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How to fix the top of the Dolphins organization

Shortly after the 2012 season ended, the Dolphins and Dan Marino talked informally about the possibility of the Hall of Fame quarterback one day joining the organization in some undetermined capacity. Marino, who works for CBS Sports, did not pursue the opportunity but the door was left open to the possibility.

Today I also reported in my column that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross tried to hire former Colts and Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy in an advisory capacity.

Well, that's all well and good.

But the Dolphins, in full retreat on the field with five losses in six games and fielding more letters and calls from angry fans than they can answer, need to be more aggressive with Dungy. I believe the Dolphins should chase Dungy as their top executive to help turn this hapless organization around.

I am not advocating Dungy should be hired as the head coach.

Let me repeat: I don't want Dungy as the coach. Even Dungy doesn't want Dungy as the head coach.

I want Dungy as the face of the franchise to pick a new coach (check his record on finding coaching talent) or making a career decision on the current one. I want Dungy leading an organiazation that clearly lacks leadership. I want him hiring a general manager, if indeed Ross is of the mind to go in another direction there.

I want him setting the culture. I want him bringing respect back to the Dolphins. I want a football man who has come up throught the football ranks heading the football team.

Let's face it, Stephen Ross is not a football man. He is a wonderful business man and real estate developer. But that does not qualify him as a football man. Dolphins president and CEO Tom Garfinkel is likely a fine corporate officer. He comes from a baseball background. But he is not a football man.

I don't want either of them picking the next Dolphins coach or GM if that is the direction the Dolphins are going. I don't even see them as qualified to decide the fate of the current Dolphins coach and GM. Seriously, what does Ross or Garfinkel know? Anyone looking at Ross's track record would question that. Anyone looking at Garfinkel's inexperience would question that.

Anyone who would be comfortable with that is apparently quite comfortable with the past four seasons of Dolphins history.


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The Fins and owner Steve Ross do not need a special committee to do what the owner should do. Ross signs the checks...plain and simple. He should be the one calling an all players and coached meeting and specifically tell each and everyone what is expected of any player or coach who represents this team. Mr. Ross you are the boss. Now go out there and do something about your $1.2B dollar investment. Lay down the law. These people are employees and you sir as the owner and managing general partner need to take personnel accoutability for the actions of your employees. You sir need to be the face of this team's turnaround. You need to demand accountibily from how rookies are treated to how veterens perform to how the coaches prepare this team from week to week. You do not have to be Vince Lombardi or Don Shula to get this ship turned around.

>>Ross is crazy if he thinks Philbin isn't a BIG part of the way this team is playing.<<

Posted by: TruthhurTs | November 17, 2013 at 09:35

That is absolutely correct!

I really think the FIns should win today. If they don't then it's telling or big problems. Problems with the coaches not maximizing talent. Problems will coaches losing the locker room. Etc.

Another loss and this team is officially in a 'tail spin.'

A win gets them back to 500, keeps them relevant in terms of the playoff hunt and gives many fans and the front office the opportunity to think that Maybe Just Maybe this GM and Coaching Staff are actually on the right track (i.e. year 2 of a 3-4 year turnaround project).

I actually think that is where Ireland and Philbin are together. Without this BS around Cogs/Martin the team was in the MIDDLE OF A REBUILD that was on a d 3-4 year course of correction. Part of me just wants to see it through.

We all get Jordan, Wallace, Wheeler are examples of players not performing to the abilities or being utilized best by coaches. But the fact is this GM and Coaching Staff couldn't turn it around in 1 or 2 years. Maybe if we can get the franchise out of this BS with Martin/Cogs we can just show some patience and give these two another offseason to work it through?

Or has this national media blemish pushed Ross to the point where he can only save face by going scorched earth?

The second year of Philbin's tenure here as HC and he STILL can't have his team ready to play on game day.

Enough of this lunacy!

"Deity" complains Mando is a Bible thumper, but the only one yammering inappropriately about religion in a football blog is "Deity." Hm.

ok, gman, supposing it is so that the NFL has been wanting to obliterate the Miami Dolphins Franchise for years, what do you think would be their motivation for doing so?

Why can't two well-respected former NFL offensive line coaches- Philbin and Sherman- get an offensive line together. Is Ireland getting them the right guys?

billcale is a fraud - maybe etc.

Report: Mike Pouncey went to hospital on Friday

It's the same vicious circle for this franchise over and over again.

Our team struggles to win so the media and fan base scream for heads to roll.

New GM and/or Coaches are brought in (some cases 1 year and other cases 4 years are given to them). They bring in their 'schemes' and players to fit those schemes.
Little patience is shown and usually midway through year two the fans and media starts screaming for a 'do over.'

Two years ago a major event takes place. The franchise is sold and a new owner comes in during another low point. The team needed a new start. So, without any NFL experience he sets out on a mission....find a new coach. But his timing and his approach went against NFL code of conduct and quality coaches ran away thinking the new owner was an mess.

So, Ross makes the decision to keep Ireland and they agreed to hire Philbin after an extensive search was conducted. He brought in his new staff. Philbin and Ireland set a plan in place that Ross supported. It included drafting a QB in round one in year one. It included spending a huge $ sum to bring in top free agents and had a huge # of picks in the draft.

Year two starts strong at 3-0. They play two tuff teams (NO and NE) and lose a close one to a division rival (Bills). At 3-3 the OLINE is viewed rightfully as a big mess missed by the GM and coach. Fans and media start their traditional grumbling and calls for new start kick in....surprise....never saw that coming.

The J Martin scandal hits and the team is once again the laughing stock of the NFL. Now most everyone is screaming for a fresh start....surprise...never saw that coming.

It's a shame...another cycle underway....Ross will be pushed to drive GM and/or HC out again...another cycle starts....patience will be tested....fans and media will scream for heads to roll and the team will never make the playoffs in the next 5 years...VICIOUS!!!

I want to be clear on my point this morning. I believe the season should play itself out and see how the team finishes in the Win/Loss record. I want to see how THILL, Wallace, Miller, Jordan and other key players finish the year.

Then the team should be assessed. Then the owner should determine if his major investment was used properly. Then the GM and HC should be assessed. Then they should be given more time or fired.

I am just so sick of this 'scandal' as it has caused so much more scrutiny of the team and it is looking like it will force Ross to make a judgement halfway through the season. It will lead them to looking foolish once again as they fumble around mid year trying to find replacements, which we know is not NFL protocol and top candidates are not going to view that well.

Calling for the heads of Ireland and/or Philbin...I think the time for that is at THE END of THE YEAR....not now.

Hey, Sparano had a better record than Philbin.

S Ross is apparently satisfied letting J Philbin handle inquiries relating to the Incognito-Martin debacle. Philbin, not one to dodge responsibility, has said that the Dolphins will fix whatever might be wrong in the locker room/workplace as the Wells review deems necessary.

The Dolphins need a black GM or HC to stop the racism reputation.

Gizz !
What did we fans do to deserve an organization full of morons that dont know a damm thing about football ?
This is surrealistic: a football team whose top executives are incompetent about the matter that matter most. We must be in a collective bad dream. As otherwise it's too difficult to understand how we got into this situation that goes beyond poor football results.
We have a body controllec by a deffective head. Thus, all the limbs move uncontrullably and without any coordination whatsoever. The brain got down syndrome and lacks of corpus callosum. It seems that the only remmedy is a head trasplant.

Armando is the best Dolphin writer on the planet. He's always spot on with great insight, analysis, and timely articles. The Dolphins would improve if they added him to their consulting staff.

Jpao Everyone that follows the Dolphins knew that the O-line and the running game would be subpar,or are you saying that after releasing Long and Bush with the players on the team they would magically be better.
All of these people and I mean all including Salguero who writes this blog have as their primary agenda keeping their job so they do whatever they have to to accomplish this.Its human nature Im not saying I wouldnt do the same thing.They lie if they have to.

Philbin ='s Sparano. both incapable of playcalling and halftime adjustments.

heads to roll and the team will never make the playoffs in the next 5 years...VICIOUS!!!

Posted by: jpao | November 17, 2013 at 09:53 AM

PLayoffs?? WTF? How about a .500 season for a change?

The article Salguero wrote about Dungy becomming a powerful executive for this franchise is original and thought provoking but fiction.
There is no way in H*ll old man Ross is gonna make a move like this.I am going by his past performance as an owner.
I can be wrong and I dont feel bad if I make a mistake and will not think less of myself if I make a mistake.I will be the first to admit it if it happens.A lot of people are afraid to admit to mistakes thinking that others will think less of them if they admit it.
The Dolphins franchise is a business a corporation and
it is like a machine that will not admit to any mistakes unless you prove it,a demi-god in a sense.

So, its looking like J Martin will be viewed as a hero (in a year or two), improving the working conditions on the Dolphins and throughout the NFL. Incognito is being proven to be a dispicable jackass that has no business on ANY team.

To find the correct long-term solution, let's consider the wise words of GM Jeff Ireland:
“I have a lot of respect for the fan base out there that wants a winner. There’s no one in this world that wants a winner more than me,” Ireland said. “I’m driven to get that. Mr. Ross has been patient with the process of what we’re trying to get accomplished here. I feel very confident with Joe Philbin and his staff, my staff and the personnel staff, and what we have in front of us — that we’re going to make some moves and try do some things that help this football team get better moving forward.

The Dolphins need a black GM or HC to stop the racism reputation.

Posted by: Jay | November 17, 2013 at 10:10 AM

The Dolphins need someone with an extremely high football IQ to turn this franchise around and makes us relevant again.
Race has nothing to do with it.
If that person just happens to be black then fine.
White? That's fine too.
We've been mired in mediocrity far too long to propose any other solution.

More from Jeff Ireland about his plan. Note the chess master strategy behind his personnel moves:
“We’ve been doing a lot of things to get to this point; we didn’t just fall into this,” Ireland said. “We’ve had to plan for a time in the future to have cap money. We’ve had to plan for a time where we’ve collected draft picks to make some hay in that regard. So now we have both. Again, we didn’t fall into it. It’s been a positioning plan that we’ve been planning for a while, so I would say it’s a very important time period for us.”

While many remarked about D Aponte, Miami’s V.P. of football administration, hovering about J Philbin during media examinations, no one outside of the organization knows why. It was suggested that a Philbin-Aponte alliance was in the making but for what purpose?

Why persuade someone to take a job that doesn't really want it? Did it work when Saban or Parcells came to Miami? Throwing millions of dollars at someone like that is stupid. Can we bring back Joe Robbie, even in death he has more sense than Huizenga or Ross.

This off-season Ireland made a lot of moves which seemed like the right ones before the season started,except for releasing Bush and Long.
What he esentially did was trade Long for Clabo and Bush for Wallace.It hasnt worked out because Sherman has a different agenda than Ireland.There are too many chiefs and not enough good indians.

Mando pls stay on them , we are going to get Ross to make the right move and clean house. Once he sees how many people won't go to the stadium anymore he'll understand how serious we are about demanding change for 2014.

If we can just look beyond the results on the field, Jeff Ireland has made great personnel moves. Why would we want a new GM?

Pouncey out. Get rid of him too. Whoever the next hc is they better build the best ol the dulphins have ever had.

The Duhphins suck ever since The Morons Marino and H Wayne ran Shula out for the ahole Jimminy Johnson and youare a clueless moron if you think the choker no ring Dan wasn't behind getting Shula out and cement head in eh?

Scott it better be the best ever in the Nfl eh?

This team and this organization is a fraud. I hope fans voice their displeasure loud today. I personally am hoping for a 4-12 finish. We need to fire everyone from Ireland to the interns. Problem is who'd actually want to come in and coach here?!?!? As a fan I'm am sick and tired of this 2-3 years of a coach and regime and then fire everyone and start over, oh but wait don't fire the GM Ireland. What a joke of an NFL franchise. This is the worst coached team in the NFL hands down. Philbin, whom I've defended all along, has shown incompetence left and right lately. Most notably with keeping Sherman as a OC. I understand this OL is awful but c'mon man with these play calls. Philbin is a dead man walking and I hope to god everyone on this staff is. There's not a single draft pick this year making an impact. Coyle is clueless with what to do with Jordan, limiting him to less than 20 plays a game because he doesn't perform in practice?!?!?!?!? WTF!!! How about those free agent signings? Hahahaha 60 million on a 1 td catching bust. Tannehill hasn't exactly been lighting it up either nor making good decisions or consistently throwing a good deep ball.

Dbmfins, how do you know what Mando asks players on the record? Maybe they WON'T reply on the record.

I like Tony Dungy but he had Peyton Manning and he didn't pick the players so I am not sure about that one. But he probably would be better than Ireland. Coaches have to go as well or give them all one more year depending on this years finish, you have to admit it has been a strange season, and we lost a lot of close games we should have won this is where the finger does point to Philbin. I agree with you Armando keep them all for one more year or fire them all.

Against all the evidence, I have been getting good feelings for our Game Today. Snug. We can pass on them.


Same old same old posts by you. Yes we all know you hate Ireland and Philbin. Yes we know you hate everything Dolphins. Why you get to write about them is beyond me.

They will clean house... then you will just slam them some more for who they pick at President, GM and HC. You try to sensationalize everything... trying to be like all the ESPN, CBS, FOX etc folks... difference is that you suck at it and you are so transparent.

Get a new schtick... I hope the new regime in the Dolphins bans your ass from being on site... they should demand a better reporter.

Yea Martin looked like he was totally depressed and under stress last night. He was laughing so hard because he knows his pay day is coming from the money he is goiog to swindle/settle from the NFL and the Miami DOlphins.

Oh whoa is Jonathan....laughing all the way to the bank.

Oh and more for you clowns and Armando.

What do you think about Jim Harbaugh now?

You all whined that Ross and Ireland couldn't close the deal.... look at him now? Think he may have picked the wrong QB to stay in SF yet? They are in disarray right now as well. Giving up 6 sacks last week against Carolina... tough for a QB to throw when he is running away all the time.

Armando is the head of the moron brigade and you guys all follow his drumbeat

Armando Salguero is a hypocritical POS with no integrity.

Nice to see J Martin laughing and texting on Stanford sidelines. Thought he was in therapy

I don't think Miami will be able to get Dungy, but we may be able to entice Lovie Smith to come be our head coach. More important may be who the GM winds up being.

Ross is the problem. Boycott until he sells.

Same old dolphins , the entire year just about we get lead in the first half than muck it up in the 2nd half, we didn't score one freakin point. oh yea Defense was spectacular, in the first but let us not forgot this is a 60 minute, football game in which we failed at completing. dare I say Rebuild that might be little extreme , there needs to be some changes we will never win,without a Running game to a least give the defense a break. so i'm not totally blaming the defense.

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