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Drafting Jon Martin was a consensus decision

When the second round of the 2012 NFL draft began, the Dolphins knew they wanted to add an offensive tackle. Two players were at the top of general manager Jeff Ireland's horizontal draft board at the position and both were graded as virtual equals.

The Dolphins, with the 42nd overall selection, liked Georgia offensive tackle Cordy Glenn and Stanford offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

And when the the Buffalo Bills selected Glenn with the 41st pick, there was no hesitation inside the Dolphins draft room. The focus immediately shifted to Martiin.

A scout who was most familiar with Martin was brought in and asked to go over the scouting report. And the file was clean. Martin was described as Andrew Luck's blindside protector, as smart, as a potentially good locker room guy and as a tough player.

When the scout was done with the report everyone in the room was sold. Everyone in the room agreed. No one -- not owner Stephen Ross, not coach Joe Philbin, obviously not Ireland, no one -- said anything that would suggest Martin shouldn't be picked.

Indeed, the idea that Martin is "soft," was never brought up. There were no red flags as to his psychological or emotional state. There were no medical issues.

And based on that strong organizational consensus, the Dolphins selected Martin.

Fast forward 19 months and it is clear the narrative on Martin has changed. His emotional state is such that he's getting treatment for an unspecified "illness." He was considered to be soft by some teammates.

So did the Dolphins completely miss it?

Or did Martin, under heavy and unrelenting pyschological attack, simply lose it once he got to the Dolphins?

Was Jonathan Martin troubled before he came to the Dolphins, suggesting the personnel department missed something, or did the Miami culture ruin him, suggesting the coaching failed him?

To hear former Stanford players such as Coby Fleener and Andrew Luck talk, they back up the initial scouting report the Dolphins had on Martin.

That, however, is not the point. The point is now Martin has fallen away and his representatives say he's not comfortable returning to the Dolphins. So aside from the sad nature of this Incognito-Martin issue, the bottom line is the Dolphins have probably wasted another second round pick.

And the popular thinking among fans is it is all Ireland's fault.

Well, sure, it is Ireland's ultimate responsibility for picking a player that did not return the desired investment. But what happened that day in the draft room was a full-throated approval of what Ireland was doing. That includes Joe Philbin. That includes owner Stephen Ross.


To his credit, Philbin publicly has not distanced himself from Ireland at a time Ross has seemingly done so and fans are on a Fireland rampage. On Wednesday the coach made certain everyone knows Ireland does not act alone on personnel matters. Philbin, you see, is also responsible for personnel wins and losses since he was hired.

“Jeff and I have worked closely since the day I’ve gotten here," the coach said. "He’s been very supportive. We all work together. This is not a one-man operation in any regard. Everybody works together. Everybody contributes."

And when responsibility must be attached or fault found, everyone shares in that.

So if Ireland indeed loses his job for this pick, this controversy, it bears saying he had lots of company in Jonathan Martin becoming a sad chapter in Dolphins history. Philbin approved of picking Martin. As did others.

No one said no.

Meanwhile, there is something to be said for fate because Glenn, who the Dolphins just as likely would have picked before he was selected by the Bills, is turning into a very good player. He has started every game for the Bills this season at left tackle. 


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Yeatman down! Does our third round pick come to the rescue? Cant wait to see that!!!

Saw on rotoworld.com that Coyle does NOT plan to increase Jordan's role because he's viewed as a liability in the run game.

Sporano did the same thing with Wake too. Differet names yet same philosophy. Coaching staff needs to be cleansed as well. Don't kid yourselves folks!

This entire coaching staff is oblivious!

Rick, definitely, the cap space this team has is enormous. Looking at the contract the Rams gave Long, it's pretty much a two year deal. Knowing that at best your next best option was either going to cost you a 2nd round pick or was an iffy player who looked extremely bad to end the season .. you should've gave a bit. I mean, even if Long crapped out as so many people feared, he wouldn't have prevented us form getting other good players because we would still have a load of cap room. And you could've jettisoned him and used the cap space after 2014. It's a low risk deal when you think about it and it was the safest option for the team.

agree completley Ectoplasm

6-100 yard rushng games against our d-line that has three pro bowlers and two first round picks. This was suppose to be a strength. Coyle and linebackers aside, this is the head coach not fixing something obviously wrong.

no playoffs he goes with the GM ( forgone conclusion)


It sounds made up like something designed to seperate hispanic peoople from thier money.

JPAO, you're not alone in your opinion but after Long walked, waht were his options? Giving up a 2nd round pick for a player who his own team is lukewarm about and still spend the same money/cap space you were going to spend on Long or give a C+ player (being generous) the job. I thought it was the easiest and safest decision all around. Would not have comprmised this team's ability to compete in the future in the least even if Long was not able to play.

Didnt Failbin say "We have one heluva team" ? LOL


suck it

FYI @ 12:02. Completely oblivious.

Yeah, because you don't want to hinder that run defense that is 25th in the NFL by injecting a playmaker. We need more Trusnick and Shelby!!!

I know this is in the past and speculative but I wonder if the OL and its behavior towards each other would have taken place if J. Long was still with the team

MIT @ 12:03

You're talking about a decision based on economic principles, specifically scarcity.

Ireland has never taken let alone passed any business courses.

(Belichick has a degree in Economics from Wesleyan; none of the Pats WRs make more than $1mil/season)


Chris form Calgary,

Do you know Ott from Ottawa?

Yeah well take a look at this!!!


The truth about why this happened!! "Big Weirdo" was bullied into this by his own mother to push her own agenda in the national media. It is disgusting!!

If your morning hasn't been cheerful enough around here, Ed Reed signed with the Jets.

"Suck it"....

how WWE of you....

not surprising in the least...you haven't shown yourself to me ore than a midding 30's dude with the maturiy of a WWE fan n his prime....so the maturty of maybe a 1-16 year old...


i'm over this whole thing....you embarrass us both...

the problem is...your not capable of understanding that yet....

but "one day"....perhaps...

ETF, it's basic formula in decision making. What are the costs/opportunities of making said decisions. If he hasn't mastered this ... then we're fooked.

Mark - LOOKING BACK I think we all agree that keeping Long would have been a better way to go. But my issue is that Ireland (and Philbin) had full knowledge of Martin's strengths, weaknesses and mindset. He was not an unknown entity to them. THEY made the decision to go with him at LT. BTW C+ grade might be generous.

BEFORE his melt down he was averaging more sacks than his first year....so he was digressing not improving.

Albert would have been a great option. Or they could have traded up and pick an OT vs. Jordan who apparently isn't good enough to earn more than 9 plays vs. ann 0-8 football team. Or they could have drafted OT in round two because again Taylor isn't playing.

My issue isn't that Martin was less productive than Jake. My issue is that Ireland managed it poorly overall and left the team with one of the worst OLINES in history.

I just REALLY, REALLY want you to know that for all the "sacrifice" you make some "washout" is more successful than you.

I REALLY want that to sink in buddy. The way I sink into your old lady.

Ireland certainly should be fired, but no for the Martin pick. No, he should be canned for the totality of his draft picks, which we all now know have been laughable!

Jets are in the playoff hunt again with their ROOKIE QB!! Reed may help their chances.

I wonder what pics I should google than post....

or were those first hand from during your night shift on janatorial duty....

That floor looks ECEPTIONALLY white....

Keep up the good work...

Guys, I think we can all agree that Coyle and especially Sherman have left a lot to be desired as our coordinators. This is 100% on Philbin.

He picked them both in the first place. If he disagrees with something he can over rule them. I think Philbin is a decent guy, but I really don't think he is the coach to lead this team back to the super bowl.

In the end I think we have to fire everyone from Ireland, Aponte, and Philbin on down. Do I think Ireland and Phlibin are terrible? No, but I think at this point the team needs a change for a chance to do better.

I think the team will go 7-9 again at this point. Should I sit back and give them one more year? I guess I could make that arguement, but I am just so sick and tired of this team being 7-9 and 6-10 over and over.

Just can't understand how Steve Ross can elevate and edify Joe Philbin..as "well prepared" , when the Fins look anything but prepared.

After the 2 week gap created by the "bye" week, the Fins looked flat, and Philbin said they (staff) have to "do a better job" of getting the team ready....again, after a flat 1st quarter vs Tampa (which followed 10 days of preparation), Coach Philbin blamed the staff for not getting the players ready to play...

Sherman is complicit in the failure on the field, and he and Philbin are joined at the hip; the lack of offensive imagination falls on both of them, and has nothing to do with Ireland, whom Ross apparently has left out of his recent supportive remarks.

Before every game, Philbin parries with the press, saying the staff has a plan in place, then after a poor performance, he admits the team has to do a better job of executing the "plan"

Isn't it time for Ross to realize that Philbin's 11-14 record is not an apparition, but the result of mediocre coaching? Doesn't he know that poor preparation is directly linked to the coaching philosophy? Doesn't he understand that players cannot "prepare" themselves, and that is the reason for having coaches in the first place?

If he fires Ireland, and keeps Philbin, it's like a nation at war, replacing its political leadership, and keeping the same generals. If the troops are ill-prepared, they will face defeat regardless of who makes the decision to do battle.

Both Ireland and Philbin, along with Sherman, must go at seasons end, and Ross should be laying groundwork for their replacements now!!!!!

jpao, yeah, I really have to question Philbin's knowledge of O linemen considering the three that he's brought in have been three of the worst i've ever seen wear this uniform.

Clabo, Martin, and Dallas Thomas... (and this is supposed to be his strength?)

Another indictment on Philbin and I think if you are going to make some people go, you have to get rid of the whole lot because all their decisions are intertwined.

ireland is not making these personnel decisions in a vacuum


Ross is clearly in a coma. Not a clue how to build a winner.

Luck and Fleener have hardly given Martin a ringing endorsement. All they have said is that he is a good guy and a hard worker. Standard PR.

Is there really anything about the team left to say?!

Marc...how bout: they are pathetic !!!!

Now that Will Yeatman is out for the rest of the year, we are doomed. Jeff Ireland let Jake Long walk away over a few bucks and has destroyed our team. Checlk out www.DolphinsTruth.com

So Jonathan Martin was a consensus pick states the headline. I say a consensus BAD pick....one of many bad picks and FA pickups by this regime. They have proven that they cannot do their job.

The GM is to acquire talent............FAILED
HC is to groom that talent.............FAILED
HC puts a coaching staff together......FAILED
HC institutes his playbook/scheme......FAILED

I have seen enough over the past 4 1/2 yrs and 2 HC staffs. You cannot take a ball boy and make him a GM. We are the Gawd Damned Miami Dolphins we deserve better!


I like the D.Jordan pick.

So D.Thomas is the bad pick. Hopefully by next season he should replace Jerry in the lineup.

Agreed a RG at #3!!

Even Dashi would go crazy!!

D.Jordan was the right pick. Doyle is just misusing D.Jordan. D.Jordan needs to be used in space, he takes alot of it up himself. He can't set the edge as a DE but he can set the edge as a OLB. I Hope!! Not a lot 6'7" 260lb LBs in the NFL!

Regarding LT, it's easy to analyze: Ireland painted the team into a corner with KC and Albert when he refused to recapitulate the team's situation with Jake Long.

KC realized this, and rightfully tried to squeeze him for a 2nd rounder.

Then, when the lights were turned on, Ireland elected to slop his way out from the corner, deciding that the Martin experiment at LT would work as well, and made a complete mess in his wake.

It's called poor planning, bullheadedness and ill-advised bravado rolled into one.

And when he looks in the mirror, Ireland obviously sees a successful football GM. So just add self-delusional to the list of ill-fated character flaws.

Dashi for DC

D.Jordan can't do worst than P.Wheeler in coverage.

I think Jordan could cover a RB or TE

most tes bill

Ross might be sold on Philbin, but its obvious the players are not. Just watch how, more and more, they walk past him on the sideline, ignoring his words.

Discipline is necessary on any team, but a surrogate father is not exactly what 20 to 30 year old millionaires are craving.

He can say that he believes in the men he has in the locker room all he wants. That doesn't mean a hill of turd, if they don't believe in him !!!!

true Dusty...most TE's

oscar what do u tink of busters' 12:45?
buster,send u'r post to ross will ya?

buster he isnt sold on philbin, by praising philbin and not mentioning ireland at all hes sending a message to ireland. the new gm will decide philbins fate not ross.

hey cogz,will ya take a dump in that fat pos parcells mouth ?

But at least one veteran in Miami's locker room -- starting left tackle Bryant McKinnie -- feels the story has become bigger than necessary.

"Things could probably have been a little exaggerated with that whole situation," McKinnie said candidly on Wednesday. "You heard one side of the story and now you're starting to hear the other side. So give it time before you make a decision on who's right or who's wrong and let it go from there."

McKinnie, who said he wasn't upset at Martin, believed Martin could have handled the situation differently.

"If he had some emotional issues, he should've took that up with somebody upstairs and maybe we wouldn't have this situation right now," McKinnie said. "It could have been a more professional way to handle it instead of walking out on your team, because that's what you did at the end of the day."

"You have to remember this is an NFL locker room at the end of the day. Guys are going to joke around. This is an aggressive environment," McKinnie said. "You're going to joke around and play and say things. But you're not being serious. This is just an aggressive environment. You say things. You joke. All locker rooms are very similar.

"If you was in Baltimore with me and Ray Rice, or to listen to him Vonta Leach talk to each other, the way they talk to each other, that could have easily been this situation. Somebody could have just got fed up and did the same thing. It's not that serious. You know what I mean?"

No, no, no, Bill.

Dashi for GM.

I would've fired Coyle and Hired a better DC. Rob Ryan. Or L.Smith.

The Fins would've drafted E.Lacy instead of J.Taylor.

Just a couple things Dashi would've done different than Ireland.

No worries 2 watt....you think ross doesn't read this stuff? the Coaches?...the players?....think again...

Dusty...I hear what you're saying.....and in that case, the whole Magilla is on the way out...cause they plainly suck !!!!

My take on this is, You ask a Carpenter to do a Plumbers job, he does it because he is desperate to get his foot in and also he has been promised it is only temporary. After a while he sees he is only being jerked around and stops believing anything anyone tells him. He is totally unhappy and cannot perform his assignments for which he has no skill or aptitude, but is under contract. The only way out is by using all the legitimate infractions taking place in the work place. I am sure there are a bunch of us out there who have been tempted to call OSHA because we are not too happy with the work place working conditions and there are many who have even sued their employers for being treated unfairly. What makes Martin any different. At least he stood up for what he was not going to stand for. I would like to see Tannehills reaction or attitude if he were asked to play WR.

well dashi u would of then figured out ryan and smith wouldnt of come here. and u would of watched them boo as u took a rb with miller already here and watched lacy avg 2 yards a carry behind worst oline

T-W-O rushing yards in a ENTIRE game.......this a product of the Head Coach who freely admitted that the team did not stress the running game in pre-season..

well ...DUH !!!!!!!

yeah, move t3+out 2 wr

that's like 188 cm's

Ross became controlling partner while Parcells was still here. Ross is a NYer and witnessed Parcells make 3 different organizations relevant again. So when Ross asked Parcells for his advice on who should be GM he listened to the advice.
Remember Parcells has NEVER been a good GM...he was a good HC. With the Giants he had George Young. Dolphin fans know how good young was. He built winning teams after the Giants but no Super Bowl winners. Also remember that Parcells had to be talked into coming to Miami Huzienga made him an offer he could not refuse. So his bank book was 100% in but his heart was not.
Hence we get STUCK with "a Garage mechanic", as Aloco would say, for a GM. In reality he is just a scout acting as a GM.

We better beat the Chargers, because next week, we're about to get stomped by the Panthers.

the dumb phanz have got 2 stay away
that is the only thing that ro$$ will act on

If L.Miller can average almost 5 yards a carry behind this o-line, E.Lacy can average 5 yards behind this line.

E.Lacy wears people down. Plus, he can get a yard when you need a yard!!

Two good RBs are a priority in the NFL. No longer do teams just need 1 real good RB. You need at least 2.

dc we better lose both those games.

And the Special Teams Coch, Rizzi, gets no free pass here either....

His ONLY kick returner has no clue YET, hallway through the season, when to catch a Fair catch call, and when to let the ball go..

...let's see...you're on the 5 yard line...if you catch it, your team has to start there....BUT..if you feign a catch, and run forward , and let the ball go, it COULD bounce into the End Zone, in which case your team starts at the 20.

...the worst case scenario, it gets downed , and your team starts somewhere INSIDE the 5.........

...so the choices....Fair catch it, start inside the 5....or let it go, start at the 20.....

....doesn't take Vince Lombardi knowledge to realize the percentages ALL favor letting it go....

.....um....am I missing something here?...or are we dealing with total ineptitude?

.....WTF !!!!!!!??????

Dashi @ 12:38, exactly. Take him, put him in space and allow him to play against RBs and Te's in the run game not guards adn OTs. He's bigger, stronger, faaster, more agile, more explosive (and played a lot of coverage in college) than any linebacker we have ... not exactly rocket science.

Coaching Buster...coaching

dashi your way off, rbs really are a dime a dozen now, nobdy runs the ball

Opti @ 1:01 I agree. Look at ETF, he's on comp living the dream!!!

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