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Drafting Jon Martin was a consensus decision

When the second round of the 2012 NFL draft began, the Dolphins knew they wanted to add an offensive tackle. Two players were at the top of general manager Jeff Ireland's horizontal draft board at the position and both were graded as virtual equals.

The Dolphins, with the 42nd overall selection, liked Georgia offensive tackle Cordy Glenn and Stanford offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

And when the the Buffalo Bills selected Glenn with the 41st pick, there was no hesitation inside the Dolphins draft room. The focus immediately shifted to Martiin.

A scout who was most familiar with Martin was brought in and asked to go over the scouting report. And the file was clean. Martin was described as Andrew Luck's blindside protector, as smart, as a potentially good locker room guy and as a tough player.

When the scout was done with the report everyone in the room was sold. Everyone in the room agreed. No one -- not owner Stephen Ross, not coach Joe Philbin, obviously not Ireland, no one -- said anything that would suggest Martin shouldn't be picked.

Indeed, the idea that Martin is "soft," was never brought up. There were no red flags as to his psychological or emotional state. There were no medical issues.

And based on that strong organizational consensus, the Dolphins selected Martin.

Fast forward 19 months and it is clear the narrative on Martin has changed. His emotional state is such that he's getting treatment for an unspecified "illness." He was considered to be soft by some teammates.

So did the Dolphins completely miss it?

Or did Martin, under heavy and unrelenting pyschological attack, simply lose it once he got to the Dolphins?

Was Jonathan Martin troubled before he came to the Dolphins, suggesting the personnel department missed something, or did the Miami culture ruin him, suggesting the coaching failed him?

To hear former Stanford players such as Coby Fleener and Andrew Luck talk, they back up the initial scouting report the Dolphins had on Martin.

That, however, is not the point. The point is now Martin has fallen away and his representatives say he's not comfortable returning to the Dolphins. So aside from the sad nature of this Incognito-Martin issue, the bottom line is the Dolphins have probably wasted another second round pick.

And the popular thinking among fans is it is all Ireland's fault.

Well, sure, it is Ireland's ultimate responsibility for picking a player that did not return the desired investment. But what happened that day in the draft room was a full-throated approval of what Ireland was doing. That includes Joe Philbin. That includes owner Stephen Ross.


To his credit, Philbin publicly has not distanced himself from Ireland at a time Ross has seemingly done so and fans are on a Fireland rampage. On Wednesday the coach made certain everyone knows Ireland does not act alone on personnel matters. Philbin, you see, is also responsible for personnel wins and losses since he was hired.

“Jeff and I have worked closely since the day I’ve gotten here," the coach said. "He’s been very supportive. We all work together. This is not a one-man operation in any regard. Everybody works together. Everybody contributes."

And when responsibility must be attached or fault found, everyone shares in that.

So if Ireland indeed loses his job for this pick, this controversy, it bears saying he had lots of company in Jonathan Martin becoming a sad chapter in Dolphins history. Philbin approved of picking Martin. As did others.

No one said no.

Meanwhile, there is something to be said for fate because Glenn, who the Dolphins just as likely would have picked before he was selected by the Bills, is turning into a very good player. He has started every game for the Bills this season at left tackle. 


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And MarK you just addressed ONE of the several items he mentioned.

TD's vs. turnovers (FUMBLES are included in the TURNOVER category)
terrible deep throws
inconsistent accuracy
inability to throw a touch pass
lack of pocket awareness
slow reads
not knowing when to tuck the ball and run

Dusty, for you ...


..Bill A. I was a guy that lobbied for Wallace. I thought his deep threat ability would be something this offense would be able to feast on. So far it has been a disaster. At this point I would take just catch the ball..But..It does not mean that the Wallace acquisition can't work, or won't work in the future. Right now it is a mess. It could be a reason Ireland ends up losing his job..But he and Tannehill aren't going anywhere. As bad as it feels, and looks now. Whos to say these 2 will not find some chemistry down the road...Wallace has a few years before he losses his "step"

As far as the running backs go...I also agree. We need upgrades. to me it starts with someone to replace Thomas. Miller to me isn.t an issue, it is how we use him. not enough carries, to much time asking to pass block instead of being a part of the pass attack..another example of WTF are we doing?

Get a freekin fullback..We have been using the 2 tight ends much more(although we only ran 19 plays out of this formation on Monday) Egnew has been lining up as a fullback. He isn't a great blocker, and was finally exposed Monday...He was useless. Get a real fullback.It is insane to me that we do not even have one on the roster. We stink at short yardage. Absolutley brutal. This again falls back to IMO the philosophy of this team...It would be fine if we had a quarterback with more experience that could thrive in a pass first scheme..We do not. IMO we would have been better off slowly adapting Tannehill to the 35-40 plus passes per game we consistently ask him to do. A huge mistake.

terrrible deep throws, I have no metric to objectively mneasure how he compares against other QBs. I know he puts up a fair amount of yardage, however he gets it which is the name of the game at the end of day as far as deep throws or what not. But watching games, there are deep throws that land on teh carpet or in the other teams hands while #11 just stares at the guy with his hands at his waist. Maybe with an offseasonw ith these two guys working together it will improve...

TDs v Turnovers - he is at the laegue avg in Tds and above average in turnovers ... but if you missed my post earlier, there are a lot of good qbs taht turn the ball over more than the league average on a per attempt basis. If you missed it, those Qbs again are ...

Kellen Clemens, QB
Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB
Thad Lewis, QB
Geno Smith, QB
Christian Ponder, QB
Terrelle Pryor, QB
Eli Manning, QB
Carson Palmer, QB
Russell Wilson, QB
Ryan Tannehill, QB
Robert Griffin III, QB
Ben Roethlisberger, QB
Colin Kaepernick, QB
Michael Vick, QB
Joe Flacco, QB
Brandon Weeden, QB
Jay Cutler, QB
Andy Dalton, QB

Surely, all these guys can't be bums ...

accuracy? he completes 61% of his passes. league average is 60.5%

Lack of pocket aawareness. Again, how do you measure this??? Slow reads?? really, guy is above the league average in completions and completion % so wrong there.

Not knowing when to tuck and run ... ok, he could do this more often and there was one moment he should've done it last week.

But all in all there is nothign that points that Tannehill is not a useful NFL Qb at this stage and he also promises to get better.

You read it with OBSERVATION and not METRICS man.

Those are what they call X Factors. There's no measurable for them!

From his scouting report:

As a senior in 2011, Tannehill had some massive games. He also had some bad performances in the second half of contests that contributed to the Aggies blowing big leads, and thereby losing games, to Oklahoma State and Arkansas. Tannehill also threw three interceptions per game against Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Texas. Tannehill completed 62 percent of his passes for 3,744 yards with 29 touchdowns and 15 interceptions for the season. He also ran for 355 yards with four more scores.

Blowing second half leads...SOunds familiar

..Mark..I think the idea Tannehill holds the ball to long is a bit overblown. Has there been examples where he could have made a better decision? Perhaps ran,or gotten rid of the ball? Of course. You could say that for every quarterback. One example was the Bengal game...I like to read the comments on game days. I rarely comment as most are knee jerk reactions to the moment.

1 example was the Thursday game. Tannehill took a sack..On TV it looked like he held the ball too long..The blog exploded. You could imagine the commentary...Well they showed an all 12 replay. And it showed that the receiver(Clay) had slipped and fell. A throw would have equaled an INT..Tanny ate it, and got sacked.

My point is that sometimes there is way more to the story then what we like to think.

Player Comparison: Rich Gannon. In watching Tannehill during the 2011 season, I was reminded of Gannon when he was playing well. In his peak years with the Oakland Raiders, Gannon was a force who could rip a defense through the air but also pick up some critical third downs with his feet. Tannehill has a skill set and style like Gannon. If Tannehill lands in the right spot, and is developed well, he could turn into a quarterback who is comparable to the 2002 NFL MVP.


./new blog

The Dolphins front office, especially the personnel side of issues, has no credibility whatsoever. The Dolphins drafts under Ireland have yielded nothing to speak of...not even one outstanding player in six seasons. This is not only an indictment of Ireland, but of the entire scouting department. If I were Ross I would keep The Dolphins front office staff in place. Then do everything exactly the opposite of what they deem correct.

Martin's mother being a black power crusader with a history of filing suits to protect black people's rights in the workplace is considerably more of a red flag than Dez Bryant's mother being a prostitute.

This is on Stu Weinstein, as he's likely the one who is responsible for doing background private investigative work.

Martin's useless bachelors degree in Ancient Greek and Roman Classics would have told anyone with half a brain that the kid has ideas about graduate school as well.

Ireland is not Parcells, that's part of his problem. Parcells said he didn't want people who weren't ones who enjoyed playing the game. You are seeing why with Martin.

Martin is more interested in learning about people being fed to the lions than playing The Lions.

There were red flags with this guy, if The Dolphins front office can't see as much then accountability is yet another of this dysfunctional franchises many problems.

It's not going to get better until The Dolphins have better ownership. Pitch a tent homers, it's going to be a long time until The Dolphins are relevant.

Better yet, save yourself the frustration, find a new team. Ross and Ireland are morons stumbling around in the dark.

Dolphins should have traded up if they really liked Cordy Glenn.

We always knew Cordy would be long-gone by the time Miami picked at #42, but even people who liked Martin would have traded up for Cordy without a second thought.

Arnsparger has no life.

Traveling Phins fan lmao.

Ever been to Europe ?

Tannehill = future journeyman.

That's about the only thing he has in common with Gannon.

armando, try earning your paycheck, do a little reporting, and stop spreadng bs.

Your statement that there were no predraft indications that Martin could be a potential problem is a joke. In less than a minute I was able to find pre-draft scouting reports on that O line draft class that cautioned against taking Martin because he was soft, emotionally immature, and questioned his commitent to the sport. google it.

turns out the scouts were right and the dolphins blew it again.

Where's the play off talk ?

I thought at 4-4 The Phins were sitting pretty ?

Gonna win 3 out of their next four ?


All off season, Phins fans running their mouths/keyboards.

3-0 Phins fans more of the same.

4-4 ditto.

4-5 with a loss to lowly Tampa not you can finally STFU.


Now the talk is Tannehope lol.

Twenty five games into his career and the talk is "Gee, he's starting to throw the slant route better."

One of the easier passes for a QB to make lmao.

I was right about The Dolphins in 2012 being sorry.

...and I'm right about Tannebust too.

He ain't the guy.

Deal with it.

I'll be back to rub your faces in that too.

Armando.. You are trying to break things down and psycho-analyze too much. When things get muddy, as they are right now, the bottom line is the scoreboard! The draft room may have been in agreement but that doesn't mean it was the right move! You are looking at a RIGHT tackle being filled by a LEFT tackle! Remember Jake Long?? He was the starting LEFT tackle. So this probably took the pressure off the decision to draft! Would they have drafted Martin if it was for the Left tackle position all along?

Now for Ireland.. Start counting the good moves vs. the bad moves. Does it look like he is a good GM now? NOT!

Not for the economics.. Who fills the seats? The fans! If you really think that Ireland can do the job then say it, if not then get off the pot and say so! I say HE NEEDS TO GO!

Third-year junior with 37 starts at LT. "He's smart and competitive," one scout said. "But the guy from SC (Nick Perry) wore him out. That's what bothers me." Tallied 35 on the Wonderlic and plays a non-power game. "(Expletive), no," another scout replied when asked if he would want Martin. "Not very tough." Hails from North Hollywood, Calif. One scout said Martin's father was a college professor and his mother was an attorney. "I'm not sure if you're getting Kwame Harris or Bob Whitfield," a third scout said. "He's like both of them. He really is a big-time athlete on tape but he didn't work out well. I don't know how much he enjoys playing."

You want to hear why the fins are the laughing stock of the league AND explain why and who is making the bad decisions? Read this.. This is BY FAR THE BEST READ about the fins lately!


Copy and paste into your browser.

maybe it's Ireland who's the f'in bully?

problem is the NFL is greedy and teams draft guys with low society status. just because theyre big and strong.!!need more crackers in this mulligan stew!!

And this is what makes this situation so bad.

Either Martin was emotionally unstable before being drafted, which shows how inept Ireland, Philbin, and the rest are at judging talent or Martin truly was tormented for 18 months and finally had enough, which shows that Philbin has no clue or no control over the players and the locker room while they are on the clock.

Regardless of which is the more accurate statement, both warrant pink slips.

If we don't get a new OC don't expect things to get better. Bill

To put blame on what happened here with Martin is well, just playing the results. And I don't see you considering the all the factors that contributed to Martin's state. The team & himself were not performing. He was moved from one side of the line to the other. He had a bone head hassling him. To second guess the pick because of this is well, just not fair. Sure we can pile on Ireland for some moves, but up until October, Martin had started many games & was comparable to the other lineman picked ahead of him. Did you read the scouting report on Martin? The test results that had him a leader & locker room guy? Your gonna blame the organization for the results of those tests? Clearly Martin is an intelligent guy & knew how to answer those questions. Bottom line the dude snapped. Since there's money on the table we can never really be sure how much the so called harassment really had anything to do with it. And you're riding this so called "soft" tag from what up to now has be an un-named source. That's a whole lotta speculation your putting on a un-named source. I wish you beat writers stop building entire cases based on what an un-named source has said. If it happens that the coaches never said to toughen him up then you just wrote dozen paragraphs of fiction.

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