

the refs are always an opponent as well. so many bad calls against us and so many no calls for the other team every week.
it's a good day fins win and are 6 - 0 on Holloween!
Miller is comming to life and Tanne is very good when he is not being pounded.
that throu to Wallace in overtime would have been a TD he would have hit him right in stride.. maybe that will help them click together

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | November 01, 2013 at 11:32 AM
You are nothing but one giant assshole.
Your posts are based in narcissism
You have to be right about everything.
Those who disagree are "re-deirected" to YOUR truth.
You can't see the forest because there are trees in your way.
You are a Narcissist Nancy.


No I just enjoy proving you wrong

I still have a problem with Coyle.

The defense has talent and has been showing its dominance in the first half of games lately. But where is the 2nd half adjustments? We are getting killed in the 3rd qtr.

As much as people hate Sherman and his play calling. The Offense has gotten better since he got here. We are finally a dynamic Offense. People have to respect the whole Field. You see improvement every week on the offensive side of the Ball.

The Defense is another story. The Defense has enough talent to be Top 5. Enough depth that the fins shouldn't be so bad at the end of games.

The only positive I can say about the Defense is that they are creating more turnovers this season. Patterson has more INTs than S.Smith, V.Davis and R.Marshall combined. And B.Grimes is legit.

Florida #1 is Dying Biitch / Yesterdays Goon / 17-0.
Posted by: It's Quite Obvious | November 01, 2013 at 11:43 AM

First I'm accused of being Dashi and now this. Well now we have a contradiction

i remember thinking last night as grimes ran back 94 yards after being on the feild for 15 plays, man they have to go right back out now.

Bangles will march right back down there.

huge performance by the D in this game, i think the Bengals ran 100 plays..

dj baracus,

I agree with you on the screens. We had two minimally successful screens last night and a huge one that Wallace had against the Pats. But otherwise, defenses seem to be all over them and our busting through our blocking schemes to make plays. On the flip side, our defense has been getting destroyed by screens all year.

I would love to see some improvement in this department.

clearly you think by changing your name and posting hate towards me it'll seem like more people are hating when really you're one sensitive person that had their feelings hurt when I was right and you were wrong and you can't handle the heat. so you act like a gang is after me when really you're the only hapless Floridian taking offense to my mockery.

Garner did very well and needs to play.


I respectfully disagree about Martin. Not on whether he's been subpar early in his career (he has). But we do need him...he's slowly but surely showing signs of improvement and we need him for depth.

Matt Moore would've had us at 7-1 with our D.

so you are one of a few people:

1) kris - since he thinks I have a vendetta against him
2) YG - since I mock you for being a flip-flop
3) some worthless tool who I haven't directed personally but apparently takes direct offense to my radical nature

Florida #1 education

That name is egregious in so many ways. Starting with the Senior citizen who has forgotten proper grammar.

I know you have been using computers since they ran on tape.

That doesn't give you the right to just make stuff up.

Lol! I love everyone who mocks my name. It proves just how dumb you are. LEARN SARCASM! Clearly Florida is behind on this, the suitable name


Yeah who would think a 90 plus yard INT return would hurt us long term. Crazy.

It was a win and a dramatic one. The Dolphins made some big plays. Even so, it was a very uneven performance. I hate to be a critic today, but I want this team to win big and be similar to the Seahawks and 49ers. After six years of Parcells, Ireland and Aponte leading this team, I do not see any chance of being an elite team.

In short, I continue to believe that this team has such serious issues in management, coaching, and personnel that its ceiling is low.

This team feels like the Vikings last year. They could make the playoffs, but not actually be making progress to being championship level.

If it's true that "One win averts dramatic consequences for Miami Dolphins", then it may be a very costly win indeed. This win, just like the three wins that started the season, may mask far deeper issues.

Until those issues are fixed, I feel this team will fall far short of being a SuperBowl contender. After waiting two decades for a single divisional round playoff victory, that's not too much to ask.

Our D is SB caliber but our O is totally pathetic. That makes for boring football.

I'm sorry Dashi but what did I make up? Please show me

I've asked each tool to show me the evidence if how I'm a liar or flip-flop or hypocrite or how I'm making stuff up and I haven't seen a single shred of it. Keep pumping my ego please! Soon ill he gettin off on your illiteracy

And stop with your Infatuation with being Dashi.

Everyone knows Dashi is Dashi.

benz, I'm more concerned about how this team is developing and not so much in Wins and Losses because this team isn't going anywhere for the next couple years anyway. I didn't see a step forward last night. I saw a very inconsistent performance. A defense that couldn't get off the field and tackled like a JV team and an offense that could only score 13 points against a depleted defense that was missing many top players.

Florida is Paradise all year round.

i REALLY hope sherman learned something with running the ball. it opens up play action and play acting worked!!!! that pass where wallace got tackled was a TD. no question, the ball was right where it needed to be. why? because tannehill had time!!!

i still think shaman needs to do more. more moving tannehill out. who cares if it cut the field in half. even if it ends in an incompletion it makes the defense think and make them have to chase him!!! how about some screens to rbi's?? we all see haw defenses are pinning there ears back to get to tannehill. how does that not open up RB screens? have we run any to date? i honestly don't remember a single scene to a RB this season. only to WR's.egnew looks like a different player. get him in there more. let him chip the end and run a route. he looks huge!!a big target over the middle is something we haven't tried much either.

i do think we need to revamp the line, no question. but better play calling would help a lot!!! why does it seem like us fans see what could be working but sherman can't!!!!we have an extremely athletic QB. how often do we take advantage of it?? never!!! geesh, andrew luck is out there running for big yards. no way is he faster than tannehill. honestly i could be DC for teams playing the fins. i know one thing is for sure. the QB will be between 5 and 7 steps directly behind the center on every passes play. no mystery. seal the pocket, collapse the pocket.

Kris NEVER post under DIFFERNT names....

And if anything #1....

It looks like you are having a argument with yourself....

You just showed up 4-5 days ago....but you got the history of the whole blog....

And this "argument" you are having with another "new" poster....looks errily similar to how I schooled you yesterday.....

You insult as cuss @ me....I kept cool...and let you expose yourself for the uncouth malcontent you are....

Now today....the roles are reversed....between you and this "new" poster...lol.....

shakephere you are not....


How many times are you going to repeat the same insult.

Rewind the tape Old Man.


That is just a bad joke like the other 1000 garbage jokes you repeat.



I am done with you....

Feel free to fight with yourself until you have proven whatever point you think you need to prove to us....

And stop with your Infatuation with being Dashi.

Everyone knows Dashi is Dashi.

Posted by: Dashi | November 01, 2013 at 11:57 AM

And everyone knows Dashi is a mental midget.

Moving on now!

i agree CA PHIN FAN

our fans are lacking something down there...

I drive 1400 miles a year to see a game, the fans need to support better and not be knock everything.

look at the Browns and Bills fans, what the hell do they have to cheer about. Their FOOTBALL TEAM!!!

Figure it out Dolphin fans!!!

Dashi, why are u out of school today?

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