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Dolphins unite in the face of drama (updated)

Everybody is aware Dolphins players hit back on Wednesday. In what seemed like a well practiced, well executed blitz, players throughout the entire locker room defended the team's leadership, defended the team's coaching staff, and mostly, defended Richie Incognito -- giving new context to the Incognito-Martin scandal.

Well, the truth about that apparent orchestrated offensive is that it was kind of orchestrated.

And it went against Joe Philbin's previous explicit orders to players Monday to not discuss the issue in the media. Philbin often tells players the message they should pass to the media.

But by Wednesday, the head coach had changed his mind. Philbin told players in a morning meeting to defend themselves.

And as a group of players, fed up with the scandal, the Dolphins broke their silence.

"We were at a point where we weren't told to say anything. We weren't going to talk. There's an investigation. Plain and simple. You guys expected that," receiver Brian Hartline said. "And now we're able to say our opinion and really protect ourselves from being bullied by [the media] because we weren't talking. Nobody said a word. We weren't fighting back. There were no comments from Richie. There were no comments from us. And we just sat back and listened to it a couple of days.

"And we got kind of tired of it. We got to the point, and you guys can judge, but it caught us all off guard and it's a shame it happened."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill said players talked about the scandal as a team and decided to come closer as a team.

“Well yes, it’s nonstop," Tannehill said. "I feel like today’s been much better. Guys aren’t discussing the whole thing like the past few days. Obviously, everyone’s hearing about it. Our phones are blowing up from anyone we’ve ever come in contact about the situation. There has been a lot of chatter about it but, today I think guys are happy to stick to each other, have each other’s backs and get ready to play.”

There has been speculation about how disastrous this issue could be to the Dolphins' on-field chances.

I think that speculation is going to be proven wrong. I don't see a team divided. I don't see a team cracking under pressure.

I see a team that is under external pressures but not necessarily divided internally.

We won't know until Monday night in Tampa when the Dolphins play an 0-8 opponent that, guess what, also has had its share of drama.

[Update: The players were told to get back on message today -- which is to say, stop talking again. "We've been told to only talk about Tampa Bay," guard Nate Garner said.]

[Correction: Previously I was told Philbin's orginal orders stood Wednesday. They did not. He changed them Wednesday and changed them again Thursday.]   


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Would be funny if Martin won a $200 million judgment against Ross.

It would EASILY make him the highest paid player in NFL history. $200 million for a year and half of service is crazy great.

When the investigation is over, Incognito will be exonerated of bullying and racism charges and return to the team. Martin will never return. He never had any intention of returning, and he wouldn't be welcomed back for obvious reasons.

If the coach specifically told the players not to talk and they ignored that request I think it's safe to say they may not have faith in this coach.

Except for the fact that Wake was talking about Philbin being a great coach.

Once again, something stinks in the medias story or in the players accounts.

Should we believe all of the players are lying when there is overwhelming evidence that the media has purposely left out details in player quotes?

Give me a f$#@ing break. Armando, where are the answers for these questions?

Are we not your loyal followers? Can you get to the bottom of some of these questions please? Why are you and your peers purposely leaving out facts and quotes from players?

Armando, please, what's up?

When the investigation is over, Incognito will be in jail with Aaron Hernandez.

Let's show Martin he isn't missed for a second week in a row. Destroy TB.

I'm not sure that was the right move by the Dolphins Players. Admirable to defend a teammate but I think wrong. Principally, they are going against a decision taken by the FO to suspend Incognito and are making the Organization they play for look ridiculous and at a very delicate Time for it. The top brass must not be happy with that action(biting the hand that feeds you). Second, they are backing a guy that has a nasty history of inappropriate behavior and the probabilities lie that all the allegations vs RI are true. And then? Lack of intelligent leadership in the locker room? Of course, there is the report that came out now that the allegations by Martin's camp of player misconduct are not restricted to Incognito only. We'll see.

WTF. Okay, so here's what I was talking about. Armando said that the coach told the players they are not allowed to talk to the media about this incident at all. This reporter contends that the gag order was for Monday only but that the players were allowed to left off some steam and defend themselves Wednesday.

"Tannehill’s candid talk was in stark contrast to coach Joe Philbin, who has kept everything at arm’s length. No emotion. Charge forward.

"Granted, on Wednesday the players weren’t muzzled by the team the way they were on Monday. Everybody spoke with passion."

He says the players weren't muzzled.

Armando says they were still muzzled.

IT CAN'T BE BOTH! What is it?

We have no answers from Martin.

The media is contradicting themselves every second of the day.

Incognito has become a national villain over what, the N word?

You can't make this stuff up.

By the way the other reporter is also a beat writer who has access to players, coaches, and other sources.

No one is telling the truth in any of this.

The coaches, GM, certain players, AND the media. All liars.

Hey. I wanted us to be on the news more. I guess I got my wish

Thank you Armando!!!!!

Look at that, an honest reporter. No wonder I've followed Mando for so long.

Now, to the Murtha story. I want this one pointed out. Mando Peter King steered you wrong, read the entire transcript if you haven't.

I live in Jersey and thank god we went a week on a NY sports channel with out a Jets story.

Now we beat the Bucs and the Bolts. GI on a 3 game winning streak.

What a story that's about to unfold.

Such a circus!

So, you had an update and now a correction on the update. Who's also looking ridiculous now? You, the Media.

Incognito's "I Hate Rookies" sign he hung in the locker room wont be a big hit with the NFL either lol

Armando doesn't give a crap about any of us! He doesn't care about the team! He cares about getting attention and sucking up to bigger networks. Getting on NFL, ESPN etc etc. He is scum who will twist and tangle a story for his own personal gain.


Hey Armando, can you actually report on dolphins football and not this crap anymore!


Dolphins football is boring. This stuff captures the imagination.

If the Dolphins should lose to the lowly Tampa Bay pirates what will be on the writers minds when they tap the keyboard to complete their piece?

F Martin. I don't need a horrible tackle on the Dolphins. Just go away and be a lawyer, that seems to be more his speed.

Bring in Bill Cowher for HC and let him pick his GM.

Monte you idiot. How is Cower going to pick his boss??

Martin is a hooooomooo

So, the team told the players they coudnt talk, then they could talk, and now they cant talk, again?? THE CLOWNS ARE RUNNING THE CIRCUS!! LOL

Cowher will never come here mate. Philbin and Ireland are here till the end of the season. If we make the playoffs 2014 too.

RI was right this will blow itself out.

Sage Rosenfels?--seriously?--career backup, 3rd stringer.....why is what he has to say important?--do you think we could find a few guys that think Parcells is/was a jerk?--or Belichik?--or Ditka, in his day?--but who cares?---how/why does that matter?

sure be nice to have bess now wouldnt it ireland u fool

Its simple win monday they wont talk lose monday open up a new can of worms

"If you dont follow Sage Rosenfels, do so immediately....."--did you really say that Mando?--first, who follows Sage Rosenfels?.....and why is what he's tweeting interesting or relevant--who cares what Sage Rosenfels has to say, and why does he even feel the need to comment---geez Mando.....you're acting like a giggling schoolgirl

Maybe we could get Parcells back if Ross opens his wallet.

They should. .... No thanks to you and your compatriots in the media. This whole thing is a scam.

3 men walk into a bar. A jeew, a half n....r, and a muslim...

Martin tries to blow all of them


I needed a good laugh!!!!

Philbin when asked if he's surprised at the players supporting Incognito, "I didn't hear the questions asked". Is he for real, after denying knowledge of any issues in the locker room, after denying he ever watched the hard knocks episodes he now denies that he is monitoring what his players are saying about this situation, are you fricking kidding me, how dose he expect anyone to believe he has hid finger on the purse og what is happening, clueless!,

Phins78 nailed it earlier.

With these reporters it's like a real life "Revenge of the Nerds"

the post by MARC IS DISGRACE TO OUR FAN BASE...........



Nothing like the whole world against you.Thats how the dolphins feel right now.this bizarre,sureal,nightmare brought upon my dolphins,has the potential to unite this team as a unstoppable bulldozing machine on their way to the playoffs.I still stand with coach Philbin and the Miami dolphins.Nothing Armando or the media say will stop that,but if they keep talking,the dolphins will roll over all that stand before them.

This whole thing has been mishandled by everyone involved,,,EVERYONE.

Posted by: Phins78 | November 07, 2013 at 05:21 PM

How can you say this without knowing the whole story? Did it ever occur to you that the legal council for the Miami Dolphins knows a bit more about how to handle this to protect themselves than the average clueless fan?

NEW BLOW JOB...I mean blog. I've just been fantasizing about Martin again

Marc. Whats funny about that mate. You give Americans a bad name and thats some accoplishment. T.W.A.T.


Seven months ago, my co-workers left me a funny voicemail. I think it's time for me to forward it to a total stranger over at ESPN

Marc gets his comedy inspiration from Carrot Top and Gallagher.

Philbin should employ you Marc to write his locker room speech after we beat the Bucs.

J Martin will never be trusted again.

Whistleblowers don't get second chances too often.

He's not just blowing whistles ;)

Martin has tossed Philbin's salad.

Jeff Garcia would slap you for that Marc.

If J martin was gay that would explain why ireland drafted him.

Marco. There's a NEW BLOG. We can continue this flirty banter over there. See ya soon.

why i feel some one is talking to himself ?

I heard a joke at Mynt Lounge:

What has Ritchie Incognito got in common with Jeff Ireland ?


PHILBIN said the problem(high number of sacks) would be corrected, and guess what...one would think that loosing martin and incognito would be disasterous, well, i thoguht the team looked pretty damm good in their win over the bengals. Garner, clabo, mckinney, pouncey...i was watching the play of the O-LINE that game and it actually looked to be better then what was the play of the 4 previous games. the entire O-LINE looked BIGGER and TOUGHER, and lamar miller finaly came to life, running threw some nice holes that those guys opened up...i agree, i think this team got stronger in so MANY ways, maybe all along the problem was martin and incognito...go fins!-----oh, by the way...be ready for some goofy flags on monday night, does anyone remember how the refs seemed to penalize the saints at will for BOUNTY GATE...were going to have to be strong and weather some bogus calls.

Much ado about nothing..... Johnathan Martin doesn't have the character to take the high road when he has a problem. It is a shame anyone can be so self centered he would purposely trash an entire organization of hard working people. Johnathan Martin may have been mistreated by one or even a handful of individuals but who is the actual problem when he would victimize his entire team.

Soooo bored of this topic. Next.

This all makes sense if it comes out that Martin is gay...

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