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Flex game PLUS Joe Philbin speaks

The Dolphins game against the San Diego Chargers Nov. 17 has been flexed by the NFL and instead of a 1 p.m. start will now begin at 4:05 p.m. That's actually something of an advantage for the west coast team whose players are more accustomed to later starting times for games.

Coach Joe Philbin, meanwhile, met with the media Friday. This is what he said:

(Opening statement) – “I thought it was a real team win last night. We talked to our players in the meetings before the game at the hotel that the real key was going to be how we played the game, not necessarily whether we played under or over or whether we ran the ball or threw the ball, but the play speed and that we would have to stick together and find a way with all three phases contributing to win the game. I thought that happened.”

(On if the coaching staff was able to get any sleep with the late night) -   “Yeah I think so. I think guys got some sleep. We came back a little bit later than normal. Yeah, when I got home I would like to get home a little earlier than that. Given the circumstances, I’ll take it.”

(On if running the football is the new blueprint for the offense or if it’s a product of matchups) - “I think we always felt like running the ball against (the Bengals) was going to be a good option. As you know, they have an excellent front-four. They have an excellent pass rush. They had an excellent blitz package. We wanted to keep the sticks in a manageable situation. So running the ball was part of that, and we had some success doing it. Usually, again, you have to adjust during the course of the game, but if something is working well typically you stick with it.”

(On Will Yeatman’s role as a third offensive tackle) – “I thought he made a nice contribution. Again, I think part of it would be how productive we were. We had some success with him in the game. We got a fair number of snaps.”

(On if the idea of a safety was even in the back of his mind before it happened) - “You are always optimistic and always thinking possible takeaway. I was thinking maybe a takeaway in disrupting the quarterback’s rhythm and timing, tip the pass or hit him while he’s throwing the ball. I can’t sit here honestly that I was thinking we were going to get a safety right then, but I’m glad we did.”

(On if there is a bullying problem in the locker room) – “Again, I’ll repeat what I said. I’m aware of this report. I can say without question that we emphasize a culture of team-first accountability and respect for one another. Any behavior that deviates from that is inconsistent from the values of our organization. That’s all I’ll say in regards to that.”

(On if he has seen anything first-hand that he would consider bullying or harassment) -  “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated.”

(On if the bullying problem is a matter the coaching staff is looking into) - “I think I’ve responded to those questions already.”

(On if he thinks there will be any discipline as he looks into the locker room situation) - “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated. I’ve responded to those questions.”

(On if he was concerned about the field condition last night) - “I walked the field before the game. It seemed very good. In warm-ups everything seemed good. A couple of their players slipped a few times, and a couple of our guys slipped. I’m not exactly sure why. It looked like it was in very good shape.”

(On how he assess where the team is right now) - “Well there’s been a lot of good things on film, and there’s been things that aren’t so good. The big thing we have to stress moving forward is more consistency and more completeness in our play for 60 minutes or 67 minutes or 68 minutes, however long it was last night. We have to find a way to plan more consistently throughout the course of the game.”

(On the play of the defensive line other than Cam Wake) - “We had good contribution from a lot of guys up front. They did a good job. Obviously the second half we had a hard time getting off the field. Some of that was them. Some of that was other guys. Some of that’s a credit to Cincinnati’s offense. They executed well. I thought overall it was good.”

(On how Tyson Clabo played) - “He did a nice job. He did a nice job, yep.”

(On if it was nice to see Tyson Clabo play after everything that had happened) - “Absolutely, yes.”

(On if the leadership council will talk about Jonathan Martin) - “Again, any of those discussions that would take place with the leadership council would be between myself and them.”

(On if a win fixes or puts a band-aid on a locker room issue) - “I think we talked last Monday when we got together as a team, we talked about a family atmosphere. You are part of a family when you are on a team. You mentioned it. There’s 61 players, 20 coaches, and you have to have each other’s back. The theme for the week was we have to stick together and play like a team. The scheme wasn’t the important thing we wanted to emphasize last night. We wanted to emphasize playing like a team, sticking together and having everybody’s backs. I think the film bore that out. That’s what happened.”

(On if everything he had to deal with in the past week was the toughest test for him as a coach) - “Again, it’s not a comparison. You deal with reality as it is. I don’t necessarily compare this week to last week or this year to last year. You deal with the situations that pop-up one day at a time. At the end of the day, the way my brain works you think about why you are in coaching and the privilege and responsibility you have to represent the Miami Dolphins and to coach this football team. It’s an honor to do it, and you deal with things as they come.”

(On if there is a relief for the team after the victory) - “Not necessarily. Again, it’s one day at a time. It’s one game at a time. You keep things in perspective. You remember why you are in coaching, why you are doing these things. You go to work every single day. The idea of getting this team better and playing up to their potential, that’s what your job is as a coach. Sometimes stuff happens. Stuff happens in a family. Some of it is not always great, and you have to deal with it. That’s what we do.”

(On if he is satisfied with the chemistry on the team) - “I told (the team) again in our team meeting on Monday, the thing is I’ve never been on a team or a part of a team where there wasn’t respect among the players amongst themselves in the locker room, the staff amongst themselves, the players respecting the coaches and the coaches respecting the players. If you don’t have that in this league, in Pop Warner, in high school or college, you don’t have a chance. You have no chance. I believe strongly in the men we have in the locker room. I believe strongly in the staff. I don’t think you get a performance we had last night. It’s not perfect. There’s a lot of stuff to work on, a ton of it. However, I think the character of the football team was revealed.”

(On Lamar Miller’s performance) - “He’s been very productive as of late. He’s a guy who’s got very good ability, good vision and he’s starting to make more people miss. Early in the season I think he was kind of getting what was there. Now you are seeing some things where he is breaking some tackles. He’s kind of showing that illusiveness you kind of want to see out of a running back. Yeah, aside from carrying the ball a little too loose down there I think he’s doing some very good things.”

(On what the team’s wide receiver trio contributed in last night’s game)  – “I thought those guys made a nice contribution. Let’s call it what it is, it wasn’t the biggest day we’ve ever had throwing the football from a yardage standpoint, yards-per-catch, all of that stuff. But I thought they contributed to the game-plan well."

(On if the sack for the safety was an impactful play for the season)  – “It was a big play. We talked to the guys about if you analyze the season (and) look at the three wins early. We made plays in the fourth quarter. We made plays that decided the outcome of the games. If you look at the next stretch we went through, we made some but we didn’t make enough. Again, we had to come back. We had to put together a drive to force the game into overtime, which showed a lot about our offense. We kicked the ball and punted the ball back down there deep. Then our defense came up huge. It was a big play.”

(On what Caleb Sturgis showed rebounding from the missed field goal in the first half)  – “Just like we talked about with the rest of the team, (Caleb Sturgis) showed some resiliency. He showed the character of the individual that he is. I just watched again this morning on tape. (It had) all the qualities of a good kick, good fundamentals, the plant, the timing, the operation were all there. It was a big kick.”

(On if Bengals’ running back Giovani Benard’s 35-yard touchdown run was a great play from the runner or fundamental issues from the defense)  – “Yes and yes. Again, I don’t want to oversimplify the game of football. You can overanalyze schemes. I think Cincinnati has an excellent coaching staff, but if you just analyze the play call you would say, ‘Is that a great play call or is that a great individual effort?’ It certainly wasn’t a bad play call, but that was a tremendous individual effort by a football player making a play. That’s really what football is all about. Can we tackle better on that play? Absolutely, 100 percent. We have to tackle better. However that’s really what the game of football in the NFL is all about. It’s about guys stepping up and making plays. We have an obligation to put them in a position to make plays. But there’s no magic plays out there. Teams are well-coached on both sides of the ball. Teams have good players on both sides of the ball. That was a heck of a run. It was a heck of a run.”


(On having Cam Wake healthy and if he was limited in previous games because of his injury)  – “He was healthy and ready to go in those games. You want to have a gradual return for a player. Certainly you can feel his presence a little more. You can’t deny that. You can feel his presence.”


(On Dimitri Patterson’s strong performance this season) – “He’s been very instinctual. The thing I think is he’s put himself into position in terms of reading the routes based on what coverage he’s in. He’s very good at the top of the route. He transitions very well. He can plant and break on a ball. You’ve seen some of that on some of those interceptions. He’s certainly made a difference when he’s out there.”


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(On if there is a bullying problem in the locker room) – “Again, I’ll repeat what I said. I’m aware of this report. I can say without question that we emphasize a culture of team-first accountability and respect for one another. Any behavior that deviates from that is inconsistent from the values of our organization. That’s all I’ll say in regards to that.”

(On if he has seen anything first-hand that he would consider bullying or harassment) - “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated.”

(On if the bullying problem is a matter the coaching staff is looking into) - “I think I’ve responded to those questions already.”

(On if he thinks there will be any discipline as he looks into the locker room situation) - “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated. I’ve responded to those questions.

I stopped reading here. I just can't believe you guys ask the questions they are adamant about not answering.

He just said he wont answer anymore of those questions and you guys immediately ask him the same questions. Do you think you're going to trick him? It's seriously so stupid. I would agree with it if it has ever worked but it never does, and you guys just waste valuable time asking the wrong questions. I'm out.

Gets so frustrating listening to Philbin. He never reveals anything of insight other than what is already obvious. It is so hard to get anything straight out of Philbin. So secretive and inscrutable!

Who said there is a bullying problem? The martin non story has gone nowhere and won't go anywhere. It is a non story with no traction. The media just keeps trying to make something out of it. This is game played by men not by boys.

The win was great but the statistics weren't.

Fins got beat in almost all the statistics (T-hill no passing TD).

The defense won the turnover game. That was the difference in the game.

Maybe the personality of this team is closer to the Ravens and old Bucs than to the Saints or Broncos.

T-hill could become a game manager like Dilfer was for the Ravens. Fans only care about winning the SB not how.

This year, Olinemen took another teammates car keys and hid the car. And Jonathan Martin was part of group perpetrating the prank.

Enough said about whether Honey Suckle participated or not in any hazing or the P.C. word BULLYING!!

Actually, it was the D that played the best yesterday. I don't know if you noticed but Cinci went on an 8' drive to open the 2nd Half. The D players had to play something unreal like 90+ plays in the Game. They were almost dying out there but somehow they held on and it was them (Wake) who won the Game.

2014- that is BS!! Tannehill is not dilfer. Tannehill ha a cannon and is super athletic. Dilfer had an amazing line and a great RB. You put tannehill on that raven team and they would have been 19-0 and a win margin of 14+ points.

Dude needs to grow a pair. Plain and simple. The more you let folks know that stuff bothers you, the more they're going to do it.

You just have let that stuff roll off your back and give it back to them.

You can't police every moment every day.

".....but if something is working well typically you stick with it.”

Hmmm, that something coach just found out about? Jeeze, HS coaches know that.

Nice win last night but that don't change underlying problems

Why couldn't we do almost anything on O in the 2nd half? The Bengals Team, its Coaches and Players. They made adjustments and started moving the ball with their very good QB and great receivers and runners. And they kept the ball away from Us and tired our D. Very well conceived strategy for the 2nd half they had. But, we made the more impactful Plays when they counted. Great Game.

My point is that all he has to play up to this year is to a Dilfer level if the defense continues playing like last night. The defense and running game can do the heavy lifting.

He doesn't have to put it all on his shoulders and shizzle himself with sacks, fumbles and interceptions that contribute to losses.

Flacco wasn't a sensation in his 2nd year.

You put tannehill on that raven team and they would have been 19-0 and a win margin of 14+ points.

Jaison | November 01, 2013 at 06:20 PM

You forgot about a still very game Shannon Sharpe a young Brandon Stokely and Jermain Lewis, so yeah don't know about 19-0 but with that D and Ogdon anchoring the OL I'd take the bet Tannehill is a SB QB given that team.

NFL reports that Martin likely to miss up to 3 weeks. Why not just make him miss the rest of the season by letting him go? Unfortunately a bad message either way

Unfortunately a bad message either way

The Evaluator | November 01, 2013 at 06:37 PM

I think given the attitude of our F.O. and the fact he isn't the greatest player this is simply a safe move looking ahead at what may become a legal issue which I think the NFL will look to avoid. Expect Ireland to serve up to GOD-dell a sacrificial lamb named Incognito at the alter. Think about it?

I still cannot believe that a grown man like Martin (and 300+ pounds) is complaining about being bullied. Bullies in grade school used to pick on the scrawny kid that was an easy target. To hear about this in football and from a 300 pound offensive lineman is insane. I cannot help but think that Martin has major mental issues and that he is going to be a 2nd round pick bust. How does he hold his head up in that locker room if and when he gets back? You have to think that guys are going to be biting on their lips not to laugh.

I still wonder who was picking on him? It had to be Incognito and Pouncey. Incognito is just that natural bully and what has transpired with Poucey lately makes me feel he would be a candidate to fill that description also. Has this ever happened in pro football before and to OL? Only the Dolphins SMH.

I said it when this first came out and people thought Dashi was just hating on Incognito.

NO!! I know a Bully when I see one. Incognito's action says it all. The guy is a prick.

Yes, J.Martin is softer than Charmin. That still doesn't give anyone the right to keep picking on him. Doesn't matter how much you hate someone, No means No.

On Pouncey, he looks like a follower and I doubt he will ever stand up to protect anyone. Not even his QB.

This is nobodies fault except Incognito. The Coaches or Ireland couldn't know that Martin was that soft.

I believe Sherman Called the wrong player a P'ssy last season.

And J.Turner is a Former Marine. I believe that he would've liked to see Martin stand up for himself.

Can't blame the coaches. Football players are suppose to be tough. And part of being tough is not getting bullied.

I guess losing Jake Long has affected this team more than people think. Not just on the field.


I think you're right. Overall the dolphins will have to make the right move in the eyes of public perception. This is going to be a PR nightmare. Where's Mike Dee when you need him lol. Chances are The NFL will feel pressure and they will, in turn, pressure Miami. Miami will be forced to make the "right" move in the eyes of the public and either cut or suspend the player responsible and make Martin look like a victim. With today's strong anti-bullying movement the Dolphins will be hard pressed to just lay low. Expect some politician to get involved too, trying to make a name for himself.

Being soft is a Mental Illness.

But like most mental Illness people are forgetting to put the blame on the people responsible. The Parents.

Yes, some Mental Issues are just natural. But most are caused by Bad Upbringing.

I blame Martin's parents for raising such a sissy.


You have a great point about Jake Long. I cannot see that happening to the OL if he was here. He seems to me like the type of guy that would have stepped in and defended Martin and put an end to this nonsense. Though it is truly bizarre to be talking about a 300 pound football player that can't stand up for himself.

These are the type of conversations you have with your 7 year old son but a 300 pound man?

You are also probably right about Pouncey. He is probably the type that giggled whenever Incognito picked on Martin and egged it on.

Hey Morons, what about the 4 game losing streak eh?
a win a win eh?

Evaluator and Dashi,

I posted this on the last blog and feel the P.C. - B.S. World were living in is getting way out of control! I remember as a society (I'm 41) when all this B.S. started but you can go to far! No extreme is good and now days you got to even watch what you say because verbal threat today constitutes assault! Dashi we talked about it yesterday you know were I'm coming from and am NOT In Honey Suckles corner!
At the moment Philbin and his coaches seem to have little control over the team. A strong leader like JJ, Shula wouldn't tolerate this abuse and let it get so far as it has here, causing a distraction to the team.

Marco | November 01, 2013 at 05:13 PM

Your KIDDING me here right!!!

Little story for you and look it up!

In the 70's when Shula was at his whip cracking best, Jim Kick and Zonk (Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid of the Locker Room) actually went to Shula's house early one morning and get this put a live Alligator in the Coaches Shower (way before the Jack A S S guys) They waited outside for Shula who came running out of his bathroom screaming like a girl in his birthday suit and later Shula didn't go to a Psychiatrist, he went and won the 73 SB with his 2 RB's.

Lets not even get going on the antics surrounding JJ's Hurricanes or Cowboys with notorious pranksters like Haley, Nate Newton, Irvin and Erik Williams on his team, please! The Political Correctness showered on every aspect of life today makes me sick!!!

fin4life | November 01, 2013 at 05:40 PM

P.S. This from Mando's twitter

This year, Olinemen took another teammates car keys and hid the car. And Jonathan Martin was part of group perpetrating the prank.


If were going to stick to Political Correctness then why didn't [said] teammate call the police and have them all charged with a Grand Theft or when the car showed up at least Criminal mischief?

We haven't heard the whole story on Martin.

I suspect that he is bi-polar and needs help. He could go off the deep end with depression if he's not careful (and take someone with him).

The Dolphins won in spite of themselves.
In spite of Lamar Miller fumbling at the end of his longest run of the game.
In spite of the defense being on the field for 93 plays and allowing the Bengals to convert 10 of 20 3rd down attempts.
In spite of only getting 15 first downs the whole game (on 13 possessions while the Bengals had 15 possessions and 28 first downs).
In spite of Caleb Sturgis missing yet another FG.
In spite of allowing yet another sack on the first play of the drive that led to the tying FG.
In spite of the fact that Michael Egnew was late getting on the field for a play AFTER a timeout.
In spite of an offensive coordinator that doesn't make a lot of adjustments or the best use of his players.
In spite of AJ Green getting another 100 yard game and NINETEEN targets. (to Mike Wallace's team high 8)
In spite of allowing Andy Dalton to throw for over 300 yards.
In spite of the offense only reaching the end zone once.
In spite of allowing Giovanni Bernard to make almost every defender look ridiculous on his 35 yard TD run.
In spite of coughing up another two TD lead in the 2nd half. This time at home.
In spite of Danny Thomas getting 12 carries and Michael Egnew being asked to block. A lot.
In spite of getting absolutely nothing (again) out of 2013 draft picks: Jamar Taylor, Dallas Thomas, Will Davis, Dion Sims, Jelani Jenkins, Mike Gillislee, or Don Jones and only getting 2 tackles (1 solo) out of Dion Jordan.
In spite of the legal cloud hanging over Mike Pouncey.
In spite of the injury to Incognito.
In spite of the fact Tyson Clabo played the whole game.
In spite of the overall immaturity of Jonathan Martin AND his teammates.
And in spite of having Jeff Ireland as a GM.

And yet, if they don't come out and beat the rudderless ship that is the Buccaneers, the optimism from last night will quickly revert to the spiraling dysfunction of the past month.

Dashi, you're just talking smack! To blantantly blame Martin's parents without any knowledge of them or the situation is dumb. I remember during the draft that it was well reported that both his parents and grandfather were Harvard grads. If you got that kind of pedigree, then you can talk. Otherwise, layoff the whole bashing thing until we hear from Jonathan will ya!

How did Martin make it to the NFL? You would think sometime in HS Martin would have come crying to his parents telling them he did not want to play football anymore. This is really on Martin. He plays football out there with freakish athletes. If he did not want Incognito to keep picking on him then he had to stand up to him. Whatever Incognito was going to do to him is no different than what that DE tries to do to him on every play. Makes me wonder if he comes back, what kind of mind games opposing defensive players are going to play on him. Now that this is out, I have to think that his career is about to spiral out of control.

Dashi you are absolutely right this team misses Jake Long's presence in that locker room tremendously. I would not be surprised if the only returning OL is Pouncey next year. Incognito's time is running short, Jerry is mediocre, Clabo and McKinney are probably not the future, and Martin is now a total head case. Wow, start all over on the OL. You have to wonder what Ireland is thinking right now?

Assuming Martin comes back, he needs to take his meds and smile when facing adversity. That's the way of defusing people hat talk BS.

Philbin always puts his foot in his mouth. Notice that?

Didnt Ireland do any research on Martin? YIKES!

Is Martin married? Dating?


Dashi you called it, reports are that it was Incognito that was bullying Martin. Union Lawyers are investigating Incognito for abusing Martin. This is really bizarre and unprecedented. One OL bullying another and then the affected party filing a complaint about the other one has to be a first. Football is about being tough. How do you face those tough guys in the locker room after filing a complaint for harassment with the union about another football player. In a macho locker room like that how do you show your face. Football players want you to kick the other guys butt not run to mommy crying. Unbelievable, what would Lyle Alzado say if he was still alive?

I'm not implying gay people flip out more, because they don't, but if the OL thinks it caught a whiff of that, I'm sure they could be merciless. And I recall Mike Wallace is on the record here.

Googling reveals unsourced rumors, i.e. zilch. Just trying to guess at what unknown fact underlies this weird story.

Martin participated in the car prank for two reasons (personal opinion):

1) he wanted to be included
2) for once the joke wasn't on him

I don't think him participation in that kind of prank constitutes him being a hypocrite and I don't think that's a big part to the overall story.

Of course bullying wasn't the whole story. JMart was mighty unhappy also for being moved from his natural position, LT, to RT. Obviously, when at LT, he received little help from Incognito, which btw, McKinnie is receiving now fro RI. He perceived he was being treated unfairly by Coaches and Players alike with no solution in sight. So, what to do in that situation? Having the influential and wealthy Family he has, well, abandon the Team and take legal action against the Team, Coaches and Players. Not politically correct? Well, we have said these many Times, We are living in New Times.

When the whole Team has been threatened with legal action, Players, Coaches performed better. Coincidence? Hmm...

So what will the union do to Incognito for being a bully? I think that Martin is in a no win situation. He went to Stanford so he is obviously a smart man but it looks like he is in the wrong profession (certainly not OL mentality). If this guy ever plays, how is he going to stand up a DL when he starts roughing up his QB? DL are going to have a mental edge on this guy because they know he is soft. Ireland has to be asking himself why did I draft this guy. Oh and I wonder what Parcels thinks about all this? Parcels is all about picking big tough men to be on his team. He must be calling Ireland and asking how the heck did you end up with this guy?

martin needs to find a different line of work

Can Garner plug Incognito hole?

Mc Kinney
Poncey (may be not Hernadezgate)

Lyle Alzado say if he was still alive?

Orlando Dolphan | November 01, 2013 at 07:18 PM

ROTFF LHFAO! along with John Matuszak, Harvey Martin, Deacon Jones & all those Old School Big Timers!

We need to sing OL fast, 2 players are in imvo

In the old days this problem would have been solved. You take those two guys out and line them up against each other. Let them solve their problems mano a mano. Make Martin stand up to Incognito. Let him knock Incognito on his butt and have him earn his respect. If he cannot do it, then you cut him because he does not cut it as a football player. In these days, you bring in union lawyers to solve the problem. It makes you want to barf. C'mon this is football!

Orlando Dolphan | November 01, 2013 at 07:31 PM

Your missing a BIG part of the story! Honey Suckle (My new name for 71) was put in a Hospital to treat the psychiatric trauma he suffered at the hands of Cogs and Org. as a whole (understand the claims are made Vs. the Org. as a WHOLE!) during what is claimed to be an abusive environment were he was harassed and bullied.

The grievance filed by his parents who were described on ESPN's NFL Insiders (by Cris Mortenson) simply as Harvard Lawyers. They have stated that if the Players Association (NFLPA) and the League Office don't deal with this matter a satisfactory solution they will take legal action Vs. Incognito and the Dolphins. I C H I T you NOT! Heard it twice with my own ears!

Nice win last night but that don't change underlying problems

Posted by: cocoajoe | November 01, 2013 at 06:24 PM

cocoajoe..... With all respect...

Name a team that DOESN'T have underlying problems. There isn't a team in the NFL that doesn't have warts. Think teams like New England, Denver, New Orleans and Kansas City don't have "Serious deficiencies?".... Let the QB on any of the 4 I mentioned go down for 5 games and then come back and tell me about them not having "Underlying issues"...
That is just one example of 32 teams with 10,000 different scenarios... We don't hear or see that many because we are not bombarded with the day to day activities of every team in the NFL and Miami fans have a REALLY nasty habit of actually believing EVERYTHING here is worse then elsewhere. Part of that is the Northeastern Media Bias that despises South Florida... and some is bias from teams fans who Miami beat senseless for years on end on the way to being the 3rd highest winning % sport franchise in America (Behind Dallas and Chicago)...
The rest comes from Mismanagement starting in 2000 and just now getting better.
Here is some FACTS... 27% of the players starting for the Miami Dolphins this year were either on other teams or in the NCAA last year. 10 free agents are starting... plus rookies and walk on's.... The QB is in his second year... he has 24 regular season NFL starts. I listened to the NFL channel jerk off Dalton last night for 3 hours prior to the game... They had Cincy a Superbowl contender... Dalton has an entire year on Tannehill and played 16 more NCAA starts.
Until the REALITY of allowing a team to develop... jell and become a REAL TEAM who knows each other and EXACTLY what the guy next to them will do next... we are going to have "underlying issues".... Elite teams are born and tested by fire and adversity... Not by hiring and firing coaches and GM's till ya win... 3 years from day one.... it will take 3 years from day one for this team to say it is among the AFC leaders. We are 1 1/2 years into it. If they are not there in 4 years you start to make BIG changes in staff and key personnel... if you do it every time you team takes a slide or faces a losing streak... You will go another 4 years waiting for what you already paid for to happen again.... I can't explain it any better... The fans of this team can either face the tough days and adversity along with the team... or move on. But doing the same thing over and again expecting different results is insanity personified....

If Martin is gay this is something different than bullying. The NFL would look into this matter if that is the case for sure.

Incognito will likely be suspended.

No more are the Players entering the NFL most ignorant, uneducated brutes where you had to treat them as such. Fortunately, there is a much higher % now than even 10 years ago of Educated and highly Educated Players from Educated and highly Educated Families and they have to be treated accordingly by Players, Coaches and FO. Again, these are radically New Times that demand rapid and radical Adaptation.

Thanks for the information fin4life. His parents are coming out to defend him. Now I know that Martin has problems. How did this guy make it this far? A nervous breakdown and a law suit because Incognito bullied him, I am stunned. How old is Martin? He is like a little boy. I would have begged my parents not to file a lawsuit. Is he not embarrassed by this? He has to walk into a locker room and face big tough guys again. Maybe he is not planning on playing football again? If leaves the Dolphins, I don't think that there is a football coach that would want him on the team.

Oh Lord!!

Can Martin ever be trusted again is the question?

Teams are going to rip him at the line of scrimmage He gave them plenty of ammo.

Its like he has no heart. After all this, he can become better or worse.

This thing can really become a huge problem for us

Both his parents went to Harvard. No wonder he is soft.

J Martin = Another Irescum bust

I listened to the NFL channel jerk off Dalton last night for 3 hours prior to the game... They had Cincy a Superbowl contender... Dalton has an entire year on Tannehill and played 16 more NCAA starts.

Occum.... | November 01, 2013 at 07:53 PM

I found that given a slanted view considering not only the starts but the fact Dalton came in with and grew up with AJ Green and Gresham, a good to solid OL and motivated Cedric Benson . ALL BIG parts/factors of his rapid early success. Since I've found him to be fairly accurate and strong armed enough to hit intermediate to deep out routes but can be had in the middle of the field by shifting coverage's. I watch and get what I see as well and so far you can't claim him a slam dunk superior talent.

By the way that was a good post along with a few others you've dropped today that I've read. Haven't seen your screen name before so welcome aboard. Another good poster with solid views to debate is always welcome!

I would not play Martin again if he comes back. He will make the fins a joke. He will be bullied by opposing defenses. If the league forces the dolphins to keep him, I would just keep him as my 4th backup on the team behind Dallas Thomas. There is no way you can put this guy on the field again. Opposing defenses are going to eat this guy for lunch now that they know he is a wimp. The sport of football features gladiators and tough guys and these guys are looking for an edge. They will always have it against Martin. D-linemen are going to breath fire and snarl when they line up against him.

Doesnt Martin remind you of Saban fav Manny Wright??

If so, I'm sure there have been and are many great Players that were/are gay. Marving Fleming was a good Player and he was gay. Lombardi rode him unmercifully and finally traded him to us. Shula treated him fairly and he was an important part of our SB Teams. I am sure that's not the whole story here even if he is so.

Maybe he is not planning on playing football again? If leaves the Dolphins, I don't think that there is a football coach that would want him on the team.

Orlando Dolphan | November 01, 2013 at 08:01 PM

You know what I think he may have just quit on the game as you've stated. He has a Stanford degree and was accepted to Harvard Graduate School when we drafted him (probably on family pull as well) So maybe the idea is going into the family business but like yourself after I heard on NFL Insider what was actually going on I thought like you that there isn't a Locker Room that would truly want him again and his psychiatric meltdown aside he has to know what this will do which is make him the ultimate outsider.

He broke up with Luck eh?

So he leaves for 3 weeks, comes back out of shape. Then what?

Doesnt Martin remind you of Saban fav Manny Wright??

Nat Moore | November 01, 2013 at 08:12 PM

Yeah but that was even more pathetic given the huge Manny Wright was brought to tears on the field for being called stupid or something for forgetting his pads and when told to get them didn't return to the field. That by the way in the ERA of 7 RD Drafts costed us a 5th RD Supplemental pick in 06.

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