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Dolphins talk stirring overtime victory

It was early Friday morning when the Dolphins got to their locker room and were able to start discussing their stirring 22-20 overtime victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

It was early Friday morning when I filed this column that explains how the Dolphins saved their seasonn (for now) and helped keep multiple people I name from very uncomfortable questions and futures. (Please check out the column).

Back in the locker room, meanwhile, this is some of things the Dolphins were saying:

On Jonathan Martin, the starting right tackle who has been given a leave of absence from the team so he can seek treatment for emotional issues:

Joe Philbin: “I’d like to say, in regard to Jonathan, that any play with an injury or illness, our primary concern is for the health of the individual. And with respect to Jonathan, he’s been excused with a non-football illness. Our concern and support are with him, and really that’s all I’m going to say on the matter."

On Tyson Clabo, who returned to the starting lineup and replaced Martin seamlessly. He did not allow a sack:

Calbo: "I just want to do the job that I was brought here to do. I want to play at the level I’m still capable to playing at. You have to take your lumps and licks in life. When I got benched last week, I just said to myself if I got the chance to go back in there, I’m going to be ready."

On what a win does for the team's morale after suffering four consecutive defeats:

Ryan Tannehill: "It’s huge. We had our backs up against the wall for a couple weeks in a row, and we kept getting pushed further back and finally we got out of that whole a little bit.  This is a huge win for us.  Losing four straight, coming back and getting a team win.  The defense played great, made some huge plays, getting turnovers.  The offense didn’t score a lot of points, but we moved the ball when we had to there at the end of regulation, to get a field goal.  We kind of righted the ship, we’re back on track a little bit, it gives us a fresh start midway through the season.  We’re four and four, obviously it’s not where we wanted to be at, but that’s where we’re at.  Now we’ll have to build on this from here."

Mike Wallace:  "I think tonight was our first true, team win. I think everyone played great in all three phases of the game. We made some critical plays in all three phases, and it was just a big win for our team."

Phillip Wheeler: “It does a lot for us, not only record wise but our confidence, getting that losing streak off of us and I feel like we can start fresh at .500 and get some wins."



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They also call the same go go run thing when they are running play action passes. If the linebackers listen for go go and think its a run they had better be right because they are leaving their coverage assignments to sell out.
You're welcome

Please cut Jonathin Martin as soon as possible. The guy is creating drama on a team that doesn't need anymore of it.

The entire team is wrong and this one guy is right? Okay lets cut everyone and keep Martin. WTF who cares about this nonsense?

I'm going to play pranks on other people but when they do it back I'm going to cry like a baby and quit. What a freakin immature baby.


lol, yes, that must be Blackmon's favorite toy to use - women don't have to be the only ones who enjoy a synthetic reproductive system

The other is that Martin (who I will now refer to as "HONEY SUCKLE")



I wonder if Philbin will order a 'CODE RED' on poor ol Martin.

This is the NFL ,on the Army. Bullying or physical abuse should not be tolerated in any way. What if he attacked the guys religion or race, then all hell would break loose.

The guys like Incloggednithole are everywhere in life, looking to pick on people and get cheap laughs whilst making their victims life hell.


Resorting to name calling when your opinion isnt shared is childlike. GROW UP!


We can (and ultimately should if he takes action against this team) cut him because we can afford to. The dropoff isn't that drastic from him to Clabo and chances are he would have landed as a perenial backup for this team. If he were a player who's absense would have created a huge void then this situation would have gotten really tricky. I would not be opposed to him being cut if it weren't for the fact that the Patriots would snatch him up to a) spite us; b) learn our offense; c) harness his potential rather than let him blow up in a cafeteria

Speaking on Jon Martin:

There are people who are more sensitive than others, and should deserve comprehension and respect.

Also a 24 year old now, are very very young people like a new born child.

Not like in the early 80's when a 19 years old people were considered like men and women.


If they attacked his race, creed, religion, or any personal viewpoint then yes Incognito should be reprimanded and reprimanded heavily. However, I don't see Incognito as someone who would maliciously attack a teamate verbally or emotionally (unless the guy deserved it and we know Martin didn't). I'm sure his jokes were just that, jokes. Something to lighten the mood. Although (in retrospect) it isn't right, it was most likely done in a way to lighten the mood, especially in the midst of a 4 game losing streak.

Phin 78. Red Neck good ol Boy. Bet you are from Mississippi boy !!!

You K ?

Everyone is "bulking up" the 12 reps or so he was behinnd the curve is way too much to make up... weak, weak, weak. Make a note, Ireland.

Mark in Toronto | November 01, 2013 at 04:44 PM

I haven't been in a gym in a minute but when his reps came up I felt there must be an undisclosed injury of some kind a triceps, shoulder or rib injury. Given I broke 9 ribs once in an accident and a month after I was rehabbing myself back with a trainer and couldn't do 5 reps before the pain became to much (I'm 6'1"/230 a few after marriage as well) and couldn't for the life of me fathom his 19 reps at the combine. Given your post you know when training 20 reps is a bench mark and you push from there NO WAY someone out-weighing me by close to 100 pds being a pseudo-Pro Athlete couldn't do 20?

I watched him at Stanford (because we were 0-6 and I wanted to suck for Luck) and I thought that Stanford OL had a few NFL'ers on it! Can't believe the PAC-12 has such weak OL! It still doesn't register given that final Season for Luck I was On-Line with odin and a few other watching them Vs. USC in a shootout between Luck and Barkley and they ran off Tackle behind Martin a ton and there was alot of posting about Martin, DeCastro and the 2 T.E.'s. (odin if out there you remember?)

Incognito may get suspended. What a jackass.

Here's an idea for an NFL football team that is struggling…focus on getting better at playing football…and the matchup that you are faced with next week. Instead of figuring out ways to punk Martin. Very unproductive.

This is the exact stuff that makes this team 2nd and 3rd tier, and not 1st…players/coaches need to figure this out before it gets out of the locker room. Who is the leader in there?

Up next…Tampa Bay. Fine win last night. Fix the issues and focus on Tampa.

Evaluator. Yes but where do you draw the line. If Incog, repeatedly bullied Martin, then as in any workplace it should not be tolerate in any way.

Martin should not go to his place of employment and be made to feel abuse from another player. coaches and team leaders have to stop this from happening.

At the moment Philbin and his coaches seem to have little control over the team. A strong leader like JJ, Shula wouldn't tolerate this abuse and let it get so far as it has here, causing a distraction to the team.

The entire team is wrong and this one guy is right? Okay lets cut everyone and keep Martin. WTF who cares about this nonsense?

Phins78 | November 01, 2013 at 05:02 PM

NFL Live closes with a segment were the announcers give there opinions on things of the moment and Bruschi called out Philbin to get his Locker Room right in the next 10 days given the drama surrounding his RT who quit on him?


Completely agreed with your post at 5:13. If this was repeated behavior then he should be reprimanded. Something tells me, between Philbin and Ireland and Aponte and the way this organization is run, that these jokes weren't above and beyond or out-of-line. I don't think these coaches would have allowed such behavior, but it's always possible. If it happened then it's a shame on the organization and they deserve the punishment. This day in age you have to play by the rules or it's going to come back and haunt you. You can't get away with the same things you could in the 90s or early 00s.

It looks like Martin's experience was closer to the scenario I described....and less like the one you envisioned.....

Posted by: Kris | November 01, 2013 at 08:20 AM

I don't agree with this assessment at all. I described a locker room of family members who make fun of eachother all of the time and most players suck it up.

Did I not say he has been involved in pranks? I did and he was. So it's okay for him to prank people but it's not okay when it happens to him? And why didn't he stick up for himself? Why are Mommy and Daddy involved. Sheesh, the more the story comes out the worse Martin looks.

What are you talking about limited experience? I've been in locker rooms for over 30 years now. And as I posted I am still a member of a traveling hockey team, we play twice a week and practice once a week. I'm in a full locker room every wed and sun. My "limited" experience covers 30 years and hundreds of locker rooms.

That's not limited, I know locker rooms and I'm pretty good with people. Martin had choices, he made the wrong ones.

I'm not excusing Incognito for being a jerk. But in the end this happens everywhere, it's up to the person its happening to and how he responds. You can't control what others will do, only how you will react and deal with it.

I wonder if Philbin will order a 'CODE RED' on poor ol Martin.

The guys like Incloggednithole are everywhere in life, looking to pick on people and get cheap laughs whilst making their victims life hell.

Marco | November 01, 2013 at 05:04 PM

Honey Suckle couldn't handle the truth!

Resorting to name calling when your opinion isnt shared is childlike. GROW UP!

Posted by: GROW UP! | November 01, 2013 at 05:05 PM

You don't understand or comprehend things so I'll explain. He called our QB a name. I called him the same name.

I will call any fan of another team any name I choose when they make fun of my team.

It has nothing to do with his opinion.

LMAO I love how mad you are about it. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! PHINS78 AUURRRGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Marco | November 01, 2013 at 05:09 PM

Daytona haven't we been over this a million times? Once again, I have no interest in your advances. Thank you for noticing me though, I'm flattered.

Something tells me, between Philbin and Ireland and Aponte and the way this organization is run, that these jokes weren't above and beyond or out-of-line. I don't think these coaches would have allowed such behavior

The Evaluator | November 01, 2013 at 05:19 PM

I really feel that's it in a nutshell! Just this week before the Bengals game we were all (including every local sports talk show including our fearless leader Mando) were speculating if NO-FUN Philbin had lost the Locker Room running it in a "COUGHLIN TYPE" Fashion!

Now given Honey Suckles family revelations were discussing the possibility that it was a free for all, including food fights, yeah! Hey I said kidding yesterday that maybe they had taped his butt cheeks together and now wouldn't be surprised, after all the LUNATICS RUN THE ASYLUM!!

Hey they stuffed him in his Locker overnight! Put dog poop in his shoes!


I don't know how long this has been going on of course, but I could see the beginnings a the hazing in Hardknocks.

For Martin to storm out the may he did is indicative of systematic abuse. All that matters is the guy plays to the best level of his ability and is a good man to his team.

This classless and toxic bullying culture has no place anywhere. A joke is a joke, but is it always ?

I hope Martin gets better and comes back to the team.

Cam Wake proved that when healthy he is a dominating force...Without him Fins don't win the game period!He showed up big and saved Fins playoff hopes.

Posted by: fin4life | November 01, 2013 at 05:19 PM

You just can't make this stuff up.

I agree with Bruschi. Philbin needs to get this straightened out, he needs to fix the locker room and stop this melodrama.

Therefore I am proposing a quick and easy solution. Cut Jonathin Martin tomorrow morning. Then do an interview with Mando and list all of the pranks Martin helped perpetrate on teammates. Then make sure these national idiots SEE AND ANSWER TO IT!

I want an answer from the entire national media. Why is okay for Martin to prank but not okay for his teammates? PPPPPPPFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Great to see the majority of bloggers on this site are human.

You don't need to be a Mental Health Professional to realize Incognito resents both Martin and Tannehill because of their IQs and Education. His motivation? A deep feeling of inferiority before what he considers intellectually superior to him People. The origin? Probably the same abuse he is handing Martin now of being called dumb by Family and Schoolmates as he was growing up.

At the moment Philbin and his coaches seem to have little control over the team. A strong leader like JJ, Shula wouldn't tolerate this abuse and let it get so far as it has here, causing a distraction to the team.

Marco | November 01, 2013 at 05:13 PM

Your KIDDING me here right!!!

Little story for you and look it up!

In the 70's when Shula was at his whip cracking best, Jim Kick and Zonk (Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid of the Locker Room) actually went to Shula's house early one morning and get this put a live Alligator in the Coaches Shower (way before the Jack A S S guys) They waited outside for Shula who came running out of his bathroom screaming like a girl in his birthday suit and later Shula didn't go to a Psychiatrist, hw went and won the 73 SB with his 2 RB's.

Lets not even get going on the antics surrounding JJ's Hurricanes or Cowboys with notorious pranksters like Haley, Nate Newton, Irvin and Erik Williams on his team, please! The Political Correctness showered on every aspect of life today makes me sick!!!


funny how perception changes in a week!


The abuse/jokes at the team facility didn't help, but personally I feel there is something deeper that isn't revealed yet. But either one of us can be right. We won't know for a couple more days probably (when the info leaks out)

Phins 78.

Where did you hear that Martin was bullying people ?

Varify your source please.

Keep feeding Lamar and let the defense do its thing. Love Grimes and Patterson....Patterson is like Big Ben...Loves the attention from injuries after making big plays. he is a 5 million a year guy but just gets hurt too much

I think back to playing football, and I remember the wrs on the team grabbing my clothes from beside the shower AND getting in my locker and taking my sweats and uni. Our facility was about 300 yards from the school and I had to walk with toilet tissue covering my crotch the entire way to the back hall of the school where the guys were waiting for me with an ice cold bucket of water.

I chased them down the hall, without clothes, pissed for a minute, but started laughing my butt off because they got me. We all laughed about it as I got my clothes back. Our TE HAD TAKEN PICTURES OF ME RUNNING THROUGH THE LOT WITH THE TISSUE AND posted them in the locker room the next day before practice.

This stuff happened all of the time. It was college but still, it was our locker room. And I couldn't have cared less if everyone liked me, they just needed to respect me.

I guess I should have left the team and sued my school.

. To the TRUE fans on here THANK YOU! the rest of you need to F*ck off!!!!!

Posted by: CA Phin fan | November 01, 2013 at 11:16 AM

I have to say, I'm feeling the same way.

I don't mind an objective, informed opinion, positive or negative.

But I just DETEST all the mindless drivel posted here by just a very few "Fair-Weather-Trolls". The one-liners that obviously show no thought or insight really reflects their Trollish Cowardice. They shake their heads just too hear the rocks roll around. Most pathetically, the lack the courage of their own convictions, hence all the fake names/aliases.

Just like the opinions that suggested the wheels were falling off the wagon and we were sure to lose. Some posters posted the opinion and stated many reasons why.

Even when I disagree, these types of posts are thought provoking. Some even serve to bring people up to date on points not fully known or understood. Some serve as the tipping point and cause people to change their original position or opinion.

But these Fair-Weather, Band Wagon Riding losers do none of the above with their ignorant one-liner drivel. They're very similar to what one must endure when diagnosed with an incurable disease......PURE AGONY!

These Dipshyts know who they are(so do we-LOL). They are to the Blog, what Herpes are to a Human. You wish they didn't exist. You wish there was a cure. You wish they'd just GO AWAY! But NOPE! They "Pop-Up"(using hindsight like a junkie uses Heroin)at the worst possible times.

We no longer have simpleton Trolls here. We have "Blog Herpes". I for one will now be calling a spade a spade and a Blog Herpe a Blog Herpe!

PS: I believe that most of our issues thus far, especially the Martin incident, will prove to be our "Galvanizing Moment" on the season. I like to think that these youngsters grew up TOGETHER, as a team, a little bit these past 4 weeks. I believe that all of the adversity in these first 4 weeks(and some of the good stuff too)will serve to unify these guys and help them to play like a team of professionals for the remainder of the season.

The best way for them to show it, the best way for them to answer a 4 game skid, is to comeback and put together a 4 game win streak. We got 1 already and the next 3 might not be as difficult as it seems. In fact, I'm going to "Homer Out" as usual, and call it PROBABLE! 7-4 with 5 games left doesn't sound too bad at all!

You heard it here FIRST!!!!


Not all pranks are the same my friend.

Shula having a gator in his shower, he could handle.

JJ's antics didn't involve more sensitive players being bullied. Maybe if Martin topped himself, you'd feel better ?

Chill out Odinseye.

We beat the Bengals in OT with a Walk off Safety, be happy.

Defense saved the day for them that is for sure, and there are some winnable games on the schedule

The tackling on this team isn't even worthy of being called NFL caliber. And all this joke about :oooo, this season's saved!!" LOL, no, it isn't. Why on earth would ANYONE want this team to "back-in" (which is what they'd have to do)to the playoffs only to get the living SCHITT kicked out of them! Really?

How come there is no mention of the Dolphins contacting Ratliff from the cowboys, if he was signed whom would he replace?

Ratliff is a Nose tackle

Would like to see more running out of TE and double TE set. Looks good and created a lot of room for Wallace on play action. He never has that kind of room to maneuver on the 3 and 4 wr sets where he is always lined up in same spot. This also gives T Hill more time. He was still pressured but it took a little longer to get there and he had a pocket to step up into. A simple little thing like changing the formation from time to time causes the defense to slow down and play assignment football and not just tee off on T Hill. I think Philbin must have got in Sherman's ear about the high school like predictability of his offense. Hopefully we see more of that and more L Miller and throwing to tight ends.

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