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Dolphins talk stirring overtime victory

It was early Friday morning when the Dolphins got to their locker room and were able to start discussing their stirring 22-20 overtime victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

It was early Friday morning when I filed this column that explains how the Dolphins saved their seasonn (for now) and helped keep multiple people I name from very uncomfortable questions and futures. (Please check out the column).

Back in the locker room, meanwhile, this is some of things the Dolphins were saying:

On Jonathan Martin, the starting right tackle who has been given a leave of absence from the team so he can seek treatment for emotional issues:

Joe Philbin: “I’d like to say, in regard to Jonathan, that any play with an injury or illness, our primary concern is for the health of the individual. And with respect to Jonathan, he’s been excused with a non-football illness. Our concern and support are with him, and really that’s all I’m going to say on the matter."

On Tyson Clabo, who returned to the starting lineup and replaced Martin seamlessly. He did not allow a sack:

Calbo: "I just want to do the job that I was brought here to do. I want to play at the level I’m still capable to playing at. You have to take your lumps and licks in life. When I got benched last week, I just said to myself if I got the chance to go back in there, I’m going to be ready."

On what a win does for the team's morale after suffering four consecutive defeats:

Ryan Tannehill: "It’s huge. We had our backs up against the wall for a couple weeks in a row, and we kept getting pushed further back and finally we got out of that whole a little bit.  This is a huge win for us.  Losing four straight, coming back and getting a team win.  The defense played great, made some huge plays, getting turnovers.  The offense didn’t score a lot of points, but we moved the ball when we had to there at the end of regulation, to get a field goal.  We kind of righted the ship, we’re back on track a little bit, it gives us a fresh start midway through the season.  We’re four and four, obviously it’s not where we wanted to be at, but that’s where we’re at.  Now we’ll have to build on this from here."

Mike Wallace:  "I think tonight was our first true, team win. I think everyone played great in all three phases of the game. We made some critical plays in all three phases, and it was just a big win for our team."

Phillip Wheeler: “It does a lot for us, not only record wise but our confidence, getting that losing streak off of us and I feel like we can start fresh at .500 and get some wins."



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I agree just about every game is winnable we have left. We don't have any game besides the Pats because they seem to own us that jumps out as a game we wouldn't be favored if we were playing them next week.

Dashi... Thank for the read at 12:46.. Interesting thoughts... The one I'd like to respond to is...

...."And Wheeler. Where do I start. Wheeler makes Misi look like a Pro bowler. D.Jordan should be playing LB and rotating DE with O.Vernon on passing downs. Both OV and DJ can play LB better than Wheeler. And if you stand both of them up on one side Offenses will get confused on who is rushing and who is dropping into coverage".....


Dansby and Burnett were solid against the pass. And did good work against the run also. But Miami had an opportunity to get younger at LBer and took it. Ireland has not been terrific at drafting LBer's and it's now clear that the O-line is going to dominate this coming draft. Also try to keep in mind, Miami is a "work in progress"... this is a only the first season this roster has been together. There is no denying that with time to develop together they will only get better.
The reason Jordan has been pulled on obvious run plays was very evident last night. He is fantastic at creating plays against the QB and causing mismatches across the line and has shown good coverage ability... But regrettably he is a MAJOR liability against the run at this point in his development. There was another DE type in Miami with the same issues early in his career with the Initial "JT"... Wheeler has 58 tackles (42 solo)and 1/2 sack... Not stellar, but it is where his tackles happen that is important. (32) tackles have been against RB's running left. 11 have been for a loss. In every game save the New Orleans game, Wheeler has kept the right side of the D (left offense) bottled up against the run around the end. Most of the running success by opponents has been between the tackles or off tackle towards Wake (who also isn't stellar in the run game defense)... The reason Wheeler isn't getting more tackles is teams just don't run that way, It is not as productive as Running right at Wake, who by his nature is is usually too far up field to support the run.
There are scheme issues in this defense... Last year the great season Reshad Jones had was because the scheme pushed everything at him. This year, because Wheeler, Misi and Elerbe are either in coverage or blitzing, Jones is being left alone on an island against TE's and Wr's... I hate to say it... But that scheme is why teams are tagging Miami for 3rd & 16's and 3rd & 20's... They bait the Blitz, leave Jones alone in coverage and he fails... If your blitz fails to reach the QB before he can set and throw, Jones loses coverage. This is a MAJOR ISSUE... but not a personnel issue... a scheme issue.
Next year Jordan will have a complete camp where injury didn't stall his development and he'll have 17 to 20 more pounds of muscle on those bones. It won't hurt his speed, and he'll be able to stand up a LT instead of running around him losing containment.

Great comment and very true Mark. This team has not yet reached the status of the who's who of the league quite yet. If we start making noise toward the end of the season then maybe teams will fear going to our house to play.

We haven't been the proverbial "bully" on the block since the year we got blown out in Dan's last game. For 17 years we pretty much earned the respect of our peers, then the wheels feel off, now no one respects us as a franchise. We have to put together a few runs in the playoffs, until then we are going to be the "red headed stepchildren" on the block.

Every time Coyle brought the pressure last night, either we stopped them or we got the turnovers. But for most of the game he just sat back and rushed 4. It still puzzles me why Jordan is not unleashed all over the field in all downs....Every time he's in something good happens.


Just as I said to Dashi all the games on paper if we were playing them next would seem winnable and we would be favored.

Honestly I haven't seen SD but once all year and that was against Colts. I don't know what to think of them. Rivers is back to playing well, Woodhead is a matchup problem as is Gates but their D isn't very good is it?


Agreed with your post @ 1:30. We will take that win and I personally will take 4-4. Obviously 6-2 was easily obtainable but if you would have asked me before the season that fter 8 games what would be Miami's record I'm sure 4-4 was respectable to most of us.

Florida #1 Education = Dying Biitch/Yesterdays Goon/17-0

It's great to have won big and be in cruise control with more than a week until we play again. Is there anyway possible we can just enjoy this team victory?

How about that D. Patterson? tied for the league lead in INT's. What a difference a day makes.

Hey guys I got a question, Am I the only one seeing our D-line, especially Wake, getting held constantly? Where are the holding calls this year? Or is it just me?

Great win last night - truly a season saver. I was just like a lot of folks here bumming about another potentially lost season, but the Fins finally showed some character & heart and pulled out a tough win.

Tannehill - great improvement and made some key plays and avoided the big mistake that doomed us the past 3 weeks

Lamar Miller - explosive weapon that needs to get more touches

OL - great job most of the night

Sherman - made some nice adjustments (6 OL) hopefully he stays on his meds the rest of the year and doesn't revert back to his old play calling - see what a balanced attack and patience with the running game does

Fins D - Great job against a hot team ... need to get off the field though on 3 & long. If I saw AJ Green catch one more 10+ yds catch on 3rd I was going to put my foot through the TV

4-4 at the break ain't ideal, but I can see us going 3-2 or 4-1 over the next 5 games and keep us in the playoff hunt

BTW somebody tell Armando drinking & writing causes typos

To the CA Dolphin Fan......I agree with you bro, must be a CA thing because I'm in Los Angeles. I've seen the Raiders suck for years and their stadium is packed for every game and their local media is always optimistic. I've been a Phin fan since 77, but I've never seen the local media this negative

The story that is up on the Herald is that Philbin said "bullying wont be tolerated". If that grown man is claiming that he is being bullied, please trade him right now!
this bullying bs has gotten out of hand.. i completely understand it for kids but if youre a grown man that is claiming to be bullied by your teammates then you need to quit football and be in a call center answering phones.
How soft some people are...

I have to say that I was much more disappointed with our Defense last night than the Offense.

Defense - Bad: Entirely too many missed tackles. Wheeler was the main issue. Wilson, Grimes and Jones had several missed tackles as well. The team let up at least 4-5 3rd downs that were more than 10 yards to go (one was 16). Wilson and Carroll can't cover old ladies let alone NFL WR's and TE's. Jordan didn't play much at all (only way I can tolerate that is if he got hurt during the game).

Defense Good: Wake had a HUGE impact on this game (Saftey, 3 total Sacks, tipped ball on 3rd down, strip/fumble recovery). Odrick and Solai looked really good. Ellerbe and Misi covered well and made some decent tackles. Grimes and Marshall were aggressive on the ball causing two INT's and several incomplete passes.

Offense Bad: Can't convert 3rd and 1 or 2. Really a big problem for this team. OLINE still sruggles with the blitz packages and withougt MAX Protect they will let up too many sacks. Sherman doesn't always see the opporutnities and maximize them (i.e. after the DT injury last night we only ran inside 3 times). THILL took one sack that was not needed.

Offense Good: THILL made better reads and audibled out (i.e. deep pass to Wallace that created PI call). Sherman ran much more than before and allowed his big OLINE to run upfield without being overly complicated. RB's ran much harder. THILL made some accurate long passes (Hartline on sideline and 40 yarder to Wallace in midfield).

Overall we have to remember:
1) The Refs killed two drives last night (offensive PI against Hartline and no call on PAC Man against Hartline).
2) After failed 3rd and short Sturgis missed his first FG.
3) After successful drive and great run, Miller fubmled inside the 20.

That adds up to four drives that were killed at no fault of THILL.

Arturo, no doubt that defenses cause game changing plays when you put the Qb under pressure. Zone or passive defense should be used very sparingly in my opinion, especially when you have this kind of talent.


4-4 is definitely respectable considering our schedule on paper. I think that 3-0 start sort of clouded expectations a little. I don't feel any loss except that Bills one still stings. Off a bye week, playing Thad Lewis, etc. But it is what it is now.

If Miami goes 6-2 in the remaining 8 to me they are in the playoffs 100% but 5-3 is what I see and key game is Chargers for tie breaker purposes. Ravens will be there in the end too. So I will be rooting against them every week unless Miami goes Jeckyl/Hyde and does something unforgivable like lose to Tampa.

JPAO.....I like Tanne too, but the rest of your rant is garbage. The defense forced 4 turnovers and 5 sacks and you're complaining? This is not Madden, where you can all of your guys elite. Please bro, think before you write

Agreed matty, what a flat out disaster the Martin pick was. Guy can't play and then says his teammates are hurting his feelings. Sheesh, this is the NFL, those guys are animals. You think you can run to HR everytime something happens within a football team? Geez, stay away Martin ....

Did anyone notice D Jordon favor his shoulder after attempting to block a pass in the second half? I dont think he if fully healed.


Of all the games ill settle for a loss in our division or the Carolina game. At this point, beating the Chargers is key for tiebreaker situations. Division isn't the goal, I would say defeating the other teams in the AFC will be more important. Buffalo and NY will settle nicely with a 6-10 record.

yeah, I mean if they are physically abusing him thats one thing, but i dont see that happening..
if they are playing jokes on him and he has a mental issue or is just plain immature to the point he slams his tray down and storms out. im sure benig told youre switching positions again mid- season sucks but if youre truly about the team then you should mature about it.
I didnt like the path my careet took to get me where i am today and it pissed me off but I didnt throw a tantrum and leave.. bc i wouldve been fired.

Silverback - believe me I am thinking a lot about this team and I would guess I know much more about football than you. My advise would be to grow up and stop attacking people.

I NEVER said anything about expecting every player to be elite. I am not complaining. I gave full credit to the defenders who made huge impact plays last night.

I am simply pointing out that the Defense was more of "problem" last night than the offense. That wasn't the case in the other losses. I am simply pointing out the offense did a pretty solid job last night. The Defense had a hard time getting off the field, which lead to the tie score and almost lead to a 5th straight loss. In the end the Defense stepped up and won the game (WAKE was an absolute beast!).

Not really worried about Martin. He's a smart enough young guy and hopefully he'll come to his senses. Watch me not make a mountain out of this molehill.

Since we don't know what really happened to speculate on top of that would be crazy. It's not like his absence hurt the team.

I believe our defense is only going to get better. I said two weeks ago I was extremely satisfied with Grimes and Patterson being our CB's, although Patterson was hurt at that time but seeing his performance and skills in the first game when he had two INT's made me a believer. While Patterson and Ellerbe were hurt there were deficiencies in the defense. Safeties had to drop back and help out the CB's, LB, covering screens, slants and short passes, not enough pressure up front etc.etc.etc. Now with Grimes and Patterson playing the way they are, gives Coyle an opportunity to get his squad in the right direction and be the dominating defense they were projected to be.

"Good thing the refs were on our side last night"


How about the 3rd down pass to Hartline that almost cost us the game? They were going to get the first down and the defender tackled Hartline before the ball even got there with no call from the refs. Huge play, huge moment in the game, refs robbed us and almost cost the team the game.

Wake the F up.

even those jerks at www.DolphinsTruth.com had to admit this was a good win!

I loved the way Garner and Egnew have got into this season. Egnew is getting better no doubt and maybe this is time Garner becomes a full time fixture at LG.

Cognito was not exactly missed last night. Would be nice to see how this group of 5 does against the Bucs together. I wonder if they will keep it the same. Yeatman did a nice job also blocking in for Sims.

Id take Thomas out and give the ball to Mike Gillislee.

JPAO - I see some of your points regarding the D - especially giving up too many 3rd & long conversions - but I think fatigue played a role in a lot of the missed tackles in the 2nd half.

Grimes at 5'9" was simply out manned by AJ Green on a couple as well.

Overall better play, but if that type of tackling continues into next game then I think it is an issue. I'll give them a slight pass last night as they played 98% of the 3rd Qtr and I think just got worn down at the end

The three biggest concerns on D that I have are Wheeler, Carroll and Wilson. I see Wilson doing some nice things but then I see him looking foolish. Overall I don't see him worth the money paid to him. Wilson and Carroll have always been inconsistent in coverage. I am hoping the two rookies get some play time toward the end of this season so the front office will know if they can play or if they need to move on.

Other than these three positions I am confident in this D and see them improving each week if Wake can remain healthy.

Don't forget Fields was hit late twice and there was no flag. THe Hartline OI was disgusting.

Refs have killed us all year.

Why does Philbin never challenge anything. He has zero balls or brains at times.

Seriously, I'm so sick of stupid a#@ comments from people who obviously don't watch the games. If you don't watch the game just stfu because you're not fooling anyone with your lame a#@ analysis.

And this "bullying" thing is truly cracking me up now. For the love of all that is holy why are we talking about a grown man being bullied it's absolutely ridiculous.

Im very concerned about Jones, he misses on way too many tackles, same for Clemons. We need to get hold of a Strong safety in next years draft at some point.

matty, in the real world, people do what you did.

In Martin's world, he's already banked millions, has a Stanford degree, he doesn't have to take shite from anybody .

And let's face it, his career had a year or two max left in it....


"This year the olinemen took another teammates car keys and hid the car. Jonathin Martin was part of the group who perpetrated the prank".

Did I not say this yesterday? That he has been involved in pranks too because that's what a locker room full of teammates is about?!

Pouncey and Incognito are part of the leadership council, HIS FREAKIN LINEMATES!

Annndddddddd Martin supposedly wrote a message on facebook saying, "Happy Halloween, don't believe everything you read!"

Kris? Anyone else have any comments now about the ridiculous nature of this witch hunt?

Phins 78. What a tosser you are. People are entitled to view and review as they see fit. All I here from you is a B1tching whimper.

Go back to your Patriots Troll Site.


I understand that, technically (in the court of law), he was bullied, but you're right; how can he justify that he was being bullied when in reality the team was just playing jokes. Geniuses are typically socially inept or awkward, unfortunately I have a feeling he fits the bill

Okay Daytona, whatever you say.

Martins teammates just got up and moved tables from a sick person, laughing while they did it.

Oh my, could you imagine what would have happened had they played the car prank on him? He probably would have shot someone.

Evaluator that's been my stance all along. Don't cry foul when you are involved in doing the same to others. This is a locker room of teammates who are like family members. They have each other's backs, they just have fun playing pranks on one another.

I may have been right about some kind of personality disorder showing up now.

P78, I think if anything it would have more to do with the fans backlash towards Martin and the line than what his teammates would do. I mean is Tyson Clabo going to taunt Martin about his play? Doubtful.

If Martin was being victimized by team members continually making fun of him, then he has a right to protect from this abuse.

Religious or race rights have to be respected, as much as individual human rights. Martin seems like he has been bullied since ~Pouncey named him, 'Big Weirdo', on Hardknocks last year.

You could see in his face he looked troubled by this. Pouncey and the other bullies should be more concerned about fixing the worst pass protection o-line in our franchise history, than take the p1ss out of poor Martin.

Who the hell would feel great about being called "BIG WEIRDO"? Would any of you?

Been called worse

Wow, just watched Philbins locker room speech.

Man, ditch the idiot cards. Even have Ireland hold up Cue cards like the Johnny Carson did.

It looks like he is weak and clueless. It would take that long to learn and would look more sincere, strong and in command.

William Wallace, wouldn't have almost beaten 10-1 odds by reading out a scroll to the warriors.

Scholar athletes like Martin do not fit in with the mentality of jock Neanderthal minded athletes.

I'm sure on a daily basis the jock Neanderthals of the locker room gave him constant reminder. Jock Neanderthal have always looked upon those of highly developed scholastic aptitudes as weirdos, nerds, and whatever else their lowly brains can think of to make themselves feel superior.

NJPHINS, I saw that play and thought the same thing, looked like he tried to throw his hand up to block the pass but only got it half way up and the pulled it back real fast as if in pain....

Upon coming to the Miami Dolphins, it was probably Martin's first life experience where he's spent any kind of prolonged time around a large group of people where he was BY FAR the smartest person in the room.

He Graduated Stanford and comes from a long line of ultra scholastic family lineage. The uncomfort the Neanderthals may have felt around him is probably greatly paled by the discomfort Martin may have felt around them.

Yet Martin wasn't going around calling them retards.





I've joked with my friends and called them worse and my friends have joked with me and called me worse. I've heard worse nicknames than big weirdo. I never looked at that name as degrading either. Something had to set him off. Something internally had to cause this

Sam, is this what Don Soldy is doing every day when he comes on to question the intelligence of a future doctor in Ryan Tannehill??

Pouney naming Martin Big Weirdo, leads me to question if Pouncey ever graducated UF? Were his grades falsified to help him graduate high school?

Mark lmao!

Evaluator, usually we're close to the intelligence levels of our friends. The difference of intelligence level between Martin and those chiding him is only rivaled by the wide spaces of our Grand Canyon.

Some people don't know the difference between kidding around and being mean spirited. I'm sure it's been ongoing since Martin's rookie year and the kid finally snapped.




Wow! Mort on espn just said that Cogs is the player that's the focal point I the Martin situation.

This thing is getting more serious as it goes along. Probably definitely a final nil in the coffin of any kind of Incognito resigning this offseason.

I can even see it snowballing into an Incognito league suspension.

Homopaths don't count as doctors...

Did I spell that right, hahahaaa

Looks like definitely Cogs last year as a Dolphin.

Incognito insensitive? I don't believe it, he's a sweetheart (rolling eyes)

Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero

The interesting thing is the Dolphins "leadership council" includes Richie Incognito and Mike Pouncey -- two offensive linemen.

thill not so bad when they actually have a running game . cogs is our best lineman. sherman awful, 3rd and 1 play calls were a joke

SNEAK IT!!! 3rd and a football....

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