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Drafting Jon Martin was a consensus decision

When the second round of the 2012 NFL draft began, the Dolphins knew they wanted to add an offensive tackle. Two players were at the top of general manager Jeff Ireland's horizontal draft board at the position and both were graded as virtual equals.

The Dolphins, with the 42nd overall selection, liked Georgia offensive tackle Cordy Glenn and Stanford offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

And when the the Buffalo Bills selected Glenn with the 41st pick, there was no hesitation inside the Dolphins draft room. The focus immediately shifted to Martiin.

A scout who was most familiar with Martin was brought in and asked to go over the scouting report. And the file was clean. Martin was described as Andrew Luck's blindside protector, as smart, as a potentially good locker room guy and as a tough player.

When the scout was done with the report everyone in the room was sold. Everyone in the room agreed. No one -- not owner Stephen Ross, not coach Joe Philbin, obviously not Ireland, no one -- said anything that would suggest Martin shouldn't be picked.

Indeed, the idea that Martin is "soft," was never brought up. There were no red flags as to his psychological or emotional state. There were no medical issues.

And based on that strong organizational consensus, the Dolphins selected Martin.

Fast forward 19 months and it is clear the narrative on Martin has changed. His emotional state is such that he's getting treatment for an unspecified "illness." He was considered to be soft by some teammates.

So did the Dolphins completely miss it?

Or did Martin, under heavy and unrelenting pyschological attack, simply lose it once he got to the Dolphins?

Was Jonathan Martin troubled before he came to the Dolphins, suggesting the personnel department missed something, or did the Miami culture ruin him, suggesting the coaching failed him?

To hear former Stanford players such as Coby Fleener and Andrew Luck talk, they back up the initial scouting report the Dolphins had on Martin.

That, however, is not the point. The point is now Martin has fallen away and his representatives say he's not comfortable returning to the Dolphins. So aside from the sad nature of this Incognito-Martin issue, the bottom line is the Dolphins have probably wasted another second round pick.

And the popular thinking among fans is it is all Ireland's fault.

Well, sure, it is Ireland's ultimate responsibility for picking a player that did not return the desired investment. But what happened that day in the draft room was a full-throated approval of what Ireland was doing. That includes Joe Philbin. That includes owner Stephen Ross.


To his credit, Philbin publicly has not distanced himself from Ireland at a time Ross has seemingly done so and fans are on a Fireland rampage. On Wednesday the coach made certain everyone knows Ireland does not act alone on personnel matters. Philbin, you see, is also responsible for personnel wins and losses since he was hired.

“Jeff and I have worked closely since the day I’ve gotten here," the coach said. "He’s been very supportive. We all work together. This is not a one-man operation in any regard. Everybody works together. Everybody contributes."

And when responsibility must be attached or fault found, everyone shares in that.

So if Ireland indeed loses his job for this pick, this controversy, it bears saying he had lots of company in Jonathan Martin becoming a sad chapter in Dolphins history. Philbin approved of picking Martin. As did others.

No one said no.

Meanwhile, there is something to be said for fate because Glenn, who the Dolphins just as likely would have picked before he was selected by the Bills, is turning into a very good player. He has started every game for the Bills this season at left tackle. 


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Dusty you still need a running game to keep the D honest.

Chad Henne's career best game
16/33 comps 354 YDs 48.5Comp% 10.73yds/pass 81long 4 TD's 0 INTs 83.3 QBR 126.8 RAT

RT's career best game
19/37 comps 194 YDs 51.4comp% 5.24yds/pass 46long 3 TD's 2 INT's 15.0 QBR 71.2 RAT



Posted by: Marc | November 14, 2013 at 01:28 PM

We already had perspective that your a clueless Tannehill hater. Obsessed much??????

Buster, I think Thigpen has been awful all year ... surprised he's still here. And I'm supposed to back the CFL guys.

Former Dolphins camp bodies Kory Sheets and Chris Williams have torn it up in the CFL. Time to bring one of them back home.

How is that Tannehill's best game when he averges 255 yards and 1.6 tds per game this year??

In Henne's best season he averaged 220 yards per game and less than a TD per game.

Blow that smoke elsewhere marc, ur flat out wrong here.

You need a decent QB to open up the run game....

2 @Colts W 24-20 23 34 67.6 319 9 1 0 5.0 22.0 107.4

This is Tannehills best game this year so Marc has shown he is FULL OF CHIT as usual.

That was his ONLY 3TD game. That's how.

I'm sure you could pick one that has a higher completion percentage, or more yards, but, what's the most important QB stat to you?

Tell me how many turnovers he averages RT fans?! HAHA


I may never walk pain-free again but if this is retirement I'll take it.

Comp Att Pct Yds YP TD Int Sacks Rating

2 @Colts W 23 34 67.6 319 9 1 0 5.0 107.4

Ohhh. So, you chose a game he threw 320 yds for ONE WHOLE TD?!



TannePuke is s poor excuse for a starting QB.

South Beach is where the hotties are

Last year against Chad Henne.

Week 15


22 Comp 28 Att 78.6% 220yds 2 TDs 0 INTs 52 Rushing Yds 123.2 QB rating

Chad Henne

18 Comp 34 Att 52.9% 221yds 0 TDs 0 INTs 16 Rushing yds 73.3 QB rating


Marc....Kris is soooo right about you....what he hasn't said that I will is that your just as much of a PUNK as Daytona and from here on out will be treated as he is. Everybody on here knows what you are. Go away lil girl!

You are not allowed to ever speak about QBs!! Your views are skewed and are bad on top of that.

You are the type of guy that would rather start C.Henne over D.Brees.

Well, in a year or two when there's a new starting QB I'll be sure to remind you of this...2 TDs...wow...

W 24-3 22 28 220 78.6 7.86 37 2 0 93.4 123.2

Want more lil girl...there are plenty!

..From an earlier post..There was a list of failures by this franchise...One was talent..It read failed.

I disagree. I think this team has an abundance of talented players..This roster should be better then what we have seen. Are there holes? Yes..no team is bulletproof. Have there been mistakes made by this GM? Of course. But to me..if you want to point fingers. Start at the coaches. Start with Philbin, then line up the coordinators.

Ireland will most likely take the blame for whatever remaining fallout comes from this season. To me..you have to put the whole lot on the firing squad. Not just the GM...Not with the players we have.

my unbias opinion tells me that since ireland was the one who unfortunately handled the phone call(complaint) from johnathan martin's agent that depicted a hostile lockeroom and being that he then chose NOT to relay said message to other staff members nor address the issue with the team as a whole ultimately leaves him holding the proverbial bag, in which case you can say that yes, the decision to draft martin ultimately cost ireland his job, INDIRECTLY however. but i still say that it if we chose to address the left tackle position this most recent offseason by using our top pick as the means to do so, allowing martin to stay on the right side, all of this would be a non-factor.

W 17-14 21 29 185 72.4 6.38 29 2 0 60.9 112.0

agree bill, sad nobody really does it anymore

dusty, losing those games is a distinct possibility. This thing could get out of hand and we could easily go 2-6 on the back end.

im hoping for 4-12 dc, would be huge for our future. another 7-9 season would be a killer

Tannehil is on track for a 4000 yd season 26TD and 15Ints...this is on a team with horrible coaching, NO OL, NO Run game, NO TE, NO deep threat. I just do not understand the hatred for Tannehill. It must be jealous Jets fans that are stuck with Butt fumble and Mr. Smith?? Cannot fathom any other reason!

why is marc here even, guy is dumb as pamela anderson

She must have got herself thrown off the Jets blog.....oh wait they dont even have a blog!!

i see miami finishing 6-10, but 4-12 would be a whole lot better

Ummm. it would be 26/20, and 15 fumbles!

Henne is in Jax stinkin it up. 1-8 I think? leave this one alone Henne fans, U don't have a leg to stand on.

i also saw your article on wallace and tannehill hooking up, and i have to say that a lot of deep targets to wallace from BIG BEN were on roll outs. i also would like to say that miami would benefit in a big way by mixing it up, when miami gets in a groove as it did against tampa they become very predictable, hence the very last offensive series that saw tannehill take sack after sack. if we could only have a RB delay, a QB draw, go to the pistol then a gadget, and keep mixing it up, the defense won't be so predisposed to throw the kitchen sink at us as they may be caught off guard by a shuffle pass or a quick hit to a wide open runningback or tightend...

damn u serious 26 tds? wow thats a bunch has anyone come close to that since marino?

Marc, he has a positive td to int stat thoughtout his career while Henne never managed that. Fumbles, well maybe that has to do with being sacked 500,000 times more than it does with the Qb himself.

why is marc here even, guy is dumb as pamela anderson
Posted by: dusty bottoms | November 14, 2013 at 01:58 PM

look who's talking

Attack your lousy QB with FACTS and look at the uproar HAHA.

You're sad to hitch your wagon to that scrub.

MarK, do you still dislike B MARSHALL?!

Enough said about that.

Dusty I see 6-10 also...that puts us right where we have been for a few yrs..#10,11 or 12! That is not high enough to get a bonafide starter. Oh wait we drafted #3 last year and didn't get a bonafide starter!!

b marshall, lol what a moron that guy is. still hasnt seen a playoff game, guessing he never will

yeah bill we need 4-12, and also need bills to pass us so it gives us that last place schedule that comes with jacksonville

Positive his entire career? It was 12/13 last season!

Do fumbles not count? Oh, it's not his fault he fumbles...Gotcha

DD: I'm with you. Too many times have we seen questionable game calls and strategies by the coaches. We really didn't lose a lot of talent on the defense. Wheeler and Ellerbe aren't that much different than Dansby and Burnett in terms of performance. And yet we've gained some good talents with Grimes and Jordan. Yet, why has this defense regressed so badly this year? I put that blame squarely on Coyle. And I still don't buy his argument of limiting Jordan because the opponents are rushing more. Is Jordan really any worse that Misi?

And on offense? This blog has spoken ad nauseum about Sherman already.

Ultimately poor performance on the field falls fully on the head coach.

Ireland is not free of blame of course. Even with Incognito and Martin, the OLine roster is still a mess he never fixed after 5 years.

Marc, you know who has more fuumbles or as many as Tannehill?

RG3, Russel Wilson.

You know who has one fewer?

peyton Manning, Big Ben

And none have been hit as often as Tannehill. Guess you don't want any of those guys either??

Posted by: budtki@verizon.net | November 14, 2013 at 02:03 PM

To take this one step further...most if not ALL were not only on roll outs but they were on plays that broke down. Ben has the ability to extend those plays so the safeties usually leave coverage to go after Ben. Then he would hit Wallace. Look Wallaces career stats speak for themselves. Ranked 77 of 100 with a 53.9% catch % before this year

marc keeps dropping lower, kid is dumb as paris hilton

The PLAYOFF/SUPERBOWL argument again.

Very smart comparison. Terry Bradshaw is the best player ever and Marino and Barry Sanders were terrible.

Such a valid argument.

And I'm not a Henne fan. He's garbage AS WELL.

Well, all of you that take Marc, ETF, and a few others seriously enough to respond to them, are stupid losers and deserve all the aggravation they cause you.

That is their fun, you are their fodder.

As a matter of fact the following Qbs are in the same arena as Tannehill as far as turnovers ...

Eli Manning, RG3, Andy dalton, Big ben

They all stink I guess???

Tell me where you stated one fact that was right?

Every stat I listed is fact man, absolute fact.

Should I bring up your praise for Colin Kapernick right now??

Trade Pouncey and Tanehill for Big Ben. He doesnt need an OL. Draft 2 RB's.

Mark why are you wasting your time with her. She gets off on this stuff. We have shown facts in support of Tannehill. Yet they still post their drivel. It is unsupported trash hatred of Tannehill and or the Dolphins. Either way I am done with them.

marc, you do understand what a Td:INT ratio means don't you?

And it is positive his entire career...

give marc credit over the other idiots in here, least he keeps one name

None of them are in my top 10.

RT needs to wipe that stupid grin off his face when were losing. And, stop yukking it up with Hartline. Grow up, you're already 25 in 2nd year.

Marino NEVER did either during a game. He barely smiled after a win. Never satisfied. Mannings, Brady etc...same thing. WHAT are you grinning about?!!:

Pass attempts 773
Pass completions 457
Percentage 59.1
TD–INT 23-22
Passing yards 5,271
QB Rating 77.8

Kaepernick...please child....I told everybody last year he was nobody. Once the league gets tape on the run first QB's its over.

I've been a Ireland suporter for the most part because I'm a team fan. After him taking D.Jordan at 3 and not OL man along with the fact that Jordan doesn't start, I'll sayt it.... fire Ireland.

welcome home sinatra

So, what CRITERIA do you evaluate when judging a QB?

TD/INT ratio: Career +2! (add 17 career fumbles and that turnover ratio is -15)

Yards? Average
Yards/Pass Average
Completion percentage? Average
TD's/game below avg

WIN/LOSS ratio 11/14

So, what makes him good? What is the criteria?

marc congrats u told us u hate thill. what team do u follow

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