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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Thanksgiving Day. On behalf of Dolphins In Depth and The Miami Herald, I want to wish you a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

The past few weeks I've been inundated with reams of emails from unhappy and dissatisfied Dolphins fans. I understand your sentiments. I feel you.

But all is not lost. Not even with the 2013 Dolphins.

The team is still in the playoff conversation the first week of December.

There's still a chance the disappointment of the season can be forgotten amid a late-season rally. (I don't expect it, but there's a chance).

Even if there's no Cinderalla carriage ride to the postseason, I think these Dolphins still have things to be thankful for:

They should be thankful for Dion Jordan's future ... (Used correctly and if he stays healthy, this kid is going to be very good).

They should be thankful Olivier Vernon already has more sacks in less than two seasons with the Dolphins (11) than he had in three seasons at the University of Miami (9).

They should be thankful Tyson Clabo, benched one week after the team made the trade for Bryant McKinnie, is a consummate professional. Seemingly cast to the side, Clabo did not sulk nor leave the team. He kept his head down, worked, and two weeks later was back in the starting lineup.

They should be thankful Nate Garner is a super sub. And a versatile one, too. The starter at center the past two weeks, he'll start at left guard on Sunday.

They should be thankful for Brent Grimes's rebuilt Achilles' tendon.

They should be thankful for Mike Wallace's speed.

They should be thankful for the quick chemistry the slot receivers -- Brandon Gibson first and then Rishard Matthews -- forged with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

They should be thankful for Brandon Fields flipping the field -- over and over and over and over.

They should be thankful for John Denney never missing on a long snap. Never.

They should be thankful Tannehill is only 25 and really wants to be better.

They should be thankful Cameron Wake is almost 32 and really wants to be better.

They should be thankful the media missed it on significant stories about the NFL scandal because, I perceive, things won't look nearly as bad when the Ted Wells report is released as we thought it might. Yes, there were some problems and those will come out and must not be diminished. But Code Reds? Orders from the GM to an agent that one player punch another? Nope.

They should be thankful for committees. Weeeee! Committees! Might as well be thankful for them because they're coming down the tracks.

They should be thankful Mike Pouncey has a gallbladder made of steel.

They should be thankful Randy Starks chooses to express himself through his obvious ornithophilia.

They should be thankful they don't play a winless team every week.

They should be thankful for overtime.

They should be thankful for Brian Hartline's consistency.

They should be thankful for redshirt seasons because Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, and Dallas Thomas certainly are getting one. 

They should be thankful for Go.

They should be thankful for Go-Go.

They should be thankful some people out there actually believe it doesn't matter.

Joe Philbin's tie should be thankful for Dawn Aponte.

Joe Philbin's wallet should be thankful for Stephen Ross.

Joe Philbin's post-game victory speech should be thankful for index cards.

Mike Sherman should be thankful for Joe Philbin.

Zac Taylor should be thankful for Mike Sherman.

All the Dolphins players should be thankful for their health. Will Yeatman, Brandon Gibson, and Dustin Keller should be thankful for complete and speedy recoveries and the Dolphins doctors, trainers and rehabilitation staff that will make that possible.

Dolphins fans should be thankful for Kevin Coyle's honesty and forthrightness.

Fans at Sun Life Stadium should be thankful to Richie Incognito for his explanation on how to be civil.

Richie Incognito should be thankful for out-of-court settlements and lawyers.

Richie Incognito should be thankful an assault on a female golf course volunteer doesn't merit a suspension for conduct detrimental to the team even if alleged verbal assaults on a 315-pound teammate does.

The Dolphins should be thankful Matt Moore has been a luxury and not a necessity -- not because he wouldn't be good, but because it means the guy in front of him has so far survived 44 sacks.

The Dolphins should be thankful Matt Moore is on the roster -- just in case something happens the final month.

The Dolphins should be thankful for four division games the final month. (It's a chance to show their mettle).

The Dolphins should be thankful for the New York Jets ... because everybody should have a turkey to carve on Thanksgiving week.



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Well you did my friend.

Im guessing by your nice name you are young oscare, ha ha.

I've still got comments, no matter who is here my friend.

Thill doesn't need your blind faith, or loyal support does he ? I want to know, at what point would you give up on Thill ? If any of course, there are still John Beck fans up there in Canada !!!

Before I give up on RT, he first needs an oline that can give him more than 1.7 seconds per snap!!!

Peyton Manning would do no better on this team!!!


Thill is not Big Ben and never will be.

Even as a rookie Big Ben was hard to bring down. He was a clutch QB and could keep the play alive.

Thill should also look at Big Ben's leadership abilities, how he motivates those around him and makes them better.

Thill better start showing some of these skills soon.

He really needs to make a huge transistion next year. If we get the same from him as this year, he really should be gone.

He can stay if......

If we go playoffs

Has QB rating of 88+,

Has a higher TD/attempt 4.6+ %,

high difference of TD's to turnovers 7-8+

Also around 10 wins.

Im sure you are expecting these to my Thill friends, no ? This is what we have to see from a franchise QB, if not we may wasting our time.

Seems to me the people who complain about wanting a better QB would complain about anyone we had out there.

Seems to me the people who complain about wanting a better QB would complain about anyone we had out there.

Posted by: C'mon Phins! | November 28, 2013 at 08:34 PM

They are sexually frustrated. And will be for some time.

How happy are the Lions to have Reggie Bush?? WOW! 180 yds today and the Lions are WINNING!

Well, the QB is the most important position and ours is just terrible. Of course I want a good QB. Badly.

Marco, You need to stop on by to see me.

How happy are the Lions to have Reggie Bush?? WOW! 180 yds today and the Lions are WINNING!

Posted by: Steve69 | November 28, 2013 at 08:47 PM

Don't worry, Ireland just proving he's a great MATHMATICAN again.

He lets a former #3 overall pick in Bush walk, then makes it up by trading up to the #3 overall spot to draft Dion Jordan.

Absolutely brilliant, ask Ireland, he'll tell you himself!

DIon is going to be very, very good. Give him 2 or 3 years max to get it going. He is already improving week after week, The kid has got game.

Dion is only going to get bigger and stronger. He is going to be a terror.

The Lions have had high draft choices for many years but its not until Reggie joins that they start winning. Reggie is a huge fantasy star and a top playmaker. Ireland, in an entire career couldnt replace him.

Ireland had a great offseason. However he blew it on the LT situation. Either sign Long or get Albert. Either one of those moves would have us easily two extra wins and on our way to the playoffs.

Vazman - is that short for man with a Vasectomy?

Vazman - is that short for man with a Vasectomy?
Posted by: Apparantly | November 28, 2013 at 09:06 PM

Take some spelling lessons.

Dolphins should get out of the fa acquisition altogether. None are usually still with the team longer than 2yrs anyway.

Bush was another guy on that leadership council that got canned by Philbin and Ireland along with Long and Dansby.

Seems like Philbin favourites players like Ritchie, a guy that can help inspire younger players and lead by example !!!

Philbin and Ireland really have binned players that are strong leaders and are all now performing at a higher level, away from Philbin and Ireland.

If Philbin doesn't fire Sherman, we are in serious trouble again next year. What is happening to this franchise ?

The dolphins will be moving to London with new ownership. The London Fog will be their name. Uniforms will be light gray and dark gray. Their first head coach will be a gay Brit with a flowery accent.

The Jets have the leagues best run D and can bring some serious heat in the pass rush.

How the dickens do we move the ball against these guys ?

Thill will have to play better than he did last week in the 4th for sure.

Philbin has a strategy to always have our games on the line with 2mins to go. Its the old play not to lose strategy that Wanny and Sporano had that lost us so many games.

Big Ben shows us how to extend plays.

Thill goes into the fetal position on the same plays, time after time.

Thill should study Big Ben and learn to play with poise and strength.

Marco, please join me Sunday in a mass suicide. There is really no reason to live if the fins are losing.

Hey All,

Listen. I think Tannehill is going to be GREAT. He is TOUGH!!! The line sucks and he is getting killed. We've got receivers now. Just fix the line and Tanne is going to ROCK!

Seriously....he is going to be our QB for a decade or more!

I see two or three rings. Don't let this season get you down. It's an anomaly.

Gay Brit Accent my friend... ha ha.

No the Dolphins need an ex SAS serviceman to scare the shyte out of them to play with some passion and balls.

Wow I wonder how Martin would cope with that ?

The London Dolphins would be welcome and would sell out 80,000 week after week.

Miami seem to have finished with the Dolphins, so why not move them over to the UK chaps ???

Is that on Jones Island my friend ?

You sip your cool aid first and let me know how it goes my friend ?

Again Flacco, shows what good QB's do, step up into the pocket and pick up the first down.

Thill would go fetal there. I hope he is watching this game my friends ?

Stop press.... now he looks like Thill... fumble !!!


Your Jones island analogy is actually where many of the Thill fans are on, Sipping the cool aid of the 25th ranked QB in charge of the 28th offense, with a -1 Td to To ratio !!!

Go celebrate the world of Thill my friends !!!

My girlfriend is thankful for the hideous feminine new logo, I'm thankful for going back to the real logo whenever these bozos realize how bad this giant teal airplane looks on the helmets and all gear

Sipping the cool aid

Posted by: Marco | November 28, 2013 at 09:32 PM

It's Kool Aid you ignorant, illiterate fool. Come back after you get your GED legally.

I'm thankful that Tannehill and Wallace can't connect, so we know that The Dolphins will never win anything meaningful as long as those two are here.

I'm thankful that The Dolphins free agent spending spree has only produced two players worth while...Grimes and Gibson.

I'm thankful that Gibson is on IR.

I'm thankful that Grimes will be gone at years end.

I'm thankful that Dustin Keller is on IR.

I'm thankful that Lamar Miller rubbed egg on Dolphins' fans faces.

I'm thankful Jonathan Martin is a kook.

I'm thankful that Richie Incognito actually made The Dolphins relevant for three weeks, even if they were a laughingstock.

I'm thankful for 0-8 becoming 1-8.

I'm thankful that The Dolphins don't have Florida bragging rights for the next four years.

I'm thankful for Ross' yellow teeth.

I'm thankful for Dolphins owners J-Lo and Marc Anthony.

I'm thankful for Jimmy Buffet owning the rights to Poison's back catalog (fact).

Dolphins should play Poison at the stadium.

Bret Michaels should be an owner.

I'm thankful that Bryant Mckinnie has been awful.

I'm thankful that Philip Wheeler has been as bad for his third team as he was for his previous two teams and I can say "I told you so, idiots."

I'm thankful that Ellerbe is proving why he was an undrafted free agent and a back up for his whole pro-career. Of course to the hope and glory rose colored glasses crowd, every player The Dolphins acquire is an upgrade. Once again I get to say "I told you so, idiots."

I'm thankful that The Dolphins male cheerleaders outnumber the people in the stands, thus contributing to The Dolphins overall gayness, making them easier to root against.

5-9 if they lose to The Jets.

Happy Turkey Day.

Sherman cant make chicken salad out of chicken shyt.

Marco is an ILLITERATE FOOL!!!

(no surprise)

I prefer dusty's philosophy. Let's just lose as much as possible every season to acquire draft picks. Then we can do like Buffalo and Jax, keep losing.

I remember the Guyana Tragedy. Ironically, I recently attended a work sponsored seminar in which I worked with a man that lived there during the mass suicide. His graphic assessment of the incident down to the smell and the impact on the locals abated the media coverage.
You show a very childish mentality.

My view is the following:

The jury is out on Tannehill. I see some incredible throws then I see some brain fades. Not many. So for me he still has a chance to be a Franchise QB.
Next: The Oline is a disaster and does not give tannehill time to make reads. Garner should play LT permantly.Pouncey in the Centre.Replace both RG and RT.
Next: they made a big mistake getting rid of Bush. Thats on Philbin.Miller and Thomas are not top qaulity at this stage. Bush would have helped until the other 2 gained experience.
Next: Keller getting injured was a big blow.Really big.
Next: Lots of progress at TE, WR is getting better slowly.
Next: Coaching is poor.
Next: Philbin doesnt inspire confidence. He is dull, colourless and boring. NERD.
Next: Play calling not playing to QB strengths. Predictable and easily countered.
Next: Ireland has done a "reasonable" job with his selections but cannot be given a PASS due the oline failings...FAIL score there.

Actions: Replace the coach. Possibly even the GM...
Remove: Jerry, Clabo,Martin,Miller,

Pray for new ownership.

Marco I was never comparing Big Ben and Tannehill. I was talking about how their coaches handled them at the start of their careers.

Happy Thanksgiving.. you asked the coach if Aaron Rogers could take over a game and the answer is a big yes BUT Rogers did sit on the bench for 3 years lets see how Ryan is playing in year 4.. see ya at NYC tailgate party this weekend Phins up

Tannehill reminds me a lot of John Beck.


Marco is not serious about one word he says. He comes on here looking to pull wings off flies.

You are a fool to patrionize Marco the troll.

It never ceases to amaze me how gullible you fools are.

CadillacDeVille reminds me a lot of Pee Wee Herman.

It never ceases to amaze me how gullible you fools are.
Posted by: Blaine | November 28, 2013 at 11:16 PM

You have to be a fool to still be a Dullfin fan haha

Troll: Say anything negative about Tanne
Fool Blogger: Respond seriously
Troll: Say anything negative about Tanne
Fool Blogger: Respond seriously
Troll: Say anything negative about Tanne
Fool Blogger: Respond seriously
Troll: Say anything negative about Tanne
Fool Blogger: Respond seriously
Troll: Say anything negative about Tanne
Fool Blogger: Respond seriously
Troll: Say anything negative about Tanne
Fool Blogger: Respond seriously
Troll: Say anything negative about Tanne
Fool Blogger: Respond seriously

Damn, the Steelers came so close.

I guess its out of our hands for sure.

Blaine, whats your problem. I have said nothing to offend you perosnally my friend. He have different views on what talent is and at what stage Thill should be playing at now my friend.

Too early to sip the cool aid my friend !!!


If you thin Im not serious you must be insane !!!

You are another on the ThillLove boat I see. There seem to be so many fans happy with below par play from our QB.

If Thill was even rated in the top half of the NFL, I'd be a bit more optimistic my friends.

You seem to think Im lying when I say that having the 25th rated QB in the league Im disappointed.

Would you also be shocked to hear I think our draft picks contribution to the 2013 has been pathetic... Shocked again ???

Please my friend Blaine think again, you are happy with 5-6 no ?

Is it really so hard for you idiot bloggers not to see who is a troll baiting you? Isn't it PAINFULLY OBVIOUS?

My god it is freakin scary how dumb and gullible many of you are.


Do you mean Beck and Thill's...

pocket awareness ?

Or their ball handling ?

Or their deep ball ?

Or their leadership ability ?

Or their overall ability to score points in the clutch ?

Which parts of Thills game is most alike to John Becks CadillacDeVille my clever friend ???

I would happily give Tannehill a blow job if it would make him better, but I don't even think that would help.

I guess I could try anyway.


On this blog anyone who isn't sold on Thill is a troll.

You are the Troll !!!

Posted by: You guys are an example of the degradation of society - such gullible fools time and again | November 28, 2013 at 11:41 PM

Is that your best effort ? Is that your contribution to the 'Thillgate' ???

Marco busts himself :)


Im sorry you had to get such abuse from my lover, he gets jealous as I type away at the screen night after night. He is so angry after he stuffed my tight lil hole full of Thanks Giving tonight !!!

Well now my friends...now you see the REAL Marco.

I hope it is not so difficult for you the next time around.

Wow.... thats a clever trick you have their my friend.

What are your thoughts on Thill, is that what you would like to do to him ?

Ha ha, you have me summed up about as well as you have Thill my friend.

I bet he would say yes to your lil dream Blaine me old cocker !!!

Thill may well get a B.J as he is scre.wing us from behind.

I would happily give Tannehill a blow job if it would make him better, but I don't even think that would help.

I guess I could try anyway.

Posted by: Marco | November 28, 2013 at 11:54 PM

Do you know your e-mail address is tracable my friend :)

It never ceases to amaze me how gullible you fools are.
Posted by: Blaine | November 28, 2013 at 11:16 PM

It never ceases to amaze me how petty and insignificant you sound.

Actually those who debate civilly are far from fools, trolls can bait all they want but the points the civil people make are still valid and often enlightening.


Marco is here desperately waiting for someone like you. Don't worry, he can't track your email. Neither can the Herald unless you were really that stupid to put in your real email address.

Have fun.

Posted by: Blaine | November 29, 2013 at 12:28 AM

It's transparent when trolls do their thing Blaine. What I find funny is you thinking everyone actually believes your are someone else by changing your sign in name lol.

hello multiple screen name bloggers I see that the butterball and salty gravy rush has quickly worn off,and now turkeys are filling the blog.
my predicktion for Sundays game a BLOWOUT and after the pounding the fish administer to the aircraft the camara will catch FAT BOY Ryan crying on the sideline like the big crybaby that he is.
He will have to tune up the pipes for his new ful time gig in the babershop quartet,singing the part of the fat boy with the beard and mustache.

We need this victory now with Baltimore winning! Just became very important game for the Dolphins. Need to have a game we dominate in all three phases. Can we please score a couple 4th quarter TDs and not go 3 and out in crucial situations.

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