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Dolphins talk stirring overtime victory

It was early Friday morning when the Dolphins got to their locker room and were able to start discussing their stirring 22-20 overtime victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

It was early Friday morning when I filed this column that explains how the Dolphins saved their seasonn (for now) and helped keep multiple people I name from very uncomfortable questions and futures. (Please check out the column).

Back in the locker room, meanwhile, this is some of things the Dolphins were saying:

On Jonathan Martin, the starting right tackle who has been given a leave of absence from the team so he can seek treatment for emotional issues:

Joe Philbin: “I’d like to say, in regard to Jonathan, that any play with an injury or illness, our primary concern is for the health of the individual. And with respect to Jonathan, he’s been excused with a non-football illness. Our concern and support are with him, and really that’s all I’m going to say on the matter."

On Tyson Clabo, who returned to the starting lineup and replaced Martin seamlessly. He did not allow a sack:

Calbo: "I just want to do the job that I was brought here to do. I want to play at the level I’m still capable to playing at. You have to take your lumps and licks in life. When I got benched last week, I just said to myself if I got the chance to go back in there, I’m going to be ready."

On what a win does for the team's morale after suffering four consecutive defeats:

Ryan Tannehill: "It’s huge. We had our backs up against the wall for a couple weeks in a row, and we kept getting pushed further back and finally we got out of that whole a little bit.  This is a huge win for us.  Losing four straight, coming back and getting a team win.  The defense played great, made some huge plays, getting turnovers.  The offense didn’t score a lot of points, but we moved the ball when we had to there at the end of regulation, to get a field goal.  We kind of righted the ship, we’re back on track a little bit, it gives us a fresh start midway through the season.  We’re four and four, obviously it’s not where we wanted to be at, but that’s where we’re at.  Now we’ll have to build on this from here."

Mike Wallace:  "I think tonight was our first true, team win. I think everyone played great in all three phases of the game. We made some critical plays in all three phases, and it was just a big win for our team."

Phillip Wheeler: “It does a lot for us, not only record wise but our confidence, getting that losing streak off of us and I feel like we can start fresh at .500 and get some wins."



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I mean it worked in the first half...

Cogs and Pouncey on the team's leadership committee?

I can picture both now dressed in tattered animal skins, long straggly hair, and never shaven beards. Banging their club against the caves grunting:


ugly ugly game no doubt. fins were bad but bengals were awful. unreal bengals almost still won game after 3 ints and a fumble in there own end of field.

3rd and long and the defense gives up first downs. That's got to stop. Pressure the QB so he can't wing it 20 yards.


The Info. Mort drops on NFL INSIDERS is taking a very unprecedented turn in the J.Martin situation. As Sam already posted the Players Association (NFLPA) is looking into the Dolphins for the behavior Cogs has exhibited against Martin but the investigation won't just focus Cogs but the Coaching Staff as well.

The assertion is this has gone on apparently for over a Yr. and in team meetings meaning the Coaches new about it yet didn't step in also that Incognito who was voted a member of the Team Leadership Council and OK'ed by the Coach who must have known what was going on with apparent hazing of Martin that crossed a line.

The most incredible thing is that Martin's Harvard Lawyer Parents have already discussed Legal action Vs. the team and Incognito personally if a satisfactory outcome didn't materialize from the NFLPA & League Office judgement.

A couple of things I believe that Martin being a 6'6"/315 Pd. man could have maybe addressed it himself with Cogs before it reached a point that his family believes he needs Hospitalization and treatment for his psychological trauma.

The other is that Martin (who I will now refer to as "HONEY SUCKLE") will NEVER find an NFL Locker Room that will take him in again with this interjection from his Family. I wish HONEY SUCKLE the best in his life but he's an emotional marsh mellow. He had the God given ability to get his butt in the door but his actions reek to me of MAN-CHILD who needs Mommy and Daddy to step into the work place and set a Co-Worker straight for some taunts. I know some of you disagree but I was raised different and would have given his abilities taken a much different approach!


Defense - Give up 3rd and long. Stop 3rd and short.
Offense - convert 3rd and longs. Can't convert 3rd and short


I think that might be the most frustrating aspect of our D. Closing down 3rd and long plays. We also allowed a lot of forward progress and missed several tackles, BUT I think the 2nd half provides somewhat skewered results thanks to the defensive TD for 7. That was a great moment, but it put our defense right back on the field and left them exhausted. It looked like they got their legs again going into the end of regulation and onto overtime.

Still, outside of excuses, we've gotta shut down 3rd and longs.


If what espn is saying is true then I wouldn't mind getting rid of Martin. Clabo isn't that much worse.

Martin just ruined NFL lockeroom antics lead wide. No player is going to let him live it down. There will be no more rookie hazing. One person to ruin it for everyone.

J Martin = Another Irescum bust.

Suspend Incognito for bullying?

Geez, whata wuss.... and I thought I dumped on him just because of his lack of prode in his phsyical prowress. Turns out he most liekly did spend all his time playing video games and having mama make him snacks.


gets uglier by day in s beach


If what espn is saying is true then I wouldn't mind getting rid of Martin. Clabo isn't that much worse.

Martin just ruined NFL lockeroom antics lead wide. No player is going to let him live it down. There will be no more rookie hazing. One person to ruin it for everyone.

The Evaluator | November 01, 2013 at 03:45 PM


I happened to be watching ESPN's NFL INSIDER as I type (Regular ESPN) which is followed by NFL LIVE. You can probably by now Google Chris Mortenson's report on the Net or see for another showing of NFL INSIDERS on the other 5 ESPN's sometime tonight.

His Parents are threatening with suing the team and Incognito if the Players Assoc. and Goodell don't do something they deem satisfactory in this case. This is probably "THEE" most unprecedented situation I've ever seen regarding name calling in the work place.



Not in Honey Suckle's corner!!!!!!!

Another example of people trying to get paid without earning it. Brilliant. NFL won't allow this. NFL has got a pretty long winning streak in court.

On offense Sherman needs to call more intermediate passes and screens and less obvious slants and comebacks. He also needs to stick with the run

On d we need dimitri to stay healthy. We have given up one td to wrs all year and that was Carroll getting burnt last week when dimitri went out for one series. We need to find a better nickel than Wilson and cut Carroll. We also need more snaps for Jordan in pass rush situations and more snaps for odrick at de with Starks and solia at tackle on run downs

Jonathan Martin is a mental midget.

Word has it before he stormed out he cried "I hate you guys !!!"

Which was met with a chorus of laughter.

Later he was found sobbing the in shower, whimpering "Even Leon Lett got less ribbing than me."

just release martin and be done with it


I'm not disputing what is being said; sometimes I wonder how ESPN can get the scoop and the Miami writers are still behind, especially on a story like this. I mean, it's somewhat national news but it's not really important, just a slow NFL news week. But assuming that everything he is saying is true (I have no reason to believe it isn't) then Martin just said a new precidense for NFL locker rooms and the way they act with other players. First the NFL gets softer with the hits, now you won't be able to replicate any kind of college dorm behavior without being reprimanded. Sad how the National Football League has become the No Fun League.

dusty, releasing him now won't probably help their case. They are approaching this correctly by saying they are there for him and offering him support and counselling. Terminating him would be bad ... Aponte the lawyer knows....

Later he was found sobbing the in shower, whimpering "Even Leon Lett got less ribbing than me."

Posted by: FIRE ROSS JAIL POUNCEY | November 01, 2013 at 04:05 PM



Tannehill has to protect the ball. Because of play calling and bad oline play he takes lots of hits but if he doesn't fumble we will make the playoffs this year. Tampa Pitts jets twice will be wins if we do not turnover the ball giving them easy scores. Those teams do not have the talent to beat us if we do not give the game away. The San Diego game will be huge because it gives us head to head wins against them cincy and Indy who will all be in the playoff hunt

Evaluator, only a matter of time until the Dallas Cowboys' house gets shut down too. Sad day that would be ... North America is rapidly running out of men.

First the NFL gets softer with the hits, now you won't be able to replicate any kind of college dorm behavior without being reprimanded. Sad how the National Football League has become the No Fun League.

The Evaluator | November 01, 2013 at 04:07 PM

I wasn't saying you were disputing what I typed I was just telling you were you could get it from the horses mouth given I would have wanted to actually hear it for myself as well.

jay even if miami was good enough to be in race wins over cincy and indy wouldnt matter cause they are div winners

Still help the conference record. Count just as much as division wins for the wild card.


I think there are plenty of men left; we're just being suppressed by the "proper"/"legal" system and the softies that can't handle real life and instead resort to legalities. We've become a sue-happy nation and now, it seems, the NFL can't escape the childish behavior some people exert (then again, this "bullying" could be classified as childish behavior....an unfortunate catch 22)

It's pretty obvious the bully comments come from people that have never played contact sports.
Football is sometimes brutal often a violent game.

It's not for the weak of body or weak of mind. Everbody knew Martin was physically weak. But the hope was offseason he would get stronger....I didn't buy it for a minute. There's something I call core strength different from the bulk up types you see in the gym sometimes.

Guess Ireland didn't understand the difference. And as far as the mental/emotional state....Ireland must not have ask the right questions. See Dez Bryant question


you are the horses mouth right now lol. I'm at work and cannot get to a TV for a couple of hours. Maybe they'll have some rough transcript on ESPN afterwards or James Walker will have a recap.

yes mark but so does cleveland game, u didnt list that. head to head wins over div winners wouldnt help.

First the NFL gets softer with the hits

The Evaluator | November 01, 2013 at 04:07 PM

Interesting you bring up the softer hitting because the new rule has IMO caused more knee injuries with players going lower in the open field. The 1st victim was after all my fav. Off-Season move, Dustin Keller before the Yr. even officially Kicked Off!

One other thing...hope those Philbin comments are just PC. I would hate to learn he really feels that way

Phins 78.....since you asked.....

Here is my post from the last blog..,,,

Phins 78.....

The herald....

{Well, that illness, it turns out, was Martin getting upset with teammates over what a league source called “bullying” on the part of teammates.

Martin, 6-5 and 312 pounds, apparently was fed up with what is said to be a constant barrage of taunts and practical jokes and by teammates — whom, by the way, nicknamed Martin “Big Weirdo” during training camp in 2012.

Regardless of how you feel about this matter, whether you think the mountainous Martin should be more resilient or the teammates should be ashamed of themselves, the Dolphins have a problem.}

I stopped arguing with you because you were talking as if you knew what happens in EVERY LOCKER ROOM @ every level (including the nfl) everywhere in the world....in short....your limited experience is just that....yours.....as my limited experience is mine......

The difference between us.....I am open to the possibilities that there are other experiences other than mine to be had.....

I said all that to say this....

It looks like Martin's experience was closer to the scenario I described....and less like the fine you envisioned.....

Posted by: Kris | November 01, 2013 at 08:20 AM

Also look @ fin4life 3:32.....

Kind sums it all up....

This is an example of liberalism and conservatism converging.

The liberal idea ?

It's not right that anyone should have their feelings hurt.

The conservative idea.

We must create rules enforced by management so this type of situation never happens again.

No more joking around in the locker room.

What a je*k off this Martin guy is.

The evaluator is absolutely correct, Martin ruined the playful locker room atmosphere for everyone.

Truth be told, if people are trying to get under your skin the worst thing anyone can do is show signs that they have gotten to you.

There's a difference between good-natured ribbing and malicious intent.

If Martin believed the ribbing to have been malicious, then he should have used his 330 pound strength and broken somebody's jaw.

This is how these things are handled.

Even if a you fight a bully and lose, he will leave you alone after the fight.

More often than not.

He'll respect you.

They don't teach life in college, not even Stanford or Harvard.

Book smart people are usually deficient when it comes to socializing and understanding people.


Dustin Keller, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Gibson (and a couple more I know I'm missing).....I think the hits are getting softer in regards to force and impact but now players are aiming for a more vulnerable area compared to an area that was more directly protected (the head). Problem is: messing up your knee can end your career while a concussion will mess up your life years down the line. It's a thin line the NFL is on.

Guess Ireland didn't understand the difference. And as far as the mental/emotional state....Ireland must not have ask the right questions. See Dez Bryant question

cocoajoe | November 01, 2013 at 04:18 PM

That's a really good point if you bother to look it up the 1st Coach who took these meeting seriously was Jimmy Johnson (remember the Psychiatrist Catholic Priest with the beard who was always on his sidelines and now back in Dallas?)

Jimmy was always about players who had strength of mind and don't know what questions he asked but his teams were always as full of leaders as they were with players with troubled lives.


Maybe Jeff Ireland is just as socially inept as Johnathan Martin.

It's a thin line the NFL is on.

The Evaluator | November 01, 2013 at 04:27 PM

I agree but I believe in alot of instances in the last 10 Yrs. or so the refs have been very strict and good about what crossed the line with there calls usually on par with fines.

WOW! Justin Blackmon has now been suspended indefinitely by the NFL for a 3rd failed test this Yr.!

I LOVED him coming out of Okla St. we have a marsh mellow and Jax blows a 5th overall pick on a guy with such a serious habit he can't stay away for 5 to 6 months a Yr.

That by the way sounds alot more in need of treatment than Honey Suckles situation!

22 carries in the first half. 8 carries in the second half and OT. Mike Sherman is up to his old tricks and people are noticing because the Dolphins won.

FIRE ROSS JAIL POUNCEY | November 01, 2013 at 04:27 PM

Great post agree with every word! By the way the Leon Lett crack was funny as hell!

Fin, that's true. None of this stuff is 100% but Ireland deffinitely looked over Martin's bench results which by itself is incredible. O-line needs upper body strength.
As far as the interview process, who knows. But we all know GMs use trick questions that's supposed to bring out stuff you don't want people to know about yourself.


Seems Blackmon preferred natural substances to millions of dollars. A trade-off not too many people would make; which would mean he was/is either addicted or dumb (or both).

Evaluator, don't get me started on Ireland

cocoajoe, you can never draft an offensive linemen who can only do bench reps in the teens. I mean, I can do 225 upwards of 20+ times but I'm only about 6'0 215 (yes put on a few since marriage) and I am just some guy. Jamar Taylor had 22 reps and he's a CB for pete's sake. I'm no pro scout and that was a huge red flag for me. And no you can't "bulk up" in one offseason. Everyone is "bulking up" the 12 reps or so he was behinnd the curve is way too much to make up... weak, weak, weak. Make a note, Ireland.

The Dolphins are a 2nd class franchise. Run very poorly. Thats just part of the reason they stink every year.

Funny how a certain someone "Flip-Flopped" right back on the Bandwagon.

For the record, we all see the ridiculous shyt you post when we lose a game or two. We all see what a fair weather fan you are, if you're even a real fan of this teams AT ALL.

Then commenting about things that do not make one more or less of a fan........?

1. You're an idiot, plain and simple.

2. Everyone sees/knows it.

3. Your comments are ridiculous and insulting to any and all real Dolphins fans. Especially when we lose. This makes your comments when we win, even more despicable. YES! I said DESPICABLE!

You're the Tyson Clabo of this blog. No, wait, that would be a compliment to you. You're MORE like the John Jerry of the blog.

Nonetheless, the rest of us get it......I'm sure.

f4l, that's a year suspension now for Blackmon, no?


lol! I don't mean to get anyone riled up, but his social skills are putrid to say the least. Though it makes me wonder if Martin ever had a legitimate 'boy' childhood. Adventure's in the woods, miscelanious dumb things, tease your friends then fight them then get some pizza afterwards.

Wonder if he was homeschooled.

By the way, Menelik Watson was this year's John martin. Weak arse ... haven't paid much attention to how he's doing in Oakland but his bench was poor at the combine and a lot of people wanted him here. martin and watson would've been fantastic, haha. have OTs weaker than our corners.

Mark & fin4life::

I guess Blackmon's drug test remedies didn't work for him, huh.

Obviously the Bengals overlooked us. They never ever play like that.

Just Saying::

Against the Browns?

Kris | November 01, 2013 at 04:26 PM

Your right NO SITUATION is the same only similar but given there was NO PHYSICAL altercation of any kind nor was Honey Suckle PHYSICALLY mis-treated by his teammates. I can't fathom in my mind there wasn't a different course of action he could have taken that didn't need to end here. Were all responsible for our actions but it's our character that truly defines us IMO.

Martin's lawyers (parents) will find a way to milk some kind of money out of Miami. Unless they go straight for the NFL. If they go that route then it's just going to be a chain effect. Martin vs. NFL then it'll be NFL vs. Miami then it'll be Miami vs. Martin

f4l, that's a year suspension now for Blackmon, no?

Mark in Toronto | November 01, 2013 at 04:47 PM

The 3rd test is a mandatory Yr. but given his situation was bang, bang in the course of a Season the League dropped the dreaded INDEFINITELY on him.

Evaluator, he should've bought the Whizzinator from Onterrio Smith

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY | November 01, 2013 at 03:02 PM

Actually you just proved with this post how dumb YOU are. The go go and go calls are meaningless. They don't tip the defense off either way because get this, the cals happen a split second before the ball is snapped and the defense does not have time to audible out of whatever play they are in.

It also doesn't benefit the defensive linemen because their stunts are set. Meaning they already know which gap they are responsible for and where they are going with their first step after the snap.

This has been talked about by fans. And now multiple football people have weighed in and ALL agreed it doesn't help the defense one bit.

This blog attracts the most uneducated football fans I have ever come across. Seriously, have some of you ever even held a football in your hands?

For those that don't remember that reference ..


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