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Drafting Jon Martin was a consensus decision

When the second round of the 2012 NFL draft began, the Dolphins knew they wanted to add an offensive tackle. Two players were at the top of general manager Jeff Ireland's horizontal draft board at the position and both were graded as virtual equals.

The Dolphins, with the 42nd overall selection, liked Georgia offensive tackle Cordy Glenn and Stanford offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

And when the the Buffalo Bills selected Glenn with the 41st pick, there was no hesitation inside the Dolphins draft room. The focus immediately shifted to Martiin.

A scout who was most familiar with Martin was brought in and asked to go over the scouting report. And the file was clean. Martin was described as Andrew Luck's blindside protector, as smart, as a potentially good locker room guy and as a tough player.

When the scout was done with the report everyone in the room was sold. Everyone in the room agreed. No one -- not owner Stephen Ross, not coach Joe Philbin, obviously not Ireland, no one -- said anything that would suggest Martin shouldn't be picked.

Indeed, the idea that Martin is "soft," was never brought up. There were no red flags as to his psychological or emotional state. There were no medical issues.

And based on that strong organizational consensus, the Dolphins selected Martin.

Fast forward 19 months and it is clear the narrative on Martin has changed. His emotional state is such that he's getting treatment for an unspecified "illness." He was considered to be soft by some teammates.

So did the Dolphins completely miss it?

Or did Martin, under heavy and unrelenting pyschological attack, simply lose it once he got to the Dolphins?

Was Jonathan Martin troubled before he came to the Dolphins, suggesting the personnel department missed something, or did the Miami culture ruin him, suggesting the coaching failed him?

To hear former Stanford players such as Coby Fleener and Andrew Luck talk, they back up the initial scouting report the Dolphins had on Martin.

That, however, is not the point. The point is now Martin has fallen away and his representatives say he's not comfortable returning to the Dolphins. So aside from the sad nature of this Incognito-Martin issue, the bottom line is the Dolphins have probably wasted another second round pick.

And the popular thinking among fans is it is all Ireland's fault.

Well, sure, it is Ireland's ultimate responsibility for picking a player that did not return the desired investment. But what happened that day in the draft room was a full-throated approval of what Ireland was doing. That includes Joe Philbin. That includes owner Stephen Ross.


To his credit, Philbin publicly has not distanced himself from Ireland at a time Ross has seemingly done so and fans are on a Fireland rampage. On Wednesday the coach made certain everyone knows Ireland does not act alone on personnel matters. Philbin, you see, is also responsible for personnel wins and losses since he was hired.

“Jeff and I have worked closely since the day I’ve gotten here," the coach said. "He’s been very supportive. We all work together. This is not a one-man operation in any regard. Everybody works together. Everybody contributes."

And when responsibility must be attached or fault found, everyone shares in that.

So if Ireland indeed loses his job for this pick, this controversy, it bears saying he had lots of company in Jonathan Martin becoming a sad chapter in Dolphins history. Philbin approved of picking Martin. As did others.

No one said no.

Meanwhile, there is something to be said for fate because Glenn, who the Dolphins just as likely would have picked before he was selected by the Bills, is turning into a very good player. He has started every game for the Bills this season at left tackle. 


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Philbin is a company man. Its unfortunate that Ireland is still employed. And pretty shocking.

this is precisely why they all should be gone. its coaching by committee. dawn aponte tells them what to say. why is Ross in the draft war room??? its just another episode of the 3 stooges!

The NFL draft is a crap shoot at best. For every Peyton Manning there is a Ryan Leaf. For every Jake Long there is a Jonathon Martin,and the list goes on for miles. My biggest problem is the Dolphins have been picking duds going all the way back to the Shula years. WTF? Not only draft picks but free agent signings also falls in to the "bust" column. Will this team ever be relevant again? God only knows.

This PROVES it, bad draft choices are not the fault of Jeff Ireland.

As I stated the other day, there were quite a few talent evaluators that had caveats on Martin. But I understand that's not your point. Here's mine: if Philbin wants to share blame/credit with Ireland for player acquisitions, that's OK with me. One more reason to get a new HC.

They all need to go Ross on down not only to get rid of the stink! The worst owner, management and group of coaches this team has ever seen! Pathetic group of losers, Ross can't even hold a press conference without looking foolish!

Armando still hasn't figured out all the other 31 GM's make bad draft picks every season and not one even bats .500.

Let's just pound the organization for every fault and misstep to no end.

Maybe all these journalists and pundits should be required to post a Board Certified Psychological Analysis of themselves along with there by line. It seems like many use the fins to take out there own personal frustrations.

Philbin had been an assistant all his life. Now he is a Head Coach in the NFL. Ireland did not want to hire a Coach with authority and a stronger personality than his. So he talks Ross into the Philbin's hire. Philbin in return is so grateful for the opportunity that he won't disagree, nor question Ireland on anything. Now w may have to realize that Philbin is not HC material. Ross must man up and finally get rid of Ireland.

bill cale,

There are caveats on every player in the draft. There were more caveats on Marion that there were on Martin. There are no sure things even with the to 5 picks, as we see every season.



Tell me who your favorite coaches were. Guess what, they were all assistants with no HC experience at one time. Your theory is busted.

Ross already gave Ireland the Kiss of Death in his last public speech. The only way Ireland remains is if this investigation shows that Martin merely flipped out and nobody else was at fault.

Meanwhile he is praising Philbin. You can believe Ross is a man that thinks ahead. If he is praising Philbin, he must know there are plenty of quality GM candidates out there that would be more than willing to work with him.

I can't see Ross firing both and starting from scratch unless it was absolutely necessary. If it came to that he just might think about selling.

The key from the Forbes report is that this incident is causing Ross to lose $$$ this season and could last through next season. He has a tough call to make.

octavio de armas, one thing you forgot is that Philbin was the hottest head coaching candidate that year. ALL teams with an opening wanted him. What you said was revisionist history.

I'd rather have a first time HC than a retread. They have more enthusiasm and energy, where the retreads just assume they know everything. How did retread Jimmy Johnson and Wannstedt work out for us? How did Wade Phillips and Chan Gailey and Schotty and Norv Turner all the other nomad coaches work out on their new teams? Shula Parcels and now Reid are the exceptions.

I find it sad that this article is only written now, after the whole saga between Martin/Cogs/Team. The reality is the 2nd round pick used to select Martin should have been under the microscope at the end of last year or at the end of week 4 or 5 this year because his PLAY was HORRIBLE.

Forget for a moment that he went AWOL. Forget that he may be a big sissy or that he may have a reasonable complaint with how he was treated. That matters much less to me.

The reality is that Ireland and Philbin agreed to select him in round 2 and he FAILED as at OT in the NFL. He let up too many sacks and had too many blown assignments as both a RT and LT in this league.

So, Mando if you or anyone want to criticize Ireland/Philbin for this draft selection that is fine by me. Just base it on his HORRIBLE PLAY and not on the fact he went AWOL.


your long ranting posts are either totally off base or stating the utter obvious. Either way they are tiresome. Doubtfull anyone reads even half of them.

Martin was playing decent this year - he hadn't even had one full season as LT in the NFL and you are writing him off - pure ignorance.


Did you juniors know that Griese kinda sucked his first few years? Do you remember that in Mario Williams 3rd season the talk was possible bust? Chris Long, drafted #2 after Jake Long, is only now, 5 years into it, playing like a first round pick. Has CJ Spiller played like a top 10 pick yet? The list goes on and on and on.

You memory-challenged posters expect every pick to come out like Dan Marino and look like a pro bowler after 5 games. Those players are the rarest of exceptions.

too much complexity to even have opinions on the outcome. he is under contract and at some point either must return to duty, retire as permanent property of the dolphins, or sue to get out of his contract. the business side of this will ultimately determine the outcome. remember when martin first left he claimed emotional distress and went awol until he realized he forfeited his contract under these conditions and BOOM - that tune change REAL QUICK to "workplace harassment".

Oh and the there is your favorite Drew Brees, who also needed 4 seasons to even look like a viable starter.

Wake up. Society of zombies glued to there iPhones and 10 second attention span.

I'm fine with giving Tannehill at least one more season, if not two as long as he continues to show upside.

Hunter, I'm guessing it's too much to ask you to back up your comment that Marino had more caveats than Martin? That "there are caveats on every player in the draft" is probably closer to truth. But we understand that it is the job of every GM to sort out the claims and use best judgement. The guy selecting Marino did a far, far better job than the guy selecting Martin.

The only thing clueless Ross understands.
Low revenue = low job security

Theblast 2 ireland drafts have been bust, bottom line is this team has a qb who can't throw the deep ball in the pocket. A proven one trick $60 million dollar pony a offensive line which sucks. A very overpaid don't do nothing linebacking core that sucks. A secondary that definitely blows except for Grimes who's ok at best. A coach who needs a woman to lead him by the hand. The same coach who has no fire whatsoever. And a gm that's been horrible acts like he's S.Pioli and at the end of the day is a major a** h**e who 99% of the people in here support !! And last but not least a very ignorant and delusional fan base, that every year drink the kool aid the gutless and clueless media feeds the hype to them, and by thanksgiving they're looking towards the draft !! You can't make this stuff up, and in 2014 the draft is mother's day weekend. OT-OG-OT-OG-TE 1.ST 5 picks what a boring draft why even watch Dolphinsfans seriously !!

So you're still blaming the victim here, eh? Great. I'm gonna go read Omar.

bill cale,

Why do you think that Marino dropped so far? Have you forgotten?

It's widely known there were tons of drug rumors and party rumors about him. Maybe you should state those caveats on Martin, because all I've seen were positive reports and that he was pegged as a first rounder.

Hey Chill - do me a favor and NEVER give me direction. I mean really who the hell are you? Instead of attacking me why don't you take a few minutes and actually understand the game and get your FACTS straight.

If you think Martin was playing 'decent' this year. Riddle me this:

Why did the OLINE rankings go backward with him anchoring the LT position?

2013 25th Run and 28th Pass Protection
2012 22nd Run and 22nd Pass Protection

Tell me how his personal stats this year and last year suggest he is getting better? Less than halfway through the season (before he QUIT) he was trending far worse than last year.

Year Games Penalties False Start Sacks
2012 16 5 2 8.75
2013 7 2 2 6.50

well hunter martin sucks and marino ended up in the hof

Hunter, if you provide the caveats on Martin and Marino that your statement suggested you had or, at least, knew, I should not have to provide them for you, no?

Scott Alderson @ 7:42 AM:

You hit that one on the head. No small coincidence that Maryin's Mom is an attorney who specializes in workplace harassment and discrimination. She used to write a regular article for US Today on this very subject. So he listens to Mommy, lets his teammate's career get hammered, and lets his team down. What a great teammate and person he is. Why didn't he do what one of the Bronco's starting O-Lineman did this year? Can't remember his name, but 5 games into this season he quit! He didn't blame anyone, other than himself. Walked away from a $1 M/year salary because he said he didn't enjoy football anymore and wanted to do something else. That guy at least didn't take the ship down with him.

Ireland could be fired for a lot of reasons not Just Martin, I think time has proven he can't build a winner he doesn't know how to draft players with a few exceptions and his Free Agency moves have not been that wonderful either, seriously paying Wheeler and Ellerbe all that money and we can't stop the run or tackle please. Those guys were clearly a step back from what we had before. Mike Wallace has been a huge disappointment and doesn't look like he gives full effort especially blocking for the running game, or on deep passes I would get rid of him for sure and salvage some of the money.

And Tannehill does he really have the arm to throw the deep ball it doesn't look like it after 25 games or so. So Ireland could be fired for all these things and should be but the Martin thing would be at the bottom of the list for me he has screwed up so many other things and martin was just one of them.

How about Not signing Reggie Bush your only playmaker from a year ago and look how good Reggie is playing, that was stupid. And Also Brandon Marshall is way better than Wallace, so take your pick he could be fired for any of this but to me 5 years on the job is long enough for Ireland he has proven he can't get it done.

Hunter Reid has done well so far but if you believe they are the best team in the NFL because they have the best record thus far lets see how they fare this week against Denver.
BTW the Chiefs are at the top of the NFL in turnovers and points off of turnovers and that has helped them without any doubt in my mind achieve their undefeated status.If someone is sure that IM wrong a little wager would be in order.

JJ reported several other teams shied away from Martin during the draft. What did they know we didn't know? Rather, other than Jake Long and Pouncey, why has this team failed to pick up solid O-Lineman in the 3 - 5th rounds over the last 10 years?I for one, don't have a ton of faith in our scouting department. If anyone can tell me why 2nd rd. pick "stands up straight while running" Daniel Thomas is still on this team, I would appreciate it.

Scouts work for Ireland thus Ireland is responsible. No individual can do everything so owners and headcoaches have to rely on their GM's report.

With that said this conversation is tired. I gotta go C*m in Kris' old lady's C*nT.

Posted by: Marc | November 14, 2013 at 12:27 AM


Another great post from the internet "thug" Marc.....

Since you are on a football blog @ 12:27 am....and then continued to post until nearly 1 am.....it's a pretty safe bet that you didn't perform the above statement....


We can safely draw the conclusion that since you routinely spend these late night (grave yard shift) hours on a blog that you are either....

A) a pathetic loser with no life who has to spend the majority of his late nights on a football blog....

B) a stocker @ walmart....or some other comparable job.....

Either way...it sucks to be you.....

Good thing you got out of the military....now your nights are free to show the world what a no-life you really have....

Let me save you some time from your next post.....

You will tell me some fantasy about a dream job that you are NOT even remotely qualified for....


And something about my wife.....

Save your time....and get some sleep....night shift isn't that far away....

Well, that proves the obvious. Philbin, while a nice guy, is as incompetent as Ireland. If you fire one, you have to fire them all!

Fine, Martin was a consensus pick. But the troubling thing is the TREND. Philip Merling, Chad Henne, Pat White, Sean Smith, Koa Misi, Daniel Thomas, Martin and Jamar Taylor. All the 2nd round picks in Ireland's tenure. Basically what you have is a collection of misses and busts and underachievers. Misi is the best of the lot. It's too early to know what Taylor is.

But that's the indictment. 6 years. 6 drafts. 1 serviceable player. An argument can be made that Ireland does better in the 4th round than 2nd. But therein lies the rub. While other teams get stars and playmakers in upper rounds, Miami gets a mixed bag of scrubs and a few helpful assets. We need a GM that can get us ELITE, PRO BOWL-level talent. In the money rounds (1-2). Ireland does not seem to possess those skills.

For all those THILL bashers....

THILL is currently ranked 14 amongst NFL QB's.

BEHIND him: Luck, Palmer, Wilson Kapernick, Smith, etc.

Most interesting to me....Alex Smith is well behind THILL in overall ranking. Here he is the QB of a 10-0 team. So how is it that Alex Smith is ranked behind THILL and yet is leading an undefeated team?

Seems to me that QB is NOT everything when it comes to winning in the NFL. Instead of bashing a second year QB maybe we should look at the root issues of this team.

Coaching and play calling is to predictable
Can't figure out how to maximize talent on the team
Defense can't consistently stop the run


I meant to say Ireland and our scouting dept. Ireland has made far too many questionable moves in the draft and especially with free agent signings. If I was Ross, the Dez Bryant question would have gotten him fired. Ross is damn lucky that one didn't turn into a lawsuit. Only reason is that Dez wanted a career in the NFL and his Mom wasn't a litigation attorney specialing in workplace harassment lawsuits.

I believe Ross will fire Ireland immediately after the season and move quickly to replace him. Then he will give the new GM the leeway to hire/fire Philbin. If the GM keeps Philbin he will be on a short leash.

Give Tannehill a decent Oline and he probably develops.I'm for retiring Mr. Sherman for changes sake and my direct advice to Ryan: Get rid of the ball- show some sense of urgency.

yup jl that is how it will go, i cant wait for jan

Chill- Nobody is saying every pick has to come out like Dan Marino. Now look and analyze every pick the Dolphins have made over the last 3 years and try justifying how our players are as relevant as 90% of the rest of the league. You can't. You know why? Our track record SUCKS.
And the ones that go on to be decent players are doing it on other teams. i.e. Sean Smith, Vonte Davis, Phillip Merling... don't even make me mention Reggie Bush.

You got that? Or are you willing to wait another 3-5 years before our players develop. Gimmee a break

These 2 statements -
"Two players were at the top of general manager Jeff Ireland's horizontal draft board"
"Martin was described as Andrew Luck's blindside protector, as smart, as a potentially good locker room guy and as a tough player."
- are at the core of this team's issues.
First, Ireland's horizontal draft board had Martin at the top? What incompetency!
Second, they had a scouting report that Martin was tough, when any competent team had him down as soft?
Total incompetency. How Ross could be so stupid as to not only keep Ireland during the Harbaugh fiasco, but to then give him an extension this past off season before seeing how the season unfolded is beyond comprehension.

JL Raleigh:

Amen, brother!

ive told u before mass, because he let himself become friends with him. thats why it took this much bad to happene to finally get rid of him

"Indeed, the idea that Martin is "soft," was never brought up. There were no red flags as to his psychological or emotional state. There were no medical issues".
My question is why weren't the reports brought up? Were they unaware of them or just dimissed? Because I for one read several scouting reports that said Martin was soft.

Sure, no team hits on all their pics but this is just one more example of poor player evaluations. We've seen this time and again...our personnel department seemingly dismissing or ignoring player weaknesses. It's time to get rid of the whole bunch.

mace taggart, my prediction for the 2014 draft is DE, DT, DE, DT, DE, DT and they will all play special teams.

The SAD FACT is Jeff Ireland is the only one who has done a good job this year for Miami.

MassDolphan... you mean except for the injured guys??

The problem is not that Ireland picked Martin. The problem is that Ireland suffers from a low emotional IQ. He does not get the whole concept of leadership. He thinks it is just like chess. That's why he let go veteran character guys, interviewed Harbaugh while Sparano was still the coach, asked Dez Bryant about his mother and told Martin's agent that Martin should have just punched back. It is an inability to understand the human side of the equation.

Here I am, just a Dolphins fan, who gets paid nothing by this joke of a team. Yet, here I sit, with this scouting report, right in front of me, on Jonathan Martin:
"I don't like Jonathan Martin. He is soft."
Jeff Ireland is a total joke of a GM and he should have been fired long ago. I blame Ross, this is his mess. He is a complete football idiot.

Pass blocking: Athletic left tackle with natural bend, lateral agility and quick feet. Plays with a wide base to stand up against a strong punch. Anchors vs. bull rush, although stronger rushers get under his pads when he is not aggressive with his punch and hand placement. Takes defenders to the ground when they try to duck and bend around the edge. Easily helps inside to shut off blitz pressure. Can reset his hands and move laterally to mirror defenders, but occasionally stops his feet and reaches, allowing defenders to get around him with hands and quickness. Run blocking: Positional blocker with good feet and lateral agility to wall off defensive ends. Blocks through the whistle and pushes the pile. Moves to strong-side tight end on occasion to seal the edge on run plays. Has only average strength to move defenders in the trenches and loses leverage battle in short-yardage. Pulling/trapping: Does not trap inside often, but pulled around end on occasion. Lacks foot speed and consistency in sustaining to be special as a move blocker. Initial Quickness: Very good quickness off the line as a run blocker and in pass protection. Anticipates the snap as well as any college tackle, gets into his pass set quickly and moves out of his stance to pull. Downfield: Adequate straight-line speed for the position, but initial quickness and agility to make initial open-field blocks on outside runs and screens. Does not dominate or sustain open-field blocks; lacks foot quickness, leading to overextending to reach targets, and has average upper-body strength. Intangibles: Above-average football smarts and general intelligence. Plays with a nasty streak. Solid character and work ethic. . theres his couting report

bill cale,

I guess I didn't expect you to run from your own statement. You were the one that said there were caveats on Martin. I hadn't seen any so I asked you for them. You chose to avoid it.

I merely stated there were always caveats, and since the caveats on Marino and possible drug issues were so loud and clear in the day, I just assumed they were more widely known than those on Martin that I've never heard..and you refused to supply after telling us they existed.

marino was a big time drug guy, was doing lines back in the day with bill maas at pitt. ended up marrying maas's sis

The same publication with the scalding scouting report on Martin also had him rated as the 7th - 7TH!! - best Left Tackle in that draft. Yet there Martin sat at the top of Ireland's draft board.
Is it any wonder this team has a serious dearth of talent?

There was a reason why he dropped to the second round! Why did every other team shy away from him? He initially was considered a high first rounder, but as the draft got closer his stock plummeted. Why? There had to be info out there that we didn't get. Personally, I think he's a momma's boy and being over here on the east coast is just too far from momma's tit!
We should try to work a trade with Raiders or another west coast team, but something tells me that his value is worthless.

Will Yeatman plays 6 snaps all year & is done with an ACL. Danny Watkins...come on down!

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