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Dolphins unite in the face of drama (updated)

Everybody is aware Dolphins players hit back on Wednesday. In what seemed like a well practiced, well executed blitz, players throughout the entire locker room defended the team's leadership, defended the team's coaching staff, and mostly, defended Richie Incognito -- giving new context to the Incognito-Martin scandal.

Well, the truth about that apparent orchestrated offensive is that it was kind of orchestrated.

And it went against Joe Philbin's previous explicit orders to players Monday to not discuss the issue in the media. Philbin often tells players the message they should pass to the media.

But by Wednesday, the head coach had changed his mind. Philbin told players in a morning meeting to defend themselves.

And as a group of players, fed up with the scandal, the Dolphins broke their silence.

"We were at a point where we weren't told to say anything. We weren't going to talk. There's an investigation. Plain and simple. You guys expected that," receiver Brian Hartline said. "And now we're able to say our opinion and really protect ourselves from being bullied by [the media] because we weren't talking. Nobody said a word. We weren't fighting back. There were no comments from Richie. There were no comments from us. And we just sat back and listened to it a couple of days.

"And we got kind of tired of it. We got to the point, and you guys can judge, but it caught us all off guard and it's a shame it happened."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill said players talked about the scandal as a team and decided to come closer as a team.

“Well yes, it’s nonstop," Tannehill said. "I feel like today’s been much better. Guys aren’t discussing the whole thing like the past few days. Obviously, everyone’s hearing about it. Our phones are blowing up from anyone we’ve ever come in contact about the situation. There has been a lot of chatter about it but, today I think guys are happy to stick to each other, have each other’s backs and get ready to play.”

There has been speculation about how disastrous this issue could be to the Dolphins' on-field chances.

I think that speculation is going to be proven wrong. I don't see a team divided. I don't see a team cracking under pressure.

I see a team that is under external pressures but not necessarily divided internally.

We won't know until Monday night in Tampa when the Dolphins play an 0-8 opponent that, guess what, also has had its share of drama.

[Update: The players were told to get back on message today -- which is to say, stop talking again. "We've been told to only talk about Tampa Bay," guard Nate Garner said.]

[Correction: Previously I was told Philbin's orginal orders stood Wednesday. They did not. He changed them Wednesday and changed them again Thursday.]   


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Of course they unite! What do you think? They are going to cry that someone was eating their lunches and they want to go home to Momma? Now that guy is gone.

If I were Ross I would sign Cogs to a 10 year deal. Just to piss of the NFL. And hire that Toronto mayor as a qb coach. Did anyone see his Chris Farley act in front of a High School team. That was some funny chit.


Silverback, I did but seldom contributed. I only got involved more once Mado opened up this blog in about 2007 or so, wasn' it?

And espn and their hacks continue the hit job on the Dolphins. I know "journalists" need source and don't reveal them because of the need for continued access. However, the hilt of which the piranha's in the media and former players piling on is disgusting.

I thought of it the other day after Pouncey said Martin contemplated quitting several time and believe more so now after reading Dave Hyde's Sun-Sentinel piece. This was all about money. He wanted to find a way out and still be able to get his checks.

All the facts might not be in, but the writing on the walls points to a con being perpetrated by Martin. Just shows no matter how much "talent" you have these twenty-somethings aren't equipped to deal with the world after college. With a few exceptions of course.

Oh my, everyone sees our mayor ...

(face in palms)


Way to hide behind a "source" calling it a mutiny. Bush league reporting as usual.

I applaud the players pulling together. Part of me really wants to see them kick arse and take names in the face of all of the is BS.

The other part of me doesn't want to see a borderine playoff team because it will be one more excuse for Ross to keep a bad GM and a pretty average head coach around. I'm hoping the facts will speak for themselves so he has no other choice but to let them go. Now, if they go to the Superbowl, I'm an idiot and will shout it from the mountaintop. But that's almost as silly as the bullying scandal storyline!

"Richie and I used to shower together, Richie showered with everybody."

Lydon Murtha

ESPN owned by ABC owned by Disney owned by a LIBERAL AGENDA!! The one and only reason the main stream media picked this story up is because it fit there liberal agenda...
White man uses "N" word
Extortion of the weak



all very well but meanwhile an untried man (except by the court of public opinion) has his career flushed.

Hey Mark,

Did he do the crack before or after getting drunk?

You guys(78 & fin4)are so quick to cling to anything positive in this situation but, really a lil perspective is needed. In fact, just stopping would be better.

Why? Consider where is Murtha getting all these stories & info considering he's been off the team since Last July? Stories about Cogs picking up Martin while adapting to LT? He wasn't even there! How are you gonna believe a story from a guy who wasn't there? He's been feed stories from former players. Who knows if they're true? Everyone has an agenda.

All of that is hearsay. Just as some were guilty to rush to judgement vs. cogs, you are now just as guilty trying to lay blame elsewhere.

Look, I tend to believe Martins a panzy, Cogs probably did nothing wrong except use a racist word even if he didn't mean it that way. But, fact is, none of the talking heads know a dam* thing.

Not Chris Carter, not Warren Sapp, Rosenfels or Murtha.

Well, NFL Live is at it again. They also used a 'selected' part of Murtha's statement. They still want blood....what hypocrites. Doesn't the bible say something about hypocrites going to hell? Damn, I hope so, I despise the ground they walk on.

Mark couldn't be half as bad as the guy we just elected in NYC...he supported the communist Sandinistas in Nicaraugua!! I wish he did smoke crack then we would have an excuse. He is anti PD this ought to be fun....32 yrs it may be the right time to put in my papers.

Can I punch Jeff Ireland ?

Mark....was just wondering.....there was dude on there named Sporticus......would make a lot of these guys look like angels. ......AND YES BOYCOTT PLEASE


You noticed that too, eh? That's called painting the perpetrator. In JSchool lingo, that's your story! Driving it leads to driving viewership which leads to driving ad sales. I just have this nauseous feeling something will be dropped before MNF.

Btw... the Dolphins brass got this all wrong. Cogs could have been fined or even suspended for a couple games. But to dismiss him indefinitely from the team shows a knee-jerk reaction because, by their own admission, they aren't commenting unitl the investigation has been completed. You have already taken a side fellas by dismissing Cogs and making strong statements against his behavior.

DUMB! Please leave the organization for somebody to get it right


Posted by: BOYCOTT IS ON | November 07, 2013 at 04:27 PM



Girlcott instead

nyf, he does crack all the time... all crack, all the time ... unless he's drinking himself stupid. What a useless fat lardo

So now according to Tre Wingo, there has been a history of players with mental health issues in Miami, i.e. Ricky, JT and now JMartin. Wonder if he's a journalist or an arm chair psychobabbler?

Here's a rather serious thought on this matter and something I've thought about for a couple days...and Adam Schefter just made an interesting point in a text he received from a former player--the Dolphins are so tight-lipped because they HAVE to be regarding player privacy...

Is Jonathan Martin gay?

Obviously, I do not mean offense or anything of that nature. I merely wonder because I had a personal friend who had an eerily similar incident like this in his life. He was dealing with emotional stress and actually lashed out at his closest friends saying how we/they tormented him, which was not at all the case. He had trouble with co-workers and had trouble with his work environment, and continually said he was dealing with "emotional stress."

We eventually found out that his emotional stress was that he was having difficulty dealing with the realization he was a gay man.

Again, obviously I have no idea if this is the situation, but it would make sense as to why the Dolphins "knew" of any issue but refused to acknowledge it. Players wouldn't know obviously, which would explain Martins disconnect and why he had trouble fitting in. Players may have had anti-gay comments without knowing they were in the locker room with a gay man.

Didn't Brendan Ayanbadejo say that an NFL player was close to coming out?

I hate to speculate, but it makes you wonder. And adding to that, anyone who takes personal shots at Jonathan Martin should reassess their viewpoints.

I hope I am wrong, because it would be a horribly sad story.

ross, ireland and philbin must go - they are the three stooges except they are not funny!

Arnsparger, don't get me started on politics. I think the whole system need revolution

The ones that have been assigned the role of the butler(who everyone knows did it or gets the blame)was Incognito now the suits are bringing in Ireland as the scapegoat because this is stronger evidence.
Ross has called in the dogs which in this case is Wells the hired gun for the NFL.
The NFL has been hit at least twice in well publicized suits,first the one filed by Vilma and the Saints players over the bounty gate they won, and the more recent one filed by players over head injuries received when they played and the NFL being culpable for insurance coverage for those injuries,they also won.

Doesn't ring a bell, Silverback.

Armando, I am always pretty neutral on here, but, what lousy lousy lousy reporting. You did leave out total conversations that change peoples minds towards the negative about this situation. You should sink so low.

A history of players in the NFL with mental illness... you don't say.

I also here there's been a high incidence of men being the common sexual identity of players who suit up for the Miami Dolphins.

Way to state the obvious ...

Mark just curious......


You noticed that too, eh? That's called painting the perpetrator. In JSchool lingo, that's your story! Driving it leads to driving viewership which leads to driving ad sales. I just have this nauseous feeling something will be dropped before MNF.

Posted by: nyfinfan | November 07, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Yep, bad news sells and add sensationalism, fuel it with racism.....they can talk non-stop for days!
My hope is the NFLPA will get the whole story out.


Steve, would also explain why he wouldn't want to go to Vegas with the boys... shhesh, who wouldn't want to go to Vegas with teh guys?!?!?!?

Boycott, Please dude, martin aint coming back, if he does its only to finish the season and then trade, retire to pounding his pud in a corner with thumb in mouth

martins about as tough as ricotta cheese

So then what you're saying is that Martin had the hots for cogs?? Ewwww that just WRONG!
I mean IDC if he is gay but COGS?? Could this be why Hartline just doesn't like Martin? He gave strong support to Cogs!
Think of the bathroom scene in Ace Ventura?? with Jeff Dellenbach??

So per espn now, Martins agent says it's with multiple fins.

And Mando says that the players ignored the coaches request to not talk, not necessarily as an effort to defend cogs, but to bail on the coach.

Well, that certainly seems more plausible. If your coach just suspended a very likable guy, over BS allegations, & were told to shut up about it...I could see the teams unit more as a mutiny myself.

This story NEVER ends.

If the team were to reinstate Incognito I think it would galvanize the locker room even more and they could make a legitimate run at the playoffs.

In hindsight it seems like the coaches and the FO rushed to judgement and made Incognito a scapegoat and given that someone has already said off the record that he'll never play for them again it's pretty unlikely. And let's face it this organization is never likely to admit it when they make a mistake.

But it would certainly be interesting.


From the old threaded forum...

I recall some posters.

SouthBeach, Beowulf, txmedic

Just read where Harbaugh and a few 49ers are backing Martin. Harbaugh because Martin played for him at Stanford. The rest because 49er players are holier than thou.

Except the old 49ers, the 49ers who ACTUALLY won something, were more like Incognito.

Take Joe Montana, a notorious, equal opportunity prankster. At training camp, Montana made a point of assaulting (letting the air out of their tires) or hiding (in trees, on roofs) teammate bicycles. Smearing Tiger Balm on teammate jocks was another Montana save. When Tim McKyer, a mouth CB who called himself The Blanket, was burned repeatedly against the Colts, Montana pinned a baby blanket singed around the edges with McKyer's number on it to the locker room bulletin board. At Kansas City, when someone threw Montana's street clothes into the shower, Montana retaliated by putting a dead fish under his car seat, which eventually forced the teammate to buy a new car because the smell wouldn't go away. Bill Walsh, the HOF coach, was also known to prank his players. When Steve Young first joined the team, Walsh encourage Bill Musgrave (another QB) to stuff lumps of chewed-up PowerBars in Young's helmet so it looked like someone took a dump. When Young -- a sensitive, goody-two-shoes stuck-up loner similar to Martin -- asked Walsh who would do such a thing, Walsh simply shrugged. Walsh also instructed Brent Jones how to rig an exploding wallet. Walsh had Jones leave his wallet lying around until some unsuspecting teammate picked it up and -- WHAM!. The trick got old pretty soon so Jones stuck a $20 bill into the wallet with the bill slightly showing. Sure enough, George Seifert, then San Francisco's DC & a guy who wasn't always in on locker room doings, picked it up. WHAM! According to Jones, Seifert "jumped and screamed like an 8-year-old girl."

Moral? Had Jonathan Martin been a 9er in the 80s, Martin would've probably gotten Montana AND Walsh suspended while the 9ers never won a single Super Bowl.

Bill Parcells "I've told players many times we need to find out what this guy is made of."

Answering whether or not he ever asked for a Code Red.

Its going to be ugly monday we lose 27-10 and rest of season goes down drain

Just what the doctor ordered...unified team facing an 0-8 team on Monday night !! Script is there for the players to take over...note, I said players ! Coach Philbin needs to grow a pair and stop having that "deer in the headlights" look. ! Heck, it is worse than the old Sparano FG "FIST PUMP" ! Phins win on Monday and then get two winnable games at home with SD and Carolina, though it won't be easy. Phins could ride this scandal to 7-4.
Martin, stay home Wussy. Really. You sucked anyway. Ireland ? Thanks for drafting him and not getting anyone else for the OLINE outside of a played out Clabo...could have had Brandon Albert, Eric Winston, etc. Ireland must go..Philbin ? Probably stays if Phins make playoffs or win 10 games... no change in midseason, that would not happen, nor would it be good.

"Smearing Tiger Balm on teammate jocks was another Montana [fave]. When Tim McKyer, a [mouthy] CB who called himself The Blanket, was burned repeatedly against the Colts, Montana pinned a baby blanket singed around the edges with McKyer's number on it to the locker room bulletin board."

Clearly, Incognito has deep routed mental issues.

Being totally objective here, I don't see the coaches or Ireland surviving this.

At the end of the day, that might not be a bad thing. As popular as cogs appears to be, I can see the players giving the big ole middle finger to philbin over this.

The locker room may be unified but, maybe they are unified in their opposition to their coach.

"A mutiny." I am sharing that now because, as with everything in this Incognito-Martin story, there are multiple sides.]

This is what I was hinting at earlier. Oh boy.

Why? Consider where is Murtha getting all these stories & info considering he's been off the team since Last July? Stories about Cogs picking up Martin while adapting to LT?


He was there, he was in training camp last year and played in the preseason protecting Tanehills back side.

He is friends with Incognito and went t5o school with him. He spent an entire ota, and training camp with Martin.

He went out to dinners with the entire team including Martin and did charity events.

Want to try again LOL?

Jeff Ireland suggested Martin "punch" Incognito?? WOWZA!!

The stories he's relating are from personal experiences being on a team with both players. Did you read the story? How in the hell did you miss that?

LOL I'm all for a good debate but your post didn't make sense. It has nothing to do with disagreeing, it just doesn't make sense.

I posted this yesterday. The team could unite over this and go on a 8-0 to 7-1 season ending run. It's yet to be seen, but would make one helluva NFL story.

Especially if it ended with a 2014 Super Bowl trophy.

"Consider where is Murtha getting all these stories & info considering he's been off the team since Last July? Stories about Cogs picking up Martin while adapting to LT? He wasn't even there! How are you gonna believe a story from a guy who wasn't there?"


You see why it doesn't make sense? Because he was there. How did he know he lifted him up when Martin was a rookie? Because he played with them together for 4 months.

Do you see why you are missing the point a little?

And he was there until the end of August so your assertion that he left in July is also false.

Jeff Ireland is transfering Steve Ross from a billionaire to a millionaire haha

I love the mutiny. These guys are going to band together and be a team.

by the way Sage. You are the worst QB. You sucked that bad. You were freaking horrible.

I'm just sick of the complete and total hypocrisy coming from fans, the NFL, ESPN, and most other reporters and news outlets in this country.

This is a witch hunt. It's WAY too big. This story, even on it's surface without the new information should be middle page stuff. Not front page national news.

This whole thing has been mishandled by everyone involved,,,EVERYONE.

Ritch Incognito = Another Ireland mistake

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