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ESPN, CBS double down on Incognito as bully

Following a statement from the Dolphins that rejects the notion there is any bullying going on within the Dolphins and specifically the offensive line and a twitter barrage by guard Richie Incognito against ESPN, there is now return fire from media giant.

According to ProFootballTalk.com, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter reports the reason Jonathan Martin has not formally complained to the team about Richie Incognito allegedly bullying him is because he's afraid of retribution from his teammate.

From PFT: "Shefter detailed a situation in which Martin was intimidated by Incognito to contribute $15,000 toward a trip to Las Vegas by the team’s offensive lineman.  Martin, according to Schefter, didn’t want to go and ultimately didn’t go — but he surrendered the money anyway.

If true, it’s the really rich guy example of someone stealing someone else’s lunch money.

Schefter also explained that there are text messages and at least one voice message proving harassment and justifying Martin’s fears for retribution.  Schefter added that Martin’s recent comments to Incognito explaining that Martin doesn’t blame his teammates for harassment also arose from concerns by Martin that he’ll face retaliation if he accuses Incognito of doing anything wrong."

Meanwhile, over at CBS, Jason LaCanfora paints an ugly picture of Incognito. He says La Canfora Incognito likes to intentionally walk into people, make "others feel uncomfortable and make threatening remarks" to Martin.

Ok, Salguero time out.

Let's be clear here:

This is a very complex and multi-layered story. There are multiple sides serving as sources.

There is the Martin side (which includes his agent). There is the Dolphins side (which is outlined in their statement). There is the Incognito side (which he has made clear through his twitter defense). All of these have a public side. All of these are also putting information out to the media as sources. All of them.

And somewhere in all of this is, well, the truth.

You cannot believe everything coming from the team because it has an agenda -- to protect its own interests with the least possible damage to itself. You cannot believe everything coming from the Martin side because it has an agenda -- to protect the player, get him back into the locker room, while also making Incognito stop whatever alleged actions he's been undertaking. You cannot believe everything coming from Incognito's side because he has an agenda -- to remove the focus from his as a bully, to deny the allegations, and protect his name.

All of them have agendas. All of them.

All of them are speaking to the media either directly or as sources.

And as they all have different agendas, you are getting different stories.

So what's my point?

This is a mess.


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does tampa have a sack this year?

Sounds like the coach has lost control of the locker room!


They will have more than a couple after next week

Martin should probably seek a job in a regular office environment where the biggest prank is a whoopie cushion on your seat. I think that'll suit his personality better.

No he doesn't deserve to be "bullied", no one ever does. But if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. A smart man like him should have went to Philbin instead of pouting.

Too many conflicting stories to make a clear judgment on this though

"... with Aaron Hernandez' alleged slaying of [Odin] Lloyd"

Where is the player leadership in the locker room? The mentors, players that are respected, the players taking the younger ones under their wings, the ones who can protect the young guys from over exaggerated hazing that can become bullying. No matter what Martin whimped out, he is big man and could of stood up and be respected in the locker room. The football world just spat him out. No one would want a weak minded character like that in their locker room. Martin was pushed to stand up and and be a leader, instead he ducked out. If he indeed is not mentally well, then that's okay and cut him slack. This is a sport where you need to win now and find players to win now, not a corporate world , hence all the money these guys make, even if career is short.

I wonder if Ingognito would try to Bully Chuck Norris???

OK, if the news regarding the play of this team was'nt enough! Now this? Does this now suggtest the coaches have lost the locker room?

Does anyone else see the karma in the bullying of a professional athlete. Just 5 years ago, I'm sure these same bullied people were abusing the math club. Also, if you are 325 pounds, don't you have to come over a table at someone. Defend yourself from the mean man. Sounds soft to me.

"But if you can't handle the heat ..."

True. Except we don't know what the "heat" actually was.

It's one thing to back down from a fistfight, something else if you're responding to threats involving firearms, weapons etc.

Pouncey was reportedly & allegedly Incognito's lieutenant. Pouncey (& his bro), in case we forgot, is connected to Aaron Hernandez & currently under investigation for gun trafficking.

The fact that Incognito, Pouncey et al. may only be gangsta wannabees doesn't make any alleged threat that could involve guns less real.

Two points... Regardless of who's right and who's wrong...

1) I could do without the homophobic comments... grow up it's 2013. What do gay people make you so insecure?

2) Yet another shameful moment for this franchise... been many since I've been a fan (1977).

More so now than in the 1980s and 1990s.

Unfortunately, ETF, this seems more of a Social than strictly a psychological problem and therefore is outside of my area of expertise for me to comment on.

So basically Incognito wanted Martin to go on a trip with him so he nagged him about it until he gave in? That makes my wife guilty of bullying.

From PFT: "Shefter detailed a situation in which Martin was intimidated by Incognito to contribute $15,000 toward a trip to Las Vegas by the team’s offensive lineman. Martin, according to Schefter, didn’t want to go and ultimately didn’t go — but he surrendered the money anyway.

If true, it’s the really rich guy example of someone stealing someone else’s lunch money.

Schefter also explained that there are text messages and at least one voice message proving harassment and justifying Martin’s fears for retribution. Schefter added that Martin’s recent comments to Incognito explaining that Martin doesn’t blame his teammates for harassment also arose from concerns by Martin that he’ll face retaliation if he accuses Incognito of doing anything wrong."


The Dolphins are a FARCE.

"cogs is awesome shula, get off his nuts."


Awesome at what?

He's a C+ player on a line that's giving up a record # of sacks.

He looked "awesome" blocking Geno Atkins 1 on 1 Thursday...

One fan close to the action heard Cogs yell "Ole"... as Geno bulled on through and buried Tanny for the sack.

Philbin and Ireland should be fired for failure to supervise. But Ross has no balls.

Martin is 6'5 and 310 pounds. Baby Barney Rubble is 6'2 at best. If I'm martin I'm knocking baby barney the F!"k Out!

* Philbin has LOST this team. Probably last year. Odrick was mocking him during Bengals game. Philbin is clearly weak and doesn't command respect reading from note cards in these sad post game locker room 'speeches'. He's got to go. In fact, I'd dump them all from Ireland and Aponte on down. DYSFUNCTIONAL
and INCOMPETENT admin and staff = bad combination. Maybe a few position coaches are salvageable.

* No team leaders. None. Me first types (Wallace) and a-holes (Incognito). Starks - borderline thug, malcontent. Soliai - seems too dim. Pouncey - borderline thug, potentially criminal, Incognito's deputy. Tannehill - please. Closest is Wake. But, he's not really a leader. He's exceptionally self-motivated. Like Grimes (and wife).

* Something stinks with player sources telling reporters that vets are continuously forcing them to pay. See above: Where is the HEAD COACH? Hiding in his office or getting prepped for a press conference by Aponte. Where are team leaders? Pathetic...

"keep cogs, need more of guys like him"

I hear you... especially if:

1) you want to lead the league in sacks allowed
2) embarrass the franchise
3) alienate loyal fans
4) want to create chaos
5) want DTs like Geno Atkins to go to the Pro Bowl (see Thursday's 1 on 1 sack)

Philbin has never ben a HC so he doesnt know how to handle this.

This is what the Dullfins get for hiring their 4th rookie NFL HC in a row. Clueless.

One positive comment...

If the team can actually rise above this chaos, right the ship and make something out of this season...

That would be really impressive.

This is a good test of leadership and will.

Maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised...


According to Adam Beasley himself older players are using rookies working for a minimum salary as ATMs.

Dolphins coaching staff sucks THAT much. I wonder what kind of marvelous tales Philbin & Co. manage to tell Ross on a daily basis just to avoid being fired for sh*t like this.

To me J. Martin is just the brave guy who got tired of all this bullying and finally brought the whole situation into the public eye.

The Ross ownership is just one embarrassment after another.

J.Martin will have to be put on IR with Hurt Feelings. Career Ending. Waived at the End of the Season. I expect Compensation from the League. How did they let such a Sissy thru the Combine Process.

R.Incognito will have to be cut immediately.

These 2 things need to happen for us to move on with the season and the rebuilding process.

Smart move by Ireland getting McKinnie before the breakdown.

The O-Line was in shambles already. It wasn't going to get any worst.

Posted by: BobDole | November 03, 2013 at 01:47 PM

Unless your wife is a 6'3" ~320lb guy called Richie Incognito your comparison is invalid.

If J.Martin ever comes back I expect him to do all Interviews with a Helmet On.

Cognito and Philbin should both be suspended.

Many places around the league a lot of YOUNG PLAYERS maybe APPLAUDING Jonathan Martin's publically exposing of what may have been a LONG OCCURING practice on MANY NFL teams.

Like they say, whatever is done in the dark, will soon come to the light. Some may see the Martin situation as COWARDLY, but I'm sure there are just as many of those whom themselves may FEAR RETRIBUTION, see Jonathan Martin as A HERO.

For all the Martin haters, did you miss the part of the article where they mentioned having a answering machine message and text messages from Incognito as evidence>

Incognito is a dirty player, known throughout the league for spitting and stepping on people after the whistle and trash talking throughout games. He belongs on a 70s Raiders team. He's average to good and nothing special.

Martin managed to play right tackle throughout college and do just fine without a trouble maker instigating problems. He just had enough of it. They should both be gone at end of season. And big mouth Dolphins front office should do something instead of talking about no tolerance.

J Martin has opened a can of worms called the Miami Dolphins.

I'm sure this goes much further than just the Miami Dolphins roster. Its only a first that someone(Martin) has had the GUTS to PUBLICALLY expose it.

TD JETS!! S Fla's team!


Yes, his wife is a 6'3" 320lb Guy. You don't know that Old Twink. He watches football for the tights.

The REAL STORY in all of this is it have been a LONG STANDING NFL practice that's present in one form or another on ALL 32 NFL teams.

The NFL's DIRTY LAUNDRY so to speak, that has been WELL HIDDEN until now.

There maybe far more LAYERS to this ONION to be peeled before the ONION SOUP is made. This maybe a LEAGUE-WIDE issue. Not just a Miami Dolphins issue.

This whole thing has been blown out of proportion by the media and J-Mart is realizing this. Worse for Martin is the fact that when he comes back, d-linemen will get in his head fast. What does he do then, cry and storm off the field during a game? Or maybe the refs will call unsportsmanlike penalties for trash talking. Ridiculous!

Daytona gets more free press here than a government free lunch program. Just the free exposure here should become a boom to their tourism business.

I'm sure the city of Daytona's tourism industry deeply thanks all here whom greatly contributes.

The Dolphins attempt to cover this up is worse than the actual act. A shameful organization.


According to Herald beatwriter Adam Beasley, strong-arming rookies (for $$$) is pervasive, goes far beyond Martin. https://twitter.com/AdamHBeasley

Out-of-control is right.

Just saw & heard ROOKIE jet QB do a hard count for a penalty on Saints. I don't blame Tannehill for his simplified snap count/cadence, I do blame the coaches.
C'mon Philbin, wake up!

Lost in all this is look at the national berating Egnew (and maybe Clay, too) got by Sherman on "Hard Knocks"
Implying that they sucked and if it was up to him they would be cut.

Egnew was called "soft" all last season by fans and columnists on a daily basis--which leads me to believe some of the other players may have joined in the chorus as well.

My point is, they both hung in there, didn't let it take them out, got tougher, got better, and both are being praised for how far they've come since last year and they are playing and contributing.

If this has been a longstanding NFL dirty secret. Do you really trust the NFL to investigate itself?

This is all a horse and pony show until the story makes itself go away. The NFL has the $$deep pockets$$ to make it so.

Posted by: taheati | November 03, 2013 at 02:31 PM

I posted this isn't a Dolphins or Martin problem, It's the NFL's own dirty little secret.

Who knows how many decades this type of practice goes back.

"You cannot believe everything coming from the team because it has an agenda -- to protect its own interests with the least possible damage to itself."

Exactly Armando. Great reporting. This organization stinks.


Just got off the road, and saw Schefter's report on the $15,000 allegedly gotten from Martin for a trip to Vegas.

When I talked about anger, dysfunction last week, this is what I was referring to. This issue extends far beyond the Martin situation.

I reported last week that there were other issues, with resentments being harbored between other players. It's about this.

Recently, a younger player was handed the tab for a $30,000 team dinner. The rookie minimum this year is around $400.000.

They've gotten sucked into the Miami lifestyle, and the veterans are using the younger players as an ATM, I'm told.

One young defensive player, whose privacy I'm protecting, has literally gone broke because he's been pressured to pay for older players.


So, let me get this straight. Beasley *knew* about stuff like this for weeks, months, maybe years and ONLY NOW decides to report it because Schefter, Mortenson, La Canfora broke the story?

Sean Smith just had 101yd pic 6 against Buffalo.

Home, poser boy?

Players Ireland let go continue to have great year.




On Sean Smith. did he grow a pair of hands in the offseason?. How does he now hold onto the ball. Funny thing there was he blew the coverage to Johnson and still becomes a hero with his pick.

dolfan29 when a player leaves Miami, even their bad turns out good. lmao!

Yea, Adam Schfeter also reported Incognito beat up a bouncer. That was till the Miami Herald posted the police report and eyewitnesses who proved it was all B/S. Now we hear of the $30,000 dinner being paid by Martin, with multiple players now coming out and calling that B/S with the tab split between all rookies.
The FACT is, Martin is done in the NFL. There is no player that is going to want him in their locker room.

Smith just got beat and the Buffalo qb overthrew the receiver. Incredible how lucky former Dolphin players are once they leave Miami.

"Sean Smith, 101 yard pic 6 WOW"
Yea, he was standing there and a 5 th string QB threw the ball into his numbers.
My grandfather could have made that pick 6.
What a joke posting that comment

Let Smith do his thing in KC. The guy can press and Miami never did that which was their fault. He also had stone hands in Miami.

Plus, our CBs (when Patterson is healthy) are just fine now that Vontae's grandma and Smith are gone. I'm more worried about our OL than our defense.

Maybe defensive scheme since our defense should be performing better than they are but nonetheless our defense is fine overall. I wouldn't be upset if we pumped money and picks into that OL next year.

Fix the OL and you fix Wallace & RB problems.

Leadership starts at the top, Ross Ireland Philbin, enough said!

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | November 03, 2013 at 02:53 PM

In Miami, SEAN SMITH "DROPPED" ints thrown right into his hands. So, this was very POST WORTHY, EVERY EX-DOLPHIN seems to have their FORTUNES CHANGE once they leave MIAIMI.

This in ITSELF is ALWAYS post worthy.

Letting Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, Karlos Dansby, and Brandon Marshall leave was MORONIC. Irescum couldnt replace them in a million years.

He also had stone hands in Miami.

Posted by: The Evaluator | November 03, 2013 at 03:03 PM

Thank you very much. BOBBYD12 seems to be well unaware of this true FACTOID!

Irescum's drafted 4 RB's, 3 QB's, 3 TE's and they all stink!

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