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Could Martin return to the locker room? Not likely

A ranking Dolphins source told me several days ago, before the iron curtain of an NFL investigation locked the club down tighter than a tuna can, that Richie Incognito would never play for the Dolphins again.

There was apparently no way this football administration could see bringing back Incognito, who is suspended for conduct detrimental to the team and unsigned next year, to this roster after the allegations involving workplace harassment and racial epithets got out.

Well, what about the other player involved?

Could Jonathan Martin, who is on indefinite leave from the team albeit so far paid, ever be brought back?

First, I'm sure the club would hate to lose its second-round investment on an admittedly struggling but nonetheless starting player. Second, the club divesting itself of the portrayed victim in this case might open it up to legal exposure.

But here's the thing: Even if the Dolphins' administration would like to bring back Martin to avoid further problems or even civil action, the locker room does not necessarily look like it wants Martin back. Oh, some players are towing the company line and saying they want Martin to get better and be well. And some are admitting it is not really their call whether Martin returns or not.

But ask their opinion and it is clear the players' are not enthusiastic about the idea of Martin returning to the team. That's because, like it or not, Martin has violated a trust some players' minds.

"I'm not sure how everybody would feel about him, but I mean, that was his situation and he felt he needed to do it then I guess so be it, but some things you like to keep in house," left tackle Bryant McKinnie said.

And how important is that?

"It's pretty important, I mean, a lot of things need to kept in house because that's your family."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, perhaps the most non-threatening player on offense and someone with an open mind, admitted re-integrating either Martin or Incognito would be difficult.

“It’s tough," Tannehill said. "Both guys at this point have their rights and wrongs. If they were allowed to come back, if they chose to come back, I’m big on forgiving people. Forgiving people of what they’ve done, getting past that and not crucifying people for their past and moving forward."

But even in stating he's big on forgiving, Tannehill is showing that he believes Martin needs forgiveness.

For what, you might ask?

Martin went AWOL from the team days before a big game. He has not spoken publicly but everyone in the organization and anyone who is following this story understands his representatives have downloaded information from the player and are leaking it to the media, thus sliming Incognito and the Dolphins.

And, ultimately, players don't quite know what to make of Martin anymore. So they do not trust him.

"I haven't been here very long," right tackle Tyson Clabo said. "But I've been here long enough to see that if there was a problem, Jonathan Martin needed to show it. And I've been here long enough to see that those two were thick as thieves and that they went out together and hung out together. They did a lot of stuff together. So if [Martin] had a problem with the way that guy was treating him, he had a funny way of showing it.

"I think that if you have a problem with somebody, a legitimate problem, you should say, 'Hey I have a problem and stand up and be a man.' ... There is no code of silence. I don't think that what happened was necessary. I think it's just [decency]. I don't know why he's doing this and the only person that knows why is Jonathan Martin."

It has been suggested by more than one former Dolphins player that I've talked to that the only way Martin could return to the Dolphins would be with a new coaching staff, new personnel department, and practically new locker room. In other words, the current Dolphins would have to be nuked for his return to work.

Others have told me Martin needs to apologize.

It's an interesting culture, the NFL, one where the alleged victim would have to apologize. But that is how it is.


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Not unless somebody wanted a B J or a body rub

A VICTIM of what exactly?! A joking voicemail? I surely hope that Martin's camp has more "eveidence" than that. It's not an "interesting culture" it's a team culture, where you don't run to the media when you have an issue with a teammate.

What everyone is forgetting about this who situation is this was not a problem for Martin until he was switched from left to right tackle. I think that is the real issue here and he is just using Incognito as an excuse to go AWOL. And if i were the GM and Owner I would not be paying this guy a check thats for sure.

Victim ? Of what ? So far his leaks have said Incognito left a dirty joking voicemail, which they edited out the parts that weren't dirty. He hung out with Incognito like his best buddy. Look at his twitter account, he laughed at Incongito's joke tweets about him. He also re-tweeted Incognito numerous times, it's there for all to see !!! So this shakedown artist is not welcome back.

lol laughing stock of the nfl




Listen - I can see now where this is going:

Stockholm syndrome

The lawyers will assert Richie made Jonathan feel so bullied, that Jonathan began to participate in going out, pranks, hanging out on planes, because he was traumatized by the situation. He even underperformed so not to upstage Incognito, thereby hurting the rest of his NFL career. And for that, he is entitled to........

Please - you are from Stanford. Leave an anonymous note under the door or something. Or better yet, have your agent leak something to the press demanding a trade BEFORE this comes to a head. This is utter crap.

Exactly, the alleged victim.

The more this story comes out the more it looks like Richie Incognito is the one who's the victim.

This story stinks from top to bottom. Any good lawyer is going to crush the prosecution in any lawsuit Martin brings.

The variable in all of this is Martin. Is there any real evidence of the "bullying" beyond one voicemail? Multiple players, past and present are depicting an entirely different relationship between the two men.

If Martin has real substantial evidence against Richie he needs to break his silence and let everyone know because he really is starting to look like the bad one in all of this.

Report: Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland suggested Jonathan Martin 'punch' Richie Incognito

I'd like Martin back. He'd be productive if we treated him like a human being.

Wow. LAWSUIT You're only a little behind. Ever heard of RSS?

He's a human being that like other male human beings...Most jocks don't like that. What was the quote from the other NFL player earlier this season that got him in trouble "That doesn't fly here" or similar.

If it comes out that there was nothing abnormal about the relationship and Martin wanted out so he used this as an excuse there are a lot of people in trouble.

There had better be some evidence we aren't hearing about. Something more than joking texts and conversations.

First the management needs to explain why they were so quick to suspend Richie with little evidence and no explanation from either side.

Than the media must apologize for some of the lies and exaggerations that turned this into national news.

If Richie is guilty , fine, that's one guy and he will be gone.

But if the story that is now being told is true, that phrase reporters kept using "if this is the case than it's going to get a whole lot worse folks" was right on the money. Except it's going to be getting a whole lot worse for everyone that isn't Richie Incognito.

I don't ever want Martin to put on a Dolphins uniform ever again. Whatever happened between he and Richie, only those two know for sure. But I know one thing, he turned his back on a bunch of guys that were obviously there for him. He turned his back on his brothers without giving them the benefit of trying to help him or the situation. As a player, I could never forgive that and would never want to go to battle with him again.

Goofy DJ at the Dolphins uniform unveiling.

"Show em that you love em !"

Martin dropped his pants.


please have some shame and write some THING ABOUT OUR GARAGE MANAGER .

Martin is a hero exposing discrimination in the Dolphin organization. There will be a better environment thanks to Jonathan Martin.

DC with all of the new things being talked about where do you stand on your 'no fun in the locker room' thing?

I've read stories from retired players and current players saying they do it as a stress reliever. It was part of my point. And now Montana stories are coming out, a notorious jokester and prankster. Along with other famous athletes who all have done the same things. All designed to release tension and pressure in a very tough environment.

Having fun on their off time isn't what makes or breaks a team and I stand by that now and forever.

This is a complicated case worthy of a complicated Country. This is worse than working in Cuba where there is no information. Over here there is too much information. But one fact stands out. All this incident came to a head after McKinnie was acquired by the Dolphins to play LT thereby moving JMartin to RT. Any investigation undertaken to find out the true nature of the facts, should be taken from that point.

Posted by: Nat Moore | November 07, 2013 at 07:21 PM

I'm finally understanding your shtick Nat! You remind me of IRA. All about the sarcasm, got it ;)

Mando - you act like the Dolphins putting up an orchestrated front is wrong or something. Of course they spoke about this issue as a team. Whats wrong with that? You get paid to be a jock sniffer - you should know that football players aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer overall. But again Mando, Sage Rosenfels? - I'm embarrassed for you.

Alright, enough for me because I need a break. Sheesh what a wasted day! See ya guys

F the wuss Martin. I'm sick and tired of this money grab for doing nothing.

He was there, he was in training camp last year and played in the preseason protecting Tanehills back side.

He is friends with Incognito and went t5o school with him. He spent an entire ota, and training camp with Martin.

He went out to dinners with the entire team including Martin and did charity events.

Want to try again LOL?

Posted by: Phins78 | November 07, 2013 at 05:08 PM

I think you are lost. Murtha was with Cogs & martin for a few months last year. Yes he had some experience with them. So?

Martin & Cogs have been on the same team for over a year and a half now.

Half of what Murtha mentioned, the pertinent stuff, he was getting fed info. He wasn't there. Surely you can see that. He said Cogs was there while he was adjusting to going to LT. How would he know that? HE WASNT ON THE TEAM AT THE TIME! That was this year not last.

Do you not believe everyone has an agenda? You cling to every positive spin on Cogs but, reject all the negative. I guess you don't accept his run in at the gold outing rubbing a gold club between a volunteer guards genitals this year? That really did happen.

Don't be a sucker. You're so desperate to make Incognito the victim. While he might be, you shouldn't believe every darn thing you read.

Murtha has very few first hand accounts. Most of this article contained info he's gotten since he left the team not while there.

SO, please, stop with your condescending schtick telling me I'm lost & if I wanna try again. If you simply read what's in front of you & take your blinders off, you wouldn't come off as such a clown.

LOL - Martin played LT last year for few games when Long was hurt - maybe Murtha was there at that time...I'm not sure.

But wait, there's this too.

"Cornwell (Martin's new lawyer) is used to high-profile sports cases. Among his clients are New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez in his case against Miami-based Biogensis, and former Milwaukee Brewers MVP Ryan Braun, who had a successful defense against performance-enhancing drug allegations before eventually admitting guilt."

LMFAO this can't be serious. So in order to prove his case Martin and his parents decided to hire the lawyer that is notorious for defending liars? ARE YOU F$#@ING KIDDING ME? Oh man hahahahahaha!

LOL - Martin played LT last year for few games when Long was hurt - maybe Murtha was there at that time...I'm not sure.

Posted by: Fatty Parcells |

I cleared this up earlier. Murtha played with both players for at least 4 months in 2012. He played most of the snaps in preseason at left tackle as Long was used sparingly.

He was cut due to injury after the preseason. He was in the locker room, on the plane, in the shower, out to dinner, at charity events with both players.

You know what's funny. ESPN has a poll on their site where you can submit a vote of who's side you're on: Martin or Incognito. It then posts a projection of the results over a map. It looks exactly like the "do you like the heat" "or do you want the heat to lose the finals" polls. The whole country against Florida: The Map is red for Martin except for Florida who overwhelmingly (solely) supports incognito. This is so unfair to the players. Everyone gets to take pot shots at them and they can't even defend themselves. People keep asking, why don't they say something when they know they are basically on a gag order. It sucks. You guys think the guys can focus and get this win on Monday? Here is a better question; Can anyone think of a circumstance or circumstances under which Cogs can get back to the team?

Half of what Murtha mentioned, the pertinent stuff, he was getting fed info. He wasn't there. Surely you can see that. He said Cogs was there while he was adjusting to going to LT. How would he know that? HE WASNT ON THE TEAM AT THE TIME! That was this year not last.
This wasn't mentioned anywhere in the story. I can reprint it for you.

So either you are lying or you are mistaken. Which is it?

the pats re......7-2

THE JETS ARE........5-4

THE DOLPHINS.............. 4-4

Puff. PFT with some kind of damning report on Incognito assaulting a woman during a golf tournament.

Phins78 you want to play a timeline game of fact and speculation with LOL? LOL are you up for it?

Do you not believe everyone has an agenda? You cling to every positive spin on Cogs but, reject all the negative. I guess you don't accept his run in at the gold outing rubbing a gold club between a volunteer guards genitals this year? That really did happen.


i DON'T REJECT IT BECAUSE WHO CARES? He was goofing off with someone trying to be funny and I'm supposed to hate him for it? lmao

Try harder. If you say, "everyone has an agenda" use examples. What is the aGENDA YOU SPEAK OF? wHAT ARE THEY LYING ABOUT? wHAT PART ARE YOU SPECIFICALLY TALKING ABOUT.

You are drawing the lines but you're not painting the picture. You have not proven anything with this statement.

Mark and Craig and Bill oscar, you guys up for it?


ALWAYS got the wrong end of the stick. Where have we seen that before?

ALWAYS with an agenda. Where have we seen that before?

ALWAYS the angry poster. Where have we seen that before?

"Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, perhaps the most non-threatening player on offense..."

The above quote could easily apply to Tannehill being 'non-threatening' to, say, the Patriot defense.

The Dolphins will probably win big on Monday. It's too bad they are not playing the 49ers or Broncos so they could see if they are for real or not.

Speaking of wasted draft picks, the issue of ALL of this year's draft class being nonproductive is a FOOTBALL issue that has still no been resolved.

Anyway, back to the drama at hand. The players not welcoming Martin back may backfire insofar as the club's legal position goes.

This team needs new management, coaching and players. They are far, far, far, far from elite and do not seem to be on a path to being elite. They are a .500 team and have been for quite a while; it comes down to dreadful personnel choices and equally dreadful coaching.



Timeline- This all starts with Jonathan Martin leaving the team after Prank where team gets up and moves from table. He leaves and goes to hospital without telling anyone why. All that is said is that there is an emotional issue-Fact or speculation?


I'm in! But I guarantee the clown will never admit he was wrong. We used to see that all the time with YG, too. Coincidence? We'll let Mike Florio to a story on it.

During this time period we find out also that same joke was played on others and may have happened the week prior with a different person being the focus of the prank and Johnathan martin was one of the pranksters-Fact or speculation. I believe fact

"Murtha has very few first hand accounts. Most of this article contained info he's gotten since he left the team not while there."

I will condescend to you until you stop lying hows that for a deal?

EVERYTHING CONTAINED IN THAT STORY IS A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE RELATED BY MURTHA. I have already proven that by posting his exact words right here for everyone to read.

If you dispute that you have to point out the statement, then you have to state facts as to why it is innaccurate.

Instead you made up something Murtha said to prove your point. You just screwed your credibility no? If you are attributing words to a player that he never said aren't you lying? Helloooooooooo? Sheesh.

Many People here in SoFla are going to look bad if Incognito is proven to have carried out Player misconduct against Martin. Please, shut up and listen.

He said Cogs was there while he was adjusting to going to LT. How would he know that? HE WASNT ON THE TEAM AT THE TIME! That was this year not last.


Please post where he said this. The entire story is on the last blog if you need to reference it. Good luck, I'll wait.

i am listening to your pregame show and more specifically your coverage of the dolphins locker room saga. you reported that johnathan martin really didn't consider his friendship with incognito as a great one, more so that he just kind of put up with it and went along with it, in the same breath dion is asking why no one came to martin's aid, why no one stood up for him...well DION, here's your answer... no one was aware of a problem because of the fact that martin just PUT UP WITH IT, how can anyone come to martin's rescue when there is seemingly no trouble, again, players and coaches alike had no idea that there was a problem because martin didn't display it as a problem until the cafeteria incident. that fact alone, in my mind clears philbin of any wrong doing. with the offensive line and martin under so much pressure to preform better, the signing of bryant mckinney, then throw in the abandonment at the cafeteria table and you have a player(martin) feeling like he is being depicted as the one MOST responsible for the teams short comings, he had to feel unwanted, alone, and singled out...that's a tuff situation for a member of a supposed team..but quit asking why no one came to him at his time of need, because then and only then(the table incident) did anyone realize that martin was truly upset.

Not sure what the discussion here is. I read the piece this morning and Murtha said he considers himself friends with both of them. He was most definitely there when Martin was there. Talked about not having a horse in the race.

I think Mr LOL/YG needs to go back and read the piece again, rather than interpreting things to meet his argument.

You get much work done today LOL or on here all day? Funny that would call other people 'middle aged slobs that sit at the computer all day'. What are you then? You only wish you were middle-aged, PAL....

Alright, enough for me because I need a break. Sheesh what a wasted day! See ya guys

Posted by: Phins78 | November 07, 2013 at 07:26 PM

He says goodbye but never leaves. Untrustworthy and insecure.

Time line-Enter the troll (I should n't say that because it shows bias but oh well) Adam Schefter states he has info into saga and Jonathan Martin left because of bullying by Ingocnito. There is a voicemail that they don't actually have voicemail of but have transcripts of a piece of it that is being released by the Martin camp-Fact. Anyone can jump in to adjust accordingly


You're fighting a losing battle my friend. YG used to pull this crap all the time. I guarantee you he is perusing the article right now to find something else he can use against you. WATCH....

And now he's going to post under other names....

SOOOOO predictable. I'm out guys.....better things to do than waste my time with this clown.

Enjoy the game tonight for this watching....ciao!

"But when Incognito reached him after Martin stormed out, Martin told him the departure had nothing to do with him, Martin said it was something else".

LOL This has been verified by multiple papers. Not sure if it's true, but it shows that it's not just Murtha saying it as is your contention. Multiple players contacted him, all said he told them it wasn't anyones fault. I guess they're all lying.

Now when did this happen? Apparently richie texts or tweets but contacts Jonathan Martin and he says in reply. "Bro this is crazy, right. I can't believe this has blown up like this. I don't blame any of you guys." Ok jump in LOL. Fact or speculation.

Its the QB stupid eh?

Philbin asks Martin what's going on and he gives him nothing. Philbin even visits him in hospital and still nothing. Fact or speculation?

It's a good thing Martin wasn't around when we were talking about the Wildcat and "Back Door Football". He might have pressed charges against all of us.

All of this soap opera is T3+outs doing,

"Martin was expected to play left tackle beside Incognito from the start //(everyone in the f$#@ing world knows this)//, so Incognito took him under his wing"

And everyone has reported the same thing, that Richie was the guy who took MaRTIN UNDER HIS WING. Multiple reports, multiple players all saying the same thing. But I guess they're all lying too?

Then he goes back and relates a personal remembrance from his time with the players right here.

"They were close friends by all appearances, Martin HAD a tendency to tank when things would get difficult in practice and Richie would lift him up, 'There's always tomorrow' he would say".

LOL no biggy man, I think you might have misunderstood the story a bit.

a HOSTILE work enviroment..
every day people from all walks of life consider their work enviroment as a fair trade off for their pay(compensation)...that is why they call it compensation, some people have work in enviroments that are extremly hazordas to ones health, poor air quality, contaminated areas, others do extremly dangerous work, ther are all kinds of terrible jobs out there that people feel it a fair trade off to put food on the table...these to me are HOSTILE work enviroments, i'm sure their are a GREAT number of people who would gladly trade their pay and work enviroments to one where they might have to take some ball busting now and then. get real.

Richie gets suspended and firestorm ensues. There are multiple pictures of "tormentor" and "victim" hanging out together talking, goofing off,whether it was games on a plane, whatever.-Fact

The Raider QB, all of 24 years old, came out with a statement that screamed leadership that the Dolphins would love to have anywhere on their roster. H voiced support for Martin handling things in a nonviolent manner. Interesting.

In other news, a volunteer at a Dolphins gold event signed a nondisclosure agreement (i.e., received legal settlement of some sort) relating to a sexual battery change against Cogs.

Just from a legal standpoint, as things have been reported so far, it's probably fair to say that the Dolphins do NOT want this case to go to court. Even if they win, they lose. And if they lose, they will lose big.

Craig, I just started realizing that when his debate with me made no sense.

I have never seen anyone scream so loud even after they know they are worng.

You're right about the losing battle even though I'm right he will never admit it. But thanks for grounding me and reminding me about Daytona's ways. The story had me so riled I forgot the signs.

And now he's bad mouthing me in the same way he has bad mouthed people in here for 2 years, and under a different name. lol Back to ignoring.

everybody and their mother saying the coaches had to know.-speculation

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