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Dolphins vs. Chargers pits No. 1 coach choice vs. No. 2 choice

In January of 2012 the Dolphins were searching for a head coach to replace Tony Sparano. And they interviewed Joe Philbin, among other men. And Mike McCoy was one of those other men.

And while the people that did the hiring, including owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland and others obviously picked Philbin, I am told by a club source the No. 2 choice for the job was ... McCoy.

"Joe was just very well prepared," the source said. "Everyone was impressed with how detailed he was. But Mike was an outstanding candidate also. He was very impressive."

Fast forward to this week. The Dolphins will play the San Diego Chargers. Philbin still coaches the Dolphins. McCoy is the first-year Chargers coach.

You have McCoy, who is doing a good but not great job in San Diego, against Philbin, who is doing a ... well, a job here in South Florida.

And while both men are 4-5, the prism by which they are being viewed is diferent.

In South Florida, Ross thinks Philbin is awesome. Players think Philbin is doing a good job. Some fans and media, meanwhile, don't quite share the same opinion.

This isn't a bash Joe Philbin post. But his 11-14 record speaks for itself and so does this: His teams don't play well after byes, having lost after both byes since he was hired and Monday night after a 11-days off. His team doesn't necessarily seem all that aware, from the quarterback whose pocket presence is inconsistent to a defense that seems talented but has serious lapses.

We've know about the Go vs. Go-Go issue for months but Philbin refuses to acknowledge it. The Dolphins still don't move Mike Wallace around all the much and have successfully turned one of the NFL most dynamic deep threats into a possession receiver.

By the way, let me share this little known fact following Monday's game: Tampa Bay's first TD of that game was a 1-yard TD pass to offensive tackle Donald Penn on a tackle eligible play. That play happened after an extended time out because Bucs running back Mike James injured himself.

Well, during that time out, the video board operators at Raymond James Stadium played a tribute to Penn for playing a high number of games for the team. Part of the tribute included highlights of Penn and one of those highlights was of him catching a TD pass on a tackle eligible play.

Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano said Tuesday that after the play was shown to the entire stadium, the coaching staff debated calling off the play for fear that the Dolphins were now alerted to the possibility of the play.

Ultimately the play call remained the same. And the Dolphins, apparently unaware of the video that tipped them off, were surprised by the play. TD.

It is that kind of stuff that makes people cringe about a Philbin coached team. Right then and there, the other coaching staff caught you off guard after basically showing you a play they might run.

McCoy, on the other hand, is generally thought to be doing a good job so far. He is being credited for the renaissance of quarterback Phillip Rivers and the offensive line that was a mess under Norv Turner has held up surprisingly well this season.

But not everything is sunny in paradise.

If you read this piece and this piece you can see McCoy has detractors.

"Despite a vastly more effective Philip Rivers, aided by the acquisition of Danny Woodhead, and protected by a surprisingly solid offensive line, the Chargers have still only managed to win 4 games," San Diego's Ben Higgins writes.

"If you’re so inclined, you can give Mike McCoy and his new coaching staff the credit for the revival of Rivers. But that still doesn’t explain why the Chargers haven’t been more productive in the win column.

"The defense has taken a step back, to be sure, and injuries have played a part in the decline. Still, the coaching miracles on the offensive side of the ball don’t seem to carry over to a unit giving up more yards than any other team in the NFL.

"Maybe the late-game failures are simply masking this team’s improvement. After all, the Chargers could easily be 7-1 had they avoided a second half collapse vs. Houston, a defensive lapse in Tennessee, and a goal line gack in Washington.

So did the Dolphins make the right choice?

We cannot possibly make that call quite yet. But Sunday will help.


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If Ireland gets fired, I say Incognito is our 2013 MVP.

Mike Wallace a possession receiver? What a joke! Worst hands of our (weak) WR corps.

I won't. Mike McCoy then philbin as the coach from last year I think we made mistake hireing philbin then McCoy.

Good players make bad coaches look good, not the other way around.
Ireland is the one to blame. Time to wipe out Parcells' putrid heritage.

This article is a waste of print for me!

I'll wait till Sunday's game or the next breaking news in the Martin cogs BS !

Henne=Tfumble eh?

Another re-building project=Another wasted 5 years=More money to DirecT from yours truly=Me la tienen pela asere!!! Since Mr. Ross loves throwing his money away so much, he should be paying fans to watch his crappy ass product!!! I blame the Estefans, the Williams sisters, Marc Anthony and the margarita dude....F'em all!!!


It's difficult to evaluate Philbin when there were some huge mistakes made by the General Manager Ireland. Last season the team did not have enough quality receivers and no one with speed to keep teams from taking away the run and winning. This season Ireland leaves Philbin with an OL that every team in the NFL knows can not protect Tannehill. Ireland evaluated players higher than he should have and did not correct the OL issues. How much did Philbin try and get a better OL in free agency and the draft is the question that only the upper management people with the Dolphins will know. Given the Ross backing of Joe Philbin; indicates to me that Ireland did what he wanted to do and now the Dolphins are paying the price. How can you evaluate a coach who may have had a disconnect with his GM. This is why you correctly state GM's and the Head Coach need to be hired together. However that's not absolute given this situation with a guy who for many years now has had questionable moves as a GM. Ross may believe now that he has the right coach but the wrong GM.

Like it or not a football team takes on the character of their head coach. Look at the 1960's Packers, they were a rough and tumble group lead by a rough and tumble head coach in Vince Lombardi, look at the Shula Dolphins, Don was a man among boys and his teams played like men among boys.

Bill Bilicheck is a cagey, almost unscrupulous sort of guy and his team is just that, cagey and takes advantage of every weakness either perceived or real of their opponents.

Greg Schiano may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but he is one of the feistiest knives in the drawer and his teams play with that fire and emotion.

Then you have the Miami Dolphins, Joe Philbin would put crack whores to sleep with his rhetoric, he could make dopers strung out on crank pass right the F out! Meth heads use recordings of his pressers to inspire much needed sleep!

Joe Philbin is a walking Nembutal. And the Dolphins are falling right in line with that characteristic.

Say what you want about Jeff Ireland, but the man did some excellent scouting work for the Dallas Cowboys. Shouldn't that count for something?

just get to january then we can finally watch them clean house

We've know about the Go vs. Go-Go issue for months but Philbin refuses to acknowledge it. The Dolphins still don't move Mike Wallace around all the much and have successfully turned one of the NFL most dynamic deep threats into a possession receiver.

Even that is a stretch Armando.....

I think it's more accurate to say that this coaching staff has turned Wallace in to a jag....


You know...the Henning special.....

One other thing to think about. If the Dolphins no longer have Jeff Ireland, what will happen to our acorns? What happens to injury list draft picks? Cutting players that play great elsewhere? Trading up in the first round for a special teams player? Asking inappropriate questions to potential draft picks? Hiding arrogantly from the fans and media? Frankly, the prospect of the Dolphins without Jeff Ireland is truly terrifying.

the gog go stuff is hilarious, like a grade school team its so simple. bucs knew the count every down. this is one very bad football team fellas

It wasn't difficult for Miami fans to accept Joe Philbin- this was usually after the initial knee-jerk question, "-WHOooo-?".

After trying to follow Tony Sporano's torturous press conferences for more than 4 years, it was as if fans expressed relief at the wisdom and witticisms of Philbin, the detail oriented, dedicated, intelligent former OC for the GB Packers. But as his 1st season wore on, many began questioning the new coach.

SI's Peter King, in a recent article, described J Philbin as "almost cerebral", a perception with which I agree. And I have wondered if he is an individual unable to grasp the importance of the superficial aspects of the game and its players- and relate as such. That, we know, can make all the difference.

It seems that Ireland makes his decisions while locked away in his office without ANY communication between himself Philbin,Sherman and Coyle.They seem to be on their individual agendas and not contribute to an organizational braintrust.
They get rid of Bush and Long and Sherman wants to run the ball more.Ireland brings in Wallace and T-Hill has hardly been able to establish him as a deep threat.They draft Jordan at number 3 and eventhough he has been effective has been limited in the number of plays he is in.
Just a thought maybe they should consolidate some jobs
and give MORE power to the head coach if they decide to keep him because it seems that the GM and the coaches are on their own separate agendas.

funny how ireland showed his face everywhere after 3-0 start, back to his cave now


Or have they turned him into a JAGoff?

Say what you want about Jeff Ireland, but the man did some excellent scouting work for the Dallas Cowboys. Shouldn't that count for something?

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army
Yes, it should count for something. Jeff Ireland is at best a scout without any final decision making power. He is clueless as to getting a team together and working with his coaches to that end. Goodby Jeff as a GM, he will be a scout for some team. Ross has compassion so Ireland may be one of the teams scouts next season but I doubt it.

pro once ireland is fired no chance he would want to come back and just be a scout, thankfully cause he sucks at that also


I don't think that that is something that you can be turned into.....I think @ his age...you either are...or you are not (a jag off).....it's seems he was always a jag off...but winning and good to great QB play kept his attitude in check.....

Enter Tanne....

The QB who throws the ball 5 yards out of bounds when Wallace destroys REVIS deep....


Under throws him by 3 yards @ least once a game....basically doing the defenses job for them.....

Wallace has probably always been a jag off....it just took the dolphins organization.....and Tanne to bring it out of him.....

For the first three games of the season many on this site loved Dion Jordan and drank the Jordan Kool-Aid. No matter how good Jordan becomes you go after team needs. The GM did not evaluate the OL correctly to realize how poor they would be. The third position overall in the draft and he can not cover the run. However he has potential? You can not win NFL games with potential and Acorns.....

ireland should of never traded up, guy is easily worst gm in nfl

John in Springs,I have been writing the same comments on Philbin for weeks now. His team is just like him: no fire in the belley,no personality,no emotion! Last year the excuse was lack of talent,and with the exception of the o-line,we do in fact have a very talented team ,player wise. However,this coaching staff is horrible. They can not game plan,make game day adjustments,and use their talent on offense or defense to play to their strengths. WTF?


And the fact that even tho Wallace is the #1 receiver on the team (depth chart) and pay scale....

Tanne is always looking to his left @ the snap of the ball so he can throw to his Facebook buddy Hartline as option 1..2....with the 3rd option being the slot guy....and then maybe...work his way over to Wallace.....as option 4....

And Ross spent 60 mil for that....lol.....

I would get rid of the whole lot as well....

It seems that to much back biting and cya is going on in this organization....I would tell them lain and simple (FO and staff)....make the playoffs.....or get your resumes together....but you will sink or swim as a unit....PERIOD.....

Stop tattaling....and start winning some football games....and I don't want to hear from either of you (GM/HC).....until we have 3 wins in a row.....

But that's just me....

dusty bottoms,

Ireland is not a GM he is an Acorn that will never develop.
I really feel for the players on the team who fight hard every week to win and they have a GM who is clueless.

RT is no better than Chad Henne, not one bit.

We will look back when the experiment is finally over and joke about "Go...Go Go" and shake our heads.

Jordan can't cover run?

That's what Sparano said about Wake, when everyone wondered why he didn't play more.

So they hold Jordan out, and the team still can't cover the run. Might as well play him, right?


You do realize that if we clean house, the fans (and you) will be suffering another 3 to 5 years minimum? I wouldn´t bank on a Carroll or Harbaugh type turnaround...they are very rare.


If the Dolphins dump Ireland as GM and keep Philbin as HC they will not purge the team and concepts on defense and offense. The core players should remain without rebuilding. Ross will just be flushing the toilet to get rid of the clueless.

And Ross spent 60 mil for that....lol.....

Posted by: Kris | November 13, 2013 at 08:09 AM

Notice how, yet again, Kris is always happiest when the team or Tannehill is doing poorly. Is he endlessly trying to justify some kind of´Í was right´agenda?

This character may very well be a Jet fan in disguise.

disagree cp, kc just did it this year

CP is right, we will be bad for 5 years if Jeff Ireland is fired.

If the Dolphins dump Ireland as GM and keep Philbin as HC they will not purge the team and concepts on defense and offense.
Posted by: promichael | November 13, 2013 at 08:22 AM

Not so sure that is a good thing either. It looks to me that Philbin and Sherman and Coyle are trying to run schemes that don´t fit the players they have.

IRA has this sarcasm thing down.....

Yeah Eldin.....

I'm a jets fan that watches EVERY dolphins games......makes sense right....

That would be as dumb as changing my name every day just to start fights with people who it have never met.....


That is what you do....thus....sentence on....IN YOUR REALITY....does make sense....

Good day.....

Is it safe to talk football, yet?

Wallace SUCKS!!

Dashi wouldn't throw to him either. The guy gives ZERO EFFORT when the ball is in the Air.

You want to see how a WR is suppose to play, look at R.Matthews. I've said it before and will say it again. R.Matthews is the only Dolphin WR who goes after the ball while the ball is in the air. The Dolphins most physical WR. Plus, he has some of the best hands on the team. He actually catches with his hands.

Jeff Fisher was the #1 choice

Kris avoids the issue once again.

Just pay attention and you will see:

1. When Tannehill is doing poorly, he constantly comments on it.
2. When Tannehill does well, he is always silent.
3. When things are overall going bad, scandal, et cetera, he is all over the blog with lol and demeaning the entire org.
4. When we were 3-0, he was silent.

This character may be just so miserable that he wants others to be miserable. As they say, misery loves company.

Salguero, you're the only one here who cares about McCoy. We give a damm about him.
He's not the Dolphis head coach. We dont care if he has detractors or if he's good as gold.
As usual, your stories suck !
Yes, Philbin has proved to be a pretty bad head coach. That's our concern. He doesnt seem to improve. One step forward, two backwards. He lacks of character. He's a robot. He's unaware of many bad things in our team. Where are our draft picks ? Where's the running game ? Where's this marvel WR that cost more money that I've ever seen in 50 life-times ? Where's the discipline ? Where's the game plan week after week ?
Instead, every press conference he gives the same stupid answers, like a zombie.

Ok, Carroll, Harbaugh, Reid...all three made impressive turn arounds. Now compare that with literally the last 50 FO changes around the league and you just may find that kind of success rate is less than 1%.

TannePuke Go-Go to the bench. Play Matt Moore.

Not so sure that is a good thing either. It looks to me that Philbin and Sherman and Coyle are trying to run schemes that don´t fit the players they have.

Posted by: DC
I agree and have noticed the same. However with this seasons OL most of them will be replaced so that Philbin can operate with the skill sets he needs. There is a reason why Ross has backed Philbin. It could be that Philbin had argued against the Ireland moves, moving up to take a Jordan etc....

philbin ias gone also, new gm will want to pick his own guy

You know, if Ross wants to change it up, I´ll trust his judgement, he has the full inside scoop, not us.

I´m just saying be realistic about the consequences.

So, Ireland was given a stock pile of draft picks and an enormous sum to spend in free agency. Lets just remind ourselves and hopefully Mr. Ross of just how that OPPORTUNITY was handled:

Draft (rounds 1-5 only - nobody should expect much beyond round 5):
- Dion Jordan - traded up for him @#3 overall; only played 9 defensive snaps against 0-8 Bucs
- Jamar Taylor - An ankle sprain when drafted and he is not playing at all?
- Dallas Thomas - Is he even suiting up?
- Will Davis - not good enough to suit up?
- Jelani Jenkins - helped out in a pinch but not since Misi has been hurt?
- Dion Sims - One TD and mostly blocks at this point
- Mike Gillislee - Doesn't even suit up

Free Agency (signed 7 of top 100 FA this offseason + Others):
- Mike Wallace - Rank: 1 Someone better tell your OC Sherman how to use him
- Brian Hartline - Rank: 20 We knew he was reliable but not earth shaking...and he is
- Brent Grimes - Rank: 31 By far and away the best signing so far.
- Dustin Keller - Rank: 36 Unfortunate injury in preseason nobody's fault.
- Dannell Ellerbe - Rank: 39 Solid but no where near the hype coming in.
- Philip Wheeler - ton of missed tackles and doesn't cover all that well really
- Matt Moore - Rank: 49 Paid $2m per year to sit the bench?
- Chris Clemons - Rank: 85 We all new he is average and he reinforces it weekly
- Clabo - Turnstile washed up tackle who has lead to far too many plays for loss
- Garner - Resigned and now being used after Cogs/Martin saga - average at best

FA Not Signed (note I actually don't blame him - I advocated for all of these):
- Bush - off to Detroit and highly productive; finally stopped forcing between tackles
- Smith - off to KC and they are undefeated with Defense as their strength. I hated him but at least KC plays to his strengths - press coverage
- Long - I supported due to $ and prior injuries but sure do wish we had him now.

Recent Trades:
- Marshall to Bears - he is killing there; remind me again what we got for him?
- V Davis to Colts - starting there; remind me what we got for him?
- McKinnie from Ravens - not good enough to start there but he is needed on this crappy OLINE Mr. Ireland put together.

Coyle SUCKS!!

The Defense is to inconsistent for the talent that is on that side of the ball. Plus, the Depth. No reason for the defense to be tired in the 4th.

Plus, his play calling is horrendous. When will he call a play on 3rd down to cover the middle of the field?

Also, NO NEED to rush 6!! The fins can get pressure with 4 or 5. When you rush 6, more than 1 player will be running free. Which happens a lot on 3rd Down.

The Defense has regressed even though there is more talent on that side of the ball than ever before.

TannePuke Go-Go to the bench. Play Matt Moore.

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | November 13, 2013 at 08:40 AM

Kris, Your boyfriend ETF is here. Obviously he is lonely again. Or....is ETF and his 9 favorite aliases really you?

Philbin is an assistant, not a HC. Look at every single SB winning HC - they were either tough or emotional. You need that to lead a group of atheletes. Philbin is neither.

The only execption was Dungy, but he had all world Peyton Manning.

Dear Mr. Sherman.....do you think the problem might have something to do with YOU?

Mike Wallace Stats

4 Full Seasons with Pittsburgh:
Yards Avg Per Catch TD's
2009 756 19.4 6
2010 1,257 21.0 10
2011 1,193 16.6 8
2012 836 13.1 8

9 Games so far in Miami
Yards Avg Per Catch TD's
2013 495 12.4 1



Forbes magazine wrote a story about out beloved Dolphins: The story says Miami must fire GM and Head Coach according James Walker of ESPN.

I think that's dead on. Maybe Philbin is a likable guy. Maybe his organizational skills are impressive but as a Head Coach in the NFL he is just another guy.

Philbin is obviously terrible after time off as Miami lost to the practice squad Thad Lewis after the bye at home and then lose to the worst team in the league after 11 days off. Those losses are inexcusable. Philbin isn't the offensive guru we all thought we could possibly be getting either. Granted THill is no Rodgers and our WRs pale in comparison to what GB has had but the lack of creativity and as Mando pointed out G vs Go-Go is a disgrace. That should be a one game mistake and then be canned for good once it was figured out but it hasn't and Philbin is in charge of canning it and he hasn't. Philbin also has lost this locker room, flat out. It started game 1 when Starks flipped the bird. He said F U and we as players run the show not you coaches.

Ireland he's just terrible. I have hated and even somewhat tried to come to his defense after this all or nothing FA shopping season. We already know he's terrible at drafting that's obvious. We now know he sucks in FA as well. Ellerbe and Wheeler are not upgrades at all over Dansby and Burnett. They are actually a downgrade IMO. They both get swallowed up over and over against the run. They were supposed to be upgrades in pass defense but if anyone is watching closely you can see QBs are singling out Wheeler no matter who he gets matched up with. Terrible signings! Mike Wallace was not the difference maker I thought we were getting. I would have much rather went with Hartline, Gibson and kept Bess for the year. Wallace is what they say he is and that is a 1 trick pony who benefitted from Big Ben extending plays. He has bad hands, bad concentration and little effort if the ball isn't coming his way as Gruden pointed out on MNF. Ireland you suck!

1) Tannehill is a smart, athletic QB. Good accuracy on intermediate throws, decent touch.
2) His 2 weaknesses are pocket awareness and deep throws.
3) From the start, he was a very poor combination with Mike Wallace, the one trick pony with crocodile hands who can only go deep

yeah cp, i'm sure the phanz can endure 5 more seasons of 6-10


You are also failing to mention. That Harbaugh, Carroll and Reid went to teams that already had a pretty decent roster.

San Fran was loaded on defense, had a run game and a monster O-Line before JH got there.

How would A.Reid look like if he was still in Philly? KC was another team that was loaded before he got there. They had 9 Pro-Bowlers last year.

Too many DUMB STUPID posts today. I will leave you kiddies to Yourselves!

Our first 3 victories were a fluke that totally masked the reality of this team. We should be 1-8, like the Jaguars and the Bucs. The three Florida teams.
Actually we're worst than those two. And yet Philbin thinks that "we're a heck of a team". Namely, with Ireland as GM and with a 60 million WR that cannot catch a watermellon.
Although T-hill is struggling with its own limitations, he has not the right weapons to compete: a bad coaching staff, a bad OL, a bad running game, mediocre WRs. He was exposed too early to the lions. This is Sherman's fault. Sorry for Ryan.

t3+out can't reach mw with his lame dux anyways

patience they will all be gone after season

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