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ESPN, CBS double down on Incognito as bully

Following a statement from the Dolphins that rejects the notion there is any bullying going on within the Dolphins and specifically the offensive line and a twitter barrage by guard Richie Incognito against ESPN, there is now return fire from media giant.

According to ProFootballTalk.com, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter reports the reason Jonathan Martin has not formally complained to the team about Richie Incognito allegedly bullying him is because he's afraid of retribution from his teammate.

From PFT: "Shefter detailed a situation in which Martin was intimidated by Incognito to contribute $15,000 toward a trip to Las Vegas by the team’s offensive lineman.  Martin, according to Schefter, didn’t want to go and ultimately didn’t go — but he surrendered the money anyway.

If true, it’s the really rich guy example of someone stealing someone else’s lunch money.

Schefter also explained that there are text messages and at least one voice message proving harassment and justifying Martin’s fears for retribution.  Schefter added that Martin’s recent comments to Incognito explaining that Martin doesn’t blame his teammates for harassment also arose from concerns by Martin that he’ll face retaliation if he accuses Incognito of doing anything wrong."

Meanwhile, over at CBS, Jason LaCanfora paints an ugly picture of Incognito. He says La Canfora Incognito likes to intentionally walk into people, make "others feel uncomfortable and make threatening remarks" to Martin.

Ok, Salguero time out.

Let's be clear here:

This is a very complex and multi-layered story. There are multiple sides serving as sources.

There is the Martin side (which includes his agent). There is the Dolphins side (which is outlined in their statement). There is the Incognito side (which he has made clear through his twitter defense). All of these have a public side. All of these are also putting information out to the media as sources. All of them.

And somewhere in all of this is, well, the truth.

You cannot believe everything coming from the team because it has an agenda -- to protect its own interests with the least possible damage to itself. You cannot believe everything coming from the Martin side because it has an agenda -- to protect the player, get him back into the locker room, while also making Incognito stop whatever alleged actions he's been undertaking. You cannot believe everything coming from Incognito's side because he has an agenda -- to remove the focus from his as a bully, to deny the allegations, and protect his name.

All of them have agendas. All of them.

All of them are speaking to the media either directly or as sources.

And as they all have different agendas, you are getting different stories.

So what's my point?

This is a mess.


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And yet somehow I don't feel like this entire situation is going to condemn this franchise. It's a PR disaster, but give it 2 more weeks and there will be new news to go ballistic over

Nothing to see here....

No bullying took place....


Jedi mind trick......

Posted by: Kris | November 03, 2013 at 11:38 AM

If there are any leaders on that team (player or coach) someone needs to step up and say what happened. This type of thing can't go on without others being aware. You mean to tell me that Cam Wake or Randy Starks are afraid to speak their minds or afraid of Richie Incognito or anyone else?

Martin is scared of pointing out Incognito.

I still cant forget Ross trying to hire a HC before firing the HC. And lap dog Ireland going along with it. GEEZ!

Sounds like the media are trying to save face now. We've all heard countless stories how Rookies pay for restaurant bills and such. Pathetic

I wasn't believing it from the start and don't believe any of it now. It all smells.

Incognito has bullied and intimated Martin into not talking.


I can't believe what I am seeing in this modern age with grown so called pro athletes. Reading between many lines here I see that Incognito is obviously a strong character within the locker room, especially the OL. The way it is looking is Martin has come to realize that his personality is not a fit in an NFL locker room. The OL prob try to do all kinds of things together inc pranks and all, and Martin maybe wants none if it and to do his own thing, ie be left alone. If this is the case then it probably rubs Incognito the wrong way, hence the friction. Is this bullying, no I don't believe so, I simply see it as the personnel dept have simply brought in a locker room personality that does not fit. They labelled Martin the big weirdo within weeks of him joining so it was pretty obvious that he didn't fit from the very beginning and it has taken this long to come out. I refuse to believe also the position switch had nothing to do with it. JM probably felt he could deal with the atmosphere if he was playing his favoured position LT, once that was not the case his instincts took over and he got out. Does this make JM a bad person or RI, no! It's simply a case of bringing a personality into an atmosphere that he does not fit, just the same as bringing in a TO type person who could become a locker room cancer. The likelihood of all this is JM will leave the team for good, prob the NFL. All this is purely my speculating but drawn on real life experiences I witnessed whilst in the Navy and as part of numerous sports locker rooms.

The media also has a agenda, left that one out.

So let me get this straight. Martin is running the the media and saying all this but is too scared to make it "formal" ? What's the difference ? Does the spooky
Incognito not supposed to know it's Martin running to the media ? STUPID !!!

The Dolphins and Incognito are scurrying to kiss Martins butt and save face from a lawsuit. Coach Philbin is clueless.

This is the kind of thing that can derail a team & cause it to implode.

Whose responsible? Philbn & Ireland. Why? Philbin has publicly come out & said such behavior won't be tolerated but, apparently it has.

Ireland is because he assembled the team and picked the coach. What a mess is right! Ross, the time has come to rid this franchise of these 2 idiots!

Oi vei!

Bullying. I just can't today. Bullying......hahahahahahahahayhahahahahahahahahaha,,,,,bullying. The media should be ashamed for even covering this "story".

Martin need to find work in Canadian league

get off cogs nuts move on from martin.

Garner at LG

Hmmmm, no Jmart, no fugly Cog and the Phins win eh?

Cry baby Martin. Grow up and get a little thicker skin!


Where is Tannehill in all of this?
Where is the leadership?

Hope we can keep Pounce at the end of the season

The biggest loser in all of this is Martin. Who's going to want this guy on their team if he doesn't come back here? Feel bad for the guy. He's got a problem and the media have made it 10 times worse. Really Jmart is this what you want to be known for? Who's advising him the trolls on this page?

Martin is hiding under Apontes dress eh?

The biggest losers are the Phins because of the 2nd rd. Pick tjat will never play again eh?

Yeah Marc, apparently Incognito is so big and tough that even players who are bigger, tougher, and older, can not stop him. Randy Starks is afraid of him. Cam Wake trembles with fear.

He's so big and mean that he forced Martin to give him $15,000 for a trip he didn't go on. Martin couldn't have possibly said no to giving away $15,000 of his own money because apparently Incognito told him he would beat him up behind the gym at 3 o'clock if he didn't hand over the cash.

He's so big, such a meany, even the coaches are afraid to tell him to stop harassing players. You know these guys, they hate cutting people with questionable character traits. They're always protecting trouble makers on this team. That's the way Joe Philbin operates.

This is nonsense and it's laughable.

Everyone is expecting Miami to collapse, but they did just beat a very good Cincinnati team in the middle of these Martin and Pouncy scandals. Between now and next Sunday this will blow over. If not Tampa Bay looks like they can use a beat down from a team that is tired of the scrutiny.


And disability on top of it

Can u say COVERUP? I smell a COVERUP.

Incognito is a JACKASS and the Dolphins and Philbin should be fined for allowing this to go on.

safe to say martin will never play another down for us, thankfully. and maybe ever in nfl


The phans. Add martin and Incogs to the list of the 16 other ufa we will have after the season.

Yeah Covering up JMartin's V___a.

Anyone worried about Martin being "bullied" needs to go buy a new pair of panties. You think opposing players are gonna be "nice" to Martin when he comes back? They are going to be relentless on him. Not everyone is cut out to play football. The true story hasn't come out yet but if it's true Martin can't handle an NFL locker room, then he should be cut. He will become a locker room cancer who everyone from the coaches to his team mates will have to handle with kid gloves. This franchise does not need this. 6:5 315 pd guy being "bullied" what a crock of...

Two things will happen, JM will not return, RI will not be resigned after the offseason. Forget what is being said publicly, what JM has done by making this public is hurting the team, one thing that players, coaches and fans don't like or forgive is players who don't have the teams best interests in mind.
JM should have gone to Philbin with his problem and it should have been sorted from there, also RT as a team leader should not be invisible in this although he's probably been instructed by Philbin to say nothing.
No team will want anything to do with JM after he leaves us he simply does not have the makeup personality wise of an NFL lineman, maybe it's what he wants but he is done in the NFL unless he resolves this quickly.

This is getting more ridiculous by the minute. What is this, is Incognito a member of the Mob besides being a Football Player? As a Fan, I'm going to separate myself from all this affair and concentrate on what it really counts, at least for me. We won the other day without either Martin or Incognito. Leave them both off and keep on winning.

cogs is awesome shula, get off his nuts. martin needs to go work at a library

Even though it's stating the obvious the only thing I can say...if this story is true is with our o-line in shambles, Cogs should spend more time bullying the opposition.

Two things to consider though is the Rams released Cogs because of attitude problems.

Secondly, Martin is / was replacing Cog's best bro Jake Long.

They need to focus on winning football games instead of trips to Vegas. Unless of course there laying money on the other team.

Cursed.... Walk slow, drink water. This season is not over yet! The Martin Cog. Conspiracy is not going to be an excuse for failure. I refuse to belive this locker room lacks leadership. I place blame on the Coaches!!!

I would like to hear appropriate remarks from the mental health community.

If Incognito has been bullying anyone or harrassing team mates then the fins need to react immediately. The team as a whole doesnt need crazy distractions like this. We have enough problems doing the things on the field to win that we dont need problems off the field to get in the way of that.

And you People keep believing everything published by the Media, The Dolphins, Incognito or Martin or anybody else involved in this affair... Believe NOTHING. Draw your own conclusions.

Well said Mags @12, thats pretty much how it sounds to me too. If there really is not much of a "story" here beyond a personality clash between olinemen, one that is having some other problems too and may be re-thinking his career choice after Stanford, then its a real shame for the franchise. Media, particularly espn, love to pick at scabs... now reaching to try to keep their credibility, wow.

I love that Jonathan Martin hasn't accused anyone of bullying yet the media vultures (Shefter and the other geek)are absolutely sure of what has happened.

How about we wait for Martin to speak? If this problem is as big as they are trying to make it seem why didn't Martin bring it to the coaches? Is he intimidated by them too?

I mean if a player is going around the locker room forcing other players to give their money to him with threats of violence wouldn't that be a serious offense? Wouldn't the coaches cut a guy who was robbing his teammates of their pay?

If this problem is so big than surely Martin is going to tell everyone the truth right? "Afraid of retribution" says Shefter. AFRAID OF WHAT YOU INCREDIBLE NERD? What is he going to do to Martin? Shoot him, go after his family, beat him up, kill his dog, what?!

What they are trying to say is that Martin is scared to come back or say anything because Incognito might be mean to him about it. He might say some words to Martin that may hurt his feelings. Because THAT IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE RETRIBUTION iNCOGNITO COULD TAKE RIGHT?


keep cogs, need more of guys like him

Bears team mates were intimidated by Butkis, Steelers by Lambert and Harrison -- nothing new.

Thanks Tom, Phins78 totally agree with you too, this situation has to be addressed now before the media blow it out of proportion completely. Philbins method of sticking his head in the sand is flat out not going to work now.

Martin is mentally weak. He cannot be trusted any longer. He needs to go. Incognito is on again off again. He is inconsistent. He needs to go. The Dolphins grinded out a tough win without these two weak links. Let them go.

DR. Phil We have two candidates for you daily drama

Do we get any compensation if Martin doesn't return or would he have to be signed by another team?

look the story is simple, martins gay, and hes not wanting to out himself but is tired of being made fun of. comical. glad hes not on our team anymore. go cogs!

compensation?? for what??? lol

For losing a 2nd rd pick. Wishful thinking. Thinking of free agent rules.

Oscar @ 1236::

That's asking a lot of some people

Phins 78.....

You have entrenched yourself so far on one side.....

When one story comes out....that supports your position...you are quick to cite it as gospel....

When another side comes out...the best you can muster is a child-like ....hahaha.....and so on and so forth....

And your the one shaking your head?


ESPN bullies their staff into far-left agendas.

Apparently Mike.

You know what would be a big story?

The Fins' OLINE doesn't allow one sack next week.

That would be news!!!

LOL and the media doenst have an agenda Armando?
WE all know BSPN would rather be first than right about anything ever.

And La Canfora is a bigger hack than Salguero and Omar combined.



Lol! That would be wonderful need wouldn't it

1. Unlike Jason La Canfora, who is generally (not infallibly) reliable, beware of *anything* interpreted by Mike Florio, one of the dumbest media parrots around (e.g., Florio, long after it was determined there were only 3 suspects involved with Aaron Hernandez' alleged slaying of Brandon Lloyd, insisted there was a 4th based on his confused or incompetent misunderstanding of news reports).

2. If, as reported, Incognito sent text messages or left voice messages which would corroborate Martin's accusations, count Incognito among the dumbest players -- ever.

3. Incognito is *not* helped when someone like Mike Pouncey, a Hernandez homeboy, is your alleged lieutenant, swears allegiance and defends your reputation.

4. If, as reported, Incognito threatened or intimidated Martin to 'contribute' $15,000 against Martin's will, Incognito could be charged with a felony.

2013 Florida Statutes - Title XLVI CRIMES

836.05 Threats; extortion.—Whoever, either verbally or by a written or printed communication ... maliciously threatens an injury to the person, property or reputation of another, or maliciously threatens to expose another to disgrace, or to expose any secret affecting another, or to impute any deformity [to another], with intent thereby to extort money or any pecuniary advantage whatsoever, or with intent to compel the person so threatened, or any other person, to do any act ... against his or her will, shall be guilty of a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

Man up u big baby. I hate Martin, he sucks anyways. I wouldve bullied him too for being a sorry player

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