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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Thanksgiving Day. On behalf of Dolphins In Depth and The Miami Herald, I want to wish you a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

The past few weeks I've been inundated with reams of emails from unhappy and dissatisfied Dolphins fans. I understand your sentiments. I feel you.

But all is not lost. Not even with the 2013 Dolphins.

The team is still in the playoff conversation the first week of December.

There's still a chance the disappointment of the season can be forgotten amid a late-season rally. (I don't expect it, but there's a chance).

Even if there's no Cinderalla carriage ride to the postseason, I think these Dolphins still have things to be thankful for:

They should be thankful for Dion Jordan's future ... (Used correctly and if he stays healthy, this kid is going to be very good).

They should be thankful Olivier Vernon already has more sacks in less than two seasons with the Dolphins (11) than he had in three seasons at the University of Miami (9).

They should be thankful Tyson Clabo, benched one week after the team made the trade for Bryant McKinnie, is a consummate professional. Seemingly cast to the side, Clabo did not sulk nor leave the team. He kept his head down, worked, and two weeks later was back in the starting lineup.

They should be thankful Nate Garner is a super sub. And a versatile one, too. The starter at center the past two weeks, he'll start at left guard on Sunday.

They should be thankful for Brent Grimes's rebuilt Achilles' tendon.

They should be thankful for Mike Wallace's speed.

They should be thankful for the quick chemistry the slot receivers -- Brandon Gibson first and then Rishard Matthews -- forged with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

They should be thankful for Brandon Fields flipping the field -- over and over and over and over.

They should be thankful for John Denney never missing on a long snap. Never.

They should be thankful Tannehill is only 25 and really wants to be better.

They should be thankful Cameron Wake is almost 32 and really wants to be better.

They should be thankful the media missed it on significant stories about the NFL scandal because, I perceive, things won't look nearly as bad when the Ted Wells report is released as we thought it might. Yes, there were some problems and those will come out and must not be diminished. But Code Reds? Orders from the GM to an agent that one player punch another? Nope.

They should be thankful for committees. Weeeee! Committees! Might as well be thankful for them because they're coming down the tracks.

They should be thankful Mike Pouncey has a gallbladder made of steel.

They should be thankful Randy Starks chooses to express himself through his obvious ornithophilia.

They should be thankful they don't play a winless team every week.

They should be thankful for overtime.

They should be thankful for Brian Hartline's consistency.

They should be thankful for redshirt seasons because Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, and Dallas Thomas certainly are getting one. 

They should be thankful for Go.

They should be thankful for Go-Go.

They should be thankful some people out there actually believe it doesn't matter.

Joe Philbin's tie should be thankful for Dawn Aponte.

Joe Philbin's wallet should be thankful for Stephen Ross.

Joe Philbin's post-game victory speech should be thankful for index cards.

Mike Sherman should be thankful for Joe Philbin.

Zac Taylor should be thankful for Mike Sherman.

All the Dolphins players should be thankful for their health. Will Yeatman, Brandon Gibson, and Dustin Keller should be thankful for complete and speedy recoveries and the Dolphins doctors, trainers and rehabilitation staff that will make that possible.

Dolphins fans should be thankful for Kevin Coyle's honesty and forthrightness.

Fans at Sun Life Stadium should be thankful to Richie Incognito for his explanation on how to be civil.

Richie Incognito should be thankful for out-of-court settlements and lawyers.

Richie Incognito should be thankful an assault on a female golf course volunteer doesn't merit a suspension for conduct detrimental to the team even if alleged verbal assaults on a 315-pound teammate does.

The Dolphins should be thankful Matt Moore has been a luxury and not a necessity -- not because he wouldn't be good, but because it means the guy in front of him has so far survived 44 sacks.

The Dolphins should be thankful Matt Moore is on the roster -- just in case something happens the final month.

The Dolphins should be thankful for four division games the final month. (It's a chance to show their mettle).

The Dolphins should be thankful for the New York Jets ... because everybody should have a turkey to carve on Thanksgiving week.



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Matt Flynn > Tanneill

At the very least they have a government that works!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my brothers and sisters in Dolphin land.
A few comments and Im gone for the day.
Canada is a great friend to the US. Probably one of the most friendly countries to visit for an American. Toronto, Montreal and the West Coast rival some of Americas big cities.

Well we know the trolls have no life and maybe no girl, because on Thanksgiving they still have absolutely nothing better to do that type the same tired old rants.

Must be lonely souls, or should I say soles.

Posted by: Harvey | November 28, 2013 at 12:06 PM

My feelings exactly Harvey great job and very sad but true.

Sam I Am | November 28, 2013 at 10:00 AM
...best post I have ever seen on this blog in all my years. You are one of the good ones.

Tell em guys. Soon when the Bills are sold to the Toronto group after Ralph's passing, some of you will actually ocme up here to watch Dolphins games....

Happy Thankgiving all! Detroit should be thankful that the Dolphins let Reggie Bush walk btw


you said (( WE SHOULD BE THANKFUL )) FOR MIKE WALLACE'S SPEED )),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



ALoco, how's the iguana?

Useless stat of the day, this match up between the Lions and Packers is the meeting of the teams with teh two weakest schedules in the NFL. How either of these talent laden teams are hovering where we are with their schedule is underperforming. GB's had massive injuries, Detroit? What's their excuse?

I'd still put $100 down on the Lions to win it all ... 33:1.





160 million pesos?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sarcasm, Hope & A shot @ Philbin and the Jets LOL.

armando thinks all dolphins fans are dumb and never remember any thing based on THER POOR EDUCATILN IN FLORIDA ............




The only thing detroits showing me is that they are just as awful as they look, and the packers are pretty much showing signs of miamis offense all year long....Pathetic!!!

maybe it's the whole NFL that sucks?



this is how overrated turnovers can be in games, Lions have 4 TO'S to GBs 1 and still hold a commanding 14 pt lead....this just states that even if you turn the ball, and don't do jack sh#t with it...might as well go down as a meaningless stat....

Matt Flynn = Complete Garbage

One of the very rare things Irefiend did right in his time here....

I think i took a little too much muscle relaxant

SPHIN, u are much too angry for this wonderful holiday

Not angry at all, very thankful that Miami is not playing today and VERY THANKFUL Matt Flynn is not behind center!!!

Did Green Bay and Miami switch offensive lines today?

Green Bay always had a horrendous line and since Philbin came here, Ireland forgot how to scout linemen too.

Johnathan martin
Dallas Thomas
Tyson Clabo

are all Ireland-Philbin co-productions.

Ireland would eb best going on his own to scout the next crop of linemen. Long, Pouncey, and even jerry look like hall of famers by comparison.

Green Bay without Rodgers is very ......INEPT!!!!

Our coaching staff has done a crappy job,especially Sherman,we have talent,just not be used correctly,or at all.Have a question,why has Nate Garner not been playing the whole year?

Stupid! Theres nothing to be thankful for this mess of a team. I'll be thankful once we finally get a new GM, HC, OC, DC, and QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GB doesn't exist without Rodgers. Buy GB now in the super bowl prop. 40:1 odds

Biggest mistake this season was letting Reggie Bush go. Thanks to these clueless idiots, he wasn't used right. He's a baller in Detroit. And I hope Izzy Ansiah (whatever his name is) won't end up being better than Dion Jordan. We know who's fault that one is if it happens.

I'm thankful for Sherm mercifully stepping down on his own while we still have a chance at the playoffs.

In my dreams......

Happy Thanksgiving to all you who support this team and bring a level of passion each and every week. We are a hopeful bunch who are lead to disappointment far too often by our beloved Dolphins.

While we have struggled over the past two decades and we remain uncertain if this team will make the playoffs in the next 2 years, there are a few players we should be thankful for as they serve as the foundation to which this team can be built upon:

THILL, Wake, Wallace, Hartline, MIller, Grimes, Odrick, Ellerbe, Vernon, Pouncey, Fields, and Jordan.

There are many positions that need to be addressed, we all know it. There remains a great deal of uncertainty with our GM and HC, we all know it.

But we all show up each and every week hoping for the best and praying that this will be year the team turns to corner toward stability and progress. This wasn't that year....lets hope it will be next year.

Well written and Happy Thanksgiving from Peter in Toronto

Fans should be thankful that Sherman will be gone next year and Tannehill gets a real offense and QB coach.

With a new gm and hc and oc none of them are tied to hennehill, so that means bye bye loser.

Guys we had a terrible tragedy on Monday night sister in law had a massive embolism please pray for her still on life support

Happy thanksgiving to the true Phin Fans out there. Good post Mando, and esp good if you include yourself in the comment about the "media" missing it. You certainly had your share of flame stoking. Furthermore, Thank you for giving us a site to come together and discuss (if we can call it that at times) our dolphins.

why i feel armando is posting with man NAMES.......................

Magloin > hennehill


Marc from nj, so sorry to hear that. Best wishes to your family in this difficult time.

Where oh where have all the Matt Flynn fans gone?

Funny, nobody has answered my question of what the name is of the QBs Coach of the present Dolphins Team is. Either he doesn't exist or People here are afraid to mention his name.

Who cares the who the QB coach is. Not me.

Matt Flynn's QBR 2.1.

Lacy 10 carries for 16 years.

Dashi, tell us how great Lacy is again.

REGGIE BUSH..........

REGGIE BUSH.........................

THE GARAGE MANAGER TRADED ,,,,,,,,,,,,,SHAMEFUL ................

The qb coach is failbins son in law.

Philbin kind of has a cute butt. Have you noticed?

I don't care if our present QBs Coach is the son in law of Obama. What's his name?

We should be 8-3

QB Coach - Zac Taylor



I'll be thankful for a Dolphins win!

Well the celebration of mediocrity from our QB play goes on and on.

I'd love to argue with you guys, but I feel if Thill loses the next 5 games and keeps up his rate of 25th in QBR, zero TD passes in the fourth quarter etc, you will still be behind him.

If he blows in 2014, you will still stand behind him with blind faith. You continually rant about, how much he has improved and how you are glad we didn't draft Luck or RG3 !!!

Thill is still a long way from a finished product, the jury is still out on him !!!

Thill is still a long way from a finished product, the jury is still out on him !!!

Posted by: Marco | November 28, 2013 at 07:33 PM

I think that sentence is what most people feel. Nobody is giving him a pass, just saying he isn't what has kept this team from winning.

Thill is still a long way from a finished product, the jury is still out on him !!!

Posted by: Marco | November 28, 2013 at 07:33 PM

In your case the product is finished, and it's a pile of crapola.

Nothing better to do on a holiday than troll?

Marco, Tannehill could turn out to be not good enough to be a consistent winner. That said knowing how raw he is and his lack of good coaching I'd like to see what happens if he has good coaching and is given time to develop. Very few QBs come in and are all out winners right out of the gate.

Take Big Ben for instance, fantastic defense he had as a rook but they babied him, he threw like 20 passes a game tops. The coaches understood you can't put an inexperienced player in a position where it's all on him.


Reggie Bush is finished yeah ? Man you really struggle to see he is still awesome.

I wish we kept him and have stated that all along.

However you put Thill on such high ground !!!


Yes it is sad. So what its Thanks Giving ?

That means I can't comment, ha ha. Thats your Thanks Giving message to me ? "shut up troll" !!!

Go Steelers !!!

Ravens have to lose this one today.

Big Ben has the Steelers playing great on offense.

If only Thill could be somewhere near this level next year.... Sigh. I guess some things are too much to ask for !!!

Marco, the usual fools that respond to you are not here now...kris, phins78 and dashi...so come back later when they are here,

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