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Flex game PLUS Joe Philbin speaks

The Dolphins game against the San Diego Chargers Nov. 17 has been flexed by the NFL and instead of a 1 p.m. start will now begin at 4:05 p.m. That's actually something of an advantage for the west coast team whose players are more accustomed to later starting times for games.

Coach Joe Philbin, meanwhile, met with the media Friday. This is what he said:

(Opening statement) – “I thought it was a real team win last night. We talked to our players in the meetings before the game at the hotel that the real key was going to be how we played the game, not necessarily whether we played under or over or whether we ran the ball or threw the ball, but the play speed and that we would have to stick together and find a way with all three phases contributing to win the game. I thought that happened.”

(On if the coaching staff was able to get any sleep with the late night) -   “Yeah I think so. I think guys got some sleep. We came back a little bit later than normal. Yeah, when I got home I would like to get home a little earlier than that. Given the circumstances, I’ll take it.”

(On if running the football is the new blueprint for the offense or if it’s a product of matchups) - “I think we always felt like running the ball against (the Bengals) was going to be a good option. As you know, they have an excellent front-four. They have an excellent pass rush. They had an excellent blitz package. We wanted to keep the sticks in a manageable situation. So running the ball was part of that, and we had some success doing it. Usually, again, you have to adjust during the course of the game, but if something is working well typically you stick with it.”

(On Will Yeatman’s role as a third offensive tackle) – “I thought he made a nice contribution. Again, I think part of it would be how productive we were. We had some success with him in the game. We got a fair number of snaps.”

(On if the idea of a safety was even in the back of his mind before it happened) - “You are always optimistic and always thinking possible takeaway. I was thinking maybe a takeaway in disrupting the quarterback’s rhythm and timing, tip the pass or hit him while he’s throwing the ball. I can’t sit here honestly that I was thinking we were going to get a safety right then, but I’m glad we did.”

(On if there is a bullying problem in the locker room) – “Again, I’ll repeat what I said. I’m aware of this report. I can say without question that we emphasize a culture of team-first accountability and respect for one another. Any behavior that deviates from that is inconsistent from the values of our organization. That’s all I’ll say in regards to that.”

(On if he has seen anything first-hand that he would consider bullying or harassment) -  “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated.”

(On if the bullying problem is a matter the coaching staff is looking into) - “I think I’ve responded to those questions already.”

(On if he thinks there will be any discipline as he looks into the locker room situation) - “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated. I’ve responded to those questions.”

(On if he was concerned about the field condition last night) - “I walked the field before the game. It seemed very good. In warm-ups everything seemed good. A couple of their players slipped a few times, and a couple of our guys slipped. I’m not exactly sure why. It looked like it was in very good shape.”

(On how he assess where the team is right now) - “Well there’s been a lot of good things on film, and there’s been things that aren’t so good. The big thing we have to stress moving forward is more consistency and more completeness in our play for 60 minutes or 67 minutes or 68 minutes, however long it was last night. We have to find a way to plan more consistently throughout the course of the game.”

(On the play of the defensive line other than Cam Wake) - “We had good contribution from a lot of guys up front. They did a good job. Obviously the second half we had a hard time getting off the field. Some of that was them. Some of that was other guys. Some of that’s a credit to Cincinnati’s offense. They executed well. I thought overall it was good.”

(On how Tyson Clabo played) - “He did a nice job. He did a nice job, yep.”

(On if it was nice to see Tyson Clabo play after everything that had happened) - “Absolutely, yes.”

(On if the leadership council will talk about Jonathan Martin) - “Again, any of those discussions that would take place with the leadership council would be between myself and them.”

(On if a win fixes or puts a band-aid on a locker room issue) - “I think we talked last Monday when we got together as a team, we talked about a family atmosphere. You are part of a family when you are on a team. You mentioned it. There’s 61 players, 20 coaches, and you have to have each other’s back. The theme for the week was we have to stick together and play like a team. The scheme wasn’t the important thing we wanted to emphasize last night. We wanted to emphasize playing like a team, sticking together and having everybody’s backs. I think the film bore that out. That’s what happened.”

(On if everything he had to deal with in the past week was the toughest test for him as a coach) - “Again, it’s not a comparison. You deal with reality as it is. I don’t necessarily compare this week to last week or this year to last year. You deal with the situations that pop-up one day at a time. At the end of the day, the way my brain works you think about why you are in coaching and the privilege and responsibility you have to represent the Miami Dolphins and to coach this football team. It’s an honor to do it, and you deal with things as they come.”

(On if there is a relief for the team after the victory) - “Not necessarily. Again, it’s one day at a time. It’s one game at a time. You keep things in perspective. You remember why you are in coaching, why you are doing these things. You go to work every single day. The idea of getting this team better and playing up to their potential, that’s what your job is as a coach. Sometimes stuff happens. Stuff happens in a family. Some of it is not always great, and you have to deal with it. That’s what we do.”

(On if he is satisfied with the chemistry on the team) - “I told (the team) again in our team meeting on Monday, the thing is I’ve never been on a team or a part of a team where there wasn’t respect among the players amongst themselves in the locker room, the staff amongst themselves, the players respecting the coaches and the coaches respecting the players. If you don’t have that in this league, in Pop Warner, in high school or college, you don’t have a chance. You have no chance. I believe strongly in the men we have in the locker room. I believe strongly in the staff. I don’t think you get a performance we had last night. It’s not perfect. There’s a lot of stuff to work on, a ton of it. However, I think the character of the football team was revealed.”

(On Lamar Miller’s performance) - “He’s been very productive as of late. He’s a guy who’s got very good ability, good vision and he’s starting to make more people miss. Early in the season I think he was kind of getting what was there. Now you are seeing some things where he is breaking some tackles. He’s kind of showing that illusiveness you kind of want to see out of a running back. Yeah, aside from carrying the ball a little too loose down there I think he’s doing some very good things.”

(On what the team’s wide receiver trio contributed in last night’s game)  – “I thought those guys made a nice contribution. Let’s call it what it is, it wasn’t the biggest day we’ve ever had throwing the football from a yardage standpoint, yards-per-catch, all of that stuff. But I thought they contributed to the game-plan well."

(On if the sack for the safety was an impactful play for the season)  – “It was a big play. We talked to the guys about if you analyze the season (and) look at the three wins early. We made plays in the fourth quarter. We made plays that decided the outcome of the games. If you look at the next stretch we went through, we made some but we didn’t make enough. Again, we had to come back. We had to put together a drive to force the game into overtime, which showed a lot about our offense. We kicked the ball and punted the ball back down there deep. Then our defense came up huge. It was a big play.”

(On what Caleb Sturgis showed rebounding from the missed field goal in the first half)  – “Just like we talked about with the rest of the team, (Caleb Sturgis) showed some resiliency. He showed the character of the individual that he is. I just watched again this morning on tape. (It had) all the qualities of a good kick, good fundamentals, the plant, the timing, the operation were all there. It was a big kick.”

(On if Bengals’ running back Giovani Benard’s 35-yard touchdown run was a great play from the runner or fundamental issues from the defense)  – “Yes and yes. Again, I don’t want to oversimplify the game of football. You can overanalyze schemes. I think Cincinnati has an excellent coaching staff, but if you just analyze the play call you would say, ‘Is that a great play call or is that a great individual effort?’ It certainly wasn’t a bad play call, but that was a tremendous individual effort by a football player making a play. That’s really what football is all about. Can we tackle better on that play? Absolutely, 100 percent. We have to tackle better. However that’s really what the game of football in the NFL is all about. It’s about guys stepping up and making plays. We have an obligation to put them in a position to make plays. But there’s no magic plays out there. Teams are well-coached on both sides of the ball. Teams have good players on both sides of the ball. That was a heck of a run. It was a heck of a run.”


(On having Cam Wake healthy and if he was limited in previous games because of his injury)  – “He was healthy and ready to go in those games. You want to have a gradual return for a player. Certainly you can feel his presence a little more. You can’t deny that. You can feel his presence.”


(On Dimitri Patterson’s strong performance this season) – “He’s been very instinctual. The thing I think is he’s put himself into position in terms of reading the routes based on what coverage he’s in. He’s very good at the top of the route. He transitions very well. He can plant and break on a ball. You’ve seen some of that on some of those interceptions. He’s certainly made a difference when he’s out there.”


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Law suit coming.

Your shifty over?

We won without him against a good pass rush. The team ran for 165 yards. Tanne didn't fumble. Tanne didn't throw any ints.

JMart ain't no foozeball player.

I told you that Martin leaving could have worked in a + manner for us. It did. Lookidat, he left the Team, Incognito left the Game and we won!

"Florida #1 Education" is the Jonathan Martin of this blog.
Dolphins in Depth is a winner without him.

Many times, the System in this Country is abusive. As $ primes here, the best way to protect yourself from abuse is to threaten legal action where $ interests are affected. They will immediately treat you much better. Indeed.

But the best way to defend yourself from abusive Systems is to threaten suicide.(funny this subject came up here as it is a related topic as in another Blog I write on.) If there is anything respected in this World is Mental Health, for obvious reasons, as the Mind governs everything else. The Fear of God is put into any System when an individual or a group threaten suicide. Even Totalitarian governments tremble in fear upon, for instance, hunger strikes and other kinds of immolations. Is it a manipulation of the System by those individuals threating it with self-inflicted harm? Indeed. But again, many times it is the only way that individuals can defend themselves against abusive Systems.

Perhaps the dysfunction on O-line is a reflection of the coaches and management for letting this situation get to this point.

If this group was a TEAM... and a colleague was struggling mentally or physically... perhaps they'd help and provide support... not bully the guy to make it worse.

I'm not saying JM is the next Richmond Webb... but at least give the guy the best opportunity to succeed.

That's what successful organizations do... support, train, nurture... then take it from there. Give a talented athlete opportunity.

Where were his teammates?
Where was his position coach?
Where was the HC? GM

Microcosm of the dysfunction that a feature of this team.

Martin said in a text to Cogs. and I quote "I don't blame you guys at all". So you guys can stop all the speculation. Just give Martin time to get his head right.

Opposing NFL players are going to harp on him so badly when they're in the middle of the game. If opposing players already trash talk enough to get into their opponents heads imagine how much crap Martin is going to get. For a smart guy he didn't really think this through. Smart guy would have calmly walked out, told the coach what was up, and then stepped away for a couple of weeks with the coaches backing him up claiming he's "ill". Would have been believable and wouldn't have caused a circus.

He also said, "it's just the culture around football and the locker room that got to me a little bit", dear. See, oscar canosa and Arnsybill above.

It's not like opposing teams wouldn't be talking trash to Martin anyhow. I'm sure he only cares about what his family, friends and teammates have to say.

And the speculation above about the dysfunction of the team is silly. You know there is dysfunction on the team how? and his teammates and the team were supposed to know he had issues why? Do they employ mind readers? Silly.

That quote by Martin...about not blaming you guys to Cogs blows up all the bullying BS that people are talking about the team and Cogs. A lot of people including the media are so gullible and should feel silly. I don't care if people have a guess what happened or want to speculate but don't talk like it's a fact and turn it up a few notches.

Seriously, this whole thing is more like tabloid news than news. Next up how..Martin was abducted by aliens.

I tell ya... There's Two New Worlds now. We will keep on saying it until you understand it, or go to hell.

While I'm sympathetic to the effects of bullying, and don't blame Martin for having a breakdown, I agree with odin that it's inexcusable to leave your team during the Season. This isn't high school, you're being paid (handsomely) to do a job. You have resources (coaches, GM, Owner) to resolve these issues and move on. ESPECIALLY on such a short week. Martin put the team in a huge hole, very selfish on his part. Sorry what you're going through dude, but it's not

...all about you.

Martin will never play another down in the NFL. He is Kaput, and absolutely not needed on this team. The scouting reports were absolutely right about him being "soft."
You can bet that if he was on the Patriots or Jets and this happened that ESPN would not even report it.

If the offense plays with a "run first" mentality, this team could win the rest of their games, given the remaining schedule. That's a mighty big IF. I don't trust the coaching staff will take on that approach.

I'm all for the run first mentality. Like I said earlier it's expecting a lot for T- hill to have to carry this team. Miller can break some runs and is a weapon. Still not sold on Thomas.

I find it hard to believe that "bullying;' is the core issue at hand here. I just don't see Martin leaving the team over a pre-school level prank that reportedly happened in the cafeteria. Things like that happen all the time in schools arounnd the world.

No, I see this as something bigger. Maybe he is suffereing with mental issues (depression is what comes to my mind) or maybe he has been under severe stress (maybe he is gay and has been trying to hide that from the world - I am not trying to be funny). I just get the sense from this kid's background and level of 'smarts' he is reported to have, that he may have stormed out immediately following this 'bullying' incident but I just truly believe the core issue he is contending with is something much bigger and deaper.

That all said, I don't really care about any of this. I am a TEAM first guy. No player is ever more important than the team. This player has never been a top performer. He is important as a two year starter. But lets face it this OLINE is the core weakness of this team and other than Pouncey I just don't see any of them, including Martin, as being that good. He may be a starter but that doesn't mean he is a top talent that the team should tolerate instability from.

I wish him the best personally as I'd hate to see any young person suffer with severe mental issues. But for the sake of this season and the long term success of this team, I say that Ireland and Philbin need to move on. I thought the line functioned just as well (meaning average at best) with Clabo, Garner, and Yeatman). I think they will end up placing him on the unable to perform list and add a backup lineman for the balance of the season.

For all of you people saying how "tough" Martin should be- I think back to the mid 1990s with the Washington Redskins. Michael Westbrook the wide receiver on tape literally beating the daylights out of Stephen Davis the oversized running back. Or Jimmy Johnson the former UM coach stating how Michael Irvin the skinny freshman receiver beating the snot out of a bigger linebacker in the lunch room line. Point is, it doesn't matter how big you are, if you can't fight you can't fight.

This whole J Martin episode should've just been kept in house. On the heels of Pouncey getting served, the last thing they need is to now have 3 starting OL possibly out of action, all together at some point, and then what?

Focus on not laying an egg on a more downtrodden opponent like the Buccaneers and posting another win.
Winning can help or even erase many situations.


There is typically minor rookie hazing in the NFL but Fox Sports said this went beyond that for Martin, a 6-foot-5, 312-pound tackle who was Miami's second-round pick out of Stanford last year. Fox Sports' Alex Marvez wrote that it's believed the team knew about the bullying but didn't step in, and the team's veterans didn't step in either.

Sad situation but the O-line stepped up without him in there. I think we will be okay and hopefully he will too. Will he ever play again???

Incognito is a JACKASS and should be cut immediately.

You playing the foosball behind my back???

Ireland and Philbin should be fired for allowing this to happen.

Cogs is kind of a Jack!ass...it can be nice to have one of those guys on your OL though...I personally don't think Cogs has played well at all since mid-season last year...he should try to be replaced in off-season...

What has Cogs done exactly to be called that? The only thing I've seen reported is players walked away from a lunch table when Martin sat down. That makes him a jackass?

What are the stats to show Cogs hasn't played well? How many sacks, hits or hurries has he given up since last year?

Enjoy the 1 game win streak homers, its going to get fugly from here on out.
THIS is a bad football team folks eh?

GAMEPLAN - tampabay

i think a major factor in this win over the bengals had to be the success and implamentation of a soundly designed run based package that caught the bengals by surprise as they as well as fans alike have not seen this before. i think the bengals were anticipating an offense more like what they had studied on tape, they were NOT prepared for this..how could they possibly be...that being said, and the point made that unpredictability and the element of surprise played well into our favor, miami would only benefit by more unpredictability. if miami can start infusing some strecth plays, some pistol, and a gadget play or two, this offense may be able to keep defenses guessing. the most important lesson that this game has taught our staff is that unpredictability is a HUGE advantage, and thus should be utilized whenEVER needed.

Bucs 13
gold fish 2 eh?

Did Irescum do ANY research on Martin BEFORE he drafted him? WTF?

Obviously, Philbin has no control over his team....

Dog Crap > Ape Tamer

I'd rather watch college football...then chat with these knuckleheads come on 12 pm. Can't you guys come up with new trollish takes? You guys are just too easy.

Posted by: budtki@verizon.net...it makes me crazy our offense is so predictable at times. Especially on 3rd down and short.

Trolls 86
homers 0 eh?

I agree Philbin should be fired for allowing this to go on for a year and a half. Its inexcusable.

You homers have been wrong for the past 5 seasons and way beyond.
homers = DENSE eh?


Do you think Philbin will be forced to resign? He probably should.

one thing this win over the bengals has taught me is that UNPREDICTABITLIY or installing a new offensive design is the biggest weopon available to any coach on any team that will provide the greatest chance of success. think about it, a team in turmoil, against huge odds on a short week playing a team many analysts predicted to be a superbowl contender...yep, that sums it up for me. it must have been extremly time consuming, it must have been a lot of work, but it paid HUGE dividends. there is no way that cincinati could have possibly prepared for that. this a gargantuen lesson, and a key to winning against the best opponants. now is it possible to have such a scheme ready to go for EVERY opponant? no. but it should be possible to have something similar tucked away in the event that we find ourselves behind in another CRITICAL game, or if we find ourselves playing in a win or go home scenario...the benefit of even having small wrinkles to implement into any game may be the deciding factor in these close games we have been accustom to.

Ross should fire Cognito and Philbin and make a statement that bullying will no longer be allowed on his Dolphins.

Serena Williams should go kick Cognito arse eh?

On the Martin issue, I think there is a lot of speculation with few facts. Martin himself has come out on FaceBook and said basically that. If there was in fact "bullying" there is the possibility that someone crossed the line. Everyone has a breaking point and some pranks can go from funny to cruel pretty quickly-to start making accusations that Martin is "soft" when we don't have any facts is way premature. It would be a strange occurrence if someone, especially a lineman, made it all the way through high-school, college and his second year of pro-football by being "soft". All that said, I am not sure why anyone on the Dolphins team, who is living through a four game losing streak wants to joke around in the first place, that would be my concern.

Hey Incognito is a jerk in and out of the locker room ,everybody in and around the nfl know that. However that is one of the reasons we like having him around, because his of his toughness. I think it's time drop this jerk with a kick in the ass and if any of these coaches especially o- line coach knew of this give him a double kick in the ass. Neither of them to ever return to nfl under any venue.(player,coach,commentator,water boy,janitor)etc.

It's clear that J. Martin had issues before coming to the Dolphins. This is something that Ireland should knew. But as usual, his incompetence didnt allow to spot this.
Hope that Martin is ok, but this guy doesnt fit anymore here, just like Ireland.
As comcerns Thursday's game, it was so strange and weird game, all night long.
We pulled out a fragile victory. It was awsome, but it means nothing. The team is very inconsistent, and coaches are still in the limbo. It was a so strange: bad calls, lots of missed tackles, lack of time psession on the 3rd, pusillanimous decisions by Philbin on challenges and 3rds and inches, etc. etc. Where's Jordan ?
The positives: Wake is back, the ofense played solid but needs to be more agresive on 3rd dows. The secondary played ok.
I honestly dont see the Dolphins making the playoffs, unless some phase transition occurs suddenly. In the mean time, as fans, we got nothing than keep heart-attacking every match.


This is less Tabloid News than all the other Matt Moore is better than Tannehill News. The Sherman Can't Call Plays News. Philbin Can't Coach News. At least this is Real News.

J.Martin is a Big Honey Bear.

At first I thought you could come back from this, but the more I think of it. Martin should Retire. Or at least he shouldn't start the rest of the season. Only bring him in on 6 Linemen package and to relieve the two old tackles.

Incognito should be asked to donate $50k to an Anti-Bullying Campaign and serve 1000 Hr Community service.

Also, Incognito should return All Photo's he has of J.Martin dressed up in his Lucha Libre Costume as "Captain Weirdo", Immediately.

If you're Philbin, how do you ever trust JM again? And don't you have enough to worry about without having to play elementary school teacher on the playground? Martin has 2 years left on his rookie contract. That means cutting your losses won't cost the team much at all.

I'd expect bullying a 60 pound kid in basic school by a OL player schoolmate. But to say that Martin was bullied, this is ridiculous. He can defend himself, that's what he's paid for everyday, bodyguarding T-hill. He could have punched Incognito in the face or any other player for that matter and send him f()€)ck himself.
Bullying in the NFL, come on, this is not kindergarden.


Posted by: TruthhurTs | November 02, 2013 at 10:04 AM

I watch the GAMES and have EYES...

I suppose D. Bryan was bullyed by Ireland when he was asked about his mother's job.
Ireland, you're the nastiest bully ! Not even Angel eyes or Tuco Ramirez are as bad as softy Ireland.

The NFL is becoming a joke. Bunch of hypocrites !

I've tried to avoid commenting on the "Martin" issue for the simple fact that this is a case of a perpetrator claiming to be a victim. After reading all of the posts I can see how this "story" has taken on a life of it's own and has been blown completely out of proportion.

I was a victim and a perpetrator of practical jokes and hazing in my days of playing organized sports. It's your welcome mat into manhood. Weak minded and sensitive individuals have no place in this particular sport and should have known exactly what they were going to be subjected to when they joined. There is no room in this game for "crybabies" and they are treated accordingly.

This situation will only serve as a major distraction to the team and to the organization ending with the eventual departure of Martin.

This story is not about bullying, but is about a disgruntled player who decided to look for a way out without having to take the responsibility of being a man among men.

He clearly stated his move to RT would be a non issue and stated as such in his interview right after it happened. You are expected in a team sport to do what ever it takes to benefit the organization, the team, and your teammates. If this move was such a problem for him he should have filed a grievance with the league office and the union, which I am sure would have fallen on deaf ears considering the circumstances.

I blame the media for this mess more than I blame Martin for his indiscretion. This story should have never surfaced because it has no merit IMO. You get paid to do a job and you except the responsibility to act accordingly as a professional and running to mommy and daddy is not professional on any level.

" Richie Incognito told Darlington that he heard back from Martin on Friday after he'd reached out to him to see how Martin was doing.

In the middle of a conversation that lasted 19 texts, Martin wrote the following to Incognito: "Yeah, I'm good man. It's insane bro, but just know I don't blame you guys at all. It's just the culture around football, and the locker room got to me a little."

There...a non-story and does not even deserve the lip service it has received. This situation should have stayed in house and should have never been allowed to reach the mainstream media for obvious reasons.

The guy clearly has problems dealing with locker room antics and should have taken this to the league office or the union if he didn't get the result he was looking for from his superiors. SImple chain of command that was not followed from what I am understanding.

This story is a waste of type space and will continue to be given life as long as the media insists on making it more than it really is.

How do any of the players trust Philbin anymore when he's lost control of the team?

"Do you honestly believe that Martin's family would be thinking about litigation if this was just about some words?"

As a lawyer, I can only SMH at the notion that lawsuits have to have some merit to them.

Martin and the players union are going to sue the Dolphins for damages.

Martin should simply retire now and pursue Harvard. If he comes back most certainly he will ride the bench the rest of the season and then be cut on the off-season. Time to move on and get some OL in the off-season & draft.

The lawyers love these cases.

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