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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Thanksgiving Day. On behalf of Dolphins In Depth and The Miami Herald, I want to wish you a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

The past few weeks I've been inundated with reams of emails from unhappy and dissatisfied Dolphins fans. I understand your sentiments. I feel you.

But all is not lost. Not even with the 2013 Dolphins.

The team is still in the playoff conversation the first week of December.

There's still a chance the disappointment of the season can be forgotten amid a late-season rally. (I don't expect it, but there's a chance).

Even if there's no Cinderalla carriage ride to the postseason, I think these Dolphins still have things to be thankful for:

They should be thankful for Dion Jordan's future ... (Used correctly and if he stays healthy, this kid is going to be very good).

They should be thankful Olivier Vernon already has more sacks in less than two seasons with the Dolphins (11) than he had in three seasons at the University of Miami (9).

They should be thankful Tyson Clabo, benched one week after the team made the trade for Bryant McKinnie, is a consummate professional. Seemingly cast to the side, Clabo did not sulk nor leave the team. He kept his head down, worked, and two weeks later was back in the starting lineup.

They should be thankful Nate Garner is a super sub. And a versatile one, too. The starter at center the past two weeks, he'll start at left guard on Sunday.

They should be thankful for Brent Grimes's rebuilt Achilles' tendon.

They should be thankful for Mike Wallace's speed.

They should be thankful for the quick chemistry the slot receivers -- Brandon Gibson first and then Rishard Matthews -- forged with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

They should be thankful for Brandon Fields flipping the field -- over and over and over and over.

They should be thankful for John Denney never missing on a long snap. Never.

They should be thankful Tannehill is only 25 and really wants to be better.

They should be thankful Cameron Wake is almost 32 and really wants to be better.

They should be thankful the media missed it on significant stories about the NFL scandal because, I perceive, things won't look nearly as bad when the Ted Wells report is released as we thought it might. Yes, there were some problems and those will come out and must not be diminished. But Code Reds? Orders from the GM to an agent that one player punch another? Nope.

They should be thankful for committees. Weeeee! Committees! Might as well be thankful for them because they're coming down the tracks.

They should be thankful Mike Pouncey has a gallbladder made of steel.

They should be thankful Randy Starks chooses to express himself through his obvious ornithophilia.

They should be thankful they don't play a winless team every week.

They should be thankful for overtime.

They should be thankful for Brian Hartline's consistency.

They should be thankful for redshirt seasons because Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, and Dallas Thomas certainly are getting one. 

They should be thankful for Go.

They should be thankful for Go-Go.

They should be thankful some people out there actually believe it doesn't matter.

Joe Philbin's tie should be thankful for Dawn Aponte.

Joe Philbin's wallet should be thankful for Stephen Ross.

Joe Philbin's post-game victory speech should be thankful for index cards.

Mike Sherman should be thankful for Joe Philbin.

Zac Taylor should be thankful for Mike Sherman.

All the Dolphins players should be thankful for their health. Will Yeatman, Brandon Gibson, and Dustin Keller should be thankful for complete and speedy recoveries and the Dolphins doctors, trainers and rehabilitation staff that will make that possible.

Dolphins fans should be thankful for Kevin Coyle's honesty and forthrightness.

Fans at Sun Life Stadium should be thankful to Richie Incognito for his explanation on how to be civil.

Richie Incognito should be thankful for out-of-court settlements and lawyers.

Richie Incognito should be thankful an assault on a female golf course volunteer doesn't merit a suspension for conduct detrimental to the team even if alleged verbal assaults on a 315-pound teammate does.

The Dolphins should be thankful Matt Moore has been a luxury and not a necessity -- not because he wouldn't be good, but because it means the guy in front of him has so far survived 44 sacks.

The Dolphins should be thankful Matt Moore is on the roster -- just in case something happens the final month.

The Dolphins should be thankful for four division games the final month. (It's a chance to show their mettle).

The Dolphins should be thankful for the New York Jets ... because everybody should have a turkey to carve on Thanksgiving week.



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Really good, Happy thanks giving every one

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am thankful this is a young team with a lot of talent and a ton of upside. I am also thankful that my kids are fans of the team and enjoy watching the games with Dad every week. They bleed Phins colors too!

Happy Thanksgiving,everyone.

Perfect day. The dolphins are a bunch of turkeys. Big changes better really be made here shortly. Preferably at gm, hc and qb.

Anybody have a laxative I can borrow?

Armando, all of this just to close with the lead... hahaha

I'm thankful, too... for the Incognito-Martin scandal that spread, sunami-style, over the world of sports and finally buried J Ireland under a pile of rubble.

I'm thankful for the Incognito-Martin thing also in bringing to light the Incognito transgressions at the Dolphins golf event. We will now finally get to see if "high" and "character" are simply another two words that J Philbin found in the dictionary or if he really does have some values and/or principles.

I'm thankful that S Ross has seen now first-hand the downside of Free Agency in the structuring of a championship football team; and hope his lesson-learned is to hire those who can acquire and develop talent from the draft.

what a horrible ugly season its been. least its almost over and they can start to clean house

i am thankful to all our servicemen who ensure that we can enjoy sundays watching football. i also want to thank Mr. Ross for making this team relivent and exciting. this team will be knocking down or at least knocking on the door in 2014 and no matter what some of our fans say philbin is doing a great job and the results are visibly identifyable. this team made huge strides this season, and i really like the new logo!

bud philbin is 5-6. theres no good results this year, not sure what ur talking about

Great read, happy thanks giving Miami!

A bit harsh on Tannehill, he's better than last year, and I'll be thankfull when he carves up those Jets through the air (we won't be doing it on the ground)...

bill cale is a fraud..and...a turkey.

what a horrible ugly season its been. least its almost over and they can start to clean house

Posted by: dusty bottoms | November 28, 2013 at 07:35 AM

dusty have you ever had a happy day in your life?

We should call you Mr. Miserable.

i am thankful to all our servicemen who ensure that we can enjoy sundays watching football.

Posted by: budtki@verizon.net | November 28, 2013 at 07:43 AM

The only think they ensure is that companies like Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Exxon, Dupont and Monsanto continue to make more money and pay less taxes.

ornithophilia? Ha!

Well, you guys have a nice pernil. Me, I'm having some kind of cured turkey bought at Publix.

Happy Thanksgiving, neighbours!!

Thankful for a bogus over hyped media scandal? That's weak.

Thankful for Tannehill a franchise QB. Sorry if you guys are so jaded you can't see it. That guy is a winner. Possibly you guys are jealous of him?

2013 Season

Tannehill > Luck > RG3

Truth I agree RT is our future. The problem is unless the fins start winning games we will have a new front office and coaching staff next year which may stunt or accelerate his growth we will never know till it happens.

We need a emotional leader to step up and soon ALA Ray Lewis to inspire our team to go and ram the football up the other teams ass

We should be thankful for having this blog, where we can complain, and share our sorrows that our team inflict to us every week.
Happy thanksgiving to all, and specially to Salguero for this blog.

Go Dolphins, I hope the Phins win this weekend! Tannehill has shown good improvemnt in year two which most said should have been year one. Maybe not even til next year. The kid can play ball. Looking forward to seeing how the last 5 games shake out!

The biggest question I have is why aren't the TE's being used in the passing game? Sims and Egnew have shown they can catch the ball I get the OL is terrible and they need them to block but that would help the O

Good mid season report.

Happy thanksgiving everyone.

And Go-Go. Doesn't matter. Some of you just have a "Hut" fetish.

First thing they teach a QB when he first learns to hike the ball. Use any word that you can say Loud and Clear.

Most people use "Down, Set, Hike"

Others use "Down, Set, Hut"

Some people use "Ready, Set, Go"

Very simple really. That is why all the players don't see the big deal with it.

You can still draw people offsides with "Go". T-Hill did it last game.

Yes let's be thankful for the most consistently bad team the last 15 years. This is what the Lions , Saints, Bengals and Cards used to be. Let's be thankful for an owner who mispeaks, misacts, for a GM of questionable character who put the pieces in place for the NFLs feel bad story of the year that transcends football. For fans who can't even fill the lower bowl of the stadium on national tv.

Keep your sarcasm ! I'm thankful for the things that really matter in life but not for this team.

I agree with the statement at 9:19 although it's not a popular one.

I hope that next year we'll be thankful for not having Ireland anymore.

Dashi, also in the Carolina game, they mixed that up and ran when Tannehill went go and passed when he said go-go at times. Still didn't make a difference. 18 yards by the running backs had nothing to do with snap count.

I am thankful to be a Miami Dolphan and it gives me pleasure like none other. In this fraternity we are all brothers.

I am thankful for all of the other Dolphans. Whether good times or bad, our love for this team will never fail.

I am thankful for 17-0. For it's lustre continues to grow.

I am thankful for Armando Salguero. Whom most think is a worthless blast of jizz, because he doesn't hold back in telling it as he sees it is.

Happy Thanks Giving everyone. It has been bleak for our Dolphins, but a franchise once 2nd to none, will never be done. Keep the faith and enjoy your turkey today.

Happy Thanksgiving Armando and Dolphins fans everywhere!

Wow Sam, that was beautiful...


Thanks Armamdo for giving us fans something interesting to read for free every day!

I am thankful for Armando Salguero. Whom most think is a worthless blast of jizz, because he doesn't hold back in telling it as he sees it is.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 28, 2013 at 10:00 AM

No, not for that. For his lack of journalistic skills, such as basic writing and grammar. For his sheer biased reporting against those that don't follow his moral code - not even a farewell article for the great and spiritual Ricky Williams who gave every ounce of his being to the team, whom he despised simply over his MJ issue. There have been countless examples where is personal religion interferes with basic logic.


Agreed. They switched up the snap count. But that still didn't help the run game.

Do people go cray when Brady always goes run on the first "Hike"?

It is this need to complain most dolphins fans have. They need to find something wrong with tannehill.

This argument that T-Hill yells "Go" instead of "Hike" is ridiculous. The people that make this "Go-Go" argument don't even want to point that out because they would realize how stupid they sound arguing about it. That is the major problem they don't like tannehill saying Go they want him to say Hike. RIDICULOUS!!

Hennehill is the future. I guess some of you already ate some turkey filled with a hit of acid or you already hit the bottle because hennehill is a bust. Was garbage at A&M and is garbage now.

I am thankful that after 44 sacks and countless hit and hurries our future at QB (yes, he's our future) is still alive. Say what you want about Tannehill and his growing pains, but this kid is tough. Is he a bonified team leader yet?, No, but give him time. I believe he is getting there. When he loses, he does not blame anyone on the team. He always uses the word "we". His deep ball will get better. His chemistry with some players will get better. Hopefully, hopefully, changes are made in the offseason that will involve getting him a real QB coach (a real, former NFL QB - Pennington is my pick). Just be thankful we have a potential QB of the future. Finally! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

agree thill with the new regime gonna roll in 2014

Posted by: TruthSerum | November 28, 2013 at 10:14 AM

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! lmao

The joker can't even throw the ball 50 yds down field. No pocket awareness, which if you don' t have it now you will never have it. Can' t win a game in the 4th qtr, but can lose a game in the 4th, on and on and on.

this liosn game should quite hilarious as far as this board goes. if bush does anything even decent the idiots will be on saying we should of kept him. and if flynn has a game the even bigger idiots will be on saying how we should of signed him

Happy Thanksgiving, Craig M!

It's a good thing we didn't sell the farm for RG3! You'd all be saying why didn't we just stay put for Tannehill! (Which is what Shanahan wanted to do!)

lets see scott. he threw the ball 60 yards in the air last week on final drive. he won a game in the 4th qt this year with an amazing drive vs falcons

Scott, this is going to be my only response regarding Tannehill: He can run the 2 min. offense. His best trait. He has moved the chains doing this several times this year. When he gets an O-line it will be better. He has only started @ QB 43 times, college and pro combined. If you don't see any promise in this kid, then that's your opinion. Using your line of thinking, RG 3 and Luck are busts also.

Dusty, I'm with you. I am still on the Tannehill bandwagon. I see "great" traits written all over him.

Mando is such an ass. Andy cohens thanksgiving read puts him to shame.

Mando is such an ass. Andy cohens thanksgiving read puts him to shame.

We will see. Agreed, we all have our opinions.

RG3....pffft. He is getting killed by the fans and media in DC. Hey there's a great idea for our bandwagon fans/pretend fans...you'll fit right in. Can you say regression? At least the numbers prove T-hill is progressing behind a poor Oline. Have to give him credit it takes guts to stand behind that line and get smacked around every week.

2014 a huge year for thill and fins


The outcome of the Bal-Pitt game is huge for us.

I don't think RG3 is regressing, how can you regress when this the first time in your pro career that you've had to play QB? Last year, he averaged 25 pass attempts per game (NFL avg is 34). That is not playing NFL qb, that is game managing. Russel Wilson would be going through the same things too - he still hasn't played NFL qb.

Bob will be ok though.

ExposingTheFraud - how many ears will you pull today? just family or friends too?

Some people need a good ear pull...

I am thankful for 2-6 over the past eight games. If the Dolphins actually had a good year, something I was little concerned about when the team was 3-0, then Dolphins fans who had bragged during the off season about how improved the team would be might actually have a leg to stand on. In place of their arrogance and at one time boisterous behavior, even hope has vanished. In fact, the only consistency associated with The Dolphins over their decade long run of futility has involved the exodus of former fans. I predict a new franchise low for season tickets next year. The season of false hope and delusions of grandeur has certainly rubbed even the most ardent fans the wrong way. As the great George W. Bushwacker once said, doing his best Bob Griese impersonation, "Fool me once, um duh, can't get fooled again." Lose to The Jets and your fine off season champions and sporty new logo will be 5-9 before X-Mas. For these reasons and many others just as bad, I am grateful for the 2013 Dolphins.

Bushwhacker? Is tht Luke or Butch?

I hope the season ticket base keeps dwindling as I inch ever so close to early retirement and get to attend every game. I want the closest seats possible.

Andy Cohen is a shill who can't be taken seriously. Go back and read how he hyped up the 2007 Dolphins during the 2007 off season, claiming the Joey Porter acquisition would make the Dolphins defense the franchise's greatest of all time. He's gets paid by The Dolphins to help sell their product. Consider the source.

Happy Holidays to all of Mandos bloggers, I do enjoy reading other opinions, not all, but some.
To me Thanksgiving is about family period. Friends can't be replaced but your family will never desert you. And today is a good day because theres no Dolphin news. Reading bad news constantly about the Dolphins is getting me down, so happy turkey day.....

While the majority of you where high as kites on 3-0, Joe Philbin had his feet on the ground. He cautioned the team it wasn't sustainable. He KNEW. That is a coach I want, not some guy that gets giddy over a win or a FG.

Look at RG3's stats from last year there's at least 2X the INT's and a 20 pt drop in rating. Combined with the W-L column..I'd call that regression.

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