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Flex game PLUS Joe Philbin speaks

The Dolphins game against the San Diego Chargers Nov. 17 has been flexed by the NFL and instead of a 1 p.m. start will now begin at 4:05 p.m. That's actually something of an advantage for the west coast team whose players are more accustomed to later starting times for games.

Coach Joe Philbin, meanwhile, met with the media Friday. This is what he said:

(Opening statement) – “I thought it was a real team win last night. We talked to our players in the meetings before the game at the hotel that the real key was going to be how we played the game, not necessarily whether we played under or over or whether we ran the ball or threw the ball, but the play speed and that we would have to stick together and find a way with all three phases contributing to win the game. I thought that happened.”

(On if the coaching staff was able to get any sleep with the late night) -   “Yeah I think so. I think guys got some sleep. We came back a little bit later than normal. Yeah, when I got home I would like to get home a little earlier than that. Given the circumstances, I’ll take it.”

(On if running the football is the new blueprint for the offense or if it’s a product of matchups) - “I think we always felt like running the ball against (the Bengals) was going to be a good option. As you know, they have an excellent front-four. They have an excellent pass rush. They had an excellent blitz package. We wanted to keep the sticks in a manageable situation. So running the ball was part of that, and we had some success doing it. Usually, again, you have to adjust during the course of the game, but if something is working well typically you stick with it.”

(On Will Yeatman’s role as a third offensive tackle) – “I thought he made a nice contribution. Again, I think part of it would be how productive we were. We had some success with him in the game. We got a fair number of snaps.”

(On if the idea of a safety was even in the back of his mind before it happened) - “You are always optimistic and always thinking possible takeaway. I was thinking maybe a takeaway in disrupting the quarterback’s rhythm and timing, tip the pass or hit him while he’s throwing the ball. I can’t sit here honestly that I was thinking we were going to get a safety right then, but I’m glad we did.”

(On if there is a bullying problem in the locker room) – “Again, I’ll repeat what I said. I’m aware of this report. I can say without question that we emphasize a culture of team-first accountability and respect for one another. Any behavior that deviates from that is inconsistent from the values of our organization. That’s all I’ll say in regards to that.”

(On if he has seen anything first-hand that he would consider bullying or harassment) -  “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated.”

(On if the bullying problem is a matter the coaching staff is looking into) - “I think I’ve responded to those questions already.”

(On if he thinks there will be any discipline as he looks into the locker room situation) - “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated. I’ve responded to those questions.”

(On if he was concerned about the field condition last night) - “I walked the field before the game. It seemed very good. In warm-ups everything seemed good. A couple of their players slipped a few times, and a couple of our guys slipped. I’m not exactly sure why. It looked like it was in very good shape.”

(On how he assess where the team is right now) - “Well there’s been a lot of good things on film, and there’s been things that aren’t so good. The big thing we have to stress moving forward is more consistency and more completeness in our play for 60 minutes or 67 minutes or 68 minutes, however long it was last night. We have to find a way to plan more consistently throughout the course of the game.”

(On the play of the defensive line other than Cam Wake) - “We had good contribution from a lot of guys up front. They did a good job. Obviously the second half we had a hard time getting off the field. Some of that was them. Some of that was other guys. Some of that’s a credit to Cincinnati’s offense. They executed well. I thought overall it was good.”

(On how Tyson Clabo played) - “He did a nice job. He did a nice job, yep.”

(On if it was nice to see Tyson Clabo play after everything that had happened) - “Absolutely, yes.”

(On if the leadership council will talk about Jonathan Martin) - “Again, any of those discussions that would take place with the leadership council would be between myself and them.”

(On if a win fixes or puts a band-aid on a locker room issue) - “I think we talked last Monday when we got together as a team, we talked about a family atmosphere. You are part of a family when you are on a team. You mentioned it. There’s 61 players, 20 coaches, and you have to have each other’s back. The theme for the week was we have to stick together and play like a team. The scheme wasn’t the important thing we wanted to emphasize last night. We wanted to emphasize playing like a team, sticking together and having everybody’s backs. I think the film bore that out. That’s what happened.”

(On if everything he had to deal with in the past week was the toughest test for him as a coach) - “Again, it’s not a comparison. You deal with reality as it is. I don’t necessarily compare this week to last week or this year to last year. You deal with the situations that pop-up one day at a time. At the end of the day, the way my brain works you think about why you are in coaching and the privilege and responsibility you have to represent the Miami Dolphins and to coach this football team. It’s an honor to do it, and you deal with things as they come.”

(On if there is a relief for the team after the victory) - “Not necessarily. Again, it’s one day at a time. It’s one game at a time. You keep things in perspective. You remember why you are in coaching, why you are doing these things. You go to work every single day. The idea of getting this team better and playing up to their potential, that’s what your job is as a coach. Sometimes stuff happens. Stuff happens in a family. Some of it is not always great, and you have to deal with it. That’s what we do.”

(On if he is satisfied with the chemistry on the team) - “I told (the team) again in our team meeting on Monday, the thing is I’ve never been on a team or a part of a team where there wasn’t respect among the players amongst themselves in the locker room, the staff amongst themselves, the players respecting the coaches and the coaches respecting the players. If you don’t have that in this league, in Pop Warner, in high school or college, you don’t have a chance. You have no chance. I believe strongly in the men we have in the locker room. I believe strongly in the staff. I don’t think you get a performance we had last night. It’s not perfect. There’s a lot of stuff to work on, a ton of it. However, I think the character of the football team was revealed.”

(On Lamar Miller’s performance) - “He’s been very productive as of late. He’s a guy who’s got very good ability, good vision and he’s starting to make more people miss. Early in the season I think he was kind of getting what was there. Now you are seeing some things where he is breaking some tackles. He’s kind of showing that illusiveness you kind of want to see out of a running back. Yeah, aside from carrying the ball a little too loose down there I think he’s doing some very good things.”

(On what the team’s wide receiver trio contributed in last night’s game)  – “I thought those guys made a nice contribution. Let’s call it what it is, it wasn’t the biggest day we’ve ever had throwing the football from a yardage standpoint, yards-per-catch, all of that stuff. But I thought they contributed to the game-plan well."

(On if the sack for the safety was an impactful play for the season)  – “It was a big play. We talked to the guys about if you analyze the season (and) look at the three wins early. We made plays in the fourth quarter. We made plays that decided the outcome of the games. If you look at the next stretch we went through, we made some but we didn’t make enough. Again, we had to come back. We had to put together a drive to force the game into overtime, which showed a lot about our offense. We kicked the ball and punted the ball back down there deep. Then our defense came up huge. It was a big play.”

(On what Caleb Sturgis showed rebounding from the missed field goal in the first half)  – “Just like we talked about with the rest of the team, (Caleb Sturgis) showed some resiliency. He showed the character of the individual that he is. I just watched again this morning on tape. (It had) all the qualities of a good kick, good fundamentals, the plant, the timing, the operation were all there. It was a big kick.”

(On if Bengals’ running back Giovani Benard’s 35-yard touchdown run was a great play from the runner or fundamental issues from the defense)  – “Yes and yes. Again, I don’t want to oversimplify the game of football. You can overanalyze schemes. I think Cincinnati has an excellent coaching staff, but if you just analyze the play call you would say, ‘Is that a great play call or is that a great individual effort?’ It certainly wasn’t a bad play call, but that was a tremendous individual effort by a football player making a play. That’s really what football is all about. Can we tackle better on that play? Absolutely, 100 percent. We have to tackle better. However that’s really what the game of football in the NFL is all about. It’s about guys stepping up and making plays. We have an obligation to put them in a position to make plays. But there’s no magic plays out there. Teams are well-coached on both sides of the ball. Teams have good players on both sides of the ball. That was a heck of a run. It was a heck of a run.”


(On having Cam Wake healthy and if he was limited in previous games because of his injury)  – “He was healthy and ready to go in those games. You want to have a gradual return for a player. Certainly you can feel his presence a little more. You can’t deny that. You can feel his presence.”


(On Dimitri Patterson’s strong performance this season) – “He’s been very instinctual. The thing I think is he’s put himself into position in terms of reading the routes based on what coverage he’s in. He’s very good at the top of the route. He transitions very well. He can plant and break on a ball. You’ve seen some of that on some of those interceptions. He’s certainly made a difference when he’s out there.”


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Now Tony that is a story that deserves some attention IMO. The team won Thursday night not because they were coached up, but in spite of it. There are a great deal of internal issues in this organization and they manifest from the very top. If this team has any heart they will disregard the latest distractions and get down to the business of being professional football players, with or without the support of their superiors.

Anderson...you can make an argument that this story has substance, but really in reality you could bring a lawsuit against a dry donut chocking you into unconsciousness for that matter. I believe this entire situation has absolutely no merit. Even Martin in his texts to Cog is revealing and shows he simply has issues with hazing and locker room antics. I am sure he is a nice guy and is very highly educated for all accounts, but to run off to mom and dad to litigate an issue for you that clearly should have been dealt with in house is simply ridiculous and boarders on a more self serving agenda IMO.

Mondo you and Flo form PFT are beginning to get on my s*** list. You take a "tease" committed by several team mates, not just one. Martin is wrong wrong wrong. If he had a problem he should have contacted Philbin, but no he handled like a man and hauled ass and ran to mommy and daddy, now we understand how he keeps getting beat at LT. And yes, I have played the game and at a pretty high level, I know "team" thats something that you and Flo don't. You just repeat what your unnamed source tells you.

Well said AR and quite correct.

i wonder what bill bellichek would have done?

Posted by: isaac | November 02, 2013 at 04:52 AM

That's an easy one back in 2011 Randy Moss still a very important part of the Pats Offense told Brady to cut his hair cause he looked like a girl (remember that was the Yr. Brady had those Beiber curls) Brady told him to shave cause he looked like a Bum when Moss apparently went after Brady and was restrained by teammates. Belichik traded him in the following 48 Hrs. even though he had zero replacement for him losing his deep threat.

I'm done with the Jonathan Martin talk, unless it concerns his level of play if and when he ever returns.

Next up, Tampa Bay Bucs, right?

Great thing about having the Bucs next is they maybe the only NFL team with as much or more dysfunction as the Dolphins do. I would say there's 95% chance Greg Shiano does not return as their HC. Then 65% chance he does not make it to the end of the season.

But I love Tampa Bay's rb Doug Martin. Wished we had him on our team.

Armando I thought you were a Dolphin fan, seems to me like you are trying to cause more distractions by asking the same questions repeatedly? It's a team/personal matter leave at that. I personally like how the Dolphins organization handle these situations( Professional ) If you like all the drama go watch the Kardashian show.

Yeah Sam I agree, this story should have never gotten the attention that it certainly did not deserve. On to Tampa and our next victory.

Had we lost Thursday night I would pick the Bucs to win our next game. Since we did not lose, I'm giving us 7pts over the Bucs.

This should be our most comfortable win of the season. However, I will not bet the house on it. We seem to find ways to make any win difficult, no matter the level of our opponents.

WashPhinFan, this story will continue to be wind flamed by the media. Just doesn't mean we have to continue to talk about. In the end this story will have a way of finally extinguishing itself.

A better story would be Clabo redeeming himself in Martin's absence. Clabo making it difficult for Martin to reclaim his starting RT spot if and when he ever does return.

Martin should not have thrown his tray on the floor and ran from the room.

I've given this way more thought than I really care too. Martin should have slammed the tray over somebody's head, preferably not his own.

Then he should have started kicking over tables and cleared the Lunch Room!

Picture a 6-5 315 pound Offensive Lineman chasing teammates down the hallways with a food tray!

Huh? Now that's a story worth reading/reporting! I would have went out and bought his jersey on the strength of THAT alone!

But I love Tampa Bay's rb Doug Martin. Wished we had him on our team.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 02, 2013 at 03:02 PM

recently hurt and I believe lost for some time to them along with WR Mike Williams. It's on Glennon and new WR opposite VJ named Underwood to beat our D. I like us by 10 in this one and as UM LIFER hate to see Schiano fall so hard in the NFL but agree that he maybe done by Dec. when they maybe 0-12

Did anyone know our wr signed off of ps is a protoge' of Chris Chambers? I read he was in Miami the entire offseason working with Chambers to hone his wr skills.

So ironic he's now a Dolphin.

Yeah but Sam you have to admit their play lately has kept you on the edge of your seat. I enjoy close contested games, blow outs are not in the best interest of the league or in the TV ratings. Not one person here could convince me otherwise.

I say we keep it close, make our usual bone headed mistakes in the second half and pull away in the forth. I am not quite confident enough to predict a score with this squad. They are simply all over the place the last few games, hard to get a comfortable notion on this team as a whole this season.

Thanks fin4life I did not know this. With those two key offensive players out for the Bucs, it should hopefully make it much easier for our D to shut them down.

WashPhinFan, blowout? It would be nice to win a gain by at least a touchdown. lmao.


My bad, we beat the Browns 23-10. That's 13pt win margin.

Ross will likely settle with Martin rather than drag the Dolphin coaches and players thru the mud on failure to supervise.

Huh? Now that's a story worth reading/reporting! I would have went out and bought his jersey on the strength of THAT alone!

Posted by: odinseye | November 02, 2013 at 03:11 PM

You know I swear I thought the same thing!!! Can you imagine him with a metal trey running down a hallway screaming manically after someone!! I don't care who you are given it would have been spontaneous/unexpected and probably freaked a few out. Instead I read that when he slammed the trey he screamed "I hate all you guys" which is when the Lunch room burst into laughter and in honesty can anybody say that watching Big Baby do that they wouldn't have LTAO as well?

On your post last night when I thought you left I believe we should be able to beat Pitt. given I read that now DeCastro (who took out Pouncey) is now also out on that OL. If they lose to the Pats tomorrow I believe they pack in there Season now! The Bucs lost RB Martin and are now coming with rookie QB Glennon and the rest don't really strike fear. I believe 8-5 attainable as well.

Would love to draft Duke Johnson(The U) in 2014. Johnson and Miller would make a sick rb combo.

I could never see the Steelers ever packing it in on Mike Tomlin no matter their record.

Regardless of their record, I can still see the Steelers beating any NFL team that doesn't come in with their A-game.

Duke Johnson is nothing. Very mediocre back.

If W.Yeatman use to be a TE, could we open up that part of the 6 Linemen next game. Like an Onion, expose a new layer every week.

D.Jordan should see more time at LB.

Yes, D.Jordan can't set the Edge as a DE yet. But he can set the edge as a 4-3 LB.

Why do you think the Fins are OK with Wake not being really good at Run Stopping. Because K.Misi is like Having another DE behind Wake. It would be the same with O.Vernon and D.Jordan.

The 4 game skid and wicked win against a good Bengals team should really work as a "Head Cleaner".

The Martin incident, or at least all the allegations of dysfunction should serve as a unifying factor.

The 11 days to prepare for the Buc's should help across the board. It gives us time to get healthy and time to really implement our new found identity.

I think Philbin and Sherman cannot deny how much better we are as team when we run the ball successfully. Regardless of the type of offense they envisioned us running.

The 11 days should help and the Buc's game should be used as a tune up game to workout our new type of game plan. Not to overlook the Buc's. On the contrary, we need this game to really unveil our new strategies and really run it up on them!

We went 4-4 in the first half of the season. A 3 game win streak and a horrific 4 game skid. Ultimately, a great learning opportunity. The schedule the second half of the season SHOULD be slightly better/easier. So, if we improve by a game the second half of the season we go 9-7.

Is it doable? Can we go 5-3 the rest of the way? Better maybe?

I said all that to say this: I think Sherman/Philbin were pushing it. With the 3-0 start, it affected them like it did us fans. So they tried to get too much too soon. Like I said above, a learning process. I see them finishing it out by going back to Football 101. Strong running and solid D. I think that will makes us better and guarantee a solid second half to the season.

My original prediction was 9-7 and I stand by it-LOL!

I can't remember the Dolphins actually pounding anyone into submission at home with the aid of the 1:00 p.m. South Florida heat since maybe the 2005 season opener when the Broncos were legitimatley spent in the 2nd half and wilted. Anymore, the Dolphins are always the team that looks gassed in their own stadium. Shula must be spinning in his wheelchair watching that.

I am not sure 8-5 is realistic. This team needs to learn to win in the forth quarter. Our second halves this season (for the exception of the first three wins) have been horrid. Defense needs to stop giving up big plays on third downs and the offense needs to run the ball consistently regardless of how many bodies are on the line for the defense we face. Penalties and turnovers have killed drives late in games (albeit I blame the penalties on over zealous refs) and should be addressed with extreme prejudice.

If we continue blowing large leads in the second half of the remaining games this season I would be more inclined to believe an 8-8 season would be more realistic.

Ross will likely settle with Martin rather than drag the Dolphin coaches and players thru the mud on failure to supervise.

Posted by: Vazman | November 02, 2013 at 03:21 PM

Probably right.

I could never see the Steelers ever packing it in on Mike Tomlin no matter their record.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 02, 2013 at 03:27 PM

You haven't been paying a great deal of attention on what's been going on in Pitt. this Yr. then. Big Ben and OC Todd Haley hate each other to the point that Rothlisberger has been seen ignoring him and walking away from him on the sidelines. That team is in disarray with zero interior OL. The D won't quit on him but he's stuck with the O problem which has him at 2-5.

Why do you think the Fins are OK with Wake not being really good at Run Stopping. Because K.Misi is like Having another DE behind Wake. It would be the same with O.Vernon and D.Jordan.

Posted by: Dashi | November 02, 2013 at 03:33 PM

They might as well play Jordan at OLB, Wheeler just ain't getting it done.

I've been saying this since draft day anyways.

I thought it would be Ellerbe, Wheeler and Jordan giving us one of the better linebacking crews. But Misi has been a BIG surprise.

So I agree Dashi, Vernon has steadily improved and deserves playing time. Jordan seems like a perfect fit at OLB in this Defense, so why not?

Like I've said since draft day, it gets our best 11 on the field. No brainer in my opinion.

PS: I loved the way Jordan played against Gronk! Jordan could have played better, but after all, Gronk is considered one of the best. Jordan handled it!

C'Mon Coyle!!!!

My original prediction was 9-7 and I stand by it-LOL!

Posted by: odinseye | November 02, 2013 at 03:36 PM

I wish we would have all kept them because I had us at 10-6 this Yr. finishing strong after a tough 2-2 start.

Posted by: odinseye | November 02, 2013 at 03:36 PM


I hope we do better than the last time we had extra time to prepare.

The Bucs game is the classic trap game for us. They have some talent but their star RB and #2 WR are out. We all know about their QB situation and they have plenty on controversy of their own.

I hope we don't fall into the trap. This is the NFL. You still have to show up and play hard for 60 minutes.

The ghost of Bill Parcells; The Dolphins have guards that can not get out there to implement the screen pass as Buffalo did to beat the Dolphins. The coaches have to get the correct scheme to go along with the current skill set of the OL. The Dolphins will most likely go after two OG's and two OT's in free agency and the draft but who knows what an inept GM will do.


I wouldn't argue because you're right, this team has been all over the place.

Having said that, we've almost dominated opponents in the first half. Even in our losses. My theory goes like this: We go back to ball control power running. Which in turn keeps our D a lot fresher and hopoefully makes their job easier.

In this way, we're hopefully better at protecting the leads we've been able to rack up in the first half.

That's all theory and speculation of course. But that's how I formed my "Homer Opinion" on this one. I still see us going 9-7 and with any luck or some breaks, maybe even a game or two better.

For me, even 8-8 is wishful thinking. I just don't trust Tannehill's accuracy, not yet anyway. Needs far more consistency with his accuracy.

I'm still very fearful Tannehill will lead another receiver into a season ending hit. Exactly what has happened with Keller and now Gibson.

This offense is far from skilled enough to lose another key receiver. We'll struggle to score 13pts per game. Which, btw, is the offensive scoring output for Thursday night's Bengal game.

We're not going to see the defense score 9pts as they did against the Bengals. Sorry guys, just not able to consistently trust Tannehill's accuracy right now until he begins to CONSISTENTLY prove otherwise.

PS: I loved the way Jordan played against Gronk! Jordan could have played better, but after all, Gronk is considered one of the best. Jordan handled it!

C'Mon Coyle!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | November 02, 2013 at 03:47 PM

Teams are running more at Wake given he's almost always out of Pos. on run plays allowing Misi alot of clean up. Agreed he's been very improved in pass D however. I've been saying it since some of us agreed (odin) that we didn't want a situational anything in a trade up for the 3rd overall selection that going 3/4 with this personnel is the best move right now.

Coyle from the school of Zim is hell bent on the 4/3 but we fit better in a 3/4 and would bet if he were to be replaced with Sherman at Seasons end given the immense drop off Defensively in ranking that any incoming Coach will look at this team and switch schemes.

Starks, Solia and Odrick make the best sense at DL (and resigning one while tying another one up with the tag maybe necessary) Then go WOLB Wake (rushing OLB) Inside Ellerbee (can use his pass coverage ability which he showed off in Balt. better) with my surprise guy Misi moving inside and Jordan on the SOLB spot. I know at SOLB we sacrifice some of DJ's pass rushing but benefit from his ability to basically run with the T.E. off the line in man and how many 3/4 teams can say that about their SOLB not needing Safety help because the Steelers Woodley as good as he is can't say it for example. This makes the best sense for me but what the hell do I know?

Plus, anything's possible against us with our 3rd and long defense. Even practice squad qb's(Bills) seem to expose this weakness.

Coyle needs to soon correct this or be replaced for a dc that can.

And I believe that Big Honey Bear, Captain Weirdo, deserves no more attention.

Thank God, Egnew is coming around. That was a pretty good draft last season. A QB, A RB, A DE, and A TE. An OT would've been nice. But none of us would've predicted him to be as soft as a Marshmallow.

Signing V.Leach would've hindered Egnew's progress. Plus, you can't spread Leach out wide. Clay and Egnew give us 2 versatile TEs. And D.Sims fits the traditional role giving 3 good young TEs to develop.

If Keller can comeback next season I don't see a reason to draft a TE high next Season. Or even at all.

On Offense we just need to address the O-Line in the Off season. That and get 1 Big WR that can go out and get the ball. To add another dimension in the Red zone.

Depends how McKinnie and Clabo play out the rest of the season. Resign them to 1 year deals. Also, if you can sign Jerry at the right price, I would. A 2 or 3 year deal.

Get rid of Incognito. Not for behavior but for performance. Hopefully D.Thomas isn't a Punk. And can fill in at LG next season. First 3 Rounds draft Linemen. LT, RT, RG. Draft guys from the Big Conferences. SEC or ACC. Or pick guys from the Midwest. Ohio and Michigan usually produce good linemen.

A good young O-Line to develop with T-Hill and L.Miller is essential for the Future of this team.

The Defense can hold for a couple season without adding any new talent. They just need to start Gelling. Maybe get a couple LBs for depth. To get rid of Wheeler in 1 or 2 years. Grimes and Patterson are becoming priorities for this off season.

As of right now the Fins have only 4 Free Agents they need to resign. Soliai, Starks, Grimes, Patterson. Clemons and Jerry are 50/50 with me. Only for the right price.

Don't know what you guys have been seeing of late, but, Wake's become a COMPLETE DE. The only glitch I see he may presently have is maybe you can run right at him with draw plays.

That's because he takes off so fast after the qb, you can use a draw to run your rb into the space he so quickly vacated.

The Wake you guys are discussing is Wake of a few years back. On definite running downs I see Wake make stops with great regularity.

This defense is great safety play away from being elite. Either get a great playmaking safety or Coyle needs to much better scheme the safeties he has.

Dashi | November 02, 2013 at 04:07 PM

I'm finished with Honey Suckle as well!

Most of our issues on 3rd and long is we don't get to the QB on the blitz.

We seem to get our sacks on the early downs. Maybe we should change up our blitzes some on 3rd down.

Some of it is just dumb luck. On one conversion against the Bengals, after barely getting the pass off with pressure in his face, Dalton throws a perfect pass in between two defenders on the sideline for a first down. We've seen that scenario several times this season.

"I'm still very fearful Tannehill will lead another receiver into a season ending hit."

Does anybody besides Sam care to explain to me how this claim is NOT utter garbage? Because I'm having difficulty seeing it.

1st 3 rds on olinemen? Why?

Depending on 1st rd draft position, you could be reaching for an olineman that's really a 2nd rd guy that's makes 1st rd out of a team's desperation.

2nd rd, you can end up with an olineman of Jonathan Martin's play, no matter the position. Yes, he can start for you, but, how good will he be?

Then 3rd rd? Look how long its taken for Jerry just to be adequate? Look at Dallas Thomas? 3rd rd is hardly the place to look for immediate starters.

You either get extremely lucky, which is rare. Or you get a guy that really needs a year before even thinking of starting him. Even then he's John Jerry for the first couple of seasons.

That's because he takes off so fast after the qb, you can use a draw to run your rb into the space he so quickly vacated.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 02, 2013 at 04:08 PM

That's precisely what everybody is saying and it's not a major glitch given some of the best ever have had that problem and produced better as OLB's. Look at Kevin Greene when with the Rams they let him go because he sucked against the run although a phenom pass rusher. The Steelers saw an OLB and he produced! Same with Mike Vrabel, JT and a host of others. At WOLB with the job of getting after the passer exclusively with an end and MLB covering the run he's much more effective.

I believe they have to get a TE and more starting depth on the OL. Sure I would try and sign Keller to a 1 yr but with his type of injury with a long recovery we have to have one good one either in FA or the draft. Not sure Keller would even by ready by the time camp starts.

Pretty sure Patterson is under contract for next year.

I would draft an olineman 1st rd, then sign the top fa olineman available in 2014.

Can't spend the first 3 draft picks and have a buch of rookies trying to protect Tannehill. Isn't he being sacked enough already?

Posted by: Anderson | November 02, 2013 at 04:18 PM


I just chose to leave it as his opinion. It's part of football IMO.

I would pass on resigning Keller. He now has a year and a half out of football, counting going down gm 8 with the Jets in 2012 and missing the entire season here.

2 season ending injuries in a year and a half. He wasn't that great before he went down with the Jets. Maybe very good, but far from great. Time to move on from Keller. Unless, he's willing to resign bottom bargain basement cheap.


Yeah, I'm done with Honey Suckle. Also. My Honey Bear comment was a play on your honey suckle comment. He is one Winnie the Pooh looking MF'er.

Patterson is a keeper. I believe this season he is coming into his own and becoming an elite corner. Just has to stay away from the injuries.

Patterson has played only like 4 complete games this season and has 4 picks? That's pretty damn good in my book.

Now we know why Philbin never was a HC. He's lost control of the team a la Cam Cameron.

Sam I am.... I like that strategy. Sign the best OL and draft one in the first round.

I'd take a chance on Keller on the cheap and hedge my bet by getting another.

Biggest draft needs:


TruthhurTs, with Patterson and Grimes having the corner spots on lockdown, Coyle needs to explore starting Will Davis at nickel.

No way this guy can still be injured. I don't care if they think he still needs work on his technique. The guy just seemed to be a ball magnet in practice and in preseason. It's not like Carroll's a helluva lot better.

With Patterson and Grimes forcing qb's to go to 2nd and 3rd reads. It maybe the perfect time to start playing a ball magnet like Will Davis as the 3rd corner.

What are the Major Holes on this team in the Foreseeable Future?


The Offense has pretty good Skill position players. And I see no reason to Draft a TE early next season.

This past draft was mostly defense making the Next draft Mostly Offense.

Did Dashi say start 3 Rookies?

I clearly remember writing Resign McKinnie, Resign Clabo, and Resign Jerry.

So you would have McKinnie, Clabo, Honey Suckle, and a 1st rd pick LT and a 2nd rd Pick RT who can also play OG battling for starting Spots. You would also have D.Thomas, J.Jerry, and a 3rd rd OG battling for starting Spots.

That would give the Fins 9 O-linemen with the talent to start. Without adding the LG we picked up from the Eagles this season.

You need more than 5 Good Linemen in the NFL today. They get hurt. Plus, with the amount of plays offenses like to run it would be nice to have a good rotation going.

This team with a good to dominant O-line will have a Great Offense. That is the only thing holding this team behind. An O-line.

#1,#2,#3 Priority is Fixing the O-Line. And if you can do it thru the Draft, Why Not?

What is a Bigger priority than OT and OG on this Team. D-Line? Secondary? WR? RB? QB? TE? LB? K? P?

For as much flak as Mr.Ireland gets the only hole on this team is O-Line. How many other teams can say that? The Overall depth of this team is already pretty good.

I'd love to draft Mr Football Johnny Manziel but we may have to trade up to get him.

By the way odin this Mich Vs. Mich St. game is tight who walks with the Paul Bunyon award here? I think Brady Hoke will get it done.

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