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Could Martin return to the locker room? Not likely

A ranking Dolphins source told me several days ago, before the iron curtain of an NFL investigation locked the club down tighter than a tuna can, that Richie Incognito would never play for the Dolphins again.

There was apparently no way this football administration could see bringing back Incognito, who is suspended for conduct detrimental to the team and unsigned next year, to this roster after the allegations involving workplace harassment and racial epithets got out.

Well, what about the other player involved?

Could Jonathan Martin, who is on indefinite leave from the team albeit so far paid, ever be brought back?

First, I'm sure the club would hate to lose its second-round investment on an admittedly struggling but nonetheless starting player. Second, the club divesting itself of the portrayed victim in this case might open it up to legal exposure.

But here's the thing: Even if the Dolphins' administration would like to bring back Martin to avoid further problems or even civil action, the locker room does not necessarily look like it wants Martin back. Oh, some players are towing the company line and saying they want Martin to get better and be well. And some are admitting it is not really their call whether Martin returns or not.

But ask their opinion and it is clear the players' are not enthusiastic about the idea of Martin returning to the team. That's because, like it or not, Martin has violated a trust some players' minds.

"I'm not sure how everybody would feel about him, but I mean, that was his situation and he felt he needed to do it then I guess so be it, but some things you like to keep in house," left tackle Bryant McKinnie said.

And how important is that?

"It's pretty important, I mean, a lot of things need to kept in house because that's your family."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, perhaps the most non-threatening player on offense and someone with an open mind, admitted re-integrating either Martin or Incognito would be difficult.

“It’s tough," Tannehill said. "Both guys at this point have their rights and wrongs. If they were allowed to come back, if they chose to come back, I’m big on forgiving people. Forgiving people of what they’ve done, getting past that and not crucifying people for their past and moving forward."

But even in stating he's big on forgiving, Tannehill is showing that he believes Martin needs forgiveness.

For what, you might ask?

Martin went AWOL from the team days before a big game. He has not spoken publicly but everyone in the organization and anyone who is following this story understands his representatives have downloaded information from the player and are leaking it to the media, thus sliming Incognito and the Dolphins.

And, ultimately, players don't quite know what to make of Martin anymore. So they do not trust him.

"I haven't been here very long," right tackle Tyson Clabo said. "But I've been here long enough to see that if there was a problem, Jonathan Martin needed to show it. And I've been here long enough to see that those two were thick as thieves and that they went out together and hung out together. They did a lot of stuff together. So if [Martin] had a problem with the way that guy was treating him, he had a funny way of showing it.

"I think that if you have a problem with somebody, a legitimate problem, you should say, 'Hey I have a problem and stand up and be a man.' ... There is no code of silence. I don't think that what happened was necessary. I think it's just [decency]. I don't know why he's doing this and the only person that knows why is Jonathan Martin."

It has been suggested by more than one former Dolphins player that I've talked to that the only way Martin could return to the Dolphins would be with a new coaching staff, new personnel department, and practically new locker room. In other words, the current Dolphins would have to be nuked for his return to work.

Others have told me Martin needs to apologize.

It's an interesting culture, the NFL, one where the alleged victim would have to apologize. But that is how it is.


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"Tighter than a tuna can"


Posted by: drsamii | November 07, 2013 at 07:57 PM

That text was leaked the day after the incident. It's on record, Martin apologized to Richie.

unnamed sources saying an order was given from coach a coach o toughen up Martin. People then say it came from Philbin even though other sources confirm that Philbin did not know, yet radio and TV shows continue to throw his name out when saying an order was given to toughen Martin up-gotta go with tons of speculation here.

"It's an interesting culture, the NFL, one where the alleged victim would have to apologize. But that is how it is."

This whole if you say you are a victim you automatically are is BS! Everybody is a poor little victim and no one takes ACCOUNTABILITY for their self! Its pathetic, just like the coverage of this "story"


Goodnight Daytona/Dying Breed/YG.

You fooled me bro, congrats. I thought you were gone but I now know you're still here. I'll make sure to ignore you from now on. Once again, kudos and hope that made your night and you have a big box of tissues.

"In other words, the current Dolphins would have to be nuked for his return to work." Not a bad idea.

The current Dolphins are part of a failed six year rebuild effort. Perhaps such drastic change is what's needed to field a winning team that is not a national disgrace.

Funny to read Terrelle Pryor's comments about Martin:

“I hope that we see Martin playing again soon – I’ve watched some tape of him, he’s a good player,” Pryor said. “Hats off to him for standing up and being a man.”

Sounds like Martin's got a job in Oakland if he wants it. Good luck with that! I hope to God he's done in Miami. Don't win this guy anywhere near my team.


Exactly what I was saying. Maybe I don't need to try again?

players eventually speak up and say this isn't true. They say they did not know and Martin gave them no indication that there was a problem. While everyone outside is calling Richie a rascist the whole locker room refutes this and supports him-Fact as this came from players

LOL - Martin played LT last year for few games when Long was hurt - maybe Murtha was there at that time...I'm not sure.

Posted by: Fatty Parcells | November 07, 2013 at 07:30 PM

Murtha was released before the season. Martin played LT week 12 of last season. He was already off the team.

If history is a guide, once Martin leaves Miami, he may find a higher level of success - i.e., Welker, Marshall, Smith, Davis, and on and on.

Brain Hartline says Martin was laughing and playing full voicemail message for teammates for several days after voicemail occurred.

You nailed it earlier Phins78.

"Revenge of the Nerds" by these "Journalists"

I wonder what Richie did to Adam Schefter. It almost seems he has a personal vendetta. First the false reporting of the hotel bar fight and then the false reporting of bullying.

Funny thing is that most people never follow-up. He "breaks" a story without checking the facts and it becomes fact to the majority of people.

That's irresponsible reporting.

Ah the voicemail. Someone eventually does some investigating and gets more of the truncated message that gives some more context-Fact

Craig, you really do act like an infant. Can't say I blame your ex for changing the locks.

Still with th YG angle. You're obnoxiously retaded.

Then again, who cares abut you aside from Phins78? LMAO

Ex changed the locks? Where did you make up that story?
You're a funny guy. For knowing nothing about me, you seem to think you know it all. Kind of reminds me how you talk about football.

I've been here all day posting & all of a suden Craig comes in and she starts talking about YG again.

I think she is OBSESSED with YG. Appaently he has 78 fooled or obsessed as well.

Spreads the same da*n rumors for years & is always wrong yet, continues to try to convince people he's right.

Why are you so deadest on looking like a fool your entire life?

When this is all you have, I guess I can see why. Enjoy!

Your not welcome in the locker room either mando!

I heard you on ESPN today.

You are all alike I swear. We are suppose to believe you when people like Adam Shefter reports Incognito hit someone at a club when we find out differently.

Your a putz too!

So Martin's drafd in April and Murtha is still with the Dolphins before the season starts but somehow LOL claims he has no inside information on this stuff. Man he must have read a totall different article than me.

Funny stuff....always off in his own little fantasy world.

Ex changed the locks? Where did you make up that story?
You're a funny guy. For knowing nothing about me, you seem to think you know it all. Kind of reminds me how you talk about football.

Posted by: Craig M | November 07, 2013 at 08:20 PM


Your so played out fool. Get some new material. Or did your ex get that in the settlement?

That's irresponsible reporting.

Posted by: Marc | November 07, 2013 at 08:15 PM

This is the standard now! No one holds these jokers ACCOUNTABLE for the word they print. Its the wild wild west with these jerkoffs and they literally say whatever they want, whether its true or not, beacuse they have "a source"! With no consequences!


The woman on the gold course's name: Jonathan Martin

You're right you HAVE 'been posting all day'. When are you going to get a life or a job for God's sake.

And you have the nerve to talk about other people on the computer all day....f8cking loser!!

Read the article from Florio you clown. Oh wait, you'll dismiss it cause he hates the dolphins.

BTW, nice lame attempt at posting to him here since he has you blocked on twitter! LOLOLOLOL

Only an arrogant single buffon like you could sound so jaded.

Go bet blocked on twitter again, LOSER!

Now Martin's Agent says Ireland said Martin should Punch incognito before he finally bolted...except it comes out later that he actually meant that Ireland said it to him after he left the team...but ESPN and the herald and radio stations run with the former even though there is no texts voicemails to prove it...

Where have I made fun of anyone about posting all day?

Oh wait, cause you still think I'm YG. I get it! well played...NOT!

I'm still him huh? He's gone & I'm still here. How ironic & you still try to get people to side with you 7 convince them we're the same guy.

Like I said, same recycled stuff from you daily. BOOOOORRRRRRRRINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!

I can see why your ex sent you packing.

'Has me blocked on Twitter'? AGAIN, you're a KNOW-NOTHING clown....

I've never followed Florio on Twitter. I have no use for him. Never have. I'll let you read him like it's the gospel. He's a loser....just like you!

Mando tweets it gets worse for incognito by linking a story that's dropped by incognito being inappropriate with a young woman....WTF does that have to do with this story and what's going on with this fiasco, my GOD, lol

If Martin thinks he will play again, it wont come without team chemistry problems to follow.

Please Mr. Belichick, snag up Martin for us!

The media has tried to make this a football issue. I am not sure that it is. Martin is a young man who appears to have had a very difficult time transitioning from college to a profession career. At Stanford he surrounded by men his own age and more than likely from similar backgrounds. Out of college you are placed in a work environment with co-workers much older , with varying backgrounds,and different interest etc. He seems to have had a very difficult time adjusting, just as millions of other college graduates do. Add to that, the pressure of playing under the microscope of the NFL, not performing very well, and believing that he was letting his teammates down (maybe more than anyone his mentor in a sense Richie Incognito)he appeared to have cracked.

He is probably embarrassed and depressed so he runs. He cant face friends or family members in whose eyes he has always been perfect so he looks for a scapegoat a reason for his difficulty. The whole bullying thing comes out and provides him with cover. His family and reps buy it so he plays it out and probably never thinks it blows up the way it has but it provided an excuse and here we are today.

Remember a couple of things he skipped OTA's right before the draft. Speculation was that MIA could very well take an OLT because they weren't sure Martin could handle it ( big stress ). He finally broke when he was moved back to ORT ( big stress again) . Although it was not totally on him he obviously was not happy and he knows that Joe Thomas types do not get moved.

Most in the media do not look at this type of stuff with an objective vision. It must be an intimidation or race issue. They typically formulate an opinion and then do all they can to defend that pre-conceived opinion. A couple of people that should be the focus of this issue are Martin's agent and his family. The way they have handled the situation, they have basically destroyed ay chance that Martin had of ever returning to play in the NFL. If anyone is responsible for destroying this guys career it is them.

That crap happened in May 2012

Every alias is YG yet, there is only 1 MORON(Craig).

Who cares dude? Get over him. He'll never love you.

Allegations and reports coming in from all over. We may never know the truth. I do know this though. Martin isn't cut from the same fabric and should never return to the Dolphins.

And Cogs, well he may be a dumb &&S bully, he seems to be a respected and well liked dumb &*s bully be his teammates. Give me that guy every day over Martin. Of course, management jumped the gun and it looks like they can never bring him back. Typical Dolphins.

'Has me blocked on Twitter'? AGAIN, you're a KNOW-NOTHING clown....

I've never followed Florio on Twitter. I have no use for him. Never have. I'll let you read him like it's the gospel. He's a loser....just like you!

Posted by: Craig M | November 07, 2013 at 08:28 PM

Look at you, Mrs. Sensitive. You always get your panties twisted, it's so easy!

And you wonder why you're the blog punching bag?


Martin is on his parent's yacht right now getting a rub down from a young boy named Pedro. I have sources.

I'm out. Craig, do me a favor buttercup. Ask Armando to ban me again. Worked so well last time you accused me incorrectly.

Incorrect is a theme with you. When things get tough, ask for banishment. Sadly for you, he's too busy getting the scoop.

Have at it chump.

LMAO Marc!

If I could have 1 player back it would be Martin.

Why Mike? He said he is tired of the football culture.

Why are we continue to call Jonathan Martin a VICTIM????!!!???!
It's BS!!!!

From Yahoo

ALAMEDA, Calif. (AP) -- Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson is more troubled than he is surprised by the news surrounding suspended Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito.

Olson spent two years coaching Incognito when the two were together in St. Louis from 2006-07. Olson was the Rams' offensive coordinator while Incognito, a third-round draft pick in 2005, was still in the infancy of his NFL career.

Even then there were signs of potential issues with the 6-foot-3, 320-pound Incognito, whom Olson describes as being very high strung.

While Olson didn't have any problems with the player himself, he said Incognito appeared to be a player who ''was going to need help'' after he and former Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo got into a heated confrontation in 2009.

''That wasn't the Richie I knew,'' Olson said Thursday. ''He went over the top there at the end in St. Louis. I thought at that point, 'This guy's going to need help. He'll never play again in the National Football League.'

Its true that craig is annoying. Hes always there to tell you if you're wrong. If you tell him he's wrong, he finds every excuse in the book to never admit it. He's a snobby non american.

I've heard this before about Martin and OTAs. Guy missed them because he was in finals at Stanford.

I've been hoping this "story" would go away so we could get back to the never ending struggle to be a good football team.

I don't mean to be unconcerned about Martin's well being but I think the big fella will be ok. He's a Stanford grad, a fair football player, and has 2 lawyers for parents.

As usual though it's beginning to look like we once again will end up with egg on our face and mired in dysfunction.

Over the past 10 plus years we've had several periods, weeks, games where we just looked like we were plain snakebit but there was always hope of what the off season would bring.

This year we had what was supposed to be the best off season ever and optimism was highest as it's been in awhile and we got off to a 3-0 start.

Since then it's been a microcosm of the past decade. The irony for a shell shocked Dolfan couldn't get any thicker. It's like freakin Ground Hog Day! It just won't end.

Now we get the icing on the cake. After our biggest win in a couple of seasons we get the bully scandal.

I've been pulling for this organization to succeed but it's looking awfully same old,same old to me.

We are in dire need of some charisma, some energy, to reel off a few wins in row. To change the negative talk to playoff talk.

As Dolphin fans we know better than to expect that though. What possible reason do we have to expect that from this team.

It has gotten so bad that there are many fans hoping this latest debacle is enough to get the whole group fired so we can start over...again. Even though we haven't shown through 2 owners with enough money to buy the state of Florida, that we have sense enough to hire the right people to turn it around.

We're coming off a big win against a playoff team, we're 4-4, and have a Monday night game against the winless, hapless Bucs up next. Who's putting money on the Fins?????

The Dolphins have NOT denied (yet) that Ireland advocated the use of violence as a way to solve a workplace dispute. This is such a serious charge that the team would issue a denial in far less than in 24 hours if the story was untrue. Perhaps they are afraid the conversation was taped.

Philbin ordered (or allowed) Dolphin players to talk to the media to defend the team from Martin's allegations. Then Philbin and the team close ranks and say they are waiting for the NFL to complete its investigation. This PR move may haunt the Dolphins later.

Philbin did not answer directly when asked if Martin had told him of the issues BEFORE Martin left the team.

Don Shula always wanted intelligent players like Martin. Dont think he'd want an Incognito though lol

Don Shula loved Brian Cox..

Both Ireland and Philbin will resign by Saturday. You heard it here.

"Don Shula always wanted intelligent players like Martin. Dont think he'd want an Incognito though lol"

LOL. Which Shula was that?

Can u imagine Csonk quitting like Martin did? Or Nick running to his mommy & daddy?

Lol. Just lol.

GM hasnt said a word. How wierd is that?

Not so weird to watch Cornwell hang hismself/his client by his own petard (overreach).

Florio tomorrow: Cornwell says Martin disrespected by Fin cheerleaders.

Well, Shula didnt allow racism, extortion, and death threats. He wouldnt stand for that.

The lne has finally been drawn in the sand after those comments being released by Martin's lawyer. It has passed the point of repairations and He has basically ended his NFL career for intents and purposes. Just wait now, Cogs camp was waiting for this tipping point and it's going to get real ugly now. I think Cogs would be welcomed back in the locker room without hesitation { jerk or not } but no way for Martin, he's done.

Finstuff @ 9:47
That is exactly why you don't get lawyers involved with these issues and handle them in house, once the lawyers is in the mix, he calls all the shots. Even if you fire him, the damage has usually already been done.

Salguero, for a flaming liberal, you sure are quick to lay the blame with limited evidence. You THOUGHT that there was this surefire email indicting Incognito, but the follow up commentary (showing that this derogatory statement was a small part of a longer message) seemed to be quickly dismissed by the press (including you). Now you continue to insist that everybody else is wrong, and would probably support several firings, but that Martin is a victim. Look, I don't like or support bullying, but you need to hear both sides of the story because it sounds much more involved than what you (and the liberal media) originally reported. I expected more from YOU as the inside Miami Herald writer.

Franchise a national joke...Ross....wake up, you have amateurs at GM, amateurs at coach, amateur at QB,

The Amateurs.

Marshmallow Martin (he's nice, soft, and in the end always gets roasted. And defenseman want s'mores) should never offend us by wearing a Dolphin logo ever again (not even the new logo). This reeks of setting up a lawsuit to get paid for NOT playing football. Because he's not a good football player. My hope is that Ireland's naked photos of Ross just aren't powerful enough to keep him, Philbin stays on (I want to give him more time), and Incognito is welcomed back to the Phins when they uncover the Marshmallow conspiracy.

Shula would not want a player like Cog? realy? Csonka punched players out on the field..Hello!! This statement from his lawyer in my opinion does not help Martins case, it come across as pathetic..and if these types of "jokes" "razzing" whatever you want to call are the basis of his case, then we can assume that half of that locker room will be fined and suspended..what a joke..

Look, Martin did not pursue the grievance through proper channels in the organization from what I've heard thus far. Did he talk to his position coach? Did he talk to the Head Coach? Did he talk to the GM? Did he talk to the owner? Anyone who has been in the military, worked for the government, or working for a large company knows there is a chain of command. He should have gone through the chain with this complaint and pursued it vigorously. And, if there was no result quit. There is no indication he did that...nor even ask any teammate to get the bullying to lay off. The fact he now has lawyer speaking for him only confirms to me that he is a wimp.

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