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Flex game PLUS Joe Philbin speaks

The Dolphins game against the San Diego Chargers Nov. 17 has been flexed by the NFL and instead of a 1 p.m. start will now begin at 4:05 p.m. That's actually something of an advantage for the west coast team whose players are more accustomed to later starting times for games.

Coach Joe Philbin, meanwhile, met with the media Friday. This is what he said:

(Opening statement) – “I thought it was a real team win last night. We talked to our players in the meetings before the game at the hotel that the real key was going to be how we played the game, not necessarily whether we played under or over or whether we ran the ball or threw the ball, but the play speed and that we would have to stick together and find a way with all three phases contributing to win the game. I thought that happened.”

(On if the coaching staff was able to get any sleep with the late night) -   “Yeah I think so. I think guys got some sleep. We came back a little bit later than normal. Yeah, when I got home I would like to get home a little earlier than that. Given the circumstances, I’ll take it.”

(On if running the football is the new blueprint for the offense or if it’s a product of matchups) - “I think we always felt like running the ball against (the Bengals) was going to be a good option. As you know, they have an excellent front-four. They have an excellent pass rush. They had an excellent blitz package. We wanted to keep the sticks in a manageable situation. So running the ball was part of that, and we had some success doing it. Usually, again, you have to adjust during the course of the game, but if something is working well typically you stick with it.”

(On Will Yeatman’s role as a third offensive tackle) – “I thought he made a nice contribution. Again, I think part of it would be how productive we were. We had some success with him in the game. We got a fair number of snaps.”

(On if the idea of a safety was even in the back of his mind before it happened) - “You are always optimistic and always thinking possible takeaway. I was thinking maybe a takeaway in disrupting the quarterback’s rhythm and timing, tip the pass or hit him while he’s throwing the ball. I can’t sit here honestly that I was thinking we were going to get a safety right then, but I’m glad we did.”

(On if there is a bullying problem in the locker room) – “Again, I’ll repeat what I said. I’m aware of this report. I can say without question that we emphasize a culture of team-first accountability and respect for one another. Any behavior that deviates from that is inconsistent from the values of our organization. That’s all I’ll say in regards to that.”

(On if he has seen anything first-hand that he would consider bullying or harassment) -  “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated.”

(On if the bullying problem is a matter the coaching staff is looking into) - “I think I’ve responded to those questions already.”

(On if he thinks there will be any discipline as he looks into the locker room situation) - “Again, this is something we take very seriously and will not be tolerated. I’ve responded to those questions.”

(On if he was concerned about the field condition last night) - “I walked the field before the game. It seemed very good. In warm-ups everything seemed good. A couple of their players slipped a few times, and a couple of our guys slipped. I’m not exactly sure why. It looked like it was in very good shape.”

(On how he assess where the team is right now) - “Well there’s been a lot of good things on film, and there’s been things that aren’t so good. The big thing we have to stress moving forward is more consistency and more completeness in our play for 60 minutes or 67 minutes or 68 minutes, however long it was last night. We have to find a way to plan more consistently throughout the course of the game.”

(On the play of the defensive line other than Cam Wake) - “We had good contribution from a lot of guys up front. They did a good job. Obviously the second half we had a hard time getting off the field. Some of that was them. Some of that was other guys. Some of that’s a credit to Cincinnati’s offense. They executed well. I thought overall it was good.”

(On how Tyson Clabo played) - “He did a nice job. He did a nice job, yep.”

(On if it was nice to see Tyson Clabo play after everything that had happened) - “Absolutely, yes.”

(On if the leadership council will talk about Jonathan Martin) - “Again, any of those discussions that would take place with the leadership council would be between myself and them.”

(On if a win fixes or puts a band-aid on a locker room issue) - “I think we talked last Monday when we got together as a team, we talked about a family atmosphere. You are part of a family when you are on a team. You mentioned it. There’s 61 players, 20 coaches, and you have to have each other’s back. The theme for the week was we have to stick together and play like a team. The scheme wasn’t the important thing we wanted to emphasize last night. We wanted to emphasize playing like a team, sticking together and having everybody’s backs. I think the film bore that out. That’s what happened.”

(On if everything he had to deal with in the past week was the toughest test for him as a coach) - “Again, it’s not a comparison. You deal with reality as it is. I don’t necessarily compare this week to last week or this year to last year. You deal with the situations that pop-up one day at a time. At the end of the day, the way my brain works you think about why you are in coaching and the privilege and responsibility you have to represent the Miami Dolphins and to coach this football team. It’s an honor to do it, and you deal with things as they come.”

(On if there is a relief for the team after the victory) - “Not necessarily. Again, it’s one day at a time. It’s one game at a time. You keep things in perspective. You remember why you are in coaching, why you are doing these things. You go to work every single day. The idea of getting this team better and playing up to their potential, that’s what your job is as a coach. Sometimes stuff happens. Stuff happens in a family. Some of it is not always great, and you have to deal with it. That’s what we do.”

(On if he is satisfied with the chemistry on the team) - “I told (the team) again in our team meeting on Monday, the thing is I’ve never been on a team or a part of a team where there wasn’t respect among the players amongst themselves in the locker room, the staff amongst themselves, the players respecting the coaches and the coaches respecting the players. If you don’t have that in this league, in Pop Warner, in high school or college, you don’t have a chance. You have no chance. I believe strongly in the men we have in the locker room. I believe strongly in the staff. I don’t think you get a performance we had last night. It’s not perfect. There’s a lot of stuff to work on, a ton of it. However, I think the character of the football team was revealed.”

(On Lamar Miller’s performance) - “He’s been very productive as of late. He’s a guy who’s got very good ability, good vision and he’s starting to make more people miss. Early in the season I think he was kind of getting what was there. Now you are seeing some things where he is breaking some tackles. He’s kind of showing that illusiveness you kind of want to see out of a running back. Yeah, aside from carrying the ball a little too loose down there I think he’s doing some very good things.”

(On what the team’s wide receiver trio contributed in last night’s game)  – “I thought those guys made a nice contribution. Let’s call it what it is, it wasn’t the biggest day we’ve ever had throwing the football from a yardage standpoint, yards-per-catch, all of that stuff. But I thought they contributed to the game-plan well."

(On if the sack for the safety was an impactful play for the season)  – “It was a big play. We talked to the guys about if you analyze the season (and) look at the three wins early. We made plays in the fourth quarter. We made plays that decided the outcome of the games. If you look at the next stretch we went through, we made some but we didn’t make enough. Again, we had to come back. We had to put together a drive to force the game into overtime, which showed a lot about our offense. We kicked the ball and punted the ball back down there deep. Then our defense came up huge. It was a big play.”

(On what Caleb Sturgis showed rebounding from the missed field goal in the first half)  – “Just like we talked about with the rest of the team, (Caleb Sturgis) showed some resiliency. He showed the character of the individual that he is. I just watched again this morning on tape. (It had) all the qualities of a good kick, good fundamentals, the plant, the timing, the operation were all there. It was a big kick.”

(On if Bengals’ running back Giovani Benard’s 35-yard touchdown run was a great play from the runner or fundamental issues from the defense)  – “Yes and yes. Again, I don’t want to oversimplify the game of football. You can overanalyze schemes. I think Cincinnati has an excellent coaching staff, but if you just analyze the play call you would say, ‘Is that a great play call or is that a great individual effort?’ It certainly wasn’t a bad play call, but that was a tremendous individual effort by a football player making a play. That’s really what football is all about. Can we tackle better on that play? Absolutely, 100 percent. We have to tackle better. However that’s really what the game of football in the NFL is all about. It’s about guys stepping up and making plays. We have an obligation to put them in a position to make plays. But there’s no magic plays out there. Teams are well-coached on both sides of the ball. Teams have good players on both sides of the ball. That was a heck of a run. It was a heck of a run.”


(On having Cam Wake healthy and if he was limited in previous games because of his injury)  – “He was healthy and ready to go in those games. You want to have a gradual return for a player. Certainly you can feel his presence a little more. You can’t deny that. You can feel his presence.”


(On Dimitri Patterson’s strong performance this season) – “He’s been very instinctual. The thing I think is he’s put himself into position in terms of reading the routes based on what coverage he’s in. He’s very good at the top of the route. He transitions very well. He can plant and break on a ball. You’ve seen some of that on some of those interceptions. He’s certainly made a difference when he’s out there.”


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This coming from the Guy who starts C.Henne over D.Brees on his fantasy team. Sorry, you are banned from talking QBs for the Foreseeable Future.

Sam....Patterson and Grimes are keepers for sure, but not so confident in the rest of the squad in the secondary. I have no clue as to why we haven't seen the rookies this season. They are either completely inept or are being eased in slowly, maybe toward the end of the season?

I am not a big believer in quarterbacks leading receivers into situations to where they get hurt. As a former receiver myself, I believe it is your responsibility to be aware of where you are at in your route and who is in coverage against you. Freak accidents happen all of the time and for the most part it has nothing to do with who is throwing you the ball. It has everything to do with how you as a receiver put yourself in a position to make a play on the ball, nothing more and nothing less.

..Fin4Life..Thanks for the shout last night. I would be stoked if you randomly showed up at my place..I always try and picture in my mind what people would look like..

Dashi...I think you are going to disagree with some of this post. That's ok... After the bye week we started using the tight end in the backfield as a primarily a blocker. Some of the other times we have one 2 tight ends on one side of the formation, giving us a huge overload(always on the right)..I think Egnew has made some nice blocks as a fullback.He has done a pretty good job considering he couldn't block my sister last year.

Where I think the issue lies. I still think we need a fullback. The most logical reason is first for short down situations. Egnew has not shown that he can block in these situations where everyone knows it is a run and we need a yard..We do not have the ability to line up and run power. So people complain about Shermans play calling on third down..We are handcuffed as to what plays we have confidence in on these short yardage situations..

There are few in particular that really prove this from just last weeks game. 1 was third and a chain link..We again run outside zone with Egnew as a blocker. Egnew blocks nobody, totally whiffs on thh linebacker who shoots through the b gap and makes the tackle behind the line of scrimmage...People scream...STUPID SHERMAN...Why are we running off tackle again? Well we do not have the ability to run power. And Egnew blows the block.

Play 2..Third and one. We call timeout. Then on re-set. There is confusion about which personnel needs to be on the field. Egnew comes on late(I'm not blaming him here, just my case that we need a fullback) We have Clay, and Egnew in as blocker in the backfield out of shotgun. 3 wide...We call a quick slant to Hartline that is covered the whole way. Now in this scenario we are keeping 2 tight ends in to block on a quick hitter?? This would be okay if they were on the line of scrimmage. But they were in the backfield. Why not have a better blocker back there and have another option to throw to in that spot? Or if we could block inside zone, or power..We could run it for a yard.

These short yardage issues have been struggles all year. I'm talking a few plays every game where I think we would have a better shot, more plays we could go-to with confidence. If we had a fullback

Dashi nothing ever comes easy with this team. So many issues top to bottom. It could be a few years just getting 75% of them resolved.

That's why as a fan, my powerlessness, rises higher than even my wishing upon a star with the present state of this franchise.

I said it last year and it didn't happen. They have to take care of the offense in FA and the draft. Our QB was/is taking all kinds of hits and sacks. That's a recipe for disaster for a young QB.

I'd love to see Davis get a shot and with Carroll dinged maybe it happens.

Dreaming here..but is there anyway Jimmy Graham hits the open market? Please let that happen.

..So I did some homework..I went back to the start of the Raven game...I counted the times we had third and short scenarios(2 or less) 13 plays, 13 times for these distances and down. We passed the ball 6 times getting first downs on 2 of these. Incomplete 4 times. We ran the ball(never with 2 yards to go) 7 times. We made it 3, got stuffed 4. 6 times we ran left, the one time we ran right we gained the first down.

This isn't a huge ask..It is a fullback for situations IMO would greatly improve our short yardage packages.


Yeah, I'm done with Honey Suckle. Also. My Honey Bear comment was a play on your honey suckle comment. He is one Winnie the Pooh looking MF'er.

Posted by: Dashi | November 02, 2013 at 04:28 PM

I got that Bro, LOL! Done with that punk and agree with you about our needs in the draft. I don't know what the combine will produce and get the love with Bruce Matthews kid Jake (cousin of Clay) but I watched the Bama game and saw a not so great Bama OLB undress him and then Auburn as well. I see a tough as nails RT and in the combine drills and Sr.Bowl I'm hoping it gets exposed some dropping him.

I tell you this Yrs. Crop is good led by Taylor Lewan in my book followed by Bama's Kouandjio (I think it's spelled like that) followed by the Vols Richardson everybody else should be there late one to 2nd. Lgot a feeling that Matthews falls behind at least 2 of these guys and maybe drops but if not then look at UCLA Guard Xavier Sa'u-Filo as the guy to plug in at LG right away. To early but in this scenario you can still get a Tackle like N.C.'s James Hurst who you know all about in the ACC. Here we can take the money and look to tie up the DT's and at least one of the CB's if not both but the DT's to me come 1st!

Did you notice what happened when they gave the ball to Clay when it was third and short the one time. I believe the struggles on third and short are because they are so predictable. It disturbs me that we don't use the QB sneak to our advantage as well.


Great Post.

And Agreed. We will disagree. But not how you think.

The Fins have been using the TE at FB since Preseason. If you want to be truthful they started doing it last season. Clay replaced Lane last season. And when they ran full house it was Fasano and Clay in the Backfield with the RB.

What happened early on in the season was that Keller went down and Clay had to move Full-time to TE and Sherman didn't trust Egnew and Sims enough for snaps.

As the season has progressed. Egnew and Sims have earned Sherman's trust. Egnew finally knows the Playbook.

Also I'm not saying Egnew is an All-World Blocker. But he does his job. Plus, I would rather have him in the Flat or Motion out of the Backfield than V.Leach. Or if you hurry up Clay and Egnew can switch to the Slot. Then switch back to FB without coming off the field.

Position Flexibility.

On the 3rd and Short you are talking about. That is the one I keep saying Incognito never gets his block down. Notice the fins usually get stopped when it is power or Off tackle to the Left. Not Right. Incognito's guy gets penetration forcing the FB to make a Block in the Backfield, not at the line or on the other side. Sometimes the FB has to block the guy Incognito misses.

Also, last game when we ran Power Left on 3rd and 1, D.Thomas didn't Cut Back!! He would've Cut back it would've looked like The Power Right on 4th and 1 against the Pats when he broke thru the middle for 10+ Yards.

What I don't get is the Use of D.Thomas on Short Yards. L.Miller is a Better RB PERIOD!! Even when all you need is 1 Yard. L.Miller makes quicker decisions in the backfield than D.Thomas. He has better vision. Plus, he is a Bigger threat on 3rd and short to hit the Edge. Forcing defenses not to stack the Middle.

And I would rather use Clay at FB on 3rd and Short and Egnew or Yeatman at TE. Clay use to be a RB and FB in College. Plus, he has shown he can run the ball in short yardage.

I personally believe on any Down less than 1 yard to go, You have 2 High percentage Plays. A QB sneak(Brady Special) and a FB Dive(The Polite Way). Either of those 2 plays should get you a yard every time.

You can go I-Formation 3 Wide on 3rd and Short. Teams will be forced to spread out and run either of those 2 plays. If they bring either safety down send Hartline or Wallace on a Go Route.

I like Sherman and I won't put this on him. Because almost every OC runs the wrong play on 3rd and Short. Belichick understands 3rd and short. You only need to get a Yard. Easiest way to get a yard? Hurry up to the line and run a QB sneak. Let the QB read the DT and pick the side he is going to dive. All it takes is One Read.

Hi there Dashi!

Darryl/ Dashi,

I think both points are valid but even last Yr. Clay who was a pass catching FB at Tulsa (who I actually saw in his Sr. Bowl which was the game that shot Ponder up draft boards) didn't exactly distinguish himself as a lead blocker last Yr. and the loss of Keller in my book only affected having him at H-Back as a pass blocker going 3 WR and one T.E. (Keller) and 4th option in a pass happy Offense.

If you think about it a carbon copy of the G.B. O which went on to win with Baluga as a revolving door on their OL. I believe here came the mistake in undervaluing the OL. We all blame Ireland but if you analyze the draft with players like Dallas Thomas and the smaller LB J.Jenkins you can see some of the Coaching influence.

I really think given Tannehill's athletic ability they felt he could buy time and move ALA Rodgers but for whatever reason Tannehill hasn't shown the awarness in the pocket or quick first step/ escape ability (which is kind of a head scratcher) I believe had Leach been signed it would have been as another blocking pass catching FB (Don't under-estimate Leach's catching ability)

They have a plan and blue print and stuck with it till they could and now get they have to scrap it and power block establish the run ect.. to fit the OL they have and see what scheme Tannehill functions in this Yr. till they can get back to the plan after the next draft and FA period to square an OL that works. It's why I agree with Dashi on one point and that's the fact we probably go Tackle and Guard in the next draft with our 1st two picks and it will depend on the BA on the board of who goes 1st.

The Spartans took the Wolverines! Great D in Mich St. if they had an O they could compete in the Big-12.

Let's go Canes! Let's go Canes! Let's go Canes! Let's go Canes! Let's go Canes!



That's, 'Manliness'.

I said it and now everybody can see Trailer-Hawks won't cover that 22 Pt. spread Vs. my Canes! Were in it and it's a dog fight going into the 2nd half!

I said it and now everybody can see Trailer-Hawks won't cover that 22 Pt. spread Vs. my Canes! Were in it and it's a dog fight going into the 2nd half!

Posted by: fin4life | November 02, 2013 at 10:02 PM

u stick your foot in your mouth again? LOL

There goes drafting Duke Johnson. Helped off of field, looking like an acl injury.

Almost forgot, has a better chance to be drafted by Ireland now, he'll be recovering from injury during the 2014 draft.

Ireland loves drafting and signing injured players.

ESPN.com is reporting that Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito's role in alleged harassment of tackle Jonathan Martin is under review by the NFL Players Association due to an incident that provoked Martin to leave the team, according to multiple sources.

Martin, a starting tackle, left the team on Monday after an incident in the cafeteria at the Dolphins facility in Davie.

Incognito's a total JACKASS!

Vazman you're late, NFLPA has already denied those ESPN reports. They said they are looking into the situation not Incognito.

Plus, Cogs and Martin have exchanged tweets:

"According to the Incognito/Martin texts, Incognito asked, "How you doing, buddy?"

Martin, according to Darlington, responded: "Yeah, I'm good man. It's insane bro but... Just know I don't blame you guys at all. It's just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little."

Here's the full article by Barry Jackson:

### My former Herald colleague Jeff Darlington, now doing good work with NFL Network, shared some text messages exchanged Friday between Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito (whom Darlington profiled recently in a comprehensive piece) and Jonathan Martin.

As many of you know, ESPN reported Friday night that the NFLPA is investigating Incognito for harrassing Martin,who left the team this week to seek emotional counseling after excessive bullying, according to Fox Sports. (Update: The NFLPA just denied ESPN's report that it is investigating Incognito. But it is reviewing the incident.)

Philbin had to know what was going on and did nothing??

I said it and now everybody can see Trailer-Hawks won't cover that 22 Pt. spread Vs. my Canes! Were in it and it's a dog fight going into the 2nd half!

Posted by: fin4life | November 02, 2013 at 10:02 PM


The score's now Seminoles 38 Canes 14, plus Duke Johnson's done for the game and maybe done for the year.

Looks like Vegas was being quite conservative making the Canes 22pt underdogs to the Seminoles.

Noles hold a 24pt lead with 6 minutes left to play.

Well, looks like Vegas really blew this one. Should have been Noles by 27pts.

At least that's what the scoreboard says:

Noles 41 Canes 14

Johnny Manziel WOWZA!!



A Johnny Manziel only comes along once a decade. Any team that gets him will be instant SB contenders for years.

Well, looks like Vegas really blew this one. Should have been Noles by 27pts.

At least that's what the scoreboard says:

Noles 41 Canes 14

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 02, 2013 at 11:27 PM

I can eat my crow when I have to Sam! If you saw the game you know that S.Morris blew a wide open Al Hearns 60 Yds down field on what would have been 6 but under threw the pick. Then the missed 6 on the sideline on a bad pass to Fr. Coley which led to the Duke injury which is a busted ankle not ACL. Later another pick in the seam to his T.E.

Just awful I believed him before this Season a Pro prospect but he sucks! Hangs his deep pass a Yr. and throws into double coverages while starring the play down. He let the team down which started falling flat and eventually flatlined with Duke's injury.

Not making any excuses just hoping next Yrs. QB who we've seen peeks of this Yr. can do more with the overall team speed Miami has what a waste of a really good OL on that turn QB!

I meant TURD QB there at the end!



Posted by: ALoco | November 02, 2013 at 11:38 PM

Dumbest post in the history of this blog.


I've stuck with UM since the OJ Anderson/Jim Kelly ERA just like the Fins so don't berate me to much for being a homer threw thick-n-thin!

u stick your foot in your mouth again? LOL

Posted by: LOL | November 02, 2013 at 10:37 PM

It happens at least I put myself out there for my team and never waver! No bandwagon jumper here! The Canes now out from under are getting better and it won't be long now regardless. This loss IMO is more a reflection of the mistakes committed by S.Morris who might be lucky to see a practice squad given his arm.

fin4life I'm a U-fan too. I just believe FSU's Jameis Winston is one helluva college qb. He has that offense clicking on all cylinders.

BTW, did you know that Teddy Bridgewater was committed to the U before Shannon's firing? Sure was, but since he was recruited by Shannon, he changed his mind after Shannon was fired. So he's now a Louisville Cardinal.

Oh what could have been had the U not fired Shannon. Our chances tonight would have been 100% better. We probably even win the game.

Yep Sam sure would have made a world of difference if they would have picked Bridgewater. The U is just a couple players away from being true contenders if they include a decent prospect at QB. I am going to have to check to see what seniors are graduating this year and what they grade out to, should be a pretty long list.

Where does the U normally recruit from?

Tannehill is a good qb, period. Most guys would have either been hurt or had much worse results with the pressure he's been under. I think he can be as good as any qb in league not named Rodgers, P Manning, or Brees. While, I can't tell you he'll ever be as good as those 3 guys, he will be a top 10 qb with a little time and better blocking. The tools and intelligence are there. Those guys weren't not exactly lighting it up in their 2nd year....on another note, I like our receivers, but I'd like to see a bigger target to go up and fight for balls in tight coverage. Maybe this would have been Keller if not for that preseason cheap shot.


That sideline throw to Hartline was almost (key word) as beautiful as Manning to Manningham in the Super Bowl. Both were perfectly placed in between two defenders at a time the QB needed to be clutch. That's how you know you have a QB.

If Wallace had more chemistry with Tannehill that final pass before the 4th quarter FG would have been a TD. Tannehill went post-out, Wallace went in. If both were on the same page it would have been complete.

If we go by the intellectual capacity and emotional maturity displayed by many in Miami this week, it is very likely the Dolphins will never ever have a good Team.

Glad somebody noticed and wrote about it. Yup, that was a Major League pass, best throw I've seen out of Tannehill's hand up to now.


Brees, Rodgers, Peyton, Brady, Henne: all of the top QBs have time to throw.
In Henne's case it is 2.5 sec.
In the case of all of the others it is 5 - 6 sec.
It's not a mystery.


Beautiful pass. Though, personally, I never saw Hartline's second foot hit the ground until he was out of bounds but nonetheless it was exactly what you wanted to see from Tannehill.

Tannehill is prolific at the 2 minute offense. Guy had 1:15 to drive at least 60 yards and did it. Seems like he's better when he reacts rather than when he has time to think. Maybe he psyched himself out? But when he just has to fire up field and get the team in FG range I have no doubts that Tannehill can do it and do it well. If it weren't for sacks we would have saw it in the BAL game too

The Dolphins have released a statement about Jmart.

We are owed retractions and apologies from the media regarding the J. Martin situation. The speculation and fantastic claims of bullying were ALL BS as suspected.


I will say one thing about this Martin situation. Bullying is commonly associated with children, teenagers and sometimes college students. Does it happen in the work environment? Sure it does. That is what your HR Director is for.

These are professional athletes getting paid millions of dollars for playing a SPORT. If Martin has other personal issues, he needs to deal with them like any other adult does. But leaving the team because of bullying from his teammates? Let's get real. Martin has been soft since he arrived in Miami, he continues to be average at best, and I don't think Cogs needs to be the fall guy for another player who can't handle the "lockerroom" associated activities with the NFL.

And Philbin is largely to blame. How do you let the situation get to the point where it spirals so out of control that a player leaves the team?

Bottom line- The organization better get this right. You don't jettison one of your toughest players on your team to save a soft one. It sends the wrong message entirely. I know some like Dashi don't want bullying to be tolerated. I don't want it either with my KIDS! But this is the NFL. Grow up and deal with it, or if you have bigger issues, deal with those privately. And if you can't do either, GET OUT OF THE NFL! There are other choices in life if you don't want the millions that you are making in the NFL Martin.

If the Dolphins screw this up, it will once again prove how incompetent this organization is.

I agree, Eval, Ryan is very unassuming, something like a Country Doctor who has not realized he's travelling thru Big City Roads now.

Speaking of the legal action chatter yesterday..sounds like libel and slander should be on the table for Incognito, Philbin, Martin and a host of others. Shameless and ridiculous was the whole tabloid atmosphere around the situation that turned out to completely false. Go get em fellas.

Careful. This has to be handled in a way that benefits everybody, The Sport, The Team and the Fans, and not to cause harm to anybody involved.

Twitter is on fire and Schefter is getting his... Cogs has every right to stand up for himself and to be pissed at a lot of people. Facts people..Facts. I keep saying but few listen. Especially to those in the media. Guessing Schefter he won't be visiting the Phins anytime in the near future.

Well, at least the Dullfins cant lose today! HAHA

Incognito is a JACKASS.

Tannehill is prolific at fumbles, sacks, INT's, and getting receivers injured on his total lack of accuracy. Isnt it time he was benched?

The Dolphins keeping mum leads to all sorts of rumors and speculation that would be avoided if they were forthcoming on the facts rather than being so secretive about everything. They clearly hate the fans and media.

From AP

MIAMI (AP) -- The NFL Players Association is looking into Jonathan Martin's situation in Miami.

Martin left the Dolphins on Monday to receive help for emotional issues, and it's unclear whether he's expected back. The Dolphins are off this weekend.

In a statement released Saturday to The Associated Press by the union, the NFLPA stressed its concern about players being provided a ''safe and professional workplace.'' Martin reportedly left the Dolphins because of the way teammates were treating him, with guard Richie Incognito cited in one report.

''We have an obligation to protect and support all of our members,'' the statement said. ''We take official investigations very seriously and in this case, we have not launched an investigation into Richie Incognito or other players in Miami.

''The NFLPA believes that management has an obligation to ensure a safe and professional workplace and we will continue to be in close touch with our player leaders and all players involved as the information develops.''

Dashi and Daryl - nice to see some real football talk and fans moving off this Martin saga. I think the two of you are focused on one of the biggest problems the Fins have had all year...converting short yardage situations for first downs. Most of your posts were about 3rd and 1 scenarios but many times that scenario comes up following a 2nd and 2 or a 2nd and 1 scenario that is unsuccessfully converted.

The fact is that Fins struggle converting short yardage situations for sure and it has killed to many drives this year and ultimately limited points scored for the team.

I think it comes down to scheme and players.

Scheme - Sherman needs to focus on being straightforward. If you are going to run for it then line up in goal line and run for it. Either QB sneak, Clay as FB run it or Clay as FB blocking. All should be the shortest point to the first down, up the middle, not off tackle. If he is going to pass the ball then spread the field and pass the ball. But the passing situations have required some sort of max protect as the OLINE struggles with severe pass rush. MY suggestion is to RUN it with Clay. See below for why.

Talent - I think the biggest challenge here is our lack of talent for these scenarios. We don't have a big physical WR to consistently and effectively run slant patterns. This pattern is the best way to convert a short yardage pass and we don't have a big dominant WR for it. We don't have a veteran FB who is proven in these situations. I think this was a big mistake on Ireland's part. We also have Thomas running upright as our biggest back. He is a decent RB but his upright running is not good for this situation. We also don't have a RB who can jump over the line, which we sometimes see across the NFL as an effective way to convert. Finally, THILL is athletic but his is not BIG. He seems to be light and unable to get big drive under him to help push the pile.

So based upon all of this I think the Fins need to go goal line formation with 6 lineman and one tight end, placing 7 big blockers on the line. I'd like to seem them go wishbone in the backfield with Thomas and Clay so give the opposing LB's the threat of running to both sides. Then just run it off guard either side. I just don't think there is really any other choice given the lack of talent built for this scenario.

Thompson has bolstered the staff with 13 clean faces getting ready this offseason to take on the 2010 by having a winning mindset. Returning riders embody Jake Rytlewski, Scottie Weiss, Ty Stanfield, Chad Burdzilauskas. As outlined by Thompson there can be two riders even now under negotiations and will be introduced in a afterwards day.
http://www.cleanitclassx.com/defauit.asp?p=66 http://www.cleanitclassx.com/defauit.asp?p=66

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